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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. have i got a story for you, in the middle of a fire that you could see for miles around folsom street, hiding in the closet, a little dog. he was rescued about 15 minutes ago. we'll show you coming up in just about one minimum. >> i'm janelle wang, president obama heads to ground zero. and why he decided not release photos of a dead osama bin laden. >> here is a live look -- winds are going to blow cooler air in today. i'll show you the drop in temperatures. >> good morning, sue hall in for frances. we're following the commute for
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you. a detour in concord and that and more coming up at 5:10 this morning. >> it's about 5:01. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> fire investigators will return to the scene of an apartment fire that burned dozens of people out of their homes and injured four firefighters. also damage done to four buildings. terry mcsweeney is live in the south of market area. terry, you discovered terrific news. >> it's really amazing news because take a look at this building. fire department says it's probably a total loss. fire department is on the scene. firefighters have been going in and out of this residential hotel all morning long. take a look what they found about 15 minutes ago. hiding in one of closets in one of top floor which s a little chihuahua. they found it about 15 minutes
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ago. they are going to turn it over to animal control until they can locate the person who is responsible for this dog. an amazing story of survival getting through the smoke and the heat. back to the fire itself, firefighters still on the scene out here. you are looking at the fire at its peak you could see the smoke from as far as away well into the east bay. residents say someone threw bourbon on to a barbecue and that led to the rest of the story just like this residential hotel. more than 70 people chased out of this place and three other damaged building. >> a fire this large, we wanted to come out and have hose lines in place in case we uncover any hot spots. we had our fire watch. right now a crew is coming on and relieving the crews from the
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night before. >> six people treated for smoke inhalation, two of them had to be treated at a hospital. red cross is taking care 70 plus suddenly homeless and animal control is taking care of the victim just discovered a short time ago. little chihuahua hiding in a closet. smoke all over the place at the height of the fire but the chihuahua survived. president obama leaves for ground zero in new york in about 90 minutes. when he arrives he will honor the victims killed on 9/11. the president will also bring with him the controversy that follows his decision not to release photos of osama bin laden's body. janelle wang has more. >> the president's decision to not release any photos or video of bin laden's corpse is
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upsetting some of the families. president obama decided the photos were too graphic and bloody and believe they could do more harm than good. leon panetta says they should be released. and sandy couldn't agree more. her husband was aboard pilot aboard flight 93. >> i think they should be released to put it to rest. i don't think we need to go over and over them. >> it is important for us to make sure that -- they are very graphic photos of somebody shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence. >> rioters news agency says it shows three other men killed on the raid on the pakistani
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hideout. abc news has learned that bin laden's 13-year-old daughter witnessed him being killed and both are cooperating with pakistani investigators. president obama leaves around 6:30 to meet with the families at ground zero later on today. four gang members are in custody this morning charged with killing a german tourist. they are among seven suspects arrested for the murder of 50-year-old woman. she was caught in a crossfire of a gang shootout in the theater district. san francisco police say new evidence and tips gave investigators the final pieces they needed to make those arrests. an 18-year-old and two juveniles are charged as accessories in the murder. one adult suspect is still at large. state regulators today will take the first of two votes that
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could raise your electric bill. pg&e is asking for a 28% rate hike for people that use the least energy could see the biggest increase. amy hollyfield is live at puc office. >> i'm not going to say what you think i'm going to say. those of you who save energy, who conserve are not going to be raurd under this proposal and those that use a lot of power could get a 20% drop. it sounds backwards, critics say it sounds like pg&e will be stealing from the poor to pay the rich pg&e says it unfairly burdens those that use a lot of power. they want to make it fair for everyone. the system was initially created to motivate people to save power. but it looks like things are about to change, they are planning give a cut to those who
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use a lot of power and a hike to those that don't. the vote is expected today here at california puc commission. if you have an opinion, go to my facebook page, aim will aim facebook page and let me know how feel about this plan. >> happy cinco de mayo, if you think about drinking alcohol, please don't drive home afterwards. they will have extra patrols out looking for suspected drunk drivers. 13 santa clara police agencies say they are adding extra patrols. san francisco police will have a team of motorcycle officers in making indictment stops. >> peninsula bart commuters want something to read, the free read
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and ride machine, it's similar to the library go than go. riders who don't have a library card can apply for one. >> just want to make sure, free to read and ride, not a free ride. not the same thing. >> not don't get those on spare the air days. >> inland, watch out, it's going to be another warm one of. around the bay and especially at the coast. cooling trend will bring the temperatures back in line where they should be we tied a lot of records yesterday. i'm tweeting about that right now. winds out of the southwest at 14 miles an hour. mainly six miles an hour around oakland, hayward and north-northwest and 9:00 in concord. we got faster wind that tends to
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pull the winds up through the san ramon valley. concord has a southerly wind at this time of the year. right now 52 in antioch. 57 in los altos and 49 in santa rosa. so definitely a mild morning. this afternoon we'll be in the mid-50s along the coast to low 70s around san francisco. we have mid to upper 70s say richmond, san rafael, oakland and vallejo. then low to mid-80s the rest of the bay shore and south bay. upper 80s over in east bay valleys. down around monterey, 70s and upper 80s inland. >> push of cooler air inland tomorrow and doesn't stop until the temperatures are 20-22 degrees cooler by mother's day and then a warming trend monday through wednesday of next week. we have a couple hot spots.
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first concord, eastbound highway 4, at alhambra a stall. further east on 4, between leverage and summer violence, road is closed. there -- summersville. >> let's go to sfo, 101 in millbrae, no problems there. it's very light. people have yet to get out on the road. bay bridge and as you can see traffic is moving smoothly. minor back-up, really not a back-up as you head westbound into san francisco. >> that is kind of back-up i like to see. >> gm recalled more than a hundred thousand vehicles, the potential defect that could put drivers in danger. >> a major breakthrough in silicon valley, computer chips
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that will bring changes. >> apple tries to end the controversy over location software in the i-phones. >> and the sharks again, they got the red wings and they do it in overtime.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's 5:14 on this thursday morning, now it's general motors to recall 150,000 vehicles. it affects 2011 cruze compact sedan. they will be looking for a proper installation of the transmission shift linkage. all the affected cars were built in ohio. no crashes or injuries have been attributed to either problem. >> people are cutting way back on their driving. industry reports falling demand for gasoline which is now above $4 a gallon in 13 states plus
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the district of columbia. demand has fallen for six straight weeks. it could be a sign that the economy is slowing down. analysts expect it to hit $5 by summer. >> apple is promising privacy for iphone users. a feature that logs your location for up to a year. provides information for the phone's mapping programs. with a release of a new software update the location will not be stored for more than a week. apple denies it was spying on anyone but acknowledged the software bug. >> smart phones and tablets is getting a boost with a new 3-d transistor from intel. it's called the tri-gate. they say it's 37% faster and
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less battery drain. >> when they were lying down, you had a transistor gate that was getting smaller and smaller and the number of electrons that could flow through it was being constrained. >> the new design will be available in about one year. >> san jose sharks have a chance to sweep thewood rings in the stanley cup. they beat the red wings 4-3 in overtime taking the commanding lead. >> if the sharks don't wrab wrap it up they will be back in san jose for game five. we don't foresee that happening. >> isn't that funny. >> you get more for your money that way. more stress for your money.
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>> keep the octupi off the ice means we are praying well. >> and let's, they throw it on the ice, one of those neat things about hockey. and all the way into berkeley hills. look how clear this morning. another day without spare the air. talk about the temperatures when you leave the house, how about mid to upper 40s, napa, fairfield, santa rosa and half moon bay. rest of us pretty much in the upper 50s, concord and livermore still around 52 degrees. monterey, 49. and gilroy at 48. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. highlights focus in on the temperatures, cooler at the coast and around the bay shore today but still warm inland. that cooling will hit you tomorrow and will hang around in
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all of our neighborhoods through mother's day. a stray chance of a shower sunday and monday. low to mid-80s in south bay, san jose, 84 degrees. mid to upper 70s on the peninsula until you you get to palo alto, low on 80s for you. temperatures in the low 60s along the coast this afternoon. downtown san francisco and sausalito in the low 70s. mid 50s for the north bay coast. looks like upper 70s to low 80s around petaluma and napa. mid-80s for santa rosa, clearlake cloverdale and ukiah. rest of the east bay shore, mid-70s. brentwood at 90 and monterey bay mid to upper 60s. mid-70s santa cruz and watsonville and salinas.
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it will be kind of warm at the game today. three game set wrapping up at the coliseum at 12:35 first pitch. it will be sunny oakland, 70 warming to 76 by the time the game ends. tonight. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. look for clouds to develop along the coast also. two areas of high pressure off to our east and west in between a trough of low pressure or convergence line where the sea breeze hits. yesterday that land breeze was well out into the ocean. today it starts to push back into the land and that is why we'll see the cooling take place around the bay. that cooling trend will move inland tomorrow and still looking at about 20 degree temperature drop between yesterday and sunday. here is sue. >> it's pretty light out there this morning.
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san jose, southbound 680 you have an accident just cleared to the shoulder at the off-ramp at king street. that is out of lanes. that is good. live san jose shot, highway 101 at 880 junction at san jose everything is moving smoothly. to the north bay, or to the golden gate bridge, from the north bay, no delays as you come through the waldo tunnel and down on the golden gate bridge. check 80 through berkeley, headlights headed into the macarthur maze, no problems. always a good idea if you headed out, check the website at for your latest traffic updates, click on bay area traffic. >> it's 5:20. >> a proposal to eliminate caltrain's consideration in sacramento, big money the the state could face.
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♪ >> and it's not quite a red alert but scientists have discovered evidence of a very big ant in the united states.
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welcome back. state lawmakers are considering eliminating state funding for caltrans. it would make cities and counties responsible for their highway and bridge projects. a state audit shows six out of ten projects run over budget. people advocating a shift of responsibility a shift to the local level say say it would save $2 billion. san francisco mayor ed lee says summer school will be available for 900 students that did not pass high school math or
5:25 am
english this year. he announced that $250,000 from unspent grant money from other programs will be used to hire 30 summer school teachers for those classes. budget cuts had initially left only enough money for twelfth graders from special education children. >> researchers have discovered a giant ant apparently crossed an arctic land bridge and ended up what is now wyoming. researchers have concluded from a 50 million old fossil that shows the ant the side of a humming bird. it's about two inches long. fossil was discovered in what is called a green river formation of wyoming a part of cluster sedimentation that is six million years old. there is one that the same size and lives in central africa.
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hundreds of nurses plan to walk off the job this morning. >> we're learning more about the secret weapon used in the osama bin laden operation, so secret the navy seals had to blow it up. >> and two billion dollar boost the california budget is about to get. >> here is a look at the high temperatures across the country. we go from 99 in phoenix to 54 in boston. temperatures are close to average and things are quiet. no flight delays except for baltimore right now. check out flight tracker at
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in
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san francisco. in the middle of a tragedy, something of a cinco de mayo miracle. right in the middle of a residential hotel that burned a short time ago, firefighters found this guy, a little chihuahua surviving it all. i'll have those stories in a live report. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where there could be an important decision that could impact what you pay pg&e. the story straight ahead. >> some areas have a cooling trend. >> i'm sue hall. cinco de mayo so far, no major stalls or accidents. we'll have a complete update coming up at 5:37. >> thank you so much for starting your day with us. >> i'm eric thomas. >> firefighters searching through a burned out residential hotel in san francisco found a
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tiny survivor. dozens of people are looking for a place to live after the blaze spread from the hotel to several other buildings. terry mcsweeney is live in the south of market area with the story. here we are 12 hours after this fire begin. firefighters still on the scene, hoses still going into the building checking checking for hot spots. they go in every now and then, and during one of those checks they found a chihuahua in the middle of this burned out building. take a look at this fire. it truly was spectacular. it started around 5:45 last evening and spread to three other buildings, more than 70 people had to be evacuated. the red cross taking care of these folks. this residential hotel probably a total loss according to the san francisco fire department. you see the flames from miles away. then this morning crews found a survivor, the four-legged kind, scared and maybe terrified and
5:31 am
apparently in good health. >> where did you find this guy? >> he was up, i don't know a closet area upstairs. he found a little place to hide. >> how close he was to the flames? >> he was really close -- it seemed like he was right at the center. >> it had to be a chihuahua on this which i think which i think. four people were treated for smoke inhalation, two had to be taken to the hospital. one of them a firefighter. folks are being taken care of at a red cross shelter that was set up across the street. arson will be out at daybreak, someone says someone threw bourbon on to a barbecue. what you are looking at spca taking that chihuahua to a shelter. later on when things calm down they will be looking for the
5:32 am
owner of that chihuahua and as we heard, chihuahua in the middle of the flames hiding in the closet surviving the smoke not getting burned. fire burning right up to it, chihuahua, i'm not trying to minimize the tragedy but a ray of hope in the middle of all this disaster. president obama heads to new york city? just about an hour to visit ground zero later today hoping to offer closure to families of 9/11 victims. they are learning more about a secret weapon used in the mission that killed osama bin laden. janelle wang is here to tell us more. >> it's so secret, navy seals had to blow it up when it became disabled in the operation, the helicopter to fly in the navy seals. they set it on fire before they left the compound to try to
5:33 am
destroy any evidence of the stealth blackhawk, one of the u.s. military's closely guarded secrets. they saw the photos emerge on the internet. one reason for the chopper's stealth nature is heavily coated like fabric material. >> the reason it stand out, they have a disk over the rotors that redesigned the back and to deny radar signature. >> there are people in pentagon that are very concerned that pieces of the helicopter may be even now on their way to china. we know china is trying to make stealth aircraft. >> the remaining large pieces of the secret u.s. helicopter were hidden under a tarp and taken to an unknown destination by pakistani officials. president obama visits ground zero.
5:34 am
president has made the call saying they will not release photos of bin laden and could cause more harm than good. a san ramon police officer is in custody this morning in yet another twist to a growing law enforcement scandal. chief scott holder that lewis lombardi was arrested on grand theft and possession of stolen goods. his arrest is connected with an investigation, a contra costa county narcotics enforcement team. it's commander is accused of selling drugs stolen from police evidence lockers. lombardi was a member of that team for nearly four years. he is being held in a detention facility on $760,000 bail. >> they will take a vote on a pg&e rate hike plan that some say unfairly punishes people who try to conserve. amy hollyfield is live in san
5:35 am
francisco to tell us more. >> reporter: right now, if you conserve you get a break. the idea is to motivate you to save energy but there is a new idea on the table. this one would shift the break for those that use the most power. people that use a lot of power could see their bills go down 20% next year. those that conserve could face a new customer fee. some critics says it sounds like pg&e will stealing from certain customers and they say the heavy users are carrying more of the burden so they want to even it out. what do you think about this? go on my facebook page, amy hollyfield facebook page and i would like to hear what you think as we lead up to the big vote. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news."
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>> 5:35. registered nurses at children's hospital oakland is set to begin a five day strike this morning in a dispute over health care benefits. nurses walked out of health care costs last october. the planned strike by 800 nurses is in response to what the union says is a proposal that would cost $4,000 more a year to cover their families. hospital administrators say they can't afford the current healthcare plan. state lawmakers have good news to disagree on. state tax board has taken in $2 billion more than expected this year. that is small portion of $15 billion budget hole. republicans says it showing there is no need to raise taxes but governor brown is trying to turn down the rosey outlook. brown's revised budget will have a mixed spending cuts and tax
5:37 am
increases. time to look at the warming forecast. >> can we cut back on the heat a little bit? >> around the bay shore it will not be as warm but inland another day of above average temperatures. it touched all of us. we have a cold front to the north. that is going help steer some wind from the ocean back to our neighborhoods this afternoon. can see the westerly wind developing at sfo and rest of us is calm at 5 miles an hour. 8:00, we'll have sunshine and temperatures at 48 in napa. some of the cool arer areas 60 and rest of us in the 50s. by noon, nice warming trend everywhere with upper 50s to low 70s around the bay shore to upper 70s to low 80s as you head inland and mid 50s around half moon bay.
5:38 am
4:00, cooling trend, mid to upper 60s into san francisco. 77 in fremont and then low to mid-80s as you head inland. watch out for the pollen, high amounts of tree and mold. accu-weather seven-day forecast, much cooler tomorrow. 20 degree drop by sunday is still in the forecast and slight chance of a sprinkle sunday and monday also. >> it's pretty light. it's cinco de mayo and folks are behaving very well on the road. this is 101 in millbrae, if you are getting ready to go to the airport, no delays or problems reported on the road. golden gate bridge, looks like southbound, cones are configured for the drive into san francisco. 80 berkeley, westbound, getting a little crowded but moving the limit to macarthur maze and metering lights remain off.
5:39 am
still ahead, san francisco police get a big break in the search for the thief who made off with a pricy musical instrument. >> and sony reveals a hacker attack on play station is a lot worse than first thought. next, the staggering number of customers whose information was ♪it's the way you bring out the sun♪ my mom makes any day sunny. sunnyd does, too. with 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. ♪
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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welcome back. >> a san francisco judge, expected to release a warrant today, thanks to muni train surveillance video they identified the man of taking emily cox's one of a kind violin. she is student of the conservatory. instrument is worth $22,000. witnesses saw the suspect leaving with the instrument after cox left it unattended. they followed him to the muni station and called police. >> more than $7 million in drugs is off the streets this morning after a massive bust in contra costa county. operation red reach led to 36 arrests and a seizure of methamphetamines and guns yesterday. san pablo police and f.b.i. and contra costa sheriff's deputies worked together on two-year investigation. >> law enforcement agents and offer whether local and state
5:43 am
and federal will pool our resources and work in partnership to make sure that our communities are safe. >> police say the suspects arrested are linked to trans national gangs which they say are the top emerging crime thet in california. >> sony says another 25 million play station network customers may have been hacked. it brings the potential victims to 102 million users. the house of representatives is calling for federal legislation to protect the increasing number of data breaches. they turned out to doun an invitation to testify today but they sent a letter saying they were a victim of a sophisticated cyber attack. some travelers may be about to get a break in airport security even as officials remain on alert for terror threats. >> and it used to hold cargo but
5:44 am
you can shop in one. >> also heads up for dog owners, first of a kind survey reveals a surprising and growing health problem in family pets. >> engineers begin a risky maneuver to stop radiation leaks in a for my dry skin, ordinary body washes just aren't moisturizing enough. [ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins.
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live look at doppler 7 hd along with the clouds, you see how quiet is across the state. other than low clouds around san diego, 71, l.a. 88 and near 90 in palm springs and mid 90s around yosemite and fresno. cooler in big sur at 78 but still pretty warm in tahoe at 68. san francisco leaders will release new details on the makeover project. the group plans for a new target store at fourth and mission streets. at today's groundbreaking we will find out what other tenants will move in. there will be 600 construction jobs and target will hire another 700 employees late next
5:48 am
year. >> a new kind of store is popping up in san francisco's hayes valley neighborhood. these businesses are special not so much for what they sell but how they are housed. >> robin goldman is making her special brand of ice cream from scratch one small batch at a time. >> it's incorporating liquid nitrogen in the freezing process. >> it freezes all the ingredients in about a minute. >> so we want to create better ice cream and do it right. >> this used to her store, a radio flyer wagon she pulled it around. this is her store, a former shipping container customized for her business. >> we are building them off-site and able to drop them on the
5:49 am
site and connect them to utilities that we've already connected in the ground. >> the store, smitten ice cream is the first of a dozen businesses set to occupy vacant lots in the hayes valley neighborhood. >> hayes valley is very artisan and up and coming. very creative. it was courtesy of the old freeway and come alive. >> we see this as a new model of development. we call it a flexible urbanism. something that can respond to the pace of our contemporary culture where things happen quickly. we're all on mobile devices. >> six businesses will share space with smitten on this lot. this vacant lot will one day host a beer garden. there will be nine pop-up
5:50 am
businesses all in containers that will be easy to take them down. taking them down is exactly what the city expects them to do at the end of their four-year lease. >> it's an interesting compromise. it's what a retail environment looks and feels likes. >> it costs $7,000 to $40,000 to fix up the containers and they lease from $2,000 to $5,000 a month. smittern, the open for business now just in time for the warmup. >> i see on her twitter page that she has cho chocolate ice cream. bring back some. >> i'm sorry, maybe not enough time. >> they are close enough. >> just so you know i'm a real journalist. [ laughter ] >> you bought that, didn't you.
5:51 am
>> it is ice cream weather. >> wait for the winds, will blow in cooler weather tomorrow. 5:51, looking down from sutro -- tiburon, sausalito all the way down mount hamilton. it's pretty warm, the air quality is still fairly decent. now back towards mount diablo, gorgeous shot of the sunrise that will take place in less than 20 minutes. mid 40s in half moon rest of us in the 50s. 48 in gilroy. salinas and santa cruz in the low to mid-50s. cooler everywhere tomorrow through mother's day and a stray shower is possible sunday and monday but nothing to change plans right now. something we'll keep an eye on
5:52 am
for you. this time of year, a washout of rain really not likely. brentwood about 90 degrees today. rest of the east bay valleys, mid to upper 80s. mid to upper 80s, castro valley around 80 degrees. low to mid-80s with saratoga and campbell, 85 degrees. as you head into the south bay, mountain view, low to mid-80s. low to mid 60s around the coast. downtown san francisco and sausalito right around the low 70s with mid 50s at your beaches in the north bay and temperatures range from 75 in san rafael and 84 in santa rosa. monterey at 68, heading inland, gilroy around 90 degrees. gorgeous day to be outside the coliseum, 70 warming to 76 by the time the game is over with the indians. the clouds are banking along the
5:53 am
coast. mid to upper 40s. here is what we're watching. this trough of low pressure, a wind shift line. you have a land breeze coming in from the east. this trough moves out over the ocean why is everybody was warmer and trough will retreat back to the east. it opens the door for the cooling sea breeze and that is why our highs will drop around the bay today. inland to the tomorrow and won't stop dropping until they lose about 20 degrees by sunday. again that slight chance of a shower monday sn and monday and dry weather tuesday and wednesday. >> so far, on the roads, very light out there. no major stalls or hot spots. we thought we would take you outside. san mateo bridge, both directions. commute is light 280 at highway
5:54 am
17. no delays here. just a few cars on the road. bay bridge, very minor delays, you can see a little bit of a back-up but metering lights remain off. if you are going to celebrate cinco de mayo today, great tflt a alternative would be to take public transit and everything is running on time. no issues and no delays. we've got for you before you leave the house, check it out. bay area traffic. that will give you the latest updates. it's 5:54. >> government just released a jobless report and bad for the economy. number applying for benefits surged to the highest level in 8 months. >> here is jane king. >> good morning. how would you like to be able to keep your shoes on and avoid those body scanners? that is one of the improvements the tsa is working on. they say they plan to identify trusted travelers and indicate their status with bar codes
5:55 am
allowing them to bypass some of the security procedures. >> sony is taking a look at those data breaches at play station units. stocks continuing to plunge with oil, chemical and metal and commodity prices fell. they say the total wealth among millionaire households could double and u.s. and europe will have the greatest concentration of wealth. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> in japan workers have entered the reactor building at damaged fukushima daiichi power plant for the first time since right after the march earthquake. tokyo electric power company says they started installing enter liags machines.
5:56 am
the utility must lower the radiation levels inside the reactor before they can proceed with installing cooling systems. important health news for parents who have babies. drugmakers are discontinuing infant formulations of acetaminophen. they are sold over-the-counter as tylenol, nyquil and those of other brands. they will phase them out to avoid confusion for parents and to prevent dangerous overdoses. the government was to discuss safety labels for those meds. >> they suggest diabetes are spreading faster among dogs than humans. they studied two million dogs and found that diabetes had increased by 46%. cdc says during the same period the disease increased by 28% in
5:57 am
people. biggest contributing factor is obesity. report was prepared by the banfield chain of 700 hospitals. >> just ahead at 6:00, flames devour a building south of market forcing dozens of people to find another place to live. >> pg&e will soon be taking from the poor to give to the rich. i'm amy hollyfield have the story of an important decision today regarding rate hikes up today regarding rate hikes up next.###########################
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