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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 6, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and what a good morning for car drivers. oil prices plunge overnight. could we also be seeing the biggest gas price drop in years? we're live with the latest on what it all means for you and the economy. spies next door. the inside story of the cia agents who lived as osama's neighbors. watching and waiting to go in. as new evidence emerges of a shocking plot to bomb american trains. the princess diaries. after the world's most lavish wedding, kate is caught on camera heading down another aisle. the brand new pictures revealing that life as a royal can be a little more common than you think. and mama mia. there he is.
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on his way. could emeril be in your hometown this morning to visit one special mom? get ready for our biggest breakfast in bed surprise ever. i love watching emeril do his pink panther imitations out there. >> either that or a peeping tom. not sure. >> he is on the hunt. look at him live, right there. there's emeril lagasse. he's going to surprise one very lucky mom in just a little bit. she doesn't know a thing yet. but she's going to have a great day ahead. >> this is one of my favorite "good morning america" traditions. 12 years on now, the "good morning america" mother's day surprise. >> we'll have it all morning long. big surprise coming up. a lot of news to get to. elizabeth vargas here. robin is on assignment today. and the president, today, going to ft. campbell, kentucky, where he's going to meet with the navy s.e.a.l.s, the navy s.e.a.l. team that took out osama bin laden. wouldn't you love to get a
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glimpse of those guys. >> i would love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. that is going to be an extraordinary meeting today. we have a story about another star in that raid that we haven't heard much about until now. the four-legged heroes trained to take down terrorists. we'll show you the work that the dogs do and human machines can't do without them. we're going to meet the superdogs of the navy s.e.a.l.s in a moment. >> superdogs with titanium teeth. >> and ear pieces. their own ear pieces. >> incredible. just incredible. you've probably seen the brooke shields ads for longer eyelashes. it now turns out that this could be the solution for men losing their hair. >> not that you need it. >> you never know. you can never be too safe. and john berman has that. we begin with the promise of good news for everyone who drives, finally. in the last two days, the price of oil has plummeted. it's under $100 a barrel for the first time in over two months. bianna golodryga is here with more on that. bianna, this means that relief could come right away, where it
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matters most, at the gas pump. >> reporter: as soon as today, george. absolutely right. the money pit at the pump may soon come to an end. one of the analysts we were talking to said we could see gas prices go down 2 cents a gallon, starting today. over the next three to four weeks, that could bring us down to $3.50 a gallon. that's a buck more than we were paying this time last year. but, george, when we're talking about comparing where we were, today, $3.95, this is good news ahead of memorial day weekend. >> it sure is. do we know why? >> reporter: the two go hand in hand. we see oil got up to $100 per gallon in march. continued to decline. now going down. at $94, $96. here's a reason why. when the dollar goes up, oil prices usually go down. here's the bad part, though. we know that there's been pain at the pump. that's reflected in some of our driving skills and what we're doing at the pump and the consumption we've been seeing, as well. here's the bad part, poor
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economic news. we saw gdp rise to 1.8%. we need to see 3% to see the unemployment numbers decline. today is the big day. we're seeing jobs reports. 175,000 jobs expected to be added in the month of april. more people are searching for a job. >> thanks, bee quianna, very mu. disturbing, new details on what bin laden was planning next. clues from the documents that were seized from his compound that officials say point to a plot to strike america on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. the target, our train system. pierre thomas has been tracking this overnight and joins us now from washington. pierre, good morning to you. >> reporter: elizabeth, evidence recovered from bin laden's compound revealed that up until his bitter death, he and al qaeda had murderous intentions for the u.s. >> that's a roger. we'll be in new york next. >> reporter: the plan apparently in its early stages, diabolical. a blood-thirsty plot to derail a
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train. >> if a train were to derail off a bridge, hundreds of people could be killed, which would have the same effect as blowing up an airplane. >> reporter: a homeland security bulletin obtained by abc news states that al qaeda, in february of last year, was developing a chilling tenth anniversary plot for this september 11th. as one option, al qaeda was looking into trying to tip a train, by tampering with the rails, so that the train would fall off the tracks at either a valley or a bridge. abc news has learned the bulletin arises out of evidence recovered from bin laden's compound, revealing that al qaeda remained fixated on so-called soft targets like transportation. the evidence was contained in hand-written notes. the new evidence makes clear that bin laden was playing a direct role in planning al qaeda attacks, just as he did before the 9/11 assault. after that massacre, he bragged about his role. >> reporter: i was thinking that the gas in the fire from the
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plane would burn the building. >> i see here, at least for now, that bin laden, the engineer, who wants to look at the structure of possible attack targets, was asking questions and was getting information. >> reporter: senior law enforcement officials tell us they do not believe the plot is imminent. and there's no evidence the plan was in the final stages. but sources say the new evidence clearly showed that bin laden had not given up on killing as many americans as he could. elizabeth? >> all right, pierre. had not given up a primary planning role, as well. there's also riveting new information on who bin laden's neighbors were. it turns out the cia was living right next door in pakistan, watching bin laden's every move. nick schifrin has been tracking all of this down in abbottabad, pakistan. and he joins us this morning. good morning, nick. >> reporter: elizabeth, that's right. new details about an extraordinary spy mission in the months before this raid. it turns out osama bin laden had secret neighbors, the cia.
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the cia moved every asset it had into a house right near bin laden's compound. those assets included a satellite, hovering above. telephoto lenses on cameras that shot bin laden's compound through mirrored glass. infrared devices and audio recording devices. those details according to "the new york times" and "washington post." those newspapers say the effort took more than $10 million. in the end, it actually failed. the cia never got a positive identification of bin laden. they saw someone in the compound they nicknamed tracer or pacer, rather. they never identified him. nor were they able to actually get his voice, record his voice. that goes to show you how well hidden he was in this compound. and also, how well-disciplined he was. the fact is, he never left the compound and risked any kind of exposure. elizabeth? george? >> all right, nick. thanks so much. we'll have much more on osama bin laden tonight on a special
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"20/20." it's called kill shot. that's at 10:00, 9:00 central. a lot more on the cia effort to spy on bin laden. they were trying so desperately to get a photograph or a voice recording of him. >> he was so careful. >> incredibly disciplined. five years, living essentially in two rooms. >> yet he still got caught. thanks, elizabeth, so much. later today, president obama will travel to ft. campbell, kentucky, to personally congratulate the members of the navy s.e.a.l. team that took out bin laden. a visit that will cap off one of the most memorable weeks of his presidency. jake tapper is down in ft. campbell. jake, this is something of a victory lap for the president. he is already starting to see some political benefits. >> reporter: that's correct, george. he's seeing some bumps in the polls. right now, here at ft. campbell this is where some members of the 160th special operations aviation regiment -- those are the helicopter pilots that participated in that mission. they're called the night stalkers. that's where they're headquartered. and the president will meet with some of them today, as well as some of the navy s.e.a.l.s. at ground zero, the president
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laid a wreath at the survivors tree. and bowed his head in silence. earlier, he spoke with first responders. >> we've never forgotten the tragedy. we've never forgotten the loss of life. we've never forgotten the courage that was shown by the nypd, by the firefighters, by the first responders. >> reporter: the president told "60 minutes" he took great care with how bin laden's corpse was treated. >> frankly, we took more care on this than, obviously, bin laden took when he killed 3,000 people. he didn't have much regard for how they were treated. and desecrated. >> reporter: president obama has been careful not to politicize killing osama bin laden. but he's getting an undeniable boost. in a recent poll, his approval has jumped 11 points in 2 weeks, to 57%. a massive 17-point jump in his handling of afghanistan, to 61%, is the highest rating he's had
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in more than two years. the same is not true when it comes to the economy. only 34% approve of the president's handling of the economy, the lowest of his presidency. and that's exactly where the republican presidential hopefuls plan to pressure the president. in south carolina last night, the biggest names in the field, romney, trump, palin, huckabee, gingrich, were not there. the others seized any opportunity to criticize the president. >> he hasn't dealt with that because he doesn't understand the business cycle. >> we can't restore america's promises if we don't have a president that keeps his promises to america. >> reporter: and george and elizabeth, a u.s. official tells abc news that the government, today, will provide even more information about the dna evidence, about the facial recognition analysis, that was done on osama bin laden, as well as more information about that treasure trove of information gleaned from the bin laden compound. back to you in new york. >> even though the photos won't be coming out, more evidence that this was truly osama. jake, thanks very much.
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as we just saw in jake's piece, the first republican presidential debate was held in south carolina last night. only five of the contenders showed up. which meant that our next guest drew a lot of the fire. and tim pawlenty joins us now from greenville, south carolina. thanks for coming on with us, governor. >> delighted to be with you, george. >> in that debate, you said the first order of business for the united states federal government is to protect this country and the american people. i wonder what you say to president obama in a debate if he says, when it comes to the american people's safety, i kept my promises. osama is gone. our troops are coming home from iraq and afghanistan. and a weak al qaeda has not succeeded on a major attack on our homeland. when president obama makes the case that america is safer on his watch, how will you respond? >> a number of things. i do congratulate him, george, for the fine job he did in finding and killing osama bin laden. i tip my cap to him. and we should congratulate him for that. but there's a number of other, security and foreign policy
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questions, that i think he's answered in the wrong way. for example, when he said he was going to surge the troops in afghanistan, which i think was the correct call, i don't think he should have simultaneously announced the withdrawal date and sent the message that we're really not committed there to finish the job. that's an example of the kind of things he'll have to account for. >> on afghanistan, the republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, duck lugar says in the wake of the osama bin laden killing, about 100 al qaeda in afghanistan, he said it's difficult to conclude that our vast expenditures in afghanistan represent a rational strategy. >> i've been to afghanistan. it's not just al qaeda. there's other terrorist groups, including the al kahani group. we need to eliminate any threats to the security interest and
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safety of the united states. our interest in that region. it's not to rebuild their whole country. but we hope, in the near term, they can stand up their security forces to help accomplish and take over that goal. and general petraeus, when i met with him last fall, said we're making good progress in that regard. i believe we can withdraw or draw down our troops. but it should be determined by positions on the ground and our goals, not some arbitrary deadline on the calendar. >> we are waiting on jobs numbers this morning. but there has been fairly strong job growth over the last couple of months. of course, americans still unsatisfied right now. but if the economy starts to improve, what will be your line of attack against president obama? >> well, the economy, if it's improving at all, is only doing very slowly, and not by very big margins. and so, we had a president who said, george, that he was going to cut the deficit in half, if he got elected president. he didn't keep that promise.
7:14 am
our federal spending is out of control. i think americans realize we can't be a debtor nation. and that's ruining our country. he said he was going to fix the health care system, with focus on costs and affordability. he broke that promise. he didn't do it with republicans, like he said. he said initially he opposed the individual mandate. and now, he's in favor of it. i think the health care crisis is going to continue. he didn't solve the problem. and, of course, we have these other issues. and he said don't raise the debt ceiling when he was a candidate or a senator, because that's an example of quote/unquote, failed leadership. and now he wants to raise the debt ceiling. the list goes on. he made all these promises. and he broke most of them. >> our last poll showed that 43% of republicans were satisfied with the presidential field. only five of you showed up last night. what do you say to them? >> i'm not well-known across the country. i'm just getting introduced. i think as i get better-known, and i find mist having a chance
7:15 am
to introduce my record of leadership in minnesota on taxes and spending, on real reform on education and health care, we'll get momentum. i don't think the election will be decided now. it will be decided over the next year and a half. and we will do well. >> governor, thanks for coming in this morning. >> thank you, george. and josh elliott here with the rest of the morning's news. hey, josh. >> good morning to you, george, and you, elizabeth. millions of people across the midwest and the south are bracing this morning for what could be the worst flooding in modern history. evacuations are now being ordered all along the mississippi river, near memphis. levees protecting town after town, on the brink of collapse. jeff smith is in for our sam champion. he'll have the complete forecast in just a moment. and people from broadway to hollywood are mourning the loss of a legend today. arthur laurents wrote some of the best-known classics of stage and screen, including "the way we were," starring barbra streisand and robert redford. he also penned the musicals "west side story," and "gypsy." arthur laurents was 93 years old.
7:16 am
and finally, kate middleton walking down the aisle again. this time, at a grocery store. yes, folks, she may be the future queen of england. but she does need to eat. pictures obtained by "entertainment tonight," show her pushing what the brits call a shopping trolley. 18-carat rock still on the finger. two bodyguards still in tow. >> i love that she does that. >> i guess that's what we have for breaking news, elizabeth. she does eat. >> don't go too far, josh. i mean, she's going to keep her common connections. >> she is a genius at managing her image, huh? >> stop being so cynical. she just got hungry. >> and comparison shopping, to boot. >> thank you, josh. >> it was an empty cart. time, now, for the weather, with jeff smith from our new york station, wabc, who is in this morning for sam champion. hey, jeff. >> who knows? maybe she is an extreme couponer.
7:17 am
>> exactly. she's got her coupons. >> a more serious note. josh was talking about the major flooding along the mississippi and ohio rivers. not much rainfall. the good news expected over the weekend, as we're looking at under a quarter. maybe a bull's eye of an inch over southeast missouri. storminess moving into the pacific northwest. you're cooler by l.a. 99, your high temperature in phoenix, arizona.
7:18 am
>> elizabeth, back over to you. >> thanks so much, jeff. new details are coming out about a member of that navy s.e.a.l. team that played a critical role taking out bin laden. a four-legged commando with top-secret clearance. josh elliott has been digging up details about this military dog. this is pretty incredible, josh. >> indeed it is, elizabeth. months of planning, the daring raid of osama bin laden's compound by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s. they were not alone.
7:19 am
joining them from entry, to exit, was a fellow soldier of the four-legged variety. they jump out of planes and helicopters, into war zones, alongside their human comrades in arms. trained to be the best of the best. >> good boy. >> reporter: this war dog at the training center at lackland air force base, just outside of san antonio is one of nearly 3,000 four-legged heros being trained by the military. details, such as the breed, or even the names of the dogs, is being kept top-secret. >> they have immeasurable capabilities. they can smell explosives from great distances. it allows us to save lives. we can send that dog to apprehend a person. >> reporter: the pentagon outfitted the dogs with special gear, including googles, called doggles. waterproof body armor. and when their teeth break, they have been replaced with titanium. and the superdogs are given head-mounted, infrared live
7:20 am
cameras, allowing handlers to see what they see. and ear buds, so they can be given remote orders. >> they're an invaluable tool in iraq and afghanistan. they cannot be replaced by machine or human. >> reporter: nor can the bond that grows between the soldier and his canine companion. >> the relationship, it's your best friend. your partner. your life and the life of the soldiers you're supporting depends on him. if you don't know your dog and don't trust your dog, it can mean not only your life but the lives of the people around you. >> not only are the dogs bomb-sniffing experts, they're also adept at finding false doors and hidden rooms and the humans hiding behind them, in them. obviously, george and elizabeth, concern for the s.e.a.l.s, as they entered the compound. >> there was a false door. wow. fascinating story. >> killer dogs. thank you very much. coming up, the desperate
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one person was treated at a hospital for stab wounds. police have not yet said how many arrests they made. officers described the troublemakers as outsiders who only came in to wreak havoc. >> sue hall is here with a look at traffic. >> we've got major delay unfortunately with "h" train, free fry for "h" train riders for rider preoq but we got 30-40 minute delays for number 3 due to earlier problems. east shore freeway, west and eastbound 80 is slow. >> when we come back, mother's day weekend forecast. oprah: all new -- oscar winners julia roberts and tom hanks, together -- their "oprah show" farewell appearance, and -- >> bring out the elves. oprah: it's julia and tom's favorite things. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year.
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there he is. but where is he? emeril lagasse, sneaking up on the next winner of our mother's day breakfast in bed contest. this is the 12th year in a row. he's the pied piper this morning. >> he is. all these people are creeping behind him. i feel like we should be whispering in our microphones like the announcers on the golf channel. >> the mom will be surprised. she's not going to know a thing about this until emeril knocks on her door in just a little bit. >> you see up there, it says live, anywhere, usa. we're going to get our first clue this morning from emeril. emeril, give us a clue so we can start to guess where you are. >> i can't believe how many people want to join in to meet this lady. that's how special she is.
7:31 am
here's our twitter clue. we have something in common with the city and state that we're in, to where you guys are. think about that. >> something in common with new york city and state. >> and the state. >> and the state. >> okay. >> that's a good one. >> that's a good one. >> thanks, emeril. >> keep those guys going. keep them quiet. also coming up, men may have something to learn from brooke shields this morning. the key to getting back a full head of hair may be inside your wife or girlfriend's makeup cabinet. and john berman will join us with more on that. >> you don't put the mascara on your eyelashes. that's a tip. first, we're going to get to the story of a real-life desperate housewife. a california woman is serving time for having sex with two teenaged boys, including her daughter's 14-year-old boyfriend. christine hubs was known about
7:32 am
the hummer mom, for driving the kids around in her suv and doing a lot more in that vehicle. she talks to our san francisco station. >> reporter: from the outside, tim and christy hubs appeared to have the perfect life. got married at the mormon temple in salt lake city. had three kids. a thriving dental practice in livermore, california. a cabin at lake tahoe. fancy cars. >> out of 26 years of marriage, we had 20 years that were good. a couple years of tough times. >> reporter: the rough times started when christine, 40, got involved with two 14-year-old boys. her daughter's boyfriend, from middle school. later, his best friend. >> i don't want to be portrayed as a predator or someone that went out and forced this on anyone. that was not the case at all. >> reporter: how were you not a predator? >> well, i knew this boy for a
7:33 am
long time. >> reporter: she is hoping this interview will improve her image. but after i contacted the families of the young victims, they had police share the case with me. >> now, i'm going to talk about it. it's not going to be one-sided. >> reporter: investigators say hubbs groomed her victims by showering them with gifts. >> big-screen tv for his birthday. two phones. ipods. >> reporter: wasn't there a game system, as well? >> yes. an x-box. >> reporter: hubbs spent tens of thousands of dollars. >> it was like christmas every day. >> reporter: hubbs took her boyfriends on several family vacations. a trip to tahoe in 2008, is where it turned sexual. christine said she fell asleep with her two daughters and the boy in the same queen size bed.
7:34 am
>> i was exhausted. i don't know how i broke down. >> reporter: when you say you let it happen, that takes responsibility away from you. >> well, i didn't -- i didn't start it. i didn't touch anything back. it was him. and he -- he started it. >> reporter: hubbs claimed she was concerned her kids would wake up. so, she walked the 14-year-old to another room. >> i asked him to go in another room a couple times. and he pulled me. i just went with him. i don't know why. >> reporter: and what happened in the other room? >> then, we had a sexual encounter. >> reporter: police say that's not the way it happened. christine was the aggressor from the start. and that the boy was asleep, alone in a bedroom at the cabin. >> and he woke up in the middle of the night. christine walking in, with just a coat on, completely naked. >> reporter: hubbs admits the sex continued in hotels, and a spare bedroom at the family home. and in the back of christine's
7:35 am
hummer. after several months, detectives say the boy finally pulled away. >> that's where boy number two came in. his best friend. she used his best friend to make him jealous. >> reporter: hubbs admits it became physical with the second boy, after she gave him a ride home after a party. they parked at a little league ball field. >> it just happened. i thought, my god. >> reporter: what happened? >> we just had sex in the back of the car. >> reporter: in the back of the hummer? christine sent the boys thousands of text messages. >> you are mine, mine, mine. tell all the other girls to "f" off. i miss your touch. >> reporter: many of them were explicit. it was her texting that finally got her arrested. >> i found out there was some communication going on. >> reporter: christine's husband, tim, heard rumors about her relationship with the first boy. late one night, she caught christine texting him. tim asked the boy's mother to check his phone. she found a photo of a woman's
7:36 am
naked breast. and called tim to see it. >> i was first of all, shocked. >> reporter: was there any doubt that it was christine? >> no. i knew it was my wife. >> reporter: the mother called police. and hubbs was charged with 67 counts. she pled guilty to four. unlawful sexual intercourse, and two counts of lewd acts upon a child. last year, christine received a five-year prison sentence. >> the worst time is dinner time. that's when i used to be home making dinner, getting the kids home and together. getting them ready for the next day. that's when it hits me the most, that i'm in here. >> reporter: tim hubbs says his family is all starting therapy. despite the damage christine has caused, he wants to stay married. >> i still love her. and i know she still loves me. we have our children. so, i am -- when i got married
7:37 am
to her, it was for eternity. and through our religion. and that's what i want to make sure that i'd like to stay together if we can work everything out. >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan moyes, abc news, san francisco. time, now, for the weather. wabc's jeff smith is in this morning for sam champion. >> good morning, everyone. we're going to look at video from hardin county, illinois. not far from paducah, kentucky. 17 feet above flood stage, the ohio river crested last night. and this crest will be moving down the ohio river. eventually combining with the mississippi river, over memphis, tennessee. good news, one day of rainfall. bad news is, the river doesn't crest until the middle of the week. 14 feet above flood stage by wednesday. storm on the west coast,
7:38 am
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man: and all the pens are put down... woman: and everything there is to learn is learned. man: till the heroes retire and the monsters return to their dens... woman: and all the plots are wrapped up. man: till that day... boy: by hook or by crook... girl: by book or by nook... woman: i will read.
7:42 am
a lot of men losing their hair may be raiding the makeup kits of their wives and girlfriends. it turns out, a product that women use to enhance their eyelashes may keep men from going bald. john berman has been looking into this. >> it was a tough job. who wouldn't want brooke shields' eyelashes? the question is, would you want them on the top of your head? especially if you're a guy. it may be the latest weapon in the battle against baldness. long, luscious lashes, are a girl's every dream. some girls need some help. >> grow. how is that possible? that's why i use latisse. >> reporter: that's why they turn to latisse, an fda-approved drug, to grow eyelashes. if it works here -- >> would it work on the scalp?
7:43 am
>> reporter: that's what he's trying to find out. he started prescribing latisse for men. >> you use a little on the scalp. >> reporter: we know what you're thinking, what would a famous bald man, say telesavales, do with eyelashes on his head? that's not what happens. >> i was concerned about losing it. it started coming back. >> reporter: dr. bauman says he's seeing similar results in 70% of his clients. there is the issue of cost. a month's supply of latisse, is about $150. that's for about 400 eyelashes. the male has 1,000 hairs on his head. >> when you're talking about hair growth, priceless. >> reporter: we talked with the ultimate authority of hair restoration, sy sperling. you'll remember -- >> i'm not only the hair club
7:44 am
president. i'm also a client. >> reporter: what he says about latisse. >> i'll be banging your door down. >> reporter: he's not sure if latisse can give you a thick, full scalp. >> people shouldn't get too excited about it. i think it's better for the eyelashes and not as successful for hair loss. >> reporter: dr. bauman agrees there are limitations. >> this is not a miracle cure. this is mainly for patients to have thin, whispy hair left. >> reporter: they are staring hairlessness right in the eye. the fda has not approved latisse to fault baldness. but there's no laws to keep doctors from prescribing it. and there will be clinical trials now to see how effective it can be. >> my man, sy, is skeptical. >> sy loves you. he was talking about you for about 20 minutes.
7:45 am
not going to be long now. emeril is getting ready to knock on the door of our biggest mother's right now, all over the country discover customers are getting five percent cashback bonus at home improvement stores it pays to switch, it pays to discover.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
we're going live, folks. >> josh, good morning. i've been watching you all week on "good morning america." you've been great. >> oh, betty, thanks. >> i do think the good morning, america, delivery, could use a little more work. why don't you try it with a smile. good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> how about serious, anchorman? good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> oh, dear. >> good morning, america. >> well, maybe if you move your lips. >> good morning. >> just a bit --
7:50 am
>> good morning. good morning, america. good -- good -- >> i think you've got it. my work here is done. couldn't they get somebody good-looking? [ laughter ] >> ouch. >> i thought she was leaning in for a kiss. >> i got to tell you, that makes, at least, two of us. she was committed to the role, let's say. >> isn't betty the best? >> she's the best. she's the best. very willing. is this almost over? >> almost. >> we have lara spencer coming. i will no longer be the newby. she is on the way. >> let me guess. you're looking forward to hazing lara. >> it's her second tour. i'm still the rookie. >> we want to thank betty white. she has a great book out called "if you ask me and of course you won't." now, you have another clue,
7:51 am
emeril? >> let me tell you, guys. we're very, very close to this extraordinary lady's home. as you can see, we have a lot of people. we've got to be quiet. here's a little twitter clue for you. an american president was born very, very close to this southern city. back to you guys. >> southern? ah. >> connections to new york. and an american president born close-by. >> southern president has to be clinton or carter, right? at least recent. >> you might be on to something here. >> ah. our crowd is building. soldiers in the procession. >> best surprise ever. it's coming up. [ female announcer ] you do so much...
7:52 am
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7:56 am
city leaders in san jose have decided there is no good reason to change the name of their airport. there had been discussions about replacing mineta with a name that would include silicon valley but a city council has decided to table the idea. mother's day weekend. >> we've tabled the warm weather. cooling trend spreading inland but mid to upper 70s in most of our valleys. upper 50s to low 70s around the bay shore and low to mid-50s into san francisco where it will be foggy through the afternoon
7:57 am
hours. >> southbound 880, an accident at the dakota on-ramp that was closed. and san francisco, couple accidents northbound 101, accident in the left lane. >> the news continues now with "good morning america."óóóów
7:58 am
[ male announcer ] diane was already the chief operating officer at a national tissue bank when she decided to get her masters in healthcare administration. by choosing a university that connects working students
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8:00 am
don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at ♪ mama mia here i go again ♪ everybody here in times square, very excited for emeril lagasse, as he closes in on this 12th annual mother's day breakfast in bed surprise. and it's incredible. look at all this out here. we're all very happy for you, emeril. >> and a lot of people in new york city to celebrate this mother's day. this is the big surprise, 12 years running. emeril lagasse is somewhere in the united states. he's given a few clues already. on where he is. near where a southern president was born. and has some sort of connection to new york. and has a huge crowd following. emeril, how is it going? >> i have to tell you, guys. this is so exciting. we have to be quiet. i don't know how much longer we can keep this quiet. i can see the front door.
8:01 am
and we're about ready to surprise this extraordinary lady. back to you. >> well, we cannot wait for that. he's got to bring everybody -- you don't have to be quiet. they're going to be quiet down there. >> approaching the house. she has no idea that emeril is coming. not even her husband. why am i whispering? >> you're getting into it. also coming up in this hour, what would you do if you saw a -- a woman who was on a blind date with, really, a man who was blind? and she was telling him that she was a supermodel? would you intervene? would you set the record straight? would you get involved in any way? or just let them all have their fun? we'll have another of the great life experiences, "what would you do?" john quinones will be here in a moment. >> hard to contain everybody down here this morning. >> i know. and becky worley coming up. she is going to take on the machines. >> i want to try these out on my house. the robots. >> can they clean up better than you? becky's working furiously. she's going to put them all to the test. first, we have a little news. josh elliott.
8:02 am
hey, josh. >> hey, george and elizabeth. we begin with the economy and news about the job market this morning. we learned that the economy added 244,000 jobs in april, the third straight month of solid job gains as more people try to reenter the work force. the unemployment rate did rise slightly to 9%. and also, in economic news, we're bringing down the price of gas. one analyst says a drop of some 20 cents a gallon is possible in some areas over the next week and a half. this morning, al qaeda has confirmed the death of osama bin laden. in a statement on line, they promised revenge, saying america's happiness will turn to sadness. today, the president will visit fort campbell, kentucky, today to meet with the s.e.a.l.s.
8:03 am
and evidence obtained at bin laden's compound is showing that al qaeda was considering an attack on the u.s. rail system, on the upcoming tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. this morning, security is being ramped up on all american trains. and we're learning more about bin laden's wives, as well as a secret group of neighbors he had. our jim sciutto joins us now, again from pakistan this morning. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, josh. we're getting a sense of just how elaborate the cia operation was. they had a house full of spies, a network of informants, according to "the new york times," in a house very nearby the compound. watching bin laden, searching for him. with telephoto lenses behind mirrored glass. looking for underground tunnels with radar. they were keeping themselves hidden, not just from al qaeda, but from the pakistanis, as well. >> and the wives, jim. what are we learning about these women? >> reporter: we learned for the first time, there were three wives of bin laden. the wives in pakistani custody here in islamabad. and they are being interrogated. they were the people closest to him. pakistani authorities interested
8:04 am
to know about his movements. who did he meet with? we're able to learn and report yesterday that he confined himself to the compound, according to one of the wives, for five years. confined to just two room most of that time, josh. showing just how concerned he was about being found. >> jim sciutto live, in pakistan. meanwhile, the swollen mississippi river is now threatening more lives and livelihoods as it spills over in eight states. millions of people are facing record floods that could last for weeks. our steve osunsami is in memphis, quite literally, in the middle of it all. steve? >> reporter: good morning, josh. the mississippi river has certainly arrived here. we are west of downtown. behind me, a park bench buried underneath all that water. we talked to homeowners here, who told us that last night, they were able to go fishing from their back deck. and they caught a few. the mississippi river is expected to crest at 48 feet on wednesday. already, the rivers and streams
8:05 am
and creeks in this region are flooding roadways. we watched many people evacuate. last night, we watched the police academy. they had to evacuate by boat. residents are taking everything they can, from their homes, desperate to save what they can. there's lots of water over many roadways across the region, including interstate 40, the main highway between here and little rock, is closed. josh? >> staggering pictures, steve, of a story that is, sadly, just beginning. finally, this morning, the faa is deciding today whether to allow a swiss daredevil to perform a stunt over the grand canyon. yves rossy wants to fly across the canyon, in his specially-made, jet-propelled wingsuit. he's already used the suit to fly across the alps and the english channel. i'm being hazed all week. it's a good thing i'm not being asked to do the same. that's the news here just past 8:00. >> there's always next week, josh. >> there is always next week,
8:06 am
george, you're absolutely right. on to weather. jeff smith in for sam champion. jeff? >> josh, i saw the note pad with all the betty white tips on it. see the pieces of paper he has? let's head over to new york city right now and check out a live shot from my friends, my really good friends over at wabc tv. we're looking across the iconic brooklyn bridge towards lower manhattan. high clouds out there. it's going to be a nice day today in new york city. we'll have temperatures getting up in the lower 70s. it was a cold start. we had frost advisories north and west of new york city. parts of upstate new york. parts of western massachusetts. you'll be recovering rapidly in these areas, too. low 70s in boston. showers in parts of the appalachians today. may extend through the carolinas, to florida. couple of thunderstorms down there. 83, nice day in the mile-high city in denver. 61, spokane, washington. a storm moves onshore, and could be some rain in that area. maybe some
8:07 am
here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." date with a supermodel. we'll show you the blind man who thinks he's on one. would you tell him he's not? and cleaning machines. can they do a better job than you? becky worley puts them to the test. and cary grant. his daughter with rare home movies, revealing the man behind the legend. george, we'll send it back over to you.
8:08 am
>> okay, jeff. thanks. we'll keep our voices down now because emeril is closing in on the winner's house. he is right outside her house right now. he has a crowd behind him. they aren't saying a word. they are just steps away from her door. hey, emeril. >> george, elizabeth, let me tell you something. the crowd is hiding back there. i am slowly creeping up to the front door. it's like just, like, in hand's reach. when we come back, let me tell you something. we're going to knock on the door. and it's going to be breakfast in bed. it's going to be amazing. trust me, guys. this is going to be unbelievable. >> he's so close. we cannot wait for that. while my sneezing and my itchy eyes took refuge from the dust in here and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most.
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
it is time. emeril, right on the threshold of this year's breakfast in bed contest winner. we're not going to waste anymore time. emeril, take it away. >> guys, let me tell you something. this is so exciting. i'm in a little town called albany, georgia. i'm in the front yard, getting ready to knock on a door on a lady's home, by the name of mary tyson. this lady is so remarkable, what she has done for her family. you're not going to believe this. check this out. [ knocking ]
8:14 am
[ knocking ] >> oh, my goodness. >> are you mary tyson? hello. how are you? i'm emeril lagasse. you're mary tyson, right? i have to tell you something. >> oh, my goodness. >> you know why i'm here? you have won my breakfast in bed contest. yes, indeed. can i put a mic on you real quick? can i come in? can i come in okay? okay. let's get a mic on. >> oh, my goodness. >> listen. you have a mic. are you okay? are you all right? we're all right. we have a mic. no, no. it's okay. it's okay. let me tell you something, my friend, george stephanopoulos, up in new york, he wants to show you something. check this out right here. check this out, mary. look. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: take a look at america's georgia, back in the '60s. a small city, struggling with racial strife. a community fighting for civil rights. but in 1965, a much-quieter
8:15 am
story was also beginning. a moving story about motherhood. here, in this house in a corner bedroom, a heartbreaking plea from a mother of nine. gussy may hayes was dying. there aren't any photos around of her anymore. all of them, long gone. but everyone in town remembers her final wish. she asked her oldest daughter, mary, to make a promise. >> she made mary promise her, whatever you do, don't let them split my children up. and mary was like, mom, don't worry. >> reporter: mary's mom died. a year later, her father died, too. mary was just 18, a newlywed, and instant mom. >> she did just what she promised. >> reporter: just as they were starting their own family. mary and her husband took her siblings in. in this incredibly small house.
8:16 am
>> this home here, where all the boys. this room here, were all the girls. one bathroom. one toilet. >> it was many bunk beds. i can't remember. but i remember a lot of bunk beds. >> reporter: they needed every one of them. mary and alvin had to take care of mary's brothers and sisters, and six children of their own. but everyone was treated the same. >> in her eyes, these were her siblings but also her children. >> reporter: her siblings say to this day, they are still overwhelmed by mary's sacrifice. the sacrifice that kept them together. >> really, she's more than just a sister. she's their mother. don't know where we'd be without her. >> they were all we had.
8:17 am
and they loved us. they loved us. >> reporter: even with so many mouths to feed on a limited income, neighbors say mary's kids were the best-dressed kids on the block. she even had a morning ritual with the boys, combing each one's hair. there was lots of fun in this family. sunday drives in the country. and watch out, emeril. alvin's macaroni and cheese and mary's biscuits were favorites. they couldn't afford the local drive-in. but that didn't stop mary. >> we would park on the side of the road and just sit in the car and watch the movie. we didn't hear any sound. but we enjoyed the movie. >> reporter: one word keeps coming up when you ask people about mary, selfless. she never even celebrated her own birthday, until just a few years ago. and get this. she and alvin had never had a honeymoon. >> and i know that her mother would be so, so, so, so, so
8:18 am
proud of her. and say, you know, well done. well done. >> reporter: so, this mother's day, "good morning america" and emeril lagasse celebrate a sister, a daughter, and most of all, a mom, and a loving promise that lives on in this very special family. >> surprise, mom. happy mother's day. >> you put your life on hold so that we -- so that your sisters and your brothers, so that we can have a life. >> you made it possible for us to be here today. >> i can never repay you what you did for us. >> you've been there for everyone. now, it's time to give back to you. and what special way, the only way, is to do it on national television. so, happy mother's day, mother. love you. >> thank you. thank you, from the bottom of my heart. i love you. happy mother's day.
8:19 am
>> oh, my goodness. oh. >> are you okay, mary? >> yes, yes. >> what do you think about all that love, huh? >> i had no idea. >> alvin, i mean, i'll tell you. this is a total surprise, right? i mean, total. you're in shock, right? >> yes. >> can i give you one more surprise? >> what's that? >> are you ready? are you sure? i have one of a few surprises. >> you do? >> diane, right? >> yeah. >> okay. she's here. you want to see her? >> they are in florida. >> she came all the way from florida, to see you right now, for mother's day, for this surprise. >> there you are. >> how are you? >> you didn't tell me you was here. >> diane, you wrote the letter. >> i love you. i love you so much. >> oh, my goodness. >> my momma. >> such a special lady. >> i love you. >> i love you so much.
8:20 am
>> mary, are you feeling like this is a special mother's day right now for you? do you want another surprise? not only is diane here. we actually brought the whole family here. >> no, you didn't. >> brought the whole family. come on in, guys. the whole family's here. come on in, everybody. happy mother's day. come on in, guys. oh, yeah. >> happy mother's day. >> come on in. >> what are you doing here? what are you doing here? >> come on. don't be bashful, guys. come on in. come on. >> what are you doing? what are y'all doing here? what are you doing? oh, my goodness. >> hi, mom. >> my baby sister. oh, my goodness. >> mary, how are you feeling right now? how are you feeling? are you feeling okay?
8:21 am
we want to make sure -- we want to make sure about all -- >> oh, my goodness. >> diane, where did you go? come on. tell us about the letter. what did you say in the letter? it touched me so much. what did you tell us? what did you say in that letter? it really, deeply touched me. what did you say? >> i just told you how much i love her. and i don't see my -- but by the grace of god, that she was able to do what she did. >> and she did it. >> and she did it. and it was amazing. and my mom and dad are looking down from heaven this day, so proud. >> god bless you. should we give her one more surprise? what do you think? should we give her one more surprise? have we got her? are we going that way? are we going this way? let's go this way. come on. come on, mary. come on. come on, baby. come on, mary.
8:22 am
come on, honey. let me tell you -- are you ready for this? >> oh, no. >> the whole city is here. look at this. the whole city. come on, baby. come on. come on, baby. your church is here. the military's here. your family. your friends. the whole city of albany is here, mary. look at this. happy mother's day. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. [ yelling ] >> come on. come on, baby. come on. everybody's here, baby. hey, guys. it's a beautiful mother's day. what can i say?
8:23 am
unbelievable. back to you in new york. when we come back, let me tell you. i'm going to make a promise. it's breakfast in bed. >> wow. >> oh, yeah. >> emeril, can you hear us? emeril, can you hear us right now? >> they have a marching band and the entire neighborhood, the church and the military. >> and mary does what every mother -- ever since i've been here. runs away. leaves emeril. she came out. emeril, can you hear us down there? >> oh, yeah. i can hear you, new york. let me tell you something. it's a little hard to hear. we have the band, the military, the church, the schools. we have everybody here. but there's one thing missing. there's one thing missing, george. >> what is it? >> where's the bed? we need the bed. somebody, bring in the bed.
8:24 am
how am i going to cook breakfast. >> they are going to bring in the bed. emeril will be cooking an incredible breakfast. >> mary? mary? i have to ask you something, baby. how are you feeling now? >> i feel wonderful. >> are you feeling wonderful? >> yes. i feel good. >> are you just a little surprised? >> very. my pastor's here. where did every come from? [ laughter ] what are you all doing here? >> we got just about everybody here. just about everybody in the city of albany. >> oh, my goodness, no. >> who else did you see? >> oh, my. >> okay. let me tell you. >> my pastor. >> oh, yeah. >> pastor, come on in, baby. come on here. >> congratulations. >> i don't know. i don't know if i have enough breakfast for all these people.
8:25 am
i can tell you that right now. tell you what we will do. we're going to bring in the bed. when we come back, i promise, it's breakfast in bed. >> we'll be back with the breakfast for mary tyson. what a mother's day she is having with her entire family. surprised by emeril lagasse. >> cue the bed. good morning, america. good morning, america. good morning -- no. good morning, america. good morning. good morning, america. america. how do robin and george nail this every time? good morning. good morning, america. no. hello. hello. >> j., you're stressing too much. just relax. and give it to them simple. good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> a little aggressive.
8:26 am
like a rock star. >> good morning -- >> and squint. squint. >> how about this? george clooney. and go. >> good morning, america. >> wow. with hands. >> good morning, america. >> give them good morning, america, and walk away from it. >> good morning, america. >> little creepy. say it with your eyes. i felt that. >> buenos dios, america. >> how about we sing it? ♪ good morning good morning, america ♪ >> you're hurting yourself. let's go back. >> good morning, america. >> that's it. that's it. i'm touched. work on that. >> good morning, america. good morning. good morning, america.
8:27 am
san francisco police have a d.u.i. suspect in custody. they believe he was involved in a fatal hit and run accident this morning. a 55-year-old man was hit and killed on masonic avenue and church street. the car kept going. it crashed a short time later n outside st. mary's hospital. 23-year-old driver suffered facial injuries and was taken to the hospital where he was treated and detained. >> right now, let's see how traffic is moving. >> "h" train delay, number 3, major delays up to 45 minutes. number 5 is five-minute delay. southbound 880, dakota on-ramp
8:28 am
is reopen. stalled truck blocking lanes at delaware blocking lane number two. >> check in with mike and get
8:29 am
how do i deal with joint pain? i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. it gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. welcome back. 58 in antioch. 52 in los gatos. most of us in the 50s on our way to a cooler afternoon. cold air from the sea is spreading through our neighborhoods. you can see the warmest weather and east bay valleys, with mid to upper 70s there. clouds will remain around half moon bay.
8:30 am
we'll cool another four to ten degrees by mother's day and then a warming trend next week. >> the ♪ momma mia, here i go again my, my, how can i resist you ♪ oh. >> and that is mary tyson, just moments ago, getting the surprise of her life from emeril. happy mother's day, mary tyson down in albany, georgia. and what an inspiring story she has. >> she really is incredible. raised her brothers and sisters and children. and had a big family of her own. >> 14 in all. she was a mom to 14. and they have come from all over the country.
8:31 am
we say good morning, america. the crowd here, very excited for that, as well, on this friday. >> over here. sam and george are in the party for these ladies' 50th. >> we can't hear a word right now. we're going back to you, emeril. how are things down in albany? >> well, guys, let me tell you. what can i say. mary, how are you feeling right now? are you doing okay? >> oh, yes. >> the whole family is here. >> i feel like a movie star. it's amazing. >> you are a movie star. >> oh, my goodness. >> you think this ranks right up there with one of your best mother's days out there. >> oh, yes. i never had something like this before. maybe cooking and doing everything. >> so, how did you do this? how did -- >> how did i do what? >> how did you put all this
8:32 am
together? >> i didn't. >> you didn't? >> no. >> you got a wand in your pocket or something? >> no. >> this is remarkable. >> i know. i know. i think about it. and if i could do it over -- i don't know if i could. >> you've done an amazing, amazing job. valerie, you've come in from what? charlotte? >> north carolina. >> north carolina, right? and how does this feel? can you describe the feeling of this? >> words cannot -- i can't describe it. words, there are not enough words on this planet that can describe this moment. >> i've got to tell you. "good morning america" is blessed for all of you. i'm telling you right now. and happy mother's day to you. are you getting hungry after all this? >> yes. >> can we bring the bed in, please? >> what? >> we've got to have a bed. >> what? >> all right. bring in the bed here. all right. >> oh, no. >> oh, yes.
8:33 am
okay. come on, mary. i want you to get settled in over here. get settled in. come on, baby. get settled in. oh, yeah. all right. now, wait. wait. now, mary, wait a minute, now. look. i've got to serve you breakfast here. >> oh, no. >> yes. look at this. we have wonderful french toast, english muffins that we griddled. tropical fruit salad. you like strawberries i heard. >> oh, yes. >> here you go. >> bam, bam. >> bring it in for her. i want to thank you for your help. oh, yeah. >> my gosh. i feel like a queen. >> how do you feel now? >> a queen. >> all right. watch this. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, baby. here we go. oh.
8:34 am
>> mm. >> do you feel it now? >> do you feel the love? can you feel all the love out there? all right. >> everybody's looking at me. >> well, what are you going to do the weekend after this? >> hmm? >> she's going to hollywood, right? okay. you like strawberries, right? >> yes. >> here we go. oh. it's going to be a great weekend for sure. >> that's good. oh, my. >> folks, what do you think of this? is this not fantastic, everybody? now, i want to thank all of you for coming here. and it's very, very special, obviously, for mary. all of you are very special to her. all the mothers out there, want to say happy mother's day to all of you. and all the mothers out there, we want to say happy mother's day to you.
8:35 am
hilda, cherry. you doing okay, baby? okay. here. have a little sip of juice. just in case right now. okay. oh, is that all right? we are very close to florida. >> good. >> so, you know. okay. it's all right? >> yeah. it's good. >> all right. did you try the french toast? not yet? >> not yet. >> you're too excited? >> i'm too excited. >> i can't believe this. i feel like a movie star. am i a star? >> you are a star. >> i am? >> you are a star. you are definitely a star. >> am i dreaming? am i dreaming? >> you are not dreaming. all right, folks. let me tell you. we're going to keep celebrating here. back to you in new york. happy mother's day, everybody. >> happy mother's day, america. >> happy mother's day to mary tyson and all the moms out there. i love the way mary sits? that bed. >> she jumped right in.
8:36 am
i mean, they all look at me. >> there she goes. >> there she goes. happy mother's day, mary. she should keep the bed and keep it outside. at any rate, let's check in with jeff smith to get the nation's weather. and we'll celebrate mother's day with mary tyson. >> outdoor bed. that's how ever mother in the country should be treated this weekend. we're going to check out the weekend forecast. there should be thunderstorms in the ohio valley on saturday. partses of iowa and illinois. 85, denver. 65 in san francisco. in feet of snow in the northern parts of the rocky mountains. for actual mother's day, in boston, dad, don't forget. 62 degrees and rain. showers across the mid-atlantic, all the way towards chicago. thunderstorms in the high plains. rain and snow moving into the pacific northwest. some motherly cities. mother's canyon, arizona, 78 and
8:37 am
and of course, we've been watching the mississippi river. that will be cresting in materially to middle part of next week, by memphis, tennessee. that could be 14 feet above flood stage. the good news over the weekend, no rain expected. elizabeth, back over to you. >> thanks so much. you've heard the saying, love is blind. tonight, we're putting that to the test. john quinones is here, with a case of a blind man on a blind date, with a supermodel. >> they say that opposites attract. so, we set up a date with polar opposites. he's tall. she's not.
8:38 am
he's honest. she's a liar. she has 20/20 vision. and he is blind. we can confirm that opposites do attract. and they attract plenty of attention. we've come to mcquaid's bar, for a blind date with a twist. it begins when a man enters, rose in hand. >> hey. how are you? >> what's up, josh? >> what's going on, man. >> reporter: meet our actor, christopher robertses, who really is blind. but just pretending to be on a first date. >> flowers, huh? >> yeah. today's the day. >> reporter: he shares the story with the bartender, another one of our actors. about a woman he met online, but never in person. until today. >> i can't believe it's a model. that's intense, man. >> first for me. >> reporter: anticipation is building. this mystery model is about to arrive. >> i haven't been this nervous since high school. >> reporter: and here she is
8:39 am
now. >> hey, chris? >> hey, how are you? >> good. how are you doing? >> reporter: it's veteran actor and good sport, bonnie rose. she begins to paint a picture for our blind actor. >> some people think i look like cindy crawford. but i don't see it. >> reporter: we looked hard. we didn't see it, either. the more bonnie talks, the more people start to listen. >> i'm up to a size 4. usually, i'm like a 0 or a 2. >> reporter: our couple gets acquainted for a while. then, bonnie heads to the lady's room. that's when the men start talking. >> she's not [ bleep ] 25. >> when you can't see, you have to realize that somebody -- >> you have the gift of touch. >> reporter: what about bonnie's looks? is she the hot model she claims to be? chris asks his new wingman to take one, last look and send him a coded message.
8:40 am
if you buy me a drink, she's not too hot. don't worry. i'll pick up the tab. >> reporter: the customer has a decision to make. he explains his dilemma to another bartender. >> he says, buy me a drink if you don't like her. >> you want me to buy him a drink? >> i don't know if i want to hurt anybody's feelings. but like he says, if you buy me a drink, i know you don't like her. how can i know what his likes are? >> reporter: this 63-year-old is driven to drink. he starts to replay everything he's heard for the last hour. >> she says she's a model. she says she's on a photography shoot. she says she's a size 4. >> reporter: finally, a decision is made. >> hey, guys. how are you doing? i'm john quinones with the tv show, "what would you do?" >> is that what this is all about? >> yeah. >> all right. >> tonight, we show you what that man and others have to say. he was torn between helping out
8:41 am
his fellow man and not wanting to hurt bonnie's feelings. we'll get the female perspective from another bar patron. and she is brutally honest. >> what happened to beauty on the inside? i'm sorry. i think she's very attractive. just because she doesn't look like cindy crawford. >> no. but she said she did. >> priorities aren't in order. there's a female perspective for you. at any rate, you can see much more of john's incredibly provocative report on "what would you do?" that's tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central. hope you tune in. coming up next, becky battles the machines to find out who does it best when she goes
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
when it comes to getting stuff done around the house, is the latest product always the greatest product? becky worley went to look at high-tech helpers. and she joins us via skype from oakland. tell us these work. >> on in day, you may be looking for a last-minute gift. is it cool to give a vacuum cleaner? probably not. what about a robotic vacuum cleaner? what about a robotic?
8:45 am
while modern, home robots make the same promise, do they make life easier? >> jane, stop this crazy thing. >> reporter: in this product challenge, man -- okay, woman, very machine. first, the robotic vacuum cleaner. the pioneer is the roomba, great for hard woods. now, the neato, on rugs. i sprinkle dirt, cheerios and dog hair. first, the human. total time working, 12 minutes. now, for the neato. press the button. and it's off. neato did a pretty good job. where i had a real concentration of dirt, it did leave some residue. i've used this for over a month. and for everyday vacuuming, it's amazing.
8:46 am
it saves a ton of time. and the clear winner here is machine. next, to the kitchen. and a robotic pot stirrer? >> it stirs so you don't have to. >> reporter: one pan of gravy stirred by hand. one with robo-stir. they look promising to begin with. but then -- hey? robo-stirrer, wake up. it only cost $15. but when i add the thickening flour to my gravy, robo-stir locks up. my gravy. robo-stir's gravy. clear winner, me. now, to the bathroom. the original scooba, row battic map, is expensive at $300. so, i'm trying the bathroom model. pretty pricey. but you never have to get on your hands and knees to clean around the throne again.
8:47 am
by hand, about 15 minutes. and, ewww. for scooba, you have to fill it up, cleaning solution, and it's mopping. all the way back there, too. it's expensive. but that's a job no one wants to do. winner, robot. while some robots clean house against humans. depending on others can be a recipe for disaster. these aren't the only home robots on the market. there's one that cleans your gutters. we have information on that and all of these products at elizabeth? >> i love the fact that the mop and the vacuum work. it's on my mother's day list now. >> happy mother's day. >> to get more on all of the products on our website, go to and coming up next, the cary grant you never knew. create my oasis.
8:48 am
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mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. you can see
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finally this week, an intimate look at a hollywood legend. cary grant was 62 years old when his daughter, jennifer, was born. now, she's written a book at what the ultimate movie star was like as a dad. it's called "good stuff, reminiscing about my father, cary grant." >> reporter: for decades, he epitomized all that was suave, debonair, urbane, on the big screen. and in reality? cary grant had a secret life, unknown to all but a few. >> he decided he wanted to be a father. and all of those amazing qualities that you see on screen, he brought all that to his fathering. and i was the very lucky recipient. >> reporter: cary grant was a stay-at-home dad before it was cool. a devoted father for two decades. jennifer grant details it all in a new book, "good stuff." >> it was his phrase to express
8:51 am
happiness. >> reporter: she was born in 1966 to a 62-year-old cary grant and wife, dyan cannon, who divorced when jennifer was a year old. she spent long periods of time with her father, who stopped making movies for the big screen. and started recording even the smallest moments of his only child's life. >> because all of his records were burned in world war i, it was very important to him the that i had records of my childhood in my life. >> reporter: these are cary grant's home movies and audio recordings, never released before now. >> now, jennifer is, um, switching from station-to-station, with an automatic -- or rather, remote control. >> reporter: so intense was his desire for normalcy and privacy, jennifer and her dad rarely watched his movies. once when she did, it was a shock. >> it was when i saw, and i
8:52 am
remember with him, when i was really little. and i was curled up with him on the couch, watching the film. he and deborah carr kissed. and i jumped off the couch. ran up to the screen and just slapped her. >> reporter: she also came to realize that the man on screen wasn't an act. the charm and the wit and the twinkle. that was just there all the time? >> most of the time, yes. unless i was late for my curfew or something. >> reporter: despite five marriages, there was talk that she addresses in the book. the rumors that your father might have been gay. might have been bisexual? >> he said it made women want to prove it wrong. you know? yes. he welcomed that. now, prior to me in his life, was there ever anything? i don't know. >> reporter: in fact, until he remarried for the last time, she often had to fend off the women. >> women loved my father.
8:53 am
and if they couldn't get to him directly, they would sort of cozy up to me. >> reporter: all of the records he kept for her, the pictures, the movies, bittersweet memories for a daughter, now a parent herself, who was very much daddy's girl. >> writing was a deep enough catharsis, that it took a lot of pain out of missing him. it's much purer now to be able to watch him and just smile. >> reporter: for "good morning america," claire shipman, abc >> reporter: for "good morning america," claire shipman, abc news, new york.ododododododododd
8:54 am
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8:56 am
what a terrific friday this has been. a great week for you, josh. >> i would say it's all over for me. but it's not all over for me. >> let's go back down to emeril and mary in georgia. >> hey, guys. happy mother's day, everybody. happy mother's day. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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[ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. in san jose, business owners are cleaning up from the damage from rowdy cinco de mayo celebrations last night. windows along alum rock avenue were smashed. >> cooling down, let's talk to mike about that. >> temperatures drop another 1-15 degrees today but still pretty warmer, above average in the east bay valleys. we cool into the 60s around the bay and near 60 along the coast. another 4-10 degrees cooling on mother's day. >> "h" train running 40 minutes behind schedule, train number three. late back-up at the bay bridge, now back p


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