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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 5, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- >> the president decides not to release photos of osama bin laden's body, saying that's not what we do. as we learn more about the raid, it wasn't just human troops involved. and the blaze to destroy evidence of a u.s. secret helicopter. who has that technology now? and price peak. new reasons to expect the price of gas to peak and then, begin to go down. good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us today. the white house version of that bin laden raid is undergoing yet another revision this morning. >> now, new reports reveal there was no firefight inside the compound, as previously reported. the only shots fired at navy
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s.e.a.l.s were at the start of the raid. and we're learning that a hero dog accompanied the s.e.a.l.s on the mission. >> the raid also revealed the existence of a supersecret new military weapon. a stealth helicopter carried the navy s.e.a.l.s to the compound. more on that coming up later in this half hour. all this as new york city prepares for the visit of president obama later on today. security is extremely tight, as president obama plans to lay a wreath at ground zero. he will visit the firehouse where so many members were lost on september 11th. and emily schmidt joinsousen the the latest of the decision not to make the photos public. >> reporter: president obama says he will not use the photos of osama bin laden's body as trophies. doubtful they were convince skeptics. certain, they would incite violence. president obama's visit to
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ground zero today will mark the death of osama bin laden in his pakistani compound, in a way the president has decided, no picture of bin laden's body ever will. mr. obama told "60 minutes" he will not release those photos. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement of additional violence, as a propaganda tool. >> reporter: the white house says it matched the opinion of secretary gates and clinton. cia director earlier in the week, a release to silence critics. >> i think we have to reveal to the rest of the world, the fact that we were able to get him and kill him. >> reporter: reuters news agency released photos it showed three other men killed in the raid in bin laden's hideout. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says he disagrees with
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the president's decision. >> the pictures are going to get out. why not put them out now? satisfy the rationale people that have questions about the identity of bin laden. >> reporter: giuliani and family members of 9/11 victims will meet with president obama today. >> we've been heartbroken for ten years. it was the first good news we got that the murderer was brought to justice. >> reporter: he had 500 euros and 2 emergency phone numbers sewn into his clothing. possible signs he thought he could escape capture. >> thanks a lot, emily. without the bin laden photos, the threat of terrorist retaliation is greater now. the fbi and homeland security have stepped up their vigilance here in the u.s. overseas, meanwhile, pakistani officials say they are virtually certain there will be revenge attacks. a spokesman for the pakistani taliban told our jim sciutto, americans should worry. >> will you take revenge on
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american targets in response to this? we will take revenge on americans and anybody involved in the attacks. >> and after the raid on bin laden's compound, pakistan may be more unable or unwilling to help protect americans and american interests. we're getting a new look at the private lives of those who hid behind the walls of the bin laden compound. our nick schifrin has spoken to people closest to the al qaeda leader and the family. he reports now from abbottabad. >> reporter: we're beginning to learn details of what life was like inside this compound, thanks to an interview we've had with a confidant of two of the people who ran the compound. one of the people was the couriers that the u.s. managed to track to get to bin laden. inside the compound, the families who lived there were extremely private. they didn't participate in neighborhood events. they wouldn't go to funerals or weds. occasionally, they would go to the market. there were three or four women inside. they would leave the compound
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completely covered. only their eyes would be showing. and those two men who ran this compound were privates themselves. when they were asked what jobs they did, they refused to answer. and when they were asked why they ran a compound with walls so high, so much higher than any other compound around it, they said they were tribesmen from the afghan/pakistan border, and they didn't want to let enemies see inside. coming up, the top-secret u.s. chopper used in the raid on that compound. also, on "good morning america," we have new pictures of the operation to get bin laden. switching gears now, we learned overnight that president obama has declared a flood emergency in tennessee, mississippi and kentucky, where the mississippi river is approaching record highs. eight states along that river are facing the worst floods since the 1920s. and the water is still rising, with the worst danger to come this weekend and into next week. in missouri, national
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guardsmen rescued a 93-year-old woman who had become trapped in her car by rushing floodwaters from the black river. the guardsmen tied a cable from land to her car and then guided her to safety. she is, right now, okay. >> incredible to see that. the strength of the waters there. >> unbelievable. >> really dangerous. now, for this morning's weather from around the country. showers in minneapolis, chicago, des moines, st. louis and kansas city. lingering rain in new england. a morning sprinkle from new york to philly. showers in south florida and in the northwest, from seattle to olympia. light snow in the cascades and northern rockies. >> 70s from boise to albuquerque. and a hot 97 in phoenix. 67 in omaha. and 70 in kansas city. 70s from dallas to atlanta. miami climbs to 83. 65 here in the big apple. and coming up, think you're paying a lot for gas? we're going to show you where drivers are paying more than 6 bucks a gallon. >> people need to move.
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and the suspects that we have seen the worst of the gas prices. is a decrease on the horizon? and the race to find a
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well, there is some good news this morning about gas prices. analysts predict they will peak later this month, and then begin to level off and perhaps decline slightly in june. that's because u.s. refining capacity is increasing and oil speculation is decreasing. crude oil prices are already down $5 from their peak last week. of course, all of that is little relief to drivers on the
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hawaii island of maui. take a look at this. in one remote town they are paying $6.03 for regular. $6.25 for premium. the price for paradise. right? >> makes $4 seem like a bargain. overseas investors are showing signs of concern this morning. tokyo's nikkei is closed today. hong kong's hang seng was down slightly. and in london, the ftse opened a little lower, as well. on wall street, the dow lost ground on disappointing jobs news. the nasdaq index also went down. the trustee recovering money for bernard madoff's victims is ready to begin distributing some of that cash. he says he has recovered about 44% of the $17 billion lost in that massive ponzi scheme. the rest of the money is not available just yet. that's because of court challenges. your iphone or your ipad are not as much of an ispy. the devices have been storing data for a year. about where you've been, what you've been doing. well, apple is now updating its
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software so it only keeps a week's worth of location. it allows users to shut off data collection entirely. a huge development in the computer chip design world. intel has unveiled a three-dimensional chip with a vertical, thin-like structure. it allows for more computing power, but uses less battery power. it will mean faster smartphones, lighter laptops and a new generation of supercomputers. dunkin' donuts is now offering stuffed bread sticks and bagel twists. the chain hopes to double its number of stores and increase its presence outside the northeast. i still love the munchkin doughnuts. >> i like the chocolate glazed. >> we'll make a run after the show. coming up next on this thursday, does the raid of bin laden involve a top-secret, futuristic helicopter? our brian ross investigates. and in sports news, the seven-hour game that just wrapped up in boston. can't wait to make mother's day memorable?
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making for perfect conditions to hang ten. these surfers in duluth, minnesota, are enjoying the big waves on lake superior. it takes 45 minutes of paddling for just a 10-second ride. but those folks, they say it's well worth it. >> surfing in minnesota. have to add that to the bucket list. >> that's right. taking a look at your morning road conditions. flooding shuts down i-40, from little rock to memphis. i-55 is drenched from st. louis to jackson, mississippi. wet on i-90, from sioux falls to chicago. and on i-94, from minneapolis to milwaukee. wet on i-5, around seattle. >> and if you're flying today, you can expect some airport delays in boston, chicago, kansas city, minneapolis, and miami. returning, now, to our top story and the latest details on the death of osama bin laden. president obama has decided not to make public those photos of the terror leader's body. saying, quote, we don't spike the football. >> that decision comes as mr. obama travels here to new york to visit ground zero today.
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and the taliban is saying it does plan revenge attacks against america because of bin laden's death. the raid on bin laden's compound has revealed the military's supersecret new weapon. before this, the existence of the stealth chopper had only been a rumor. >> but as brian ross reports, it flew the navy s.e.a.l.s to the bin laden hideout. >> reporter: the last act of the navy s.e.a.l. team before they left the bin laden compound was to blow up the damaged helicopter that had to be left behind, setting off a huge fire. and now, we know why that was so important. aviation analysts say the remnants of the aircraft reveal they were part of one of the u.s. military's most closely guarded secrets, a stealth blackhawk helicopter, whose existence was only rumored but had never been seen in public before. >> this is the first time that we've seen an operational stealth helicopter. >> reporter: the analysts say photos that emerged on the internet reveal this was no ordinary helicopter. >> one of the things that really stands out is, they have a little disc over the rotors,
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which is really designed both to baffle the sound and to deny radar signature. >> reporter: neighbors in abbottabad told abc news they did not hear the helicopters sunday night until they were directly overhead. this is what a standard blackhawk helicopter sounds like. this is the sound of an earlier experimental version of a stealth helicopter. >> there would be a vague sound. it might be the sound of a helicopter that was going in the opposite direction. >> reporter: one key to the chopper's stealth nature is a secret, heavily coated fabric-like material, which children in the neighborhood were seen collecting. >> there are probably people in the pentagon tonight who are very concerned that pieces of the helicopter may be even now on their way to china because we know china is trying to make stealth aircraft. >> reporter: the chinese military is known to have close relationships with the pakistani military. and the remaining large pieces of the secret u.s. helicopter hidden under a tarp were trucked away by pakistani officials tuesday to an unknown destination. residents there also told abc news that just before the
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helicopters arrived, all electricity and cell phone service was knocked out. then, came back right after the choppers left. a senior pentagon official said he would absolutely not comment on our report. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and brian will have more on his investigation, coming up later on "good morning america." sarah shourd, one of the three american hikers arrested by iran, says she will not go back to face trial. in this new interview, shourd says she has been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder and returning would be too traumatic. iran let her go for health reasons last september. but she is expected in an iranian court next week, along with her fiance and a friend that remains in custody there. the supreme court has refused to hear the case of a texas cheerleader who was kicked off her squad because she refused to cheer for her alleged rapist, a star basketball
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player. the team says she was exercising her right of free expression. but an appeals court disagreed. saying the cheerleader speaks for the school, not for herself. and in sports news, a late finish, a very late one in beantown because of a rain delay. the angels/red sox game did not end until 2:45 this morning. the angels won after 13 innings. final score, 5-3. now, for nba highlights, here is espn news. >> good morning. i'm steve bunin with this espn news update. we had a shocker in the nba playoffs last night. it didn't come from the east, where derrick rose got the mvp trophy before tipoff against the hawks. pick it up in the third quarter, rose, the mvp, had 25 points and 10 dimes. fourth quarter, six-point lead. rose, to luol deng. he had 14 points and 12 rebounds. two minutes left. that's the mvp. bulls even up their series with atlanta, 86-73. in the west, we have that surprise.
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not that the dallas mavericks won the game. but they're going back to big "d" up 2-0, over kobe bryant and the lake show. bryant had 23 points. did not get much help from his bench. pau gasol got booed at home throughout the game. poor defensive effort. not on that play. dirk nowitzki, and one. ron artest, what are you doing, young man? doesn't belong on a basketball court. neither did the lakers. they go down by 12. down 2-0, going back to dallas on friday night, on espn for game three. how about the washington capitals in the stanley cup playoffs? the top seed in the east gets swept by tampa bay. sean bergenheim putting the lightning up 3-1. still in the second period, john erskine chips it in from the boards. a cheapy. but it will count. third period, marc-andre bergeron makes it 4-2. tampa bay, getting itself back to the conference finals for just the second time in franchise history. the other time, they won it all. that was 2004.
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and now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this thursday. as the president travels to ground zero today, the white house may be forced to make even more revisions in its account of the bin laden raid. new reports say navy s.e.a.l.s were fired on only once at the very start of the raid. a senate hearing on racist native-american stereotypes will be expanded to address the growing controversy over the use of geronimo as a code name for the bin laden mission. some native-americans are calling on president obama to apologize. secretary of state hillary clinton is in rome today for meetings on libya. european nations are lobbying to get some of libya's crude oil back on the market.
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this morning, eight states, from illinois to mississippi, are bracing for record flooding. the ohio river is cresting at just over 55 feet. that's five feet below the all-time record. president obama has declared emergencies in parts of kentucky, tennessee and mississippi. five republicans are ready to square off in greenville, south carolina, tonight, in the first gop debate of the 2012 presidential race. the participants include, tim pawlenty, rick santorum and ron paul. "fortune" magazine is out with the list of the 500 most profitable companies today. no surprise, businesses are doing great because american workers are more productive than ever. coming up on "good morning america," two familiar faces. first, bristol palin is back with her message on preventing teen pregnancy and the challenges of raising a toddler. then, the guest from last week's royal wedding causing quite a buzz. why that frowning flower girl is turning up everywhere. >> the crowd noise.
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zbluip next, more than 70 san franciscans are out of their homes because of a fast-moving fire. it spread to a total of four buildings. state regulators will begin considering a pg&e rate hike request today. people that conserve power tha may end up paying the most. >> it looks like another warm one inland. cooling at the coast and when it will work its way in in. and finally from us this morning, an oregon woman's trip to the dentist turned out to have some pretty long-range
4:28 am
consequences. >> how about this? she is now speaking with a foreign accent. and it could be due to an extremely rare medical condition. more now from valerie hearst. >> reporter: call karen butler's cell phone. >> hi, this is karen. >> reporter: and she sounds like any other oregonian. >> i can't come to the phone at the moment. leave me a message and your phone number and i'll get back to you. thank you. >> reporter: that's how karen used to talk, in a voicemail recorded before her oral surgery. she woke up from the operation, with a foreign accent. >> you say whatever pops out of your mouth. >> reporter: her dentist said, give it time. >> that was thanksgiving. christmas came and went. it didn't go away. >> she went. had her teeth worked on. a different voice, same girl. if you look at it on a scale of 1 to 100, of things that can devastate a family, this doesn't rise to level 1. >> reporter: their sense of humor helps too. >> where did you get that accent? i got it from my dentist in
4:29 am
toledo. >> reporter: karen believes she has foreign accent syndrome. there are only 60 cases known worldwide. doctors treat it like a brain injury, like a stroke. >> tation to not beit's an adap able to speak in your normal tone. >> reporter: this doctor of providence stroke center, says for some patients, this syndrome can be devastating. but karen believes a broken voice fixed her hesitation to speak in public. everyone wants to talk to her. >> in the united states, we hear a foreign accent and go, isn't that interesting? >> reporter: is that hurtful to you to think that you're just making this whole thing up? even people watching this at home? >> would i find it hurtful? no. it just is what it is. and if they don't believe it -- >> reporter: valerie hearst, k2 news. >> only 6 documented


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