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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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time terry mcsweeney at san francisco international airport. here aboard a plane as a passenger tries to rush the cockpit and now we are finding out he had a yemen passport. >> flames rip through an east bay home. firefighters battle the fire to keep it from spreading. >> here is a live look from downtown san francisco. i know it's may and we still get rain this month. one could be today and on over the coming weekend. >> high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. here is live shot for you. we'll keep an eye on this. also, pretty good started for the monday morning commute.
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president obama says there was no guarantee that osama bin laden was in the compound but the reward outweighed the risks. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> a major scare in the air as a flight approached the bay area. authorities say flight attendants and passengers had to wrestle down an unruly man aboard an american airlines flight last night. terry mcsweeney is live at the airport. we learned more information about this person. >> reporter: we are learning disturbing information about the person that rushed toward the cockpit door. we are finding out he had a yemen passport and had to be subdued after a violent confrontation with a couple of passengers. take a look at the scene last night about 9:00 at san francisco international. flight 1561 landing safely but 30 minutes out, over modesto, a man identified as 28-year-old
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man with a yemen passport and a california i.d. rushed toward the cockpit yelling something. what he was yelling was described as unintelligible. they are looking into that to see what he was yelling pounding on the cockpit door. two attendants and two passengers, one of those passengers a retired san mateo police officer had to drop him to the ground. the arrest and confrontation was described like this. >> some flexible handcuffs were used to secure the hands of that passenger. that passenger was then placed in a first class seat where he was holiday until the flight arrived at sfo. >> reporter: take a look at the suspect. 28-year-old man with a yemen passport and california i.d. what is more disturbing, hours after that happened, a
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continental flight to chicago was did i verdict to st. louis after a passenger tried open a plane door. both with the chicago connection. are they connected? we don't know but this man is in custody right now facing a federal charge of interfering with a flight. they are trying to see what else they can find out about him other than the fact that he stormed the cockpit door screaming something had and had to be subdued. >> kristen:? east d.c. they are looking into the cause of an overnight fire that left major damage around oakley. flames were shooting out of the second floor after two story house on bay view drive. firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading from nearby homes. nobody was home at the time of the fire and no injuries reported. >> a worker at napa state
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hospital is recovering from an attack by a psychiatric patient. it's the latest in a series of violent attacks at the facility. hospital officials refuse to give details but a union representative says a male patient started acting up and went after a female technician. one wound up being assaulted. employees have been complaining since october when a patient strangled a psychiatric technician donna gross. that murder was followed by another attack in december that left an employee with a skull fracture. they say it's a dangerous place to interact with patients. of. >> workers want police officers who patrol outside a barbed wire fence to be permanently stationed inside and had they want an alarm system. >> it's 4:34.
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>> president obama is sharing what went into his decision to raid pakistani compound in the search for osama bin laden. one thing he didn't lose sleep over was the chance to take out the al-qaeda leader. now, the investigation turns to who knew he was there. >> president obama says the 40 minutes he waited to see if navy seals had found osama bin laden was some of the longest minutes of his life. >> it was very tense situation. >> reporter: but he told cbs news the chance outweighed the risks. he was killed in a pakistani home where he lived for five years raising questions of a support network there. >> we don't know if there were people inside of government or outside of government. that is something we have to investigate. >> reporter: a senior pakistani official says based on years of experience, he believes that elements of pakistani
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intelligence probably retired were probably involved of sheltering had leader of al-qaeda. >> come on guys, tell us. >> this week the pentagon released a few seconds of video seized in the raid including pictures of a gray, bearded terrorist watching himself on tv. >> he looked very beaten down, really not the vigorous fighter that you would think. what has been did he ticketed globally in many videos and audiotapes. >> president obama says all the material could deliver a fatal blow to al-qaeda. >> five of the seven suspects arrested for the murder of a german tourist in san francisco are set to return to court today a woman was killed in a
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crossfire when members of different gangs were shooting at each other in august. armed with new evidence police arrested the suspects early last wednesday in homes in san francisco, oakland and fremont. two of the suspects are juveniles. one of them will be charged as an adult. >> a san jose city councilmember said he made an error of judgment for driving under the influence of alcohol, ash kalra admitted that he did it. the officer smelled alcohol on his breath. the blood alcohol level was found to be over the legal limit. >> i feel terrible for what i did. the bottom line i shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel and i did. now i have to pay the consequences of that. >> his blood alcohol was .12 the california limit was .08. he serves in san jose.
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>> pg&e will begin pressure testing natural gas pipelines in two locations, mountain view and antioch. pg&e warns that area residents might smell natural gas when it gets vented from the pipe. workers will fill the sections with water and pressurize them to much higher levels than they would ever operate with natural gas. sections of pipe that show weakness will be replaced. it's part of a state order to ensure the transmission is safe after last september's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. >> the wind continues to cause problems. caltrans issued a high wind advisory at midnight for the bridges. it's been lifted for the benicia bridge. a downed tree blocked a street in oakland last night. it just missed a car parked on the open is sit side of the street. it blocked the street for
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several hours until city crews cleared it away. fantastic mother's day, but, i tried to put a hat on, didn't have a chance of staying on. >> better chance today. it will be breezy but not as nearly intense as it was yesterday. look at satellite and radar. note there are a few storms lingering around 80 as you head out sacramento and some snow as you head up to into the sierra. what we are looking for as far as winds go, sfo 14 miles an hour. most of us calm to 6-7 miles an hour. let's take a look at the temperatures. we're dealing with mainly 40 degree temperatures. start around 50s fremont and antioch and a 39 in napa. by the afternoon hours, we're going to have breezes develop once again. 59 in half moon bay, low to
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mid-60s around the bay shoreline and then even 70s as you head inland. notice the patch of green in the north bay. a stray shower that will develop later this afternoon. that will be the best area if we see any rain. down around monterey bay, clouds will be drifting that way. breezy with 60 in monterey. upper 50s to low 70s as you head inland. pollen count, high amounts of tree and mold and moderate amounts of grass. accu-weather seven-day forecast, other than at some time and wednesday, afternoon temperatures well below average. tuesday and wednesday the warmest. cooling trend and culminate again with chance of showers on saturday and better chance on sunday. good morning, mike. >> you heard about the high wind advisories in the san mateo bridge. that is all that is going to slow you down. live shot of bay bridge toll plaza. not much construction or road
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work going on. however, if you are traveling through antioch in eastbound direction on highway 4, it's closed right now at leverage and summersville and that is scheduled until 5:30. it's 4:41. the dispute that is preventing work to shore up a crumbling hillside. a somber commemoration of mother's day in san francisco. what
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the freedom to choose any doctor who accepts medicare, and that lets you talk to a live person when you call 65. it's just a number, so remember to call ours when you're ready to talk. call anthem today at... good morning, it's 4:43 on this monday. live look outside. san francisco here in the foreground and you can see a lovely bay bridge and east bay in the background there. still a little windy and cool, too. we'll talk to mike about when the conditions will change and check in with frances coming up.
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work to shore up a hillside weakened by rain is on hold. part of wyman street started sliding during the winter. the city wants to be released from liability during repairs. they want to avoid any financial risk from potential lawsuits but our media partner contra costa times reports six of the seven homeowners are refusing to sign off on that. the proposed temporary fix will cost at least hundred thousand dollars. >> sadly a group of mothers who lost their children to violence on mother's day outside san francisco city hall to call attention to the fact that their cases remain unsolved. some of the women are veterans of the annual rally. paulette brown's son was killed in 2006 the suspects in his
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shooting was arrested but were released for fo are lack of evidence. >> and they are walking amongst us now. they are probably standing looking at us now. >> we need people to get involved. a lot of times people see these homicides. you can have as many as 200 people witness the homicide but when you get there, no one knows anything. >> this year a new face among them. her son was shot to death by playing soccer. she says there is too much gun violence going on. >> florida's loss is california's big gain. a significant financial boost in the high speed rail system is if b to get. an incredible story of survivor, a woman live seven weeks after she was stranded in a remote area of nevada. next, the second miracle. they are now hoping for. >> and people along the mississippi river prepare for
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something that happens once a century. why thousands of people
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temperatures, we are cooling around the bay. look at the heat develop in the midwest and down south. 88 in st. louis and 70 in chicago and big temperature spread and that is what we expect. north dakota and south dakota and nebraska, possibly st. louis to chicago, possibly a bumpy ride. we have flight tracker at california may be getting hundreds of millions of dollars in high speed rail funding that florida's governor has rejected. the u.s. department of transportation has privately notified officials they'll get
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$213 million after $2.4 billion that had been either marked for florida high speed rail. an official announcement is expected this week on how the money will be divided. california needs $15 billion to build a bullet line between san francisco and los angeles. house republicans are threatening to derail funding for the project. >> police are investigating a deadly car crash on the sonoma county coast. highway patrol says a car drove off of highway 101. it tumbled down the cliff and landed on the roof on the rocks below. the driver was killed. she was the only person in the vehicle. investigators are trying to figure out why this car went off the road. >> rescue teams resumed a search for a man that had been missing for seven weeks. they found his wife on friday. she was is my the van where
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rescuers spotted her in elko county, nevada. she hadn't seen her husband since he set off on foot with a gps device a few days after they got stuck. she survived on bottled water and trail mix. >> she is in relatively condition for what she has gone through and she is coherent and speaking with my nephew. doctors at the hospital where she is being treated say she is doing better. >> residents of memphis, tennessee are bracing for what could be a once in lifetime flood. river is expected to crest tomorrow and people are being told they should leave their homes. tennessee's largest city is in the crosshairs. memphis has the most high risk population for flooding according to the army corps of
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engineers. authorities expect the river to crest at 48 feet, less than a foot shy of the record levels set this is the 37. with the mississippi swollen by abnormally high rainfall there is nowhere for the water to flow. 1100 trailers have been evacuated. 400 residents are currently in shelter. on sunday officials went door to door to alert others they may also need to leave their homes. >> memphis is the latest of cities to be affected by the swollen river. last week the army corps of engineers blew up levees to relieve the threat. there is pressure levees around memphis but they are currently. >> low lying farm lands and have
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been inundated about the situation. >> you were laughing about what happened yesterday for mother's day. a little tired out. >> a little run down. a little tired from all that pampering. >> good job, good husband that you are. >> it really was and a little breezy but, poor folks in memphis are dealing with and all the shelby county in tennessee and definitely our hearts go out for them. what is going to happen this monday after mother's day a lot of people go back and relax. we are looking from the roof cam and downtown san francisco. you can see it is a little breezy right now. it will continue to be that way throughout the afternoon. it will pick up stronger as we head in to the afternoon hours. i don't think will be quite as fast as yesterday but it will
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still be out there. >> 39 in napa to 51 in oakland. we have temperatures in the mid to upper 40s for santa cruz, watsonville and gilroy. cooler, breezy today, a stray shower possible especially in the north bay. warmest afternoon tuesday and wednesday. then another cool weekend with more wet weather it is. let's take a look down in the south bay, mid to upper 50s with the breezes developing and cloud cover. as you head up the peninsula we'll drop to the mid-50s to low 60s. most of these temperatures about 5-10 degrees cooler. over at the coast, upper 50s and low 60s for downtown san francisco. then go to the north bay where the stray showers will develop later this afternoon say around 2:00, 3:00. temperatures in the upper 50s. over on the coast we'll have upper 50s. as far as the east bay shore, low to mid-60s with 55 in
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oakland and 56 in fremont. northern contra costa county a stray shower slips over to martinez possibly but everybody else in the upper 50s. dublin, 66 degrees. upper 60s for the rest of bay. for tonight, temperatures will fall back to low to mid 40s in the valleys and also livermore, everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. watching the jetstream, we're in a bowl of cold air but as we head in to tomorrow wednesday, this will move east. this warming trend and get our temperatures closer to average. then the pattern will be cooler than average, friday through sunday with a chance of shower. here is frances. she is back. >> i'm definitely back this time. now traffic is looking great.
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notice on monday morning there isn't as much road work so take you around the bay area. 80 in berkeley, westbound traffic flowing well. also, if you are going across the san mateo bridge, keep both hands on the wheel a high wind advisory is still in effect but notice the camera isn't shaking too much. 280 and 17 interchange, no accidents at all and also good-looking ride through the north bay with a live shot at san rafael, this time southbound traffic is on the right. get traffic when you want by going to our website at >> kristen: a suspect in a halloween shooting is dead after a shootout with police in houston. jesse brown pulled a gun while trying to board a greyhound bus.
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after exchanging gunfire he ran to a nearby parking garage. they later found him dead in an apparent suicide. they believe he had been on a run at his apartment last year. three people were wounded in the incident including three girl that was hit in the leg. >> two citizens file an appeal in trying to expand the oakland zoo. the debate entering in nolan park when the city approved a master plan covering the zoo's next 20 years. but they report the zoo amended the plan. last week the planning commission approved the plan to expand into 54 acres of prime park land with sweeping views of san francisco. opponents say the expansion would destroy the popular park and they want it stopped until they can review it next summer.
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next, tuition plan that could have more students taking a second look at u.c.'s less popular schools. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at sfo. a terrifying flight for passengers coming into sfo last night as a man tries to storm the cockpit has to be restrained. he is being investigated this morning by federal officials. the story coming up in a live report. >> also, flames rip through a home in the east bay. why arson investigators are now on the scene. and bay area breakthrough that could one day change the way you watch tv. ♪
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