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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  April 29, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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disney wonder ships. cope in mind it is going by the disney company. see you at 6:00. tonight on "world news" from london, happiness, sealed with two kisses. prince william and kate middleton marry, as 2 billion people watch. a day of images for the royal history books. dresses that echo american royalty. prince harry'se er rirrepressib charm. and the unscripted moments. if you study their lips, what are they really saying to each other? and, also, tonight, the heartbreak. a shattered american south, strength in the storm. president obama touring the alabama disaster zone. saying, he has never seen devastation like this. and promising victims of the terrifying tornadoes they will not be forgotten.
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good evening tonight from london. we'll be bringing you all the news from here and as well from home. but behind me, right now, inside buckingham palace, the celebration is under way. the queen has departed, the bride and groom have arrived there for the first night of their married life. 300 guests ready to take to the dance floor. and, take a look at the new picture we saw. the couple making their way to the palace after just a few hours to rest, to change their clothes, to spend just a little time alone with each other. as we know, 2 billion people reportedly watched their wedding, and that's one-third of the entire planet. while another million lined the streets here in london. inside the abbey, 1,900 guests on hand. as the bride arrived at the door, the dean at the abbey said he wanted to reassure her, it will be all right. we are all on your side.
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and david muir has been at my side all day and covering the wedding nonstop. david, good to see you again tonight. >> reporter: you, too. when the dean says "we're on your side," he means it. we saw the thousands of people who rushed into this circle behind us today. they thought they were here to get a glimpse of the royal kiss, the one kiss. what they got was more than that. in fact, they got a real glimpse into the future of this royal family. like clockwork, their gleaming car pulled out of clarence house, the polished princes in the backseat. one, on the way to marry his princess bride. the other, the best man, there for his best friend. they were the boys the world mourned with after they lost their mother, princess diana. today, images of a monarchy that's healed. prince charles and the duchess of cornwall, camilla, who the boys have long since embraced, on their way, too. then, the queen, on this day, the proud grandmother, in yellow. prince phillip, now 90, at her side. at the abbey, the foreign dignitaries, the figureheads, and the famous.
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the prime minister, david cameron invited 30 years after camping out as a teenager to catch a glimpse of charles and diana. david beckham and his wife victoria. elton john, who famously sang at diana's memorial. while at the goring hotel, that first glimpse. immediately revealing so much. >> you could tell that she just looked absolutely stunning. the dress was just beautiful. and of course it had been the best kept secret of the wedding. >> reporter: that seven-minute drive with her beaming father. her final moments as kate the commoner. as they arrived at the church, her father told her, "you look great." then, her three-minute walk, 300 feet down that aisle. the world watching. and so was prince harry. >> prince harry just couldn't resist a cheeky glimpse. he's very mischievous like that. you could see him turning to william and saying, "she looks stunning." and while prince william was
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waiting, a signal of nerves, reminiscent of his mother. duncan larcombe was in the abbey. >> i just spotted him biting his lip, which was classic, classic diana. princess diana was there. >> reporter: camilla's face, filled with emotion. and then the vows. >> to my wedded wife. >> to have and to hold from this day forward. >> for better for worse. >> for richer for poorer. >> in sickness and in health. >> reporter: following princess diana's lead, kate left out the word "obey," too, instead promising -- >> to love and to cherish. >> til death do us part. >> reporter: then, as prince william's wife, she curtsied to the queen. in her new reality, where everyone else will now curtsy to her. they step into the carriage, lip readers watching so closely said kate told william, "i'm so happy." their ride to buckingham palace and hundreds of thousands lining the streets. and then, the balcony. the kiss.
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and then that unexpected second kiss, too, to thunderous cheers. as that little bridesmaid shielded herself from the noise of it all. and the only people who could have outdone this perfectly scripted wedding were the couple themselves. and they did. emerging from the palace in an aston martin, the license plate reading, "just wed." prince william's comrades from his search and rescue team hovering over. as the future king drove off with his princess bride. you know, from the moment you could see prince william looking at his bride saying, "you look beautiful" at the abbey. to the moment they drove out in the aston martin with the top down. they immediately made it clear
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they are going to be an open, accessible and in love royal couple. >> just wed. on the back of the car. and coming up, we're going to get a little more of that lip reading, a little more of those unscripted moments, we think we hear them talking to each other, at least we can see what they're saying. >> reporter: and one thing that was telling, as well. the weather. all day long, beautiful, and it started pouring as we came on the air. perfect timing for the disco. >> and nick watt will be back with more about the dress and as we said, more about those very human and unscripted moments. but for this moment, we turn back home to the devastation in the u.s., and the u.s. president touring the ravaged storm area, the wreckage of the south. the toll of the tornadoes, now a record 211 in one day on wednesday. the death toll, the highest from a storm in 86 years, crushed by the most powerful tornado known to man, so many of them. and we'll tell you more about that a little bit later. but we begin again tonight in the disaster zone with jim avila in concord, alabama. jim?
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>> reporter: diane, it's like two different words. the contrast is amazing. what you've been watching, most of the world has been watching, all the pageantry, and here, in alabama, itself, i'm in concord, as you say, where more than 200 homes were destroyed and that is perhaps why this is one of the few places in the world where, in fact, people were not paying attention to the fantasy, because the reality was all too time consuming. >> large hail. >> reporter: this is the most powerful tornado to hit mississippi in 45 years. an ef-5. the highest possible rating. winds upward of 205 miles an hour. hitting the town of smithville, with so much force, it launched a pickup truck so far into the air, it still hasn't been found. but this outbreak had more than one punch. tornadoes packing winds of just under 200 miles an hour hit five states from arkansas to tennessee. >> we just took a tour. and i've got to say, i've never
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seen devastation like this. it is heart breaking. how are you? >> i'm feeling better today. >> feeling better? >> reporter: the president and first lady visiting a shelter in tuscaloosa today. walking through one of the many leveled neighborhoods, promising not to forget the pain. for most of the hard-hit towns across the south, like concord, alabama, today was another day of searching for survivors. across the south, there are gas lines in decatur, alabama. customers waiting up to an hour to fill up. in ringgold, georgia, a supermarket was leveled. and one of those powerful tornadoes ravaged apison, tennessee, survivors digging through the rubble. back in concord, another twister ruined this sheriff deputy's dream house. >> this used to be the living room. over there used to be the kitchen. dining room here. >> reporter: this is 5620 smith road in concord, alabama, just two days ago. david newton's house. this is it today. he escaped with his life, a cut face, some bruises. he and his wife clung to each other as their house blew away.
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>> trying to hold onto my wife. i didn't want to lose contact with her and all that. she held on pretty good. >> reporter: 180 miles away in hackleburg, alabama, a town of 1,500, was wiped off the math. pastor clint noles lost his church. >> this was the sanctuary. >> reporter: and the high school kids lost their last month of classes. >> hackleburg is not hackleburg no more. it's just not on the map. >> reporter: and just that one little town, 29 people died. just one of the places across the south where they will be changing the map soon. diane? >> and jim, we continue to be astounded by these pictures that you are bringing us each night. and 50 miles to the west of jim, another town shattered. the heart of the community, its churches, destroyed in an instant. and steve osunsami is in cullman, alabama, tonight. >> reporter: in this small, deeply religious town of cullman, alabama, they told us
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god did not spare his own house. >> you got two churches here that were damaged. and then east side was just devastated. >> reporter: the tornado that killed two people and injured hundreds tore through every church in town. >> already asked my wife to pray. >> reporter: at east side baptist, pastor ken allen and his family took cover underneath the church stairwell. they watched the rest of the church blow away. >> just now we had someone walk in the front doors and just cry. >> reporter: there will be no services sunday at first baptist church. at first methodist. and certainly not at christ lutheran. >> as you walk up through here, you can see through these double doors, what remains. >> reporter: this is their sanctuary. >> this is a lot of work. >> oh, yeah, i mean, we're just kind of picking through, salvaging what we can today. it's a lot of work. >> reporter: they told us these are important places here, where charlie and margaret thompson have worshipped for years. where jessica gray was baptized.
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>> it doesn't really hit you until a day or two after. i'm still shaken up about it. it's something -- it will never be the same. >> reporter: brandy barker lost her church and her business. >> going to be hard. going to be hard. can't work, can't do anything. but -- we'll get through. >> reporter: they told us they will grieve and it will be difficult but they'll make it through. >> cullman is a unique community. cullman is tough and resilient. it will shock people how fast this community will come back. >> reporter: they were hit twice here. first, with incredibly powerful winds in the morning and then the tornadoes that afternoon. one person told us today that those little worries, they no longer matter. diane? >> thank you, steve. little worries no longer matter, a lesson for all of us. but in a special test tonight for the thousands of americans
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who survived the storm, but are facing a new challenge on their own. their towns destroyed. they're now homeless. and yunji de nies spent the day in cave spring, georgia, with survivors searching for shelter. >> right here was our dining table. >> reporter: sydney and hilda ford built this house by themselves four years ago. today, it hardly exists. they are in a place they never expected. homeless, not sure where to go. they are not alone. across the region, entire subdivisions of homes wiped away. >> i didn't brush my teeth this morning, you know? and so, i'm out here working, i'm looking, trying to save what we can save, but -- we have no place to put it. >> reporter: like the fords, thousands and thousands of people throughout the south have been left homeless by wednesday's storms. state officials have set up shelters for the greatest number of people, but for those on the edge of the devastation, they
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are of little help. the closest of the three shelters to rural cave spring is 50 miles away. the red cross has begun dispatching volunteers to drive through this quiet country to locate those who need shelter. but the challenges here are great. >> going back to the rural folks, they are very self-sufficient. they just can't imagine being homeless like this. >> reporter: there is a kind of pride here. these are people not used to asking for help. >> i'm an independent person, and i believe that, you know, that you should work with your hands and you should work hard and you shouldn't have to live off of someone else. but -- here we are. we're going to have to live off of somebody else. >> reporter: like so much in their lives, now that, too, has changed. yunji de nies, abc news, cave spring, georgia. >> and so many americans do want to help. we've heard from so many of you,
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asking how. and we put the information on you can go there and learn how to help the storm victims. and still ahead on "world news," sam champion is going to give us the anatomy of that most powerful tornado on earth. what it is and how you can possibly survive it. and then, back here in london, we do study the lips of the royals today. what did they really say to each other? and, was it a coincidence that the dress echoed american royalty? well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurtre it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources.
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working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at when we say there was a tornado that hit the south, it was such a powerful vortex of destruction, it was one of the most powerful ever recorded. it is incredibly rare. and, sam champion is in our weather center tonight and he's going to tell us what it feels like to be in the middle of that, and what on earth you do.
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hello tonight from london, sam. >> reporter: good evening, diane. and to find out how powerful a tornado is, the weather service actually combs through the debris. because each tornado level has a distinctive damage pattern. and an ef-5, the destruction isn't where -- the debris, actually, snts wheisn't where t was. the debris is miles and miles away. >> tornado behind us. >> reporter: wednesday's ef-5 with winds over 205 miles per hour was a horrifying image moving across the mississippi countryside. an ef-5 is the most powerful storm on earth. watch how this one from 2008 shreds a home in a matter of seconds. and decimates the inside of a bank. >> it's an extremely rare tornado. we typically see years go by before another one is reported. >> reporter: but in wednesday's outbreak, there may have been more than one. to be an ef-5, winds must exceed 200 miles per hour. category 5 hurricanes can reach
5:48 pm
that speed, too, but the damage from one of these tornadoes can be much worse. hurricane winds tend to be strongest above the surface. a twister's strength is right down to the ground. in may 2007, as i stood in greensburg, kansas, the scene of an ef-5, i realized there is very little chance to survive one. >> if you don't have shelter, concrete reinforced safe room, your chances are going to be pretty slim. >> reporter: and we think that's why so many people died in these storms. investigators are on the ground now trying to decide if there are other tornado ef-5 levels that came out of this outbreak. so, it is likely we will have had more than one. diane? >> all right, sam, thank you so much. and when we come back, the other news of the day, including what donald trump did last night that raised eyebrows. patented, actually. it takes a snapshot of your good driving habits,
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5:52 pm
profanity-laced tirade. it was last night and he blasted president obama's handling of foreign affairs, calling our nation's leaders, quote, stupid people, but he did double down, saying, he is seriously weighing a white house run. and, in florida, nasa had to scrub today's launch of the shuttle "endeavor," but president obama still went to the space center and visited with the crew and with congresswoman gabby giffords. she left rehab to travel to cape canaveral to watch her husband command the mission. mark kelly and the others will have to wait until at least monday while nasa fixes a power problem. no word whether the giffords will return to houston or stay to watch the shuttle take off. and, coming up, what the royal couple really whispered to one another. we asked the lip reader to tell us. and about that dress. working in the garden, painting.
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to help hospitals expand and schools grow. investing in the places we all call home. this is the way forward. and finally tonight, this memorable day was about british royalty, but we were reminded, when we saw that dress, of an american royal. the echoes of grace kelly in monaco in kate middleton's lace. take a look at the two of them, side by side. and now we want to turn to our
5:56 pm
very british nick watt about some of the unscripted and wonderfully human moments of this day, including your very own, nick, your moment in history. >> reporter: well, thank you, diane. you know, if you watch a wedding live as we did this morning, you miss stuff. you know, there's too much going on. so, we teamed up with a lip reader and between us watched the tapes back once, twice, three times more and, take a look at what we discovered. william greeted kate and her dad with a nervous joke. "we're supposed to have just a small family affair." and the ring. what was going on? wrong size? warm fingers? check out the queen, checking out her newest relative. the fashion? well, no one missed princess beatrice's hat. it already has its own facebook page. enough said. ceremony over, kate, "i'm so happy." but it's a long ride, a long day. kate flagged, cue william. "you have to wave back, even if
5:57 pm
it's too much for you." only one horse bolted. photographed by an abc producer. meanwhile, relief in the abbey that it's all over. yes, you really did just see that. harry rode with the kids. sweet. little tom the page boy, son of william's nanny, he's got the royal wave down. this little bridesmaid, not so much. kate on the balcony, "oh, wow." indeed. kate marveled, "they're in perfect formation." william was all business. "come on, okay, the kiss?" the first kiss was a little weak. we were unimpressed. kiss her again! "you want this," asks william, "another kiss?" the fabled second kiss. you a in tradition, perhaps? i'm taking credit for that kiss. i started the chant. little tom mused, "it's good fun being with the royal family." then, another royal tradition. the queen decided that was enough. and everyone followed.
5:58 pm
you know, the one thing that we can't show you is the party that is still going on behind me in buckingham palace. but you know what, diane, maybe some things are best left behind palace walls. >> possibly so. but let the history books record it was nick watt who said "kiss her again" and made it happen. thank you, nick, for what you did for all of us today. and we want to remind you, later on, barbara walters will have a special two-hour royal wedding edition of "20/20." she has new interviews, new details from the day. and we thank you for watching tonight. we're always on at david muir will be back to d >> gas prices and oil profits, tonight you will hear chevron why the huge earnings have little to do with what you pay in the pump. >> the east bay housewife that had sex with teens and.
5:59 pm
how easy it for kids to pay for alcohol. i am michael finney with a hidden camera investigation. i am 7 on your side . >> city scientist takele a stease found in one of the parks. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. profits total 34 billion and the pump prices head toward record levels . quickly defended them. laura anthony is live in the chevron station in alamotonight. >> since the first of this year, gas prices shot up 88 cents and that is 38 percent and the same


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