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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  April 25, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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is next. we tonight on "world news" -- running for cover -- a new line of twisters and torrential rain bearing down. in state after state, the race to hold back america's rising rivers. another spike -- a new week begins with another big rise in gas prices. now even the top republican says it may be time to get tougher with big oil. our exclusive interview. dr. dog -- this woman had a tumor and didn't know it until her dog found it. tonight we bring you the brand-new evidence about c cannines finding cancer. and the princess brides -- two women in the final countdown. the two very different royal weddings.
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good evening. we hope you had a good easter weekend. though so many americans had to spend the days looking up worriedly at the sky. and tonight, the record shattering severe weather continues. homes shredded. rivers rising. 292 tornadoes this month so far. and take a look at the last 24 hours. more than 200 reports of severe weather of all kinds. jeremy hubbard is in battered bridgeton, missouri, for us tonight. jeremy. >> reporter: diane, good evening. as you can see, heavy rain has started to fall in this st. louis suburb. tonight, more bad weather after the tornadoes tore apart neighborhoods like this one days ago. the basement is all that's left. the top floor, torn away. still tonight, more severe weather lashing out across much of this part of the country. late this afternoon, twisters forming in dark skies over the dallas area. residents told to take cover. already this month, 39 people
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have been killed nationwide in tornadoes and twisters are on a record breaking pace in april and some 5,400 severe weather reports in april with hail and high winds. numbers that are certain to grow. the same storm system's bringing those twisters. bringing flooding rains. 10 to 15 inches in some places. flood warnings in 17 states. in poplar bluff, missouri, mandatory evacuations. they're worried the town's levee could break at any moment. in tulsa, flooded roads and submerged cars. in paducah, kentucky, a state of emergency. they're preparing for the worst floods in 60 years. and in st. louis, new images today from the strongest tornado to hit the u.s. so far this year. a twister that turned the airport terminal into a debris filled wind tunnel. its 200-mile-an-hour winds ripping up entire neighborhoods. sally ward was at church friday watching the movie "the passion of the christ" on this projection screen when they got a text message. it said, tornado, run.
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a text message saved your life? >> a text message and a phone call from my daughter saved our lives. we did not have 30 seconds to spare when we hit that downstairs. >> reporter: most people had much more notice. forecasters saw this storm forming early and far away and put out the warning a remarkable 34 minutes before the tornado struck. three times the normal advance notice. >> it's just a very active pattern. we have little pockets of energy being ejected out of the southwestern u.s. and when they interact with rich gulf moisture then we get severe thunderstorms. >> reporter: no one was killed in this twister. while dozens died days ago in north carolina. why the difference? forecasters say that storm hit where tornados are rare and so is shelter. most of the north carolina victims were killed in their cars or mobile homes. the best advice, head for basements or windowless bathrooms. >> the bathroom we jumped into. >> reporter: he hid in his bedroom and rode out the storm. >> the house was shaking. they say a train. it was a tank. >> reporter: and so many people
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sought shelter just like that in order to stay alive. what's the outlook for the coming days? forecasters say it could get worse before it gets better. >> all right. thank you so much, jeremy. never seen anything like this quite before. thank you for reporting in tonight in the rain. and coming up next, gas prices. new numbers out late today showing the price of gas soared another 4 cents this week. now $3.88 a gallon, an all-time high for april. and this week, the five of the oil industry had first quarter profits expected to be $35 billion. 45% higher than a year ago. that is a whopping $390 million profit every single day. house speaker john boehner even weighed in from his home turf in ohio. our john karl got an exclusive interview. >> reporter: skyrocketing gas prices and those huge oil
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profits have even caught the attention of speaker of the house john boehner, a longtime supporter of the oil industry. is there something obscene about gas company profits being that high when americans are struggling just to fill up the tank? >> listen, everybody -- everybody wants to go after the oil companies and frankly they've got some part of this to blame, all right, but the fact is there's a limited supply of oil around the world, there's unrest in the middle east driving up the price. they happen to hold the assets. >> reporter: we met the speaker in his rural ohio district where he was meeting with local businesses. in an exclusive interview, he said something no republican speaker of the house has ever said. he's willing to consider doing away with federal subsidies for big oil companies, including the so-called oil depletion allowance, a big tax break just for the act of drilling. it cost taxpayers more than $1 billion a year. i'm sure you saw the former -- ceo of shell oil came out and said the companies, they don't need these subsidies.
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>> i don't think the big oil companies need to have the oil depletion allowances but for small independent oil and gas producers, if they didn't have this, there would be even less exploration in america than there is today. >> reporter: would you be in favor of seeing some of these subsidies going to big oil at times record profits -- >> certainly something we ought to be looking at -- >> reporter: doing away with -- >> -- a time when the federal government is short on revenues, we need to control spending, but we need to have revenue to keep the government moving. they ought to pay their fair share. >> reporter: boehner also said the president shares some blame for high gas prices and said if they go any higher they'll cost him his re-election. >> the economy doesn't get better, i don't think he'll win. if people don't feel better about government -- health care, i don't think he'll win. if gas prices are $5 or $6, he certainly isn't going to win. >> reporter: skyrocketing gasoline prices have emerged as perhaps the top concern. the owner of this small business in greenville, ohio, told us that mounting fuel costs are
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already starting to take a bite out of profits for them and for their customers. >> and that profit number for the oil companies, $390 million every single day, sure got our attention. and now to the turbulence in the middle east. in syria, reports as many as 25 people were killed in the city of dahra. thousands of soldiers opened fire on people in the street. some were arrested and lechcy, water and cell phone service was cut. and in afghanistan, a kind of remake of that movie "the great escape" by the taliban. a blow to american forces who have been fighting so hard so long. more than 500 taliban prisoners managed to sneak out of prison through tunnels and intricate timing. how? here's martha raddatz. >> reporter: without anyone noticing for five months, taliban supporters were digging. they began south of the prison under the cover of a nearby
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house. burrowing beneath fields, then under a major highway, continuing below a few checkpoints until they broke thank you a quarter of a mile later right into a prison cell block. this wasn't hike the great escape in which prisoners planned to break out themselves. all these taliban prisoners had to do was wait. the taliban releasing a gloating statement today saying the tunnel reached its target half the night from where the prisoner mujahadin were led away through the escape route by three previously informed inmates. according to a military official, the prisoners were awakened one by one by those in the know and then lowered into the hole. they had to crawl through the dirt and dark the length of four football fields and they had to do it fast. the breakout began at 11:00 p.m.
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last night. by 3:30 this morning, all 541 prisoners had made it out of there. that means one prisoner every 30 seconds. and no one even reported them missing until four hours after they were gone. but that is likely because many of the guards may have been in on it. today, dozens are unaccounted for. the governor of kandahar immediately took the blame for the intelligence failure, saying this is really our fault. i hope it won't happen in the future. so the u.s. soldiers and marines who find it incredibly frustrating to have rounded up all these taliban fighters only to have to face them in battle again. diane. >> what a story to wake up to today in afghanistan. thank you, martha. now we're going to shift gears and locations to london. where it is t-minus three days and counting -- you can see our clock ticking
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there -- until the royal wedding. our entire team will be in position for the big ceremony which has a lot of modern twists. nick watt is in the center of the action tonight in london. good evening, nick. >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, you know, william and kate have been involved in every detail of the planning of this wedding, but now the die is cast and they're taking a couple of days off and enjoying the sunshine and, like the rest of us, counting down to what will be the most public wedding in the history of this planet. the flags are fluttering over the streets of london where they're preparing for a million strong throng. huge crowds have become a wedding tradition. >> what an extraordinary moment. for the new princess of wales. >> reporter: but this is a modern couple and today, in what's being hailed as a major break from tradition, we hear kate will wear her hair down. modern royals indeed. you can even feel it. listen to how british royals used to talk. >> well, i asked --
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[ inaudible ] >> you can barely hear what he's saying. >> they tend to pull their tongues back. [ unintelligible ] it's a very lazy accent. >> reporter: now listen to william. >> i took her to kenya and proposed. >> reporter: williams's led a less sheltered life. and kate's just an ordinary country girl. >> the sound is much more forward. it's going to make them sound much more normal to all their mates who aren't royal. >> reporter: now, after the post wedding reception at buckingham palace, we hear the 85-year-old queen and her 89-year-old husband will quite sensibly head to their country castle leaving the young royals the run of the palace. party boy prince harry is arranging bacon sandwiches. a survivors party at dawn for anyone left standing after the all-night meet-up.
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now, i mentioned the sunshine earlier on. it has been glorious here in london but apparently that is going to change. forecasters say for friday there could be cool winds and perhaps heavy rain. someone told me it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day. >> that's right, it's supposed to be very good luck, and also if you have bacon sandwiches at 6:00 in the morning. thank you very much, nick, and i know you're going to take us inside kate's family the middletons later tonight on "nightline" and you can go online and tell us all the questions you have. we will try to answer them. and later on "world news" right here, a portrait of two very different princess brides, kate and diana. saying so much about the times. and when we come back, what walmart did today that could change grocery shopping. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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all day and all night. prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. the mighty lion of retailing walmart has its eye on your grocery shopping tonight. american women do two thirds of the grocery shopping in this country and since so many of them have less and less time sharyn alfonsi tells us about the latest walmart experiment.
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>> reporter: the days when the local grocer knew your name or your favorite cut of meat have long passed. today, most shoppers buzz through big stores hunting for big bargains. now walmart may be changing the grocery game again. this time testing out an online grocery delivery service called walmart to go. here's how it will work. shoppers pick and click whatever they need. then pay a $5 to $10 delivery charge. your groceries can arrive as soon as the next day. but here's the twist, unlike other online grocery stores, every item walmart sells will cost exactly the same online as it does in the store and their prices are stunningly cheaper than the competition. diet coke, $1.99 through peapod. $1.79 through fresh direct. online at walmart, just $1.25.
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jif peanut putter, %2.75 at pea pod, $3.59 at fresh direct, more than $1 more than it costs online at walmart. wonder bread, compare $2.99 and $3.19 to $2.48 at walmart. >> walmart coming into this is a really major development. they're clearly comfortable with the idea that they can sell a lot of groceries online, and i think their optimism will be supported. >> reporter: with more and more women working, the popularity of online grocery shopping has soared. if walmart can help those same shoppers not only save time but save money, could point and click replace squeezing the produce? is this the end of the grocery store? >> personally, myself, i'd rather come get my own vegetables or fruits or -- and see what's out there. >> reporter: we'll see. walmart is being tight-lipped about this. they're just testing this in one market right now and are going to go from there. already, everybody's asking about tipping the delivery driver 5%, 10% of the bill can add up but walmart says no tipping of their drivers is allowed so you pay that fee up front, $5 to $10, and that's it.
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breath of the owner tipping them off. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: carol knows it sounds crazy but says it was her dog that discovered the cancer in her breast. >> when he sniffed me, he kind of turned back and really pushed into my right breast real hard and he started sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, sniffing. and i thought, this is not good. >> reporter: lloyd henry is certainly no doctor with a degree but this 8-year-old boxer kept at it for four days until carol got herself checked. >> her type of cancer was rather large in her breast. >> reporter: this doctor says it was stage 3 and required surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. do you believe her dog saved her life? >> i absolutely believe that the dog saved miss richard's life. >> reporter: the doctor firmly believes this because cancer causes the body to release chemicals in our sweat, urine and breath, hundreds of them that dogs can smell but people can't. the doctor and her team are now working on this test that could detect cancer from a simple deep breath.
5:52 pm
>> our model predicted in over 75% of the time correctly, which patients did have breast cancer and which ones did not have breast cancer. >> reporter: the breath holds all kinds of clues and details doctors are now just learning to decipher. i took the test. >> empty those lungs. >> reporter: they were able to tell that i drink tea, that i use a household cleaning product with artificial lemon and i had recently been exposed to gasoline. that morning i filled up my tank. is it doesn't stop there. meet daisy. she's one of several dogs in england trained to sniff out another cancer. one of these urine samples is from a patient with cancer of the bladder. out of 54 tries, the dogs picked the cancers correctly 22 times and the training is just getting started. carol has now been cancer free for more than two years. and she believes floyd henry knows it. >> don't get steve dirty. >> reporter: oh, that's okay. >> i had rescued him when he was about 7 months old.
5:53 pm
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our david muir is in london tonight for the royal wedding and tells us there are lessons for all of us about two very different princess brides and their stories. >> reporter: it was 1981, diana, just 19, a school teacher, newly engaged to prince charles and her world changed overnight. 25 years later, a mirror image. after prince williams girlfriend was revealed. her name, catherine middleton. but as brides to be, catherine the commoner and diana the aristocrat would arrive at their wedding day in far different fashion. >> it's an irony really, isn't it, that lady diana spencer came from an aristocratic british family deemed to be totally suitable to marry into royalty. and what a fiasco it turned out to be. she was miserable the night before her wedding. >> reporter: after all, she barely knew charles. meeting just 13 times. this notion that diana had been
5:57 pm
with charles 13 times before they were married, that's almost hard to believe. >> she still referred to charles as sir which is just i think so alien. >> reporter: 30 years later, a more modern match. kate middleton met prince williams at st. andrews. their friendship turning to love. waiting nine years before getting married. charles and diana marrying after those 13 visits. and kate's age, too, diana was barely 20. kate is 29, a few months older, in fact, than william. the average age for a british bride is now 30. there have been other comparisons too. the feather in their caps. the red and black with hats to match. here in london, even in these final days before the wedding, kate's making it very clear she's of the people. she came here to banana republic, bought a dress, they're still very excited about that here, but it was as she came out of the store and continued shopping -- that image that was so reminiscent of the life of diana. a crush of cameras. 30 years after diana comes kate. a bride who this time has already learned this royal world and welcomed it.
5:58 pm
long before she arrives at westminster. there is a huge difference this time. kate middleton practically a member of the royal family already, given the time she's spent with them long before she gets to the wedding here at westminster. and, diane, we've learned it's widely expected prince william will talk about his mother, princess diana, come the wedding day, during the groom's speech, saying his mother would have been proud of kate middleton. diane, can't wait for you to get here. >> i will be there soon, can't wait to see you, david, the entire abc news team. we thank you for watching. we're always on at don't forget "nightline" later. see you back here tomorrow.
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for now. we know that dozens of places. are. a service contract with millions of dollars on the line. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00. >> good evening, everyone. we begin with a chaotic scene in a oakland bar where a gunfire opened fire. >> there is secellia vega is live there for us tonight. >> yeah, carolyn, the shooter appeared to be firing randomly. this is a neighborhood known for being oakland safer part of town. the merchants said the number of shootings in the late night hours are bad for business. >> it was before one clock this morning, they


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