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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 9, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. mississippi rising. as disaster strikes, we're live from the flood zone from the ground and in the air. >> the mississippi river is a well-defined vision of muddy water. now, it's water everywhere. just the tree tops poking through. >> millions of people in the path of these epic floods. sam leads the full-team coverage. the fast-rising waters surround big cities and famous landmarks. bin laden's home videos. the outtakes of a terrorist. dyeing his beard. as president obama reveals the inside story of the takedown. big cat attack. a field trip gone wrong. what really happened at the
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kansas zoo? and miracle mom. 48 days stranded in a minivan. surviving on trail mix, candy, and melted snow. a mother lost and found just days from death. her family speaks out this morning. >> and good morning, everyone. we hope you had a great mother's day weekend. all eyes on the mississippi. the river already swelling to record levels. thousands already evacuated. the river expected to peak tonight at 48 feet. that's the highest level in almost 75 years. >> look at that. all that flooding on its way to new orleans. the river is six times its normal size there. this morning, we have a special event. >> we're welcoming back a beloved member of the "gma" family, and that's lara spencer.
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she's coming back home. we're looking forward to having her back with us. >> she loved the bright lights of hollywood but she's coming back. and lot of star power coming up. but we're going to begin with the flood waters coming up. steve osunsami is reporting from a boat in the middle of the floodwaters. sam starts off live from memphis. good morning, sam. >> good morning, george. we're right under the i-40 bridge. here it's three miles wide. it's normally a half mile wide. the folks here in memphis thought they had another day to get ready. the word is, the big muddy crests tonight at about 7:00. already 15 feet above flood stage, the mississippi river is rising all day long. and 1,300 homes are in danger in the memphis area alone. entire neighborhoods are under the muddy river.
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downtown, beale street. taking on water. here in memphis, the river is expected to crest about 48 feet. a number that no one wants to hear. because the 1937 record crest was 48.7 feet. hundreds died in that flood. today, people are hoping levees and spillways built since then will help. you have big crowds at a popular tourist place in memphis. you can barely see mud island. the pyramid is an iconic structure here in memphis. there's water right up to the edge of it. back on the ground, the levees are holding for now. the water is rushing at such an incredible speed, if there was a breach, it could fill an entire football field with 44 feet of water in just one second. government officials are advising caution. >> don't be living an illusion.
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we have a very serious situation. >> reporter: more than 1,300 homes have been told to evacuate. more have been warned they might need no leave. nearly 1,400 people are in shelters. those that have not evacuated yet are certainly taking precautions. >> it's my house. it's my house. i want to be -- once everything is over and down with, i would prefer to have somewhere to stay. >> reporter: their home is not flooded yet. but they watch as the waters creep steadily up the street, just one block away. there's a lot of debris in the water like tree limbs and things like that. but, here's the problem with all of this water that you see. there's a brand new levee structure. a lot of spillways. that's never been tested, the entire system, to this rushing water. will it hold all week long? these flood levels will be right here all week long. robin? >> that is the big question.
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sam, at the smart screen, we want to give everybody a big picture view of what you're seeing up close. in memphis. and this is the mighty mississippi. it's a mile wide, just west of the city. this blue area is where the flooding is expected. graceland seems to be safe right now. also the airport in memphis, home of fedex, it is safe. but when you look at some of the iconic areas, you look at the pyramid arena. but it's up right to the river. this is where the river meets the road. to get more on that, steve osunsami, just north of memphis. what's going on there, steve? >> reporter: good morning, rob. we were here on friday, the water was not this high. this morning, the only way in our way out of this neighborhood is by boat. there are $500,000 homes here, several of them, buried under at least 6 of 7 feet of water.
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this is not the mississippi. this is the big creek, one of the tributaries. the big river is forcing the little river to flood. that is flooding out neighbors and home owners. thousands of people have had to evacuate. it took an hour and half to get here this morning. officials are telling us all of this water could still be here in two weeks. >> all right, steve, take care and everyone down there. also down there is our diane sawyer. she'll have full coverage tonight on "world news." now to the latest fallout from the mission against bin laden. we're hearing from pakistan this morning, that the u.s. will not be given access to the compound where bin laden had been living. no word yet on whether the wives of bin laden will be turned over for u.s. questioning. brian ross has more on that. and those remarkable home videos that the navy s.e.a.l.s took from his compound.
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>> video from the compound. the u.s. is running a full-court press to prevent bin laden from becoming a hallowed martyr. they're using his essentially outtakes to show him as a vain, pathetic old man. of the five videos that were made public this weekend, the most remarkable shows bin laden huddled under a blanket, watching himself on television. >> he's always been very careful about controlling his image. here he was, nurturing his image, watching himself on television in what was the most revealing, most human, least controlled moment of his entire career. >> reporter: the outtakes reveal his fully gray beard, apparently dyed jet black for his on camera appearances, set behind four makeshift backgrounds. >> just being a guy who wants to be seen and known. very pathetic in a way. >> reporter: in other sequence,
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there are technical difficulties as the light goes out. the world's most wanted terrorist loses his concentration. >> this is part of a u.s. government effort to discredit him after his death so he doesn't become martyr in the eyes of the arab youth. >> reporter: material on computer drives and disks that is much more sinister. revealing a level of plotting from here that surprised u.s. officials. >> he was involved in strategic and operational leadership. >> reporter: and so the question of who will replace bin laden is a serious one. some are hoping it will be ayman al zawahiri. >> zawahiri is a very poll rising figure. he ran his own organization into the ground. we should only be so lucky that he would take over al qaeda. >> reporter: also in the running to take over is the american-born cleric, anwar al awlaki.
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who lives in yemen and the u.s. reportedly already tried to kill. >> no one believes the drone strike was based on intelligence. but they're hoping it will lead them to zawahiri? >> that's true. they're exploiting that, described as a small college library. a lot to go through. >> we still want to know how much the pakistanis knew ahead of time. the president spoke on "60 minutes" on sunday night. and suspicions that pakistani officials had been protecting him. our jake tapper has the latest on that. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, and intelligence officials are poring through that data. one of the mysteries they're hoping to uncover -- what did the pakistanis know and when did they know it? >> i didn't tell most people here in the white house. i didn't tell my own family. >> reporter: in an interview with cbs' "60 minutes" the
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president explained why he did not inform the pakistani government until it was over. >> it was that important to maintain operational security. if i'm not revealing to some of the closest aides, i'm not going to reveal to it those i don't know. >> reporter: some are being more blunt. the u.s. feared that telling the pakistanis would result in bin laden being tipped off. after all, years ago, the u.s. stopped giving pakistan prior warning of drone attacks within their boarders. >> we think that there had to be some sort of support network for bin laden. inside of pakistan. but we don't know who or what that network was. >> reporter: a senior pakistani official offered his judgment to abc news. quote, elements of pakistani
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intelligence, probably rogue or retired, were involved in aiding, abetting, and sheltering the leader of al qaeda. while the president and his team were clearly relieved when it was over, as seen in this video released by the white house. >> good job. >> this was him. >> reporter: the president said the mood was anxious as they watched flashes and flares. >> we had a sense of when gunfire and explosions took place. >> reporter: riveted. as they watched the live feed in realtime. likely night vision from a done. >> it was possibly the longest time of my life except when sasha was sick and i waited for the doctor to tell me she was all right. it was a very tense situation. >> reporter: the president said he lost no sleep on whether or not bin laden got what he deserved. he said anyone that doesn't he think what he deserved needs to
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have their head examined. >> he's not apologizing for add that one bit. it's fascinating. the president said he didn't tell my own family. he was asked directly whether he told michelle, he didn't answer. that's one of the big mysteries still out there. >> what do you think? >> i think he had to have told her. but he was very careful in the way he answered. we're going to switch gears now, because we have a story of a mother's day miracle. a woman stranded in the wilderness for seven weeks is found alive. ryan owen has the latest. ryan, good morning. they're still searching for her husband. >> reporter: that's right. but his wife is recovering in the hospital behind me, doing so well, she's expected to be released in a couple of days. it's not short of remarkable. all she had to eat in all that time was a bag of trail mix and a few pieces of candy. this van, hopelessly stuck in
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the mud. miles from any road, was rita's home for seven solitary weeks. to survive, she rationed the food she had. and she drank melted snow. >> she had a tablespoon a day. a couple of fish oil pills a day. a hard candy a day. >> reporter: the 57-year-old built this fire pit nearby. but it was too wet to start a blaze. she huddled in her van, stuffing pages of an old phone book in the window cracks to keep the frigid air out. she spent 48 days reading her bible and other books. >> she had time to think and pray. and pray for whatever outcome was about to come. >> reporter: rita's incredible journey began on march 19th. she and her husband, albert, left their home in british columbia on a 1,200-mile road trip to las vegas. here they are in a convenience store. it's the last time they were
7:14 am
seen together. on march 22nd, after days being stuck, albert decided to go help. despite a search of three states and 3,000 square miles, there is no sign of them. and when nearly everyone gave up hope, hunters spotted that van with a white cloth tied to its antenna. and there was rita. >> we were praying for a miracle. we got one. >> reporter: she had lost 30 pounds. doctors said that she was days from death. >> it's beyond belief. the search continues for my father. in the meantime, we're rejoicing that we're here today and can spend mother's day with our mother. mother. >> reporter: crews are hoping to resume the search for albert later today. it was called off yesterday because of the howling winds and
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heavy snow. the sheriff says he's not optimistic they'll find albert after all of this time. then again, that's the same thing he said about his wife. >> thank you, ryan. they prayed for a miracle. it came true. they're hoping for another one. josh, elliott with the news. everybody is on high alert after the mission against bin laden. >> a trio of scary incidents over the weekend. good morning, everyone. many air travelers on edge after three separate security scares in one day. all in mid flight. last night, a man carrying a passport from yemen tried to enter the cockpit of an american airlines flight bound for san francisco. passengers and the crew restrained him. earlier in the day, a continental flight from chicago was diverted after a screaming passenger with tried to open the plane's door. and a flight from albuquerque landed because of a note found in the bathroom. a new study on autism found
7:16 am
that the disease may be more prevalent than we think. reer is eveners in south korea found that the rate is 1 in 38, more than twice previously reported. it shows how many autistic children may be going undiagnosed. and this morning, apple is in, google is out, at least when it comes to brand value. apple has now pushed google out of the number one spot. making it the top brand in the world. apple is worth some $153 billion. and finally -- >> go ahead. get to it. >> i'm going to conscientiously object to the last news item. i'm not going to tear my wound open. i'm not reading that. weep on rolling it. the lakers lie down like dogs? the two-time defending champs watched every open three.
7:17 am
hit by the dallas mavericks. phil jackson's career maybe ending in ignominy. they were swept. they were swept right on out of the playoffs. they were not the only defending champion to fall. in the english premiership, the chelsea blues fell, essentially, manchester united taking the crown. a certain executive producer of ours feeling the pain. but here we're talking about the lakers. >> we can't have fun. it's so demoralizing. >> it was a stunning -- it was stunning in the -- >> phil jackson, 11 titles still. >> by most statistical measures, the greatest coach of his time and yet, it is now all over. >> and you're still stinging. remember that bet with mr. fox? >> i don't recall. i'm not sure. >> we have to go to sam with the weather. >> wait, i missed it.
7:18 am
i was just getting all my news and sports. let's get to the boards. we got one or two things to talk about live from memphis. the mississippi will reach the crest by tonight. it was expected to be tomorrow. now, that has been stepped up to tonight. we'll start with the big thunderstorms in the middle of the country. the border between the heat and the cold air. this is where you're likely to see strong to severe weather.
7:19 am
yunji de nies now with a class field trip that took a horrific turn. >> reporter: the attack happened in an instant. a crowd of horrified zoo visitors watched a leopard mauling a little boy. >> it grabbed him by his head and clawed him. a man and a woman standing there watching it jumped in and kicked him in the head and he released the child. >> reporter: the first grader
7:20 am
had apparently climbed over the railing and approached. with only a thin metal mesh fence between them. not enough to hold back the cat. >> this little boy was facing away from the cage. and he had, and the leopard had his head like this, in its paws. and, it was trying to bite him through the wire. >> john jumped in to save him. >> it's somebody's kid. i couldn't let that happen. it was sad. >> reporter: this is the leopard watching as rescuers rushed to the boy. the animal left deep scratches in his face and neck. he's listed in fair condition. >> we hope that he makes a full recovery. quick action. coming up, the case that became a media sensation. the latest in the trial of casey anthony. will she be put to death for killing her own daughter? and we have a big welcome home for one of our own. lara spencer back in times square this morning, back from hollywood.
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7:25 am
two flight attendants along with two passengers managed to restrain him. police say he carried a yemini passport and california i.d. card. plane landed safely less than 30 minutes later. >> we're starting to see the usual slow spots including one at the bay bridge poll tol plaza 20 minute wait. especially slow on westbound 4 out of antioch. also westbound 580 through the altamont pass. check out the drive time from 205 to 680, 35 minutes. "h" train number three, it's running five minutes late. >> we'll check in with mike and see things will be >> all new. oprah: the only child of sonny and cher. when did it fully occur to you, i'm in the wrong body? >> oprah's world exclusive with chaz bono. oprah: how did you tell your chaz bono. oprah: how did you tell your mom?
7:26 am
marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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welcome back. you can see every morning when the sun is up and the clouds are away, what we're going to deal with the 40s and 50s. by this afternoon, low to mid-50s around the bay. warmer the next two days and
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♪ mm-hmm. one half of a sister act that's made a big splash around the world. pippa. pippa middleton. now she's a global media sensation. we'll look at what is behind that. >> she's getting the clicks. >> exactly. okay. objections. how to that kate is married, it's back to the single one. at the's not fair. the president is set to meet william and kate. he and the first lady going to london. william and kate coming to los angeles later this summer. plus, we're getting a little bit country today in times square. donny and marie osmond are here
7:31 am
to talk about their brand new album. the first one together in, like, 30 years. yeah, she's gotten married again. they've been doing the sound check. they haven't lost it at all. not at all. and julie andrews ahead. right now, let's turn to the trial in physical. . casey anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee the the story has fwriped the country since the little girl disappeared. the jury selection start this is morning. we're going to go live to nancy grace. ashley bigh banfield is in orla. the jury will be picked from clearwater. >> reporter: mystery solved. while the trial will be here, they're crossing the state the try to find an unbiased jury. that's a herculean task based on
7:32 am
the amount of media attention this case is getting. >> why didn't mommy call police? >> mind-blowing new details. >> reporter: it's been almost three years since a little girl named krrks ayl erk e anthony disappeared in florida. her mother received attention. >> reporter: the child was missing for a month before the pretty young mother told anyone. when she did, her mother called 911. >> i found my daughter's car today. >> reporter: casey incested she was searching for caylee. these photos show that casey continued to attend wild parties while her daughter was missing. >> it will be tough to explain why she was doing and saying the
7:33 am
things she was in the days and weeks after her daughter disappeared or went missing. >> reporter: caylee's body was found blocks from the anthony's home. her jailhouse visits from family became tabloid fodder for what was missing. grief. >> how are you? [ laughter). >> reporter: sitting in the front row? the grandparents of the victim, who are also the parents of the accused. they're going to pick 20 jurors. that is a difficult task. they have to be sequestered for the entire trial. they say it will take a week to pick them. it will be anybody's guess, really. >> okay, thanks, ashleigh. let's go to nancy grace.
7:34 am
i don't think you have gone a day without thinking about this case. the judge says 600 credentials have been given out. this case will rival in some ways the o.j. simpson trial. >> i believe one of the three times, to the mom casey aptny has actually cried or shown emotion. it's typically when the judge is referring to her as opposed to her daughter, caylee. the judge said the media coverage has made it difficult, in his mind, to get a fair trial. i believe moving it will go a long way toward ding that. >> the jury will be picked from clearwater. what do we know what the jury pool might be like there? >> we know a lot, george.
7:35 am
it's pinellas county. the clear water st. pete area. you move a trial, a jury trial from one venn you to another, you try to get basically the same composition of the jury. same population. the seem median income, the same level of high school graduates. you're going to find the same thing in pinellas as you do in orange county. but there's a difference, in pinellas, one of the oldest demographics in the state of florida. it's been long referred to as good's waiting room. you'll have an older set of jurors to pick from. a lot of retirees. they don't have to go the work every day. you'll see an older jury, it typically means conservative.
7:36 am
>> anyone picked will have to at least be open to the death penalty. >> they're a delt-qualified or a death jury. you have a death penalty case, everybody jour. >> reporter: must swear their mind is open to the death penalty under the right sirks. it's called u.s. versus witherspoon. you can't have anyone that won't do that. you have a more conservative jury. >> you mentioned coming in, casey showed emotion only when the judge was talking about her. i think that is one of the things that has gripped people from the beginning. she didn't report her daughter missing for over a month. and then, throughout all of these proceedings, she's given no ground at all. >> she has not. as a matter of fact, it's not
7:37 am
just showing little emotion. it ges beyond that. and this may be some of the most damning evidence. forget about no emotion. think pushup bras and miniskirts. after she says her daughter is missing, she's out partying at nightclubs in pushup bars and miniskirts. even serving as a shot girl. think of the cigarette girls of old. she's supposed to be out looking for her daughter, as opposed to calling police. does that mean she's guilty? no. but it's unusual behavior. >> one big hurdle is that the medical examiner could not determine a cause of death. >> you're right. some jurors will say, i don't know a cause of death. how do i know it wasn't an accident? how do i know she died by murder? other jurors might say, why
7:38 am
should i give her a gold star that because the body decomposed for so long, we can't tell cause of death. >> thanks so much, nancy. it's time for sam in memphis with the rising flood waters. >> good morning, george. this water is supposed to reach it crest tonight. it will stay in the memphis area at this high level, probably all week long. let's talk about one or two things. the big heat in the deep south. more an a dozen record highs around texas yesterday. that will spread. chicago could see the 80s by the middle of the week. with that, here's the five-day for memphis. a chance of scattered storms into thursday. the gad news is that the skies are m
7:39 am
>> and we're live in memphis this morning. all that weather was brugt to you by exxonmobile. when we come back, a very special homecoming. lara spencer returns to times square. right underneath our feet, and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea, and that's where the discovery comes from.
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♪ new york ♪ why aim dancing? why am i so happy? we have a family member who is coming back home. and i need a girlfriend, because i had to go to a woman in the audience and say, is my bra strap falling? i couldn't ask either of you. where is she? >> i hope she's here soon. >> where's lara? >> lara. >> hey. >> is that you? >> hi. what are you doing here on wisteria lane? >> i'm back with abc on "good
7:44 am
morning america." i need to get to times square. >> times square. times square is that way. but be careful, this is a dangerous street. >> i've heard. >> by, honey. good luck. >> hey, high, you guys. girl. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> we're into glad you're back. >> so excited to be back. however, a little lost. which way the times square? >> that way. >> gotta go. gad to see you. >> this is seattle, right? chkt i'm in the sure. >> hi, guys. >> great to see you back at "gma"? >> i'm so excited to be back. thank you. i -- i'm embarrassed. >> are you a little lost? >> i am. which way to times square? chlgt that way. >> great girl. no sense of direction at all. >> hi, cynthia.
7:45 am
>> hey, lara, welcome back. >> thank you. i'm rushing to "gma," can i before roe your makeup room to change? chlgt okay. >> thank you so much. >> you look great. >> thank you. >> and i love "nightline." amazing. see you soon? chlt "gma" is that way. >> oh, my. diane. >> hey, kid. >> hi. >> welcome home. >> so excited to be back? >> shouldn't you be at times square? >> yes, you know how much you mean to me. i couldn't go without asking you a question? chlt sure, whatever. >> do you have a few bucks for cab fare? >> here's looking at you. i'm glad you're back. >> i love her. >> here she is.
7:46 am
hi. >> hi, thank you. >> oh. >> we're back. >> i know. i need you. >> i'm not the newbie anymore. that's terrific. >> i'm so happy to be home. >> great to have you back. >> you're still the new guy. >> i'll be the new guy for awhile. >> diane only gave me five bucks. i owe him more. >> i'll see what i can do. >> everyone wants to know, what are you going to be doing? chlgt you know me. whatever you wan he to do and then some. that's the great thing about the show. a little bit of everything. trying to not embarrass myself. >> are you kidding me?
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7:56 am
arson investigators are looking into a cause of a fire in oakley. flames erupted last night gutting a house on bay view drive. no one was home at the time of the fire. >> let's see how the weather looks this week. >> it's going to be up and down but still cooler than average. low to mid-60s around the bay shore and upper 50s along the coast. stray shower is possible in the north bay. temperatures will be cool this weekend with showers possible sunday. >> a lot of slow traffic. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the maze. she lied through berkeley, 33
7:57 am
minutes from the carquinez bridge down to the maze right now. >> kristen: news continues now with "good morning america." have a great day. when i melt to sleep with unisom sleep melts i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts.
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8:00 am
the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion. ♪ new york all right. >> our lara spencer is back. have we told you that? have we told you that lara is back? you took a roundabout way to get here. >> the sense of direction, not so good for me. truthfully, it's really a homecoming for me. i'm an east coaster. mom's here. siblings are here. it's also coming home to my abc family. robin. i worked with sam at wabc. 16 years ago. child labor laws were broken. >> you're not old enough for that. >> but george, you and i go back. >> a long way back. >> it just feels right. thank you for welcoming me. thank you for welcoming me.
8:01 am
>> what a welcome, you had the entire abc cast, the entire disney cast. >> and all of them think i have no sense of direction. that's great. >> we're going to have some of your greatest hits coming up. >> is this where you mortify me? >> a five-year tour on "gma." >> a lot to talk about. >> a lot of hair. just for you, we have donny and marie. back together. you love them as much as i do. their first record together in more than 30 years. marie with a little news to tell you about. >> a little something going on lately. >> she's got the same husband. that's not what we're talking about. she fit into the same dress. that is what we're talking about, too. >> look at her. >> it's that beautiful? >> i'm so glad you have a proper partner to talk about dresses with. >> you were so relieved. >> they gave me the intro for pippa's dress. why not you guys? >> you loved it.
8:02 am
go ahead, george. >> i did. just the dress. josh, save me here. give us the news. >> i liked the dress as well, george. what can i say? but we begin with the flood threat along that rising mississippi river this morning. some 1,300 homes in memphis have already being evacuated. steve osunsami is in the middle of it all. just outside of memphis. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, josh. the mississippi river will soon crest at 48 feet, which is two feet above major flood stage. just a few feet below the all-time record. what's happening now, the levees are holding in the city. but the creeks are causing problems for people. the big creek behind me is now forcing thousands of people to leave their homes. the only way in and out of this neighborhood is by boat. we're being told that this water could sit here for possibly,
8:03 am
josh, two weeks. >> pictures that will get more stunning by the day. a programming note, diane sawyer will report from the flood zone tonight on "world news." we'll check back with sam in just a moment. the other big story this morning, meanwhile, tensions rising between the u.s. and pakistan after last week's raid that killed osama bin laden. word this morning that pakistan may not allow the u.s. access to bin laden's compound. and that's not the only diplomatic rift. our jim sciutto is in islamabad. >> reporter: in a sign of just how tense the relations are, pakistan appears to have outed the cia station chief here for the second time in six months. and it's part of a wider defiant pushback from pakistani officials in the wake of the raid. the u.s. was told today it would not be granted access to the compound. no access to bin laden's wives,
8:04 am
either. all of these urgent u.s. demands. officials here telling us that the u.s. is making it clear to pakistan these demands are a test of whether pakistan is serious now about confronting al qaeda. it comes as a senior pakistani government official telling abc news that's the government's belief here that some elements within pakistani intelligence were involved in sheltering bin laden. josh? >> jim sciutto in islamabad. this morning, the military in syria is conducting house to house raids, expanding on a violent crackdown on anti-government protesters. a 12-year-old boy is among the latest victims. and an airline passenger carrying a passport from yemen is in custody near san francisco this morning. tsa officials say the man was pounding on the cockpit door of an american airlines flight last night before being restrained by the flight crew and other passengers. and it's good to be the king or ceo. ceo pay jumped 11% last year.
8:05 am
the median pay package of the top 350 companies, $9.3 million. it's arrividerci, friends. for the cast and crew of "the jersey shore." they were on their way to the airport in new jersey when they found out that the city of florence revoked permits for them to shoot in florence. so, the trip is postponed. meanwhile, let's take a look at the rising flood waters with our sam champion. >> good morning, josh. we're in memphis. and here's the deal. the floodwater will stay in place for awhile. there are brand-new levees and spillways here since the 1937 flood. they've never been tested to the pressure of this height of water and this much rushing water. we'll see if they will hold and work. let's get to the board.
8:06 am
we'll talk about your twitter pictures. we have sent you our flooding pictures. you're sending us yours. we have seen a lot of them. vicksburg, mississippi, the water so slow. it will probably take until thursday -- it will take until next thursday to reach its crest. there's big heat in the deep south is kicking up strong thunderstorms on the boarder. chicagoland will get to near the 80s, we think. memphis, near the 90-degree mark for a lot of the week. elsewhere, a nice calm. it's a nice weather pattern. some beautiful weather in the northeast. cool, crisp, gorgeous weather.
8:07 am
>> and we're live as the sun comes up in memphis. what folks see here today, they will see for the rest of this week. >> thanks, sam. it may have been kate middleton's big day getting married in front of a global audience of billions, but now that she's settling town down to a relatively quiet life with william, her sister, pippa is grabbing the headlines. that dress may now be in higher demand than kate's wedding gown. bianna golodryga has been tracking why so many people are thinking of pippa. >> it's become a household name. you ask any woman, and she'll tell you there are two unspoken rules of a bridesmaid.
8:08 am
only the bride wears white. unless it's a royal wedding. where white bridesmaid dresses are common. but the second rule applies to all weddings. royal or common. no one is to outshine the bride. we may now have a violator. it was the wedding seen around the world. and kate's dress was all the rage among fashionistas. we even had designers re-create one on "gma." >> what do you think, robin? >> the details, sharyn. really spot-on. >> reporter: now a debate is raging, a sort of sibling rivalry with kate's smashing sister, pippa. whose dress was more of a knockout? pippa's dress is stunning. everything a bridesmaid dress usually isn't. and now labels are scrambling to make replicas of pippa's dress, too. pippa's might even outsell the bride's. >> she just wowed everyone. the way she shimmied up the aisle, she was very eye catching. i don't think kate or pippa expected it to reach such a height.
8:09 am
>> reporter: facebook is now full of pages devoted to the debate. with comments like -- the most beautiful dress of the whole ceremony. does anybody think william married the wrong middleton, because pippa is stunning. some thought she looked so good from the back that they started a fan page for her posterior. that page now has more than 200,000 fans. one thing is for sure. pippa knows how to party. old photos of her dancing in a bra are all over the tabloids. and her bridesmaid dress is much more formal than this little number, made of toilet paper. she wore this to a dinner party. >> i think she's raised royal eyebrows for all the right reasons. if you didn't know who she was, you certainly do now. >> reporter: she's been reportedly approached by a number of magazines to, say, expose her derriere and other parts of her body.
8:10 am
not likely she'll do that. unlike wild royals of the past, pippa is very media savvy and knows how to avoid overexposure. she doesn't like the name pippa. she likes to go by her full name, philippa. >> that's what we'll call her. >> she can pull off that toilet paper dress. >> let's go back to sam and the "morning menu." hey, george. grabbing that second cup of coffee? donny and marie, a rare live performance. their first album in 30 years. can you believe it? and inside talk to marie about her remarriage to her first marriage. plus, hello, lara. welcome back. hollywood was not big enough to hold our lara spencer. america's got her now. and a miracle full-face transplant. can you imagine the excitement of a little girl to see her dad's new face for the first time?
8:11 am
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8:15 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. ♪ it takes two, baby me and you ♪ our favorite duo, donny and marie, they're back. they have a hit las vegas show. and marie surprised us by remarrying her first husband just last week. you should have kept the music
8:16 am
going. ♪ it takes two baby it takes two baby ♪ >> you sound better than marie. how about teaming up with me? i want to say one thing. i didn't get the memo to wear a certain color today. i didn't get the memo. >> love you two. love having you here. love your family. w we're so happy for you. >> it's nice the talk about something happy. >> well, she deserves it. after all she's been through. about time she gets happiens in her life. >> thank you. >> i'm serious. >> how did it happen? how did you fall back in love? . you don't plan those things. we, i think it was our son, my oldest, he's steven -- but it was one of those things that, he's always been my best friend. and, didn't really talk or anything else. he had him come out and help us in vegas, move and things like
8:17 am
that. kind of under the radar, about two years ago, we started dating. we didn't want the kids to know. i didn't want anybody to get hurt if it didn't work out. gosh, it just worked out. >> i think it's a sicinderella story. >> he gave me a beautiful ring. >> show the bling. >> well, he gave me, too. hello, hurt me. this is eight carats. >> you could never tell those are zircs. >> my give, tracy allen, she does beautiful jewelry. this is from an estate if paris. he called tracy and he gave it to me the night before. got on his knee. said he always loved me and he -- i never remarried. i'm a tough habit to break.
8:18 am
>> thank you for the pictures of the kiss. everyone was trying to get the kiss of the royal wedding. >> it opened up the suitcase. there it was. >> oh there it is. >> the new album, donny. 30 years. what took you so long? >> i had to get her to stop playing with dolls. >> i had the wait for him to grow up. >> we got a million lines, folks. >> it's the sibling relationship. >> but it works. >> we thought it's about time to do a record together. the vegas thing is working. we signed a six-week deal. here we are, three years later. they want us to stay longer. >> weave agreed to one more year. we'll see if we can to this. >> we took so much time on the record. buddy cannon, a great country producer. he's terrific. gave kenny chesney his hits. >> you have to drop a name
8:19 am
that's great one to drop. i have to tell you. you work so well together. you've been doing sound check this is morning. the crew just stops. how do you keep it year after year. >> are we that difficult? >> i guess we are. >> you joke about the sibling thing. how do you make it work? >> our parents gave us a great work ethic. you have a job to do, get it done. if you have a job, do it. >> we did the original shows, we were 14, 16 years old. i'm younger. >> i'm more talented. >> video from that. >> oh! look at that. >> love lie. lovely. >> oh, man. >> i would be the one in the glasses. >> there's betty white. >> and paul lynde!
8:20 am
>> how is it different and how is it the same? chlt she's still marie, i'm still donny. >> you work that many hours. we work 18-hour days, six days a week. we just maybe the sibling, we know what the other one is doing. >> that was our lives. >> you started at 3, i started at 5 performing. that's all we have known. >> you're going to come back and sing for us? >> our new single. the good life. >> it's called living the good life. this is a good first single. we feel like we're living it. we're blessed to be here moving on six decades of singing. >> we're blessed that you share your talents with us again and again. donny and marie coming back in the last half hour.
8:21 am
>> we're living the good hour in here, too. welcoming back lara spencer. look how happy josh is. >> who are we kidding? i'll be the new guy forever. who are we kidding. i'm still blinded by marie's ring. >> i'm blinded by the hair dos. >> well then let's look at yours. five years on "gma," greatest hits, lara spencer. ♪ >> the nerves you see right now are very real. [ screaming ] you put it on this tube. oh. when lara was here the first time, unpredictability. you never knew what was going to happen. >> do you see the sacrifices i'm willing to make for you. >> any way, no, no.
8:22 am
♪ i don't know if that's all true because you've got me and baby i've gt you ♪ >> you never know what she's going to say and how she's going to say it. >> you're feeling sexual energy here. >> right here. >> spells like a sheep. >> he said sheep, people. this cheese doesn't have a date. and it doesn't need a date. it needs a shave. >> oh, spark plug. energy. you need a little something to go with the jolt that your coffee brings. that is lara. >> charlie, can you tell, i've had a few cups. in the spirit of infomercials. >> she's incredibly athletic. >> she's a heck of an athlete. >> weight on forward foot. oh, oh, i hit the camera man. i just walked out of my snow
8:23 am
shoe. what is wrong, oh, oh, oh, oh, brr. >> a half circle. cross it out. >> sorry about that. >> i'm a danger to society. >> okay. >> i thought i was riding a wave. i'm now seeing, it was a ripple. >> gosh, how do you pick one favorite moment from lara? loved her in the red convertible in the 50 states. >> did you know that have the produces half of the milk consumed in all of new england. >> up with of my most memorable moments of her on "gma" was the series she did about the behavior labs. >> would you tell them if they had a humg piece of toilet paper on their foot? >> how blondes and brunettes are treated differently. >> i wonder if i feel lez fun, or smarter. i feel a lot more invisible.
8:24 am
>> ho long someone would sit behind her at the traffic light before they would honk the horn. it was great. >> three seconds. sorry. you're not leaving because of me, are you? am i in your space? >> yeah. >> it was the buzz of the news room. >> we got married 11 years ago. >> do you have strong feelings about what she wears? >> no. >> he said make it purple and poofy. >> yesterday, our lara spencer said, i do. >> yes, i'm having a baby. good morning, america. this is david huffard haffenreffer iii. >> she was a mom before. now they're people. >> we've been blessed with the
8:25 am
gift of kids. >> does that mean you want me to leave you alone? >> yes. >> okay. >> what you don't know about lara, the private great mom, great wife, good friend. >> what you see is what you get. the same enthusiasm, curiosity levels, warmth and affection. >> welcome back, lara spencer. >> welcome back to mornings, lara. >> welcome back to "gma," mommy. >> welcome back to "gma," mom. >> lara, welcome home. >> thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you, thea, the producer who put that together. that was a walk down memory lane. >> your hair never changed. >> thank you. i like the wedge. >> it was a trend for a moment. >> welcome back. >> mwah! >> he doesn't have enough light on his face. >> oh, let me tell you.
8:26 am
i have known lara a long time. this is a great move. you're going to be so happy to have her back. >> it's so wonderful to have you back. >> home. back home. >> i'm e moeg nal. >> you're shaking. >> it feels great. i can't thank you enough. >> i know why she's back. you two are the same height. >> i'm ready to be a long-suffering dezi to your lucil lx e. >> how is this? good morning, america? >> good morning, to you, america. >> that's wonderful. >> you did get a day. >> i did. i'm back on the clock. >> they're tightly sitting together. you guys are so far apart.
8:27 am
a 28-year-old passenger aboard an american airlines flight is now in the custody of federal eichbt terrorism agents. san francisco police say the man walked up to the cockpit area and started pounding on the door last night. two flight attendants and two passengers restrained him. the plane landed safely less than 30 minutes later. >> check on the morning commute with frances. >> good morning everyone. it's especially slow on the south 101 flew san rafael because of two earlier accidents. traffic is jammed from 37 down to 580. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the maze and slow ride
8:28 am
getting there on westbound 80 from hercules down to berkeley. >> we'll check with mike and [ giggles ] hey, max. [ announcer ] you can help significantly extend your dog's healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina...
8:29 am
proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend his lovable antics up to 1.8 healthy years. long live your buddy. [ laughs ] oh, max. long live your dog. purina dog chow. double dog dare you to try better-tasting than ever purina dog chow. we know your dog will love it. here a hook the temperatures under a partly cloudy sky. mid 40s to mid-50s. by the afternoon hours, warmer than yesterday but still not as warm as we should be. upper 50s to low 60s in downtown san francisco. mid-50s throughout the bay shore and low 70s inland. stray shower is possible today
8:30 am
and again when its even cooler on sunday. have a great day. they are there again. first saying hello to the whole crowd. in just a little bit, they'll be singing a song from their new album. their first up with together in 30 year. it's already a hit. we can't wait. the good life. we have another dynamic duo here. not josh and lara. we have julie andrews and her daughter, emma. they're channeling their own inner royalty. all this bedlam was going on. they walk in. there's something about them, such a presence about them. >> i think we call it regal. >> i think that's right. one moment that this little girl has been waiting for. seeing her father's new face for
8:31 am
the first time. he's the nation's first full face transplant recipient. you'll meet him in a minute. but first, let's get to sam in memphis. >> we're live in member fes this morning. we're standing in the edge of the water here. this water will reach near that record crest level of 1937. 48.17 that level. around 7:00 tonight, it's expected to be 48 feet. le g let's get to the bards. severe weather in the upper midwest today. from rapid city to bismark, daichb port, severe winds, the possibility of one or two tornadoes. on a fly-by, the big board. all across the coastline, sba the deep south, a lot of hot
8:32 am
air. that hot air, by the way, spreads toward chicagoland the next couple of days. we think there will be an >> and we are live in memphis this morning. robin? >> so glad you're there, sam, thank you. we're going to witness a miracle right now. a devastating accident burned dallas wayne's face off. thanks to a donor, the young father is a recipient of a full face transplant. he says he went through it for his precious little girl. our fwad friend, juju chang, was
8:33 am
there when charlotte saw her daddy. you will see some of his injuries. but i urge you to stick with it. you'll see an extraordinary moment between a dad and the daughter he loves. >> reporter: dallas weams, here at just 23rks is a loving father to his daughter. 2 1/2 years ago, a horrible accident left him blind and literally faceless. haul that remained was scar tissue and some of his chin. in march, he has a procedure that transplanted the entire face of a donor. the historic surgery took 17 hours. >> it's so profound the see someone who had in face and suddenly, there's this new person. >> reporter: dallas and his daughters gave "gma" an
8:34 am
exclusive look at the first full face transplant in the u.s. for him, there was only one motivation. >> i could have lived like i was, no problem. >> reporter: you could have lived without a face. >> yeah. if i did not have my daughter. >> reporter: in the days after surgery, the little things we all take for granted are huge milestones. blowing his nose. the first sneeze. what was the first smell you smelled? >> i woke up and i ate hop lasagna that evening. that was the first thing i could smell. >> reporter: as time goes on, his speech will get better. he's still blind. a life-shattering prospect for most. >> i would not change a thing. >> reporter: you wouldn't take it back? no. >> reporter: why? >> too many gad things have
8:35 am
happened. my family is closer. i'm way better person now. i'm a better father. >> reporter: how do you feel now. you're about to be reunited for the first time with your new face. what is going through your mind? >> i just want the hold her. it's been so long. >> daddy! >> come here. i miss you so much. >> i miss you, too, daddy. >> reporter: a father-daughter reunion. tinged with undying gratitude for the man whose face he now bears. and the donor's family, what would you say to them? >> what day did has given me a new life. it's given my daughter a new life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, boston. >> and you can see dallas is here live. and the head of the transplant
8:36 am
team, dr. bo dunn. it's great to see both of you. dallas, barely a dry eye here as we see the reyunion with your preshl girl. you're getting more feeling in your face. you can now feel her kisses. tell us about that, please. >> it's amazing. to be able to just feel a kiss again. after 2 1/2 years of having no feeling whatsoever in my face. and that was a major reason. >> i know it was major reason for you, that preshl little girl of yours. >> and doctor, explain to us again, how this works, a complete face transplant. >> well, it's probably the most
8:37 am
complicated surge wall procedure we can do these days. it's complex because we have to reconnect missing parts and replace with new ones. what i think is also amazing, dallas was in texas, we were able to organize and orchestrate everything logistically that he comes to boston for the transplant. it opens up doors for anyone that needs the operation. >> row thought, at first, doctor, that dallas was not the right candidate? >> i was worried that the face was too damaged. that it may be beyond what we can do. but with preparation and a lot of thinking about it, i think we'll see the functional outcome in the future. >> what sit like for you,
8:38 am
doctor, and your fab lulous tea to see dallas today and know how far he's come? >> it is certainly extremely satisfying. from the first minutes in the operating room through the first weeks. but, again, we're all looking forward, very much, to his motion, when the face starts the move, when the sensation gets near normal and everything reconnects to the point that we'll all feel, well, he looks almost normal. >> he looks terrific. dallas, thank you. keep hugging that precious daughter of yours. thank you for being the inspiration that you are. and doctor, you and your team and tlempb at your phenomenal hospital, our gratitude to you as always. have great day. thank you for being with us. take care now. coming up nec, julie ♪
8:39 am
♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. like rich caramel macchiato, part of coffee-mate's new café collection. from nestle. you can see
8:40 am
♪ ♪ ♪ when you're resonsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪
8:41 am
and what a treat it is to welcome back julie andrews to "gma." the star of so many of our favorite movies, he's here with her daughter, emma watson hamilton. you've collaborated on so many of them. you are a big hit in the stephanopoulos household. the girls insist of auththoroug
8:42 am
readings of books. when i read that julie andrews was a part of these, elliot said, all of our favorite movie. we had so much fun with it. it was inspired by your daughter, hope? >> my daughter, hope, quite the fairy prin says in our house. >> she's convinced that she is. she has that inner spark. >> she sure looks like one. >> and she's also part of a local ballet theater school. that's part of the inspiration. >> this girl has a lot of sparkle. but she faces a hurdle. >> she feels in her inner soul that she has the sparkle.
8:43 am
>> but she dupt get cast in the role of the fairy princess. she gets cast as the jester. and then, of course, has to learn that real sparkle is inside, not necessarily in what you're wearing. >> a little bit of envy. i think. >> life ap disappointments. >> i love it when she says tiffany is very good. a very gad dancer. but she dupt have a clue how to be a princess. >> she'll learn. she'll learn. >> she helps her. >> one of the great things about the book. i love how you lead kids to learn new words in a gentle way. my kids learn eed ebullient. >> we love to occasionally ask a young reader to sprech up just a little bit. >> it's just right. you just lead them along.
8:44 am
every time i came across a word i knew they wouldn't know, they asked me what it meant before i explained. >> boy, can we use your kids. >> may we court you, george? >> this is the second in -- a second book in a franchise. we have already written the third. and the fourth is -- >> written it? >> it's being illustrated as we speak. >> it's not easy to have family members collaborate. >> we didn't know. >> we finish each other's sentences. >> as you can tell. >> we laugh a lot. i'm usually on the west coast, emma is on the east. we do a lot of web cam things, i have to get up terribly early because of the time change. >> what time did you have to get for the royal wedding? mplg >> i didn't go to bed, i don't think. it began at 3:00 a.m.
8:45 am
>> you didn't go to bed? >> i didn't. i thought i had to be -- talk about fairy princess. the ultimate, i'm sure every little girl watched it and was dreaming about it. >> did you watch it with your daughter? >> absolutely. my daughter reminded me that her classroom teacher had been talking about the difference between fiction and nonfiction that week. she had put princesses in the nonfiction category and hope had to correct her. >> a very, very smart girl. so how is kate doing, as an expert in teaching royals? >> oh, i think she's going to be wolf. i think she will be the wonderful breath of fresh air that we need. we need something to help us get over diana. i think she's the perfect lady to do it. she's got a lot of class. >> she's handled it so well. >> she's very grars and graceful. and beautiful.
8:46 am
>> to the manor born. >> they had a gad time to get to know each other. were you there? >> i was not. robin was there. i was watching at home. i was watching with my 8-year-old. she was reciting the vows with kate. >> you have literary names. >> elliott was a family name. harper came to my wife in a dream, but she woke up one morning and said, her name's harper. i thought, great, i thought of harper lee. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having gad critics in your family. when we comeme
8:47 am
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donny manned ree have just released their first album in 30 year. you might say it's a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. >> i've heard that somewhere before. there's a line. >> the cover is on the cover of the hotel. they put the whole album cover on the building. >> i call it the ego picture. >> it's called the good life. >> hit it! ♪ ♪ they were 23, sharing one car living in a two-bedroom apartment wasn't much ♪ ♪ but just enough for two crazy kids just getting started ♪ ♪ he worked at walmart she drove
8:50 am
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8:51 am
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gad morning, america. good morning, america. good morning, america -- no. okay. >> yeah. >> you're stressing too much. give it to them simple. good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> how about this, george clooney and go. >> good morning, america. >> how about we sing it? ♪ good morning, america >> good morning, america. i can't stop dancing the that. look that. >> he's taped. >> they don't want me around here. >> he's saving it for tomorrow. >> we all ne that the girls dance harder than the byes do. the boys stapd while the girls
8:56 am
spin. >> hey, hey, hey, let me say, she came in third, right thereupon with bristol palin. >> oh. >> well, bristol and i didn't kiss bruno to get points. >> maybe that's why i won. >> you want back in on this? you sure? >> zip it. >> it's not too late. >> welcome home, lara spencer.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
california teachers and supporters are launching a week long state of emergency campaign in sacramento. some of them gathered in san francisco this morning. they are doing sit-ins and urging lawmakers to end the budget crisis. >> i think it's going to warm up about three, four, five degrees. warmest weather, upper 50s in the valleys to rest of us in the low 60s. it will be cooler in the coming weekend. >> delays on caltrain, 221 had to be taken out of service because of mechanical problems. backed up to the maze. southbound


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