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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 26, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> good morn being, i am janelle wang in san karlos . the city city has decided what to do with the fire department. those stories are coming up. >> recent peeping tom incident on the campus was uc berkeley caused concern among the students and campus smith. i am nick smith live in berkeley with a report. >> here is a life look at san francisco . the airport where it is windy and that could cause flooding delays. we'll keep an eye on it. we'll have dry weather on the forecast. >> chad has a issued a
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warning. >> i am terry mcsweeny in for eric thomas. and i am kristen sze. san karlos is turning the future of the fire department to a neighboring city. the alternative, and unpopular option is not entirely off of the table. janelle wang has the details. >> kristen, the san karlos city city -- city council voted to merge. this after 150 residents crowded city hall to vote strong opinions. city council heard hours of heated public comment. they need to cut the damage and dissolving the fire department is one way to do. one idea is to merge with
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redwood city or the other put it with a private company. residents were strongly opposed with the city going with wacken hut. will you guarantee they can save my house. >> they are a for prost company. they will not be necessarily accountable to the city of san callos. >> if new yorks fail with redwood city options could be brought back with the table. ing live in san karlos abc sennews. >> a disturbing trend in the uc burkely campus.
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>> good morning, recent incident is raised concerns among the students and campus police as well. according to the campus police they have received six reports of peeping incident since january. the most recent while a woman was showering and saw what she saw a head peeking over the partition. the suspect had black spiky hair and fled after the woman screamed. that fits the description in another incident. a residents was taking a shower when the floor mates saw a male peeking over the shower petition. the police were notified and arrested a 17 year old male not associated with the campus. campus said the incident are deviant and criminal acts that are concerning. they have ipstalled new locks and shower curtains in the campus buildings and also
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asking the student to do a bit on their part by closing bathroom doors when they shower. nick smith, abc sennews. >>antioc police are investigate a shooting death of a man trying to protect a woman house meat from her ex-boyfriend. the man is in custody and are questioning him. the woman said her ex-boyfriend showed up to the house with a gun. a house mate confronted the gunman. the witness heard gunshots and saw her ex-boyfriend leave the house. a 26 year old man was found dead inside. >> oakland city attorney is planning to ask the city for a gang injunction and covers gang member in east oakland. a ininjunction against north
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oakland has been in effect. it bans known gang members from gathering and imposes curfews. critics say it legalized racial profiling. and a robber who fired a warning shot in a bank remains on the choose. it happened at a chase bank on camden avenue. customers and employees were escorted out of the bank. the suspect left on foot with an undetermined amount of cash. >> palta loma police are category for help in identifying three suspects who broke in a jewelry store. the images come from a surveillance camera in the jeweler's gallery. they smashed a front window . the burglars destroyed glass display cases before leaving
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with what they could get. >> parents in san francisco may not be elect a personal procedure for baby sons. a san francisco residents gathered enough signatures to ban circumcision for boys under 18 and making it a misdemeanor and potential jail time. they plan to submit them to the department of elections. critics say it violates religious freedom. >> pg&e set up a 70 million trust fund. the terms of the fund will be formally presented in the city council meeting. our media partner mercury news said there is 12 million in the account. tomorrow a meeting will be held to discuss a long-term
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recovery plan from the disaster. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. pg&e is trying to figure out what caused a natural gas leak that caused a highway in the height of rush hour . the leak was reported before 5:00. highway 92 reopened a half an hour later. traffic was backed up all the way to sky line. >> kristen is back from vacation and she brought the sun back with her. >> don't worry you will be able to get your tan too in the weeks ahead. >> that is a good reminder to wear the sunscreen if we haven't. we haven't had much sunshine to get out and enjoy. wind, that is the story so far. and they are transitioning in . 24 at sfo . cooler with the win, we are anywhere from 3-9 degrees
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cooler in most neighbors to lenn in napa and fairfield. it feels like the low 40s in napa and sapta rosa and mid40 in livermore . upper 40s to low 50s. during the afternoon hours, we'll have sunshine and a few clouds will hit . mid-to upper 60s for the rest of us . we'll be in the upper 50s and 60s on the cost and downtown san francisco. >> we'll have breezy conditions in the bay. and 59 in monterey and mid-to upper 60s for the rest of the bay and upper 60s to lower cents inland. accu-weather senday forecast. not as breezy and the winds could be faster with slightly cooler weather . calmer and warmer and brighter on saturday and sunday. >> good morning, megan. >> good morning, mike. if you are getting ready to take off. both hands on the wheel.
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chp has issued a wind advisory and here is a live look at the toll plasa . heading into san francisco . now if you are commuting on the east shore freeway . heading through the berkeley area. headlights are moving westbound and it is delayed 20 minutes and the willow off-ramp is closed for road work and live look at 280, at the 17 overcrossing and not too many people on the roadways now. you will find no problems in the downtown san jose area. >> there is a development in the nfl labor stand off, coming up next, the judge's order to end the lock out and put players back on the field. >> tough search for a new job. where you can find companies that are ready to hire today. >> play station frustration. sony shuts down the popular
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gaming network and players may
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> welcome back. 5:12ol tuesday morning. the nfl is a long way from playing football. even if the players are welcome back to work with no lock out to stop them. the nfl will lift the 45 day old lock out. they are suggesting that the team show up ready for work out. the court decision gives the
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players an early vectry over the fight for a new contract involving nine billion dollars in revenue . >> if you are one of the millions of californians looking for help. abc senwould like to help. we are co-sponsoring a job fair. 1600 companies will be on hand to welcome you. unemployment is still in double digits. >> it is a great opportunity to network and bring your resume . typically the kinds of job fairs i have seen lately they have hired employers. people should come prepared to be hired. >> according to the state, parts of the bay area lostt jobs in manufacturing and construction and government, but gained positions in the professional and scientific and technical sectors. today's abc 7 journal hiring event will be in the hilton gardening event in emoriville.
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no charge to attend. >> consumer reports issued a safety alert with a baby stroller with parking brakes that can fail to lock. >> consumer reports found a problem with the brakes on the umbrella stroller. the user guide said to set the parking brake set the brake pedal until the wheels lockk. in consumer reports test, when steppers step on either pedal it failed to engage. when you tep on the pedal, can you hear a click . the pedal remains depressed and the wheels may not be locked. they have not received any consumer complaints with injuries related to the brakes and be nimble passed voluntarily safety standards. nevertheless, the braking problem is a safety concern. >> if you leave a stroller on the surface and the brakes are
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not engaged, it could lead to serious injury. >> we don't believe that the resultts of consumer reports testing are indictative of a safety issue . the click is not intended to indicate that the parking brake is engaged or locked. harried parents may think that the wheels are locked when they are not. consumer reports found the braking problem with all three strollers. it isa advising people to stop using them if you ownit. >> i am michael fenny with 7 on your side. >> sony hut down play station network after hackers broke in. the outages prevented 75 million playy station 3 owners from playying on line games and acessing other services.
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sony said they will not say how long the system is down. >> they should do what ever it take to get back on line. >> you can't say a network is bullet-proof. hopely they will look at security that is necessary for a service like this. >> sony hopes to have it up in the next day or two but making no promises about that. >> whatever will they do. it is a nice night, head outside. >> what a novele idea . a another reason not fogive my kids those yet. >> they have been asking. i will say it doesn't work. >> right. >> there you go . go outside right now and pick up sunscreen and pick up a baseball or tennis racket and today, it is a great day to be golfing. winds will be a little strong in those areas and tomorrow, a better day for that activity.
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it is a built in excuse. we are looking at the trees moving and still see the flags unfurl because of the fast wind. we'll talk about the temperatures. it is right along the bay shore and coast. we are still around 50. same thing inantioc. look at 41 in sant rosa and 42 in napa. without the winds to keep the atmosphere overturned, that cold air sinks in the depths of the valley . about 50 in salinas. >> talking about the highlights and breezy and dryy and sunny today and tomorrow . windy not as warm thursday and friday . no rain, they hit on the weekend . for today down south. mid-to upper 60s to 70s, and redwood city around 66 . mid-to upper 50s on the breezy coast today .
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downtown san francisco . you can see the cent in napa and santa rosa and much cooler and breezy conditions on the beach . low to mid-60s on the east bay shore and 66 in oakland and castro valley. look at cents in pittsburgh and good news for the peach and cherry trees. mid-to upper everywhere else . 60s in carmel . then near 70 on hollisster gillway. calmer continues and clear skies and dry air and north to mid-40s for the redwood valley . lock at what happened 10 hours ago. you can see the front well south of us and the jet stream pushing in at a fast clip. notice it is now moving to the north, thanks to a area of high pressure. going to exert the innuence and keep it to the north and
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are other than a glancing blow from a cold front that bringgs us windy conditions and slightly cooler weather. it is quiet. look at temperatures. low to mid-70s upon mid-to upper cents in inland for sunday and should hit 60 on the coast. here's megan. >> thanks for the great news, mike. if you are getting ready to leave your house and hit the road no problems right now. road work is the only thing that may slow you down. 680 . no delays heading in the valley. you will find road work northbound 680 . that will be until 6:00 this morning. we are following a retrofitting proyect on the dunbar bridge eastbound 84. right lane is blocked until 6:00 . so far mass transit is on schedule. no delays for cal-tran, bart
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or muni. >> we'll do. >> and new push in sacramento to ban alcohol-fouled - fueled drinks. and countdown to the big day. how everyone is trying to cash in on the new royal couple. "america's money," brought to you by united healthcare. now it can stop pain from any angle, with no mess.
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[ male announcer ] icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. >> good morning on tuesday. 5:22. both sides of the bay. camera is bouncing around a bit.
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it is windy out there and breezy and so both hands on the steering wheel . we'll check in with mike on the warming trend and see if there are trouble spots in the traffic with megan coming up. >> california's soda tax bill is dead for now but potentially not forever . technically the bill is in suspense and that means we have to be as well. it was not voted down and can be brought back to a vote. it would have levied a tax for one penny for sugary drinks sold in california. the tax revenue would go to schools and enhance physical education programs. >> this could be the first generation of kids to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. turns out sugary beverages are the leading indicator of obesity. >> it is up to parent to
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monitor the children's soda drinking and not the government. >> a bill moving through the state legislator would ban energy drink. the state senator said the products are dangerous because caffeine masks the affects of the alcohol. some people have been sent to the hospital with alcohol poisoning as a result. his bill passed the senate and now on the way to the assembly. >> today is the 25th anniversary of the disaster in chernobyl. people in ukraine and around the world are remembering the worst nuclear accident in history. several hundred ukrainians went . it spewed a radioactive fall out over europe and forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. >> they are planing to gather in senth and mission streets at noon today . the call to end government support for nuclear power. >> three more days to go for
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the wedding of the decade. it is set to strike goal for retail stores in london. they are expecting a half million visitors over the four day wedding weekend of prince william and kate middleton. there are wild and whacky window displays and all kines of memior billia. and people are coming to enjoy the wedding and extra 50 million pounds for our stores. >> scotland yard and the police will be on hand with extra security. abc 7 will bring you the royal wedding live in a special edition of good morning america this friday from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.. why sleep? be a part of history, right in we'll treme it live on abc 7 abc will have a special edition royal wedding 20-20
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from nine to len p.m. friday night. >> we'll be up that time anyway. and we are. kind of excited about that. i have to admit. >> next at 5:30. a peeping tom. a warning about a person sneaking in the ucberkly campus looking in windows and showers. >> what to do with the city's fire department? after hours of heated public comments, the city council made a decision . the story is coming up. >> after years of debate. santa clara county prepares to decide today to say goodbye to plastic bags. >> mid-60s in seattle and port landd and all the way to boston and denver. notice chicago and st. louis and notice the temperatures. it is a battle line drawn for
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>> good morning, everyone. i am janelle wang life in san karlos. the city fire department is dissolving this october to save the city money and for months city council members are wrangling on what to do instead. they finally made a decision. the story is coming up. >> also this morning, a man trying to protect his exroommate from her boyfriend is shot and kill in antock. >> note the clear skies, it looks healthy and cool continues and breezy weatherr around the bay and coast. a warming trend is on the way. >> good morning, chp issued a
5:30 am
wind advisory for the bay bridge. we'll have a traffic report coming up. >> pg&e offers customers a new way to temporarily to prevent the utility to install a mart meter. all it takes is a phone call. >> thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> and welcome back. i am terry mcsweeny in for eric thomas. >> the choice between merge between redwood city or hire a private company. janelle wang joins us live from san charlos with the decision. >> terry, the city council voted last night to merge and pursue a hybrid fire department with redwood city, this over outsourcing with a private company that could have saved more money. this after 150 residents crowded city hall to voice their opinions. city council heard hours of heated public comment.
5:31 am
san karlos needs to chop one million from. one option was to outsource or the other to merge with redwood city. the private company has little importance with city fire department and it is residents say that is why they were strongly the city going with a private company. >> it is important to keep the public agencies public. what is your next step. blackwater for police services? >> what happens if they fail? any of you guarantee that they can save my house in a fire? >> san karlos is now going to start talks with redwood city. if those negotiations fail, outsourcing understanding be brought back to the table. san karlos fire department which jointly works with belmont fire will officially
5:32 am
dissolve this october. >> thanks a lot. antiioc police are investigating a shooting death of a man who was trying to protect a female roommate from an ex-boyfriend. the 30 year old man is in custody and questioning him about lastt night's incident on pine way. the woman said the ex-boyfriend showed up with a gun. she left and called 911 from a neighbor's house. while she was making that call she heard gunshots. the roommate was dead when they arrived. the neighbor said the man killed was a good person who tried to make something good of his life. >> he got in trouble and changed his life. in the last few months he's working hard to change his life. he had a big heart and was a good kid and didn't deserve this. police have a suspect in custody and are questioning him. no names have been released in the investigation.
5:33 am
uc berkly police are warning stunes about a peeping tom. they have received six want ares since january. the most recent last week while a woman was showering in the stalls. the suspect had black spiky hair. that fits the description in one other case. >> authorities are looking for the owner of a pit bull that a danville family said killed their small dog. linda zerko was walking them last thursday in the hidden oaks neighborhood. the pit bull charged at one of the small dogs and grabbed it in its mouth. a visitor in the house yanked the pit bull away. county animal services said they have a lead on who the pit bull's owner might be. >> the city council will meet today to look at labor
5:34 am
negotiations to avoid lay offs to 600 city workers. they could lose their jobs by the end of june. it involves police to libarian. last year 17 hundred positions were slashed and 250, employees were laid off to close the 118 million dollar deficit . the city wants union employees to take a 10 percent pay cut. and pg&e customers worried about the safety of smart meters can put their name on a list to delay installation of the new meters. our media reports that utility officials created the tempary delay list to avoid that. the tempary list can dress smart meter concerns until there is a proposal that let customers opt out for a fee.
5:35 am
>> for more information customers are expected to contact pg&e. >> santa supervisors are expected to approve a ban on plastic shopping bags. the ordinance is simpler to the one passed in san jose. retailers would be able to sell plastic bags for a minimum of 15 cents but not hand them out for free . the intent is to help motivate the customers to help protect the environment . nice weather and coming back, just in time for your return . >> yeah, i really, really appreciate that. mike conjured it up. thank you. >> glad to have you back. we'll talk about what is going on outside. we'll look at satellite and radar. there is an absence of satellite cloud and radar returns over the bay area. we have high clouds coming in from time to time and a changing of the guard is taking place this morning and it is breezy on the bay shore
5:36 am
and out on the coast8:00. mostly sunny and in the low to mid-40s x. upper 40s and mid-to upper 40s for the rest of us . much cooler than questionnaire yesterday morning. notice the mid-to upper 50s in the bay shore and upper 50s to low 60s . those two areas by 4:00 . they will be in the mid-to upper 60s . around 61 . upper 50s in san francisco and half moon bay and mid-to upper 60s around the bay shore all the way down to santa cruz and morg an hill. we look at the accu-weather sen day forecast. it is looking dry and seasonal and temperatures back to average . we'll have more of that tomorrow. windy conditions and more rain and not much of a cooling tradition. it will be calmer saturday and sunday . find out if those winds are
5:37 am
causing traffic problems. >> chp issued a wind advisory and if you are taking it in san francisco this morning, both hands on the wheel . here is a live look at the toll plasa . no delays right now and making your way throughh the tolls . live look in san rosle. tail lights are moving southbound and the drive time from thren to featwhere are - 580 is five minutes. right lane is blocked until 6:00 this morning. >> thank you. 5:37 on tuesday morning. facebook dips its social networking toe in a new venture. >> i want to go from my desk to the morg with nothing in between. >> this is a boss' dream come true. a bay area woman honored for a
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>> yes, that is. >> buckingham palace where all eyes of the world will be on this spot on friday. >> not all. >> after the royal wedding william might plant a kiss on kate middleton's cheek after she becomes a princess after their wedding. >> her cheek. >> you can bet either way on this. abc 7 will air it from one to sen in the morning . so if you done sleep, please join us . and join gma for a historic day. >> your favorite story of the week. starting today. facebook is offering a new deal one you and your friends will fall in to . facebook is offering a deep discount and offering $50 worth of food if enough people sign up for the deal . groupon services are some of the fastest deprowing businesses in the world.
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facebook tested in san francisco and four other u.s. cities. a remarkable woman in the east bay is celebrating 60 years on the job and hasn't called in six not once in six decades. she started in the hospital when show was hired as a secretary. she went from the first employee to using a electric type writer in the company to using a computer now. griving didn't - girffing didn't learn to drive until scen . she started when dwight eisenhower was worn in. >> they made me go home. i was furous. >> yeah. elanor griffing would like to work five more years and slow down to a couple of days a week. how do you like that. >> she is a boss' dream come true .
5:43 am
>> she would have jobs galore. did i say our coverage will last to sen. >> it is actually 9:00 a.m.. i don't want to cheat you out of those extra hours. >> bloomburg report coming up. >> grocery store sticker shock. why you will pay more in the months ahead. >> more worries are expected today. i am emily schimdt, a look at what may be ahead coming up. >> in the animal app. uniting michael vick and the humane society. ♪
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you gotta try honey bunches of oats with almonds! it's got real, sliced california almonds with a third less sugar
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per serving than honey nut cheerios. wow! delicious! try honey bunches of oats with almonds! >> welcome back. live doppler shows presidenty quiet other than a few sprinkle in cresant city. we'll see how the forecast holds today. low to mid-70s in the central valley. look at mid80 in los angeles and palm springs . cooler in san diego and breezy and any rain in eureka and 55. kristen and terry. >> san karlos is moving ahead
5:47 am
with plans to contract with redwood city for fire-fighting services. they voted not to hire a private company. but if negotiations with redwood city fails, the option could be back on the table. >> there is a warning about spike in peeping tom incident in ucberkeley. they have received the incident since january. it happened last week wheel a residents was showering. the suspect had black spiky hair. >> police are questioning a man who showed up with a gun around 9:30. when the woman went to the neighbor to call 911, the house mate confronted the suspect and was shot several times. >> the u.s. energy department
5:48 am
confirms what you know. gas prices rose four cents in the past week and now more than a dollar high schooler. higher prices are driving up the food prices. by the end of the year beef prices will rise. that will have a ripple affect. >> we don't go out to movies. >> keep from eating filet minon and lobster. im down to chicken wings and canned soup. >> rising demand for food world wide will keep upward pressure on food prices that lead to food shortages and starvation for people. >> nissan is recalling sport utility vehicles due to a tearing problem. it is older model path finders
5:49 am
and infiniti. snow and salt can get in the steering colume and cause it to fail -- corrode. they have received 355 reports of the problem. >> more dangerous weather expected after dozens of deadly tornados and flooding savages the country yesterday and through the night. the storm will move in the upper midwest and another following the same path and then moving east. emily schimdt has the latest. >> there are signs was severe weather problems all over the country. wins toppling a baptist church steeple and hail the size of baseball pounding a texas neighborhood. 300 tornados hit the u.s. this month and the latest last night in transmittal arkansas damaged an area three miles wide. >> at leastt five people died in the arkansas torm. three of them swept away by
5:50 am
flash flood warnings. >> in popular bluff, missouri, the black river threatens a levee. national guard troops are on the way . 1,000 people are evacuated. >> they are taking what they can in case it is all they have left. >> the worst of the weather problems may not be over yet. today's forecast calls for another round of tornados and heavy rains to hit the same areas pounded yesterday. emily schimdt, abc news. >> i found it amazing that you grew up in the midwest and going into the basement was the way it was . >> you acted quickly and you get below ground. that was the safest place to be. i find less unnerving or more unnerving than earthquakes where you don't know when they will hit. they have warnings with these like in the airport in st. louis. >> we will do a little weather
5:51 am
school here. there is a radar out of rock arkansas. you can see the weather radar and the debris ball. if i can get in front of the key. see where it is pointing at. this is where the tornado is. it is right here. but notice the darker red inside. that is debris. if you see it lifted up and spins around and in the bottom of the tornado radar is picking up all of the debris. you wonder what this is. that is inflow notch. dryer air is wrapping in the tornado and winds moving in the tornado can be up to 100 miles per hour and the tornado itself can be faster than that . darker red north of tornado, that's the hail core and where you will get the baseball and soft ball size hail. outside here at home, i hope you enjoy that. that is a interesting look at
5:52 am
what is going on. we have bouncing on the mount this morning and the winds are pretty strong. at least in the higher elevation and bay shore . san jose and half moon bay and upper 40s for the rest of the shore land. thren for fairfield and napa . we are in the mid-40s . upper 40s for monterey and salinas. breezy and dry and sunny today. not only today but tomorrow . windy, not as warm thursday and friday and warmest afternoons will be this weekend. >> we are looking in the east bay valleys. highway four corridor there and everybody else in the upper 60s. everybody else low to mid-60s here . down in the south bay, it is cents . everybody in the upper 60s. mid-to upper 60s on the peninsula and 10 degrees cooler and mid-to upper 50s on the coast today. downtown in san francisco low
5:53 am
50s . cent in santa rosa and napa and everybody else in the mid-to upper 60s. beaches are mid-to upper 50s . mid-60s and upper 60s, too . morgan hill . cool again with low to mid-40s . mid-to upper 40s for the rest of us and shouldn't be as breezy as this morning. it cleared out in the afternoon as we talked about . the storm tracker is pushed to the north. as long as it stays to the north. we'll get clippped by a warm front . that will bring us breezy conditions for thursday and friday. it will be calmer for saturday and sunday. >> good morning, it is quiet out there. we have no major problem spots. we'll start off with a live look. tail lights are moving southbound in the san ramon valleys and no delays .
5:54 am
the road work in the danville area should be cleared up in the next five minutes . commuting in the san mateo bridge this morning, headlights move eastbound in hay ward and that road work at 880 should be cleared. problem-free right now making your way out of the morgan hill and up the peninsula. for the latest go to, and lick on the - clickk on the traffic link . >> we have a warning for the drivers. here is jane king with the business report. >> rising commodity prices putting your cars at risk. they are reselling the platinum out of the catalytic converters. they can be removed with a saw in 12 seconds. fuel efficient cars are
5:55 am
ranking efficient. nissan battery powered, the level of safety is high as other top crash performers. if you are looking for a souvenir from the royal wedding. a toilet cover with image of prim william . a china cup with kate with kid mother harry. royal wedding tourism revenue could be a billion dollars . i am jane king with the bloomburg business report. >> texas republican congressman ron paul is taking the 50 step to run for president in 2012 . he will announce the formation of a exploratory committee in iowa. he will announce the iowa campaign team. he has a strong backing from the tea party supporters and finished fifth. and nfl quarterback
5:56 am
michael vick is leading the charge against the cell phone app against a google software that glorifies dog fighting. in a statement posted on the human society's website. vick said the app sends the wrong message. vick served 18 months in prison on a dog fighting conviction. the app said it is only a game . there is foe comment from google. >> a third air tracker controller was fired for falling asleep on the job not once but twice. they think there is a solution. let air controllers take a nap. short naps helps them to remain alert. they are pressing the faa to allow naps in the overnight ships and 20 or 30 minute breaks. the obama administration is against the idea.
5:57 am
>> abc news at 6:00, taking the decision away from parents. a controversial medical procedure that voters may be asking to ban . >> a court decision that could have nfl players showing up for work even though team owners have locked them out. and live in san karlos, what to do with the city's fire department when it dissolved this october. the city council has an answer, the story is coming up.
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we need to solve the problem. the state budget crisis threatens our economy... and our schools. loans to small businesses on hold. job creation at a standstill. 30,000 teachers already laid off. can we really afford billions more in cuts? $13 billion more devastates our schools, our safety, and the california we know. it's time for lawmakers to finally get the problem solved now. our kids and economy can't afford to wait.


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