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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. live from london. new controversies over the guest list. the big snub to diandiana's fam. and one of the most famous guests speaks exclusively to barbara walters about his concern for kill and kate. >> i hope they love each other enough to stay away from all of that. where the couple might be honeymooning. and why the queen is leaving the castle on the wedding night. and or the nayco alerts. a church steeple toppled and a tornado rips through the st. louis airport. all on tape.
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gas prices. big oil gets ready to report record profits. and miracle mission. gabby giffords gets ready to watch her husband launch into space. live from london, it's "good morning america." and royal wedding week has arrived. four daying to go until will and kate's big day. do we know how to arrive if style or what? this famed double-decker bus in london's jubilee gardens. more than 500,000 visitors will be here by friday. many of them are with us right now. the eyes of the world will be
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watching. we have plenty of royal news to share coming up. >> we're having fun watching you from here. boy, you do foe how to make an entrance. a gorgeous day there. i'm feeling loan nellonely. you have our normal times square crowd. i got an e-mail from ally. she gist arrived, she's covering it there for oprah. >> you're here with us in spirit, george. we can feel it. and also with us, we have a royal all-star lineup. the insiders that know everything that is going on. barbara walters will be on in a little bit. she's got an exclusive interview with elton john. it's the buzz of the nation. a lot of talk about do you have an invitation? do you have an invitation? >> i wish. >> i know.
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a lot of news about those who have been invited and those who have not. abc cameras capture prince william leaving kate's home. controversy over who has and has not been invited to the wedding. elton john, guy ritchie, david beckham got coveted invitations. so did the crown prince of bahrain. is same leader whose government ordered a crackdown on protesters. diana's brother, charles, earl of spencer was not given a former role and will not be speaking. but he will be attending. prime minister gordon brown and tony blair not invited.
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1 million people are expected to line the streets. you haven't seen -- >> i haven't seen. they've closed like this. i have never seen the lines like they have been this week. >> reporter: we got a bird's eye view from the top of a double-decker bus. >> the goring hotel. where the middleton family will be staying the night before the wedding. >> reporter: i got chills. and we learned that middleton's are hosting a barbecue for people here. >> that's where the royal family will be leaving from on friday morning. >> reporter: and royal sources confirmed that queen and prince phillip will leave buckingham palace after the late day lunch so that william and friends can stay. flags are ever where for 5,500
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street parties. i love the flags. >> the union flag. >> reporter: the union flag. >> it's britain. britain will be celebrating. >> reporter: everybody wants to be here. look at the other buses. >> they're fascinated. >> everybody, indeed, does want to be here. somebody in the wedding of princess diana, india hicks, a bridesmaid, will join us. and jimmy, his brother bubba in the back already. >> thanks, robin. can't wait for all of that. other news now. the severe tornadoes that swept into texas friday night. st. louis, much of st. louis, destroying homes and the airport as well. there's a massive cleanup under
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way. >> reporter: that's right, george. good morning. this is the bull's eye for the most powerful twister to hit the u.s. so far this season. an ef-4. this used to be a child's bedroom. thankfully, the family was not home. more twisters hit overnight. the target of the latest tornadoes, texas. this dark wall cloud with twin funnels caught over baird, texas. part of the storm packing hail the size of tennis balls. this latest round, an encore to the head-lining storms. the most potent twisters to hit the st. louis area in 40 years. new damage totals show 2,700 buildings damaged. 10 on homes destroyed. including marcy bake's. >> the upstairs. we had a loft. >> reporter: she got a call that her house had been hit while
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spending easter in texas. >> we have a 16-month-old son. i'm pregnant. >> reporter: devastation here where a steeple toppled. at lambert airport, where surveillance video captured the exact moment that the tornado struck, ripping off the roof and sending metal flying. they're fixing hundreds of panes of broken glass. it could take months to complete the cleanup. victims count their blessing. >> it's a miracle. no fatalities. very few injuries. >> reporter: and lots of people are using the word miracle. they credit the national weather service for giving at least a half hour warning for people to get to safety. today, they're bracing for more severe weather in places likes st. louis. >> sam will have more on that
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later. the climbing gas prices. anger is rising. it will continue the rise when oil companies announce what are expected to be record profits. shell is up 22%. the gas prices are knocking down the president's poll numbers. that's why he's out there nearly every day addressing the problem. >> reporter: that's right, george. a few days ago, the president told contributors my poll numbers go up and down depending on the latest crisis. right now, gas prices are weighing heavily on people. they could be a road block to the re-election. from california -- >> gas prices are bad. it's cost 100 bucks. >> reporter: -- to ohio -- >> maybe the president could step down and let somebody else take over. >> reporter: to georgia -- >> someone is not doing their
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job right. >> $80 for 18 gallons of gas. >> it's outrageous. >> reporter: when the president was sworn in, gas averaged $1.84 a gallon. today, it's $3.86. >> i don't know how to fix things. i'm sure there's a lot that can be done. >> reporter: 71% of americans say the rising price of gasoline is causing them financial hardship. the president says there is no quick fix. he's pushing for a long-term energy plan. >> when gas prices shoot up, like clock work, you see politicians racing to the cameras, waving three-point plans for $2 gas. >> reporter: what can a president do? >> he can order up a silly investigation into the price of
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crude. >> i asked my attorney general looking for price gouging. >> it never turns up anything. it keeps lawyers busy. >> reporter: and, george, 4 in 10 americans are saying that gas prices are causing them a serious economic hardship. they're not likely to consider voting for the president's re-election. let's get to the good news for gabby giffords. she can travel to cape ka nacanl this week to see her husband at the shuttle launch. >> we're getting more information every week. without question. almost four months, now, believe it or not, since she was injured. she and her family have generally kept the details of her recovery private.
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she'll leave the hospital to watch her husband fly. she'll be there to see him off. later today, officials will announce that gabby giffords will fry from the hospital in houston to cape canaveral. her husband couldn't be happier. >> one of nasa's biggest supporters in congress. she wanted to be there. >> reporter: she'll leave wednesday and be in a secluded viewing area. her husband, once in space, will read a personal note giffords has written for him and hear a wakeup song specially chosen by gabby, as she did four years ago. ♪ it's a beautiful day >> thanks to gabrielle. >> reporter: on board, they'll wear blue bracelets in her honor. her right side is not perfect. she's walking. her left side is perfect. her hair is starting to grow
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back. >> she's doing remarkably well. she's improving every day. in the realm of brain injuries, that's significant and rare. >> reporter: she still struggles with words. she mostly speaks in praises, love you, awesome, i miss tucson. as to what happened that day in tucs tucson, she's only started to learn about the details. she still does not know that gabe zimmerman, her staffer, federal judge john roll, and 9-year-old christina green all d died. it's a miracle she's alive, let alone traveling to houston to watch her husband command the final shuttle mission. she will not appear publicly at the launch. we'll probably get a photograph or two of her there. >> thanks, bob. let's get to juju with the
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rest of the headlines. it's being called one of the biggest air strikes yet against moammar gadhafi. nato missiles struck his personal compound, badly damaging three buildings. no word on his whereabouts at the time. a prison break in afghanistan. a tunnel nearly a quarter of a mile long was dug into this jail and freed nearly 500 members of the taliban. we're learning more about osama bin laden's movements after 9/11. he traveled across afghanistan by car with his top deputy. delegating control of al qaeda hering he would be captured. 65-year-old earl albert moore was released from prison after serving time for a bank
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robbery. he is suspected of having something to do with the bomb planted in the mall near columbine. a couple in caught state woke up to a yard full of mar marshmallow peeps. the family has though idea who pulled that prank. >> that is kid paradise that lawn. >> absolutely. somebody has a big belly full of marshmallows. let's go sam. >> it will be a rough three days of weather across the country. we'll start with where sit today. the outbreak zone is from texas to louisville. dallas, houston, possibilities for strong to severe weather but particularly tornados in the hot pink zone. north of the roughest weather is heavy rain. we have had 5 to 6 inches over
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the weekend in arkansas. additional rain is something hay don't want. it's the red zone we're watching today. that will crawl east. we'll talk about it over the next couple of days. >> good morning, tracking showers and the golden gate bridge is wet and here's a look at the heart of the rain in the bay and peninsula
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coast. it is sliding southeast and we'll see more storms develop in the morning hours and should taper in the afternoon showers. temperatures below average and low to mid60s and look how we end april and begin may. >> and we're live in times square this morning. wait, this is wrong. let me adjust this. half of the crew is in london, where it's been sunny and 70s, 80s all weekend long. it will be again this week. oh, robin? >> thank you for the weather here in london. i'll give you credit. it's been spectacular. a typical april in london. not. it's been great with the sunny temperatures. they're expected to continue. right now, i want to introduce you to the royal all-star lineup. the best royal insiders you'll see on television anywhere. all the inside know-how.
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everything you want to know, you'll see here. including a member of royalty herself, india hicks. here's the roll call for our royal lineup. together, with diane sawyer and barbara walters, we're joined by our royal all-star team for front row seats on the wedding of the century. india hicks. bridesmaid to diana. god daughter to charles. tim gunn, the king of fashion. instrant reaction to the top secret dress. tina brown, the media machb who changed the game when it comes to covering the royal family. with her taken to monarchy. katie nicholl, who will stop at nothing to get the scoop. she's been behind the palace walls. and colleen harris, recruiting
7:18 am
by charles to rescue his reputation. the wedding of the century. all this week on "gma." and, one of our key contributors, india hicks is joining us now. she was in the wedding of princess diana to prince charles 30 years ago. you're an author, living in the bahamas with four children. you're about to launch a jewelry line. we'll talk about that in the week ahead. it's good to have you here. tell us about the morning of. 30 years ago. the morning of the wedding. what was the atmosphere like? the mood? >> exciting. diana was young. but she was very strong. i think she had definite ideas about how the morning would be
7:19 am
running. there were poignant moments. i saw her in a pair of jeans with a tiara on her head. what a sight. it was an exciting morning. lots of mayhem. we were at clarence house. diana had spent the night there. everybody was feeling warm. the emmanuels were the dress design peppers there was action ever where. >> she was watching tv? >> she was watching herself on television. it was still new to her. she kept pushing everyone out of the way. she wanted to see herself. >> i'm so glad she was relaxed that morning. we hope the same for kate this friday. what do you think the similarities and differences will be? >> well, the main difference is the fact that prince charles was the heir to the throne, where as william is not.
7:20 am
it will be a smaller occasion from that respect. it will be a different occasion, the fact that we're seeing modern couple. kate and william are possibly more down to ground. they've lived together. they have had the moment in time to mature together as a couple. i think their choices are deliberately more low key. they want to be married in an abbey, rather than a cathedral. she'll go not in a carriage but in a car and will return adds a princess in a carriage. after prince charles and lady diana's wedding, we had an intimate lunch. this wedding, it will be a buffet for 300. it is a clever way to then in the evening really have their own personal friends. >> it does seem that yes, it is
7:21 am
a royal wedding. there is protocol. they are having a say if it as well. >> yes, i think diana was given the opportunity to have as much say in her wedding. it just was a grander, larger occasion because he was our heir. we're seeing at this wedding, we felt the world was watching that wedding. but the world will be watching this because of the internet and the access that we have. i think we're seeing 2 billion people watching easily. >> we're so delighted to have you here all week long. we'll check back with you from time to time. coming up this morning on "good morning america," our royalty, barbara walters in the wings. she has an exclusive interview coming up with elton john that is sure to generate headlines here and abroad, george? we're looking forward to that. we'll go inside the brutal beating at mcdonald's that went viral. why no one stepped in.
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7:25 am
way inside of the door. firefighters put it out in 30 minutes. let's check your morning commute. >> so far, so good. there is the bay bridge. there is an accident approaching treasure island. just be forewarned of that. and southbound 17 and glen wood. reports of a bart delay. 10 minute in the freemont line . police activity are there.
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oprah: all new. who gets our last "laugh out loud" award? then the moment i've always wanted you to see. and what's it like to be a man working at the almost-all-female create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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>> welcome back. we have delays of 65 minutes in flights. check out the flight tracker and live doppler 7 shows another wave of showers in the heart of the bay area and heading southeast at 20 or 25 miles per hour. these will stay around with us through the better part of the morning hours. you can see them updating right now . a clearing trend late this afternoon. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, will show that temperatures run above average tomorrow, terry.
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how have you -- how do you do snit. >> slowly an affectionately. >> slowly and affectionately. we're back here live. jubilee gardens. as we continue the queen's wave. until you find us, down here. yes, thats was my tour guide. you can stop now. that's okay. a lovely audience. that was my tour guide, tony. he left me the keys to the bus. that's why we still have it back here with us. all of this coverage. leading up to the coverage at 4:00 a.m. eastern time on friday. the wedding between will and kate. so much coming up this morning. barbara walters is a stone's throw away.
7:31 am
she has an exclusive interview with sir elton john. it will make headlines here for sure. you'll see why coming up. >> i'm sure of that. and your wave is very affectionate. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. >> we're going to switch gears. a disturbing story here. a black cry for mcdonald's after a brutal assault was caught on tape in one of its restaurants. prosecutors try to decide if it's a hate crime. and we begin with a mysterious disappearance of a mother in new hampshire. andrea canning is here with more. >> this baby without a mother right now. the night before christa disappeared, her mother says they talked and everything seemed normal. they're fearing someone took
7:32 am
her. >> please let us know you're safe. we need you. your daughter needs you. >> reporter: her car was found running, one door open, the hazard lights flashing. she was though where to be found. but the discovery in the backseat makes the case more of a mystery. her 14-month-old daughter was found in the car unharmed. >> she would never, ever, ever, leave her in a car by herself. ever. she would do whatever it takes to get back to her daughter. >> reporter: police have been searching this area after they got a call from someone who spotted her car in a parking lot next to a fitness center. they believe the 20-year-old mother from portland, maine, is the victim of a crime. >> anytime an adult is separated from a child at this length of time, out of contact with friends and family members, it
7:33 am
gives us concerns. >> reporter: frantic facebook hosts from family and friends. christa is nowhere to be found. >> we want her to come home. her baby misses her. she's out there somewhere. >> we love you. we miss you. and just show us a sign that everything's okay. >> krista was raising her daughter alone. the family says the baby's father was not in her life at all. the family believed she was so headstrong that they believe she convinced the captainer to leave the baby bee hind to keep her safe. >> no good clues out there. >> nothing that the police are saying. we turn to the beating at mcdonald's caught on tape. prosecutors are talking about hate crime charges.
7:34 am
yunji de nies has the story. >> reporter: perhaps it went viral because it is to unspeakably cruel. two girls attacking a third because she deared to use the lay byes room as a transgenders person. >> they kicked me. threw he on the floor. >> reporter: they drag her across the restaurant. >> everybody at the mcdonald's sat there and watched me get hurt. nobody did anything. >> reporter: who is shooting the video and doing nothing? a mcdonald's employee, who can be heard laughing. eventually, a customer steps in. then finally an employee. workers point as she struggles on the floor while one warns her attackers to run away. >> there's the police coming. >> reporter: police arrested both. 18-year-old tiona monet brown is behind bars. her alleged accomplice, who is
7:35 am
not being identified because she's 14 also faces assault charges. the employee may have laughed as he shot the images, mcdonald's didn't find it funny. they fired him saying there is no room for violence under the golden arches and we strongly condemn this assault. she says she's afraid to leave her house but the grateful for the customer. >> i want to thank her face to face. if it wasn't for her, they could have continued to hurt me probably. >> reporter: for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news. next up, sam with the weather. >> we have issues with the rain and severe storms. let's start with flooding. areas that are flood throughout the week. pictures out of kentucky over the weekend. a rainy last few weeks for
7:36 am
oldham. you have flooding. we're looking at more rain in the area. here's the way the storm lays out. strong to vesevere storms. there will be heavy rain north of the low. brand new storm system into the northwest today. it's raining there. this will be a foot of additional new snow. snow? a foot of new snow in the west. orlando is warm. d.c., 82, philly,
7:37 am
>> it is monday morning. so settle in. here's what's ahead. we'll take a look at barbara walters' exclusive interview with rock royalty. elton john has warm wishes but also warnings for the british press. a tale of two brides. the similarities between will and kate's wedding and diana's wedding to charles. can you guess who these people are? we'll turn back the clock, just before they were stars on "dancing with the stars." all ahead on "gma." [ woman ] jogging stroller. you've been stuck in the garage while i took refuge from the pollen that made me sneeze. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. [ male announcer ] discover the new taste of eggo thick and fluffy waffles. whoa! a deliciously different way to waffle. how'd you make these, dad?
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hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. we're back live here in london. our continuing special coverage. as we get ready for the big wedding, of course, on friday. will and kate. last friday, barbara walters had
7:41 am
an exclusive interview with elton john. we saw for the first time his beautiful baby boy. and barbara talked to elton john about coming to the royal wedding and so much more. one of the rare guests. >> very few celebrities have been invited. elton john, david furnish, victoria beckham and david beckham and madonna's exhusband, guy ritchie. elton is happy to have been invited. but he's not happy with some of the british press. they won't be too happy with him. you two are invited by prince william, and kate, who has now been called catherine. you were such a close friend of princess diana's. what to you think you'll feel? >> great joy. because the last time i was in
7:42 am
westminster abbey, my heart sank when i saw those two boys behind the coffin. i can't imagine at that young age, having to walk in the public behind your mother's coffin. the next time in the abbey, walking with the beautiful young woman. i'm sure diana would be happy. we're surprised to be invited. we've met them twice. he met them more than i have. i met them backstage at the benefit concert. >> you sang at the funeral. at the memorial. ♪ good-bye england's rose you were the grace that placed yourself ♪ >> we were surprised to be invi invited. i think it will be a joyous day. i think she would have before happy with his choice. she seems like great girl.
7:43 am
they seem so much in love. >> you have met william. what is he like? >> charming. confident. down to earth. a bit of his mother's sense of humor. a bit of a laugh. a striking resemblance to his mother when you look in his eyes. startling. >> it will be great day. >> fantastic. >> i hope they have the most wonderful day. i hope everyone celebrates for them whether they agree with the monarchy or not. it's about two people falling in love and getting into a situation, for her, especially, where it will be a most difficult life. let's face it. we know what that kind of marriage entails. and the press never leave you alone. the courtiers. it's -- i admire her for going through with it. >> we know what it did to diana. >> yes. it starts here. en joy it while you can. because it will be -- the press will give you a bumpy ride.
7:44 am
they'll love you, they'll hate you. i hope they love each other enough to stay away from all of that. there's one thing in the world, if i could get rid of, the negativity in the british press. the nastiness. i'm sorry we have it. we do. we have to live wit because it's great country. it's one thing about britain that sucks. it's a fairy tale thing. people criticize. but it's about love. in this day and age, anything that is about love and positivity is a welcome relief from what is going on in the world. >> as always, elton john, very open. >> he's always been. so far, he's right. this is this morning's newspaper. can you see it? furor over the royal wedding guest list. people who have been invited by
7:45 am
the queen, for example, the saudi arabian ambassador, the crown prince of bahrain is not coming. the king of swaziland is coming. people tobt that. not too happy about that. on the other hand, the middleton's have invited their postman, their butcher. their yoga teacher. and a pub owner. that's democracy. >> it's a contrast. a good blend of all the world coming together like that. >> you have the heads of didn't royal families from all over the world. that's the royal side. they'll be on the right of westminster abbey. and the left, the middletons. their family. some of the people close to them. it's terrific. >> we're going to be live at n kensington palace. >> that's where diana lived.
7:46 am
i visited her there. i'll show some of her letters. the living room was yellow. i wore a yellow dress. i thought, how smart. >> you blended. >> you couldn't find me in the room. >> that was a childhood home of prince william and prince harry. >> that's right. when they were married and even after the divorce. >> i'll give you the rest of the morning off. i'll see you bright and early at kensington palace. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. we'll be live behind the scenes at kensington palace tomorrow. so much more to come here this morning. the tale of two brides? diana? kate middleton? we'll talk about that and so much more when we come back. but we still may suffer from nasal allergy symptoms.
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back live again. here in london. jubilee gardens. why jubilee? it was established in 1977 to commemorate queen elizabeth's silver jubilee. that right there is the london eye. 400 feet up in the air. who has an eye on us but nick watt. nick? >> reporter: we can almost see you. you're a speck by the river thames. look over here. buckingham palace. down there, big ben. look, the flag. westminster abbey. that's where they're getting married. robin, back to you. >> thank you, nick. he'll be joining us again in our next hour. we continue live from london.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning, on the bay bridge a hang over from an earlier accident. >> that is the back up behind the toll plasa . the earlier accident is gone on the upper deck. it is moving well and the damage remains it is slow westbound 80 through highway 4 and berkeley into the maze. it is crowded. this is your forecast with mike. >> good morning, everybody. radar returns south of san mateo bridge and we have scattered light rain in other parts of the bay area. it is sliding southeast .
7:57 am
bulk of the rainfall this morning once we get to this afternoon, a drying trend begins. >>
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
♪ it is a special edition indeed. how special is this? big ben in the background. houses of parliament in the background. westminster abbey. just across the way here from jubilee gardens. we have much more to talk to you all about. you see who is down there? that is tim gunn. he is our fashion guru. everybody wants to know what kate will wear on friday. perhaps tim can give us some insights.
8:01 am
we got a lot to talk about here. what about you there, george? >> we're getting into the wedding spirit here this times square. we have london weather here. kathy here from minnesota. you'll go to the wedding if you get the tickets? >> i don't think so. >> you're not going to go? we hope you enjoy watching it here on friday morning on "good morning america." also coming up, the tale of two princesses. how kate is following in the footsteps of diana. how she's carving out her own role. as william's future wife. plus, take a look at this face. does that look familiar? that is maks. one of our favorites on "dancing with the stars." he had perfect posture. back when he was about 9 years old. we'll look at all of the pros' lives before they became famous. that's coming up. >> we look forward to that, as always. we have a miniamerican invasion. these two are from atlanta,
8:02 am
georgia. this beauty here is bianna golodryga. i know you have to give a shout out to you mom in atlanta like that. there are a lot of americans that have made the trek across the pond. >> when people ask you, do you say you're from the states, america, the u.s. what do you say? >> i say u.s. >> the u.s. we know there are a lot of viewing parties in the u.s. taking place. for the diehard fans, the only place they would be is here in london. from coast to coast, packing the planes, americans are heading to great britain in droves. >> bye, see you if in london. >> reporter: 600,000 tourists are expected to be here for the wedding. the number of visitors is up 20%. sheree troy is one of them. >> i followed william since he was born.
8:03 am
when die diana died, i wanted to see him fall in love and get married. >> reporter: her fascination started 30 years ago. she found herself backpacking on the eve of the wedding. for sheree, jetting to london for the wedding is something she had to do. >> we had to be here. had to be in the city and feel it. >> reporter: also heading to the wedding, amber and charlie. >> it will be one heck of a party. that's why i'm going. >> reporter: they bought their tickets for the wedding in london soon after the engagement was announced. they turned their boutique into kate-themed fashions. the trip will be a business venture for julie. >> the wedding will impact my industry for years to come. >> reporter: she's dragging her husband and two sons along. >> i think my husband would prefer to be in a pub, having a beer, and watching it on tv.
8:04 am
>> reporter: for most american tourists, the journey won't come cheap. round-trip tickets start at $800. those looking to cut costs can rough it in camp royale. london's official wedding campground. starting wednesday, this london park will have campers taking full advantage of the flush toilets, hot showers, and plenty of tea. look who we found. sheree and darla. we saw them in the piece. look at this memento that she's has for 30 years. slippers, diana and charles slippers. they've never left your house until now? >> right. >> reporter: are you going to wear them? >> maybe now? >> reporter: later. >> maybe on friday to keep my feet comfortable. >> reporter: it will be a long day on friday. a lot of americans here. >> and miracle being one of them. you want to go back to mommy, miracle.
8:05 am
oh. i know. these are scary slippers, aren't they? i have you and nick running around town. >> we're hunting. >> so we have that coming up. let's get back to new york. and to juju with the other top stories. good morning, juju. good morning, robin. good morning, again, everyone. some americans are seeing $5 a gallon gas prices. the national average inched up to $3.86 this weekend. some companies are trying to switch to four-day work weeks to help their workers. oil companies are cashing in. exxon mobil is reporting a 60% jump in profits. the airport in st. louis is resuming about 80% of flights today. after a devastating tornado on friday. there's a chance of more tornados from texas to the ohio valley. overseas now, one of the biggest air strikes yet in libya. nato missiles struck moammar gadhafi's personal compound. badly damaging three buildings
8:06 am
there. but there's no indication gadhafi was there at the time. rescue teams have recovered the body of a trapped miner in idaho. larry merrick had been working with his brother when the tunnel they were working in collapsed nine days ago. his brother got out alive. a pro football star is recovering after being stabbed, alleged by his wife. it's not the first time they were embroiled in a dispute. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: 26-year-old michi nogami-marshall hasn't said if she was defending herself. from her superstar husband. that appears possible. we heard a report that said you defended yourself? brandon marshall was stabbed in the stomach and released from the hospital on saturday. he's a wide receiver for the miami dolphins. according to the police, he initially told them he slipped and fell on to a broken glass vase. marshall may have had a number of reasons to live. an alleged history of hitting women. in 2009, shortly after he and his wife were engaged, they were both arrested for beating each
8:07 am
other silly outside their atlanta condo. charges were dropped. then there's his relationship with his long-time girlfriend who said he beat her, punched her, stabbed her over the course of three years. >> i was being slapped. i literally was being slammed into the floor. he was knocking me on the ground. >> reporter: marshall's history has been a problem for the nfl, first in denver, where he continued to play. now in miami. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news. now, diane sawyer with a look at what's on tap on "world news." >> good morning. welcome to a whole new week, juju. tonight, a woman cho says her doctor didn't discover her cancer. her dog did. what did this dog do that got her to get medical care? watch us on "world news." tonight. >> i want one of those dogs, too. that's the news at 8:07.
8:08 am
time now for the weather with sam champion. hey, sam. >> a giant british flag. a crowd full of folks in bobby hats here in times square. hey, let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. as you head out the door. a picture of wrtv near indianapolis. there is a big area of thunderstorms that will be popping today. not just today. the next three days. inside that zone, a high probability of tornadoes, damaging hail and winds. the hot pink flashing zone from dallas. indianapolis, you're involved. louisville, kentucky, as well. the flood zone is immense. there's been an awful lot of rain. you get more rain in some of the heavier storms. they just keep moving through those zones. a quick look at the big boards. the warm spots in the southeast. a new storm system in the ni >> you can see the south bay
8:09 am
and santa cruz mountainsment we'll see more rain and it will be scattered in the afternoon hours and probably nothing by the evening then it is dryer and warmer for tuesday and wednesday and warmer for the weekend. hice today low to mid60s and except mid-to upper 50s on the coas >> and we're live in times square this morning. but we're also live in london all week. our robin roberts is there. oh, robin? >> it's a gorgeous morning here in jolly old england again. sam, thank you so much. we're here for the wedding on friday. imagine this. you're following in the footsteps of one of the most well-known, beloved princesses in all the world. you happen to be marrying the man who, that's his mom. his beloved mother. that's a lot that kate middleton
8:10 am
has to think about. there have been a lot of comparisons. are there? are there not? you know the person to find out. katie nicholl, our royal insider, tells us all about it. >> reporter: 30 years and 3 months separate the wedding days of lady diana spencer and catherine elizabeth middleton. >> i would have loved to have met her. she's an inspirational woman to look up to. >> reporter: the tale of these two bride trs the day they met their princes to the day they say their i dos have evolved in remarkably similar ways. a kindergarten teacher, diana was barely 19 when prince charles did a double-take. at 31, he was 12 years her senior. diane that grew up in privilege and ran in royal circles. >> she was a girl of the upper aristocratic class.
8:11 am
>> reporter: then there's kate, also 19 when she caught the eye of her prince, one year her junior. far from the shy, aristocrat ii diana, she was a raven-haired commoner. she was a college student. >> he looked at her, fell in love, that was just about it. >> reporter: charles and diana began dating in the summer of 1980. it was a traditional courtship. >> the royal family thrilled and delighted that at long last, prince charles seemed to have settled down. >> reporter: signs of the media frenzy to come were just beginning. >> lady diana. >> reporter: after just six months of dating, charles proposed over an intimate dinner. >> and i suppose in love? >> of course. >> whatever in love means. >> reporter: fast forward to 2001 william and kate are making the transition from friends to much, much more.
8:12 am
and once the paparazzi grabbed hold of this story, kate's life was forever changed. eight years later, her big day finally came. >> we've gone out for quite a long time. you do get to know each other very well. >> reporter: a similar blue outfit. the same blue sapphire ring. the body language between the couples couldn't be more different. with just five months to the royal wedding, both brides to be started a frenzy of planning in the palace. diana's dress, a billowing elizabeth emmanuel. kate's, undoubtedly to be more streamlined. a horse-drawn carriage back then. a rolls-royce now. both modern brides bucking tradition. leaving out "promise to obey" from their vows. perhaps the most obvious difference between these two brides -- >> when charles married diana, he loved somebody else. when william marries catherine middleton, he's in love with
8:13 am
catherine middleton. >> and joining us now live is katie nicholl. >> good to be with you. >> we know what they're doing this morning? >> they're spending private time. william was with the middletons. over the weekend. i think that's a sign of things to come. he's not going to let the family go away quietly. they're probably do a few last-minute dotting the is, crossing the ts. and trying to catch their breath. >> we were talking about it. can you imagine? >> no, i would be terrified. >> hopefully, they are able to take a step back. >> everything has been planned so meticulously. >> even a seating chart. >> it's done. they can just relax. a rehearsal tomorrow night. i think once that's out of the way, it will be calm down time. >> tell us more about who will be sitting where. >> this is fascinating. the thing that stands out the
8:14 am
me, the friends, over 1,000 friends out of that 1,900 that will be invited. they are right in the top. in the north and south transit. they'll be with the prime minister, the spencer family. they're very, very included. that says everything to me about the couple. >> that speaks volumes. they've been able to keep some things secret. which is great. people want to know about the honeymoon? >> i would love to be able to say where they're going for sure. the names that are jumping out. must tyke. great barrier reef. they'll sneak off. we'll never know where they went. you know what? good for them. >> i agree. katie, we'll be with you all week long. >> can't wait. >> you're in your next of the woods. >> welcome. we have tim gunn in just a bit. then back to new york. "dancing with the stars," before
8:15 am
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8:19 am
as we kick off week six of this season's "dancing with the stars," time to learn more about the dancers we see each week. the pro partners are more of a mystery than the celebrities. chris connelly dug into the backgrounds. >> reporter: good morning, george. a lot of the celebrities came to their callings later in life. the professional dancers have been moving across the floor since way back when. ♪ this season's been as close as they come. and from the live chelsea kane, to the lanky ralph macchio, the shipshape hines ward and to
8:20 am
kirstie alley. >> it's been my life for all these years. >> reporter: setting the course of their lives since childhood. kym johnson hit the floor at age two. we have a paragraph of you looking like a princess back in the day. >> oh, gosh, how embarrassing. that was back in australia. >> reporter: northern california's cheryl burke found that time spent dancing gave this girl a smiley face. >> i danced at age 4 and switched to ballroom at age 11. no nerves or anything. >> reporter: growing up apple-cheeked near amsterdam, louis took to dancing as a refuge from social pressures. >> i was bullied as a kid for being fat. and for being gay in the '80s.
8:21 am
>> reporter: before chelsie would get dressed up, she would shy away. >> i would cry. i hit 9 years old, they had a ballroom program at my elementary school. i've been in love with it ever since. >> reporter: a spill? nothing the maksim chmerkovskiy. >> i was clumsy. i broke everything i had. my bore would fall on his face. between him and i, my farnts had a crazy upbringing of us. >> reporter: during her childhood, careen that smirnoff was not afraid of the bling blng on top. is this that was the crowd. it was bigger than my head. >> reporter: there are baubles on it? >> those are the rhinestones. i started with sequins and ryan
8:22 am
stoens early. >> reporter: you look like a bass player in a mettle band. >> i looked ridiculous. >> weren't you in a metal band? >> i was. we threw down. >> reporter: that mark ballas is a talented guy. anytime they want to do heavy metal with the stars, i'm totally watching. >> chris, at this point, so many of the pros have been on "dancing" for several seasons. >> that's right. they've been competing since 6 of 7 years old. they're very used to that. while you might not think that dance is competitive, they know what it's like to go up against other people. >> what should we look for tonight? >> you can never tell. it is so tight.
8:23 am
it think anybody could still take it. that's what is making the season so impressive the. >> it's impossible to predict. we'll see the fun tonight on "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, 7:00. central here on abc. when we come back, it's back to great britain. tim gunn will try to predict what kate wears down the aisle. it's a big secret. coming up, "good morning america"'s royal diary series. [ school bell rings ]
8:24 am
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8:27 am
>> oakland police are investigating an overnight shooting involving six victims. it happened before 1:00 a.m. in the downtown area at sweet jimmy's bar. a man was denied entry in the club and opened fire. two of the shooting victims are kill four injured and two of them in critical condition. an hour later there was another shooting two blocks away. one person was hit at washington street near broadquay and that victim is in stable condition. we'll get an update on the morning commute. >> we had an accident on the bay bridge. you can see the damage behind me. it is jammed all the way in the maze. the approach is slow from highway four. go over to castro valley.
8:28 am
an earlier accident is out. slow traffic on the 880 which is slow. carolyn. >> thank you, sue. >> meteorologist mike nicco has the bay area forecast right after
8:29 am
wroy we still have a few sprinkles . you can see the radar returns and coming out of the grade and throughout dunbar bridge. they are moving southeast at 20 or 25 miles per hour . in the noon hour expect the rain to taper. we have temperatures near normal and warmer than normal
8:30 am
except on thursday. >> thank you, mike. the news we're back live along the river thames. jubilee gardens. our special coverage leading up to the wedding on friday. more than 500,000 tourists are coming for friday. darla is a teacher from pittsburgh. she's for hines ward tonight on "dancing with the stars." tennessee represented. south carolina represented. atlanta. milwaukee. and more. lauren has the kate middleton, not the actual ring, is it? looks very, very much like it. i have great company. i'm in great company here, george, as always. >> we're doing our best to get
8:31 am
the london feeling here in times square. big ben here. great crowd as well. you also have tim gunn. his best guess on the big secret of the week. what will kate's wedding dress look like? who will be behind it? and we'll see the london will and kate know and love. the favorite places. robin? >> yeah, and nick and bianna, i gave them each 50 pounds. roughly $80. i said go out and find the best souvenirs you can. boy, did they duke it out. running around the city. i feel like that is the best. did they bring that back? could they? we'll find out. >> fierce competition. let's go sam with the weather. where did sam go? >> for some reason here in times
8:32 am
square, we have actually done a swap with them as well. if you look at the fog here. they have gorgeous, sunny, 80-degree weather. we just got word that jfk has stopped flights into the airport until about 9:15. check your air carrier. let's get to the boards. there's an area of strong to severe weather there dallas to memphis to st. louis, louisville, little rock. in the hot pink zone, very intense storms will develop. it will be about a three-day event of the storms marching across the southeast again. here's the warmup, new york city, how do you feel about 80 tomorrow? i think we deserve it. l.a. at 69. down into the deep south, san antonio, a
8:33 am
>> check on the flight trafficer for abc scattered light rain . >> all that weather bought to you by k-9 advantix. you have gorgeous skies. >> i'm so sorry. we're feeling for you, sam. no fog here, as you can tell. love you, babe. love you. in america, we're fascinated by this right here, the fascinator. kate middleton wore it. we're like, what sit? this is going to be worn by a guest at the wedding on friday. cutting edge here only on "gma." we have our dear friend, a fashion guru here.
8:34 am
tim gunn. creative director of liz claiborne, inc. >> thank you for having me. >> what is it about this? >> it's hair band. an elaborate hair band. >> it keeps everything in place. we do not know the exact dress yet. the designer yet. but we have ideas maybe of the style we'll see. >> we do, indeed. >> let's start with the first model. >> i would love to start. >> rachel? >> with rachel, exactly. this is an example of kate's personal style. we have a vine street fascinator. kate owns a face fater from this collection. we'll see something similar if not exactly like this on kate. rach sl wearing the lucille dress. it's a gorgeous iris blue.
8:35 am
it's sexy without being too revealing. >> not trying too hard. >> exactly. that is kate's style. the l.k. bennett shoe. she's a huge fan. only wears her sures i think. an iconic signature luke. >> thank you, rachel. alicia. a style, perhaps, we'll see. no veil? >> no veil. we wanted to show the fascinator again. a gorgeous rheem acra dress. it's so constructed.
8:36 am
>> gorgeous. thank you very much. and now the wedding guests. what might they be wearing? >> they will have to be appropriate for westminster abbey. the shoulders need to be covered. i think this suit is stunning. it's pink. and the topper, and i do mean literally the topper, the superb phillip tracy hat. he's the milliner of the century and the milliner to the royals. you will not take atnks away from kate middleton wearing this, but you'll feel confident and resonate your own personal style. >> can we have all three models is this this gives us a bit of a, and we do have a sense of kate middleton's style seeing this. she makes a statement. >> and she's appropriate.
8:37 am
as you say, not trying too hard. that helps us believe her and her style. that's why she's the new style i icon that everyone wants to emulate. >> will we see this trance lasl across the pond? >> absolutely. >> thank you three. thank you, tim. >> we'll see this at the wedding. >> we will. >> thank you, tim. we have nick watt, bianna golodryga, they're going to find the secret london where will and kate are able to be themselveth. we'll have that and more when we come back. [ man ] before allegra-d, congestion from allergies shut me down.
8:38 am
8:39 am
after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure. [ man ] after allegra- i have it all.
8:40 am
jubilee gardens. oh, the river thames. big ben over there.
8:41 am
houses of parliament over there. what do you do if you're prince william and kate middleton? how do you go out? where do you go? the two people to find out, nick watt and bianna golodryga. >> they got their lessons from nick watt. i got a tour of how they roll in the city. he's the man to turn to. >> i tried. i think after the wedding, we'll have a bit of time, we'll all go out on saturday night and see it. >> knees up. >> knees up. for now, i showed you all i can. >> as far as british culture, is this it. driving in the backseat of a rolls-roy rolls-royce. have you reached the peak? >> yeah. by day, they hang out in fabulous west london. >> who cuts her hair? >> richard ward.
8:42 am
so we're coming up to beauchamp place. we're coming up to a nightclub. boujis. that can mean star, i think. >> i like how you say it. boujis. >> oh, you were just mocking me? >> yes. >> tuesday nights are the big night. they never pay for any drinks. >> you picture george and robin hanging out here? >> i think we're a little bit old. not you. maybe the rest of us. but william, probably not the best dancer. he'll give it a go. >> what are some of the other night spots that the royals. >> oh, mahiki. >> mahiki. >> it's got a weird sort of cheesy polynesian vibe going on.
8:43 am
>> it sounds reeg toll me. >> palaces are all in this part of the town. william and harry's pad. charles and camilla's. we have to stop. i have to take a photo of you with one of the guards. >> it's a must. what do i win if i can distract them? >> you won't. trust me. >> hi, do you watch "good morning america"? i'm the anchor of the weekend show. >> i told you you couldn't do it. >> we can send the photo if your dad. >> people are thinking bruce oldfield will be the designer of kate's dress. >> her sister and her mom came here, went into the store, hung out for awhile. that is what makes people think he's going to do it. we spoke to him.
8:44 am
he was very nice. >> he told us nothing. let's grab something to eat. >> koffman's? veal kidneys your bag? >> no. >> kate and camilla had lunch. here. photographed here. this is more your speed i think. >> really hungry now. >> this guy might be cooking the wedding dinner. >> i came from the states to have you food. >> oh, my gosh. >> he is the godfather of the tv celebrity chefs. he was the first. the place is a private club. kill yam, kate, a-- william, ka sister, pippa, dined here recently. it was a diane that favorite. >> she sat here many, many
8:45 am
times. she would have the caesar's salad and the risotto. >> i thought you were a gentleman. >> i'm a hungry gentleman. >> he ate half of my meal. >> it was very good. going back to boujis. it's totally unimpressive. it's a little black basement. william and his crew, wherever they go, they draw a crowd. >> do people know where they are? >> cell phones. text messages. the waves come in. trying to impress the princes. >> she was trying to look pretty with the guards. >> i was trying to distract him. >> that was my most embarrassing moment of the whole thing. >> that could have been it right there. walking in font of the camera
8:46 am
like that. a lot of long lines. people are here and wants to take part. >> this is a holiday week. people have taken time off. today is a vacation. friday is a vacation. people might have been worried this wouldn't. go places. >> let's go to boujis tonight. >> you want a memory to take back with you. these two went on the hunt. a souvenir hunt. boy, was it a challenge. find out what they found when we come back. boy, i can "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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8:48 am
just chatting among our new friends here at jubilee gardens. i put these two to a challenge. i gave them 50 pounds apiece, that's roughly $80. i said go out and find the best wedding souvenirs.
8:49 am
because of that price limit, they couldn't go out and -- have you all seen this? a refrigerator. a commemorative refrigerator. i think it's a little bit more. >> just a bribe first. >> oh! >> an engagement ring. >> oh, how lovely. >> he gave me one already, too. >> be quiet. >> her head's upside down. there are some high-end collector's items as well. ashton drake galleries loaned this to us. for 200 bucks you can get this. we were on a limited budget. look at what we found. >> ah, the royal wedding. >> for the hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to london this week, there are millions of trinkets. >> for us, we thought, why not make a game of the goodiegoodie? >> are you up for the challenge? >> yes. >> 50 pounds each.
8:50 am
run off and get the best souvenirs out there. go, go! all right. i don't know why people are into the souvenir thing, do you? >> it was the race of my life. >> and it was the challenge of mine. i had to buy things i don't already have. i'm embarrassed to say, i've already got one of these. at last, i found something. i could get into. literally. union jack undies. >> there are some nice boxers there. >> and a pen to go with them. that is just, that's just cheap. i like it. >> as for me, i wasn't going cheap. for robin, i wanted something timeless. all right. a commemorative clock. to commemorate the marriage of prince william and catherine. robin? something you'll never forget. want to attract the producer's attention? here you go. buntings. who doesn't love some royal buntings?
8:51 am
okay. i have about 15 pounds left. i know i'm going to win this. nick, this may be your town, but i'm the shopper. bye. >> she was up to something. i suspect she was cheating. two can play at that game. i would love to get that bear. i don't think we have enough money. it's a shame. it's a beauty. we have playing cards. i'm going over 50 pounds slightly. i'm doing it. i was out for the perfect souvenir. look what i found. we call them tea towels. i think you call them dish rags or something. dry the dishes? kate and will. lovely. >> dish towels. ha. this is cute. calm down, you can still marry harry. and look at this, an apron. next time emeril comes around, robin, you know what to wear. last stop, a few pounds left. i'm getting nervous.
8:52 am
nick, i still think i have you beat. mission accomplished. >> so my friends come bearing gifts. i'm digging the ring. you have more, nick? >> i do. an ashtray, slightly disrespectful. you have to stub your cigarette out on their faces. and a loving cup for the intimate moments. >> oh. >> lovely. the winner for me, the union jack boxer shorts. i'm wearing them right now. they're really working out. >> let's see. >> on television? they're really great. i think i win. >> hard to top. >> he thinks he won. take this, nick watt. >> what do you have on? >> my buntings turned into a skirt. >> we have tim gunn here. what do you think, tim? >> did i make it work? >> it's memorable. the difference between fashion and clothes.
8:53 am
clothes don't need to change and fashion is a reflection of its time and its place. it's fashion. whether it's pretty or not. >> project runway worthy? >> you got it. >> i'm sorry, nick. you have been trumped by none other than -- >> i give in. well done. well done. >> you can borrow this. >> oh, he's a friend. much more from jubilee gardens. in just a moment. we'll be right second d- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive.
8:54 am
we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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8:56 am
zblanchtsd stay with abc news for all the latest on the royal wedding. we're on twitter and facebook. diane sawyer will have a story on the hopes and dreams of diana for prince william and what she would think of him now. >> we'll have more tomorrow. have great day, everybody. see you tomorrow. #ñ#ñ
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> san francisco arson investigators are looking into the cause of a north beach apartment fire this morning. it was reported around 12:30 near powell and green street. the fire sent three people to the hospital. the red cross is assisting 25 others displaced. our meteorologist has a look at the forecast. >> look live at live doppler. it is raining . rain is gone tomorrow and dry and warm for the rest of the forecast. >> thank you, going to castro valley. the earlier accident being cleared and slow traffic westbound 580 in castro valley .


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