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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 7, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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it is this saturday morning, may 7th. san jose police will be out in full force again tonight after a large crowd cost thousands of dollars of damage on cinco de mayo. san francisco police are searching for a 14-year-old girl who was last seen on thursday. >> good morning, a cold front pushing through the bay area bringing cloudier conditions and windy day today. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> some san jose merchants stayed late last night to guard their businesses for possibility of second night of damage. on thursday night a crowd that gathered in front of the stores became violent and destructive. storefront windows wound up
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being smashed. business owners have to bear the costs of cleanup. >> it's disgraceful, disgraceful to the holiday. >> this youtube video shows a crowd of 1200 people at the intersection of story and king road. after one person got stabbed and another person was carjacked. they made a run at police that tried to clear the intersection. a motorcycle officer was slightly injured. they had to use reciper spray to dispem the rowdy rebels. san francisco police are looking for a missing 14-year-old girl who hasn't been seen since thursday. they say emmett peacock ran away from her home. her parents became very concerned. she has never run away before. she is 5'1", 130 pounds, brown
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eyes and black hair. she was last seen a white t-shirt and black shoes. we could see brand-new video of osama bin laden received today. the u.s. government has been reviewing unseen al-qaeda propaganda tapes. the video is among the evidence seized by u.s. navy seals. tomas ramon has more on what is being called the most valuable intelligence break ever. >> the materials taken from the bin laden compound contain a strategic play book of his plan. he was constantly thinking of new ways to attack the u.s. >> obviously the first thing when the helicopter got back into afghanistan was the c.i.a. pounced on that stuff because they knew minute by minute it was aging in front of theirs eyes. >> he worked at the national
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security agency. some of the materials seized included proposed attacks on water supply, rail, air, hotels and shopping centers. play book included trying to enlist minorities for class warfare. other enemies have tried and failed. >> they would be able to manipulate the chicano community or african-americans. >> by using the tool of minorities as terrorists, what he wants to create unrest. >> while the c.i.a. pores through the documents al-qaeda will be rebooting. >> safe houses will be gone and for those that survive. >> it included a way for terrorists to obtain international driving permits that would allow sleeper cells to qualify for idss. there was a strategy to attack
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passenger trains brought mixed reaction among oakland amtrak passengers. >> you can't live your life that way. >> i like to think there is increased security measures. >> to give you an idea of the task ahead of the c.i.a. they will have to comb through 2.7 terabytes of information. president obama delivered his personal thanks yesterday to everyone who carried out the bin laden mission including the super secret navy seals. he presented the special forces with a presidential unit citation, highest honor of its kind. afterwards he spoke to about 2,000 troops recently returning from duty in afghanistan. he told them about a girl he met thursday at ground zero whose father called her from inside
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the world trade center on september 11th. >> she said, i love you, and i will always be watching over you. >> the white house released this rare video shows the moment after the president and his team learned the mission was a success. >> good job national security team. >> thank you. you did a great job. president's cabinet gave him a standing ovation. >> in local news, a san ramon police officer was in court but in a very different role. he faces weapons and drug charges in part of a scandal in contra costa county. laura anthony reports. >> dressed in a yellow jail jumpsuit, san ramon police
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officer lewis lombardi made his first appearance. he didn't enter a plea that he conspired with norman wielsch and christopher butler to obtain seized drug evidence. he is also accused of embezzlement. >> it's a difficult situation to say the least from going in the position on the other side of the bars to where he is now. >> prosecutors say he met with no while while in pleasant hill in how to make money in the marijuana business. lombardi is accused of selling 1200 ecstasy pills. according to prosecutors they were initially given to butler by norman wielsch. then he sold drugs to an informant in arizona. police chief scott holder is the
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can chair cnet. >> this is a bad thing. the bottom line is there is far too many men and women out there that are doing the right thing. >> lombardi is the third police officer arrested in the cnet scandal. >> you say there might be more police officers caught up in this? >> there is further investigation going on. i can't say there are others. there is no other indication of other officers so far. >> last month in an interview, this is what norman wielsch told us. >> do you think we're going to see a lot more police officers caught up in this? >> no. >> i'm told norman wielsch is stunned by the arrest of lombardi, his friend and former colleague. norman wielsch maintains that no other police officers were involved in his activities with butler but the d.a. told us today they are still investigating. an economic news, a new jobs
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report shows american businesses have gone on a hiring spree. part of 268,000 jobs last month, that is the biggest total in five years but 24,000 lost their government jobs and the unemployment ticked up to 9%. >> those national numbers are near the agree in the bay area. here a snapshot of the job picture from terry mcsweeney and a school in moraga. >> dennis has job in accounting but his thing is high-tech. today he has high hopes. >> i would like to work for a company where i could oversee like how everything works. >> there is reason for hope. at mccall staffing, optimism abounds for job seekers in a variety field. >> i think there is an uptick, i feel positive.
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er feel the economy is shifting. we're seeing our temporary employees transitioning from temp to long-term hires. we're noticing if we're not able to place a candidate immediately they are getting jobs very quickly. >> ironically the good job news could have a negative impact on gas prices. the price of oil dropped less than hundred dollars per barrel but an improving job picture could put a damper on the anticipated drop in gas prices. >> it's probably going to be temporary because they come up with ways to increase it regardless of the economy or the political situation. >> i would like to see a tax imposed on gas significant enough to change, be a game changer in the form of alternative energy. >> back at mccall staffing, it will ease pain from gas prices or anything else. >> i feel like jobs are pretty
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much available out there. you have to look for it. comes up next, new pictures of the duchess of cambridge leading an ordinary life. and baby arrived a few minutes too soon born at [ male announcer ] this sunday is one of the best sundays of all, mother's day. so give mom the day off and bring home the kfc 10 buck sunday bucket. 10 pieces, 10 bucks. any recipe, any way, every sunday. mother's day is a kfc day. and today tastes so good.
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doctors treating injured giants's fan bryan stow had to hold off on surgery. stow is still in critical condition and hasn't regained consciousness since they stopped giving him drugs to keep anymore hirm in a coma last week. los angeles police are still looking for the man that
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severely beat him following a giants-dodgers game. >> from walking down westminister abbey to walking down a grocery store pushing a cart. >> what is this, pushing a trolley as she goes grocery shopping and she still looks good doing it. it's so unfair. these you inly weds say they wanted to live as much of an ordinary life as possible. living in a modest cottage in wales. they are a new breed of monarchs and they are called the modern royals. the titles and for the most part they are just like us, going to college, most have careers and jobs, they are marrying for love and they don't have to be blue-blooded either. case in point, william and
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katherine but so was prince albert ii in monaco. he will be tying the know with an olympic swimmer. victoria, her personal trainer last year and the crown prince of denmark wed with someone that he fell in love with the olympics during 2000. remember diana? taking the kids to the homeless shelter they soe they can appreciate their lives and mingling among regular people. get used to this picture because you'll be seeing a lot more of these royals doing chores that and i would do. people like that story but i like her more since i've seen that. they are trying to be so normal.
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>> to wait in line. okay, what about the forecast. >> winds are very gusty, in some of the higher elevations which has brought the stratus around the bay and it's all straight ahead in your the folk. >> and mother's -- larry beil has sports. >> all new. oprah: the only child of sonny and cher. when did it fully occur to you, i'm in the wrong body? >> oprah's world exclusive with chaz bono. oprah: how did you tell your chaz bono. oprah: how did you tell your mom?
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♪ to cinnamon. td introducg cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% day value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. welcome back everyone. this is a live picture from heavenly resorted. beautiful shot of tahoe. can you believe it, there is a lot of snow out there. lisa tells me there may be snow coming this weekend. they are closed we hear today but they may reopen, may 13th through 15th, that is next weekend. wow! and couple others are open this weekend. if you are heading up there, enjoy one of the last weekends of the ski season. >> speaking of tahoe area a
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newborn baby has made an early arrival at a bus stop. the mother was waiting for ride to a hospital when the newborn couldn't wait any longer. she says she thought she had plenty of time to make the five-mile trip. >> the couple decided they would call a cab and meet the cab at the bus stop which is at a corner. as they were waiting the baby wasn't. >> i noticed that her legs were off. she was off with a black jacket over her. >> wow, police and medics arrived to get the baby boy to the hospital. the parents, as you can imagine, are exhausted but everybody is doing fine. a highway near yosemite is likely to remain buried in snow until after memorial day. the mark park has received more snow than ever. highway 120 to the east side of yosemite probably won't get
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plowed in time for memorial day tourism. they are counting on the road opening, reopening but at this point, park rangers says the road is buried under 15 feet of snow with no estimate of when it might open this year. and lisa argen is here, you mentioned they may see snow up there this weekend? >> on memorial day they are going to open again heavenly. so we have the video, end of may great skiing, more snow to come this sunday even at lake level. we have an unseasonably cool system and we have a little bit of sunshine out there. this is emeryville but look at the trasus out there. cool west early wind that continue to below across the bay area. they will be with us throughout the weekend. roof camera shows sunshine. we will have it all. we'll have sun and wind and cooler weather and even some
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showers to slide on in here tomorrow. temperatures right now, well they are really kind of cool out there. upper 40s with redwood city, half moon bay. 53 in fremont. concord, out of the south, gusting to 24 miles an hour and out of the delta, ushering in more cooler air. right now it's pretty calm in mountain view and san jose. overall the numbers will become even cooler today with below average readings. two degrees cooler in fremont but the average is for a much cooler day today compared to yesterday. so we'll retain some heated all week long but with the gusty winds and upper level trough on the way, it will change everything. low clouds this morning. cool and windy throughout the weekend, that includes tomorrow mother's day. we have a week front that is
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pushing through the bay area right now but with this upper-level low, a cool air and brings the shower activity overnight and keeps the winds up today, gusting to over 20 miles an hour at our coast. statewide if you are headed to the mountains, it will be windy there but numbers on the mild side. 72 in southern california and back home the rain chances begin after midnight. here we are at 1:00 with scattered showers moving in and around the bay area, waking up tomorrow morning, perhaps light shower activity and mist and drizzle, on the peninsula and still quite breezy out there despite sunshine throughout the afternoon. in terms of the snow, winter weather advisory 2:00 tomorrow afternoon until 11:00 on monday with six inches about 7,000 feet. back home south bay, 68 in sun any vale.
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rains in the south bay with the peninsula coming in even cooler, mid and upper 50s with gusty winds. 67 in mountain view. san francisco, five degrees below your average at 60. in the north bay, numbers ranging from the mid-50s. here is the warm numbers, inland valleys, mount diablo, 73 in pittsburg and monterey bay, upper 50s. monterey to 75 and gilroy. coolest day of the week with the possibility of showers, that is tomorrow. then we'll try to recover next week. let's turn our attention to sports. this afternoon, first horse will run for the roses as they run in the 137th kentucky derby. last night the sharks tried to get in the winner's circle. >> sharks almost got crushed in detroit last night and they also
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pulled off a miracle come back. bottom line of, they are coming back to san jose for game five. welcome greeting. todd bertuzzi, backhand, impressive. 1-0 red wings. 2-0 game. check out this, in lid lid, blasting the puck home. 3-0 detroit. sharks would answer. 15 seconds, logan the deflection and somehow sneaks it past. and he finds the back of the net. his second goal. 3-2 game. down in the third, and on the doorstep, the come back is complete. it's tied at 3. just over a minute left in regulation, cross ice to helm who shoots and scores, h, 43.
8:25 am
-- 4-3. >> with game five sunday at the tank. >> we have an opportunity to win at home. we're going to learn from this one. we're going to be better. recovery from lopsided from one goal, you lost the game and move on. >> giants honored the great willie mays and what better way to honor him with a come back victory in the bottom of the ninth. he turned 80 years old. celebration complete with cupcakes. second inning, going deep on matt cain. they would build a 3-0 lead for the rockies. and nate comes through, 2-1 single and we are tied at 3 apiece. bottom of the ninth, freddy sanchez up the middle. chopper gets through. co dyd ross scores, giants win
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4-3. a's and royals, david dejesus. this jump starts. bottom of the ninth for the royals, the throw is up the line. jackson makes the play, but trainer nearly took his arm off. that had to hurt. jackson is okay and a's get the win 3-2. >> n.b.a. playoffs, in trouble in the fourth. kobe bryant had 17. lakers led by 6. unstoppable dirk with 32. mavs take it and they have a lead. >> derek rose and the bulls and rose goes off down the middle
8:27 am
with authority! pulling away, rose driving here with the ridiculous floater high off the window. finished with a career high of 44. bulls have a series lead. >> we'll have game three of the sell particular series with a tip-off at 5:00 p.m. followed by another edition of our n.b.a. after the game with our special guest former warriors head coach keith smart. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> next at 8:30. a major breakthrough from silicon valley. computer chips that can make your phones faster. what the state budget crisis will mean for putting ouuuuuuuuu
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big news this week was the death of osama bin laden at the
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hands of the u.s. navy seals. president obama is keeping his sights on the u.s. economy. >> i agree the only way we'll be able to afford the things we need is by cutting the things we don't. and clean energy that will help us outcompete the rest of the world. >> he was at a indiana company that makes steel saving transmissions. >> intel says they have overcome a major stumbling block on a new chip. >> intel hit this one out of the park. >> the excitement is over this new 3-d transistor that took engineers ten years to create. it will speed up performance, use less power and take up less space. those are important such as devices as smart phones get smaller. the flat design wasn't keeping
8:31 am
up with computing needs. a chip analyst in silicon valley. he was briefed by intel ahead of the announcement. >> when they were lying down, you had a transistor game that was getting smaller and smaller, and number of electrons that could flow through it was being constrained. >> 3-d transistors will allow the number on the chip to double every two years. it's named after moore's law former ceo. the key is to give it more space for electrons to move. >> this atlanta signifies to 3-d devices will help us to continue moore's law. you can pass more things as it goes up as compared to going sideways. >> watching movies streamed over the internet held devices is a big trend. intel's new design should allow movies to play more smoothly and
8:32 am
you will be able to watch it before the battery runs down. >> to be able to do this gives you a huge advantage. intel says they have mass production underway by the end of the year. known as the tri-gate, 6 million fit on a dot the size of a period. prisons are trying to go green. state will install 83,000 solar panels at five prisons in southern california. a contractor will pay for installing enough panels to power 81,000 homes. they will sell excess power and share profit with the state. they believe taxpayers will save $55 million over the contract. in one of worst cyber security breaches in the history.
8:33 am
sony is bracing for a third wave of attacks. they plan to hit the website this weekend, their goal they are able to copy from sony's can you say xher names, credit card numbers and addresses. it's in retaliation of the playstation network breach. the top brass apologized for the breach but impacted some 100 million customers. they are offering free identity theft protection for anyone affected. >> wildfire season doesn't start for few weeks but priorities firefighters will have to do the best they can with fewer resources. will budget cuts put safety at risk? here is laura anthony. >> with california grasses to dry out, cal fire wants the public to get ready for an intense season with higher than average rainfall this winter.
8:34 am
>> we received above average precipitation and all that rain has let to an abundant amount of grass and brush. >> when the season begins, many districts will have to fight fires with fewer people, thanks to $30 million in state cuts, cal fire will have 700 fewer seasonal firefighters on the front lines this summer. that means each engine will have just three people rather than four. >> these are tough budget times. we understand that. this isn't the best situation but we know that our men and wait a minute will stand up to the challenge and be able to respond with three people on an engine. >> and cal fire will depend on 4,000 inmate crews when a wildfire break out. they want property owners to do their part. >> this is a perfect time where homeowners should get rid of the weeds and anything overgrown. we require hundred feet of space around homes and that can
8:35 am
increase a home's chances of surviving. >> due to limited staff, it they are stretched due to budget cuts. governor brown can hire back some of the seasonal firefighters by executive order if the fire season gets especially bad. in an effort to cut costs, the city of palo alto is considering emerging fire and police into one public safety department. they believe doing so will lower administrative costs. they share the same leader, dennis brown. palo alto is looking at sharing the emergency dispatch system with mountain view as another means of saving money. >> on monday san carlos city council is likely to approve 5% lower salaries for firefighters.
8:36 am
the plan approved last month call calls for the city to work with redwood city to create a new hybrid fire department. media partner, san jose mercury news, staffers recommend paying them 5% less to put the city more in line with other small peninsula cities. the council may discuss reduced benefits but that won't come up for a vote until later today. quite a cool down and a little windy out there. checking the forecast with lisa argen. >> the cooler air came in yesterday but now we do have the winds, 24 minute delays at sfo. here is look outside the window. 53 downtown. we're looking at cooler numbers, gusty winds, maybe some rain coming in tomorrow. forecast is next. >> behind the scenes at the california academy of sciences
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welcome back. it's just about 8:40. live picture from hd emeryville camera. some stratus lingering. lisa argen showed me that live. >> and more and more with the wind, cooler temperatures. chance of showers. unfortunately not in the warm direction like we had last week. here is a live look outside. at the airport with delays up to 24 minutes, gusty winds and we do have sunshine around the bay. it looks bright out there. it's going to be even cooler than yesterday with high temperatures below the average all weekend long. chance of showers comes in
8:40 am
overnight. good morning. 49 in redwood city as well as half moon bay. low 50s from fremont to mountain view. 51 in napa. gusty winds at the airport and they are across the bay from the delta. southwest winds up to 23 miles an hour. concord, up to 24 miles an hour. it's been calm in the peninsula in to san jose but that will change. we'll see breezy winds and with that, it's going to feel even cooler than the numbers today. this is 24-hour change, yesterday morning we were warmer so this morning, 7 degrees cooler redwood city and half moon bay, 4 degrees cooler in napa. five degrees cooler in san jose. highlights this morning, featuring the low clouds and we'll see some sunshine today but it won't be much to warm us up. we cool westerly winds and clouds again tomorrow could squeeze out a few showers. we have a weak frontal band that
8:41 am
is pushing through the bay area. area of low pressure and cold unstable air mass to the north and west of us. as it flies to the south, it will usher in the cooler air, breezy winds all weekend long. across the state, still out ahead of the system, mild to warmer air, 86 in fresno. 77 in southern sierra. winds will be pushing through northern california and ushering in the shower activity through the overnight hours. here is what you can expect early morning tomorrow best chance of showers 1:00 sunday morning and then throughout the rest of the morning, 8:00, 9:00 you'll notice the showers popping up, south bay, santa cruz mountains and wind will stay with us throughout the afternoon tomorrow. sunshine to today and tomorrow but warming will be offset by the cooler air mass. with that we are looking at a chance of snow, accumulating
8:42 am
snow at lake levels. three inches and looking at 6 inches above 7,000 feet. 65 in menlo park. breezy at our coast. mid and upper 50s. san francisco below the average, topping at around 60. 67 in novato. 71 in napa. near east way, everybody is in the 60s but we got the breezy winds and numbers in the low 60s for berkeley. out over the hills, numbers popping up into the low 70s. around mount diablo, gusty winds 68 in watsonville. accu-weather seven-day forecast, cooler weather tomorrow. a chance of showers in the morning and we'll be in the 60s for the most part. 50s at our beaches. the summer season opens on monday at golden gate park. it's a show of giant snakes and
8:43 am
lizards and for many people, it's plain cool. dan ashley goes behind the scenes. >> this reluctant star is lemon drop, 15 foot headliner at the new show. >> they are quite rare. >> cameras were flashing when lemon drop arrived. then he had had to sacrifice his dignity to get a checkup. he is missing the dark pigment that helps pythons so he would have a hard time in the wild but here at the academy he will be well fed fed and living in a custom home. >> sort of a re-creation of a rain forest. >> this was made outside of sacramento. >> we are trying to make a connection between the exhibit
8:44 am
and wild spaces. >> it's covered with foam and fiberglass. now it's covered with epoxy mixed with crushed walnut powder. >> something the animals feel comfortable with. >> and check out his new acome additions there were embedded heat masks to keep him cozy. more snakes and lizard are coming from new york. chris is in charge. >> we want to dispel the misconceptions. >> myth number one, they are slimy. not true. >> they are quite smooth. >> snakes and lizards take their body temperature from their surroundings like this chuckwaller. >> it's great being a lizard because you spend a lot of your
8:45 am
time sunbathing. >> myth number networks they are all venomous. >> only one in five are venomous. >> this viper is venomous and surprised us with a big pink glands that hold the venom. myth number three, snakes and lizards bite but that is true but chris thinks they get a bad rap. >> they can bite but so can children. >> they would stretch across an entire football field. including a burmese python and this water monitor that looks like he is wearing limb stick. and a frill lizard, sometimes it relaxes on a branch but it can spread out the skin on the neck line like a mane. all these animals share a key
8:46 am
feature. >> they are wonderfully adapted to the world in which they live in. >> each one is a vital part of an ecosystem. >> if we leave them alone, not only do they not do us harm but they are actually beneficial. >> it will also include a giant robotic snake that was used in anaconda. go to for more information a click on see it on tv. >> don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> it's the secret credited score millions receive and never told about. i'm michael finney, we'll
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how would you feel if you found someone was reading their credit card bills and telling somebody how much money you spent and where you spent it? and dirty little secret of the financial world. >> maybe you've been shopping recently at a discount store. perhaps you had a drink in a bar or took time to see a marriage counselor. all that could negatively impact your behavior score. >> it's a fact that where you use your credit cards tell a story what type of risk you pose to theish issuers. >> he is with smart and before that he worked with two credit reporting agencies. every large credit issuer in the country uses behavior scores.
8:50 am
>> uses your credit card in pawn shops, title lending, in places like marriage counselors, massage parlors, tire retreading shops, that could indicate you are a higher credit risk. >> they are used by credit card issuers to determine your interest rate, your credit and even keep your credit card. shoppers were surprised to hear about behavior scores. >> i think it's wrong. >> it's horrible. you shouldn't be judged where you shop at. >> the center for responsible lend inning oakland. >> if people cut back on spending and try to behave in a way that is more responsible, that can count against them because it raises a red flag that may consider that financial distress. >> federal reserve found that 35 million card holders in a single month were reviewed using
8:51 am
behavior scoring but a very small percentage of those were adversely hurt by the scores. just 1900 saw a reduction in their credit line. there are also little known methods they use to measure your creditworthiness. 7 on your side obtained this promotional flyer promoting bankruptcy bankruptcy score. the chances someone will file for bankruptcy. the score is not revealed to the cart holder. experian declined an interview but they think the concept is a good one. >> if a credit card issuer shuts down, my neighbor files bankruptcy they don't have to charge me higher interest rate to subsidize that loss. >> they say it adversely impacts low income consumers. >> you can focus on certain groups indirectly in a way that
8:52 am
arguably is illegal. >> fico declined an interview for this story. we posted the flyers we obtained that promote these scoring methods on our website. coming up next, most people say you can't put a price on how much being a mom is worth, but a new report does just in time for mother's day.
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can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and cahelp lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healy. ♪ to cinnamon. td introducg cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% day value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. maybe you got a piece of mega millions draw. mega number was 9, nobody picked all six numbers correctly so that jackpot will grow to $16 million for tuesday's drawing. >> hue jackson is performing a one man musical through may 15th
8:55 am
his career begin in theater. don sanchez caught up with him at a rehearsal. this is hugh jackson that most people know. ♪ >> rehearsing his new show. >> certainly being on the sides is whener started before i came to america i did a number of musicals. >> san francisco and curren theater is logical place to launch the snow. its concept he has been dreaming about for years. ♪ >> my life is quite eclectic. >> he won a tony award for playing peter allen.
8:56 am
>> it was an extraordinary performance. >> i'll be bringing him back but i don't want him to take over the entire show. [ laughter ] >> dancing with the rockets as we hosted the tony awards but it's when he hosted the oscars. >> it's one place where you can be hosting in front of a billion people and everybody in the audience is more nervous than you. >> there are no plans to take this show to broadway yet. >> to get an opportunity to open as many doors as possible and keep them open. ♪ >> in san francisco, don sanchez "abc 7 news." mother's day is tomorrow and it seems to put impossible on
8:57 am
the dollar amount of worth a website. moms $61,000 a year. typical mom duties, 14 different jobs, bureau of labor statistics on hourly wages to see how much would have to be paid if they were outsourced. moms earn the most taking care of the kids, around $21,000. that should be worth a lot more. and home haircuts are worth $300 a year. you work overtime all the time and do so many jobs. we're very thankful and grateful. >> how is the mother's day forecast, cool and even a little rainy tomorrow morning. not much to warm us up. temperatures much cooler than average. this is emeryville and winds are gusting over 20 miles an hour. only 64 in the east bay. 66 in palo alto. 70 in san jose and numbers continue to come down. winds will pick up and rain
8:58 am
overnight into early at some time morning and then still kind of cool into next week. >> okay. have a greater mother's day. happy mother's day for all you moms. next newscast is at 4:30 because of n.b.a. playoff action. have a great weekend. see you later. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at so i live claritin clear. only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. i get relief from my worst symptoms without drowsiness. live claritin clear.
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