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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 1, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. good morning, america. this morning breaking news, a nato air strike reportedly kills moammar gadhafi's youngest son and three of his grandchildren while the libyan leader himself barely escapes with his life. is he now a target? ground zero. for the first time this morning we're going to show you one small town hit so hard by the fiercest tornado in years. a rare ef-5, the strongest there is. meanwhile, throughout the american south this morning, how faith and the faithful are playing such an enormous role in the recovery efforts. royal staycation. prince william and princess catherine postpone their honeymoon for a private weekend getaway. and this morning we have new details from inside the reception. just what did prince harry say in his best man speech? >> and d.c. comics, hollywood hits washington as the stars rub
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shoulders with politicians at the white house correspondents dinner. the main target of the evening, donald trump. >> about mr. trump, he certainly would bring some change to the white house. see what we got up there. see what we got up there. >> good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga in new york. and i'm dan harris in tuscaloosa, alabama. good morning, bianna. good morning, everybody. we're here covering the aftermath of the deadliest tornado outbreak since the great depression. and this morning, look at this. we've got a tale of two churches. one church completely leveled. all that's left is a concrete slab. the other church, still standing, unscathed, despite the fact that every structure nearby destroyed. we're going to talk to both pastors coming up, but there's a lot of other news
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this morning, and bianna has that from new york. that's right. we'll return to that in just a moment. also this morning in an elaborate ceremony that just finished moments ago, pope john paul ii was elevated to one of the holiest levels from the catholic church. he's now just one step away from officially becoming a saint. but there is controversy about this, and we're going to go live to the vatican in just a moment. but we're also going to begin in libya where moammar gadhafi's youngest son saif and three grandchildren were reportedly killed in an air strike by nato in tripoli. gadhafi and his wife were said to be inside the house during the strike but escaped unharmed. miguel marquez has more from benghazi. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. just how gadhafi escaped is not entie lir clear. journalists who visited that compound say that it was thoroughly destroyed and it's not clear how moammar gadhafi could have gotten away without being injured. libyan officials describe it as a private home but nato insists that it was a command and control center, and it does not target individuals. rebels here in benghazi
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celebrated overnight when they got the word, but rebel leadership is not so convinced until they see the bodies. they don't believe that these people actually died. they say that gadhafi is simply trying to garner international support and divide the coalition. there are likely to be questions from russia and china in particular in the days ahead. bianna? >> all right, miguel, thank you. and for more let's bring in "this week" host christiane amanpour from washington. good morning, christiane. >> good morning, bianna. >> now, let's make clear this is not the saif you interviewed in the past but the least known of his children but what role did he play in his father's regime? >> well, not clear that he played any significant role in the regime, but the real question is what is nato doing and are they stepping up pressure around the headquarters of the gadhafi family to try to break this stalemate which has really now entered about the sixth week since the u.s. and its allies put up that no-fly
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zone. as you can see, there seems to be no real way out of that for the moment. and they're clearly trying to increase the pressure on gadhafi himself. >> the spokesperson said the aim of the attack was to kill gadhafi himself. so are we seeing a major shift in nato's mandate which was, of course, not to take him out? is he now a target? >> well, you know, there's a lot of shifting opinions about what nato's mandate is, and under the u.n. resolution, it is rather wide-ranging. it calls for all measures necessary. and while they have said that they want gadhafi out, very few have actually said we're actually going after him, but some of the leaders, including defense secretary gates, have come quite close to saying, we want him out, and we're after him. so the real issue is, how to put pressure on him to end this stalemate. >> and, christiane, quickly, you've covered gadhafi for years now. does this bombing weaken his morale, or does it reinforce it? >> well, look, it's hard to tell. certainly he lost one of his daughters when president reagan ordered bombing against his compound in libya more than 20 years ago, and he kept going.
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as you know, for the intervening decades, but what it's doing is making it complicated to see how there is a way out, and that's what we're going to see. he had called for a cease-fire but nobody believes him. they want to see action, not just words. >> all right. christiane, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us, and, of course, be sure to watch christiane later on "this week" when her guests include house budget committee chairman paul ryan. dan? >> bianna, good morning once again from tuscaloosa, alabama. i want to show everybody something. we're standing in what may be the hardest hit area of tuscaloosa. this is an area we just got access to within the last 24 hours. look at this. it is devastation as far as the eye can see. almost everything is destroyed. this landscape here is downright post-apocalyptic. i say almost everything for a reason. because there is one exception. look at this building behind me. this building survived essentially untouched, unscathed. and that building is a church, it's the soma church. and we're going to talk to the
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pastor and his parishioners coming up. first, though, the major headlines out of this region this morning after that swarm of tornadoes hit this region, the death toll now stands at 342. the death toll in alabama, 249. there are still more than 100,000 people in this state who still do not have power this morning. alabama was by far the hardest-hit state. but there is a tiny town in nearby mississippi, a town called smithville, that was hit by a rare ef-5 tornado. that is the strongest tornado there. 205-mile-an-hour winds. and our neal karlinsky has made his way to smithville there this morning, and he's live with us this morning. neal, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. it's fair to say there's not an inch of this town that hasn't been affected. take a look at this building. i don't know if you see the angle there, but it's leaning heavily. tornadoes normally hopscotch around, destroying some buildings, leaving others unaffected, but not here. this town is a near total loss.
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while the people of tiny smithville, mississippi, sift through the remnants of their lives, pastor wes white is carrying a burden few here can imagine. he's already begun presiding over the funerals of his friends and neighbors, including one he was with as rescuers pulled her from the wreckage of her home. >> she was alive. i actually called her by name and spoke with her. and as we were running her towards triage, i was praying with her. >> reporter: he buried her saturday. but there are incredible stories of survival too. >> she was crouched in the hallway when the tornado hit. >> reporter: 79-year-old maxine chisholm was ripped from the home along with the walls around her. they found her 50 yards away, atop railroad tracks incredibly alive. >> having to go through all of that, and she survived, it's hand of god type of miracle. >> reporter: the town's police chief is lucky too. his police station was torn to
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shreds around him as he worked to save his son. >> and he came up like over the top of me, and while he was going up over, i grabbed ahold of him, and he grabbed me. and we went -- and we were actually blown like outside the building. >> reporter: police, the post office and the town's only school, wrecked. nearly every business in town, destroyed. but city leaders say they are determined to rebuild, almost entirely from scratch. >> i don't want this town to be a spot that used to be on the map. we want to be what we used to be but better. >> reporter: about 800 people live in this town, 4 of them remain missing this morning. there are two churches in this city. both of them have been leveled. they'll be holding services in a tent this morning. dan. >> and there will be sunday services throughout the south this morning. neal karlinsky, thank you for your reporting this morning.
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this is, as we've said, the deadliest natural disaster in america since hurricane katrina, and unlike katrina, which i vividly remember covering, one thing we're not hearing here is anger at the government response. the government response appears to be, appears to be swift thus far. more than 2,000 members of the alabama national guard have been deployed with 837 in tuscaloosa here alone, and we're expecting federal dollars to start pouring in soon to help rebuild. one thing we've noticed here as we've traveled around, though, there's something fascinating, on the front lines everywhere we go of this rebuilding effort, we're finding church groups. the response is massive and run with military efficiency. church members taking in immense amounts of relief supplies and then sending them right back out to the people who need them. >> we are purely motivated by the love of christ. that's our motivation. we want to love this city in its darkest hour. >> what if people say, yes, i want your help, no, i don't want you to pray with me? >> we still give them our help. we will help people even if they
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don't ask us or if they refuse us to pray for them, we will still give them as much help as they need. >> reporter: churches are responding aggressive ly evn though they were not spared. look at this church in alabama. it was flattened. all that's left is a concrete slab. they will still be holding a church service this morning. >> our message is hope, that we can do this, that we can move past this devastation. when all else is gone, all you've got is hope. >> reporter: by contrast. look at the soma church, still here right in the middle of tuscaloosa's hardest hit neighborhood. nothing else here is standing except for this church, which is now a staging area for relief supplies. >> do you think it's a miracle? >> for me it's a miracle. >> reporter: the pastor of this church was not so lucky personally. the roof of his home came off and look at this mobile home in his backyard. its steel frame is now wrapped like a toy ribbon around what remains of a huge tree.
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>> that's just an incredible display of the force of nature. >> reporter: and pastor shawn faulkner is with us this morning here in tuscaloosa. we want to go over to him right now. thanks for having us. we appreciate it. what's your theory about why your church was spared? >> i don't know the answer for that. i don't know that we were more blessed or highly favored than the next person down the street. but i do know that all things work together for good for those who love the lord and are called according to his purpose. >> this is a question that people in your position get very frequently in situations like this. i know you were up late last night talking to a parishioner who lost a loved one during this. what do you tell people when they ask you why would a loving god send a tornado? >> jesus gave his life for us to have abundant life, and sometimes abundance doesn't come our way. sometimes destruction and devastation comes, but i found that telling my parishioners, telling people who are part of our church when they've been hurt that they can trust the
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lord, he weathered the storm, and he'll help us weather the storm as well. >> pastor shaun faulkner, we appreciate you having us here. good luck you to and your family. we appreciate it. >> thank you, thank you. >> we'll have much more from tuscaloosa coming up later in the show. but for now let's go back to new york and bianna. bianna? >> that's right, dan, and a lot of our viewers weighed in asking how they can help. they can go to our website,, for all of the details there, dan. meanwhile, switching gears, more than a million people are at the vatican for the beatification of pope john paul ii. the ceremony puts him one step closer sainthood just six years after his death. david wright is at the vatican this morning with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. he's now literally a miracle away from sainthood, but just check out this crowd here. the beatification mass just ended. and all around you see flags from around the world. you hear every different language and accent, they have come from the four corners for him. instead of a funeral mass, this
7:13 am
was a celebration of a man the vatican is now convinced is in heaven. today, pope benedict spoke what's called the formula of beatification, ensuring that john paul's name will forever be blessed. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> to be declared blessed is to be declared an example for the faithful, someone you pray to. >> reporter: but not quite a saint? >> but not quite a saint. >> reporter: to be sainted john paul needs another miracle vetted by the church. he already has one. a french nun miraculously cured of parkinson's disease after she prayed to pope john paul for help. today sister marie simon-pierre carried a relic of john paul, a vial of his blood extracted during his long illness. it took st. thomas more 350 years to be beautified and plus
7:14 am
another 50 to become a saint. john paul is definitely on the fast track. >> there are times in the life of the church when everybody just says, this is pretty obvious. >> reporter: some are offended by the speed of this process in light of the church's slowness to respond effectively to the sexual abuse scandal. do you feel like the church is making a mistake here? >> my own view, i think -- i think given the seriousness of these issues, it is enormously premature. >> reporter: but today here in st. peter's square, that was the minority view. today, john paul's coffin is in front of the altar inside the basilica. his anointed successor was first in line to pay tribute. and all of these people are standing in line now to pay tribute, as well. you know, john paul himself sort of started this process of fast-tracking saints during his papacy. he sainted and beatified more people than all of the popes before him. 1,340 beatifications, 483 new saints. pope benedict has slowed that
7:15 am
down considerably, but you get the sense here at the vatican that today he was happy to perform this ceremony for his predecessor, bianna. >> and, david wright, our thanks to you. turning to england now, prince william and catherine are enjoying a private local getaway for the weekend after deciding to postpone their honeymoon. in new details about the wedding reception are starting to trickle in. jeffrey kofman is in london with the latest. jeffrey, we heard harry was a riot. >> reporter: that's the word. that's right. there was no honey noon for the newlyweds, but a short break somewhere here in england, we're told, perhaps at granny's castle in scotland but while the new duke and duchess are escaping the public eye, we are seeing more images from the wedding and we've got the inside scoop of the celebration. the official wedding portrait, an image of a future king and queen. the official photographer. >> i don't know what to say. i mean, i love them. they're so bloody nice, i know
7:16 am
we can't swear on telly, but they are just so nice as individuals and as a couple. >> reporter: this is the official family photo. the royals on the left, the middletons on the right and finally there is this memorable shot with the couple surrounded by their young attendants. hamming it up for the camera, 8-year-old tom pettifer, son of william's childhood nanny. >> though there was a promise of sweets and jelly bean, but they knew what they had to do. >> reporter: more images too of the late night party at buckingham palace for family and close friends. the duchess looking spectacular yet again. and while details of the speeches are scarce, according to london newspaper reports, best man prince harry was light-hearted and his speech laced with jokes at his brother's expense and even some of his more elderly relatives. harry playfully referred to the couple as the dude and duchess. his girlfriend chelsy davy vetted the speech before him and insisted he drop a risque
7:17 am
reference to kate's legs. and what was the music for the couple's first dance? a cover version of elton john's "your song." was kate, the duchess, nervous before the big day? apparently, amazingly not. >> she's the same on her wedding morning as she has been all of the way through. she's just so calm and so collected. i mean, it sounds amazing to hear but it's absolutely true. >> for now a short break, monday is a holiday here in britain. the newlyweds will then head to their royal home in wales where the duke, a/k/a the prince, will be back to work tuesday as a military search and rescue pilot. there will be a honeymoon, but they are not saying where or when. bianna. >> they've been good at keeping those secrets. jeffery, thank you. >> let's get a check of the morning's other top stories. my friend ron claiborne, welcome back to you. >> good morning, everyone. the dangerously high mississippi and ohio rivers have forced the evacuation of the entire population of cairo, illinois.
7:18 am
most of the 2,800 residents have obeyed the mayor's mandatory evacuation order. there is concern about a large sand boil which occurs when river water seeps through the ground behind a levee. the river in cairo is expected to crest at record levels tuesday. a man suspected of killing four family members in his rural ohio home was killed in a shootout with police on saturday. three officers were wounded in the shootout 90 miles away from columbus, ohio. police were responding to calls about shots fired in a home. two officers have been released from the hospital and the third is expected to make a full recovery. lindsay lohan is hoping to resolve her criminal case over a stolen necklace before it goes back to court. lohan will reportedly enter a no contest plea to end the case. she's already been sentenced to four months in jail for violating probation related to that alleged theft. lohan is due back in court for a pretrial hearing on may 11th. >> and finally who says that
7:19 am
dogs and cats can't get along? in a safari park in china, a dog is nursing a set of newborn twin bengal tigers. the cub's mother doesn't have enough milk to feed them herself. so the dog is helping out, voluntarily, we believe. while feeding her own newborn pups. seems like one big happy family for now. >> for now until they keep growing. >> yeah, and then there may be trouble. >> may be trouble. >> let's turn to jackie meretsky for a look at the weather. good morning, jackie. >> good morning to you, bianna and ron. well, we've been seeing a lot of the extensive damage from tornadoes. now let's focus on today's imminent threat, and that is flooding. now we're in the second wave of heavy rain from illinois all the way down to little rock through the overnight, an additional 4, even 5 inches fell in some portions of arkansas. more heavy rain is expected and you can see here on our monitor we do have a tornado watch to the east of dallas, and that is in effect until 12:00 central, noon central time.
7:20 am
dan and bianna, back you to. >> dan and bianna, back to you. >> dan and bianna, back to you. >> thank you, jackie. coming up here on "gma," children of the storm. what the youngest victims of the tornado are saying. why do they think things like this happen? also ahead, runaway mystery. where are the modern-day romeo and juliet who took off together just weeks before their high school graduation because their families don't approve of their relationship?
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coming up on "good morning america," wow, those royal wedding dresses were beautiful and really expensive. kate middleton's after-ceremony dress, $10,000. her sister was wearing one of those 4,000 after. we'll tell you where to get bargain deals. you don't want to miss that. also last night, the annual white house correspondents dinner. the president was the jokester in the house and who did he roast?
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>> all new. president barack obama and first lady, michelle obama. oprah: what do you know for sure about marriage? >> a landmark hour. oprah: what do y y y y y y y y a
7:29 am
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no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald, and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter like did we fake the moon landing? >> and that, ladies and gentlemen, was the leader of the free world essentially roasting donald trump at the white house doernts dinner last night with the donald sitting in the audience for everyone to see. is this a few early shots of a 2012 competitor? we'll have all the highlights coming up on the show. good morning, america, i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, may 1st. and we are still in awe of the amazing fashions we saw at the royal wedding, as well, and today we'll show you how you can get those same looks like pippa's gorgeous evening dress on a decidedly nonroyal budget.
7:31 am
first dan harris is in alabama covering the devastation there good morning, dan. >> bianna, good morning to you. once again, good morning, everybody. we're starting in what may be the hardest hit area in the hardest hit city this disaster. this is one neighborhood in tuscaloosa, alabama, that took a direct hit from a very powerful tornado. we're standing amidst the scattered remnants of people's lives. i'm standing among washing machines, mattresses, beds, children's toys. it is an enormous vista here this morning, and it is very sad. we're looking at day five of this disaster. the death toll now, 342 in the 7 affected states. more than 100,000 people here in alabama still do not have power. among them, many, many victims, children, so many children. so we sat down with several groups of children to get their take on this disaster. >> i heard a lot of noise, the whole house shaking. >> and there was trees everywhere. the front of the yard, the
7:32 am
backyard, a lot of stuff everywhere. >> reporter: everywhere you look in the sea of destruction here, you see signs that the victims include so many children. toys, tiny shoes, a crib. these children are now homeless and staying at a shelter. >> and our houses started shaking. >> reporter: shaking. were you scared when this happened? >> 100% scared. >> reporter: 100% scared. >> if i didn't know something like this would happen like this to know that we would be in a situation like this. >> i think those windows are broken. >> reporter: these children were staying with their grandparents after their roof came off. what were you thinking? >> i was thinking that we were going to wake up in heaven. >> reporter: really? >> i thought that we was going to die. >> reporter: isaac, when you heard it going over, what were you thinking to yourself? >> i was thinking, god will protect us. >> reporter: why do tornadoes happen? >> i don't know. i was asking my mom and dad about that. they didn't know either. >> reporter: why do you think this happened?
7:33 am
>> some people say the reason why it happened is like because god is sending us a message. >> reporter: god is sending a message. what do you think the message is? what about you, gabriel? are you going to miss anything? >> i'm just glad that we all got life and feel sad for the people that did die. it was shocking to see. >> reporter: these are weighty issues for children to have to confront, too weighty. and it's a relief that moments after our chat they're able to revert to just playing. >> yay! >> reporter: so fascinating to talk to those children, and we thank them for their time. a lot of people want to help out in the wake of this disaster. if you're interested in giving, you can go to we've got plenty of resources there for you to give. once again, and for more on the rest of the morning's headlines, let's go back to new york and my colleague and friend ron claiborne. ron, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, dan. good morning, everyone. in the news, libyan leader moammar gadhafi is said to have barely escaped a nato air strike
7:34 am
that killed his youngest son and three grandchildren. rebels in benghazi and misrata took to the streets celebrating the attack. nasa announced that it will decide whether to attempt another launch of the space shuttle "endeavour." if the required repairs are easy to do they'll try again tomorrow. if not it won't take place until at least next sunday. in japan, sony executives apologized for the data breach that led to the thefts of personal data of 33 million of playstation subscribers. sony is investigating the attack. finally there was a lot of hot air blowing in key largo, florida, this weekend. 140 people set the world record for the most people simultaneously blowing a conch shell. surpassing the old record that was set two years ago. it is time now for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> thanks very much, ron. and dan was just asking why tornadoes happen and a lot has to happen meteorologically for really any type of severe
7:35 am
weather. let's take a look at the setup over the next couple of days. we have a typical clash of air mass. no shortage of cold air coming from the north. warm, moist air from the south. a very active jet stream and the result is going to be flooding and storms flooding in some of the hardest hit areas from illinois all the way down that area through arkansas. of course, any time i can talk about snow at the end of april, >> this weather report has been brought to you by pup-peroni. bianna. >> jackie, thank you. and now to a romeo and juliet story of sorts. a teenage couple in florida now on the run. neither of their families
7:36 am
approved of the relationship and now they disappeared. police don't think they're in danger, but their families are desperately trying to track them down. andrea canning has the story. >> reporter: the mug shot taken of jackson powell for shoplifting set off awalarm bels for his family but not for police. the two-week hunt for powell and his girlfriend, nicole dones took a turn on wednesday when he was arrested in savannah, georgia. but the police didn't recognize the missing boy until after his release on bond. >> they have vanished into thin air. >> every parent's worst nightmare come true. at least my worst nightmare come true. >> reporter: 17-year-old nicole dones was just weeks away from graduating high school and looking forward to a family trip to the bahamas. >> her boyfriend, 18-year-old powell, had been going through a difficult time after his brother's death in october, and his grades were starting to slip. different backgrounds but a teenage love story neither could deny, one their parents forbid. >> his priority was nicole. and we were trying to refocus him on his priority being school. >> we just worried that they were just too -- >> too serious.
7:37 am
>> reporter: now the pair has disappeared, and their daring escape has brought both sets of parents together. >> i've never lost communication with my daughter, and for her not even to call us or anything, it's just mind-boggling. >> reporter: they've even hired a private investigator. so far he's turned up nothing. >> i'm afraid that they both could be in danger. >> they're both very striking, you know. they stand out. and so for not one person seeing either one of these kids, you know, that's what's really got us very, very worried. >> reporter: friends are also concerned. a facebook page has been set up asking has anyone seen jackson powell and nicole dones? and just in case anyone has, their parents have this message. >> we just want to know you're safe. >> we love you. you know, we just -- we want you back. >> for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. and coming up on "good morning america," how to dress like royalty on a pauper's budget. we'll show you how to get some
7:38 am
of the royal wedding's best looks for less. and the president in the role of chief chuckler. we'll tell you who had him laughing at the white house corespondents dinner and who he poked fun at. poked fun at. at the white house correspondence center and who he poked fun at. - oh, we miss you, honey. - i'll be home soon. until then... tommy?
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well, from kate's stunning gowns to her sister's emerald green evening dress to, of course, the hats, high fashion was certainly on display at the royal wedding. well, you don't have to be royally rich to get those looks. carla martinez, fashion director of "w" magazine is here to tell us how you can get some of those looks for less. what a wedding it was. let's just talk about that dress. the wedding dress. it was stunning. and her sister pippa's dress was beautiful, as well, but we saw the after-party dresses that were equally stunning. sarah burton designed the dress for kate middleton, the beautiful white dress. that dress runs $10,000. >> yeah, at least $10,000. i mean normally her ready to wear is at least $5,000 so they're estimating this dress of upwards of $10,000. >> but don't fear, we could actually get a similar-looking dress for much less. right? >> right, exactly. >> helen is modeling a dress that looks to be a replica. >> yes, the "w" editors found a great dress
7:42 am
from lauren, by ralph lauren at lord & taylor. this dress is about $79 and then a great pair of shoes from forever 21 for $23 and we found a great bolero from forever 21 for $18. and we actually found a great belt that we made ourselves. >> see, i love that, making it yourself. >> yeah, you can go to m & j trimmings and buy a strand of sequins and tie it with a great ribbon in the back and that will run you about $15, which is great. >> your total is 140 bucks. >> exactly. >> not the 10,000 that we saw. it's a beautiful dress. helen, thank you. obviously a lot of eyes were on pippa at the wedding, as well as the after-heart. she had that beautiful emerald green dress. it was made by -- >> temperley, london. and we found a great dress that we love from zara, which was -- which is about $100 and has this great silver sequin belt which kind of makes a whole dress and paired it with a pair of forever
7:43 am
21 pumps for $25 and a pair of nine west earrings for about 18. >> the original dress was $3,000. we got this one down to 143 >> $143, which is great. >> fantastic. and it wasn't just people that were in the bridal party. we were also talking about some of the guests that were famous and beautiful, as well. victoria beckham comes to mind. she looked fantastic. >> she looked great and she's pregnant, of course. but we found a great dress from asos for $80. which is a fantastic price. our model looks great. she's wearing an amazing fascinator by and a pair of forever 21 pumps for $23. >> and victoria beckham we should say was wearing a dress from her own collection valued between $5,000 to $6,000. this one we got for 81 bucks. >> yes, which is fantastic. we also would like to mention that victoria's hat, which is by philip treacy, was at least $1,000 to $2,000 and we found some great fascinators at
7:44 am
fascinators nyc for about $36, which i think is great for something that really makes your wardrobe and really sets your look apart. >> well, we saw hats galore at this wedding. is this going to be a trend that we're going to see more of in the u.s., especially one hat stood out to us. yes, do you remember this famous royal princess' hat? on some websites now. >> right. >> it's on some websites now. >> fonzi, our lovely stage manager here is displaying his own version that was created for him. >> it's a fonzinator. >> which on beatrice or fonzi, i don't know which one you approve of at home. you can weigh in. go to but, seriously, are we going to see hats become more and more prevalent here? >> i hope so. i really think it's a great way to accessorize, it's a really great way to bring your outfit to another level, as we said before. we found some great fascinators
7:45 am
from for about $36, and i really think it changes the way your entire outfit looks. i was at the museum of natural history last week, and i actually wore one myself. there were a lot of girls had wearing hair accessories, which i think is great, a new, fun way to, you know -- >> glam it up. maybe i'll wear one on air in the coming weeks. >> yeah. that would be fun. >> carla, we appreciate your advice, your tips, coming in saving us a lot of money. the dresses were beautiful. the wedding was sensational. >> thank you for having me. >> carla martinez from "w" magazine. and coming up on "good morning america," the president leaves them laughing at the annual white house correspondents dinner. don't want to miss it. don't want to miss it. them laughing at the handle white house correspondence dinner. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge.
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7:48 am
washington looked a lot like hollywood last night as
7:49 am
politicians and the press got together with tv and film stars for an annual big bash. it's kind of a beltway version of the oscars. that's the white house correspondents dinner. david kerley has a look at the highlights of the night. >> reporter: it's called the white house correspondents dinner, but last night you could have called it the donald trump birther roast. >> are you expecting him to say anything? you've been in the news. >> i don't think he'll address me, but we'll see. >> reporter: yeah, right. the president opened with a heart-thumping music video of his birth certificate, which trump had questioned. >> tonight for the first time, i'm releasing my official birth video. >> reporter: yes, "the lion king," "hakuna matata," but the donald was not laughing. >> no one is happier to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald, and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that
7:50 am
matter like did we fake the moon landing? and where are biggie and tupac? >> reporter: the only solace for the donald was he wasn't the only target. >> there's a vicious rumor floating around that i think could really hurt mitt romney. i heard he passed universal health care when he was governor of massachusetts. >> reporter: and if that wasn't enough, comedian seth meyers piled on. first the republicans. >> donald trump has been saying that he will run for president as a republican, which is surprising since i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> reporter: but the president was not immune. >> now, you, on the other hand, mr. president, have aged a little. mr. president, look at your hair. if your hair gets any whiter, the tea party is going to endorse it.
7:51 am
>> reporter: proof that when you try to entertain a bunch of journalists, the truth can be funnier than fiction. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. >> sounds like seth meyers hit a home run there. >> yeah. >> he's hilarious. >> a little bit of revenge there for the president against donald trump. >> what will it take to get donald to laugh? >> i guess he wasn't amused by some of those jokes. >> maybe if you tell the jokes you can get him to laugh. >> maybe. >> do you think him and the president chatted at that event? >> i'm betting not. >> i bet not. what do you think? we'll be right back. what do you think? be right back. breakfast!
7:52 am
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ask your doctor about juvéderm® xc. and before we say good-bye, we want to go back out to alabama. dan, i know there's some information that you want to share with us. >> well, we do actually have a sweet note from alabama. we spent some time with the humane society of alabama. they've been going throughout the disaster zone and rescuing hundreds of dogs and cats. we went into their shelter in birmingham where they've rescued a batch of puppies as you can see there. they've got a lot of dogs they brought in. they also rescued a batch of kittens which you're going to see in a moment. these kittens are so tiny that they have to be fed with a syringe. they are really -- there you go, there's one kitten eating out of a syringe. >> ah. >> so, you know, the people at the humane society do say obviously job number one is protecting human beings and
7:56 am
helping them get back on their feet. but for so many people, they acknowledge their pets are a huge part of their sense of well-being. they've already carried out a handful of reunions and they hope as people start resuming their live, they will have a lot more reunions. that's the latest here from alabama. >> i know that brings a smile to your face and to ours, dan. thank you. and thanks for watching abc news. be sure to watch "this week" with christiane christiane and david muir tonight.
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