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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the stolen violin returned. >> compound about the possible plot for another attack from bin laden
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>> good evening. residents in this neighborhood being asked to stay in their homes because of a gas main leak. live look at the scene. >> shelter in place order issued for the area around oak park boulevard. witnesses smell gas and say they hear a loud hissing sound. >> pg&e asking resident to stay inside and close all window and doors and turn off their air conditioners. standard shelter in place order. no evacuation order as of right now. again that area is on oak park boulevard between stevens drive an keith circle. >> more breaking news as well in san jose. police starting to move in on crowds of celebration. some started to break windows. police cruisers are trying to block in several
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groups of people who are marching along streets including 22nd street and allen rock. in fact the on off ramp to highway 101 from allen rock right now are closed. >> evidence seized from osama bin laden hide out is providing new insight into his role leading al qaeda. u.s. intelligence analyst say the document taken in the raid show bin laden is not jaws figure head but play add direct role in plotting terror aso far the raid on the compound has turned up no evidence of a coming plo plot. but sources tell abc news web sites and schematic found in bin laden home show he was fixated on transportation targets. >> entirely possible that courier were bringing bin laden computer disk and other computer material thumb drive that might have had plots on them. >>reporter: new bull license issued tonight by homeland security and obtained by abc news describes al qaeda chilling plan. as of february
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2010 al qaeda was alledgedly contemplating conducting an operation against trains at unspace fight location in the united states. on the tenth an versus i of september 11, 2001. as one operational died was looking into trying to tip a train by tampering with the rails so that the train would fall off the track at either a valley or bridge. the "washington post"is also reporting that the cia set up a safe house in the city of abbottabad as suspicious. spy conducted surveillance on the compound to investigate the residents and rely on pakistani infor anti-to help them gather additional intelligence. but post reports that in the final moments bin laden was spotted in the doorway of the ramp before he turned and rae treated. officials says the seals viewed this as form of resistance and shot him. about president obama will visit fort campbell in kentucky tomorrow to meet with members of the navy seal team and others from the mission to kill osama bin
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laden. president will personally thank them and congratulate them on a job well done. >> president obama visited grand zero today to pay tribute to the nearly 3000 victims of the september 11 attacks. the president also visited manhattan firehouse and that was 9/11 family members. lisa spoke to a man in the world trade center when the first plane hit. he survived but his lodge too long time partner did not. now nearly 10 years later he is still struggling with life after 9/11. >> it has solitude and it's jaws good place to come. >>reporter: david weber comes to oak hill cemetery 9/11 memorial to think. one of the few places where he finds peace. >> i was in tower 1. i was on my way to my office. >>reporter: that's when flight 11 crashed into the north tower. weber was still in the lobby. then a second plane hit tower 2. >> my partner worked in tower 2. on a high floor. >>reporter: david partner was on the 87th floor. 2 had a
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brief 10 second phone call. >> i said tower 1 is hit too. and you know and he says something like he didn't know. i said don't say it. as tower one ended upcoming down, you know, my life with him ended. >>reporter: and the nightmare began. life isn't easy for the 52-year-old who moved to the bay area to escape new york. and find familiarity. weber and his partner used to live in san francisco. but the struggle got a little easier when osama bin laden was kille killed. and today president obama visited ground zero. >> i'm glad to see that president obama took it upon himself to, to make this visit at this significant time. >>reporter: the president met with 60, 9/11 families including glen james walls. he was an executive at can'ter fitzgerald. david weber was a mortgage analyst there. since 9/11 he barely worked. he was
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very emotional. so everything was heightened from excitement to being depressed. to having anxiety. >>reporter: every week weber goes to envision for therapy. he has come to this realization about bin laden death. >> i don't feel it's necessary to have to see photographs or things like. that he got what he deserved. >>reporter: in san jose, abc 7 news. the 24 navy swheels took down osama bin laden l had help from a dog trained to be a warrior armed with high tech weaponry. military released very few details about the so-called super dog. not even the breed. but they do remarkable things parachuting out of military aircraft with and without their partner. pentagon has trained about 3000 of the dogs. and given some of them bullet proof bode arm mor more. they are rumored to have teeth replaced with titanium and outfitted with head mounted infrared live camera and ear
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plug to be given orders by remote. >> the dog has is an attack dog trained to attack on command in addition to any bomb sniffing training the dog would have. >>reporter: pentagon has solicited private contractors to train 70 to 100 canine per year to patrol, track and hold fleeing suspects. 2020 gives the most complete picture yet of the raid that killed osama bin laden. you can see the special report hear on 7 tomorrow night at 10:00 o'clock. arrest tonight in san francisco in the case of the stolen violin and suspected thief caught on camera with the instrument. those images along with tips from the public help police make that arrest after the suspect cropped off the violin at unexpected location. ls lillian in the newsroom with details for us. lillian. >>reporter: the suspect was arrested at 8:00 p.m. about 10 hours after dropping off the violin at stait st. mary cathedral in san francisco.
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instrument still processed as evidence but the owner should be guest it back in a matter of days. emily cox is still playing with a borrowed violin but soon get hers back. her one of a kind violin valued at 23,000 dollars was recovered this morning. she went to the police station to confirm it was hers. >> as far as i can tell it looks like it's a little, it has been manhandled a little bit but you know nothing that i can't fix. no major crack or damage. >>reporter: the violin was stolen from the san francisco conservetory of music. emily is a student here and left it unattend entered a classroom for a few minutes when someone snatched it. emily was devastated. she's had the violin for 11 years. >> it's like your child or your pet. you know. not easily replaceable. >>reporter: fortunately a classmate saw the thief board a muni train. camera captured him getting on board. video led to several tips that helped police confirm his identity. while they couldn't get hold of
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him directly they did talk to his mother. she said her son 27-year-old scott sylvester of san francisco would return the violin not at police station but at st. mary's cathedral. receptionist michael was there and says the suspect was with his girlfriend. >> the lady was answering for him and said that she would like to leave this package her here. her friend had made some sort of a mistake that he would like to correct. >>reporter: for emily, all of this comes as shock. people she know whose lost instruments usually never get them back. she's now grateful and says she's learned a valuable lesso lesson. >> always take your instrument with you. don't leave it anywhere even in a place where you think it is going to be secure. >>reporter: police say they arrested suspect scott sylvester on muni few hours ag ago. officers approached him after receiving reports that man was acting strangely on the bus. immediately recognized him as the violin suspect and arrested him. he's being booked on burglary grand theft
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and possession of stolen property. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> all right lillian. >> san francisco says it plans to defy federal immigration officials by releasing undocumented immigrants arrested for low level crimes. that's according to the san francisco examiner. san francisco sheriff hennessee plans to start the new policy june 1st to uphold the city sanctuary ordinance. right now immigration officials require cities to hold undocumented immigrants until they pick them up. under san francisco new policy those arrested for misdemeanor released with citation just as u.s. citizen would be. ice has not commented. small dog was reunited with his owner today after being found alive in the ruins of san francisco apartment building. taco was found this morning in a closet in the building on folsom and 7 street. fires destroyed the building and damaged 3 others. dog owner is a disabled veteran and survive of the 1983 bombing of the barrack ins beruit. last night
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fire claimed everything he owner except the dog. >> most important thing to me in the world. this little boy right here. time happy he made it. i don't know how by the grace of god. >>reporter: the fire left about 70 residents homeless. investigators are still looking into the cause. well still ahead tonight. red cross honors 3 ordinary people who took extraordinary action to help save others. >> brian stow is scheduled for another surgery. what operation doctors plan to perform on the injured giants fan. >> stay with us. those stories coming up later on "nightline". >> coming up next on fight lin line. president obama family of 9/11 victims at ground zero today. we have the very personal story of a very private meeting. >> shania twain speaks out about marrying the ex-husband of the woman whwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhh
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. is i. >> giants fan nearly beaten to death at donor stadium needs another operation. cork to family web site surgeon will perform a procedure to drain fluid from the brain of 41-year-old stow. operation
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will take place either tonight or tomorrow. doctors have been trying to bring brian stow out of his medically induced coma but he has not been rae responding 0to stimulation. police in los angeles have yet to identify any suspects in his beating. >> the california department of education has released the state top schools for this school year. santa clara county topped the list with 30 percent of its schools ranking among the best in the state. when it comes to elementary schools santa clara county has the top 3. millikin elementary in santa clara, murdoch in san jose and fairy elementary in cupertino. how in mount diablo school district 6 schools among the lowest achieving in the state. rankings based on student performance on 2010 stand arrested test including star test and high school basic exam. >> san jose today decided no good reason to change the name of the airport. there had been discussion about his replacing the word silicon valley. that was tabled by city council
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committee. mayor reed did say if a major international airline wanted to negotiate a deal that included silicon valley if its name it would be reconsidered. nba star ming honored in san francisco tonight for taking a stand against shark fin soup. native of china was honored at wild aid first annual gala to protect the shark population. it's considered a delicacy but agrees it puts the shark population at risk of extinction. he supports proposed ban on harvesting their fin. disaster can strike anywhere any time. and when it does good people step up to help. today the american red cross recognized some of the ordinary people in silicon valley whose strrd actions make them heroes. here's corina. >>reporter: mike tyler sergio jiminez and juan gomez have one thing in common. they have all helped save a life. mike was on duty at costco when a
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customer suffered a massive heart attack and needed cpr. >> i kept saying this is not your time. time to come become right now. he started breathing right now. >>reporter: american red cross silicon valley chapter honored 7 individuals today as good samaritan heroes. sergio jiminez one of 3 men who risked his own life to pull a young man from a burning car. >> whole side of the driver side is on fire so i pull upside of the road. jump out start trying to kick in the window to get the kid out. >> none of the people saved by the incredible acts were able to be at the celebration today but you can just immanuel the gratitude if their hearts and families. jane brian jones got to sit next to one of the men who helped come to the aid of her husband hardy jones suffered a heart attack while working out at the ymca. >> they are the heroes. they are the people who step forward when things are going wrong and save lives. >>reporter: red cross gave a plaque and certificate but for
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for mike tyler the biggest reward can't be put on a shelf. it was unexpected visit. >> one of the children very small. looked up at me and said thank you for saving my grandfather. >>reporter: anyone can look to the heart to have an impact on others but the red cross reminds us skills and training are just as important as instinct. in santa clara, abc 7 news. all right. update for you on the gas leak in pleasant hill. shelter in place lifted in the neighborhood around oak park boulevard. >> pg&e was asking resident to stay inside and close all window and door and turn off air conditioner but again the shelter in place has been lifted. >> good news. let's focus on the weather forecast. warm today but not so much tomorrow. >> sandy is here with the changes in store for us. >> that's right. tomorrow temperatures will be coming down. 10 to 15 degrees. it's going to be noticeably cooler. high ka in the low 90's inland. some of the inland areas actually warmed up. 93 in morgan hill. 92 for new concord. 85 degrees in santa
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rosa. mid 70's round san francisco. 89 san jose. look at half moon bay 68 degrees. blythe or not coastal areas. some baseline community came down today. it was a cooler day. not cooling is going to spread from the f camera here sunset at 8:04. no trace of fog when the sun was going dow down. quickly things change. look at the latest satellite picture. we do have fog just off the coast line here and this is going to contribute to our cooling trend as we head into the next couple days. numbers right now on the warm side. low to mid 70's in the inland east bay but it's 57 degrees in half moon bay. fog returns to the coast overnight. cooler in all areas tomorrow. and much cooler and windier conditions expected on sunday. which of course is mother's da day. this the afternoon the sea breeze started picking up that really drove the temperatures down. pacifica good 11 degrees cooler today and doesn't end there. temperatures will continue to
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drop. you will see the computer animation fog starting to close in on our coast line by morning and it will just starts to fill in along the entire coast line so this will help to bring the temperatures down along with a stronger sea breeze for friday afternoon. temperatures with the fog filling in along the coast mid 40's around half moon bay. 46 around santa rosa. really low to mid 50's in most i object land east bay location except antioch at 58 degrees. 54 in san jose. tomorrow afternoon the south baylow to mid 70's. not quite as warm as today. 74 in san jose. saratoga peninsula still nice day just cooler. fay open the coast and pacifica. fog cool in daly city. downtown san francisco 63. north bay you talk about temperatures in the mid 70's for petaluma a-sabt the rose, still mild day. east bay sunshine 67 oakland, 70 for castro valley. pittsburgh.
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fairfield. life more out of the low 90's and around the monterey bay 60 degrees in monteray. stein inland and gilroy. if heading to at&t park tomorrow to see the giants play, the colorado rockies at 7:15 it's cool and breezy. temperature upper 50's to start off things then mid 50's as the night goes on. accu-weather 7 day forecast is downhill all wait that mother's day weekend. temperatures in the upper 60's inland. slight chance of few showers but sunday night into monday with wind kicking up. >> all right thanks. >> coming up next. how the san jose shark start operating a bit like the airline. jose shark start operating a bit like the airline. >> larry up next to explain. ó
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>> update for you on the break news about the cinco de mayo celebration. this video in of broken window along allen rock avenue where crowd of people vandalize several businesses in the past half hour. police are now out disbursing those crowds. san jose shark new ticket pricing system rewards early birds that's according to the silicon valley business journal. sharks quietly launched dynamic pricing system
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for individual play off tickets similar to what the airlines do longer you wait the hotter a ticket gets yes the more it costs. real estate industry insider say the sale of this office building could signal the return of speculative redevelopment. san francisco base 4 corner property just bought the old technology building on with you bower avenue. >> transformation of union city bart station is on track. bids on project to build a public plaza, promenade and playground are due next thursday and housing is in the works. like to read more on the stories print edition of silicon valley business journal. >> hope the giants are finally heading home. >> they have been on the road 3 cities or something. >> best things to say it's finally over. mike made the most of us. end of a 10 day finally over. mike made the most of us. end of a 10 day jojojojojojojojojojojojojojojojo
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>> go. giants reach the he said of the road today. 10 day journey through pittsburgh washington and new york. 22 of the giants first 31 games have been on the road. happy cinco de mayo to you at city field. hello. sanchez. another pl outing. in the second jose triple to left center. before 3 nothing lead. i have exhausted my spanish there. mike the little train that can. homer to the second deck. hit 360 with 3 double, 4 rbi. jints down 3-1. sanchez lost his concentration. carlos did not. 2 run home interthe fift fifth. sanchez allows 5 runs. pl rodriguez strike out miguel. buster. a little grounder to end it. pets avoid the sweep 5-2. giants go 5 and 5 on the
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trip tomorrow night. a's and independent yans rubber match. no sdichlingts a little help from sweeney with the diving catch. nicely done. sweeney in the field. at the plate. a little flare in the eighth to score counter jackson. tie up at 2 appease 5 hits in the game. catch of the game belongs to a fan in the 9th and that is why bring your glove. nice left. they go to 12. 12 innings. former a hand hand with a bloop. just beyond the reach. l indians win 4-3 in 1 12. don't get over confidence. don't assume the series is over. that's the message from shark coach todd. men in teal lead detroit 3 games to none. back breaker for the red wings. sharks pulled off over time win to take a series lead. nhl history have overcome a 3
11:31 pm
deficit. game 4 tomorrow in drorng but they could sweep boston. >> we are certainly aware of it. we also have enough respect for our opponent to know if there's a team that cap do it, it would be detroit. that should help us. >> i think you have to just go there and they are a good team and they play hard every night and there has been a few games in the series that could go it's wa. we get those and we are in the position we are at. >>reporter: sharks beat detroit in 5 games in the play off last year they would be quite happy with that. >> sure. absolutely. then on to vancouver. >>reporter: looks like sharks and vancouver in the west fina final. that will be done. >> thanks larry. >> "nightline"up next. >> l larry and all of us here, thanks for joining news appreciate your time as always. hope to see you tomorrow. appreciate your time as always. hope to see you tomorrow. >> good night everyone
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