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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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big profits. exxon is expected to report a 60% increase in profit, $10 billion. shell is expected to see a 232% -- 22% increase, and chevron is expected to report the same. >> it's frustrating. hopefully they're putting the money towards alternative fuel and other sources put i'm sure they're not. >> they don't need to make that much of a profit. at our expense. >> reporter: experts say the high gas prices and profits are not the fault of oil companies but traders who are driving oil prices up. concern over the political situations in the middle east and north africa continues to mount. >> gem men is -- yemen is having huge protests, algeria and other places are going to keep going for a while. that means we are most likely in for a long unstable and high price period of time.
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>> reporter: none of this bodes well for the tourism industry. it has taking a toll on popular destination spots like mount rushmore where there were 6,000 fewer visit yore from last -- visors from last year. >> we make less outings than we did before. >> reporter: others are considering replacing their vehicles. sean mooney has a six cylinder engine. >> i've considered getting a vehicle that doesn't cost as much to operate. i don't see prices coming down sometime -- anytime soon unfortunately. >> reporter: while gas prices are high in bay area, they're not the highest. shakes five cent -- chicago is five cents higher. >> alan: developing news in oakland where police are looking for a suspect who led them on a chase through the city this afternoon. police attempted to pull over a man who they believe was driving a stolen car.
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during that pursuit, the driver crashed into a parked car, then fled. police set up a perimeter and brought in k-9 units to search through the homes of the residential area but were unable to find the suspect. it was not a peaceful easter sunday morning in los angeles. a sniper forced a police helicopter to make an emergency landing and it was a tense situation until just a few hours ago. leslie brinkley joins us live in the news room to explain how the standoff was resolved. >> reporter: there was a peaceful resolution following gunfire at the crack of dawn. a 20-year-old man was reported to police for randomly firing shots. an l.a.p.d. hadn't responded to the neighborhood of the northridge area of los angeles. the man then directed his gunfire at the helicopter. he struck the fuel tank, causing a leak and forcing the chopper to make an emergency landing at van nuys airport.
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the shooter was subdued by his family and arrested. there was a second sniper but police never found him. by 3:00 they allowed residents back into the area. no reports of injuries to the officers in the helicopter or to residents on the ground. live in the news room, abc-7 news. >> alan: vallejo police released photos of a possible suspect in a shooting at a 7-eleven. investigators don't know which of these are the actual suspects. the shooting happened at 1:20 a.m. on april 16th april 16th outside the 7-eleven on magazine street. one man was shot several times while sitting in a car in the parking lot. he later died at uc davis hospital. a federal mediator is set to meet tomorrow with vallejo park officials to discuss a
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controversial plan to build a park at a native american burial site. the plan sparked two weeks of protests by native americans and supporters in the glen cove water front park. the project includes building restrooms and a parking lot in the area. on monday, mediator will talk with the recreation district and rank a, range arrange a meeting with the native american group. >> alan: the pope spoke from the balcony of st. peter's basilica to a crowd of more than 100,000 people. pope benedict offered a prayer to replace arms and warfare in libya and called on citizens of the middle east to build a new society based on respect and called on europeans to welcome refugees from north africa. the spoke from the balcony 0 of
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st. peters basilica to the crowd. >> two long lines at san francisco's glide memorial church today. one to attend easter sunday service. the other for a nice hot meal. the line for church wrapped around the block. several people admitted they don't attend church regularly but prefer the services at glide because it's so inclusive. something reverend cecil williams says is the goal of the church which serves the underprivileged. >> glide is and has been a place for liberation of people, for the resurrection of people. all kinds of people. no matter what they suffer. we are trying to make sure that they find ways to do things for themselves and also for other people. >> alan: after the services, glide provided a fried chicken easter dinner to 3,000 homeless and underserved individuals and families. it has been a month since police began enforcing the
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controversial measure prohibiting people from sitting or lying on san francisco sidewalks. officers say they issued at least one citation a day last month while patrolling the streets. the president of the hate ashbury imprompt association says he has seen changes but others believe the law is unconstitutional. street performers admit the law has not impacted them. they say they just keep an eye out for the police. >> up next, why demolition experts are out to blow up the remains of an f-15 fighter jets. >> and congresswoman giffords cleared to watch her husband's space shuttle launch. >> sony's popular gaming network goes offline. >> leigh: didn't start off clear this morning but at it nice out there right now. gusty west winds and clearing
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skies. increasing clouds tonight. there's no showers in the seven-day forecast. seven-day forecast. we look at that
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and ♪ we just keep ons.e jun keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: demolition experts destroyed the wreckage of an
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5-15 today. the jet crashed last month in libya and was then bombed by u.s. forces. the u.s. wants to make sure the sensitive technology on the plane won't fall into the wrong hands of the wrong people. two unexploded missiles from the crash were destroyed. both crew members survived. nato-led forces are continuing air strikes on the libyan capital of tripoli today. >> congresswoman give give gabrielle giffords has been given clearance to attend the launch of the space shuttle. give give has made an astonishing recovery after being shot point blank in the head last january. >> that's was giffords 15 weeks ago, fighting for her life after being shot in the head bay would-be assassin. the shooter turned this parking lot into a killing zone. giffords, an arizona democrat,
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has astonished in the doctors. >> she is improving every day, and in the realm of brain injuries, that's very significant and rare. >> the arizona republic reports that giffords can now walk a little and has become making limited use of her right arm and leg. her left side is fully functional according to her chief of staff. the newspapers says giffords is in the top 5% of patients recovering from her kind of a brain injury. by her side, mark kelly, a nasa astronaut. >> when i see her in the morning when guy to work and when i come home from work at the end of my day. >> giffords, now in a houston rehabilitation center, has been cleared to travel to cape can can and a half rel -- cape can and a half -- cape can and a half rel. >> she was looking forward to having the opportunities to be there. >> gabriel and mark are sharing heavy burdens. mark kelly will lead the next to
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last shuttle mission into space, and gabrielle giffords promises to walk a mountain. abc news. new york. >> alan: congresswoman giffords still struggles to put together lengthy sentences, but the arizona republic newspaper reported today that one short phrase she repeated is, i miss tucson. >> the play station network goes down, leaving gamers disconnected from friends. how soon sony might be able to fix the problem. we could see some changes in the weather in the next few days. leigh glaser tells us if that's good news or bad news. >> mike: the giants cannot find enough easter eggs against the braves, and the a's found jelly beans to beat#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#tt
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>> alan: for a fifth day, play station users have been unable to log on to the network and download movies, tvs users tried
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to access the service and are receiving a message saying an error has occurred. sonny says at -- sony says at t working along the clock to fix what it's called an intern exclusion. the network shutdown is necessary to provide additional security. expected to be back up in the next two days. the california highway patrol has issued a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. the chp says it's seeing sustained winds of 25 miles-per-hour with gusts up to 35 miles-per-hour. the warning mainly applies to high profile vehicles like trucks and vans. however, all drivers are urged to reduce speeds and leave extra space between vehicles when driving across that bridge. leigh is here. it's windy out there. >> leigh: we're going to take you outside light now. this is from the high definition sutro cam. and you can see the camera lens
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bouncing as the winds out of the west are pretty gusty at this point. sfo, westerly gusts at 36 miles-per-hour. oakland, westerly gusts at 22. starting to see the winds diminish out towards the livermore valley area. southwest at 10 at concord. and 13 at san jose. we had some nice clearing this afternoon. temperature-wise, starting to clear off a bit. san francisco, 56 degrees right now. oakland, 59. in the north bay, santa rosa, 66. out towards livermore valley area, winds affecting temperatures, temperature in livermore, 59. antioch, in the mid-60s. so, tonight, we go with increasing cloud overnight. we have one more system that's going to bring us another shot of showers tomorrow morning, and then after this system moves through we're going to start to warm up and we'll be dry tuesday through the end of the work week, that's dismiss of the low level moisture that made its way
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into the bay area, and you can see the cloud gathering on the north coast, and this system will bring us showers tomorrow morning. now, the main energy right here, this is going to miss us. this is going to head to the pacific northwest. it should be out of here by tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at the forecast model for you. for 6:00 through the evening hours, clear skies. overnight the cloud thicken up by the 5:00 a.m. monday morning commute time, the rain starts to move from the north bay, slide south towards the south bay. 11:00 starts to dissipate, and by 5:00 eric out of here and we should see sun breaks. lows tonight because hoff the cloud cover, 52 for san francisco, mild in napa. and here's a look at the highs tomorrow. remember, the morning showers and some partial clearing tomorrow afternoon, so temperatures tomorrow much like
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today 5. 4 for san jose. atmen low -- san francisco, 59,n the north bay. you see the clearing first tomorrow afternoon so a bit of sunshine for you. santa rosa, 65. vallejo, 63. 63 for hercules, oakland, 64. interior east bay, mid-60s. 65 for concord. livermore, 65. and look for mid-60s as well. the accuweather seven-day forecast. one more system to move through tomorrow, and then we're starting to dry out, and also warm up. check out wednesday's highs. inland in the 70s. and san francisco might touch on 70 on wednesday. >> alan: it was a great day for baseball today. that's what shu says, too. >> mike: that's right. especially if you're a braves fan. giants trying to prevent a sweep with the braves in town. if this was an easter egg hunt, the braves found the most eggs.
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this mom caught an easter egg and her son almost throws it back in. buster, smokes twowb left center. a two-run blast. his fourth of the year, we're tied. top seven, hayward has one contrary hit against this pitcher, a home run. now a three-run jack. but the g-men rally in the bottom of the frame. aaron rowans delivers a bunny hop double to the wall. two men score. in dan uggla sends its over the fence in left. we head to extras. in the tenth, nate mccloud, does not fear the beard. the singing up the mid -- the single up the middle against wilson. the giants get swept. they have lost four straight. >> not playing giants baseball right now. we're struggling as -- a little
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bit. 10-11 is not horrible, considering the kind of finals gash games -- games we have been playing. >> a's and mariners. bottom sixth. watch cocoa crisp. speck tack conclude speck tack car catch but eats some wall. then 3-1a's inch the. in a three-rbi day for josh willingham, and the a's earn a series split in seattle. >> let's go to hockey. sharks are nature's top predators. they know win to go for the kill. but the san jose sharks lack that killer instinct against the
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kings. antti niemi gave up three goals in the first period but will start monday night in game six. you can't relax in the playoff's, and coach mccell long told -- mcclellan told them they need to come occupy with a purpose and put the kings away. >> like a family and your parents, just when you think your kid get and it they show you otherwise, it's disappointing. nothing you can do other than keep working to fix the problem. >> mike: the celtics are a step closer to their third nba final in the last four years. they eliminate the knicks, team that was once one of their pearce rivals in the day. carmelo anthony did his job today. rondo in for the bucket. 21. celtics up 17. the knicks rally. carmelo anthony, he had 32. the c's always answer and its lushly from k.g. kevin garnett two of his 26.
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the celtics sweep the knicks with a 101-89 victory. in philly, the sixers trying to stave off elimination against the heat. dwyane wade alley-ooping with lebron. to the fourth, under 1:00 to play. the trey. a one-point game. now ten seconds left. lou williams, a clutch three. sixers up two. last chance for king james. elton brant says, get that egg out of here. sixers stay alive with an 86-82 victory. final round of the heritage in south carolina. brandt snedeker had himself a round. puts him in the clubhouse at 12-under. luke donald will take over the world's top ranking with a win on 18. got to get up and down to force a playoff. this is clutch. he makes his par. donald and snedeker head to a
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playoff. third hole, donald chips in to stay alive. it lips out. could have been number one, but instead, snedeker captures his second career pga tour title. >> disappointing easter sunday for luke donald. my producer, i need to console him, a northwestern grad. the sharks have beaten the kings twice and they need to get busy. >> alan: coming up, movie about talking birds flies to the top of the box office. the weekend winners are next.
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>> alan: we have a note for cable car riders. starting tomorrow, powell hyde ryan line will only run part of the route. maintenance is expected to be finished by friday. muni buses will take riders the rest of the route. talking birds at the top of the box office. "rio" earning just under $27 million. the film mad -- mad day madea
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was second. and water for el fraternities --
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