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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning amerer good morning, i'm janelle wang, new information on the compound that osama bin laden lived and died. the latest coming up. >> also this morning, pg&e says it will replace 1600 defective smart meters that may inflate a customer's electric bill. the first time that the company has admitted to any kind of problems with the device. >> we have clouds hanging around this morning but a wind will blow them away and open us up to record temperatures. >> and the smaurl stall is cleared off the bay bridge. we have road work going on. more coming up. >> and san francisco state
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university maes a pledge to eighth grade students in the bay area. tuesday, a great day because frances, we get reaqiakd. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> 48 hours after the death of osama bin laden the white house is trying to decide whether graphic pictures of his body should be released publicly to prove that he is dead. janelle swank live in the newsroom. there are sceptics out there. >> the white house wants to release something but it still has not make a decision to release of osama bin laden's photos. more details have been released about the compound in pakistan where he lived for the past six years.
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one of the most trusted aides led him to the compound when they were able to trace one of telephone calls last year. the courier wasn't at there at the at the time but they were able to follow him there. when they raided the compound early monday morning they found 23 children and 9 women that were turned over to pakistani authorities. they had known about the compound for years but they suspected that bin laden would be returned by heavily armed security guards. they are denying any suggestions that the security forces may have shelter earth bin laden. >> it happened before, we didn't know where he is. >> you never knew where he was? >> no, never, absolutely. >> meanwhile, the c.i.a. is poring over hard drives and other documents obtained at the compound. they are hoping to find information to find his
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successor, ayman al-zawahri. president obama plans to visit ground zero on thursday. janelle wang, "abc 7 news." republicans are congratulating president obama for the successful mission in pakistan. they called the death a great victory for america but they cautioned the war on terror is not over. >> what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us. i think last night's news unified our country in much the same way. >> there is ever reason to believe that there will be further attacks and for us to be patting ourselves on the back that we miss the next attack would be a terrible tragedy. >> dick cheney says the interrogation techniques were key to get to him.
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>> news of his death sparked celebrations there are also mixed reaction. >> jordan says he got a sobering reply after he got a facebook message, he wrote, we got him. >> that is great. i'm glad you found osama bin laden and you killed him. but the taliban is still a real threat for me. >> he realizes the death of osama bin laden does nothing to relieve the pain of losing friends in war. but it's breathing a new life on the war on terror. >> i can't tell you how big of a morale boost this was. >> but the service members we spoke with, it wasn't dancing in zbleets it was more somber having been deployed in a combat
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zone and serving with the marines you appreciate the cost of zblar my reaction i was surprised because itself been so long, almost some of my friends it's a little bit like a joke. >> for some bin laden's debt brought back more painful memories. >> it's just not good. >> so his death does do much for you at all. >> no. i don't want to get into the dignity of caring about him. we have more reaction to the death of osama bin laden and constant developments on the story on our website at another setback for pg&e's smartmeter program. the utility announced they will have to replace 1600 smart
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meters because they ran fast and overcharged customers. those broken meters were made by landis and deer company. it averaged about $40 per customer and giving them a 25 credit for the inconvenience. a hayward mother is returning to the scene of her son's murder today to plead for help in finding his killer. he was shot and killed one year ago today in hayward. the shooter stood on southern median fired into the car in which he was a pack seat passenger. mother and friends will hold a candlelight vigil tonight hoping the anniversary will stir up information. >> the city council will hear on what is proposed by the city manager. it calls for cuts to the city
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staff to the lowest level in 25 years. they report 588 city positions could be cut to help close the $115 million deficit. layoffs could include 122 police officers. this would be the first in city history. 64 sworn firefighter positions would be cut. libraries could lose 72 positions and parks and recreation could lose 182 positions. >> thousands of oakland students are expected to rally tonight to protest the state's collecting millions of dollars of a fines from the school district. they say the state wants $25 million in fines that were incurred when the district was being run by a state appointed administrator. a pending assembly bill would eliminate the fines. many bay area districts are running on special taxes for schools. richmond, san leandro and hayward will have picket lines
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to call attention to their budget crisis. san francisco state university is promising to guarantee admission to eighth grade students from the city if they continue to meet academic goals by the time they graduate from high school. they give admission priority to qualified students from six bay area counties. in 2009 the san francisco unified school district to create a program aimed at getting the students excited about college. they can guarantee admission and score a certain level on their s.a.t. test. the san francisco examiner reports that other campuses in the cal state system are not on the program. let's take a look at the weather forecast. nice and pretty. >> around the bay and at the coast. definitely cooler.
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we didn't quite get the sea breeze in places like concord. here is a look at cold front. it blew on through. notice the winds will come out of north much more and that is eventually going to scour those clouds. so looking for increasing sunshine around the bay and the coast and warming trend, inland we'll still stay at the warm levels. 45 in santa rosa. 46 in napa. everybody else in the upper 40s to low 50s. until you get to los gatos at 53 and antioch at 57. by 8:00 most of us in the mid-50s. a few upper 50s in the east bay valleys. look how quickly we warm. 59 at half moon bay, 61 in san francisco and everybody else in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees by noon. low to mid-50s at half moon bay, san francisco. heading inland, look for mid-70s and antioch will be at 80.
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>> seven-day forecast, still making a run at record high temperatures tomorrow and then we'll see a cooling trend that will drop us around 10-15 degrees by the end of the week. good morning. new crash in a bad spot. westbound 80 past san pablo lane. blocking left and right lanes. they are sending emergency crews. we could see slowing there. the other news, road work going on in hayward. right now westbound 92 is closed from 880 to esperian, that should be cleared by 5:00 and connection ramp to jackson to blocked until 5:00 a, as well. >> frances, so good to see you. still ahead, donors step in to save sports facing the budget
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ax. >> a contract to run concessions at a popular recreation spot comes under fire. the role that a lobbyist played in making the deal. >> and mixed nice for caltrain, more people are riding the rails ztzp
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for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. that's all the speed you need at a great price. it's an unbelievable deal. so why wait? act now, act now! like he said... ♪ it is 4:43. live look at embarcadero. it is totally empty. traffic is moving on the bay bridge and frances dinglasan, remember her? she is back to keep you informed of the traffic all morning long. >> who could forget? >> u.c. berkeley is reinstating the men's gymnastics program. the program in tap again seven
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months after the school announced elimination of five teams because of budget deficit. baseball, rugby and women's gymnastics previously got reinstatement but men's gymnastics fell short of the goal of $4 million but officials decided to bring back the program so current athletes could make a decision about their future. >> in san francisco, private e-mails made public about a lawsuit over the stone lake agreement is raising more concerns from the critics of the deal. san francisco chronicle reports the e-mails show employees of the health department worked with the lobbyists to win the contract for a new mexico company. attorneys for bruce mcclellan say the e-mails show the process was corrupt. a lobbyist says ortega enterprises said they promised to fix up the boat house and
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improve food there. caltrain ridership has increased but on time performance has slipped. trains arrived as scheduled only 93% of the time, that is less than 96% goal. caltrain says mechanical and signal problems were to blame. a japanese automaker recalls hundreds of thousands of vehicles. the potential defect that could put lives in danger. >> we'll show you how hackers are using the death of osama bin laden as an opportunity to wreak havoc on your computer. >> and the extreme measure engineers were forced to take to protect a town from raging floodwaters. >> and ancient and species and a fight for survival. why we need to
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graffiti was quickly removed. a case is being treated as hate crime because it targeted religion ouz. >> the death of osama bin laden,
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to scam unsuspecting computer users. the ceo of a cloud based security company. he says internet thieves would be online looking for the latest information so the scammers were there waiting. >> at the time the president was announcing the news that facebook pages were circulating and saying if you want to see the video of bin laden being shot, click here. >> those that clicked on the pages were taken to sites that were fake or infected. people looking for video actually download add virus that steals passwords. and they are expanding a recall to check air bags that could inflate with too much force. these are the models. they say about 2500 faulty air
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bags were installed after crashes. so if you have the original air bag you are okay u.s. army corps of engineers is are planning two more explosions along a large section on a mississippi levee on protecting a town from rising floodwaters. two more explosions today, engineers say the initial blast will relieve river pressure protecting the town of kaylo. they say the intentional levee break would ruin farmland and causing the economy to suffer additionally. >> they had plans to do that in case the pressure build up really badly. they will sacrifice farmland to save city centers.
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and so what dough do we have weather-wise, warming up? >> show you what is going on. we have a low clouds along the coast and spilling into parts of the bay. thickest around san francisco and some of it has moved over to the east bay shore. watch out for a little bit of it there. we have winds by the camera jostling and we'll clear that out by noon and everybody should see sunshine around the bay shore and coast seeing a warming trend today. let's talk about what is going on outside right now as far as temperatures go. you can see that mid to upper who's around santa rosa and napa
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san rafael, livermore and los gatos and low to mid 50s everywhere else. until you get to antioch at 57 degrees. around the monterey bay and inland, upper 40s and 50s monitor lay. so highlights, coastal clouds will stay warming the coast and bait. near record warmth tomorrow afternoon and significant cooling trend over the mother's day weekend. east bay valleys, upper 70s and low to mid-70s around the east bay shore. mid to upper 70s and low to mid-70s for most of the peninsula. near 60 along the coast and mid to upper 50s in downtown san francisco and near 80 in the north bay valleys. morgan hill and gilroy, same thing. low to mid-50s for carmel and monterey. if you are traveling in state, everybody is rain free and
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pretty warm. los angeles and palm springs all around the 90-degree mark. throw mid-80s around sacramento and yosemite. 60 in eureka and big sur around 73 degrees. bring it back home tonight, temperatures not quite as cool as this morning. you may have to sleep with the windows open because in some areas, it's getting pretty warm. mid to upper 40s in the valleys and low to mid-50s for the rest of us. breezy and mild today. the breezes behind the cold front, that is going to take away the cloud cover and bring us the warm temperatures along the bay. winds reverse coming out of the northeast and the land breeze is why we see warming to the coast where the coolest temperatures will be around 70. land breeze will taper at the coast on thursday and rest of us
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on friday and sea breeze and that what drops our temperatures around 12-18 degrees. "h" train is running about ten minutes late leaving tracy heading into livermore. you may want to consider mass transit, especially westbound 80 because we're following the injury crash. it's blocking three lanes at this point. it's not causing a major slowdown yet but could cause potential problems later on in the commute. live shot, there is interstate 80 in berkeley as you continue past, it looks good past the maze. no accidents as you make the driver through 680 in walnut creek with a live shot coming up. southbound traffic is on the right. of course you can always get traffic whenever you wanted by going on to our website at
4:55 am one of major mysteries in science involves an ancient species that has gone unchanged for millions of years. but a threat has emerged and wayne freedman reports, it's killing off the species in record numbers. >> you are looking at a survivor a species that has outlasted life in this plan at the time and after 360 million years, amphibians are in jeopardy. this is microscopic pathogen that has spread worldwide. he wants to save amphibians to find out how and why. >> we are getting microscopic organisms, they have fungi is what we're looking for. >> a new tool they have developed that will allow them to trace the history of the
4:56 am
pandemic by identifying dna in lab zblesz it tells us how long it's been around. >> the significance of this goes well beyond this. it's how a pandemic spreads among a species. they have been infected this time but it could just as easily affect humans. >> they tend to follow the same pattern. we're looking at microscopic organisms. >> this is a branch of research that might help us some day. in the meantime, amphibians are on the brink. >> why are they are in such a bad state now compared to last 360 million years. a new survey measuring the well-being of mothers and babies shows the best place in the world to be a mom is norway.
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where the mortality rates are low. women's life expectancy is high and average maternity leave is one year. australia, iceland and denmark round out the top five and u.s. placed 31st. lowest country on the list is afghanistan. next at 5:00, decision facing the white house over the death of osama bin laden, how far should they go to prove he is really dead? >> live at pg&e headquarters in san francisco where the utility is admitting for the first time that there is a problem with some of its smart problems, the kind of problem that can cost customers money. >> and a fire erupts at a yard. why a driver
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