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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the latest from san jose. >> and what the public could see as soon as tomorrow
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this is a live look from sky 7hd over fourth and santa clara street in san jose. police are stepping up security after a large crowd caused thousands of dollars in damage to store fronts last night. >> the vandals used sinco de mayo as an excuse for destruction. lisa amin gulezian has more on the security situation there. lisa? >> carolyn, we are here at the police command center where a large number of officers hit the street as soon as the sun went down. and they are focusing on downtown and east san jose. hundreds of san jose police
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are on the street tonight. they are trying to stop a repeat of this, a mop that raced -- a mob that raced down the avenue smashing windows and destroying property. and then they headed to east san jose where police were surrounded. hundredsing nod an officer off his -- knocked an officer off his bike and a teenager was stabbed. >>- q. i there is always a potential for dangerous weapons whether it is knives and firearms. we are definitely concerned with that. >> so far police call the activity level for this cinco de mayo moderate. this is not what they call it. >> it is disgrace disgraceful. it is a disgrace to the holiday. >> several stores in this strip mall were victims of cinco de mayo. today they you ever cked up the gaping holes and others boarded up as a precaution. >> they have come to the
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business. >> do you think they will come back? >> probably. >> this business owner is afraid the same or even worse will happen tonight. his restaurant's front window was broken last night. that's why several worried business owners planned to stay late to keep an eye on their property just in case. police tell me they haven't had any major issues, but it doesn't mean they will let their guard down. last night officers were patrolling their streets until 3:00 in the morning. the same number of officers will be out tomorrow night. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc news. >> thanks. we could see new video of al-qaeda leader osama bin laden as soon as tomorrow. tapes showing bin laden strolling around his come -- compound. that video is reportedly some of the evidence seized after bin laden was killed. thomas roman has more on the evidence being called the most available intelligence break ever. tomas? >> today al-qaeda confirmed
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that bin laden is indeed dead saying his blood will not be wasted. apparently neither will the reams of information contained in a playbook and other material seized at his compound. intelligence agents say one plan included recruiting u.s. minorities for attacks. the collections of electronic materials taken from the compound contain a playbook of his plans. no current plots were uncovered, but bin laden was constantly thinking of new ways to attack the u.s. >> and obviously the first thing when the helicopter got back into afghanistan was the cia pounced on that stuff. they knew minute by minute it was then aging right in front of their eyes. >> dr. patrick hatcher teaches international security policy and worked at the national security agency. some of the materials seized included proposed attacks on water supplies, rail, air, subways, hotels and shopping centers. the playbook included trying to enlist minorities to carry out attacks to inflict class warfare.
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something others have tried and failed. >> bad thinking on their part they could do this, that they would be able to manipulate the chicano community or african-american. >> by using the tool of minorities as terrorists, i think he wants to create an arrest. >> while the cia pours through the rest of the documents, al-qaeda will be rebooting. >> so the safehouses will be gone. any kind of courier networks will be redone for those who survive. >> the plans included a way for terrorists to obtain international driving permits to allow sleeper cells to qualify for government id's to travel with ease. despite analyst reports, there was a strategy to attack americans on major holidays and anniversary. the plot to attack passenger trains brought mixed reaction from oakland amtrak passengers. >> you can't walk around in fear. you can't live your life that way. if you do, you are not living. >> i am hesitant, but i would like to think they increased security measures to counteract this new
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information. >> to give you an idea of the task ahead for the cia, analysts will have to comb through 2.7terabytes of information. that's more than a fifth that's in the library of congress. >> thomas roman reporting. president obama delivered his thanks to everyone who carried out the bin laden mission including the super secret navy seals who stormed the compound. ite president presented them with a citation. that is the highest honor of his kind. he spoke to 2,000 troops, many of whom returned from a year long tour of duty in afghanistan. he told them about the girl he met yesterday at ground zero whose father called her from inside the world trade center on september 11th to say goodbye. >> in words that were hard to hear, but she has never forgotten she said, "i love you payton, and i will always be watching over you." >> the white house has also released this rare behind the
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scenes video that shows the minutes the team learned the mission was a success. >> the reason i am calling is to tell you that we killed -- we killed -- >> good job national security team. you guys did a great job. >> you too. >> the president's cabinet gave him a standing ovation. a police officer had his first court appearance today to answer charges of drugs and weapons violations. prosecutors accuse him of conspiring with former central contra costa narcotics commander norman welsh. welsh and butler face accusations of stealing drugs from a police evidence locker so they could sell them. he works with welsh and also faces charges of possessing an illegal assault rifle. >> there is still further
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investigation going on, so i can't say there are others, and there has never been any other indication of other officers so far. gio prosecutors say that lombardi met with welsh and butler in 2009 to talk about how to make money in the marijuana business. a parolee squating in a foreclosed home in the oakland hills is now accused of at least 10 burglaries throughout the bay area. leigh adam craiger was found living on valley view drive along with a woman and a child. the house was packed with dozens of items stolen in east bay burglaries. televisions, computers, tools and jewelry. police say the items came from break ins from piedmont to uh rin daw. they say he has prior convictions for stolen merchandise and burglary. san francisco police made an arrest in an art theft case for more than 10 years ago. in 2000, the late artist mark adams created this tapestry at san francisco international airport, but one of the three panels was stolen before it
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ever got there. this week adams' estate was contacted by someone claiming to have the panel valued at $75,000. two days ago undercover officers arrested the suspect, 51-year-old margarita and recovered the stolen art work. a new jobs report shows businesses have gone on a hiring spree. they added 268,000 jobs last month. that's the biggest monthly total in five years. however, 24,000 people lost their government jobs and the unemployment rate ticked up to 9%. so president obama is optimistic. >> we are still making progress, and that proves how resilient the american economy is and how resilient the american worker is and we can take a hit and we can keep on going forward. >> some share the president's outlook. >> the economy is changing and shifting. we are seeing our temporary
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employees like i said transitioning from temp to long-term hires. we are noticing that if we are not able to place a candidate immediately, they are getting jobs. >> what is particularly encouraging, the gains are widespread. retailers, healthcare providers and even construction companies adding jobs. in an effort to cut costs, the city of palo alto is considering merging its police and fire departments into one public safety department. palo alto's city manager believes doing so willower administrative costs. the two departments already share the same leader. the police chief dennis brown serves as the acting fire chief. and they are looking at sharing the dispatch system with lossal toes as another way to save money. still ahead here this friday night, california state prisons are going green. how a construction project could save taxpayers millions. plus -- >> it promises to help save you money on gasoline. i'm michael finney ahead on 7 on your side, we will put the
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fuel doctor to the test. >> and hackers threaten another cyber attack on sony. when they say they will strike again. >> that's coming up, and then on "nightline." >> dan and carolyn, coming up next on "nightline" breaking news as the u.s. goes after another top terrorist. we have the latest. and exclusive details on the spy operation that got bin laden. and something only few humans have ever witnessed, tiny polar bear cubs in the wild. polar bear cubs in the wild. that's on "nightltltltltltltltll ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to with gas prices hitting record highs, everyone is looking for ways to save. now there is a product that claims to give you increased power and fuel economy. 7 on your side's michael finney takes a look. >> are gas prices hitting you hard? introducing fuel doctor's fd47. sources of electrical interference often prevent your vehicle's control unit from sending outsted de currents that optimize your speed, timing control and fuel injection. >> the fuel doctor commercial goes on to say the fd-47 fuel efficiency booster creates a more stable current resulting
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in increased power and improved fuel economy. "consumer reports" wanted to see just how well the $50 fuel doctor, fd-47 works. >> it claims to have the best affect on vehicles older than two years. and also claims to have some affect on vehicles that are newer. >> certified lab and field tests show increased mpg of up to 25%. >> "consumer reports" tested their fuel doctor device in 10 different vehicles. six of the cars were equiped with a highly accurate fuel economy meter. testers then measured fuel efficiency for both city and highway driving. the other vehicles were put through acceleration tests. to see if the fuel doctor device increases power as claimed. then the tests were repeated without the fuel doctor. so, in the end -- >> we found it made no significant difference at all. the only thing we saw, the light was on. >> "consumer reports" say what
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will improve your mileage is avoiding fast accelerations and braking hard and doing regular maintenance on your car and keeping your tires properly inflated. other gas saving moves include not carrying thengs on top of your -- things on top of your car including a roof rack and don't drive on worn tires. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. after everything it has been through with one of the worst cyber breeches in history, sony is now bracing for a third wave of attacks. according to cnet, a group of hackers plans to hit sony's website this weekend. their goal is to publicize the information they have been able to copy from sony's servers which could include customer names, credit card numbers and addresses. the attack is apparently in retaliation for sony's handling of the playstation network breech. sony's top brass apologized for the breech that has affected about 100 million customers. they are now offering free identity theft protection for anyone affected.
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five california prisons say they will go green. they instald 83,000 solar panels at five prisons in southern california. a contractor will pay for enough panels to power 81,000 homes. they will sell excess power to utilities and share the profits with the state. officials believe taxpayers will pay $55 million over the 20-year life of sun edison's contract. it was a little cool and windy out there this evening, but it did not stop people from enjoying an event called fers fridays in oakland. nearly 20 art galleries participate each month. some offer free food and wine tasting. a group called oakland heart murmur organized it. street vendors can set up craft and food booths outside the galleries. the event is held every first friday of the month. >> you said it though. it is cool and breezy out there. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> we have the chill going on thanks to the natural air
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conditioning. it is windy tonight. as you look at the high temperatures for today, you will see how much cooler it was. redwood city down 24°. 62 only today. san rafael saw 22°. 58 in san francisco. it was 17° cooler and some of our inland areas like livermore down 21°. only 69 a far cry from the low 90s of yesterday. san jose down 19°. this is what contributed to the cooling. the marine layer along with a stronger sea breeze and the marine layer is quite evident all day and into the evening and to neat as well. it is pretty much socked in along the coast, and already the low clouds have moved in over the bay. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now compared to 24 hours ago, most areas running anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler and it is windy in spots. low clouds overnight. cool and windy for mother's day, and we are looking at a slight chance of some light showers on mother's day. here is the satellite and radar.
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this is a system that will bring about the change for the weekend. it is a cold system so definitely count on cool and breezy conditions for your sunday. and on the topic of sunday, in the morning starting out with drizzle at 1:00 as the marine layer continues to deepen. and then at 9:00 we will see the possibility of light showers across some parts of the bay area. the showers will end pretty quickly. the wind picks up behind the sis steel. so it definitely will be -- behind the system. it definitely will be a cool and windy one and may need the umbrellas. this is late in the season. the winter weather advisory, 2:00 sun i did -- sunday afternoon and 7,000 foot elevation with three inches at lake level. travel delays are possible. keep this in mind, it will impact the passes. overnight the temperatures are in the mid40s to the mid50s, and tomorrow afternoon south bay locations, 70 in san jose and 69 in cupertino. sunshine on the peninsula in the afternoon. 62 san mateo.
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mid to upper 50s, cloudy and breezy along the coastline. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees. north bay you will be in the low 70s from napa, petaluma to santa rosa. east bay, still a nice day, just not quite the level we saw the last couple days. 64 in oakland,65 san leandro. inland areas, 74 in concord and 72 in livermore with sunshine and around the monterey bay, 59 monterey, 73 degrees inland in morgan hill. at&t park, giants are playing against the colorado rockies tomorrow night. bring a sweater or jacket. 6:05, mostly cloudy, breezy, mid50s. all right, you are going to feel the chill as we head into the weekend. cooler, windier, slight chance of showers on mother's day. and then the temperatures start to come back up a few degrees next week. 50s coast side and 70s inland. hope you have a great mother's day. >> you too, sandhya. >> happy mother's day to both of you. and here is dangerous territory. how much is being a mom worth?
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story. a newborn baby made an early arrival at a bus stop in south lake tahoe. the baby's mother was at this bus stop around midnight waiting for a ride to the hospital when her newborn could not wait any longer. 21-year-old maria said she thought she had plenty of time to maik the five-mile trip. >> the couple decided they would call a cab and meet the cab at the bus stop which is at a corner. as they were waiting the baby wasn't. >> i noticed her legs were up and she was here with a black jacket over her. >> police and medics arrived in time to help with the umbilical cord and get the baby boy to the hospital. the parents are exhausted, but otherwise everyone is doing just fine. of course, mother's day is sunday, and while it seems impossible to put a dollar amount on a mom's worth, a website has tried to do it. ensure .com says the job as mom should pay $61,436 a year. the site divided typical mom duties into 14 different jobs.
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they then used bureau of labor statistics on hourly wages to see how much they would have to be paid if they were out sourced. mom earns the most for taking care of kids, $20,696. her home haircuts are worth about $300 a year. >> a year or each cut? >> have you seen a mom's haircut? >> depends on if it needs color or not. mom is worth way more than that. >> i have to say way more. >> absolutely, absolutely. the scwients -- the giants honor the say hey kid with a thriller tonight. and the sharks with a come back of their own in game four of their playoff series. sports is next.
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good evening. the sharks almost got crushed in detroit and they almost pulled off a miracle come back. the bottom line, they are coming back to san jose for game five. setoguchi with a full welcome.
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greetings to todd better few see. he gets his pay back. six minutes in spin cycle. the backhand and that is impressive. wow. 1-0 red wings. later in the period and 2-0 and check out the hand-eye coordination. he blasts the puck home and power play goal and 3-0 detroit. made it look easy. the sharks answer and 15 seconds later and it deflects and sneaks it past the goalie. and then finding boyle who finds the back of the net and 3-2 game. close center and come back complete. we are tied at three. with just over a minute left in regulation, he crosses the ice and he shoots and scores. it is 4-3. detroit the winner. they stay alive and still down three games to one. game five is sunday in the tank. >> we have an opportunity to win at home. we will learn from this one. we will go back and work on our game tomorrow, and we will
11:30 pm
be berry cover refrom lopsided doesn't matter. you lost the game, move on. >> the giants honored the great willie mays and what better way to salute the hey say kid than a come back victory. willie turned 80 years old today. they had a celebration with cup cakes, former teammates and touching video mess seemings from celebrities like bill clinton and bill cosby. the rockies um j p out to a 3-0 lead. 3 on and 2 out for shier holtz. it ties the game at three apiece and then bottom of 9 and runner at second for sanchez and back up the middle. a chopper gets through and cody ross scores. good night, game over, drive home safely. 4-3 giants. the a's visiting the royals as we all check the traffic and weather. his return to kc, top 5 and a's down 2-0. he delivers the r.b.i single
11:31 pm
that um j p starts a 3-1 inning. the bottom of 9 and tieing the run at second. he chops to third and he will throw up the line. connor jackson makes the play and takes his left arm off. scary play, but he is okay. the a's get the win. nba playoffs and mark cuban from "the shark tank" to courtside. bryant pulls up jumper. kobe with 17. didn't shoot uh loot. the mavs rally be hinted -- behind nowitzki. he had 32 points and the mavs win it and take a commanding 3-0 series lead. we have the celtics and the heat, game 3 tomorrow at 5 p.m. >> thanks. qs -- "nightline" is up next. for all of us here, larry beil, sandhya patel, thank you for watching. >> have a great weekend, everyone. whoa, i should get mom a samsung fascinate.
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