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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> i can report to the american people and the world, that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. the most wanted man in the world killed in an u.s. operation . not in a cave but a mansion in
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pakistan by a team of u.s. navy seals. our coverages starts in new york. >> good evening, four months before the 10 year anniversary of the terror attack in shanksville, pennsylvania and here in new york city and washington d.c., the most wanted man in the world osama bin laden is dead. president obama said ben bin was killed after a u.s. firefighter in pakistan. >> it was the news that americans and allice waited for 10 years. >> tone, i can report to the american people and world that the united states conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda and a terrorist responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. >> and osama bin laden and the al qaeda network became household names after the
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september 11th attacks. bin ben's face was synonymous to the growing awareness of terrorism here at home. >> there was a posted out west that said wanted dead or alive. >> bin laden was enjoying himself. raising those carrying out attacks and saying they were overjoyed when they hit the build i said to them be patient. >> bin laden's death has been a long time coming. special forces raided hide outs in the mountains and country acting on real-time intelligence. they heard bin laden's voice over a two-way radio urging his men to fight and then nothing. bin laden was never far from the headlines sending out audio and videotape messages that he was alive and in control. the manhunt continued.
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trail rain cold in afghanistan and pakistan. obama promised to pull u.s. troops out of iraq and turn the military's attention back to afghanistan. >> we must take out osama bin laden and his lieutenants if we have them in our sights. >> in the end, it was a promise that president obama was able to keep. >> again, terrorist master mind osama bin laden killed on sunday in pakistan by u.s. led special forces . 25 other al qaeda operatives were killed in the trike. the u.s. has custody of his body and osama bin laden will be buried at sea. this is tj winic reporting, back to you. network the president received a tip on bin laden's where abouts in august which led them to a mansion in pakistan. he was killed in a fire fight.
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his body is held in accordance to islamic tradition. aman al-sari had a major role in the september 11th attacks and the brains behind the al qaeda network. he denounced the united states and urged muslims to fight nato and american forces in lib yampt osama bin laden is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent americans in the 9/11 terror attacks including many bay area residents on flight 93 from new jersey to san francisco. lilian kim is in the news room with reaction from the family members of those victims . >> family members we spoke to said it was a long wait and they were not sure they would see this day, but tonight they say justice was served. >> i can hardly believe it. >> alis was glued to the
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television coverage. her son doid on september 11th, one . 3000 people who died in the terrorist attacks. >> it is a great cathat are sis and relief. my son was killed on september 11th and the lives of so many people were snuffed out on that day and it is such a glorious day that a measure of justice was reaped today. >> the flight 93 crashed in pennsylvania. hogan said the fact that it took 10 years to capture and kill the master mind of the attacks makes little difference. she extends her deepest gratitude to the president. snerks i am surprised he has been working behind the scenes so patiently. >> the window of the flight spoke to us by phone. it was her christmas wish that
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bin laden be captured . 10 years later, her wish came true. >> they continue to look for this man and not let him get away with what he is do. >> the rain of terror is over. >> many of those who lost loved ones. they are grateful that it is coming over the commemoration of september. >> bin laden was founder of al qaeda. among the attacks by the terrorist group. world trade center bombing and '98 bombings in kenya and bombing of uss cole . as we noted 9/11 attacks that killed 294 people in new york and pentagon and flight 93 crashed in the pennsylvania field. the u.s. government offered a
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25 mill 81 reward for information leading to his capture. >> security concerns are being raised tonight. u.s. embassies world wide were placod high alert and concern over the potential of retaliation you can see the security experts say it is a real threat. >> surviving leadership of al qaeda will want to demonstrate they're active and redoubling their efforts and try to perform acts to demonstrate that whether that would be to try to kill american government officials or civilians traveling in europe or asia. >> meanwhile, the san francisco police department said it has been in contact with the department of the homeland security tonight, but it is not anticipating any change in its stance. top terrorism commander los angeles police are stepping up security measures there tonight. >> president george w. bush
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said president obama called him tonight. the former president pursued bin laden in most of his term. he said the fight against terror goes on and tonight america sent an unmistakable message. no matter how long it takes justice will be done. >> after president obama's announcement, a crowd gathered outside of the white house chanting and waving american flags . the throng of people grew in the park. a similar scene in new york. they are chanting and celebrating the al qaeda leader's death. >> and it is great news, but we must not sit back and relax. he's had enough time to train
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someone to take its place. hopefully the u.s. will come home. we encourage you to share your thoughts as way . we posted president obama's statement. upnext. year and anger in libya. police are hoping this video will lead them to the people who fired them. tourist were forced to leave. >> things will cool off slightly tomorrow and heat back up just in time for the midweek. we'll look at@@@@@@@@aaaaaaaaaaa
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> angry mobs are attacks the western bas bass in tripoli after they bombed the compound. that killed the second youngest son and three grandchildren but not stop qaddafi's forces on the rebel held city of misurata today killing len people. nato's deadly attack is proof it is targeting qaddafi. >> they have shifted the focus from support from rebel to attacking the center. they are hoping capitol healing was damaged after a
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moll tol cocktail was put in the shore. the other threw the cock tale inside . and wed the - on and we charge 45 and no tax. and i think that you know it is probably undercutting people. >> they have about 12 patients. >> a 28 year old san jose and a pedestrian was killed. this is the scene where the damage is. the driver was attempting to leave the scene of an accident
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when she lost control of the fire. they struck a pedestrian and drove up to the house. the suspect put the car in reverse . backed away and flooded again. >> the suspect hit a blocked car around nine:45 . police were able to stop thempt and 25 tourist off of alcatraz. all visitors were evacuated as a precaution . after further investigation alkatraz confirmed there was
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no fire. >> we should have gotten our money back . all of the sud the fire alarm came on . exit out of the building . we had to wait. >> two scheduled night tours were cancelled and the tour company said they would refund anyone who had their trip cut short. >> we'll talk to lee with a slight cool down. >> beautiful day on the bay. temperatures in the 70s and 80s we'll cool thengs off. there is a weak system moving to the north of us. it doesn't look like rain but will bring a cooler air mass. we have clear skies and high clouds out there. in is a shot down in san francisco. it is 56 in fairfield and 51 in napa . check out half moon bay.
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48 degrees and san francisco at 56 degrees . 66 right now with clear skies in antioch. the system passing to the north of us will bring us passing clouds tomorrow. you will notice the temperatures dropping, 5-8 degrees in some neighborhoods x. beyond that temperatures are really warming back up as we head in tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight are just like last night. mid-to upper 40s in the north and east bay election and keeping 50s near the bay . overnight temperature tonight and 49 near oakland. here is a look at the system. clear skies and you can see the high clouds venturing in. and it is this band right here of clouds . this is where the cold front
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is . it will head to the task forth west . so we'll look for clouds off and on tomorrow. and it will bring us a cooler air mass. temperatures are cooling down. it will be a nice day tomorrow, and besides the fact that we will close things off a bit . half moon bay near 70 today. tomorrow 64 degrees and pacificica 61 and san francisco a nice afternoon . mixture of sun and clouds and pen degrees. north bay, 80s tomorrow and bring down the temperatures a bit. santa rosa and 74 for sanoma and newark 72 and in the interor east bay . 77 and mixture of sun and clouds and 78 for brent wood and livermore and santa cruz. cent . salinasalt 75 degrees.
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a slight dip tomorrow as the front heads close to the bay area. check out tuesday and wednesday. wednesday being the hottest and warmest day. no matter how you like it the workweek with expected inland and 80s around the bay and 70s in the beaches with the wednesday time frame. and next weekend, friday, and saturday and sunday, system will bring us cloud and temperatures down a bit. all week long it is great. >> it is a little fluxation but no one will get hurt. >> we'll go overseas now in one of the largest vatican masses in history. one and half million people flooded vatican city to watch john paul's beatification. thousands in st. peter's basilica applaused as pope benedict xvi said john paul was blessed. he needs another miracle
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atransacted to him before he will be declared a saint. reports of inexplicable cures are pouring n and one quick note. brothers and sisters will air immediately following the newscast. and we'll talk to shoe now, the sharks are progressing along. for the first family cup. and the sharks aring and two scores against the red wings came from unsources. we'll have the highlights and reactions next in sports. >> all new. president barack obama and first lady, michelle obama. oprah: what do you know for sure about marriage? >> a landmark hour.
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2-nothing advantage. they are playing like a champion. >> he had a point and a beauty on the power point . sharks are up one-nothing . sharks on the power play. a steal and a stops hip. a great save . san jose heading on and plops on . sharks are up. late in the third. and it is three seconds. he had 33 shaves and sharks head to motown with a two-nothing series lead in a total team effort. >> they are playing that style and don't care who scores the goal. they made great shots. >> no, you know, it feels good. so let it go and see what
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happens. that is a rock that is built. and game three win today in detroit. a's show the rangers they are going to be a threat with solid pitching and timely hitting. >> there little guy remains hydrated before the game. bottom one. conner jackson goes the other way. and conner two rbi and hits on the day. cococrisp back in the line up . more timely hitting and makes it four-nothing . coco, had two hits today. gonzalez was money in the thir. mitch moreland takes a seat . caved murphy swinging and a's are down and rangers seven-two . it was the decision to start them right it was to the left
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. going to be fair. two-nothing g-men. and then matt cane. can one to the right . his do you believe scores . pudge road rod. insurance and two-run score and getting out of town with a split tomorrow. >> there is semifenals and intriguing match up . i want an nba championship ring . the heat is on when we come
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>> all right this is a great time of year. turning on the tv hockey and nba. we tip off with the series we waited for and that would be
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miami and boston. court side seats give you a chance to mede dwayne wade up close and personal. miami in control can lebron james explode regular to the rim and the heat go up len and then wade to james and vicious alley-oop jam . heat up . paul pierce set a hard screen . double technical and pierce's second of the quarter . three of his 38, the heat take a one-nothing series lead and that is important for this team and they want a nine point victory. >> western conference and memphis off an upset of the san antonio spurs . and then kevin trying to bring the thunder. oklahoma within senand randolph was too much. 34 poigns and 10 boards and he
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leads the grizzlies to a game-one victory. 114-101. final round. zurich classic. what is the game plan. web simpson had a one-stroke lead . his ball moves . barely see it. it is it a one-stroke penalty and that is the difference between the victory and playoff. on the second playoff hole. buba has the victory. and they talked him in to playing here and drive over to watch him play. it is the second win of the season . for you tennis fans . it is the fifth this year . watch out for the french open . thank you . and we'll leave you with
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celebrations going on
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