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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 24, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> alan: there's been another spike in gas prices. it jumped another 12-cents 12-cn two weeks. in the national average is now 3-pointle 8 for a gallon of regular in san francisco, the average is 4.22. this news comes even as oil companies are expected to announce record profits in the coming week. lillian kim is live with more on this story. >> reporter: at this particular gas station, gallon of gas is $4.27. but -- similar to what we're seeing across the bay. the highest gas prices in
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california are in san franciscoy a gallon of gas is averaging 4.22. >> i'm trying to drive less and considering getting a vehicle that doesn't cost as much to operate. so, i don't see prices coming down anytime soon. >> reporter: while drivers are hurting, oil companies are not. they're expected to report strong growth in first-quarter profits this week. exxon is expected to report a 60% increase in profits. about $10 billion. and bay area based chevron is expected to report about the same. >> they don't make that much of a profit at our spend, and -- at our expense, and so many people are hurting and lost jobs. it's rough out there. >> reporter: experts say whether it's ample stock piles of petroleum, it's driving prices
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up. >> it's what will happen two months down the line, and that's the risk which is driving prices up and this is presummer. we also see a price increase during the summertime with extra driving so we're seeing another thing adding into a whole pipeline that might raise prices i'm moan when -- even more when we get to september. >> at mount rushmore there were of 6,000 fewer visitors, and helicopter tours at grand canyon are down 10%. no surprise as drivers are avoiding long drives. >> we make his outings, try to stay closer to home on the weekends than we did before. >> reporter: while pay area gas prices are high, they are not the highest in the country. chicago averages a nick -- a nickel higher. >> alan: it was windy where lillian is, and right now there's a high-wind advisory on the bay bridge.
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the california highway patrol issued the advisory this afternoon and says there are sustain ode winds of 25 miles-per-hour and gusts up to 35 miles-per-hour. trucks and vans are most at risk. the chp i urging all motorists to return speeds and leave plenty of space between vehicles when they're driving on the bridge. vallejo police have released surveillance photos of possible suspects in a fatal shooting at a 711 but investigators don't know which of the individuals in these photos are actual suspects so they're asking the public to help identify them. it happened on april 16th april 16th outside the 7-eleven in the 1000 block of magazine street. a # 2-year-old man was shot several times while sitting in the car in a parking lot. he later died at uc davis hospital. a fed mediator is set to meet tomorrow with vallejo park officials to discuss a controversial plan to build on top of a native american burial
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site. the plan sparked two weeks of protests by some native americans and some supporters in the glen cove waterfront pork. the project would build restrooms and a parking lot in the area. on monday, a mediator with talk with the greater vallejo recreation district and arrange a meeting with the native american group. two long lines at san francisco's glad memorial church. one to attend the sunday service, the other for a hot meal. several people admitted they don't attend church regularly but prefer the services at glide because of its uninclusiveness. >> glide is and has been a please for the electric -- liberation of people. for the resurrection of people, no matter what they suffer. we're trying to make sure that they find ways to do things for themselves and also for other
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people. >> alan: after the services, need provided a free chicken easter dinner, and 3,000 homeless and underserved individuals and families enjoyed that. the conflict in libya was on pope benedict xvi's mind this easter sunday. >> in libya,. >> alan: the pope spoke from the balcony of st. peter's basilica to a crowd of 100,000 people. he asked for dialogue to replace arms in libya, and called on citizens of the middle east to build a new society based on respect and called on europeans to welcome refugees from north africa. >> president obama and his family attended church in shilo ban chis church, founded in 1863 by freed slaves. the pastor says the founders
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came from fredericksburg, virginia. president obama declined an off to address the congregation. congress woman gabrielle giffords has been given medical clearance to attend her husband's space shuttle launch on friday. it's the last mission ever for endeavour. giffords has made an astonishing recovery after about shot point blank in the head. >> this was gabrielle giffords 15 weeks ago, fighting for her life after being shot in the head by a would-be assassin. giffords, an arizona democrat, has astonished her doctors by the pace of her recovery. >> she is improving every day, and in the realm of brain injuries, that is very significant and rare. >> the arizona republic reports that giffords can now walk a little and has begun making limited use of her right arm and leg. her left side is fully
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functional. the newspaper says giffords is in the top 5% of patients recovering from her brain injury. by her side, a portrait of devotion, her husband, mark kelly, a nasa astronaut. >> i see her every morning before i go to work and when i come home from work at the end of my day. >> giffords, now in a houston rehall face center, has been cleared to travel to cape canaveral where on friday captain coaly with captain the last night of space shuttle endeavourishing she was looking forward to having the opportunity to be there. >> gabrielle and mark are sharing heavy burdens. mark kelly will captain the last shuttle into pace. and giffords is promising to walk a mountain. abc news, new york. >> alan: coming up, the head of state who turned down an invitation to the royal wedding, and his reason why. the extraordinary security effort going on in london to
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protect the royal wedding procession. >> leigh: hi there. boy, after a wet start this easter sunday morning, we are finally seeing some nice sunshine out there. the winds are up. but increasing clouds in the forecast, and more showers. we'll take a look at the we'll take a look at the seven-dadadadadadadadadadadadada
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mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate bonalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> alan: beau rain's prince turn down the invitation to the royal wedding because he doesn't want bahrain's unrest to tarnish the
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wedding. itin london, police are working overtime to make sure nothing disrupts friday's event. more than half a million people are expected to line the streets, and we have more on the epic security challenge. >> reporter: british security services are leaving no stone unturned. scouring ever twist and turn on the route the royal couple will take on their special day. forming a so-called ring. from checking sewer drains to the insides of lamp posts for explosives or any hidden weapons. >> we want to make sure that nothing compromises this event. we have to be mindful of people in the crowd, but we have a safety plan in place. >> reporter: specially trained sniffer dogs will check westminster abbey. police officers with monitor events from the air and will have the able to zoom in on anything that looks suspicious,
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from buildings to people. in this command and control center. the priority? guarding the royals and their guests from terrorists. >> in the event somebody with a firearm would have scaled the barrier and get past the police and the military, on the back of the carriage it's generally accepted that the footmen are not framed but will be armed. >> and protecting them from anarchists. they don't want to repeat this attack when an angry mob of protesters ambushed the limousine with prince charles >> abc will bring you the royal wetting of a special edition of good "good morning america". we'll have a special edition of "20/20" from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. the royal wedding, a modern fairy tale. why some tourists may be
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disappointed to find a san francisco icon missing. >> we could be in for a wet morning commute. we talk to leigh glaser coming up with that.
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oprah: all new. who gets our last "laugh out loud" award? then the moment i've always wanted you to see. and what's it like to be a man working at the almost-all-female >> alan: a new survey shows that hundred hundreds of part-time bay area officials receive
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full-time health benefits at taxpayer events even though they attend meetings only twice a month. the survey shows that 61% of sits that provided data either offered health benefits to part-time elected officials or paid them cash to decline coverage. 47% of school districts did the same and 38% of water, sewer, fire, and transportation districts. the data shows some part-time officials also work full time for other government agencies and receive health benefits from both. keep in mind, these perks are all legal and often times they're offered as incentives for people to serve on these boards. one of san francisco's iconic cable car lines will be partially shut down for maintenance this week. the powell hyde line will run to jackson and paul -- powell
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streets. muni buses will make most of the regular stops. maintenance is expected to be finish by friday. >> leigh glaser is here and the sun broke out. >> leigh: the morning was a little bit drippy, mist and drizzle. >> alan: on the easter egg hunts. >> leigh: and then we have some nice clearing. what way have right now -- this is our high definition mt. tamalpais. we have a lot of winds out there. the top of mt. tam, gusts, 40 miles-per-hour. elsewhere, we have some pretty strong gusts. here's a look at some of them. sfo, reporting gusts of 3 2. northwest gusts to 24 in santa rosa. novato, west gusts of 30. livermore, northwest gusts 21. we are starting to see the clearing out the, and a little sunshine helped to pump temperatures up a few more degrees. fairfield, 66.
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san francisco, 57. redwood city, 67. antioch, 66. we get a little bit of a clear patch early evening and then the clouds would start to increase once again overnight. also going to see more showers tomorrow, mainly during the morning hours, and then after that we'll start to dry out and get into a more dryer and al warmer weather pattern beginning on tuesday. here's a look at how we started off this morning with those low-level moisture. it's since pushed on towards the east and you can already see what is developing to the north, cold front this is going track to the north, and the tail end of it drives over the bay area tomorrow morning, and will bring us some showers. after that, all of this will move out. at 5:00, we'll see a little break in the action throughout the evening hours. the clouds start to race in just in time for the monday morning commute, the band of showers,
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the cold front moving through, bringing us shower activity. by 11:00 a.m. and beyond, those showers will start to fall apart as the system moves towards the east. here's a look look at our lows, upper 40s to mid-50s. 550 for concord, and 47 for livermore. the highs for monday, like today. mid-60s across much of the bay area. the coast the exception with temperatures there tomorrow in the mid-to-upper 50s. half moon bay, 57. san francisco 59, with showers mainly tomorrow morning. north bay, santa rosa, 64. oakland, 64. fremont, maybe a little sunshine late in the day. 64. concord, 65. 65, livermore. and springs towards watsonville tomorrow afternoon, 65 there. check out tuesday. much warmer temperatures. up by as much as ten degrees
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inland. we return to sunshine and then a dry day on wednesday and thursday. and even right on into next weekend, mile -- mild temperatures. >> alan: let's talk to shu. the braves did not fear the beard. >> mike: giants trying to prevent a sweep by the braves at at&t park. things were looking great after buster posey
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>> mike: the giants trying to prevent a sweep with the braves in town. it came down to the last few eggs and whoever finds them wins. this guy almost gave it back. buster posey, smokes one deep to left center. two-run blast. tied at 2. top seven. two men on two outs. for jason heyward. a mammoth three-run hit. then a bunny hop double to the wall. two men score. in the eighth. dan uggla. had an easter egg to spare and ties the gam -- game with one crack of the back. we good to extra innings. in the tenth, the single up the middle scores.
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9-6 your final. >> and oakland's fred anderson getting help, and coco crisp roning miguel olivo. game tied. willingham, clutch two-out double. coco crisp and conner jackson score. 3-1a's. in the ninth, wellingham adding insurance. a three rbi day. the a's earn a series split with the mariners. >> sharks know when to good for the kill but the san jose sharks have lost the killer inextinction again the kings. antiniemi gave up shots. >> like having a family, you're the parents, just when you think
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your kids get it and they show you otherwise, it's disappointing. but there's nothing you can do other than keep working to fix the problem, and we'll be looking to do that in game six. >> mike: to the nba. back in the day, boston and new york was a fierce rivalry. they rekindled it in the playoffs. rondo, working his way in for the bucket. 21 for rondo. celtics up 17. the knicks rally. anthony, the oneup -- pulls up and hits. but the c's answer and it usually is from k.g., kevin garnett. celtics sweep the knicks with the victory. in philly, the sixers trying to stave off elimination against the heat. second quarter, miami on the move. to the fourth, under a minute to play. sixers' drew holliday, hits the
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trey. it's a one-point game. ten seconds left. clutch three. the sixers take the lead. elton branch says, i got your easter basket right here. the circumstances stay alive with the victory. >> tee it up at cf where luke donald has a chance to climb to number one spot in the world. a sudden-death affair. >> alan: coming up, an unorthodox easter event in san francisco to raise money for francisco to raise money for charity.ney, we've got tickets to the game, so we're going to need a sitter on saturday night. i almost forgot. we're having dinner together on friday for dad's 65th birthday. maybe i'll ask my parents to baby sit. are you sure you want to go there? you're right. ♪ born to be wild ♪ born to be wild [screaming] who's going to watch them? for you, baby sitting is just a figure of speech.
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00. a lax police helicopter came under fire and was forced to make a landing. a playstation meltdown. sony's plan to get the popular gaming network back online. join us at 6:00. we'd like to share one of the many easter celebrations taking place over the bay area today. this one is in san francisco's delores park. ♪ >> alan: the annual event was hosted by the sisters of perpetual indulgence. there was an easter egg hunt and face painting and all-day musical performance, it's a charity and social activism group that raise is money for aids. we hope you had a great


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