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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  May 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> in the news it's day four after five day strike by nurses at children's hospital oakland. they plan to hold a mother's day brunch along with their pickett signs. and tensions are rising following bin laden's death and new attacks in afghanistan. military families here are worried about their loved once serving in the middle east. >> good morning. downtown it's cloudy and breezy. temperatures in the 50s all around the bay area. will we see showers this mother's day? listen up. >> good morning and thank you. good morning, everything. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler a major league baseball coach with the atlanta braves have apologized to a san francisco giants fan and his daughters for making homophone
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pick comments before a game at at&t park. the braves pitching coach, roger mcdowell, also faces unprecedented discipline actions for his actions back on easter weekend. the giants fan who demand an apology, tells us justice has been served. >> at at&t park the family and their attorney responded to the punishment doled out to roger mcdowell. >> major league baseball took a step forward in making progression in this issue and i'm interested to see how it pans out in the future. >> during batting practice a few giants fans heckled players. an attorney was hired to teal when what he did and said that day. >> mr. quinn heard coach mcdowell say to these men, quote, "are you guys a homocouple or a threesome?" >> mcdowell was then seen by witnesses making a sexual gesture with the bat and his
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hand. >> the 33-year-old yelled to the coach that were kids present. >> the coach replied, "kids don't f'g belong at the baseball park." >> and then they said he threatened him with a bat. they called for the league to discipline the coach. he said he stepped up and ordered him to take sensitivity training and fining him and suspending him for two weeks. the quinns are satisfied and for giving. >> the big thing is the kids get back to the ballpark, get back to normal and enjoy themselves. this is a place kids be long. >> thanks to ms. auldredge. we've been able to teach our daughter that is they have a voice and they should take an active role in making changes they see important in going in a positive direction. >> mcdowell apologized and said he would like to apologize personally to the quinn family. jason quinn said if he's serious about improving, he would welcome the meeting.
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in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> nurses at children's hospital oakland will holding mother's day bunch this morning while also olding picket signs. their five day strike over proposed cuts to their healthcare benefits is now entering its fourth day. the brunch is from 11 to 1:00 today. they are using the occasion to rally support for their stalled contract negotiations now before a federal mediator. since the strike began last thursday, hospital administrators have brought in temporary nonunion employees to cover essential services. elective procedures are being rescheduled. the strike ends tomorrow. police in fairfield are investigating a shooting that's left three people dead inside a home. police responded to a call of shots fired yesterday afternoon on venus drive. inside they found a man and his ex-wife shot to death. police say they also found the suspected shooter, a roommate in the home, dead from a
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self-inflicted gunshot wound. neighbors say five people lived in that house. an elderly man who was being cared for by his son, his son's ex-wife, the ex-wife's boyfriend and a roommate. >> there were four people that were living there. the older gentleman, he was being taken care of by the son. and his ex-wife and the roommate and possibly her boyfriend. >> their kids were out here and some getting takessed and some get being shots and they aren't used to this. >> the woman's boyfriend was taken away in handcuffs and police are still investigating the cause of the shootings. officers say they have been called to that home several times for domestic disputes. san jose police are investigating a shooting that left two men dead and a teenagener the hospital. police say it happened early yesterday morning inside a home in the 3400 block. and mount prietta drive.
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neighbors say several men were drinking at the house before that incident. two 31-year-old men were pronounced dead at the keen. a 17-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no word on the suspects or the motive. this morning giants fan brian stow is still unconscious in a los angeles hospital. his parents attended a reception for trauma survivors at the medical center with the giants fan is fighting for his life. that event saluted doctors and nurses who have saved the lives of accident and crime victims like stow." >> he's the same. they are working very hard to bring him back to us. but it's going to be a long road. it will be a long road but i know we will be back here. >> stow's doctors are weening him off anti-seizure medications. they also plan to monitor his brain for seizure activity and any other complications. l.a. police have still not caught the two men who beat stow after the giants-dodgers opener in march.
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>> the u.s. government has released more video released from bin said's come bound. they say it's the single large of the collection of senior terrorist materials ever. this one shows bin laden watching his own appearances on tv. the tape also shows his surroundings, a computer screen to his right, a calculator at his fingertips. some of the tools needed to direct al-qaeda's terror network. >> what u.s. authorities are trying to do by releasing this kind of video is make the point that we have a lot of stuff that we took possession of on sunday, and that makes the other bad guys, other people in the organization, fearful, uncertain, wondering how much more stuff we've got. >> this video shows bin laden watching president obama on television. it appears to match a press conference in late january of 2010. an attack by taliban
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militants continues this morning in kandahar. assault on the militants began yesterday with saw side bombings. things quieted down last night when they thought they had everything under control. this morning taliban militants hold up inside a hotel began firing again. about 25 people have died. 40 more have been injured. abc7's lisa reports, there's little rest for the families of u.s. military personnel in the region. >> talk at this early mother's day brunch is all about vincent waldren. he's not here with his family today. he's in afghanistan. >> my son is a zone's throw from pakistan. those of us who have troops and loved ones over there, it is a very serious time. >> u.s. forces are stepping up patrols in afghanistan. the taliban released a major assault on kandahar. they believe the attack was to
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avenge bin laden's death though the taliban denies it as a motive. the special of the's grandfather, who is also a world war ii vet, doesn't buy it. >> it's worse now than it ever will be. >> why? >> because i think they are awfully mad at us. >> u.s. troops have some supporters on the ground in afghanistan. he called his mom telling him a high ranking afghan official had only positive things to say about bin laden's death. >> he was congratulating him on an incident around al-qaeda. he felt very honored that he would take the time to congratulate the troops for them. >> i think their morale is up today. a national security specialist patrick said the high from bin laden's killing will last only so long because the terror network didn't die with the al-qaeda leader. >> there are local versions of this terror network and they have leaders.
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that's a horrible feeling that you have killed the hydra by cutting off only one head, but there are many other heads. >> they have not changed the withdrawal plan for afghanistan. the first troops to leave will be in july. >> in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> coming up next the south prepared for record flooding as the mississippi river continues to rise. and why homeowners are against city plans for repairing a sliding hillside in the east bay.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> the south is bracing for historic flooding.
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the mississippi river is 14 feet above flood stage, putting millions at risk. we have more on how people are preparing for the worst. >> old man river keeps rolling and rising. >> i had to come down and see this because this is historic. >> today the river at memphis was at 47 feet, the second highest ever major flood stage, putting the leaking levis and floodgates to a test. >> and the river isn't expected to crest until wednesday? wow. >> across arkansas, missouri, mississippi and tennessee, authorities are now asking thousands to evacuate and find higher ground. in south memphis, the grandmother who now lives inches from risings floodwaters was refusing to leave. >> it will take to the point that the the water is actually coming in the house. when she sees that, then she'll leave, but until then, you guys, it isn't going to happen. >> you look like you are going to get some water, though. you are going to get some.
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>> 72-year-old rosanna hunt hid behind her screen door and explains that she's lived here all her life. >> don't you think you should leave now? not now? >> it was a story we heard over and over again. jerry burke has a broken leg and water at his back door, but he will not go. >> we've been living here all our life and we don't want to go nowhere. across the region floodwaters closed at least 100 more roads and the national guard is here to prepare for what happened if the levies fail. >> we would move in quickly and help people get out. >> steve olson reporting the. back here in the bay area work to shore up a hillside weakened by the rain in san pablo is still on hold after homeowners objected to the city's terms for dock the job. part of why it started sliding during heavy rains this winter. the city wants to be released from all liability in case there's damage to the homes caused by repair work.
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our media partner at the contra costa times reports that six of the seven homeowners refused to release the city from liability. city leaders want to avoid the risk of future lawsuits. the proposed temporary fix will cost at least $100,000. >> talking about rain, you say we may not be through with it? >> that's right. we have an extended outlook of cold showers. but its definitely cold with breezy winds. emeryville, temperatures are in the 50s. but it doesn't tell the story. the winds. gusting at 25, 30 miles an hour. the blustery mother's day forecast coming ahead. >> and another walk off. the giants make up some ground on the n. l. west-leading rockies with the ninth inning
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> happy mother's day to you and all the mothers out there. the weather forecast sometimes to be giving a fine howdy do. >> that's right. no 70s out there today. we are talking 50s and 60s. even with the slight chance of showers. shot earlier had some snow. this is our heavenly camera
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where we have a lot of clouds out there. truck e36, the tahoe valley airport with 38 with wind chills in the 20s. definitely a cold day out there. they dropped the winter weather advisories but a couple of inches of snow expected. the roof, you will notice the cloud cover and the wind blowing a little here. we have gusty winds all around the bay area. with the winds the temperatures up kept up overnight while you were sleeping. plenty of low 50s but feeling cool ehrhoff with the winds. good morning, half moon bay. 50 there and 44. the winds definitely other factor today with gusts over at 30 miles an hour. right now we have gusts over 20 miles an hour. 25 mile-an-hour in concord with the gusts to 20 in oakland. in the airport at 14 right now. gusty, westterly winds so the cool direction, enhancing the
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cool air today. with that the slight chance of showers throughout the morning hours on this mother's day and then the clouds will decrease throughout the day a slightly warmer day tomorrow due to more sunshine and less winds. still the air mass cool for this time of year. the live doppler shows the precip pretty much out of the day area. mainly the central valley, the san joaquin valley and on the way to the see air are you -- sierra nevada. yesterday the cold front moved threw. the upper level low today. with the cold, unstable air we are getting showers mainly to the north of us. that's where the activity will remain, around the bay area. so we will be stuck with the clouds this morning and then decreasing clouds and westerly winds. temperatures are quite chilly. low 40s with a couple of snow at lake level in the sierra nevada. 71 fresno with 67 in los angeles.
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and throughout the morning hours maybe a pop-up shower. notice the decreasing clouds throughout the day today and those breezy to gusty winds throughout the afternoon. so back home we are talking just low 60s today. average highs should be in the lower 70s. 62. 53 in pacifica. in and around san francisco, mid-and upper 50s today. in the north bay, only about 66 in santa rosa. numbers here continue to slide as much as 5 to 6 degrees from yesterday's temperatures. and over the hills we are in the 70s for you. walnut creek 62 with decreasing clouds throughout the afternoon. still the winds with us throughout the day and even the evening hours tonight. but we will clear on out for a sunnier, less of a windy forecast in the future with more stable air. but you will notice no 80s on the panel. just 50s at our coast and
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60s around the bay and low 70s in the inland valleys. >> quite a drop from last week. >> definitely. >> thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00, good morning america. we are joined live from new york to tell us what is coming up. i know that a lot of the focus is going to be on the bin laden tape? >> exactly. we will be talking about the pentagon releasing those five home videos found inside bin laden's come bound saturday. giving us a look at his secret life, everything from dies his beard to watching himself on tv. we will take a look at what new analysis of the tapes tells us. then nearly 4 million people are bracing for historic flooding as the mighty mississippi overflows. towns are already submerged and thousands are being told to evacuated to. we are on the banks of the big muddy with the latest >> and an incredible survival story. a woman lost in the wilderness
6:22 am
for 7 weeks is found alive but her husband is still missing. we have the latest details on this developing story >> and a heroic effort by dozens of volunteers pace off. stranded pilots in the florida keys near death two days ago are saved and set free. how they were nursed back to health and released back into the ocean is coming up next on "good morning america." happy mother days to you and everybody out there on your crew. >> same to you and those in new york. we will see you at 7:00. >> bye. >> all right. let's check out sports. this evening the san jose sharks will try to close out the detroit red wings at the tank. holding a command 3-g-1 lead in the best of 7 playoff series. last night you might have seen this. the giants tried to inch closer to the division-leading rockies at at&t park. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. we will start you off on the
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diamond with the giants hostth first place rockies. the g men with another walk off victory and are now only two back of colorado in the national league west. the kentucky derby theme at at&t park. madison bum gartner look for his first win of the season. top of the third. clayton swinging. and the bottom of five, giants up 1. sanchez doubles to the center field gap. now they lead by 2. the top of the seventh bum gartner gives up a double to helton. that scores two. tied. and the flyout to deep right. aaron rowand will score and the giants back-to-back walk off winners. 3-2, the final. a's in kansas city where former kansas city athletic players at the game, including losorda. pennington makes up for his mistake earlier in the game, the three run shot. tied at 3 the bottom of three.
6:24 am
and this one in the air. we have a race to the plate. jarrod dysontation. heading home, sweeney with the throw not in time. you can clearly see his foot was on the bag. bob geren not happy and let the ump no. but to no avail. the royals win it 4-3. blue jackets and tigers in toronto and justin verlander took a perfect game into the eighth. with one out he walked. the perfect game is gone. and edwin encarnacion. verlander gets former davis swinging. the seventh no-hitter in tigers history. verlander's second. detroit goes on to win 9-0. and churchill downs, the 137 running of the kentucky derby. a picture perfect day in louisville, kentucky. of course, the hats on derby day making those at last would be's royal wedding look tame. as for the race itself, 19
6:25 am
horses would leave the gates after uncle mo had to withdraw a clean start and now we go to the animal kingdom. >> animal kingdom roaring down the center of the track. here comes animal kingdom in the middle of the racetrack. and shackleford. but it's animal kingdom has gone the extra len to win the derby? >> animal kingdom, 20-1 odds wins the kentucky derby. john velasquez was aboard. he was supposed to ride uncle mo who was scratched and the jockey broke his nose and he replaced him. how about that for the luck of the draw. animal kingdom, the kentucky derby champion. to the nabokov. celtics down 0-2 to the heat but they are back in boston and the heat is off. celtics with a must-win. late second quarter, lebron finds dwyane wade. the two hand jam. wade 423. boston came out firing in the third. paul pierce one of his five
6:26 am
tracy. he had 27. and later in the quarter a scary moment. wade seems to take rondo down. pretty gruesome. rondo dislocates his left elbow but he would return to the game and makes the difference in the fourth. the steal with the bad arm, lay-in with the good arm. gutsy effort leads the velez ticks to the 90-81 victory. boston now trails in the series 2-1. in the west game three between the thunder and the grizzlies. oklahoma city in control. to kevin durant. oklahoma city would build a 16-point lead. but memphis rallies in the fourth. sam young flying in for the one hand thunder. grizzlies within 7. under 4 to play. mike conley pulling up and hitting. grizzlies down 84-83. this game would head to overtime. in o. t. the tipin. 21 points, 21 boards. memphis takes the 2-1 series lead. the 101-93 victory. before i go, manny wins the
6:27 am
unanimous decision over moseley to retain his weller weight title. and nascar reagan smith wins his first-ever race in the 500. see you tonight at five. >> coming up next at 6:30. >> some financial indicators show that california is $2 billion above forecast for tax revenue. i'm nannette miranda in sacramento. democrats won't back down on their call for keeping the higher tax rates going a little longer, though. >> and the sale of live chickens in san francisco. it's a controversial practice that is about to end.
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>> welcome back, everyone. state lawmakers may not need as much of your money as they thought. an unexpected surge in tax money has come in, more than
6:30 am
$2 billion, and it could take a nice bite out of the budget deficit. abc7 capital correspondent nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >> an unexpected 2 1/2 billion dollars surge in income and sales and use taxes has lawmakers saying this is a sign that things are improving. the windfall could help solve the remaining $14 billion deficit. its great news for the economy. >> it means things are starting to turnaround. it's great news, but... >> the big but is whether the money will continue to come in above forecast to help lawmakers avoid deeper budget cuts. gov brown is preparing an updated budget, but he will be on the conservative side still and will ask californians to pay for the expiring taxes for five more years for the long-term health of the state. >> he will continue to make his case for putting the temporary
6:31 am
tax extensions before the people of california. not just because we have to deal with this year's budget gap, but also we have to deal with projected multi-billion dollars projected gaps in each of the next three fiscal years. >> republicans say the bump in revenue is proof there's no need for californians to pay the higher taxes beyond june 30th. the extra money we get means it is a very manageable situation to get through this without reaching into the pockets of hardworking families who just can't afford it. >> even if gov brown manages to get his tax increases on the ballot, teacher robin grier worries the public won't support them. she knows a $2 billion windfall is hardly enough to spare schools from cuts. >> it makes me worry. it makes me worry that people are going to go they are finding now, we don't have to do this. >> but it to be a boost for schools too. any extra revenue collected after june 30th, 40% of it goes to schools as mandated by
6:32 am
the california's education finance law known as proposition 98. abc7 news. a long running battle over plans to expand the oakland zoo is heating up again. it puts conservationist at odds with one another. the plan goes all the way back to 1988 when the city approved a master plan covering the zoo's next 20 years. but the contra costa times reports the zoo amended the plan. last week's oakland's planning commission approved proposed changes to expand into 54 acres of prime parkland with sweeping views of san francisco. a group called friends of nolan park, along with members of the california native plant society, said they will file an appeal tomorrow to halt the project until the city council can review it this summer. first it was shark finish soup, now the sale of live poultry is causing controversy in
6:33 am
san francisco. activists have been pushing for bans on what some see as traditional food preferences. at the heart of the city farm market in san francisco, you will find produce, flowers and something controversial behind the blue tarps, live chickens. but you can only buy them until the end of the month. >> how would you feel if you had your life here for 20 years and all of a sudden on that day you got kicked out. >> raymond young and his daughter, christina, sell hundreds of live chickens each day to a largely asian clientele. not everyone approves. >> that's not right! the market's operator is eliminating live poultry sales after someone filed a lawsuit. they and their supporters say the birds are mistreated. >> overcrowded in the cages in the backs of the trucks and then being shoved upside-down into paper bags and being taken home to be butchered in any numerous imaginable ways. >> the health department, they
6:34 am
say it's okay. the animal control, they say, okay. >> in fact, san francisco's animal care and control issued a citation with numerous counts about two years ago. >> overcrowding led to a lot of injuries to birds. there was sometimes not proper water for them. >> but she says not all the complaints have been valid. the health department has also investigated and documented sanitation issues, including one in january. the most recent check in march found no violations. the activists demonstrated for two years and are now declaring victory. but the young family says the protests were an attack on their culture. >> it's our culture to have fresh meat. >> may 27th is share eviction day. the youngs still sell their live poultry at a farmer's market in richmond. activists are promises to begin demonstrations there.
6:35 am
efforts to turn the old san francisco mint building into a history museum have been beaten back by the struggling economy. the san francisco museum and historical society leases the gold rush arab building at fifth and mission streets. plans call for the group to raid -- raise $96 million over three years to pay for its restoration the last three years, but the sagging economy prevented them from reaching that goal. now the san francisco examiner reports the group is shifting to plan b, which is to restore the mint building one section at a time. that could take several years. finally, hundreds of parents walked in solidarity yesterday to remember the children they lost in violence. abc7 sherrill jennings joined lorraine taylor, the founder of 1,000 mothers to prevent violence. it was the group's second annual peace walk. the organization encourages victims' families and the survivors of violence to find counseling and other positive ways to deal with their tragic losses.
6:36 am
>> lisa is here with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> we have a lot of low level moisture in the forms of clouds. the winds are monthing this morning out of the west up to 25 miles an hour. it's going to be another cool and breezy day. but the prospects for sun or showers, i'll let you know next. >> also next, an ancient species in a fight for survival. why scientists say we need to care about the loss of these special amphibians.
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>> welcome back. it actually looks like a nicer day than we might have, but so what? icing mother's day and happy mother's day to everyone out there. well, there's no motherly love between a local ventner and a east coast winemaker. the two are emboiled in a legal battle over, of all things, the word "mommy." we have the story. >> among winemakers, trademark rights are as common as grapes, but this one has a different flavor. the battle is over mommy juice. this bottle shows a woman juggling a house, teddy bear and computer. >> i was doing one of eight loads of laundry one weekend and i thought i'm looking forward to a glass of mommy juice at the end of the day.
6:40 am
and i thought that would be an interesting name for a wine. >> interesting and taken, according to a rival. the new jersey distributor of a different label called "mommy's time-out" filed a letter telling them to drop the "m" word. that prompted moment juice to file a lawsuit in san francisco federal court. >> i would like the court to declare "mommy" is a generic word and can't be trademarked. you can't own the word mommy. >> but they said mom mu's time-out can make an argument for owning the word on wine. >> i think it's definitely someone could claim as theirs because you wouldn't expect to see the word "mommy" on wine. it's not like seeing cabernet or vineyard. the term really doesn't have anything to do with wine so it's not really generic in that way. >> the wine industry is watching the case closely because they are increasingly marketing to ladies. there are other wines and
6:41 am
websites. san jose mom, jennifer rose, said she would be more likely to buy something with the word " mommy." >> to a certain extent because you hope if they are being marketed to moms they understand some. the unique pressures that we are under, like right now. [laughter] >> well, as for the other side, we are told that selective has told them to stop using this trademark and is hopeful that they will agree to cease their use of the selective trademark. >> probably a lot of celebrating and embiking by moms out there. they deserve it. >> we are looking at a brighter day by the end of the day. we have a lot of clouds out there and even low level
6:42 am
moisture. this is the shark tank in san jose. we also have wind to speak of. at the errant winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. you see the partly cloudy skies there. with all the wind overnight the temperatures have stayed in the 50s for the most part. 50 fairfield, napa, and along the coast. so the winds gusting to 25 miles an hour in concord. we have a west wind at 20. in oakland, the airport, west wind at 14 and gusty winds up to the north as well. so we have a colder air mass of, an unstable air mass pushing through the bay area right now. that will set the stage for a slight chance of showers this morning. more clouds around and then the unstable air mass continues to slide to the south and east of us. as it does we see decreasing clouds today and then warmer weather arrives for tuesday and wednesday. more sunshine tomorrow and less
6:43 am
wind tomorrow. live doppler 7 hd shows us the green popping up around the east bay and the peninsula. so maybe a few light sprinkles, a few spotty showers this morning, and that's due to that unstable nature of the cool air that's on the way from the north and west. so you can see the passage of the cold front. here is that unstable air. most of the activity, though, is going to be around the bay area and we will be left with the breezy winds out of the west-northwest today and sometimes gusting over 30 to 35 miles an hour. right on through the evening hours, too. so with that, producing some snow in the sierra nevada. the winter weather advisory has been dropped, but still the possibility of anywhere from three to four inches of snow in the northern eera. 54 in the southern eera with isolated snowflakes. a few 70s in the valley with 60 in los angeles today. definitely a cool day today.
6:44 am
you notice with the cloud cover a few spotty showers. then by the afternoon time we see decreasing clouds, but still quite brings being out there with high temperatures running anywhere from about 8 to 10 degrees below the average. here are our south bay highs with 62 in cupertino. 63 in campbell. windy along the coast. 673 pacific kau. in and around san francisco, just mid-to upper 50s. cooler than yesterday with those winds. 65 in pataluma. temperatures only in the 60s here. gusty winds for the morning run or bike ride. 62 livermore. and begin the monterey bay, 62 and another cool one there. less wind and more sun tomorrow but we will see the temperatures try to cover tuesday and wednesday just a few degrees
6:45 am
here and there, and then you will notice it will drop off again next weekend. >> all right. where do you stand on this one? do you expect your husband to get you a mother's day gift even though you are not his mother? >> he would, but i have heard others say, you know, no, you shall not my mother. >> yeah, yeah. >> so either way, i suppose. >> all right. just wondering there. all right. one of the major mysteries in science right now involves an ancient species that's gone unchanged for millions of years but in the past half century a delete has emerged. as abc7's wade freedman reports, it's killing off species in record numbers. >> you are looking at a survivor, a class of species that's outlasted 90% of all life on this planet through four mass extinctionings and now after $360 million, amphibians are in jeopardy. >> they did fine through all the mass extinction events but now they are dying.
6:46 am
victims of a microscopic pathogen that's spread worldwide. at san francisco state, the professor wants to save them by finding out how and why. >> we get little microscopic organisms, the fungi we are looking for. >> he has a new tool that will allow them to trace the history of this pandemic by identifying its d2346789a on old lab specimens. >> tells us a lot. tells us where it came from. >> the significance of this paper goes well beyond amphibians. it's about how a pandemic spreads among a species. amphibians have been affected this time but it to as easily affect humans. >> diseases tend to follow the same patterns. so we are looking at microscopic organisms. >> the same thing that cause this is disease it pertinent to
6:47 am
see how disease affects humans. >> we hope this is research we never need but hope one that might help us some day. in the meantime, there are amphibians on the brink and that's for me enough. >> it tells me why are they in such bad straights now compared to the last 360 million years. >> from san francisco, wade freedman, abc7 news. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a locking gas cap may be in your future. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and cahelp lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healy. ♪ to cinnamon. td introducg cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% day value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios.
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6:50 am
pertaining to oil leases in the gulf of mexico. but another version comes up this week that requires the interior department to open up offshore leases in all areas, including off the sonomo coast. the measure to double offshore production by 2027 comes up wednesday in the house where it could get enough votes to pass. it is not expected to get through the democratic-controlled senate which is focused on eliminating tax breaks for big oil. with gasoline selling at sky high prices, it's becoming a target for thieves. so how can you protect yourself from a crime of the times? here's 7 on your side michael finney with the information. >> check out these headlines from across the country. thieves have figured out siphoning gas is worth their time. a spot check only turned up a couple of reports. but this guy, he's hearing about it plenty. >> we see an increase of fuel theft throughout danville, throughout the whole contra costa area as fuel prices rise.
6:51 am
>> why is he hearing about stolen gas? well, he owns danville automotive and hardware. customers are coming here to buy locking gas caps. sales have doubled. locking gas caps protect more than gasoline. he says they protect the car. siphoning can do some major damage. >> the harm it does to the car with the hose going in the fuel tank, you can't get the hose out, it's a one-way valve. now you push it in and you have to have a mechanic come and remove the hose. >> body shops are picking up business too because it isn't just the inside of the gas tank that can be damaged, but also the outside of the car. >> i live in the city and i was walking to my car. put my stuff in the trunk and that's when i noticed that someone was trying to break in. >> look at the damage for yourself. the gas cap door won't stay closed. and there's this dent caused by the thief prying his way in.
6:52 am
>> the estimate was $1,600. it's even more depressing. >> a lot of money for such a small criminal tank. but the collision center person said there is a lot of work to be done. >> people will be shocked to hear that figure, won't they? >> they do, and they get mad and think i am trying to rip them off. but it's the damage to the car. it's not an estimate, it was actually the damage caused by the person. >> alex said so far he has only seen a couple of cars damaged like this, but with gas prices going up he's expecting more in the future. and that brings us back to prevention. >> as things get worse we are going to the locking gas caps. once you lock this gas cap, they can't spin this gas cap out as the bottom just spins freely. >> depending on the car, a locking gas cap goes from as little as $15 to as much as 50. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> up next, mel gibson and jody
6:53 am
foster back on the big screen in a movie about a dysfunctional family. don sanchez' review when we return. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover. i know it's sort of my weakness. i always keep it in the house. well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, and mmm key lime pie. yeah, i've already lost some weight. [ female announcer ] yoplait light -- over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories.
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in theaters this weekend "the beaver." it stars one of the most controversial actors, mel gibson. does his performance overcome his personal behavior? abc reporter don sanchez checks it out on the isle. >> mom says you are scott broken. >> mel gibson has a man severely depressed, filled with a stare, filled with a crisis, he's on the verge of suicide. then a twist. >> i'm sick. >> do you want to get better? >> who are you? >> i'm the beaver. i'm here to save your life.
6:56 am
>> the beaver is the only way he communicates. >> this is a joke, right? >> i'm not talking to you, nut job, i'm talking to mom. >> he realizes he must break free. jody foster co-stars and directs her friend, gibson. >> he's a very light touch as an actor, but really understands the struggle of a broken man. >> but he comes with baggage. she calls him complex. >> he's had a lot of press and a lot of it mostly negative. is that one of the reasons you said i've got to go out on the road and sell this picture? >> the good news is, and i'm grateful for, i have a movie i love, and i got to make a movie. and that his performance is undeniable. it's an extraordinary performance and that lives on despite what anybody thinks about it. his performance is so good, there is talk of award nominations. i asked her if hollywood is ready to forgive and accept him. >> i don't know if we can separate out what we know of people's private lives through the public machine of the internet. >> this is quite brilliant with
6:57 am
a great performance from mel gibson. but i couldn't stop thinking about his real life. but does that matter or is he box office poison? it's up to you to decide. still i'll give the beaver three quarters of a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. >> it is mother's day, a good day to get outside and enjoy san francisco's sunday streets program. today's closers are in the mission district for five blocks. merchants and organizations in the mission are providing live performances and all sorts of special activities. elimination of traffic opens up the streets to exercise, bicycling, all type of social activities and 11 this morning to 4 this afternoon. and it is free! here's lisa with a look at the mother's day accuweather forecast.
6:58 am
>> lots of 50s in the city today. we will look for the clouds to decrease throughout the afternoon. but the winds will stay with us. a slight chance of showers early on the peninsula, the south bay, with the numbers topping out just in the mid-60s today. it will be a cool one, warming up just slightly tomorrow with less wind. a pretty nice week ahead. >> sounds good. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us, i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa, we will see you at
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