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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> good morching, i am amy hole field with breaking news. there is an officer involved shooting. the officer is in the hospital and the homeless man is dead. details are coming up. >> federal prosecutor getting involved in the investigation for last september's natural gas explosion that killed 8 people. the story is coming up in a live report. >> here is a live look. the breezes are impacting the trees. good morning, amy told you police activity in dublin.
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we'll have road closures to tell you about. >> just about 5:01 a.m.. i am eric thomas. >> good to see you. a deputy is injured and a suspect is dead after a shoot out overnight. abc's amy hollyfield is live in the scene in dublin. >> a veteran police officer is in the hospital right now. she ended up shooting and killing the man who hit her in the head. officers don't know why she approached the man. she called in and said she was approaching a suspicious person. her next call is to say she needed help. third call is to report she had shot him. she was alone in the entire exchange but got help soon after. >> the deputies were off as soon as she was with the suspicious person. by the time the call came out
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shots fired, less than a minute a deputy was here. >> police say they don't know whether he was armed with anything like a gun or a knife. they don't know what he used to hit her in the head. investigators are here working the case. he is a well known transient in the dublin area that is arrested several times. there is a dodge deal areship . this is where her car is parked. it happened in the intersection of st. patrick way and the southbound entrance ramp. the officers estimate being out here for four hours and maybe more trying to piece together what happened. live in dublin amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. an arrest could come soon in the case of a german tourist
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kill would boy a stray bullet. the family met with san francisco police investigators and the da. they hope to make an arrest in the near future. she was celebrating her anniversary when a bullet hit her in a shoot out with rival gang members. >> they come and see the place where my wife and their mother died. i think it is most important time for mow to come back. >> suspects who were arrested shortly after the shooting were arrested. schroer holds no ill will to san francisco and plan to return to the city. >> there is a center of a new investigation. hundreds turned out it hear pg&e's answers on replacing
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pipe lines. sarah is live with the latest. they are demanding thousands of stuff. they are starting and it could result in jail time for pg&e officials. last night here in san bruno. some answers to told to a packed meeting. pg&e is telling the crowd it going to hydrotest are upony miles of line at shareholder expense . pec taking a firm are stance saying it wants 7 where are 0 miles of pipe line tested. pg&e said at a quarter mile that is a lot of money. speaking of money. cum congresswoman jackie spear wanted to know where the money
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went to replace all of the pipes in the past. >> what happened to all of that money? if it was shifted from providing safety to rate payers and shifted to profits for shareholders, we have a big program. >> 8 people died and 38 homes destroyed in the natural gas explosion last december . admitting 34 miles of pipe was mistakenly listed as seamless when it was wielded. the same situation happened in san bruno . we heard from the mayor that it will be two years before there is a sense of normal see back here in san bruno. construction will start soon. in half an hour we'll hear from the victims of that explosion. live in san bruno . terry mcweeny . abc 7 news. >> thank you terry.
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darryl fineberg is threatening to put the squeeze on gop lawmakers if they oppose the budget. they want to pay they will get less of it he's not saying how he would target the districts. he would make sure services for children exempt. a large majority of the residents support governor brown's plan to eliminate taxes. >> 61 percent say they are in favor of closing the deficit because cutting the budget and tax business if it means schools would face no mother cuts. there is a one cent sales tax to cope the finding for schools. >> 49ers are stepping up the
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case for the naming. they hired creative artist agency to search for the right company. santa clara hope to score 10 to hundreds of millions to help fund the proposed stadium next to the amugesment park. >> they had broke a partnership for the new yankees stadium and madeson square garden. >> so saw that, mike. >> that is the big weather story today. wine and how choppy they can make the bay water and coast. we have a fow high clouds out there, most part it clear and cooler than this morning. you can see the jet stream that will bring us breezy conditions this afternoon. right now, it is calm in mountain view and san jose. fastest winds are out of
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fairfield. i have seen the plags around downtown san francisco and we have a 10-15 miles per hour steady wind right now. >> minus four compared to where we are in redwood city . we are in the upper 40s to low 50s . there is exceptions. sant rosa at 41 and antioc at 54. by the evening hours we'll have temperatures reaching the low to mid-60s and mid-to upper 60s inland. nos and mid-50s on the coast. it is not as cool tomorrow and then it will be calm as we round out the weekend and much warmer than average for sunday all the way through wednesday. may is coming in rather warm. >> we'll find out if there is a warm and fuzzy reception on the road. >> sorry about that folks, there is police activity there . we have road closures and the
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off-ramp closed to dublin boulevard . until further notice, they will get the scene cleaned up there. there is an earlier issue in san mateo. and it is cleared and emergency crews remain on the scene and you may find slow traffic and yellow icon slowing mast the seamless. we'll go to morin county . it is through terra linda, and those tail lights are headed southbound andeving is moving at the limit. >> still ahead, the high wire act coming today to attract falcon chicks to the bay area cities. >> one of the bay area largest water districts warning residents their rates are about to go way up. and extreme make over for
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> biologist will attach id bans on the legs of the baby falcons in san jose and san francisco. they start with the chicks that live on top of the hall. the four eaglets have been
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spotted on the towercam x. after disbanding the young team will decoid if they are females . they will do same thing in san francisco where three baby falcons nested on the 34 ledge of pg&e headquarters . scientist say they don't hurt the birs can they are used to being kept track of in terms of their population. there are estimated 250 nesting falcon pair in california. there were two known 40 years ago. >> tan ford officials are holding a meeting considering to bring the rotc back to campus. and they invoit the reserve earning core back . the they could atransact to the skill and virtue of millionaire leaders and the
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repeal of the don't ask don't tell was a catalyst to bring back rotc. >> conserving water may not pay off. they are telling customers they will be paying more for the water. they want a sixth rate hike this summer and for next yore. they are using 15 percent less water and the district said it must charge more to cover costs. they will make rates a third higher than they were years ago . >> apple's long delayed iphone 4 goes on sale in the u.s.. it was original low posed to be available after the apple released the black ikes, phone. they delayed the sale twice saying it was more of a challenge. it is exact low the same as black iphone except with the color. >> a mansion in san francisco's specific heights is transformed by designer.
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the annual decorator show case and the chance to see the work and peek in the lavish dream homes. don sanchez has a prevow. >> the house was built in 1927 and price tag 220000. it has weeping views and i peek in the neighbor's back yards and imposing structure and more than two dozen interior designer took a room and created real works of art. see how the pros do it and inspired by their inivation. >> we decided to keep the walls quiet and didn't want to interrupt the view. >> the kitchen looked look a '60's queue quow joint and designers had eight weeks to create can implement their designs. it was easy for one of them.
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james family owns the house and he grew up here. >> it is a wonderful feeling to see this be given a rebirth and energy that is well deserved. >> master bath is a spalight escape . top floor rumpus room is deep blue. >> it is a space and coined of a man cave, but more universal. >> check out the library, this is the owner's favorite room. >> the show case is where contemp concepts merge. >> it opens through may 30th. abc 7 news. >> it lovely. this morning, feeling breezier and turning cooler for us, right, mike. >> yes, sloutly . we'll smooth it. you, too. >> you two look so tanned. let's go with that. that is kind of a running joke
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on everybody where i live. i heard you pop up again about the water age. just kidding. got to do what you do. 5:17 this morning. here we are looking down on downtown san francisco. it is dry and going to get breezy and little bit of i difference compared to yesterday. temperatures will be cooler and we'll have the winds that are stiff in times. if you are on the bay waters are choppy. and if you are along the ocean it is tough. and blowing sand on the beaches u. upper 40s to low 50s and we are slightly warmer. antioc and oakland and around the bay mid-to upper 40 gilroy 42 degrees. cooler and windy northwest at 20 or 30 miles per hour . could have gusts higher especially over the open bodies of water where there is less friction to slow the wins down. calmer and warmer and may is
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coming in warm and april the same way . storm track. there is rain in the forecast. yards are looking dry and plants are droopy, you know what to do. mid-to upper 60s and we'll have low to mid-60s on the east bay shore . sunny down in the south bay and breeze coming off of the bay . we'll have faster winds on the peninsula and shooting through the san bruno gap and low to mid-60s for you . heading over to the coast, mid50 only upper 50s along salsalito x. mid-60s through most of the north bay valleys. santa rosa and clover dale and around monterey and carmel. upper 50s and mid-60s elsewhere in the salinas and holister. sheltered valleys from the wind will be the coolest. livermore and sapt rosa and clover dale. mid-to upper 30s.
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and here's what is going on area of high pressure to the east and area of low pressure coming in and the difference between those two brought us eye tight pressure depradient . that gradient will get tighter with cold air coming down and why it is so breezy today and possibly again tomorrow. by tomorrow evening, once the sunsets, wins will start to calm and you will see how warm it is going to be for saturday and especially from the coast. have a great day, here's sue. >> we have police activity blocking the lanes. southbound 680 off-ramp remains closed to dublin boulevard. that will be off and on. and we'll follow that for you. areas of contruction and overnight work not picked up . san mateo. and accident is gone and ambulance and fire crews are still on the scene. you may find slowing and
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checking the east shore freeway. it is toward the bay bridge westbound and we have no delays at the tol plasa so far. if you would like to check the information before you leave the house. abc 7 click on the bay area traffic. >> new clue police hope to help them catch two people tied to a tring of burglaries . the sunny marking garage that is providing engineer for ngngngg ♪ oh oh oh
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he's french. oui! oui like! [ male announcer ] four out of five agree it tastes as good as fresh butter with 70% less saturated fat than butter. [ kim ] you can have it all. >> welcome back. the police have released the photos of two suspects a man and woman in connection with a residential burglary earlier this week. the suspect took the atm and used it. this is the lenth burglaries in arena in six weekings. >> there say hearing on whether prop 8 should be tossed out because the judge was in a long-term same-sex relationship.
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walker declared the california law and banning it unconstitutional. but disclosed he had a male partner for 10 years. supporters of prop 8 want walker's ruling raicated. a different judge will hear the motion on uni13th. >> san jose flipped the witch for a new solar system. this is on a city storage yard. it will be enough to power to 1200 homes. >> we are blessed in san jose to have some of the world's greatest solar companies, leading the world in technology and it is great to use that technology on city facilities. >> a private investor put up the money and in exchange they will buy the energy and set rates. >> there is developing news in dublin where a homeless man is dead .
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we are live on the scene. >> dozens was tornados tear over the south and leaving detruction everywhere. stories of terror and hope begin to emerge. >> i am terry mcsweeny live in san bruno. there is an investigation that could result in jail time and burn victims are talking about the long road home, we'll hear from them coming up a minute. >> didn't expect to see that on a baseball field . >> also coming up. the giant's fan that said he was targeted by a visiting coach. >> check out temperatures in the country. soldest in seattle, 50. airport delays, go to the east. washington, baltimore and phil yenew york .
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>> i am amy hollyfield live in
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dublin. investigators are trying to figure out why a homeless man attacked an officer andeppeded up shoot killing him. the story is coming up. i am janelle wang, in the south the death tollis 1divide 0-- 170 is now dead as tornados after tornados ripped over the states. >> our weather wall seems mild in comparison. we'll talk about the 20-30 miles per hour wine and a warming trend for next month. >> i am sue holand. we have a bart delay . police activity in dublin with a road closure coming up. >> 5:28 on thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. interstate off-ramp is hut down after a hooting one that
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left a police officer injured and a suspect dead. amy hollyfield has the latest on the news. >> it happened fast. the officer radied in and said she would approach a suspicious person. three minutes later she called to report she shot and killed him. it happened at 1:30 this morning. investigators say he is a well known trancient that was arrested several times before. they are not sure what he was doing wrong that caught the eye of the veteran police officer. >> she noticed the person and after that, contacted the suspect confront egg became violent and she was struck in the head. with what we don't know. she sustained a serious injury.
5:30 am
they say the injury serious and they took her to the hospital. they don't know what he was armed with. they're looking for answers. >> it happened in st. patrick's way in the entrance of the southbound 68where are on-ramp. it is hut down and filled with police officers. they are trying to figure out what happened. they think they will be out here until 9:00 this morning at least. live in dublin amy hollyfield. "eyewitness news". there is a safety of the pg&e's natural gas pipe line. there is testing that needs to be done. pg&e got another public grilling about the pipe lineups and records .
5:31 am
they'll see if criminal charges might be in order. a packed town hall in san bruno. the congresswoman who represents the district called it. pg&e will hydrotest 150 miles of pipe line . the we learned that last fire victim is finally after all of this time out of the hospital and in rehabilitation . at that meeting last night. burn victims talked about the long road to recovery. >> how are you feel recovered? >> a day at a time. two steps forward and one step back. it will take a couple of yearings. >> some of the pg&e higharchy need to be made accountable and see jail time. >> jail time is a possibility with the federal government
5:32 am
involved in this. pg&e admitting that it has found more problems with the record-keeping and 34 miles per hour of domed seamless were weirded and it is the exact situation in september and killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes and other burn victims facing that road to recovery. abc 7 news. >> in oakland. a $40,000 reward is offered for two people and injured four others in a restaurant in jackiac square. it happened monday morning. a suspect fired an assault rifle in of the night club. the shooting may have started when the depun man tried to rob two men inside. police say the gunman got into a white four door camry with
5:33 am
three companions and speed away at the scene. >> the bart board is expected to extend service by an hour friday night and morning service would begin at 7:00 a.m. to allow enough time for maintenance. bart directors will decide if they need to move forward. a six month test proyect could begin in september at more tan a million dollars. >> there is a huge death toll in the wake of damage . spawning hundreds of tornados, they are live in the news room with the latest. >> the death tollkeeps rising by the hour. it took a dramatic jump. 193 people now killed in five states. mississippi, tennessee and georgia and alabama and verge
5:34 am
virge. south alabama was hit hardest with 128 killed there and 32 in mississippi and tornado after tornado tore through the south . the storm system spawned over 150 reported twisters so far and some with winds of over $200 -- 200 miles per hour. it killed 11 people in georgia. in tuscaloosa, the mayor said the infrastructure is decimated and smithsville, mississippi all of the town landmarks is gone. we grabbed a few personal belongings and went in the board room and when it was over with. everything was gone. >> the storm is also generating torrential rains as far north as new york. there is wide spread flooding
5:35 am
on the mississippi and ohio. promised federal help. half of the nation's states are activated for disaster response. live in the news room. janelle wangabc news. >> 5:35 now. >> nothing like that. and things are picking up for us with the proses. >> mike. it is brosey and saw with them. a stronger coat because of that . a couple of days ago, upon 25th and we go back to tuesday. and 44 reports of tornados mainly in texas and arkansas and see the next day. this will be 52 reports of tornados and stretching in mississippi and alabama and go to yesterday, 120 or 160 reports of tornados.
5:36 am
you can see all of those red triangles all the way to new york . back here at home. it is gusty out there. and 12 in oakland . 29 in hayward. the brose is confined to the coast and the san bruno gap. by noon, we'll have upper 50s to 60s everywhere except for mid-60s on the coast . as we head in the afternoon hours. look for mid-50s and along the coast in san francisco and mid-60s as you head into our valleys. watch out for the pollen today. it will be blown around. especially the trees. it will be breezy tomorrow. and once the sunset's calm weather takes over and eapproximately next week. >> we have police activity in the dublin pleasant ton area.
5:37 am
we have a closed off-ramp. it remains closed while they do investigation there. bart delay. it is downtown oakland city center. due to an equipment problem on the tracks. southbound 680 through walnut creek is moving well and no delays in the toll plasa so far. kristen and eric. >> it is 5:37. >> there is new optimism for the giant's fan. big sign the doctors will look for today. >> another giant's fan demanding an apology . next the slur that fans say left them shocked. >> riding the rails. giving police much more than j
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5:41 am
old woman. he was not charged but held for a parole violation. >> this morning a brave's coach said he is sorry for what he said. the gesture comes . gloria allred recommended they get anarningpology. queen claimed they used homophobic slurs when dressing the group of fans before the game. quinn asked mcdowel to watch his language the situation lated. >> i proceeded to yell there are kids here and they are listening and he proceeded to turn and say kids don't belong f-ing out the ball park. the commissioner said he launched an investigation. and doctors should know
5:42 am
today there is a new effort to breng a fran pran giant's fan out of a coma is successful. he was beaten in a dodger stadium parking lot march 31st. doctors reduced his sedation medication on tuesday . the family remains by his side. >> we'll see his eyes open and it hasn't happened. we expected to and praying for that. >> the type of damage he has in both frontal lobes. brian will never be our brian again. >> they have not captured the men who attacked stow despite the award in the case. >> walwalmart is guning for mail customers. >> just 24 hours to go. i am simon mcgregor and i will bring you all of the news for the build up of the royal
5:43 am
wedding of the century. that's coming up next. >> and tress passers on the hunt for copper in the east bay. >> if you have unused medications how switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> live look of doppler hd . see the rain in the oregon border and watch out if you are heading that way. that will be the only area of rain . high cloud exercise sunshine. 74 in san diego. the warm spot. it is 5:56. a suspect is dead. the female sergeant was alone and said she would approach a suspicious person . she shot the man after he hit her in the head. the off rain remains closed.
5:47 am
congresswoman jackie spear is demanding to know how much it will cost pg&e and the commission to replace old gas pipe lines . it will be hundreds of millions of dollars that were posed to pay for pipe line repairs. a town hall meeting was held to update the investigation . severe weather in five seven states killed 193 people . hundreds of tornados and high wipes devastated parts of alabama and tennessee and georgia and virginia for days. alabama appears to have been hit the hardest. president obama made a disaster declaration . and six month travel advisory for americans travel nothing europe expires after the royal wed will not be extended . you are looking live at pictures near london, england
5:48 am
and buckingham palace x. the state department first advised them to be wary amid reports that terrorist were planning an attack on the city. the threat is no longer considered active or credible and the travel advisory will be liftod saturday. >> final countdown underway for the wedding. this morning, the royal couple had the final walk through before tomorrow's ceremony. we have the latest from london. >> the entrance of westminister abbey, kate middleton and prince william and harry . the order of the wedding service was published in a sure near program. coal mining to the future king of england. >> bride to be is spending the last day as commoner with her family in the goring hotel . prince william will pend his
5:49 am
last night at clarence house with a quiet dinner with prince charles and brother harcompetent step-mom camilla. >> two million people will watch the pomp and pageantry and some of them staking out for days. >> it is the best seat to see the royal wed see kate and william and enjoy the atmosphere. >> the historic marriage of a young couple who will one day be the king and queen of england. >> hundreds of people are camped out on the treats behind me and all eyes are turned to the weather. it doesn't look great. forecast is predicting a cent percent chance of showers on their big day. simon mcgregor abc news, london. >> abc will bring you the royal wedding live in a special edition of good
5:50 am
morning tomorrow morning. it starts at 1:00 a.m. and runs to 7 and stream it live on abc 7 news opinion com. abc will air a royal wedding edition of 20-20 from nine to 11. and who is bringing scones for the viewing party here? lemon curd and a pot of tea and shepherd pie . >> nice call. >> who is bringing shepherd pie. >> you . >> i am bringing the tea. >> iced tearhot tea weather. >> iced tea. the showers will move in when the reception is happening in buckingham palace. >> wow. the london forecast, too. >> he's the man. >> i try to be full service. if you are up at 5:00 and watching our coverage it will not look quiet as cloudy as it will be breezy out there . high clouds, rolling in on
5:51 am
those breeze asks that will keep our temperatures below average. picture and looking off east . in anticipation of a sunrise, that is going to be probably pretty as we look at the clouds from time to time . >> mid-to upper 40s in santa rosa and everybody else in the low to mid-50s around the boy. it is mid-to upper 40s. slightly choler at 42 degrees. northwest at 20 x.s could be higher in the beaches and calmer and warmer saturday all the way through wednesday. storm track stays to the north and transitioning to the dry area. and mid-to upper 60s. it will increase the wind speeds . windy on the east bay shore. breezy down in the south bay
5:52 am
with mid-to upper 60s and breezy being a 10-20 miles per hour wind and 10-20 and gusts are higher and windy in the an bruno gap . low to mid-60s on the peninsula and mid-50s on the coast . upper 50s to downtown and south san francisco and windy in the north bay beaches. breezy in the valleys and low to mid-50s . mid-60s for everybody and take it to monterey and carmel. breezy around morgan hill . cool tone and winds will relax in the shepherd valley . that is 43 in concorde . reminiscent of everybody in the coast. mid-40s tomorrow morning . drop of low pressure. high cloud and winds are steering in today will keep it cooler than average.
5:53 am
look at all of the snow developing in oregon and also in the washington mountains. we'll see the cooler weather and those drive by temperatures are below average and the wins are the big story today and lesser extent tomorrow . 8:00 winds will drop off sharply and allow for a big warming trend and hang around all the way for monday, tuesday and wednesday and have a great day. here is sue. >> we have bart delays, oakland city center in the pittsburgh bay dress're direction. 10-15 minute delays . 15-20 minute delays and earlier equipment problems on the track and still got police activity in the dublin area. southbound 680 off-ramp to dublin off-ramp closed . police activity and investigation is ongoing . and check the east shore freeway. head lightts are headed
5:54 am
westbound and crowding there and no issues to report and the toll plasa is light. and westbound in the city. and before you leave the house. checking all of the latest information click on abc 7 bay area traffic. >> thank you very much. it is 5:54 now. >> you are one of those fancy phone covers with the design. for those of you who like to see the iphones, a white iphone coming out today . fans are lining up at apple stores. >> here is jane king with the morning business report. >> proving that iphone is a fashion statement and not a necessity . the white iphone already . the stores limiting sales for two. iphones no . sony losing points over the security breach that gave hackers acess to the can the
5:55 am
credit cards of customers. they are now facing a lawsuit. >> walmart stocking for shelves ammunition and guns in an attempt to attract more customers it is part of the back to basic initiatives. f.b.i. checks for guns are at a record level . >> seeing the best job market since 2008. it is the companies that work for field positions after leaving them open . and career website and twice as many postings as two years ago. at the new york stock exchange i am jane king with the bloomburg business report. >> this mornings police are investigating two cases of copper wire theft. finding copper wire that was stolen from the soft ball field . in north richmond. abc news cam ras were on board during a safety awareness
5:56 am
program when police spotted three men loading copper wire on the back of a truck. officers jumped off of the train santa clara county gets an f in owrone and air pollution in a new survey. the new report contains mixed reviews and most cooperates in the 2011 report got the same grade as last year with the exception of nassau cone. it comes from the tail pipes of cars . it comes from diesel from the buses. >> if you have unusual medication. they are taking the background on saturday. service is free and anonymous and aimed at preventing abuse. >> 242,000s of prescription drugs were turned in, in a
5:57 am
national take back day . medicine unused are susceptible of being abused or misused. for list go to abc sen.comand click on see it on tv. >> just ahead on abc 7 news at 6. >> how customers may be punished for doing something good. and vexing verizon customers. new problem with what is advertised as the agents most reliable cellular network. >> investigators are trying to figure out why a confrontation between a police officer and homeless man turned deadly. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up.
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