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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  May 3, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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because everyone deserves a lifetime. pakistan is criticizing the raid authorized by the us is killing osama bin laden and wants them not to launch them in the future. >> and shows him shaking hands with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and security remains high for possible retaliatory attacks. here is the later. >> first responders across the u.s. remain on high alert for a
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possible retaliatory strike on al-qaeda after the killing of osama bin laden. >> i'm a little scared so i'm going to be careful where i go over the next couple of weeks. >> i feel a lot better, there are a lot of cops here. >> a new home board is blunt, the death may provide justification for radicalized people in the united states for rapidly mobilize here. >> we are taking measures when we have an incident like this. >> they are weighing whether or not to release photos of bin laden's corpse. >> we want to know what the reaction would be. >> they believe bin laden had lived there for the five or six years. they are investigating a possible support network in pakistan a supported ally on the war on terror.
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the intelligence knew about him that he was staying there, this is absolutely wrong. >> he was hiding in plain sight. we thought he was somewhere in the tribal areas between afghanistan and pakistan. it raises important questions. questions the pakistanis need to answer. >> president obama will travel to ground zero to mark his death and meet with families of 9/11 victims. katie lost their son tim. they came home to news of bin laden's death. >> that is a good thing. >> yes, it's very good thing. >> according to a new poll, president obama's overall previously rating has jumped nine points since sunday night but no change with his handling of the economy. >> congress may consider cutting
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billion dollars of annual aid to pakistan. she says at this point there is no evidence to suggest that pakistani government new that he was hiding in plain sight but it is a point of concern. >> it does cause one to question how this kind of facility which stood out was close by a military academy could exist for the length of time it did exist. we now know that bin laden was there up to six years. >> senator feinstein says she will be begin meeting with leon panetta to find out what the pakistani government knew. >> today we are learning new details about the operation and the elite group of navy seals that carried out the mission. two blackhawks flew under the radar each carrying a team of 12 navy seals. one helicopter stalled and graze
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add rotor on a wall. they switched to plan "b". within 40 minutes the seals completed their entire operation. these military units spend their lives training for the type of operation that killed bin laden. some can hold their breath underwater for two minutes. >> they are naturally smart and have to be stubborn and have to be determined. they are survivors. >> the entire operational was recorded with helmet cams worn by the navy seals. white house has not said whether it plans to release any of that video. >> another setback this morning for smartmeter program. they announced they will have to replace 1600 smart meters because they ran fast and overcharged customers. they were made by the landis and deer company.
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it averages about $45 per customer and giving a $25 credit for the inconvenience. in san jose city council begins hearings next week on the latest budget proposal. it calls for cuts in city staff. 588 city positions to help close a $115 million deficit. layoffs could include 122 police officers. it would be the first in history. 64 firefighter positions could be lost. >> it might be hard to hail a cab in san francisco this afternoon. more than a 100 taxi drivers are expected to protest at city hall. they are upset over a 5% fee they have to pay when passengers use credit cards. they want on bring their
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complaints up today. members of the california teachers association are staging a protest in richmond demanding a resolution to the state budget crisis. teachers are calling on legislators to extend temporary passes to avoid deeper cuts to education. those same cities are holding special elections on a parcel tax to help fund local schools. >> we heard about deep cuts in education but 4,000 students are being promised a spot at san francisco state university if they keep up their grades. university normally gives priority to qualified students from six bay area counties. they teamed up in 2009 to create a program aimed at getting students excited about attending college.
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guarantee admission for them that complete certain courses and make a certain score on s.a.t. test. >> the pipeline that exploded in last september in san bruno. it runs through mountain view. terry, this is just the beginning of a massive effort. >> yes, step one begin about 45 minutes ago of this hydroto testing of this one-mile long pipe. the venting of the natural gas and it sounded like this. that is the sound of natural gas being let of the pipeline clearing it so it can be filled with water so it can test for leaks. no interruption of service, neighbors were notified by mail and phone that they may smell gas today. this is a feeder line, it feeds the same line from the peninsula
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to san bruno the same one killing eight people. pg&e says this stretch of pipe will be tested very thoroughly. >> we are doing in-line inspections with cameras. we're going to excavate pipe and excavate the wells, test the state of the steel. we're going to do a lot of inspections. >> the device that goes through and cleans out debris inside the pipe. they estimate the cost of half million dollars per mile of testing and plans to test 150 miles. puc has asked 700 miles of pipe pipeline to be tested. if you take that number of $200,000 per mile, one of the lower figures, you are talking about $140 million project. pg&e says, puc will make the decision whether rate pairs will make that payment or
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shareholders. >> recall announced that will have you check you checking the produce in your refrigerator. >> and new tiger coming to the san francisco zoo more than two years after a deadly tiger attack.
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld >> dan: the san francisco zoo is getting a new big cat more than three years after the infamous tiger attack that left a teenager dead. a siberian tiger will replace the tiger that mauled a person and wounded two friends on christmas day 2007. she escaped from the enclosure and the zoo was criticized for slow emergency response and safety issues that day. since then the zoo has made improvements and raised the wall of the exhibit to prevent another escape. >> they are recalling grape tomatoes that were distributed here in california after they tested positive for salmonella. they are used in 29 kinds of deli salads. they have expiration dates up to may 9th.
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return them to the store for a refund and so far no reports of anyone getting sick from those tomatoes. >> first tornadoes and now flooding. south is getting hit with another round of severe weather. mississippi river could surge to the highest point since 1927. officials are now taking major steps to save small towns from being buried underwater. r. >> in a battle to save several tones, army corps of engineers exploded a levee in missouri. >> the blast is intended to relieve the swollen mississippi river and possibly sacrificing hundred homes but the move is expected to save small towns like carol, illinois. >> we will spend whatever is necessary to avoid this flood.
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>> down the neighborhood streets here. it's a mess. >> i am pro vice go is still a necessity in tornado ravaged towns. she has no place to attend school. it was torn apart in the twister. >> volunteers are taking in medicine and supplies and reports of looting have victims on high alert. on monday, charlie sheen was posing for pictures and lending his support for people in tuscaloosa. >> i'm hopeful i can do whatever i can. >> in areas wounded by wicked weather an attempt to heal. >> now it's moving up to illinois and missouri with flooding. tornadoes and flooding.
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it's not only here, but take a look at this tornado. i'll tell you where it hit and show you some of the damage that it left behind. >> and we're looking right now live from mount tamalpais at a clearing day that. what day will we set record highs? possibly thursday. >> and bay area teacher makes a special visit to white house today. >> as president obama celebrates create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle!
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i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. we're lucky to have great weather here but other folks are not so lucky. >> this is something different but all the way to new zealand where we're seeing a tornado that happened earlier today. it's about a three-mile path. you can see ripping across parts
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of new zealand's city there. thankfully they are okay but no serious injuries. they continue to be smaller than we have and not as long lasting. pretty interesting. back here at home. all is quiet on the weather front. changes while there will be drastic you may not see in the form of rain or clouds but you will feel it. this may be one area you may want to go the next couple of days, ocean beach. one other beach that will be quite warm, santa cruz and if you go right now, looks like you'll have the whole beach to yourself. there is one person there. and satellite view, northeasterly winds clearing the
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bay and the coast with the clouds as we would this morning. i said between noon and 1:00 and they are clear before we get to noon. upper 50s to low 60s just about everywhere and mid 60s and upper 50s in santa rosa and los gatos. so the warming at the coast after you cool down yesterday so you've had a rollercoaster back up today and even up higher tomorrow. rest of us will join you in the surge toward record high temperatures significant cooling over mother's day weekend. warmer than average, redwood city 1 degree. oakland and san jose 5 and napa 8 degrees warmer. east bay valleys, most of us in the valleys in the mid to upper
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70s as you head out highway 4, low 80s there. 69 in richmond and rest of the east bay shore and low to mid-70s. heading down to the south bay, 80 in los gatos. 59 in millbrae. low to mid-70s for the peninsula. everybody else in the low to mid 60s along the coast. san francisco, mid to upper 50s with low 50s at beaches and mid to upper 70s through most of the valleys. you may hit 80 around santa cruz. mid-70s for the rest of the monterey bay. central valley, low to mid-80s, heading down to los angeles, san diego, low to mid 90s. one last stop, best team in baseball, underians there at the coliseum taking on the a's, 68 degrees under clear skies dropping down to 60. tonight's temperatures in the low 50s a that will springboard us high to ten degrees warmer
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across the board. cooling hits on friday and inland on saturday and sunday we're 14-18 degrees cooler than what we're dealing with tomorrow. president obama honored top teachers from across the country today, two were from california. cat lien mccar this think is at washington elementary school in san leandro. she is one of 85 teachers who will receive the presidential award for ix silence in math and science teaching. the national teacher of the year went to a chemistry teacher from maryland. in a ceremony they presented her with a special apple. they sthangd all the teachers for their hard work and dedication. >> how incredibly gratifying it must be because in the end most effective teachers are the ones who are constantly striving to get better and help their students get better.
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>> a teacher in the oakdale joint unified school teacher was the other winner in california. >> a congratulations to all of them. >> you heard about checking books out in the local library, what about checking out dogs? they will offering students a chance to check them out during an upcoming exam. they say it's an improving proven way to relieve stress. they can sign up for ten points in play and chill out with their canine companion. >> all new. her first tv interview in over five years. oprah: superstar shania twain. the double betrayal. did you really want to die the double betrayal. did you really want to die when this happened? a
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today at 4:00, singer shania twain at 4:00. and whooping cough cases are set for a record. and osama bin laden was not armed when he was killed, more stories at 5:00.
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>> father-in-law check with the forecast at mike. >> check out this picture from emeryville back towards the bay. a lot of sunshine around the bay area but sorry for the sweatshirt sales, not going to do a good business. record high temperatures tomorrow. 70s along the coast and 80s near the bay and drop-off by the weekend, 14-18 degrees cooler. temperatures will be below average for mother's day. if you take her out on picnic, make sure and bring a blanket, too. >> how thoughtful. >> thank you for joining us. >> see you next time. >> bye. ooooooooooooooooooooooooú
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