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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> and unsports man like conduct. the giants fans demanding an apology from an atlanta braves coach. abc7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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tornado after tornado tore through the south as a deadly storm system spawned more than 100 twisters. the deaf stras station -- the devastation is stunning. >> it killed at least 77 people in four states. mississippi, tennessee, georgia and alabama. alabama is enduring the worst of it. 61 deaths there alone. tonight president obama has declared a federal disaster in that state. >> that is something you pray you never, ever, ever see. >> this monster tornado took aim at tuscaloosa, alabama swelling to at least a mile wide.
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it passed over the university of alabama somehow doing no damage to the campus. elsewhere cameras captured it feeding on buildings below. >> goodness, look at that. >> that is huge. >> as it roared into birmingham, debris rained down on towns 100 miles away. by the time the twister lifted, people were trapped, homes destroyed. rescuers carried this child from a collapsed home in tuscaloosa. the governor says people there should be ready for more destruction. >> there are very few times in my lifetime, and in your lifetime that you can remember an outbreak of tornados, long trek of tornados like we are having at this present time. >> this surveillance camera spotted a storm slamming covington, mississippi. at the university of tennessee giant trees toppled trapping students and an uprooted tree sliced this building in half in northwest georgia. and dozens of rivers are rising at record rates. more than 15 inches of rain has fallen in a week. so much rain flooding is
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widespread along the mississippi and ohio rivers. >> there is more rain heading this way, so i'm almost afraid to start cleaning up because the water will get back in here and we will do it all over again. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at what is happening in the south and across the midwest. we are talking dozens and dozens of tornados. >> indeed. over a dozen tornados, and this will likely go down in the history books. looking at live doppler 7hd. still severe weather across the southeast and moving through the atlanta area. you can see the tornado wach boxes are still up right now. and as i show you how many tornados have been reported, most of them are concentrated around mississippi, alabama, and the tornado reports are 124 in the last 12 hours. for the month of april, they have seen 654 tornados across the country. that is four times what they typically average in april. the severe weather with the tornado threat is going to continue into the overnight hours. and this is going to shift
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eastward. be back with more a little later. >> thanks, sandhya. a fresno man is demanding an apology for his family, for giants fans and for the city of san francisco. justin quinn is outraged over what an atlanta braves pitching coach did during a weekend game, shouting gay slurs and making threatening gestures. lisa amin gulezian joins us live from the municipal stayed um why. lisa? >> fans at this minor league baseball game were shocked by what happened and by what coach mcdowell allegedly said and implied right here in the bay area. fans considered the giants game on easter weekend to be family day at at&t park. >> baseball is something that is dear to our lives. >> that's why justin quinn brought his twin daughters, and as they watched batting practice, they say things went terribly wrong between the braves' pitching coach, roger mcdowell and some giants fans. >> mr. quinn heard coach
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mcdowell say to these men, quote, are you guys a homo couple or a three so many? -- threesome? and then he shouted, there are kids out here. the coach replied "kids don't f-ing belong at the baseball park." >> an attorney representing the quinns say coach mcdowell threatened the 33-year-old father. >> he turned completely toward me, grabbed his bat and picked it up and asked me how much my teeth were worth to me. >> i hope you never go to a baseball game where you are in a bad situation like i was. >> they say they are horrified by what happened and the overall baseball culture needs to change. those at this lgbt community center agree. >> a little too macho, maybe a little too much aggression involved in baseball right now. >> even quinn admits that giants fan bryan stow came to mind when he saw mcdowell
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pick up the baseball bat. baseball fans meantime can't believe some of coach mcdowell's comments. >> baseball is for kids. i think it is good for families. >> i think it warrants an an an apology. >> some sort of apology. >> mcdowell says, quote, i am deeply sorry i responded to the heckling fans in san francisco on saturday. i apologize to everyone for my actions. the quinns, meantime want mcdowell to pay fines, take sensitivity training classes and for major league baseball to investigate. commissioner selig also released a statement saying the process has already started. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. meantime doctors in los angeles have begun the process to remove giants fan bryan stow from that medically enduced coma he has been in for nearly a month. he remains in critical condition with a brain injury after being beaten in the dodger stadium parking lot
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after the season opener. his sedation medication will be reduced over the next three days and it may take a few more days to see if his condition improves at all. >> we will be able to see if his eyes have opened. we expect it to and we are praying for that. >> with the type of damage he has in both problem tall lobes -- frontal lobes, bryan will never be our bryan again. >> los angeles police have not yet captured the men who attacked stow despite a reward in the case. for the first time we are hearing from the german tourist whose wife was killed during a shootout in san francisco's theater district last summer. shore met with the d.a. and police are hopeful they will make an arrest soon. he was also in town to thank the people of san francisco for their extraordinary kindness. >> i thought i would never come back to this city. >> but here he was and this
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time with his two teenage sons on a tour of san francisco eight months after their mother was killed. >> my sons want to come and see the place where my wife and their mother died. i think it is the most important thing for me to come back to san francisco. >> last august he was here with his wife to celebrate their anniversary. on mason near geery she was caught in the cross fire of a gunbattle. she was shot in the head and killed. police say the shooting may have involved three or four different gangs instead of just two as originally thought. speaking in both german and evening -- english, he said he and his wife were just looking for a restaurant when they walked into trouble. >> they must have been at the other side of the corner when they came around the corner immediately shots were fired and then his wife was hit and was dead within seconds. >> the family met with the
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d.a. and left with the impression arrests could come in the near future. >> we believe we are getting closer to the point where this case could be brought to rest. but it is still an on going investigation. >> i think i will come back to san francisco. san francisco is a very special city for my family and for me. it is beautiful. i will come back. >> at the news conference, he says it is hard for him to understand how easy it is for young people to get weapons here compared to his native country. he and his sons will be returning to germany tomorrow. carolyn? president obama challenged his supporters and opponents alike to focus on getting america back on track now that he released his birth certificate. >> we are not going to be able to solve our problems if we are distracted by sideshow and carnival barkers. >> the comments came after
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hawaii an officials released the so-called long form of president obama's birth certificate. many so-called birthers doubted the document existed. potential republican presidential hopeful took the credit forgetting mr. obama's birth certificate released. now trump wants to see the president's college transcripts. >> i would like to know how does he get into hair vrd? how does he get into columbia if he is not a good student. >> the president and oprah winfrey shared a few laughs about the controversey. >> when it first came up were you thinking, i hope i was born here? >> can i just say, i was there. i knew i had been born. i i remembered it. >> trump says he well announce sometime next month if he will make a run for next year's gop nomination. still ahead, the san bruno pipeline blast draws the interest of federal prosecutors. pg&e is under more pressure to explain what went wrong.
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>> and a first for the fed. what ben bernanke had on his mind. >> and apple's plan to end the criticism steve steve jobs is involved in. >> and coming up next on "nightline" giant tornados killed dozens and leaving miles of debris and hundreds of thousands without power. and the never before told story of prince william's secret boyhood vacation to the american west. that's on "nighththththththththt
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a new turn in the investigation of pg&e's pipeline explosion in san bruno. residents want answers. at a town hall meeting pg&e and the public utility commission were again on the hotseat. alan wang reports from san bruno. >> burn victims alan and cindy braun were at the meeting with 150 others looking for answers. >> and how are you feeling? how have you recovered? >> day at a time. two steps forward, one step back. >> pg&e told the crowd they would hydro test 152 miles of pipeline by the end of october
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at shareholders' expense. 91 tests will be conducted during a period when pg&e used to conduct only three and four. tonight jackie spear demanded answers from pg&e and the public utility's commission replacing the pipeline, something customers were paying for all along. >> my question is what happened to that money? if it was shifted from providing safety to rate payers and shifted to profits for shareholders, we have a big problem. >> the reason it is taking us so long to answer the congresswoman's question is we have essentially conducting an audit of that money going back to the 80s. we have had to pull records out of the archives, and we are being deliberate because we have to get that answer right. >> what i believe is is some of the hierarchy needed to be held accountable, and i do mean accountable. >> meantime, pg&e says there
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appears to be errors in its gas pipeline records. as many as 34 miles of urban pipeline were mistakenly listed as seem less when in fact it may be welded like the section of pipe that blew up last september. also the u.s. attorney announced it is seeking thousands of documents as it begins an investigation into the explosion. in san bruno, alan wang, abc7 news. and to washington for a moment. president obama is about to shake up his national security team. cia director leon paw net tau -- pineta will replace robert gates as the secretary of defense who is retiring june 30th. the 72-year-old pineta inherits two wars and increasing pressure to trim the pentagon's $670 billion budget. general david petraeus will become the cia director when pineta leaves, but it will not be until fall. he will likely retire from the army before taking the civilian cabinet position. the president will announce
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this new lineup tomorrow. a new first today for federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. he held a news conference to assure americans that gas prices will not keep climbing. >> our view is it is gas prices will not continue to rise at the recent pace. as they stabilize or even come down if the situation stabilizes in the middle east, that will provide relief on the inflation front. we will have to watch it carefully. >> this is the first time in the fed's 98-year history that a chairman has held a news conference. bernanke says the fed plans to keep interest rates at record lows for an extended period. apple ceo steve jobs is denying that the iphone tracks its user's movement and then stores the information in a file. in an interview with the wall street journal jobs says, quote, we get consent from users if we are going to use location, or we don't use location. as for the file, apple says it helps the phone figure out where it is. the company says it is working on a fix so the data isn't
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stored for more than seven days. an east bay ice cream shop had ice cream for a deep scoops event. they stood in line for scoops at baskin-robbins. it was part of a nationwide effort to raise money for the national fallen firefighters foundation. it was worth the wait. >> cookies and cream for a good cause. you can't beat that. >> at a good price too. well, wooy have a string of beautifulful -- beautiful days coming along. >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> you will need the ice cream. it is getting warm in the inland areas. temperatures on the comfortable side. we have 50s, antioch 61 degrees. a cooler day tomorrow. gusty winds especially along the coast, and a warming trend takes place this weekend. we will be talking about 80s. you will see it on the accu-weather seven-day forecast in a moment. first let's take a look at what's going on right now. we still have a few thin clouds, cirrus moving across. other than that skies are
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clear. the thin clouds tomorrow will be replaced by a cooler air mass. this trough although the rain will stay to the pacific northwest, it will bring about some cooler air and will kick up the winds. temperatures fall and winds pick up. it gets gusty for your thursday. by friday as the wind starts to drop off, we will see the warming trend beginning. and that warming trend will take us well into the weekend and even beyond. tonight look for cool read readings with the coolest in our valleys. 41 in santa rosa. napa a degree higher at 42. you can see upper 40s around richmond, oakland, san francisco, san mateo and san jose. and so tomorrow afternoon look for temperatures to range from the mid50s in places like half moon bay where the wind will really be blowing out of the west northwest and gusting as high as 30 and close to 40 meals an hour at times. san francisco 59 degrees and a windy afternoon. you will notice 68 in santa rosa. these temperatures are down by
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a couple degrees. 66 napa. you get inland and you are close to 70 degrees. concord, livermore, antioch, 64 in fremont and 63 in oakland. still pleasant. just not as warm as it was today. 67. around the monterey bay, the temperatures will range from the upper fests in monterey to the upper 60s in places like gilroy and morgan hill. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast, mid50s to the upper 60s tomorrow. windier day tomorrow. if you suffer from allergies tree pollens are running high. you might be suffering tomorrow, a little warmer. temperatures climbing into the 80s by sunday. the low 80s through wednesday. we have something for everyone here. >> thanks a lot. and the royal forecast for you tomorrow. the wedding is a little more than a day away. >> a final rehearsal next.
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they are electrified with the royal wedding 28 hours away. >> in west minute westminister abbey a secret rehearsal with kate and william and all of the pilots and all of the queen's horses and all of the queen's men. >> it is very exciting. >> it is a bit of a historical moment. >> well said, young lady. and on friday, a wedding with two billion people watching. abc7 will bring it to you live during a special edition of "good morning america" this friday from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. >> and we will stream it live on and abc will also air a special royal wedding edition of "20/20" from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. on friday night. >> tea and crumpets for us all. >> 1:00 a.m., and i figure it will peak around 4:00 a.m. >> i will be there.
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no peak for the warriors. one and done for keith smart. the warriors looking for a new coach again. who are they looking at? and did smart ever really have a chance in one
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good evening. when you pay $450 million for a team, you typically want your own guy in charge. the warriors owner decided it will not be keith smart coaching the warriors next season. smart did a very good job in his one-year at the helm. , but he needed to do something astronomical to keep that job. a 36 and 46 record was not going to be good enough. ownership knows this was a flawed team badly in need for more defense and rebounding. smart well liked in the organization spent seven years as an assistant before taking over for don nelson. but somebody else will be in charge of teaking the warriors to the next level. >> keith did a good job at getting our players to play
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right to the end. we had a good locker room. he about some good things for us. >> our defense has to improve. and it is not that we have that as the model for the coach. but there is some responsibility of course on my part to get some guys who do a better job defensively, and i recognize that immediately. >> the roster has to get better or it won't matter who is coaching. among the names floated out there to take over, excavs coach, mike brown. if they are available and the team might see if jerry slown wants to come out -- jerry sloan will come out of retirement. madison balm gardener was in the lead and this is 2011 and he can't scratch out a win. wanna get away? after this effort this guy wants to get away. where did the ball go, honey? he gets him swinging and goes six innings and allows one run.
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second inning and chris snyder and a little bloop. walker scores and it is 1-0 pittsburgh. you can see buster posey like that. tahada hitting 200 and hits into the game ending double play. the giants fall 2-0. a's and angels in anaheim. ross throwing zeros at the halos and seven score less. tory hunter. you will get nothing and like it. bottom of 9 and fuetes for the save and it is an unearned run. he scores 1-1 and going to extras. wells and borgess on a collision course and the ball rolls all the way to the wall. pennington would score on a grounder and that turns out to be the winning run. a's are 2-1 in 10. great nba playoff game. grizzlies and spurs. san antonio needs a 3 to tie off the scramble and it is ginobili hitting from the
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corner, but look at his left toe on the line. they call it a two upon further review. free throws put memphis back up 3. 1.7 seconds and gary neil, you're the man. tied at 97 and to overtime. the spurs live and tony parker in the overtime with two of his 24. the spurs survive somehow, someway, 110-103. they still trail three games to two. and the sharks' playoff schedule is set game one against detroit will be friday night in the tank. game two is a rare sunday at noon. >> so sharks and royal wedding on friday. >> big party. we are big on royals. "nightline" is next. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great evening. we appreciate your time. see you tomorrow.
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