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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 24, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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good morning, happy easter. in st. louis crews are still cleaning up at lambert airport. airport and hundreds of homes in the area were struck by a tornado on friday night. injury any hubbard as new video as the tornado hit the terminal.
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>> they captured the frightening instance as a powerful twister strikes the terminal. terrified travelers flying from the metal and flying debris. >> every one of those glass doors blew in. >> we now know friday night's storms packed winds up to 165 miles an hour ripping the roof off the main terminal tossing planes around the tarmac. >> and leaving this shuttle bus dangling dangerously from a parking ramp. countless people were shaken. >> my heart starts beating pretty quick again. >> it was part of two huge storm systems then rolled across the mississippi river into southern illinois creating a path of destruction that damaged at least 750 homes and leveled entire neighborhoods. >> he saw it and i cried. >> already this tornado season
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41 people have been killed by twisters so far. last year the death toll was 45 for the entire season and this month is shaping up to be the most active month for twisters on record. preliminary reports of 559 tornados in april alone and forecasters are expecting even more this week. >> there are still more threats for severe wets weather coming up for monday and tuesday across the southern plains and middle mississippi valley. here, airport officials it will take up to two months to repair all the damages and this is one of twisters that ripped through st. louis. the strongest was the strongest to hit st. louis in 40 years but amazingly no report of fatalities. >> a new poll shows a significant shift in californians using higher taxes to balance the budget. 60% of those surveyed say they support an election to extend a
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temporary tax hike. only 33% back the republican plan of balancing the budge by cutting state services. the governor had asked for a special election to be held in june but republicans refused to go along with it. l.a. times poll also found that only 44% approve of the job that governor brown is doing. >> firefighters are opposing a plan that would outsource the department. it would put it in the hands of a private company. lisa amin gulezian has more. >> reporter: firefighters in san carlos are working overtime this weekend. >> we're looking for support from citizens like you. >> they are not fighting fires but though are fighting for what they think is best for the community now, that san carlos needs a new funding partner. >> the city of san carlos is making an attempt to privatize the fire department. >> the city consultants are making two recommendations,
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allow services, inc. and private security company to run the department or team up with redwood city. several cities are opting to consolidate. >> we do a lot of training with redwood city and we work seamlessly with them. >> both choices would retain the same staff, not close any fire stations and save more than a million dollars but going private could save even more. >> we're not trying to throw people out, but there needs to be a very different structure and a very different way to approach these services. >> the way things that are ingoing and the fact that the proposal is still on the table, yeah, i have concerns. >> the concern for many involved changing from a public agency to a privately operated one. >> private company doesn't have the ability to have sworn officers.
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you don't have the ability to have a strike. >> residents are divided. >> if worse comes to worse, it's okay to join with redwood company but definitely not with private companies. >> i think they need to do whatever the citizens safest. really doesn't matter. >> city council is expected to make a decision and vote on the matter monday night. in san carlos, lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." oakland city leaders have unveiled a new surveillance system at the lincoln center. they were installed after concerns about a reduction in police patrols. the success of a similar system in chinatown encouraged members of the asian advisory committee on crime to install the cameras at lincoln square center. more than 2,000 people visit the center and those visitors should be protected. >> it's not easy to get police
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patrolling in the area. we're hoping this camera system will be. >> meantime, crime statistics released by police show citizens in central oakland experienced less overall crime in the first quarter of this year compared to loose year. there were 144 fewer violent crimes including assault, rape and shootings. property crimes were down by 175 cases as well as burglaries down by 109 cases. while the news is encouraging there were two more murders and more vehicle thefts during that period. >> san jose congresswoman is demanding an investigation in the actions of federal immigration officials claiming they lied when they said counties and states could opt out of a controversial immigration program. security communities checks the immigration status of people arrested and booked into local jails. santa clara county and san francisco both tried to opt out
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of the program but obama administration gave communities no choice but to participate. homeland security says the program was never voluntary. >> coming up next, just five more days until the royal wedding, a lot of numbers being tossed around in the run-up to the wedding. and how a southern california community college nicknamed buddy college how soon the
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not that long ago,
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. in london it's five days and count together biggest wedding in 30 years. there is a lot of numbers being tossed around. >> 1900 people will be at westminister abby as they
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exchange their vows. 650 will dine at the reception hosted by the queen. and only 300 lucky guests are invited to the dinner thrown by prince charles in the evening. 1 million people are expected to line the streets to catch a glimpse of the royal couple, like most of us will be celebrating in other ways. 5500 will take place across the u.k. and it will be served over 100 million pints of beer. can you say bottom's up? providing music during the ceremony, one orchestra and two teams. couple will have cake and for this cake, 1700 biscuits will be used to make it. it's and old world recipe.
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now to those flowers in full bloom, 26,000 will be cut before the wedding day after hot weather made them peak early. finally keeping the couple safe will be 35,000 police officers, 900 alone on the route from westminister abby to buckingham palace. with 87 well-groomed horses and dogs on guard duty. >> and abc7 will bring you the royal wedding live during a special edition of "good morning america," 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. this friday and special edition of 20/20. royal wedding, a modern fairytale. hope you are enjoying your easter right now. they are trying to sneak in an easter egg hunt. >> it's so dreary but we will look at clouds thinning out. last weekend of april and it's a
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soggy one. we're going to turn the corner on the rain. >> more than a hundred thousand mil pilgrims celebrate easter
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. pope benedict xvi celebrated easter mass at the vatican this morning and called on nations to welcome immigrants. >> about hundred thousand people packed st. petersburg square where he celebrated easter in 65 languages. the pope will bee at my pope
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john paul ii the eventual step before sainthood. lisa argen joins us this morning and not exactly a bright, sunny day. >> live cameras in london and all over europe but we're stuck in the midst of this dreary weather pattern. it will continue throughout tomorrow, but we will see a little lull in the action later on today. right now, you can see a little hint of sun from emeryville. we do have sunshine up in santa rosa. we've had throughout the bay area but wet weather continues in san francisco. also at the airport. you see the drops on the lens there. the airport has delays of over an hour, about an hour and seven minutes. with all that moisture. temperatures have dropped. it's muggy and mid and upper 50s mountain view 59. 59 in san jose with san francisco coming in at 64 degrees. clouds and drizzle and light shower activities throughout the
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day today. that is going to increase by tomorrow because tomorrow there is stronger system that is going to move our way. here is a look at satellite and radar composite. moist flow continues from the ocean. we've got two more systems, one currently now and one tomorrow. so the one today weaker, less an 10th of an inch of rain but we've seen it all over the place. radar being up several thousand thousand feet so rain is several hundred feet. so we're looking at the pattern to continue with peeks of sun and scattered showers being more widely scattered in the afternoon. that will put us into that lull later on today. here we are this morning, 11:00 you'll notice still showers popping up in the east bay, the south bay and then it looks like we want to clear out, not for long, clouds advance ahead of next system that is going to bring a quarter of an inch of
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rain, favoring the north bay. and east bay into south bay it's going to take a good portion of the afternoon to clear on out. here we are the showers are still pushing through. rain-snow mix in mt. shasta. cooler numbers down to southern california, only in the 60s and very windy conditions. lots of cloud cover, few peeks of sun, 64 in cupertino and 63 in redwood city, numbers well below the average. 56 pacifica, 61 downtown and in the north bay, numbers ranging from the upper 50s at our coast and 64 in sonoma. and 64 in oakland as we go through the afternoon we'll see the clouds to thin out a little bit and a little bit of a break by the afternoon hours into the evening hours. 66 in livermore, 65 in morgan
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hill. next system brings breezy winds and more rain. in fact that should be it. so after tomorrow, we'll look for 70s and sunshine with a change in our weather pattern where we should be and more comfortable weather. >> thanks, lisa. >> just ahead, ravaged by rabbits, how a southern rabbits, how a southern california college
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mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate bonalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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not many colleges have a bunny task force but in southern california, long beach city college does. last year they were under siege by hundreds of the furry creatures. they were causing serious damage. >> last year, this was the scene at long beach city college, hares, here, there, everywhere.
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a campus under siege. >> how many bunnies do you figure you have? >> we've estimated about 300. >> local kids had a name for it. >> this was the scene today, man and rabbits living in harmony. the fields are lush and green, no longer ravaged by rabbits. instead of discouraging feeding the rab it's, it's the main attraction. the bin nis that were breeding like rabbits. college instituted a program to capture, spayed or neuter and release them back to the campus. >> we have 90% of the 200 bunnies are neutered. 70 that have returned to campus and adopted 186 so far. >> the result, bunny college now has a manageable rabbit
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population, enough to entertain the kids but not overwhelm the grounds keepers. these bunnies get extra affection at this time of year. >> david wright, abc news. >> dirty trick. take a look at the forecast. >> and there are wet eggs for the easter egg hunt, we have moisture here, rain in the city. bring an umbrella. first of the day will be wet. a look ahead. this is more important because things improve after tomorrow. more rain tomorrow morning. commute will be wet and mid-70s tuesday and wednesday. a little cooler than the rest of the week but it doesn't look like we're going to see any more rain. but happy easter anyway and couple more days to get back to
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normal. >> thank you for joining us. we're off earlier because of n.b.a. action. next newscast is at 5:00. stay connected at
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