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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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was in san francisco celebrating her birthday and anniversary when she was shot and killed, caught in the cross of a gang shoot out. her husband stefan and two teen sons was here last week. arrest were made the night of the killing but no one was charged. investigators say some of those arrested are among those released today. the homicide detective delivered news of the arrest to her husband. >> i spoke with stefan schroer this morning when we made the arrest. he was extremely emotional and very grateful to the men and women of the police department, to the citizens of this city and to the men and women that make up our district attorney's office. >> of the arrest, one made in freemont and one in oakland
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and five in san francisco and again, there is one adult male fugitive. investigators say the difference between that night and today was a lot of hard work, a lot of evidence gathering and collaboration between different law enforcement agencies. they couldn't reveal details about what finally led to arrest warrants issued today. live in san francisco, abc sennews. >> breaking news out of san ramon. police are holding a news conference to announce the arrest of the one of their own. it is realated to the continued investigation in the scandal with the enforcement team. c-net for short. norman welch and former concorde investigator chris butler was arrested on charges they conspired to sell drugs. we'll update you as we get more information on this new
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arrest. >> period - on president obama made a tough decision today. the government will not release photos of his corpse . wayne freed man is here with the reason reaction to it. >> the fascinatingy reaction may be thity in it. on capitol hill those for and against are not following party lines and no is anyone else with an educated opinion. the decision came from jay carny. >> we don't trout trot it out. >> no pictures of dead osama bin laden. a polarizing decision if there ever was one. >> me personally, i don't care. if they want to see it, it should be made available. >> a locksmith shared feelings by writing them on the back. i don't like the decision make
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that -- government to make that decision for me. >> the government decided it would have traded peril to proof . that reasoning made sense. >> it might insight more problems especially a lot of people are trying to discredit the story. >> there are folks who will deny it. the fact of the party - matter syou will not tee bin laden walking on this earth again. >> the pran fran police, it was a political than a religious one. demarco randy bhirdo it came down to good taste. >> do you show a death row inmate when he is elecocuted. politics you wanted, politics you got inside and outside of the government. >> it is important to find out if the pakistanies had knowledge of osama bin laden being located where he was. >> the more important knowledge has to do with a treasure trove of information
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recovered from the compound including 10 computer hard drives and 100 thumb drives and 10 cell phones with numbers to track down. that material will help with the intelligence picture, dan. >> wayne, thank you very much. wayne freedman reporting. >> leader of the fort sills apache drive asking for a an apology from the government for the use of code word geronimo. equating the warrior with a terrorist is painful and defensive . the defense department said no offense was meant and code names are chosen at randol. >> sarah will not be going back to iran. she post from post traumatic stress disorder after being held in solitary confinement. and returning to iran would be
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far too traumatic. her fiance and friend are scheduled for a second session of their trial next wednesday. all three pled not guilty in the session in january. the three grads were arrested and detained by iranian sold yours in july 2009. >> if you went outside. the heat is up here making today the perfect day to cool down in the beach. this shows you how folks are doing just that in the beach and boardwalk. they set records today. >> santa cruz was one of them. 87 degrees. sfo was 84 degrees . oakland, downtown getting up to 85 . that was a new record from the day. santa rosa to napa and antioch and the east bay to concorde and liverr more and morgan hill. all in the upper 80s. 80 degrees in san joses. san francisco at 82 and it was a warm day in half moon bay.
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75 degrees. it is going to get cooler beginning tomorrow in the coast and then everywhere as we head into the weekend. we'll have a full look at the forecast in a minute. and faulty breathalyzers may mean hundreds of dui cases could be thrown out of the court in the south bay. they have used a new model of breathalyzer as a field sobriarity device. they told the two departments friday that some of the devices were giveying -- giving incorrect readings. prosecutor note that others are begin a more reliable test after their arrest. >> the blood sample or the breath sample that is a main piece of evidence in most cases. >> because of those other tests there will be a minimal number of cases affected and both police departments
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discontinued using that particular breathalyzer model. >> local state and federal and law enforcement hope they have made a significant dent in drug trafficking . seizure of methamphatamine and guns on the street. the san palo police and sheriff department work together on a two year investigation. officials say the drug ring was part of a transnational gang that was operating in california. >> the oakland school board is scheduled to vote on whether to cut 115 positions and on the list security officers it is a possibility that has partners in oakland worried about their kid's safety. education reporter maria melendez has the story in oakland tonight. >> i can tell you parents will pack that board meeting tonight. security in the high schools is very important to them . here's the bottom line. oakland unified had to cut
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jobs in order to balance the budget. it has to be in place by june 30th. oakland has just under 100 school security officers. ssos. located in middle and high schools in the city. >> looking for outsiders and getting kids to and from safely. they are under the command of the plose department. it is the only district in northern california with its own police force. 17 position may be eliminated. and they are worrying about it is -- >> just yesterday. they responded quickly when a first grader unknowingly brought a loaded gun to school in a backpack. >> the teacher recognized it as a handgun and we are pursuing lead toz determine who placed it in the backpack. >> daniel thereto le was a
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former student in castlemont. he knows how important it is to have an extra set of eyes. >> if they cut the security jox. crimes will go up more and school district spokesperson said in order to balance the budget they need to close a 30 million dollar deficit. the district is proposing eliminating 115 nonteaching positions. >> i think the feeling was it was preferable as opposed to having different cuts. >> if they cut the securitiovs, the chief will begin transferring officers to the schools that need them the most. >> late this afternoon. one board member told me that there is a last-minute deal to try to keep the officers. we'll have to see what happens.
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and maria melendez. abc sennews. >> they want tough battles to get a majority of the voters to tax themselves and help schools in a state funding crisis. they are among the big winners . and they said yes to a 59 dollar parcel tax. that would generate 1.1 billion a year. >> they will help buffer the cuts that we are expecting from the state of california . protect basic programs and keep our classes as small as possible. >> the school district is among those who appear to have lostt their tax measure. we'll tell you why the campaign chairman said that fight is not over. >> if you live in the south bay, you may have to shell out $80 for a library card if you want to use the libraries run by santa clara county. they voted to impose the fee to make up a cut in funding.
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residents in san jose and los galos and sunny valley will have to pay it for a county library card or use their city libraries. >> and coming up, the research that is shaking up salt. could it change the way you season your dinner? >> it is worse than we thought. sony's update on the staggering number of people hit by the hacker who is took down play station. >> singer linda ron stat's work to help others find their voice. >> and the acrobatic amphibians that pulled state lawmakers away from their deathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>s drive to make smart phones and tab lets faster got a boost from intele.
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here's what it looks like it is the trigate instead of flat, it has a fin like a sky scraper. that gives more ways for the electrons to move on the chip. there will be less battery drain. when they were lying down. you had a transiter gate that was getting smaller and smaller and electrons that flowed through it was constrained. apple reduced soft bare. cooper based company is delivering on a promise to revise a feature that logged iphone user's movements. the location data will not be kept more than a week.
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apple denied it was spying on iphone users. there being be privacy problems and that prompted an update. >> sony announced the personal information of 25 million customers may have been hacked. >> that is a staggering number as the company refused to testify before a congressal committee looking into the security breech. >> it is a wild privacy story. the number potential victims is 102 million user. sony had to shut down the popular play station game. they declined to appear to the house committee calling the breach a highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack. we come up with a figure of 21 billion a year in coast to
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clean up on the beaches. they called sony's decision not to testify unacceptable. >> watch out if you are in a car. the survey by usa today shows double market prices for gas if you don't refill the tank. they are charging 5.7cent and all the way up to 9.29 a gallon if the tank is not full. avoid the high prices and preparing for a tank of gas . fill it up yourself before returning the car. where is the most expensive gas. they found it in hawaii. it is in a station on maui. it is 3.36 a gallon and didn't take long . hours after osama bin laden's
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killing entrepreneurs began to make money from the death. >> they are selling more and celebrating bin laden's killing. there are tote bags and baseball caps and doggie tshirts and end of osama bin laden . one website has sold hundreds of those showing stick figures of americans standing victorously over bin laden's body. linda ron stand was in town. it is a campaign that was launched, a mexican art center and features an interactive website that helps yuning
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people to have song. latinos are the fattest growing population in the united states. >> this really is, this is a way to teach the people in the community. it will improve the lote of migrants . it is a animated muc videos and it is a political soccer ball. >> i hope you spend time outside today and your allergies are not too nice. >> it got up in the low 90s inland today. >> it is really a warm day. >> and tomorrow, it is a warm day inland and you will notice big changes in the beaches. it is going to be cooler. live picture from san jose where it is sunny and light breeze and a temperature in the mid-80s right now .
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as we look at our live picture from the high definition camera. you can see for miles. you are looking toward san francisco and skies have been clear and we are expecting them to remain clear. it is the midcents for half moon bay and san francisco . still warm and concorde andantioc . santa rosa . warm cooling in the coast. and a land breeze that dominated the bay area on it . many of you enjoyed the weather. it is on the edge of the sea breeze. it is the presence that is known. it is coastal areas.
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it is 10 degrees cooler in half moon bay. is wide variety. and it is 59 degrees. it is 59 degrees in san jose and 54 for you in oakland . 49 in oakland . tomorrow afternoon. a warm day in the south bay . 84 in san jose and sunshine in sunnyvale and eighty-two 82 degrees and warm day still in the park. look at the coastal readings . and it is midcents . squor 64. and sunshine in the north bay . definitely a cool down on the coast . 84 in santa rosa.
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and it is milder readings. it is 76 in oakland. it is another 84 and concorde in the monterey bay. it is cooler weather. can and upper 60s in the warmest location and i will try to mumble this. slight chance sunday evening and it is going to that way in monday. >> hate to be the bearer of lad news. things were jumping in the state capitol. >> we are ready to jump some fogs.
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that signaled the start of the threnth anial jumping contest. the winning frog leaped over 10 feet. and more venerable frog jumping contest runs from may 19th through the twenth. >> adding salt to your food may surprise you. >> and the fall out from rising gas prices. serious damage it can do to your cararararararararararararar
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>> new research suggest that salt may spice up your food. a diet high in salt could
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reduce your chances of developing heart disease. over the course of study people with the lowest salt intake had the highest rate of the heart disease. this study in contradicts most current medical advice. you should consult your doctor before adding salt to your diet. a teen fenal lereceives a heart tans plant. >> show waited and hoped for a transplant. the surgery happened this morning and she sent the pictures. in the recovery room. next 24 hours are crit beingal . this is the best birthday gift she could receive. we wish her well. back in a moment.
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>> new tonight at six, pension abuse in california. the migs they are trying to dispel in the state capt cament. getting rid of what is behind the blue tarp. what they are trying to get banned from a local farmer's market. new after 6:30. proving giant snakes and lizards are cool. back to dan and cheryl. >> that was cool and so is oakland zoo showed off the newest members. baby on thers. they weigh 100 grams at birth. that is the size of a stick of butter. they have delayed implantation. >> they breed in the spring but the egg d't


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