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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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yle at a design center today. come in now. sale ends may 31. good morning, america. this morning, target bin laden. is it show time for the evidence? brand-new details on the photos that prove bin laden is really dead. we'll talk to the man who has seen the pictures. the secret life of the terrorists next door. from the pet bunnies, to his love for pepsi and coke. and what did he do every time when the kids would kick a ball in his yard? life with osama. he went on shopping runs with the family. the confidant speaks out for the first time. and the supermen who pulled the trigger. what we're now learning about the hero navy s.e.a.l. that took down the world's most-wanted man.
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and we do say good morning, everyone. riveting, new details coming in all night, about how bin laden lived. how he died. we're learning more about his five wives. and the youngest, perhaps his favorite, was by his side when american commandos poured into the compound. and she fought back furiously, against those navly s.e.a.l.s, risking her life to save his. >> she ran right towards them. >> she was in the hospital. >> that's right. she's been released. also, a brand-new interview with someone close to the couriers who were protecting osama bin laden. we have vivid details on what life was like for the family inside the compound. we want to go straight to the nick schifrin, at abbottabad. you spoke with him moments ago, nick. >> reporter: i just had an interview with the courier, who led the cia to the compound, about half a mile behind me.
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he revealed a lot of details about life inside that compound, including the fact that nobody could walk through those front doors unless they were children. today, we learned more details about what went on behind these 3-feet-thick, 16-foot-high walls. a local shopkeeper said the bin ladens apparently liked coke and pepsi. they had it delivered in bulk. one 12-year-old visited the compound and received rabbits as gifts. and a woman reportedly delivered polio vaccine. when she started asking questions, guards told her to leave. inside we enhance our exclusive video. we enhanced the video of what was supposedly bin laden's bedroom. that's petroleum jelly on the left. eye drops next to it. and the blue box? we couldn't read the writing. we went to a pharmacy and showed him the image. do you have one of these? >> yes. >> reporter: he pulled out the exact same blue box. nasal spray.
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inside, all the signs of children. the baby bed. we learned as many as nine children, all arabic speakers, lived here and survived. they lived in complete isolation. look at this video from the highest point in the area. you could not see into bin laden's first floor. with the field to my left, you get a feel of how imposing this boundary wall is, which is much higher than any of the walls around it. the people in these neighborhoods around, have an anecdote. when a children would lose a ball over the wall, it was lost. it was clear attempt to keep everybody out. sometimes the kids were paid money and told to go away. now, more on my interview with that confidant, the bin ladens' couriers. they were very private. they were actually brothers. they refused to talk about what they did for a living.
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and when asked why they built a compound with such high walls. they said we're tribesmen from the borders of afghanistan and pakistan. we have enemies. we need to keep people from seeing inside. the walls of the compound were very high. and women in the compound were always covered. the people inside that compound didn't really participate in the community at all. they would not go to funerals or weddings. they occasionally would go to market. and, george, it's a very private life within those walls. george and robin? >> nick, thank you very much. it's fascinating to get inside. it's interesting that they had cheap cars. we thought they would have armored suvs. >> it gives us insight into what life was like inside that compound, george. now, to the next big decision facing the white house. whether to release those bloody photos of bin laden's corpse. real debate on whether that will lower or increase the risk to the united states. and our jake tapper is at the white house and has the latest. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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that's right, and a top source tells me that president obama is increasingly skeptical that releasing a photograph of bin laden's corpse would do more good than harm. there seems to be little doubt that bin laden was killed. and secretary of state clinton and secretary of defense, robert gates, says there's real fear that releasing the photograph could prompt a backlash. the gruesome photograph shows a dead osama bin laden with a gaping wound in his forehead. some of them are with him lying in his compound. others with the son khaled, the courier and the courier's brother. other photos were taken on the deck of the aircraft carrier, "the uss carl vinson," where his body was dropped in the north arabian sea, wrapped in a white sheet. leon panetta has made clear he thinks the photograph should be released.
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and he's been joined by an amen chorus on capitol hill. so, why the delay? >> there are sensitivities here, in terms of the appropriateness of releasing photographs of osama bin laden. >> reporter: would you explain the specifics? >> it's fair to say that it's a gruesome photograph. it could be inflammatory. >> reporter: the obama administration says it's 100% certain they killed bin laden. but we now know intelligence was only 60% to 80% certain he was in this pakistani compound. >> the reality is, we could have gone in there and not found bin laden at all. >> reporter: that's just one reason why there was real nervousness as the president and his top advisers watched in real-time, visual footage of the operation, likely in night vision from a drone aircraft. watching s.e.a.l.s maneuver around the compound. and blow up the helicopter they had to leave behind. panetta was in a corner, explaining to the president and his team, what they were
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watching. >> once they went into the compound, there was a time period of 20 or 25 minutes, where we really didn't know just exactly what was going on. >> reporter: so, the president did not witness public enemy number one get killed. president obama heads to ground zero tomorrow. he had invited former president george w. bush to join him to commemorate the killing of bin laden and also to honor the victims of that tragedy. but president george w. bush, preferring to stay low-profile in his post-presidency, sent his regrets. robin and george? >> thanks, jake, very much. we are learning more about the final moments of bin laden when the navy s.e.a.l.s burst into his bedroom. and what has differed from the official version put out from the white house. martha raddatz joins us with that. >> reporter: good morning, george. the mission was to capture or kill bin laden.
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but it's very clear this morning, the only way bin laden could have stayed alive is if he raised his hands to surrender. the navy s.e.a.l.s had strict instructions, as they approached the darkened compound, get bin laden. if he is not there, get the hell out. 40 minutes later, they had their man. in his first comments since the raid, vice president joe biden said he was in awe. >> it was just a -- actually breathtaking. it was a staggering undertaking. and there was no one else, i believe, other than an american group of military warriors, who could do it. >> reporter: but new details are emerging about the mission. while the s.e.a.l.s faced gunfire for almost the entire operation, it stopped once they burst into bin laden's third floor room. the white house acknowledging for the first time, he had no weapon. >> he was not armed, is what i understand to be true. >> reporter: the white house said initially that bin laden had put up resistance, using his wife as a human shield.
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but now? >> bin laden's wife rushed the u.s. assaulter. and was shot in the leg but not killed. >> reporter: bin laden didn't get off so easy. the s.e.a.l.s shot him dead, taking no chances that he might have a suicide vest or the room booby-trapped. >> if he had thrown up his hands, surrendered and didn't appear to be representing any kind of threat, then they were to capture him. but they had full authority to kill him. >> reporter: we have also learned that the operation was being run from afghanistan, by vice admiral william mcraven, a former s.e.a.l. himself. one official said, he is a stud. when things were at their tensest, he just got cooler. it was mcraven who was feeding real-time updates to cia director, panetta, who would then pass them on to the president's very tense national security team. one more interesting tidbit, george and robin. an official told me they believe bin laden was dying his beard to cover the gray.
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>> a little vanity for osama bin laden. i guess for his young wife. >> no one was going to see him, other than those that were there. thank you, martha. and interesting, as we're watching, as you're watching at home, our crew here, riveted, to the monitors, watching every piece we do. >> can't get enough of the story. >> right. bin laden's death sparked intense reaction in pakistan. officials angry that the u.s. sent in a s.e.a.l.s team without notifying them. our jim sciutto is in islamabad for us this morning. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning. just 40 hours after this raid, pakistan's embarrassment is turning to anger against the u.s. this is a country that was already incensed at increased u.s. drone strikes. and american boots on the ground had already been a red line issue here. pakistani officials calling this raid, quote, a threat to international peace and security.
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u.s. officials, on the other hand, unapologetic. even withering in their criticism of pakistan. the cia director, leon panetta, telling lawmake ners a classified briefing on tuesday, that pakistan was either involved or incompetent. and that's a sentiment i've heard from other american officials and diplomats, as well. and on the hill today, we're going to have a hearing reviewing the billions of dollars in u.s. aid to pakistan, $1.5 billion a year, robin. >> not just the administration feels that way. there's many americans that you talk to here, jim, that are more than upset with pakistan. how are the officials there reacting to all of our criticism of them? >> reporter: well, it's really incredible, robin. they're attempting what has to be an impossible balancing act. on the one hand, they're insisting that they provided useful intelligence to the u.s. while at the same time, saying they had no idea where bin laden was. and saying the raid was
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threatening security, and prompting anger. >> jim, thank you. we're going to get official reaction to all of this right now. we're joined by congressman at the center of the action, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers. congressman, thanks for joining us this morning. let's begin with the question of pakistan. leon panetta said they were involved or incompetent. which one is it? >> the institution of the army and the government, the leadership were not aware that osama bin laden was at that particular compound. clearly, this is embarrassing for them. we can't say for sure that there weren't some i.s.i. or intelligence personnel that knew or some army officials that had known. but clearly, to me, after what i've seen yesterday, the institutions of those organizations, did not know. >> not high-level knowledge, according to what you've seen so far. and they went through a lot of
7:13 am
intelligence they picked up in the compound. based on that, you would not cut aid to pakistan right now? >> listen, this is one of the love/hate relationships with pakistan. over the last 10 years, 600 people they've assisted us with arresting in the settled areas of pakistan. and they sent troops, army troops, into the tribal areas, at our behest. and they've taken thousands and thousands of casualties. so, we've got to be careful. we still need them. and i think they need us and we need them. frustrating? absolutely. are they going to be the best partners we've ever had? no. do we have to have them? i think we do, george. >> okay, you're suggesting you would not cut off aid right now. how about the debate about the photos. jake tapper just reported, the president increasingly skeptical that the gruesome photos should be released. i know you've seen many of these photos. you've reviewed the photos. would you release them? >> i have to tell you, i'm with the president on this.
7:14 am
i'm a little reluctant. the conspiracy theorists are going to see the pictures and find ten reasons why they think it's someone else. here's the problem. if you're a sergeant in a town in ghazi, afghanistan, and you're trying to get some local elder to cooperate about what's happening in your village, are you going to do it if this enflamed into some kind of -- we have a trophy of osama bin laden? i worry about that. and if we can't answer this doesn't make the job of that soldier easier. if it makes it harder, i say it's not worth it. i think it's pretty common knowledge. the wives are talking. yes, it was osama bin laden. yes, he's dead. i don't know what we gain by showing this picture. >> that's interesting. the tide seems to be turning against releasing the photos. we also know that the s.e.a.l.s picked up so much information inside that compound. 5 computers, 10 hard drives, 100 dvds and flash drives. this is being described as a mother lode of intelligence.
7:15 am
how would you characterize it, based on what you're learning. >> there's a lot that we have to go through. some encryption. some coding. it's in another language. it's in arabic. it's in other languages. there's a lot to go through before we find out what we have. remember, small pieces of information can be critically important. over five years ago, it started out with just a little snippet of information. the arabic nickname of somebody who had an arabic name, who was going to be hanging out with people who weren't using their real names, find them in pakistan, afghanistan, yemen or somalia, or iraq, good luck. they did it. and it was an incredible piece of work by our intelligence services. so, with that, we're hoping for one, small thing that can come out of the evidence that was collected. >> i know you're a former fbi agent. you know how to analyze this. we have about ten seconds left. some are saying this could be the largest intelligence coupe since 9/11. do you buy that?
7:16 am
>> i would be cautious until we actually know what we have. and it's going to take time to know what we have. >> congressman, thanks. josh elliott back in. with news from home. good morning to you, george and robin. we begin with america's heartland. this as you see, they hooked her to cable and did manage to get her to safety. the army corps of engineers is considering opening up more levees in an effort to ease flooding. the river is expected to rise to some 48 feet near memphis. that would be shy of a 74-year record. meanwhile in alabama, damage from last week's tornado outbreak could equal hurricane katrina. 80 people remain missing in the city of tuscaloosa. meanwhile, more big banks could be in big trouble. the federal government is suing
7:17 am
deutsche bank for $1 billion, claiming it lied about creditor's backgrounds, costing u.s. taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. bank of america and jpmorgan chase are reportedly under investigation. meanwhile, rising gas prices are changing people's long-term buying habits, it would appear. sales of smaller cars rose 33% last month. the honda civic and chevy cruze were the top sellers. and if you're looking to rent a car, those high gas prices will really hit you hard. "usa today" found that rental agencies at major airports are charging up to $9 per gallon, if you forget to fill up the tank. there's a gas station near you, i got to believe. dramatic video this morning of a suspect shooting at police after a traffic stop in wisconsin. take a look. this is from the officer's dash cam. the police are firing back. and you can see the man running
7:18 am
back to his truck, still moving. eventually shot inside. he died before he could get away. an investigation found the officers were fully justified in returning fire. >> i'll say. and finally, a major first in the major leagues. last night, we have our first no-hitter of the season. francisco liriano. >> say it again. >> francisco liriano! taking down the white sox, 1-0. however unlikely, it took him 123 pitches. his first-ever complete game. this was a pitcher pitching to an e.r.a. of almost 10 on the year. it was thought perhaps that this start last night was for his spot in the rotation. fair to say, he will be staying in the rotation for at least one more start. and i think it's fair to say that our former place of employ, has a nice lead story. >> this is going to be the true test for this man. big lakers fan. 10:30 tip. can you stay up? can you watch your lakers? >> i'll put it this way, given
7:19 am
the bet i have with jamie foxx, i'm going to fight my way through it. i'll be tired tomorrow. but for america, i'll do it for you. >> there you go. sam, bring us some weather. >> we heard these things, josh. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. we want to start with the zone that was flooding. only because it's dry now. the ohio river valley, mississippi river valley, the flooding continues. we have the runoff of the tributaries to the rivers. the rain from boston, to washington, to raleigh. flood warnings along all the areas that we showed you at the top of the show. we'll be talking about that for weeks to come. here's a look at the west coast, where it's milder. seattle looking good. san francisco, as well. phoenix at 97.
7:20 am
>> thank you, sam. coming up, the superhero s.e.a.l. that pulled the trigger on bin laden. the identity of that man. and the wife of osama bin
7:21 am
laden who rushed the navy s.e.a.l.s to save her husband's life. and the wife of osama bin laden who rushed the navy s.e.a.l.s to save her husband's laden who rushed the navy s.e.a.l.s to save her husband's life. spinach-spinach-spinach.nac- to...mae to... tur...key... jal...a...penos. banana peppers... black forest ham... [ dj ] served on toasty flatbread by request. ♪ with sweet onion sauce, drizzled across... ♪ [ male announcer ] wake up to the fresh taste of subway breakfast with the sunrise subway melt on tasty flatbread. make it your own with all your favorite ingredients, like fresh spinach, yummy tomatoes, or one of our zest-erific sauces. build your better breakfast, only at subway. - good night, honey. - and they could fix... - all better? - almost anything. - yes. - thank mom with the charmed memories collection from kay, the number one jewelry store in america. - i love you guys. - we know. you have a child with adhd. you're getting calls from his teacher he's impulsive in class. and his inattention makes focusing on homework tough.
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7:25 am
attic with a gunshot in his knee. he fired seven rounds at the police officer. traffic update, sue? >> we have a rough commute coming out of the central valley and very slow all way the through livermore and over to the altamont pass into dublin. we had an earlier trailer that had been detached with the car that was pulling it in central san rafael you can see slow traffic. there is the back-up at the bay bridge. metering lights >> all new. oprah: many were so young -- black people, white people, willing to die for what was right. >> 50 years later, oprah reunites the legendary >> 50 years later, oprah reunites the legendary freedom riders.
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let the warming begin as we look at the sunshine over the bay. temperatures still cool. mid to upper 40s around santa rosa, napa and redwood city. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. that is an idea what is coming our way. near record high temperatures around oakland. upper 80s to 90s inland.
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switching to progressive could mean
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. we have brand-new information this morning on what life was like inside osama bin laden's compound in abbottabad, pakistan. nick schifrin spoke with a confidant about details on what life was like. osama bin laden and the couriers, they built the high walls, because it was tribal custom, they said, to protect the women from prying eyes. >> even though the walls are so high, some of the neighborhood kids, the balls would go over. how many people can relate to this? would go into the yard, and it was gone. they couldn't go get it. >> what a punishment for breaking osama bin laden's window? >> that is the ultimate. we'll have more on the man
7:31 am
who took down public enemy number one. chris cuomo has been digging up details about the identity of the s.e.a.l. jesse james, we will be talking to him. and judge judy. >> she is something else. she opens up about the recent health scare she had. something about her marriage that i didn't know. first in this half hour, george, let's get to the fatal shots. more than a decade in the making, fired by a member of the elite s.e.a.l. team 6. chris cuomo has a look at the man. we don't know exactly who he is. but we have an idea. >> we all want to meet these men and thank them because of how amazing the task was. for security reasons, we're not allowed to know. but we do know there's only 2,500 s.e.a.l.s. 25% never make it. and only a small slice make it to the elite level like team 6. one thing is for sure, whoever pulled the trigger on osama bin
7:32 am
laden was the best of the best. overnight, at bone shakers sports bar in virginia, where navy s.e.a.l.s 6 trains, they toast a man they will never know the name. but they know he is their neighbor. >> he is going to live with that for the rest of his life. i am proud of him. i'm very proud of him. >> reporter: what do we know about what he is like? we know the shooter is a he because all s.e.a.l.s are men. he's probably about 30 years ago, with a bachelors and possible a masters degree. he is probably white and may have a wife and children. the s.e.a.l. that delivered the double-tap to the head and chest of america's most-hated enemy, is a perfect physical specimen. >> they have gazelle legs. no waist.
7:33 am
and huge upper body configuration. >> reporter: but he is also most likely hiding, beneath a slightly disheveled exterior. unlike other navy s.e.a.l.s, the member of s.e.a.l. 6 that killed bin laden, is not like an action figure. he probably uses modified grooming standards, including a beard and longer hair, to help him blend in in places like pakistan and afghanistan. >> if you never meat a navy s.e.a.l. and ran into one at a bar, you probably still wouldn't know he was a navy s.e.a.l. >> reporter: former s.e.a.l.s they this was probably not his first mission. he probably has shrapnel or frag still in him. but he has a mental agility, that allows him an unflenching nature in the most harrowing situations. >> they are ego maniacs that
7:34 am
make music together. they have to be challenged all the time or they get into trouble. >> reporter: and killing public enemy number one, will not get him a good natured ribbon. >> he is was -- there is that bubble of pushing for better success. >> reporter: you know, you want to say at some point, let's not build him up too much. you can't build him up too much. the more you talk to s.e.a.l.s, is the most impressive thing, is their reserve. don't make us out to be athletes. this is about dedication to the job. >> he basically said the same thing. he wanted to give credit to everyone. but he also -- you have to have a huge ego, and rightfully so, to do the work they do. >> to go into the high-stakes situations, everything's on the line, you better know you're good. >> just to survive the training is incredible, on top of everything else. >> two years. >> amazing stuff. thanks, chris. and thanks to that s.e.a.l.
7:35 am
we're learning what life was like for osama bin laden. and the reality is different than so many of the myths built up around the man. bill weir from "nightline" separates the fact from the fiction. >> reporter: he was supposed to be a shadowy fugitive, slipping from cave-to-cave. high in the hindu kush mountains. but he spent five years, confined to two floors of modern comfort, in tree-lined suburbia, not far from a golf course. he was supposedly in poor health, possibly getting dialysis. in an audiotape, released in 2009, he sounded short of breath. but a look through his house reveals no dialysis machine. and medicine on a bathroom counter turns out to be vaseline, eye drops and nasal spray. we assumed he would be wearing a suicide vest. yet, after a gun fight
7:36 am
downstairs, he was unarmed. >> he was in such deep hiding and information was so difficult to come by, there are a lot of assessments and assumptions regarding what he may or may not do. >> reporter: the man who wrote the book didn't even follow his own rules. one official says they found a mother lode of computer hard drives, laying out in the open by the dozen. and so many people were wrong about his yearn ground position. but some guessed closer to others. two years ago, geography students ran models. and predicted he would be found in a city, in an area of pakistan, that includes abbottabad. they were way off on the exact town and house. but, kids, here's how a professional does it. >> i did talk to somebody very knowledgeable. well, she doesn't think.
7:37 am
this woman who was -- >> by the way, sarah palin's -- >> it's a nice, comfortable villa. not a cave. >> reporter: that was our own christiane amanpour. not bad. bill weir, abc news, new york. >> christiane got it right. now, sam, we want you to get the weather right. we want it to be good weather today. >> every now and then, we get it right. one or two things going on we want to talk about. flooding pictures. we're going to show you -- we're going to talk a little bit about arkansas, as we show you mississippi county in missouri here. arkansas rivers are flooding at a level to where they have never seen this kind of flooding. and they put locks and dams in on the rivers to prevent what they're see right now. the mississippi river is so high, it's running backwards into the black and white rivers. that's why flooding is so bad in those areas. it's dry but very cold. chicagoland getting to about 40 degrees. very, very cold behind in that dry air. but the good news is it's dry. and it may be dry for almost a
7:38 am
week. flooding will still continue because we're collecting water from the tributaries. where it's not dry, in the northeast, into the mid-atlantic.ri we're right every day. that weather report was brought to you by jay jewelers. we're going to move to a different kind of fight. the wild hogs rampaging through the south. - oh, we miss you, honey. - i'll be home soon. until then... tommy? - behind every open heart is a story. - it's beautiful. - tell yours with my open heart collection at kay jewelers. keep your heart open, and love will always find its way in.
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back at 7:42. now, to an all-out battle of animals causing destruction. costing millions of dollars. we're talking about wild hogs. it's a huge problem in the lone start alone. ryan owens has the story on how some texans are fighting back from the air. >> reporter: heath polasek is ready for battle. his enemy, a most unusual one. his co-pilot -- you go under the power lines? >> yeah. >> reporter: wow. >> you have to be damn careful
7:43 am
when you do that. >> reporter: a most unfortunate one. >> you come with the exterminator out to take rodents out of your house. >> reporter: this flying exterminator buzzes just above the tree tops of west texas, on the hunt for feral hogs. the lone star state is home to 3 million of them. >> right now, the helicopter is the most effective way to kill the hogs. >> reporter: just how effective? >> i kill 86 an hour. >> reporter: wow. the whole state has a problem. >> you can see how rough it is. >> reporter: hogs have torn up so much of jerry stone's east texas ranch, he can barely drive on it. >> this whole area is chewed up like this. >> reporter: they cause an estimated $400 million of damage in this state every year. the animals have even innovated
7:44 am
the pricey suburbs around dallas. look at what they did to this yard. polasek is licensed by the state and only flies with a trained shooter. he says if he flies any helicopter, people will die. >> if someone shoots the rotor blades are out that way. and if he shoots that way, it will hit the rotor blades. this is a business for me. it's not a game. >> reporter: but it is a battle, one this flying exterminator is taking off for again. this time, worried who else might be about to join the fight. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, abilene, texas. >> it is certainly not a game. and a lot of people are asking, okay, what about the meat? can it be donated? can it be sold? and apparently not because of bullet fragments. it cannot have that. but a lot in our studio were asking that, too. let us know what you think. weigh in.
7:45 am
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tropicana pure premium now comes in a clear bottle so you can see how much goodness is squeezed inside. ♪ good morning tropicana. the world's best juice never looked better. p me create my oasis. ♪ good morning marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby?
7:49 am
marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. i was killing it during the commercial. >> you were. what is that thing in front of us? the top of the royal wedding buzz. nick watt explains. >> reporter: now, the wedding star dust has settled, we've appreciated kate's dress. we marvelled at pippa's. now, princess beatrice's ridiculous royal wedding hat has its own facebook page. 130,000 have flocked to mock and suggest alternate suggestions. "star trek" weapon? toilet seat? oh, dear. the creator of the beast, philip treacy, made 36 hats for wedding guests. >> i think it was possibly the right hat on the wrong girl.
7:50 am
>> reporter: the actual function of the lid, was drawing attention away from her sister eugenie's entire outfit. they have unkindly been likened to certain sisters in the "cinderella" movie. the internet is a cruel place. listen, beatrice went on a fashion limb and it snapped. >> any way you look at it, princess beatrice gets a gold star for being brave enough to put that hat on and wear it with a smile. so, i applaud her. >> reporter: me, too. and frankly, i want one. is it a cure for male patterned baldness? for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, london. >> gold star? you have to have confidence to wear that. i saw it in person. >> yeah. >> there you have it. and don't worry, new guy, we're not going to make you do it. >> if you want to volunteer. >> no, no. i would quit right now. it's been a great three-day run. and i'm out of here.
7:51 am
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a bill that would forgive $25 million in fines against the oakland school district goes before a committee today. it was being controlled by a state administrator between 2003 and 2009. oakland officials say the state shouldn't impose fines when it was in charge. mike has a look at the forecast. >> its warm one. good morning. look for the asterisks and down in oakland and santa cruz. concord is at 90. mid to upper 80s and 18-20 degrees cooler by mother's day.
7:57 am
>> san jose northbound 280, a slow traffic. we've got an accident 680 through walnut creek, earlier crash now cleared out of lanes. >> news continues now with "good morning america." morning america." another
7:58 am
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[ cheers ] fyi, start my day, every day, every morning, with that song. india.arie. look at that wonderful crowd, braving the elements, right outside our times square studio. they are great. we have two, great interviews coming up. a no-holds-barred conversation with jesse james. his new life in texas, with his children, and a brand-new love. this is a new interview. >> a brand-new life with jesse james. and also, judge judy. you spoke with judge judy about the dramatic health care on her set. we hear her 911 call. and she does not speak out all
8:01 am
that often. >> nope. she rarely does interviews. we're appreciative she stopped by her. and a dose of reality for reality star kendra wilkinson, and louis van amstel. they join us live this morning. they got the big ballroom boot last night. >> that is coming up. before that, breaking news this morning. brand-new details from martha raddatz, about what was found on osama bin laden's body. martha, this was a man who was ready to run. >> reporter: he sure was, george. i just spoke to an official. and the official revealed to me that osama bin laden had some 500 euros, into his clothing. and also, two phone numbers were found. this was the clothing he was wearing when he was killed. that is an indication that he was ready to run at any time. they have also found in that compound 10 cell phones, 10 computers and 100 thumb drives. they think those thumb drives, the courier would use and put
8:02 am
into his computer and then take it to somewhere else. they are tracking that all right now. >> and you said he had phone numbers, as well. as they track through all of this, what are they looking for? what are the key words they're looking for? >> reporter: they put the key words through computers, on any of the data they've got. words like explosive. words like wedding. wedding, because that was often a sign they were going to blow something up in the past. so, they go to words they used in the past and put them in there now. what they want to do, more than anything else, is stop attacks that may have been in the planning process. >> and, martha, you can't overemphasize the importance of this, to have osama bin laden's cell phone. the numbers he was calling. that could lead -- that could cripple al qaeda if they run it down. >> reporter: it really could. this is so important, george. now, bin laden, himself, they do not believe, was ever using the phones. it was the couriers. the others that were with him that were using the phones and then passing the information on to bin laden. they really just want to see
8:03 am
what kind of operation this was. this is a mother lode of information. >> okay. martha raddatz, thanks very much. >> love how she put that. and it really was. now, back over to josh. >> indeed. we're going to begin with that decision of president obama. said now to be increasingly doubtful about releasing a picture of osama bin laden's corpse because of a lack of skepticism about bin laden's death and because of concern about a possible anti-american backlash. our nick schifrin just spoke to a pair of brothers who knew bin laden's personal couriers. they say only children were allowed inside bin laden's compound. women who lived inside were completely covered up. and they say the compound's walls were, in fact, built to shield the women from strangers' eyes. in other news, people from louisiana to tennessee are now bracing for historic flooding, as the mississippi river rises to near-record levels. engineers are considering blowing more holes in more levees in an effort to ease the pressure. the coast guard is now searching for a woman who went
8:04 am
missing from a cruise ship, somewhere between san diego and cabo san lucas, mexico. the 65-year-old didn't show up for customs check when the ship docked in san diego. hope is fading for a group of coal miners trapped underground in northern mexico after a gas explosion. five men have already been found dead. experts say there's little hope in finding the nine others in the group alive. asthma rates are on the rise. and health officials aren't sure why. the number of asthma cases in the u.s. rose by more than 4 million in the last decade. that's a 12% increase. now, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> and a good morning to you, josh. nice to see you there. and tonight on "world news," that mother lode of information, that's what they're calling it. found in bin laden's compound. what will it reveal about his allies? about other attacks? we have all of that for everyone tonight on "world news."
8:05 am
hope you'll be watching then. and finally, well, i have to go there. talk about taking a bite out of crime. take a look. a ten-foot alligator, taking a literal bite from a police cruiser's bumper in florida. as you can see, he didn't want to let go. apparently there was a rescue effort involved here. i'm not sure if it was the gator or the car being rescued, in the process. some $2,000 in damage was caused. i do believe that man and animal and car all escaped safely. that is the news. >> the alligator was teething. >> something like that. >> get him a bottle or something. or just get him our sam champion with the weather. sam? >> nice, josh. i want to tell you that one of the benefits of the job we haven't told you yet, that emeril lagasse makes you breakfast every morning. i'm just saying. it's a good thing. it's a nice benefit. what is it, emeril? >> we have great french toast today, sam. >> i'm into french toast. let's get to the boards.
8:06 am
one or two things going on. show you a sky shot of philadelphia. the airport has a little slowdown going on there because of the rain moving through region. this is the low pressure that's dragging up the eastern coast. new york, philadelphia, portland, boston, you're getting rain out of this system. i wouldn't be surprised to see it hanging around buffalo, longer. but in the west, a cooldown. l.a. at 93 yesterday. the warmest of the season so far. 88 today. but you're 73 at the time we get to friday. san diego at 83 today. but 68 by the time we get to friday. that's a qui
8:07 am
grab that second cup of coffee because here's what's ahead on the "gma" morning menu. there's two sides to every story. and today, jesse james reveals what he calls the whole story about his ex, sandra bullock, their children. and the new love of his life. did you hear that judge judy was rushed to the hospital? she talks about what happened for the very first time with robin. and bob greene, oprah health guru, says he's found the fountain of youth. he tells his story.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
coming up, "good morning america's" breakfast in bed, brought to you by thomas' english muffins. >> it was one of the most scandalous breakups in hollywood. sandra bullock, stunned by jesse james, who cheated on her with a number of women. now, he's moving on. he has a book out called "american outlaw." and "nightline's" vicki mabrey spoke with him. >> george, it's a mellower, jesse james we spoke with this time. living in a beautiful home outside austin, texas, putting the past behind him and making a fresh start. he's the former star of "monster garage." >> get tricked. but we can't outtrick ourselves. >> reporter: but even more famous as the husband who cheated on sandra bullock, which became public after she won her oscar for her role in "the blind side." >> this is your quarterback. you protect his blind side. >> reporter: at the time, he was
8:13 am
probably the most hated man in america. he fled to a rehab facility for a month, where he says he dealt with childhood and anger management issues. when he emerged, we sat down for his first interview. you had the perfect life. you had the perfect wife. why did you throw it away? >> i don't know. in the midst of it, when i was doing it, i knew it was horrible. it made me feel horrible. and two, i knew i would get caught eventually. i think i wanted to get caught. it was me, trying to self-sabotage my life. >> reporter: after that interview, james shut down west coast choppers, his motorcycle business in california, and started a new life in austin, texas, with his three children, chandler, jesse and sonny. what do the kids think of it out here? >> they love it. they're like different kids. no tv -- it's went like way down. and computer time. and they're just outside playing. >> reporter: sandra bullock also
8:14 am
has a home in austin. he hoped to keep a relationship for the sake of the children, including louie, the baby bullock ended up adopting as a single parent. do you get to see louie? >> no. i have never seen louie since everything happened. so, a year. >> reporter: and sonny hasn't seen -- >> seen her a couple times. but that's it. pretty much no contact at all for several months. >> reporter: so, it was here in austin that jesse james started to write about his painful journey. his tough, early life in long beach. his three marriages. about how a welder became one of the most famous names in the world of motorcycles. he put it in his new memoir, "american outlaw." is the book going to redeem your image? >> i don't know. i don't know. i don't think that -- i don't know.
8:15 am
i don't think it's -- i think that's probably one of my fears. you know? i didn't write the book to, like, make myself look better. i wrote it just the truth. >> reporter: and he has a new love. kat von d., a friend for many years, who shares his passion for tattoos, as star of tlc's "l.a. ink." do you think it was hurtful to sandra that you moved on so quickly? >> i can't worry about her anymore. you know? i think i've spent a good chunk of the last five or six years worrying only about her and what she thinks and what i should do. and like, you know, controlling all of my movements and everything else. and i don't think -- i think it's time to worry about jesse and making sure jesse is happy. >> reporter: he says he and kat plan to marry this summer. are you going to be faithful? >> yes. >> reporter: do you think you can? >> yes. >> reporter: professionally, he is learning blacksmithing. and is mentoring young mechanics as co-owner of austin's speed shop. >> i need a spark for my welding
8:16 am
rod and something to make. and i'm in heaven. >> reporter: he's still jesse james. but a more mellow jesse. more at ease. less angry. >> god or whoever you believe in must have thought i was pretty strong to lump that on me. and if i can come out of it, if i can stand up and take all of it, and i did, all of it, every single bit of it, i didn't hide from any of it. i took it all on the chin. and guess what? i'm still standing. >> well, he is still standing. and moving ahead. >> as you said, he does seem pretty subdued. >> actually, really happy. i have to tell you. i got out there. i've seen the pit bulls. they were always chained up in long beach. out there, they were roaming around. they were climbing in my lab. the children, the dog, jesse james, all different. >> everyone's going to flip through the book and see, immediately, what did he say about sandra? >> she remains america's
8:17 am
sweetheart. she does. >> okay. so, he doesn't trash her? >> he does not trash her. he said, if i could sell books by saying, oh, yeah, i say terrible things, he didn't. >> okay. a lot more of your report tonight. >> tonight on "nightline." >> that's great. talking about the number one show on daytime television. it is "judge judy." 10 million people tune in each day. she has signed a brand-new deal keeping her on the air through 2015. i sat down with her for a revealing interview. we'll have more of that in a moment. first of what happened with a health scare on the set. for 15 years, judge judy has parlayed her tough love antics in the courtroom. >> how much money did you make? >> $10,000. >> your honor, he bought the property. >> i'm not speaking to you. >> he's lying. >> i'm not speaking to you. >> reporter: into a multimillion-dollar empire.
8:18 am
>> i'm still waiting for your defense. >> reporter: her program is one of the most popular on daytime tv. >> don't think with your eye balls on the copy. think with your eye balls on mine. >> reporter: but the 68-year-old stunned her audience, telling them she needed to stop filming because she wasn't feeling well. >> she's on stage right now. but they are asking for paramedics units. >> she's awake and breathing? >> she is awake and breathing. but she doesn't seem like herself. they're saying that it seems like she's about to pass out right now. >> she needs to lie down. somebody needs to get in there and tell her to lie down. >> reporter: judge judy was rushed to the hospital, where she spent a day getting tests. she's ready to talk about what happened that day for the first time. you had us worried. your health. you were on the set. they had to call 911. how are you? and what happened? >> i'm fine. >> okay. >> but it was a very good lesson. and something that women, especially women, tend to ignore little signs of something wrong. last month, i had a little double-vision.
8:19 am
then, it disappeared. and i felt a little tired. and i was focused on what the case was about. asking questions. but i was asking questions in slow-motion. and the people that watched me for 15 years, noticed something was wrong. and without asking, which was probably a very smart thing because i would have said, don't go there, they called paramedics. turned out to be, i was fine. not sure whether i had one of those little t.i.a. experiences. >> temporary stroke. and they go away. >> and they go away. >> you are blessed. the crew that works with you. you were going to raise your hand. you're going to muddle through. >> actually, the director called back to my dressing room, where i have an executive producer sitting in. asking, is she loaded this morning? >> there have been a number of judge shows that have come and gone. >> why weren't you paying your
8:20 am
rent? you are a hustler. you're a hustler. >> that's wolfry. >> either way, you're a hustler. >> your sense of humor, your one-liners. you're a new yorker. what is it about you? >> i think the reason that we have longevity is my message still resonates with so many people that live in this country that, you know, don't have a voice. that demand responsibility. that would like to go back to those times when they were children. and you knew, this was right and this was wrong. and if you did something wrong, its was your fault. it wasn't somebody else's fault. it wasn't the teacher's fault. it wasn't your therapist's fault. it wasn't the grocer's fault. but if you were acting as an obnoxious bully in school, that was your fault. and people that raised you didn't do a good enough job. it wasn't the school's fault. there's a lack of responsibility
8:21 am
that people would like to turn back. and that has been my subtle and not-so-subtle message for all time. >> subtle is not the word that comes to mind. i did not know that for a time you and your husband divorced. and then, remarried. >> we did. for a year. he learned his lesson. he learned his lesson. now, he's wonderful. >> what happened? >> he and i -- we were married, 12 or 14 years at the time. and we just hit an impasse. some people live through those impasses. you know, they work it through. that's not my style. we hit an impasse. but it was very hard to move on because we care about each other. and we were apart for a year. but we saw each other during the year. and then, we figured, this is really silly. we're happier together than we are living separately. so, we've been remarried for 20 years. >> bless you. thank you.
8:22 am
>> thank you. >> i have been looking forward. i could sit here and talk to you. >> it was a joy for me. >> continued good health. blessings. let me just say, delightful. >> seems like it, yeah. >> had a wonderful time talking to her. >> needs to take a sabbatical. time, now, latest installment of breaking the new guy week. josh elliott. >> longest week of my life. >> you've only just begun. you saw josh with jamie foxx. jamie foxx gave you some tips. today, we're going to take you up close and personal with josh. ♪ >> i was born in los angeles. i was actually adopted. one thing i could do very, very well, apparently, was eat. i was an enormous baby. >> it's true. he was like an inflated basketball. the first time i saw him, i was, like, whoa. >> i wasn't speaking at all. i'm sure they thought they may have grabbed the lemon off the lot. >> he isn't a person who would
8:23 am
try anything until he can do it well. the day he started talking, he just talked. >> apparently walked out of my room one day, asking for my tea and crumpets. and away we went. >> reporter: away he did go, from a chubby baby to an inquisitive kid. he was a jock that played everything, even water polo in college. but josh was just as passionate about writing as he was about sports. >> i think his agenda was to get a job at "sports illustrated." >> reporter: and he did. where writing may have been where he got his start, television wasn't a stretch. >> josh couldn't pass a reflective surface without checking it. how am i doing here? how am i looking? the toaster was good enough for him. >> hello, america. welcome back. "sportscenter." let's get going here. >> this is "sportscenter." >> reporter: he landed a job at the pinnacle of sports journalism, espn. >> he pops up in the newsroom one day. hard to miss him, he's so tall. i could tell from the first question i heard in my ear, this
8:24 am
is a smart guy, that knew a lot more than just sports. >> reporter: and josh quickly rose to the plum assignment of anchoring the morning "sportscenter," with hannah storm. >> they told me i was anchoring with josh. i was like who? what? >> spent 45 minutes on the phone. and she had absolutely no idea who i was. >> reporter: but the chemistry was there. >> let's go to the videotape. >> reporter: josh does have some quirks. >> oh, my. >> cannot eat hard-boiled eggs in front of him. no french roast coffee. loses socks on a regular basis. we laugh at each other constantly and tease each other constantly. >> reporter: including at the 2011 rose bowl parade for abc. >> during the parade, we were talking about something. and i said -- happy new year, everybody, on behalf of john elliott and hannah storm. >> who? who? >> this friday morning, hannah storm and john elliott. josh elliott. i can't believe i did that again. josh made a living off of
8:25 am
making fun of my little mistakes. >> welcome back to "sportscenter." hannah storm and john elliott with you. >> i want to go to the beach. >> you want to go to the beach? >> reporter: josh has his priorities straight. it was during that time that one of the most important people in his life came along, his daughter, sarina. >> how i love you what you are. >> the dedication he shows his daughter on a daily basis is unbelievable. it's probably one of the most impressive things about a guy that has a lot of impressive traits. >> it is the best job in sports. i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: the last broadcast on "sportscenter," was an emotional day for josh. he is not the only one with a lump in his throat, as he departs for his new adventure. >> the sky's the limit. i really believe that. i'm going to tear that. but i just, you know, i am so proud of him. definitely, sky's the limit.
8:26 am
>> say, daddy's coming. >> daddy's coming. >> oh. >> and we are so proud to have john with us. [ laughter ] >> wow. wow. yeah. wow. to see your daughter -- to see your daughter alive and there, with you, i've never known what it was like to actually be with her removed. >> what does she think about all this? >> she thinks daddy goes to work actually inside the box. so, when you ask her what daddy does, she will point to the tv and point around to the back of the tv. i think she's -- i think she's -- she's 2 1/2. you know? she wants to dress up like a princess. >> get out of the box, dad. >> she will do the sports with me. but she does it with her bag. she's a girl. >> here you go. >> thank you, mom. thank you, mom. boy. or
8:27 am
neighborhood was locked down in pittsburg as police searched for a man that exchanged gunfire during a traffic stop. the suspect limped out of a house around 10:00 last night. he had been hiding in the attic, they say jones fired seven rounds at the officer. he is on parole for an armed robbery conviction. it's busy. we have a than accident now westbound 80 at central. this is in the el sear eat oh area. walnut creek, an earlier accident, slow traffic remains and we've got a rough back-up
8:28 am
metering lights or at the bay bridge and bumper-to-bumper on in to san francisco. >> we'll check in with mike and >> we'll check in with mike and get temperatures, som switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. [ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion.
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i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. welcome back. check out the temperatures. 58 in fairfield and antioch. low to mid-50s around oakland and los gatos. quickly warm to record high temperatures. santa cruz is at 85.
8:30 am
upper 80s to even 90 in the valley. still a huge cooling trend by ♪ momma mia here i go again ♪ a few more days until mother's day. and just two days before one lucky mom gets the surprise of her life. would be the winner of emeril lagasse's mother's day breakfast in bed contest. you'll watch it here friday. and right now, emeril is here. and we can smell it. >> he's gearing up for big day. he is cooking a yummy breakfast we cannot wait to try. he said french toast earlier. this is not just any french toast. to work it off, oprah's fitness and health guru, bob greene is here. he has the secret to living longer and younger. >> we'll talk to bob. and we'll turn back time. and kendra and louis wish
8:31 am
they could turn back time. they brought down the house last night. all of that shaking for the judges. it wasn't enough to keep them on. louis, you know i love it. kendra. we'll talk to them live. >> that's coming up. let's get to the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> i just know that all of the water is dripping off the umbrella and i'm cold. it's going to be a wet shirt contest here. let's get to the boards. one or two things we need to talk about this morning. what are we doing? i have no idea. put it up there. we'll talk about it. new york city, it's wet. we're standing out in it with everybody. it will rain for a while today, as the low drags up the coastline. some of the big rainfall totals will mean some flooding in northern new england. from new york city to boston, to burlington, will be some of the heavier rain. it's mild in l.a. on the west coast right now. but remember that colder air drops those temperatures pretty quickly. it is gorgeous into the deep south today. if i could pick a spot to be, it
8:32 am
would be on that florida panhandle coast. because it wouldn't be wet, like it is right here. i love that you guys are here. even though the signs are wet, we love that you brought them. that's all the weather. we'll have more in the next half hour. robin? george? >> sam, thank you. it could be the catchiest name for a book ever. how do you like this? "20 years younger." you look younger. you be younger. i'm sorry. i'm getting the title wrong. it comes from oprah's best-selling diet and fitness guru, bob green. he put everything you need to know into one book. it's a great book.
8:33 am
what do you do? every time. >> i live the book. >> you do, don't you? >> yeah. the four pillars, i live them religiously. skin care -- i didn't take care of my skin. it was towards 50 that i started to wake up and learn that after meeting dr. lancer and followed his system. but the other three pillars i'm pretty religious about. >> doesn't matter how old or young you are, to pick up this book, is the right time. >> i would have loved this information in the late 20s. that's when you start to benefit and start instilling habits that will make you younger, well into your 70s, 80s. >> preventative measures you can take at that point. >> and many people think you can look 20 years younger? it's deeper than that. having your body function as if it were 20 years younger. i'm stronger in many ways than i was in my 20s. i get sore. but it's about functioning younger. >> i find i need more recovery
8:34 am
time. i can do some of the things. but i need more time. >> and variety is the key to the exercise component. challenging your body and adding variety is the key. >> you talk about the pillars. let's get into the four pillars. it starts with -- >> exercise. when you think about what aging is, it's a deterioration of body tissue. mostly muscle, bone, even nerve tissue. we lose it unless exercise -- we're active, we maintain it. it's the best way. nothing else compares to it. >> exercise is a key component. are these superfoods we're seeing? >> yes. nutrition is about getting rid of empty calories and adding in a perfect world, superfoods. vegetables. broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts. protein source, fish, for the omega 3s. it helps clarity of mind.
8:35 am
legumes, lentils, beans, anything, should be consumed two or three times a week. berries and citrus are the fruits that you want to incorporate. whole grains as we know. an empty calorie is a refined grain or white bread. and then, the oils. olive oil would be a top choice. >> and another pillar, sleep. it's not just the hours we get. and not r.e.m., that we hear often. >> i co-authored the book with dr. cotler. he talks about gastric reflux. and sleep apnea. if you have one of those conditions, take care of it. >> and you talked about exercise. new guy? that is your official name, new guy. your mom is here. >> here we go. >> bob, jumping rope. why is this so important? >> one thing, other than making me look foolish.
8:36 am
>> that's the main point of this segment. other than that -- >> the heavier rope. >> we're going to tie a knot in it, too. >> is the beaded rope better? >> no. what i love about this is the components of fitness, we think of cardiovascular and strength. but also, there's balance and agility. >> get to jumping. >> i bought my daughter a princess jump rope, for easter. >> look at the eye/hand coordination. even with the mic. >> that's live television. >> the eye/hand coordination. >> it deteriorates unless we test it. jump rope. throwing darts would be a great example. >> this is my wheelhouse. >> he was bragging before. >> you get one. what is it about this, bob? >> it's about your eye movement. it's about looking at a target. this will really help your hand/eye coordination stay strong. it's something we lose with age.
8:37 am
>> and helps to be social, too. >> it's interesting. when they look at people that are 80 and above and 100 and above, two things tease out that are consistent of people that thrive with those ages. they are physically active and socially active, as well. >> as we go to break, we each get one shot at this. >> all right. oh. >> okay. okay. >> turns out, i'm fit as a fiddle if darts count as exercise. this is great. >> nice. >> josh was telling me how he spent most of his upbringing in pubs. >> that's it. all right. it's obvious that none of us are great at darts. bob, thank you. continued health and success. >> thank you. >> thanks, josh. >> that was nice. >> thanks, josh. >> that was nice. jumping on the >> thanks, josh. >> that was nice. jumping o♪ ♪e
8:38 am
membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency with endless possibilities.
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8:40 am
one of these couples, obviously, has the lowest combined total of judges scores and viewer votes. that couple is -- kendra and louis. >> it was the end of the line for reality tv star, kendra wilkinson, and her partner, louis van amstel. thanks for coming in, guys. >> thanks for having us.
8:41 am
>> it was a late night for kendra. i want to show the tweet you sent out after midnight. first off, thanks for the support. it's bittersweet but i am so happy to get home to my family. it was a great run, kendra. >> it really was. i have done -- i did something that i never thought i could ever do. i mean, this -- the bar was set so high before i stepped foot on the dance floor. it's so hard to meet the standards. but i gave it the best i could. and i had so much fun. this was a great experience. honestly, i'm so happy to get back to being a mother. >> you left a mark. let's show some of the most memorable moments. ♪ >> you are going to shake things up this week. this is your week. >> that includes my boobs? >> your boobs, your bootee,
8:42 am
everything that god gave you. >> well, my boobs are what god gave me. >> you must be one of the least-shy people ever on "dancing with the stars." >> yeah. i mean, you know, this is a -- this is one -- >> you can say that again. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. i wanted to get out there and make a moment. and i made a couple of them. i'm so happy it ended the way it did. and not was a sad thing. >> louis, you did a great job of teaching kendra that samba. >> thank you. and you see how well she does the shaking on top of the judges' table. she didn't want to do it. she said, let's go on the regular stage. no, you get your ass up there and shake. she is the shaker of the season. >> she is the shaker of the season. you wouldn't know it looking back. let's pull up the pictures we pulled out from the archives here. louis, can you take a look? what do you think? >> oh, no.
8:43 am
oh, my god. >> you look miserable there. >> i was miserable. >> why were you so miserable? >> right after that one. i went right into basketball right after that. that was like -- i didn't like the leotards with the snaps on the bottom. that made me quit. >> all fringe and beads right now. >> you design the costumes, right, louis? >> yeah, mostly. but it's all teamwork. it's about, you know, doing things together. want to make sure that kendra wears what she loves. and the color, positions we make together. it's teamwork. >> that -- read, white -- sorry. >> i love the red, white and blue. we have a few seconds left. who do you think is going to do it? five couples left? >> well, you know, last night, i was going to pick -- i was thinking about one person to pick. go so and so. i couldn't pick one person. i love them all. and they have such a chance to win this. but you know, kirstie and i
8:44 am
became close. i'm rooting for her. >> i hope kirstie takes it. >> okay. two votes for kirstie right there. thanks, guys, very much. kendra, louis. you guys were terrific. next round is monday, 8:00, 7:00 central. when we come back, emerih@
8:45 am
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8:46 am
so happy. just two more days until emeril lagasse surprises the winner of this year's mother's breakfast in bed contest. 12 years? >> 12. it's been a journey. and they haven't been all moms. >> i know. >> so, we're going to see, two days. i'll be knocking on somebody's door. >> i love that surprise when they look. last year, she was so adorable. that was great. all right. we've got a couple of days. we can't wait. you're going to make breakfast for us. >> yes. >> what do you have?
8:47 am
>> you can do this with any kind of bread. it's not just about the bread. it's about soaking and the french toast. we're going to do a mascarpone cheese and french toast. it's stuffed, if you will. we're going to take some eggs. we're going to whisk some eggs. and if you add -- we're going to add a little bit of whipping cream. >> whip it. >> and fresh orange juice. >> fresh orange juice. >> a little bit of vanilla. >> a bit there. >> sugar. as much as you like. i don't like too much of it. >> it's going to be so much on its own. >> exactly. now, orange zest. >> there you go. >> which gives it a great flavor. >> all-spice, which has nutmeg in it and cinnamon. and a little pinch of salt in there. exactly. this is the batter. as you mix it up. >> emeril, you can smell it. >> you smell that?
8:48 am
the orange zest and all of the spices. now, what we're going to do. we're going to take mascarpone. and we're going to spread the mascarpone. you can sweeten it with vanilla or sugar. i like this. what i like to do is take orange marmalade. >> you're hurting me now. >> no, no, babe. wait until you see this. you make a little sandwich. and go -- >> that's really good. >> and you soak it in the batter. let it go on the sides. and it goes all in here. okay. so, now, maybe three minutes on each side. >> okay. >> look at this. how beautiful, golden brown this is. i want you to take this off. >> okay. >> put it on this plate for me. >> can i have josh bring in his beautiful mother? >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> before i finish things, i wanted to make you a hard-boiled
8:49 am
egg salad. >> oh, man. >> and press it between bread and griddle it for you. not a good way to start. >> you're a good man. >> look at you. >> i'm working over here. >> all right. so, all right, you have to cut this in half. so, then, we have that -- look. you see how it gets nice and gooey. >> you see that, george? >> that looks good. >> here's the good part. we're going to take a little of pure, maple syrup. >> that's right. mom, we're going to start with you right there. >> all right. >> beside the french toast -- when you're done, you can put that right there, robin. great job. awesome job. >> and i helped. and i helped. >> we've taken bacon. and we've made a cure with brown sugar, ground pecans. robin, wait a minute.
8:50 am
wait. taste this. just taste this. >> george and i can attest, this is -- >> that's awesome. >> is that not unbelievable? >> i didn't think it was possible to improve upon bacon. >> i know. >> did you taste this? >> i did eat the whole thing. >> try the french toast, george. anyhow, then -- wait. i've got another surprise. >> what's to drink? >> you know how we have snow cones, right? and condensed milk is like -- right? taste this. this is a little bit of espresso, with whipped condensed milk. is that a jolt or what? >> i'm up now. >> you might do the night news, too. >> doesn't it taste like that? >> mom, what do you think? >> this is incredibly good. >> you can eat like this every week, mom. stop by anytime. >> come on. >> i want to say, quickly, mom. i love you. early happy mother's day.
8:51 am
>> thank you. >> you're working it, josh. >> yeah. >> working it. get the recipes on our website, >> friday, may be knocking on your door. >> we'll be right back. we're happy. m m m m m m m m m m ♪ there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder to help neutralize odors in multiple-cat homes. and our improved formula also helps eliminate dust. so it's easier than ever to keep your house smelling just the way you want it.
8:52 am
purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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in our "just one thing," it's put john corbett on television, because everyone will pay attention. you epa's spokesman for green buildings. i didn't know they had that. but we learn a lot from it. >> we have 245 buildings in the epa's energy star battle of the buildings. office buildings use 20% of all of our energy. and 30% of that energy is wasted. so, the competition starts right now. it's going to go until july. >> right. >> we narrowed that down to 10 or 15 buildings. then, november 2nd, we're going to announce the winner. i want to tell you about the things we can do in the office. >> i didn't know energy star was on office equipment. i thought it was just in kitchens. >> on your refrigerators. on computers. combined printers and copiers. this is on buildings now. when you go into a building with this plaque on the front, you're going into a building that's in
8:55 am
the 25% top of energy efficiency. >> for me at home, and we learned a little about that. i leave my computer on because i know it's more efficient than turning it off and on. but one thing, you say, is don't do that. >> if you put the management setting on and you put this thing to sleep every night, you're going to save 65% on your energy on your computer. and these use -- these use 50% less energy than your desktop. >> what's amazing, at home, if you're not concerned about being green, and some folks aren't, $25 to $75 a year. that was big to me. we're going to have you on more. i would like to, if you would. as the competition goes on, i think there's other things we'll learn. >> power strip. one button at the end of the day. >> and don't be afraid to load up everything on it. >> this will save you 60%. if you get a copier and a printer. >> john corbett, our "just one
8:56 am
thing." that's brought to you by starbucks. we are now closing the show. we're going to -- come on over, john. >> come over here. come on, guys. >> we're coming. >> while you guys are watching that, we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're online at twitter and facebook. remember to watch "world news" with diane sawyer, later today. >> come on, guys. >> there's still time. >> have a good one. after 40, my skin looked tired. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate restoring lotion with coq10 to help skin renew itself. gold bond ultimate restoring. this stuff really works. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through
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is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. zbloost defense will present their case in the chauncey bailey murder trial. the man accused ordering the killing. prosecution erase rested their case yesterday after six weeks of testimony. >> record high temperatures, oakland and santa cruz today. warmest weather around concord at 90. most of us in the mid to upper 80s. still be comfortable tonight in the 50s and 20 degrees cooler in the afternoon by sunday. caltrain and they are still running with delays, 15 minutes train 225. san jose, 280 an accident still blocking the left lane and slow from the macarthur m


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