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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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good evening. a teen tired of being picked up on put on fundraiser. and tonight we find out how he did it. >> this is slewsly a remarkable accomplishment for an 8th grader. he found it at his school and now this concert. >> i want to thank everyone for coming out. i know it is a sunday night. >> at first glance this looks like a middle school or high school dance, but it is a fundraising concert to benefit lbgt teenagers staged by an
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eighth grader inspired by his family's activism. >> it really started during the no on 8 campaign when my family was on the corner saying no on 8, no on 8. and recently there were many suicides by teenagers caused by bully. >> it favored rock groups from l.a., florida and san francisco, and they got the word out to friends and it came together. those who know him are not a bit surprised. >> he has all of the smarts to do it. i think it is great he pulled the entire concert together. >> he is a kid who thinks big. these bands were willing to come from as far as florida to support this concert and the causes are important and wonderful. >> the money raised here will go to a gay teen suicide help line and video project. >> i raised about 20k at the
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moment. so with ticket sales and stuff, a little over that, you know? >> more than 20,000 raised. you heard it. the concert wrapping up right now, and he wants to make it an annual fundraiser and everyone who is here is absolutely betting it will happen. reporting live in san francisco, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> that's one eighth grade kid. the livermore police department is issuing a warning about a man who pulls down women's shorts and gropes them and runs away. the latest incident happened this morning while a 19-year-old woman was walking on eve lane. she wasn't hurt, but police say the man has struck before in that same area. now they increased patrols there. he is a latino in his 40s and 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing about 200 pounds. in the latest incident he had a muss -- mustache and wore a gray t-shirt and gray jaynes.
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-- gray jeans. gas prices went up another $.12 cents. this while oil companies are expected to announce record profits this week. the average price of regular in california is $4.21 a gallon. diesel is $4.55 and in san francisco regular is $4.27 per gallon. abc7's lilian kim has more on how big oil companies are cashing in. >> the steady up tick in gas prices has meant one thing for oil companies, big profits. exxon is expected to report a 60% increase in profits, about $10 billion. shell is expected to see a 22% increase about $5.9 billion. and bay area-based chevron is expected to report about the same. >> it is frustrating. hopefully they are putting the money to alternative fuel and other sources, but probably not. >> i know they need to make a profit, but not that much of a profit at our expense.
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>> but they say the high gas prices are not the fault of the oil companies, but traders driving the price up. concern over situations in the middle east and north africa uh announced. >> yemen is having huge protests. algeria and other places will keep going, for awhile, up. that means we are most likely we are in for a long, unstable and high priced period of time. >> none bowing well for the tourism industry. it is taking a toll on spots like mount rushmore where there were 6,000 viewer visitors last year. jason is one of the people avoiding long trips in the car. >> we make less outings, i would say. try to stay closer to home on the weekends than we did before. >> others meanwhile are considering replacing their vehicle. sean has a six cylinder engine, but thinks a four cylinder is the way to go. >> i considered getting a vehicle that doesn't cost as
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much to operate. i i don't see prices coming down anytime soon unfortunately. >> while the bay area prices are high, they are not the highest. chicago averages $.05 cents higher. lilian kim, abc news. a not so peaceful easter sunday for some people in los angeles. neighbors reported a man firing a rifle early this morning in their northridge neighborhood. an lapd helicopter responded and the man started shooting at the chopper forcing it to make an emergency landing. we spoke to a chp pilot at the napa airbase to say he was shocked to hear the suspect hit the helicopter. >> it is crazy the guy ever made contact with the helicopter. had he shot it at a millisecond earlier or later he could have hit something that could have brought the helicopter down with a cat astrophic failure and it could be a different situation, not only for the crew of the helicopter, but for the people on the ground.
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>> the 18-year-old suspect was eventually subdued by his family and arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of a police officer. there were no reports of injuries. a fire that destroyed an apple warehouse in watsonville earlier this week is being blamed for the death of hundreds of fish. the department of fish and game says that several hundred dead fish have washed up along a one-mile stretch of the watsonville slew. they say heat, soot, smoke and foam were used to put the fire out that destroyed apple grower ice and storage were likely factors in the fish death. a federal mediator is involved in a controversial plan to build a park on a native american burial site. tomorrow the u.s. justice department will talk with the greater vallejo district and arrange a meeting with a native american group that opposes the plan. the project has sparked nearly two weeks of protest because it plans on building restrooms
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and a parking lot on the burial ground. there were two long lines at glide memorial church. one to attend easter sunday services and the other for a nice, hot meal. the line for church wrapped around the block and several people admitted that they don't attend church regularly, but they prefer services at glide that are so inclusive. it is something that is the goal of the church which serves the under privileged. >> it has been a place for the liberation of people, putting it another way for the resurrection of the people. >> all kinds of people no matter what they suffer, we are trying to make sure that we -- that they find ways to do things for themselves and other people. >> after the services they provided a fried chicken easter dinner to 3,000 homeless and under served individuals and families. the remarkable recovery of
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gabrielle giffords. it is going so well they have cleared her to travel and see a shuttle launch with her husband on board. and a rare disease is traced to of all places, the "playboy" grot toe. and playstation off line. what they are doing to get the game unit up and running. >> we have one more weather front to move in here, and it is already spreading clouds uh -- across the bay area. we will check on that, and look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast and see when we will warm up arounddddd├▒
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new, leaked military documents exposes new information about prisoners at guantanamo bay. the documents released to the "new york times" said prisoners were considered a high risk and posed a threat to the united states. but the documents also reveal the incarceration of innocent men due to mistaken identity or simply bad luck. the obama administration condemned the released and issued a statement claiming the documents may not represent the government's current view because they are based on older information. 450 prisoners have escapeedfrom a jail in afghanistan after taliban insurgents dug a 1,000-foot tunnel underground into the main jail in kandahar city. officials say about a under h of the escaped inmates are members of the taliban. the jail break occurred overnight. they believe it took
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insurgents more than five months to dig the tunnel and bypass checkpoint and major roads. the prison had just undergone security upgrades. we have new details on coming woman gabrielle giffords' astonishing recovery. doctors cleared her to travel to florida on friday so she can watch her husband command the launch of the space shuttle. here is abc's david curly. >> it is what mark kelly hoped for. his wife will be there for liftoff this friday. >> she has been looking forward to this for a longtime. as nasa's -- one of nasa's biggest supporters in congress, she was really looking forward to having the opportunity to be there. >> giffords was shot at the head at point blank during a lone gunman at a public appearance in tucson in january. while she is medically cleared to travel right now, she will be uh p -- accompanied by staff from nasa houston to the space center. and we are learning new
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details about her condition. she is speaking in single sentences and single words like awesome, love you. she is walking a little. her left side is perfect, but has limited use of the right side. >> we saw some very early signs and we got so optimistic we expected a fast recovery and that's not what we are seeing now. >>- >> her astronaut husband has been by the side every minute. >> i see her every morning before i go to work and after work at the end of my day. >> that was until friday when kelly and his crew went into quarantine. as is always the case to avoid the risk of illness in space. on tuesday, the astronauts fly to the kennedy space center. wednesday congresswoman giffords arrives and will see her husband at a picnic with other astronaut families that night. and then the launch set for friday at 3:47 p.m. we have been told that giffords has written a note for kelly to read in space and she picked a wake up song as she did four days ago. >> thanks again.
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good choice of wake up music. >> what we don't know is what giffords has chosen for this flight. >> abc's david curly reporting. for a fifth day playstation users have been unable to log on to the network and download movies, tv shows or play games over the web. users trying to access the service have received a message saying an error has occurred. sony says they are working around the clock to bring the network back on-line for what they call an external intrusion. sony wrote the shut down is necessary so it can provide additional securities. it is expected to be back up in the next day or two. the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease has been traced to the grotto to the "playboy" mansion. the whirlpool hot tub is famed for steamy es ask you paids that have taken place there over the past years.
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at least 123 people got sick after attending a fundraiser at the "playboy" mansion on february 5th. the disease can cause pneumonia and symptoms that include headaches, coughs and shortness of breath. and one note for cable car ride you ares, starting tomorrow -- riders, starting tomorrow they will start at powell and market street and powell street. maintenance is expected to be finished by friday. leigh is up and we will have a few more showers here. >> yeah, one more system tomorrow morning. be prepared for a wet monday morning commute. and once the cold front moves through, we will warm up nicely the rest of the workweek. here is a live shot from the high definition east bay cam, and already the clouds are thickening up across the bay area. fairfield 53, concord 55, napa 53. and you are still reporting a strong wind out of the west up
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to 20 miles an hour. san rafael 52, 51 los gatos and 55 in san jose. we are going to see the showers develop over night. -- overnight. showers mainly tomorrow morning, and we will bring them out by tomorrow afternoon, and then beyond that dry and warmer for our tuesday and wednesday. you can see on the sat late radar composite is, the next wave of moisture hitting the north coast. a lot of this is what we call virga. it is evaporating before it hits the ground. live doppler hd is picking up rain your -- eureka to ukiah. santa rosa is reporting some light rain and so is cloverdale. it is saging to the south and it will continue to increase overnight. here is the actual cold front itself. the main brunt of low pressure will miss us and move to the north. that will be what drags itself across the bay area bringing us the rain tomorrow morning. we will put the maps into
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motion and the clouds are with us already. the main part of the system hits at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then it continues to push on toward the south by 10:00, 11:00, 12:00. by tomorrow afternoon this thing will have fallen apart and we will return to partly sunny conditions. here is a look at our lows. most lows in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. 47 for livermore. here are our highs for monday. the north bay first followed by the south bay. in santa rosa, a little afternoon sunshine there once the front passes. napa will climb to 64. 59 for san francisco. san mateo will climb to 61. mid60s in east bay interior valleys such as concord and antioch, expected high 65 degrees. morgan hill, 65. 65 for watsonville as well as hollister. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, it does include warmer temperatures.
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on tuesday we will look for plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming back up inland into the 70s. a bit breezy on wednesday. thursday you will notice temperatures come down a little bit. we will see a few more clouds that day. and for the weekend, terrific, sunny and mild. temperatures back up into the 70s. >> can't wait. >> thanks, leigh. let's talk to shu. >> a little of everything today. the a's offense exploded the past two games. funny how that works. the giants battle back in a complete team effort, but did they get the result they wanted? who is to blame? i will let you know next in sports.
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i'm feeling the same frustration for the giants as we did last year. >> a lot of people are say thasmght the torture is back. the giants swept by the braves and it was their bull pen that let them down.
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giants down two and buster posey takes care of that and smokes a two-run bomb. his fourth of the year and we are tied at two. two men on and two outs for jason hayward. he has one hit, a homerun. make that two. a three-run jack. are you kidding me? 5-2 braves. the g-men rally in the bottom of the frame. two outs and he delivers with a bunny hop to the wall. giants are up 6-5. bull pen troubles continue. he ties the game with one crack of the bat. fifth homer of the season. we head to extra you and nate mccloud does not fear the beard. time to lose the beard. 9-6 the final and the g-men have lost four straight. it is the first series street in san francisco since 1998. >> it is baseball. things are going to happen. things aren't going to go your way every time.
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we did a good job coming back and taking the lead. unfortunately we were not able to hang on. >> bottom of 6 and game tied and brett anderson getting some help. it is a spectacular catch game tied top of 7. it is a clutch two-out double and cocoa and connor jackson score. a's up 3-1. the a's will honor the series split with seattle after a 5-2 victory. the sharks seem to be lacking the killer instinct against the kings. they still lead the series 3-2 with game 6 set for monday night. you can't turn it over three times in the first period as it resulted in a 3-0 deficit. when you are playing a great defensive team like l.a., it is tough to come back from
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that. >> eliminating turnovers, that's our problem. they capitalize on their chances. in turn it was 3-0. >> elsewhere, game six between the blackhawks and the canucks, off the big rebound. he goes high to beat loango for the game winner. after being down chicago has evened the series. game seven is set for tuesday in vancouver. the nba playoffs are heating up. the finals are here on abc7. the lakers have met their match in new orleans as chris paul was unstopable. a triple-double tieing the series at two apiece. highlights as we continue. whoa, i should get mom a samsung fascinate. bright, colorful screen, high-speed downloads, hd video. she'll want videos of grandkids. i'm not ready for kids.
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the lakers are run into a
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hornet's nest as they put a sting on them. they are going nuts for the hornets and chris paul put on a show making andrew bynum lose his shorts. paul had a triple double. 15 assists and 13 boards. hornets up three. kobe didn't score in the first half, but in the fourth throws down two of 17. lakers down four, but 15 seconds to go. perfect time for his first bucket of the game. the hornets even the series at two apiece, 93-88 that final. in the east, game four between the magic in atlanta. fourth quarter and tied at 68. jamal crawford with the big three. he had 25 and hawks up three. matthew down three and a chance to tie and wow. hawks take a series lead with an 88-85 victory. the sixers are trying to stave off elimination from the heat.
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he pulls up and hits the clutch 3. sixers up two. last chance for lebron. but he slaps it away. the sixers stay alive with a four-point victory. the final round of the heritage and he will drain it. seven under 64. he is in the clubhouse tied for the lead. he has to chip in to stay alive. how did you like that for affect? he will not be the new number one in the world. instead he captures his second career pga tour title. by the way, the celtics sweep with the knicks and nashville wins their first franchise playoff series knocking anaheim out of the post season. and i know one nashville-ian will be happy. and brad grew up in nashville. >> yes. >> there you go. >> good night, everyone.
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