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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 30, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, horror and hope across the american south. historic destruction. the worst in nearly 80 years. hundreds of people are dead. entire towns have been wiped off the map. people are now wondering if they can ever rebuild here. we are live from one of the areas that has been hit hardest. and a world away, in so many ways, that dress, that smile, those kisses, those hats. billions watched, millions cheered. and now, the royal wedding after-party. what happened after that kiss? we have all the new details from the reception. the partying that lasted till dawn. and now, the official wedding photographs, just released, as william and kate leave for their
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honeymoon. good morning, from london. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and good morning, bianna, and good morning, once again, america. i'm dan harris, in tuscaloosa, alabama. >> dan, you and i, of course, thousands of miles apart, covering such different stories. the one here has so much joy in london this morning. the celebration after william and kate's wedding continued well into the night and into this windy, early morning here in london. we have new pictures of the happy couple and their reception outfits. and even the picture of that magnificent cake. and take look at this. this is a video of the newlyweds this morning, just moments ago. they have just left buckingham palace by helicopter. headed for the secret honeymoon. no one knows where that is.
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we are well aware of there's so much sadness and destruction at home, dan. some locals expressed their condolences. the terrible sights and sounds and news of devastation there, where you are. >> those condolences are well-deserved. we're in two different datelines this morning, covering two different stories. one of them is a fairy tale. the other is an american nightmare. i'm standing in front of an apartment complex that was essentially wiped out by the twisters. as you can see, the windows have been blown out. the roof was sheared off. found a child's teddy bear in the front yard. and over my shoulder, you can see, there's some children's bunk beds that were left exposed by the storm, which is a poignant sight. this has been the country's worst and deadliest outbreak since the great depression. the death toll standing at 345 across 7 states. 254 people killed here in alabama alone. hundreds, if not thousands of people injured. and as many as a million homes
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and businesses still do not have power. to really get a grasp of just how enormous the scale of the destruction is, check out these aerial pictures. these are entire towns that are now essentially wiped off the map. nothing is left. president obama toured the city where i'm standing right now, yesterday, the city of tuscaloosa, alabama. he expressed his condolences. and he got a firsthand look at just how vicious these storms were. >> i've never seen devastation like this. it is heartbreaking. we were just talking to some residents here, who were lucky enough to escape alive. but have lost everything. >> i can tell you, when the president says he's never seen destruction like this before, i personally have been to many war zones, many disaster zones. and what we're seeing here is truly extraordinary. >> look at this. >> reporter: the first person we met when we arrived in tuscaloosa was robert
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pennington, who showed us the damage to the sanctuary of the church where he got married. to see it like this, what is that like for you? >> it's heartbreaking. we're trying to salvage anything that we can salvage. >> reporter: right down the street, we met allison smith, a journalist student, clearing her stuff out of her crumpled apartment building. this is your building? >> yeah. the bottom floor one. >> reporter: the one with a couch now hanging down? >> yeah. >> reporter: there used to be a two-story house right here, not long ago. but it was entirely whipped away by a tornado. in its place, we now have a bunch of junk and debris, and two, full cars that were blown into this basement. and if you look throughout this neighborhood, in this direction, for as far as you can see, there is nothing but destruction. a neighborhood erased. jessica colburn was right here, at home with her boyfriend, when that tornado hit. >> the next thing i know, the house was off of us. 10, 15 seconds, later, it was over. and that jeep cherokee is in
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front of my face. >> reporter: what are you doing out here? >> well, i'm going through what used to be our memory box. i found a picture of us. and some letters and cards. this is what i wanted to find the most. >> reporter: they are still looking for survivors here. rescuers thought they heard a child's voice coming from under the debris at this spot. but no one was found. let me walk you through the devastation in one housing complex that we pretty much picked at random. this building over here, used to have a second story. now, it is gone. this parking lot used to be filled with cars that were parked in an orderly fashion. now, all of them are destroyed, especially this one, which you can see, is now upside down. can see, is now upside down. hundreds of people are now staying in red cross shelters here. this family feared the worst when they were not able to find their 1-year-old baby boy, carter, after the tornado hit. >> he was in bed sleeping. and everything just fell on him. took us a while to get him out. >> reporter: the house fell down on him? >> yeah. he was in the bed, still asleep.
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>> it's impossible. nobody could have made it out. but he did. >> carter is an incredibly cute and incredibly strong child. across the american south this morning, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands are homeless. and hundreds of thousands of people don't have power. that means gas stations, banks, restaurants, grocery stores have all been rendered essentially useless. so, how are people surviving? our steve osunsami is northeast of where i am right now, in the town of cullman, alabama. steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is the bumper to an ambulance. there were several that were hit here when the storm came through. when they talk about a roof peeling off, that's what this is here. the town of cullman was hit hard. the entire city is without power. and they could be in the dark for the next week. for cullman, alabama, it was so unfair. first, they were hit with incredibly high winds that left the town in shambles.
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then, came the monster. one forecasters called it the hand of god, that finished what the winds started. 2 people were killed, 200 injured. the 911 dispatch center was crushed. >> i was on a 911 call when the building got hit. >> reporter: margaret and charlie thompson lost their home. but they had their lives. >> my husband was on one side. but i was on the other. >> you can't imagine the noise. you can't imagine the fright. if i was in that chair, i wouldn't be here talking to you guys. >> reporter: the furniture store was destroyed. >> this was asphalt that just slammed into the wall. >> reporter: jessica's grandparents owned it. she was heartbroken. >> it's something -- it will never be the same. >> reporter: brandy barker says she'll rebuild. >> it's hard.
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it's hard. can't work. can't do anything. >> reporter: this is a town of churches, more than 250. >> we're just kind of picking through, salvaging what we can here today. yeah. it's a lot of work. >> reporter: the tornado tore through almost every one. >> just now, we had someone walk in the front doors and just cry. >> reporter: they're putting the town back together. at the pharmacy, they're handing out diapers, ice and crates of water. they say there are better days ahead. this is that 911 center, or what's left of it. they had to move out all of the ambulance services personnel, and every 911 operator and all of their equipment to another building across town. dan? >> incredible. steve osunsami, thank you for your reporting this morning. i want to turn, now, to the mayor of tuscaloosa, walt maddox. mr. mayor, i'm really sorry about what happened to your town. >> thank you very much. >> i know you were holding a news conference. and a man at the news conference literally broke down crying.
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can you describe the state of this city, psychologically, right now? >> our hearts are broken. but our souls are strong. we will persevere. we'll have a new day in tuscaloosa. we're determined. we're not going to let the multiple death that we've seen break the back of this community. it -- we're not going to have their deaths be in vain. we're determined to build a new tomorrow for this city. >> president obama was here yesterday. i know you met with him. are you getting everything you need from the federal government right now? >> well, we'll see in the next 72 to 96 hours. yesterday was the first day of the fema declaration. they'll begin to put some assets on the ground today. and in the next 72 hours, we should see more assets to help. we're going to have a huge humanitarian problem here. we're going to have thousands of people that are homeless. we believe we had 6,000 structures that were either damaged or destroyed in wednesday's tornado. >> that's incredible. last night, i met a volunteer who was going out and trying to deliver aid supplies to the elderly in one neighborhood in town. she said she was chased away by a group of armed men. how serious is your crime and looting problem in the city
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right now? >> we do have reports. but the national guard -- the national guard level right now is about up to 850. that number will get up to 1,500 by the end of the day. we have a few reports of that. when you take 5.9 miles wide, very limited amount of that. >> very limited? >> very limited. >> so, at this point, what does your city need most? >> well, we need men, material and equipment. not only has our houses and businesses been destroyed. the assets of the city were destroyed. our entire environmental services fleet. our emergency management agency, police precinct, firestation, wiped off the map. so, we're taking on this disaster with two hands tied behind our back. the governor and the state aid has been phenomenal. we need the resources to continue in the coming weeks ahead. >> as you said, you are taking on a disaster with two hands tied behind your back. mayor walt maddox, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> we really appreciate it. we're going to switch gears now and go back to london and my colleague, bianna.
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bianna, over to you. >> dan, the magnitude of that devastation is among the leading headlines here in the newspapers, and on television in the news. but of course, the number one headline this morning is that royal wedding that brought so much joy to billions, yes, billions, across the world yesterday. we all watched as prince william made kate middleton his princess bride. and the after-party, it lasted well into the morning. with our intrepid, nick watt, followed them down to the last minute. you are my partner in crime. and you even brought me a morning-after hangover sandwich. >> reporter: i have almost lost my voice. i was shouting and screaming. no one can accuse me of being an objective journalist. i got carried away. we went yesterday from the wedding of the century, to a bacon sandwich. this is what guests were served early in the morning. 300 people, behind palace walls. here's what we know. from a global wedding bash, to a private party at the palace. kate, make that the duchess of cambridge, was gleaming in this
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white dress by sarah burton for alexander mcqueen, the same designer as her wedding dress. prince william looking dapper in evening attire. the royal reception was by invitation only. including 300 of the bride and groom's closest friends and family. an eight-tiered cake wowed guests. and prince harry delivered a best man speech, laced with jokes at his brother's expense. while outside, hordes of adoring fans rushed buckingham palace's gates, to try to get a glimpse. and while not as many fans stuck around to see it as the wedding itself, some certainly haven't lost any of their, uh, spirit. >> it's an occasion that's never going to -- it's not going to happen again. >> reporter: spirit was flowing inside the walls of the palace. reports are, that most guests left through side gates. pouring themselves into taxis between 11:00 and 3:00 a.m. >> i, william arthur philip
7:13 am
louis -- >> reporter: and more detail coming out about the ceremony. that kiss. we were unimpressed by that first kiss. so, we timed it. it lasted a paltry 0.76 seconds, to be exact. kiss her again. you want to? another kiss? the now-fabled second kiss, nearly doubled in time. a new royal tradition, perhaps. i'm taking credit for that second kiss. i started the chant. now, our very own lip-reader tried decoding the sweet nothings the lovebirds were saying to each other. watch this. william whispered to his bride, you look beautiful. and then, ceremony over, kate, i'm so happy. but it's a long ride. a long day. and kate flagged. cue william, you have to wave back, even if it's too much for you. and during that carriage ride, a stray horse, snapped by an abc
7:14 am
producer, bolting. a minor blip. as our lip-reader clocked a page boy on the balcony saying, it's good fun, being with the royal family. you know something? it is. it's good fun. and what we've got to look forward to next, a honeymoon, maybe some kids. i have to say, bianna, it's a bit weird, the royal world. but it's the best soap opera on earth. >> we have to wait until the next royal gets married to partner up in some of our pieces, as well. nick, thank you so much for your coverage this week. >> thank you, bianna. >> see you soon. for more on all the late-night partying, with me is abc news contributor, and royal editor for "the sun," duncan larcombe. welcome. >> good morning. >> you were there. you were there at the wedding. you saw everything. you saw will bite his lip. now, we're on to the next stage, the honeymoon. we saw them just take off. any ideas where they're going? >> we're going to find out in a
7:15 am
of hours, i think. they will probably tell us exactly where they're going. and they will ask for privacy. the front-runner is the caribbean. kate went out and bought some summery dresses. that gives away it's probably not going to be the antarctic. so, we'll just wait and see. any minute now, we'll know. >> and there were rumors that she didn't even know. that he was keeping it a secret, not telling her. >> it was certainly william's intention to keep it from her. they discussed what she would like to do in general. we don't know if she knows where she's heading off to today, either. >> and she's not going to have time to breathe before people start speculating about a baby. a royal baby. of course, we know, william came soon after the wedding. there's a lot of anticipation here that she should get pregnant right away. >> that's right. when charles and diana got married. also, when the queen and duke of edinburgh got married, prince charles was born not long after that. so, yes. the next story. now, we have the business at the abbey out of the way, it will be, is she pregnant? >> she lost a lot of weight leading up to the wedding. so, everyone will be looking for any pound she gains after the
7:16 am
wedding. and speaking of the wedding, everyone looked dashing. she had a gorgeous dress on. but a lot of people were wondering if maybe she was outshined by her younger sister, who looked good, as well. >> in our newsroom, we were getting saying, we liked the look of pippa. and speculation that harry was enjoying her company too much. >> they looked good together. we wondered if chelsy was looking jealous. sitting there and watching it all. >> absolutely. pippa looked amazing. the verdict in our papers today, is that she managed to do the incredible thing of looking amazing, but not upstaging the bride. >> lastly, everything seemed to go according to plan, until the last minute. was there anything in the wedding that surprised you? >> well, it surprised me that absolutely nothing went wrong. and again, the verdict in the british papers and the queen's edict, she said it was excellent yesterday. the verdict, i think, is a perfect day. that's probably a relief to everybody here.
7:17 am
but it's also been great for britain. i think everyone in london today, sort of buzzing. a great atmosphere. >> they are proud of their royal family and the wedding they were able to pull off. and the wedding was amazing, too. a great week. duncan, we appreciate your help and your contributions. now, let's check on the other headlines this morning with ron claiborne, back in new york. ron, i miss you. >> i miss you, too. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. libyan leader moammar gadhafi is calling for a mutual cease-fire. he gave a speech on state television this morning, saying he would be willing to talk to nato powers. as he spoke, nato bombs rained down on government buildings there in the capital of tripoli. and the obama administration has imposed new sanctions on syria officials, after violent crackdown on protesters in that country. at least 65 people were reportedly killed on friday, when security forces opened fire on demonstrators in towns and
7:18 am
cities across syria. the final launch of space shuttle "endeavour" has been delayed until monday at the soonest. an electrical short forced the postponement just hours before the scheduled liftoff. wounded arizona congressman, gabrielle giffords, wife of mark kelly, is expected to stay in florida until at least monday. and if you're wondering where a good chunk of your money spent on gasoline is going, look at these new numbers. in the first three months of this year, the big five oil companies raked in $34 billion. that was up 42% from a year ago. and it works out to about $379 million in profits each day. and finally, one of the first rules in baseball, of course, is don't argue balls and strikes with the umpire. apparently one other rule, don't tweet about it. at least not still during the game. the fiery white sox manager, ozzie guillen, was suspended for two games for this tirade on wednesday, against the yankees. and the comments he made on twitter after getting ejected. so, the rule is, don't tweet
7:19 am
about it, at least not during the game. that's a first look at the headlines. it is time, now, for weather and jackie meretsky. >> good morning to you, ron. although a widespread severe weather outbreak is not expected today, we still could get hit with some aggressive storms, mostly later on in evening. in the arklatex region, a slight risk of severe weather. that's what the national weather service has told us. and it looks like the most imminent threat from that outbreak would be damaging winds and hail. you can't rule out the possibility of a few tornadoes. we're really watching this rain. more heavy rain is expected in arkansas. up to four inches is expected.
7:20 am
back to bianna in london. >> jackie, thank you. well, we've got a look at some fun moments from the big day that you might have missed. the roar of the crowd is too much for this little 3-year-old bridesmaid. you see at the bottom of this picture. she is frowning, with her hands over her ears. while kate shares her big buckingham palace kiss with her husband. and did you like this hat? or did it fall flat? that's not lady gaga. that's princess beatrice, raising eyebrows with her wild head gear at the royal wedding. the fas natser being worn by the 23-year-old daughter of prince andrew and sarah ferguson has its own facebook page. and did you see the abbey official that's head-over-heels for the royal couple? he is doing cartwheels after the wedding, unaware that the cameras were still rolling. they love that video here in london.
7:21 am
we'll have more coming up from london, including how the memory of princess diana's wedding hung over her son's big day, in so many, big and small ways. and we'll go back to dan in alabama, so many homes destroyed. so many personal treasures lost. we're going to introduce you to one woman who is trying to reunite people with some of their most important mementoes and family photos. that's all coming up. you don't want to miss it. stay tuned to "good morning america." ing. the monster was furious. roar!!! it's for laughing... [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] ...pretending... and the mouse went, "wha-wha-wha, why?" [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] ...seeing things differently... and then the boy bit the dragon! [ female announcer ] ...and for being with your favorite storyteller... [ grandpa ] i love you when you're quiet... [ female announcer ] ...even after he goes home to nevada. [ grandpa ] and i love you when you're loud! [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. ♪
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wow! delicious! try honey bunches of oats with almonds! ♪ good post-wedding of the century morning, america. you're looking at the official royal wedding photos, just released moments ago. the happy couple, there you see them, with the bridal party. and william and kate with their families. the couple just left buckingham palace for their honeymoon. it's the morning-after, here in london. and we have so much more to get into. including how princess diana was so prevalent in so many ways in the ceremony. did you notice similarities? good morning. i'm bianna golodryga in london. we have a lot more coming up. of course, our thoughts and prayers are with those in the south, who are having such difficult times this morning. dan harris is there. you're in one of the hardest-hit
7:31 am
areas of this week's tornadoes. >> good morning to you. good morning, america. i'm dan harris, in tuscaloosa, alabama. and i am walking through a debris field, in what used to be somebody's front yard. stepping over screen windows. we found a child's bike. and i want to show you something on this home, or what used to be somebody's home. volunteers have gone door-to-door, rescuers, marking all of the homes, to make sure to let everybody know they have been cleared. the zeros are a good sign. that means no victims were found here. i want to give an idea of how vast the devastation is, just where we are standing. look across the street. we have another camera shot. all through there, that used to be homes. now, nothing but devastation. sheer blithe scape. so much devastation here in tuscaloosa. all over the south, we have 1,500 people staying in shelters right now. last night, we met up with two, young children staying at a red cross shelter here in tuscaloosa. here's what they had to say. there was a tornado in your room? >> yeah. >> how loud was it? >> loud. it was really loud.
7:32 am
>> did you think you were going to get hurt? >> yes. >> what were you thinking was going to happen to you? >> i thought that, that, like, i was going to get really hurt bad. and i was going to be in a hospital. >> can you imagine how terrifying that was for a child? that child, just 10 years old. with me now, suzanne horsley, a red cross volunteer. good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. >> i know you have hundreds of people that are psychological first aid workers on the scene. what kind of psychic wounds are you dealing with here? >> initially, we saw a lot of disbelief, shock. now, it's turning into more of a feeling of being overwhelmed. how are we going to get through this? a lot of people that we see, just don't even know where to begin to recover. so, our counselors are trying to work with them. >> what do you say to somebody who has lost everything? >> we just try to provide them
7:33 am
with as much comfort as we can. we're trying to take care of their own needs right now, so they don't have to worry about where to get food or where to sleep tonight, so they can sort of spend their energy working on their families. >> what do you need right now? for people at home, who want to help, what can they do? >> the red cross needs the support of the public to get through this. this is long-term. we need donations to or text red cross to 90999. >> suzanne horsley, thank you very much. and good luck to you. >> thank you, dan. >> if you go to, we have plenty of links, if you want to help out. we have plenty of places you go, to click and give and get involved in what is a true disaster here. and i want to tell you about something else that's fascinating going on in the american south this morning. a neighbor helping neighbor effort. all over this area, people are finding artifacts of other people's lives that are literally blown into their front yards by these powerful winds. now, there's an effort online to connect people to things they've lost.
7:34 am
take a look. these are memories in search of owners. first birthdays, first steps, graduations, weddings. snapshots, snatched away by the tornadoes. now, faded, ripped and smudged. but found by strangers and posted on facebook, in a deeply personal lost and found. the facebook page was created by this woman, patty bowen. >> i got on facebook. and a friend of mine posted it was raining pictures in her yard. >> reporter: patty herself found photos scattered across her own lawn. debris carried from the tornadoes. some of it from miles away. including a pregnant woman's ultrasound and baby pictures. >> if these were the only baby pictures they had, i wanted to make sure they got returned. i didn't want them to grow up not knowing what they looked like as a baby. >> reporter: soon, other people were posted things they had found. a stock certificate from
7:35 am
tuscaloosa. pages of a yearbook. a diploma. and what appears to be discharge papers from the army. >> i created the page about 7:30 wednesday night. as of today, there's over 50,000 hits on the page. we have over 500 pictures or documents that have been found by people. >> reporter: some of the things have been identified and claimed. but so many more of the precious mementoes keep flooding in. >> a lot of the pictures put on there are baby pictures, pictures from birthdays. very personal memories. they can't replace those. the only way to get those back is if someone finds them and returns them to them. >> i met a young woman combing through the rubble yesterday. she was looking for her own pictures and letters. she told me, clothing can be replaced. furniture can be replaced. memories cannot. let's check the morning's other news headlines with ron claiborne in new york. ron, good morning to you.
7:36 am
>> good morning, everyone. in the news, the army corps of engineers is preparing to blow up a levee in missouri, if necessary, to relieve the massive flooding there. a federal judge has ruled that the corps can flood farmland along a stretch of the mississippi river to help save the town of cairo, illinois. and supporters of stem cell research. a federal appeals court has overturned a ruling that blocked taxpayer financing of the controversial research. and final preparations are under way for tomorrow's beatification of pope john paul ii. on friday, his casket was removed for public viewing at st. peters basilica. beatification is the final step before sainthood. and finally, the alaska zoo is looking for a home for this polar bear cub, that is now believed to be orphaned. this cub was rescued on friday at this oil field where it was first spotted with its mother several weeks ago. that's a quick look at the headlines. time for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> thank you, ron, again. when you have to blow up levees, you know the flooding situation is serious. let's look at video from
7:37 am
pocahontas, arkansas. that is in northeastern arkansas. basically, because of a series of heavy rainfall, from april 22nd to the 27th, this is what you got. and more rain on the way. basically, the worst flooding is in six states. from illinois and indiana, all the way down through arkansas. that's where 18 river gauges are in major flooding. and more rain on the way. that will be in the ohio river valley by sunday.ur this weather has been brought to you by united health care. bianna, back to you. >> all right, jackie. i'm envious of your hair. mine is in a pony tail here because it's windy. coming up on "good morning america," 2 weddings, 1 family, 30 years. we'll look at william and kate's wedding, compared to his parents'.
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well, as prince william and catherine middleton exchanged vows, the world watched. just as they did nearly 30 years ago, when william's parents were wed. those weddings were filled with romance, pomp and circumstance. but will and kate gave it a 21st century twist. a relaxed william came out the night before his nuptials, to shake hands and laugh with his supporters. taking a page from his mother, always interacting with the people. >> william represents the new generation of royals. >> reporter: early on in the process, he was quick to point out that his brother, harry, was his best man, not giving him the stuffy title of supporter, as prince charles gave to andrew. showing the boys' close bond that their mother always encouraged. prince william wanted this to be an intimate affair, a choice lady diana didn't have. >> it was a bigger, over-the-top, bigger than life, event. it was an event that was filled
7:42 am
with pomp and circumstance. not a lot of emotion. and the wedding today, of william and catherine, felt so much more intimate. it felt very personal. >> my wedded wife. >> reporter: that is just where the differences began. the guest list for charles and diana, 3,500 attendees, was a royal state affair. and the couple were only allowed to invite 150 of their own friends. william and kate's guest list, a mere 2,000, included members of charitable organizations, a direct influence of diana's charitable spirit. and their personal friends got front-row seats. >> i was in the front row, inches away from kate, when she walked down the aisle. it was really special. >> reporter: she presumably took his breath away, when he leaned over to her and said, you look beautiful. but his nerves showed. look at him biting his lip, just like diana used to when she was nervous. both rode off waving to the crowd. kate, bubbling, told will, i'm so happy. the royal introduction to the world on the balcony of
7:43 am
buckingham palace. both couples composed. waving. the royal kiss. but kate and william gave this 21st century crowd an encore. >> that's the first time there's been two kisses. >> reporter: diana and charles rode off into their sunset the old-fashioned way. to the sound of a horse's gallop. throughout motherhood, she showed her sons how to be care-free, an attitude william carries on. riding off with his princess bride, in a decorated aston martin. just wed. now, i want to bring in colleen harris, who was press secretary to prince charles, william and harry, from 1998 to 2003. thanks for joining us. >> pleasure. >> what struck you the most from yesterday's wedding? comparing it to the wedding of william's parents. >> you know, diana and the prince of wales' wedding was a beautiful occasion. it really was. i do remember it very well. a very grand occasion.
7:44 am
and i think it seemed completely inaccessible to most people. but very special and grand. whereas yesterday's wedding, with kate and william, i think although it was full of pomp and circumstance and terribly british and royal, it seemed accessible in a funny kind of way. >> and diana's legacy is everywhere in this city and the world. and of course, everyone's thinking what would she have thought about the wedding? what do you think she would have thought? >> i think she would have loved it, actually. it did -- this sounds like a weird thing to say. but it did have a bit of a common touch to it. when i say accessible, we could sort of imagine ourselves having a wedding like that, kind of. and i think she would have loved that bit. even though it was in westminster abbey and they had 2,000 people there and it was terribly grand, it still had that church feel. like it could be you. and it wasn't. >> it did have that feel. you're absolutely right. you know these boys so well.
7:45 am
what went through your mind when you saw them walking down the aisle? two men, dashing uniforms, for one of their weddings? >> i have to confess. i did feel slightly emotional. and very, very proud, because when you think of them as 15-year-olds and 13-year-olds, when i joined the palace, they had just gone through a very traumatic period, with the divorce of their parents. and then, the death of their mother. and to see the two very, very charming young men, in uniform, looking so grand, it was really lovely. >> and do you think william -- i heard on television. i don't know if this actually happened. but william turned to his brother and said, you're next, when they were on the balcony for the kiss. >> apparently, apparently that's what he said. but i thought it was lovely, when they were standing at the altar waiting for kate to arrive. and harry couldn't resist a peek. >> he was looking back. that's right. wait until you see what's coming down the aisle. >> exactly. >> we appreciate all of your help this week.
7:46 am
it was a magnificent wedding to cover. >> thank you very much. >> on to harry's. >> it was a delight for me. and coming up on "good morning america," your wishes for william and kate in just three words. i'm good about washing my face. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] introducing purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals. developed with dermatologists... it's clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and toxins and purify pores. and with natural willowbark it contains no dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. dirt and toxins do a vanishing act
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7:52 am
♪ say you will say you will ♪ >> isn't it ironic? kate middleton had her own three words, leaning over to her prince, saying, i'm so happy. you can send us your three words. go to and upload your video there. we'll be right back.
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well, it has been a magical week, covering this royal wedding. dan, i know you're going to be staying there in the south, in alabama. >> we will. i want to remind everybody, that you can go to to give to the victims. and get the latest all day. david muir will have more on "world news." have a great day, everybody. as you can see from behind me, a beautiful weekend and let's check in with lease. >> good morning everyone. we are looking at breezy winds on top of mount tam. it's going to allow for warming and winds will relax a bit.
7:57 am
everybody is in the 50s right now but wind gusts 23 miles an hour and in oakland up to 36 miles an hour. livermore is still gusty by the delta. so we have high pressure building in. temperatures, look how much warmer than yesterday morning, already starting out 10 degrees warmer in redwood city and san francisco. so with this high building in, once it builds in by tomorrow the winds relax and we will see even warmer day on sunday, but occasional offshore winds throughout the weekend will allow to get the warming get underway today. 73 in oakland and look for 76 in concord. 74 in livermore. at our coast it will remain breezy, upper 60s in san francisco. some of those winds gusting up to 20-25 miles. getting warmer in the 80s tomorrow and stay above normal
7:58 am
throughout the first workweek of may. keeping it comfortably cool at the coast but today, they are around seasonal novms but above normal right on through the upcoming workweek. >> looks like a perfect forecast. east bay teacher trapped in his car in the base of a ravine and latest on the royal newly weds who have decided to delay their who have decided to delay their honeymoon. as a buyer for t.j.maxx, i'm not just looking for deals, i'm looking for the hottest fashion. hot -- hot, hot. i get a lot of ideas just walking around the city, checking people out. it's like a fashion show out there. then, it's all about the deal. i negotiate directly with designers... so you get the savings. you know, the smartest fashionistas-- are really maxxinistas! t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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