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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 25, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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make news in america this morning. >> target gadhafi. nato bombs rain down in an early morning attack. severe storms. a huge tornado outbreak possible today after weekend twisters tore apart a home and even an airport. and wedding week is here. we're live as london welcomes the world. good morning, everyone. i'm mike marusarz in for peggy bunker. >> and i'm rob nelson. we begin with a breaking story. that we have been following overnight from afghanistan. there's been a massive jailbreak of taliban insurgents. more than 500 prisoners have tunnelled out of a maximum security prison in kandahar, the
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nation's second largest city. the tunnel was dug from the outside in. now the search is on. if we get information, we'll bring it to you in this news cast. overnight, nato has scored some hits on moammar gadhafi's compound in tripoli. it's not known where gadhafi himself was at the time. the air strikes follow a bloody weekend in the rebel-held city of misrata. shelling from government forces killed at least 32 people. but the rebels now claim they have control of the city. a passenger on a paris to rome flight led a weak attempt to hijack the jet and have it diverted to libya. he tried to attack a flight attendant with a nail clip person he was subdued and the plane landed as scheduled. oil prices have hit $113 a barrel this morning. that will mean even higher gas prices back here at home.
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it also means near record profits for oil companies. it's making a lot of drivers out there very angry. emily schmidt joins us from washington. with more on this story. hi, emily. >> reporter: later today, the government is due out with its new fuel gauge report. almost certain to show us how much these price are continuing. some places, $4 gas now a distant memory. the $5 mark within view now. across the country, sticker shock is setting in. >> this is the first time paying $75 for a tank of gas. >> it's around $95. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: it takes nearly $100 to fill some tanks. a dollar a gallon increase costs the average family an extra $1,000 a year. >> i'm at the end of my rope. >> reporter: drivers lined up 3 1/2 hours early in knoxville, tennessee, in order to get free
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easter gas from a local church. others feel less charitable toward the oil companies. >> i'm angry. there's though reason for it, in my opinion. >> reporter: this week, analysts expect exxon to announce record profits. there is no oil shortage. there is just speculator worries. >> $6 gas is one well-placed hurricane and one tiny bit of supply disruption away. >> reporter: airline tickets are up. michael is paying 25% more to fuel his truck. >> you can't keep passing on the extra costs to them, because they have a lot of costs themselves. >> reporter: tourism is already taking a hit. at the grand canyon, helicopter tours are down 10%.
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at mount rush more, 6,000 fewer tourists as well. >> thanks, emily. wikileaks is revealing new information about some of the men held at guantanamo. the website released hundreds of class fied documents about deta detainees. newspapers in the u.s. and europe are publishing that information. it includes the evidence against the prisoners, what they were carrying when they were captured. and details of their interrogations. there is a sad end to the missing miner in idaho. the body of larry merrick was discovered yesterday afternoon, nine days ago, merrick and his brother had just finished watering down some blasted out ore in the mine. when the ceiling collapsed. now investigators will try to figure out what caused the accident. a new batch of powerful tornados is on tap for today. as many as 40 of them touched down over the week end. storm chasers captured this dramatic video showing a twister
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tearing through baird, texas, yesterday. none of the tornadoes were as frightening as the ef-4 that bore down on st. louis' main airport. more on that from jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: a welcome sign over st. louis. flights back in the air. more than 150 departures. work crews continued to clear debris below. for the weary travelers who made it home, the headaches have just begun. >> looks like the passenger window may be a little breezy on the way home. it's full of water. >> reporter: a sense of humor difficult to muster when you look at the damage around here. officials say it will take months and millions to fix this airport. its history, once famously detailed in the movie "up in the air." >> are you kidding me? lambert field? the wright brothers flew through there. >> reporter: this is the exact place that george clooney was
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standing. it looks like this. out back is the 40-foot steeple ripped off the roof in the middle of good friday services. on this holiday weekend, home owners have found hope. >> there's a lot of memories here. you make more memories and go on. nobody was injured. and for that, i'll be eternally grateful. >> reporter: folks are calling it an easter miracle that nobody was killed. 750 homes were damaged by these storms. they're crediting the national weather service for giving early warnings to save lives. >> man, as somebody who grew up in that area, i grew up in kansas city. you're always ready and prepared for something like that to happen. but it's still surreal. hopefully, a speedy clean up for them. let's look at the morning weather. from around the nation. tornado outbreaks expected st. dallas, oklahoma city, little rock, memphis, and louisville, all as a possible target. flooding from chicago to
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pittsburgh. scattered showers from des moines to south dakota. up to a foot and a half of snow in the rockies. >> 68 in sacramento. 72 in albuquerque. 87 in phoenix. 66 in the twin cities. 56 in chicago. 71 in new york. and 80s from baltimore to miami and dallas. congresswoman gabby giffords' family got great news over the weekend. the wounded lawmaker is well enough to travel to florida on friday for the launch of the space shuttle "endeavour." >> it's being commanded by her husband, mark kelly. she'll be watching in a restricted area with other family members. we'll have more on her recovery coming up. later this half hour. >> and amazing recovery it's been. she is a lucky lady, wow. coming up after the break, a new sign of recovery in japan. an nfl player stabbed. his wife accused. was she trying to protect herself?
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and in tech news, the long-awaited white iphone could be yours later this week. long-awaited iphone. could it be yours later this week?
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this morning, rising oil prices are keeping overseas investors from making big nooufs. tokyo's nikkei average was down slightly today. hong kong's hang seng was down about 1%. the london, the ftse opened
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down. the dow gained 164 points last week. the nasdaq was up by two. if you were hoping to replace your gas guzzler with a more fuel-efficient cars from squa pan, you may be out of luck because of the earthquake and is tsunami. you won't need a car to by gas or groceries in california. walmart is testing a new home delivery service. amazon has been doing that for several years. apple could be selling a white iphone as soon as wednesday. the release has been pushed back several times in the last year. there are rumors they may introduce a white iphone for t-mobile even though at&t plans to acquire t-mobile soon. and "rio" is still flying high at the box office.
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it took in ll $27 million this weekend. right behind it was tyler perry's "maida's big happy family" and "water for elephants" appeared in third. >> elephants, elements. >> it's all scientific. next on this monday morning, security is tightening as wedding fans arrive in london. we're live there. and an nfl superstar with a history of abuse involved in a new incident with his wife. ♪ it's a new day i feel like a totally new person. weight watchers new pointsplus works because i can eat like this for the rest of my life. on weight watchers, i lost a total of 66 pounds. my children inspired me to lose the weight because i want to be around for them -- riding bikes, going hiking. ♪ a new dawn, a new day, a new life ♪
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until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. then i found lyrica. another major step toward normalcy after the earthquake and tsunami. for the first time in six weeks, bullet trains resumed service to the northern cities.
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for a look at the road conditions in this country, flooding on i-40 from oklahoma city to nashville. i-70 from kansas to pittsburgh. wet from dallas to des moines. icy in the rockies. rain drenches i-5. and if you're frying today rkts airport delays possible if dallas, memphis, kansas city, chicago, detroit, salt lake city and san francisco. people are focused on the wedding weather. we're covering it all. just four days to go now until the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. >> w new details about the ceremony. >> diana alvear is joining u.s. this morning. high, diana. >> reporter: rob and mike, top of the morning to you. you have got to check out westminster abbey. this is the epicenter of wedding fever. i've caught it. all the tourists have cau t
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here. everyone in london is so excited. everywhere you look, the union jack is waved proudly, as londed looks forward to the wedding of the century. >> it lifts us. it's nothing like royalty to an englishman. a genuine englishman. >> it's a bit of a tradition to do the pomp and circumstance. >> reporter: one can only imagine how kate will feel. she'll take a ride that an estimated 2 billion people will witness. >> there at the end, the palace. and catherine will be all the way up. she'll enter the palace for the first time as the princess. >> we want to make sure nothing compromisingst this event. we have to be mindful of the people in the crowd.
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>> reporter: british shorts are forming what they're calling a ring of steel. sniner dogs will check westminster abbey while police keep an eye on the city from all points of view. crowds were delighted to catch a glimpse of the prince as he spent a quiet easter with his bride to be in her hometown of bucklebury berkshire. there are plenty of people milling about. by friday, an estimated 600,000 tourists will be on hand. think mother nature is excited about the wedding. this weather the perfect. there may be more people than that. how about that, rob and mike? >> that's dynamite. rob is especially excited. you have inside scoop on the wedding reception. what is the queen doing the adom
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come date this happy couple? >> reporter: the queen and prince phillip are going to take leave of the palace after the wedding because she wants to let will and kate and 300 of their closest friends do their things. kate is a big abba fan. i expect they'll be playing "dancing queen" a lot. they love it like you do, rob. >> you know me so well. live in london with wedding fever. have a great time out there. and, of course, you can imagine our team is in place. we begin our reporting this morning on "good morning america." robin roberts will kick off that coverage. on friday, tune in at 4:00 a.m. eastern time. lit begin our coverage of will and kate's big day. police now say they have a suspect in the attempted bombing at a mall near kol m mine high school. earl albert moore is a recently
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paroled prisoner. the mall was evacuated. no one was hurt. a miami dolphins player is expected to make a full recovery after being stabbed, allegedly by his wife. she told police she stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife but said she did it in self-defense. brandon marshall has a history of abuse. including with his wife. two do or die games. one team, done for good. another stay ifs the race. we'll get the highlights from espn news. good morning, this is your espn news update. i'm max bretos. friday night, the lakers took back home court advantage. sunday they looked to take a 3-1 advantage. kobe bryant going over 30 points in the win on friday.
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hornets up two. jarrett jack with one second on the shot clock. honests hold on. tie the series. game five on tuesday. celtics looking to close out the knicks. after winning the first two games by a some bined five points, throttling new york in the third and fourth games. heat and 76ers. heat looking for the sweep to set up a meeting with boston in the next round. under 12 seconds left. the sixers with a two-point lead. they hang on and extend the series. no the nhl, chris pronger back with the flyers after missing 21 games. the sabres with kin it. we go to overtime. this one going to a game seven. leino beating ryane miller. fiers able to win it, 5-4. cory schneider in for luongo.
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frolik beats schneider on a penalty shot. tied the game at 3-3. luongo in goal after schneider picks up an injury. off the rebound. then missed. chicago, after being down, 3-0, forcing a game seven. this is your espn news update for all the latest, check out espn news. up next, why people in several cities may see president george w. bush riding by today. to their dens... woman: and all the plots are wrapped up. man: till that day... boy: by hook or by crook... girl: by book or by nook... woman: i will read.
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ask your doctor about pristiq. zblanchtsd now a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching this monday. parts of the southern plains and mississippi valley have bracing for another tornado outbreak. dozens of twisters have touched down in the last tee days. latest stormy weather is from dallas to louisville. overnight, nato air strikes hit moammar gadhafi's compound. the rebels claim they now have control of misrata. former president george w. bush joins service members on a 62-mile bike ride across the desse desert. the easter egg roll will be held today at the white house. for some of you, your local
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>> next, developing news on both sides of the bay. oakland early morning shooting outside of a hamburger shot kills two people and injuries four more. arson investigators on the scene of an overnight fire that left two dozen people out in the cold. >> we will show you the showers in the morning commute and a morning trend. >> join us and finally from us this morning, more on the remarkable recovery of arizona lawmaker gabby giffords. it was months ago she was shot in the head. >> and yet today, she's planning
4:28 am
to take a trip to florida at the end of the week so see her husband command the shuttle. >> reporter: it's what mark kelly hoped for. his wife will be there. >> she's been looking forward to this for a long time. as one oz nasa's biggest supporters in congress, she was looking forward to having the opportunity to be there. >> reporter: she was shot in the head at point blank by a lone gunman in january. she'll be acomp anied by staff by the rehabilitation center. in a jet from nasa houston to the kennedy space center. she's speaking in simple sentences and single including to awesome, love you. according to a newspaper. she's walking a little. her left side is said to be perfect. she had limited use of her right side. >> we saw early signs. we were expecting a fast
4:29 am
recovery. that's in the what we're seeing now. >> reporter: her husband has been by her side from the beginning. >> i see her every morning when i go to work and at the end of my day. >> reporter: that was until the end of friday when the crew and kelly went into quaurn teen. on wednesday, congresswoman giffords arrives and will see her husband at a picnic. then the launch, set for friday at 3:47 p.m. we've been told that giffords has written a note for kelly to open in space. and she's picked wakeup song. ♪ it's a beautiful day >> reporter: we don't know whatr song she's chosen for this flight. >> what a moment friday will be for them. >> so far to go, so far she's come. >> stay with us for


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