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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  April 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning america" coming up n n ♪ >> in the news this monday morning, developing news oakland where two people are dead and five wounded in two separate shootings. >> in san francisco, arson investigators are on the scene of an apartment fire that left two dozen residents in the cold. >> city city expected to vote on a budget cutting proposal. to turn firefighters to a local company. >> it is dry right now. we have the morn commute. we'll have warmer weather and spring-like temperatures. >> we have areas of construction still out there that is blocking lanes.
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we'll give you the full details. >> thank you, sue. i am terry mcweeny in for eric thomas. >> and i am erin in for christin. and we'll see what is going on weatherwise, beautiful easter sunday morning yesterday. looked out at a sun shower going on. it was spectacular. >> it feels warm. >> and getting warmer. >> we have temperatures in the low to mid-50s. one of the reasons why, is that we have showers that you see and cloudds that kept us relative warm in the overnight hours. we'll put live doppler hd. everything is quiet in the bay. most showers off shore or in the north bay. that is mainly around moran county. there are showers that are going to slip underneath the radar.
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it could be in your area from time to time. we have more showers in the afternoon hours. spotty showers at best. don't worry too much about them in the morning commute. skew -- sue? >> we have construction docking delays. northbound and southbound 101 between capitol expressway and story road. you will find a couple of lanes blocked until 5:00 this morning and the capitol on-ramp is closed as well. we have the san mateo bridge moving slowly . construction westbound bay bridge between treasure island. we have the tol plasa. >> we are following developing news in oakland. six people were shot in a single attack. it happened near third and broadway and just a few blocks
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from police headquarters. two victims were killed and two more in critical condition in the hospital. there is no information on the suspects yet. an hour later, there was another shooting two blocks from the first scene, one person was hit in washington near broadway. that victim is in stable condition. right now police don't believe the shootings are connected. we'll have more in a live report in the next half hour. >> here in san francisco the red cross is helping people displaced after an apartment fire. the fire broke out in powell and green streets at 12:30 this morning. no word on how serious those injuryies are. arson investigators are on the scene and trying to figure out how that fire got started. there are reports it happened the entrow way. five children are displaced by the fire. >> san karlos city council
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will consider outsource aring the fire service to help balance the budget deficit. council member expected to consider two recommendation. one have the fire department team up with redwood fire department or the other let a private fire department run the fire department. going private could save more money. several bay area cities have opted to consolidate to save money. >> bay area workers may lose jobs by the end of the june. the city council is seeking pay cuts ranging from police officers to libarian. they want to redouce pension to help bridge $118 million budget deficit. san jose murkry reported that four of the city employee
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unions agreed to the requested salary cuts. >> just as oil companies prepare it announce record profits this week, a new national survey showed that gas prices jumped over the last two weeks. average price in california is 4.21 . diesel is 455. here is more on how big oil companies are cashing n >> the uptake in oil prices. that means one thing for oil profits, big profitings. exxon is expected to report a 60 percent increase in profits . shell is expected to see a 22 percent increase 5.9 billion . chevron is expected to report the same. >> it is frustrating. hopefully they are putting the
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money to alternative fuel. >> they need a profit but not at our expense. >> experts say the high gas prices and resulting prices are not the fault of oil companies but traders who are driving the oil prices up. concern over the middle east and north africa continue to mount. >> yemen having huge protest and already seen in north africa. algeria and other places will cope going for a while. we most likely in for an unstable time. >> scray is one of those who avoid making long outings in the car. >> we stay closer to home. >> others are considering replacing the vehicle. >> consider getting a vehicle that doesn't cost much to operate. i don't see prices coming down soon unfortunately.
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>> bay area gas prices are high. but chicago averages 5 cents higher. in emoriville abc sennews. >> pg&e will hold a community meeting to answer questions about gas pipe line testing that start next month. they will example 150 miles of pipe lines in our system that are similar to the one that is explode in san bruno in september. the lines will be filled with water to so how much pressure they can handle. lines in mountain view will be among first to be detected. neighbors may smell natural gas when the pie pipe lines are emptied. >> there is a goal of filling 2000 pot hoilholes there. is 8 pot hole crews. they will focus in west oakland. the mayor said it is the
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number one maintenance issue identified in the town hall meetings. >> once the rain stopped they start in the pot hole repair. >> let it begin. >> might be better tomorrow. i think they can do it today. there is scattered showers in the forecast. good observation carolyn. >> you can see a weak system moving through. there is showers that moved fast. as long as there is a front and a west-east moist flow, we'll have the threat of a shower or twompt -- two. we'll talk about the wind. nine in oakland and mountain view, and 3 in navado and the winds are not a big deal this morning. temperatures, low to mid-50s. in the afternoon hours, upper 50s and san francisco and up to clear lake. low to mid-60s under a mostly
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cloudy sky for the rest. monterey bay, scattered showers are possible . mid-60s as you head in the inland valleys. warming trendd tomorrow and wednesday. we'll have a cold front and it will drop our temperatures for thursday and friday before another warming trend on saturday and sunday. we'll end april with seasonal temperatures. >> back to work on monday. it is light. we have couple of areas of construction. this is southbound 880. blocking lanes there . going to walnut creek. head negligent 24 interchange. tail lights are headed in the southbound direction. toil plasa light this morning. there is construction westbound on the upper deck
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between the meter lights and treasure island. >> thank you, sue. >> just ahead. livermore police issue an alert after a woman -- man pulls man a woman's short. >> remarkable recovery of congresswoman gabreille giffords. esed u
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>> welcome back. time is 4:42. this is a live lookk, it is too early to talk about delays and maybe in a couple of hours we'll have that information for you. hope you had a wonderful weekend and thanks for joining the abc 7 monday morning news. >> liver more police department is warning residents about a man who pulls down women's shorts and gropes them and runs away. it happened yesterday morning
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whoil a 19 year old woman was walking. the suspect in the latest incident is described as latino in his 40s. 5-8. 200 pounds. he had a mustache and wore a gray t-shirt and jeans. >> a san francisco benefit concert raised tens of thousands to help for a suicide hot light for gay teens. it was the brain child of a eighth grader who organize promoted the event himself. >> i want to thank everyone for coming out on sunday night. >> at first glance, it looks like a middle school or high school dance. but it is it a fund raising concert to help teenagers, inspired by a eighth grader.
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>> it started when my family and i were saying no on 8 . very recently there are suicide among the teens caused by bullying. >> noah e-mailed favorite rock groups in florida, la and san francisco. they got the word out to friends and it came together. those who know him are not surprised. >> he has the smarts to do it. i think it is great. >> he thinks big and it is it great to see the community supporting him. these bands came from florida to support this concert and the causes are important and wonderful. ♪ the money will go to a gay tine suicide hot line and video project. >> with ticket sales and
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stuff, it is a little over that. >> and he said he wants to make it an annual fundraiser. leslie brinkley abc 7 news. >> new details of congresswoman gabreille giffords' recovery. >> and the round the clock effort to open the concurse in a airport damaged by a tornado. >> nato war planes hit muammar el-qaddafi close to home.
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>> we are back in time for the travel broadcast. low to mid-50s in portland oregon . look at the warmth.
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new york 70 and 87 degrees in dc. that matches miami and dallas and phoenix. we'll check out the flight delays. arrival in philadelphia and la guardia are delayed and that swathe of yellow from dallas to houston all the way to new york and dc. that's where severe weather is possible. expect delays and a bumpy ride. abc check on the individual flights. here is carolyn with the news. >> it is 4:48. there are new details of congresswoman gabreille giffords. doctors have cleared her to travel to florida to watch the space shuttle launch of her husband mark kelly. >> one of nasa's biggest
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supporters, she was looking forward to having the opportunity. >> giffords was shot in the head by a lone gunman in tucson in january. she will be accompanied by atf from the rehabilitation center. in a jet from houston to nasa. >> she is speaking in words. awesome and love you. she is walking a little. her left side is perfect but has limited use of her right side. >> we are optmistic we expected a fast recovery. >> her husband has been by her side from the beginning. >> i see her before i go to work and when i come home from work. >> until friday when kelly and his crew went in quarantine. wednesday, congresswoman
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giffords will arrives and sees her husband at a picnic and then the launch set for friday 3:47 p.m. that was abc david curly reporting. kelly said giffords was upset when she learned several people were killed in the tucson, shooting. he has yet to tell her who the victims were which included the victims and colleagues and a nine year ode girl. >> san francisco airport was back in business after taking a direct hit by a tornado. lambert airport is functioning normally after flights resumed yesterday morning but concourse c will stay closed for repairs that could take up to two monthses. a tornado warning issued 34 minutes before the twister struck that saved lives.
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>> texas storm chasers captured incredible video. there was a funnel cloud and tornado. this shows a multiple vortex tornado reported south of abilene. you can see several funnles dropping down. one twister is touching down in the foreground. the weather service confirmed it touched down there and an hour later. ableann had a severe thunderstorm that dropped soft ball size hail. >> tornado got you going into weather in the first place. >> i grew up in st. louis and my mom's family is in kansas. spent many mornings in the basement. we are back in the basement again. >> it is a rough, rough spring
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for st. louis. i feel bad for them. back here, showers and you can see it is a little wet. it has changed since we talked 22 minutes ago. it is becoming more active and the radar returns right there . the most up to date look at what is going on. heading over around the san pablo bay . mel valley gets heavy rain . san francisco all the way down to pacifica and half moon bay. you can see they are sliding mainly southeast as a prevailing wind comes out of the northwest. it is mild with low to mid-50s . just enough to make those slick streets a problem. >> 47 in gillroy.
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and scattered light showers and the bulk of those this morning and warmer and dryer for tomorrow and wednesday. this is a temperature forecast after today. we get warmer and dryer and then cooler and warmer for the weekend. >> here is a look at temperatures in the east bay values. - valleys. >> they are running four-eight degrees choler. lower 60s in the east bay and mid-60s for you x. mostly cloudy on the peninsula today and head over to the beaches. cooler to mid to urch - upper 50s for you x. low to mid-50s in the valley. head down to the monterey bay. low to mid-60s including carmel. traveling the state today. we'll have higher elevation snows in tahoe .
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a few sprinkles around sacramento and chicko . should be dry around fresno. and look at the warmth in palm springs. few morning clouds and 66. bring it back home. low to mid-40s in the north bay valleys . so these temperatures are running five or eight degrees cooler . here's what we are watching. a weak system and jet stream. it is moving in the warm front and cold front keeps a chance of a scattered showers in the forecast. it will travel in the neighbors this afternoon. best chance of rain running in the morning hour most will be dry and a scattered showers chance . cooler and dryer air move in and tomorrow morning nothing going on and rather quiet. we'll have a few high clouds
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take over the neighborhood. breezy and cooler and the cold front comes 32 . tweak the temperatures saturday and sunday and may not be warm enough. sheer is sue. >> slick roads is not an issue. but we have construction to be worried about. 101 southbound is completely shut down between 280 and 680. that should be picked up in a few minutes. the ramp to 280 on the side of the road. we have a 98 off-ramp block yourr entrance on the southbound. and always a good idea to check abc 7 click on bay area traffic for
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the updates. >> the latest nato air strike targeted muammar el-qaddafi compound. they destroyed the office building and library and damaged the reception hall. four people were injured. supporters climbed on top of the ruins chanting and waving libyan. this after the forces unleashed a birage of shells and rockets in misurata. >> in japan troops are fanning out over the northeastern coast. 12,000 victims remain missing from the massive earthquake and tsunami. today's operation is the military's third intensive search to recover the remains from the victim's families. they are combing through the
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boats and divers are searching 12 miles off of the coast. >> governor brown has ammunition on the taxes. >> and we continue to follow developing new in oakland where gunfire turns a peaceful eastern sunday in a violent night. we'll have a life report. >> and a bitter dispute over native american burial groundd in the east bay. i'm good about washing my face.
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