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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  May 9, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the f.b.i. says the passenger who caused an uproar from a flight to san francisco was a northern california man. >> 28-year-old man is from vallejo. he was carrying a passport from yemen. he was pounding on the door of the american airlines flight for ten minutes before the plane was due to land. terry mcsweeney joins us from san francisco. >> we came down here to talk to one of the witnesses of all
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this. he was on the flight to san francisco. his name is andrew way. he describes the scene. some screaming and some wondering if it was 9/11 all over again. >> he did not give up without a fight and no one was seriously injured he did manage to spread terror. >> passengers were crying. we saw our life flash before our lives. >> he first noticed him on his way to the bathroom. >> it didn't look, he wasn't sure what he was doing. >> as the plane descended, he made his move. he rushed the cockpit. a police spokesperson takes the story from there. >> began to fly on the cockpit
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door. flight attendant asked the passenger to return to his seat. when he refused. a flight attendant put his hands on the passenger and physically pulled him away from the door. >> another flight attendant and two air marshals tried to subdue him. way got a picture of the takedown in progress. >> i was able to talk to the air marshal that tackled him, as he was going down the aisle he was illegal alien. >> he was referring to their version of jihad or holy war. >> he is now in federal custody. he had been in san mateo county jail. f.b.i. is looking to see if there should be additional charges to the one they have him on right now which is interfering with a flight crew.
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pakistan's prime minister says the government will investigate how osama bin laden hid for years in his country without being detected. he told the parliament that the raid, that he ordered the unilateral strike could be met with force. president obama told 60 minutes he wants know what pakistan knew about bin laden and when they knew it. >> we don't know if there were some people inside of government outside of government. that is something we have to investigate. >> u.s. officials say they see no evidence that anyone in the upper echelons of the pakistan's military knew he was there. but elements of pakistan intelligence were probably involved in hiding the al-qaeda leader. >> napa state hospital is investigating another attack on
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one of its employee by a patient. they say a technician was injured yesterday when he and others were trying to control a patient who become agitated. they have demanded improvements of security after a person was strangled there in october. that death was followed by another attack that left an employee with a skull fracture. they want police officers to be permanently stationed inside. they want a campus wide alarm system. >> pg&e is testing the natural gas pipelines in mountain view. the company will fill sections of pipe with water and then increase pressure along the line at levels higher than normally opened. any section of pipe that fails to meet acceptable standards will be replaced. the yult is bleeding some --
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utility is bleeding some lines to test other lines. they want make sure the system is safe after the explosion in san bruno that killed on 8 people and destroyed dozen of home. >> thousands of teachers started a week long series of protests over steep budget cuts to education. amy hollyfield caught up with some of the teachers. >> california teachers are not new to protesting but they have never done it like this before. they of declared at a time of emergency and dedicated an entire week to the issue. it may look like the rallies you've seen before the teachers say this one is different. >> people coming out of their classroom, spending all their time and entire week. we will make it longer because it's the destruction of public education that hangs in the balance. >> jessica says it was tough
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time to leave classroom to protest in sacramento but she felt like it was her duty to rally for the kids. >> i talked to them and i told them why i was going on. wednesday we're going to have a march around our school. >> teachers from around state are going to sacramento to ask legislators to extend tax breaks to help fund education. republicans think the state can pay for the schools without rating taxes. >> we just took in $2.5 billion statewide that nobody expected. what it says to me, that the economy is improving. therefore, we need to spend that money on education. >> republican party leaders would like to see sacramento make cuts at possibly combining school districts rather than raise taxes.
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many of them plan to stay in sacramento for the entire week to get their point across. >> we need to have a stabilized funding for the california schools. we can't have a little bit here and there and make predictions on early returns in april. >> the governor wants the tax extensions on a ballot for taxpayers to decide. the republicans want to know why the teachers are cutting school to protest in sacramento. teachers tell me that they are reimbursing the drinks the cost for the substitute teachers the union set aside a million dollars for this protest. >> university of california regents are now considering a plan that could charge students more to attend a more popular campuses. students may pay more for u.c. berkeley or ucla than riverside or santa cruz. it would raise funds at a time
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when tuition hikes are common. opponents say the idea is elitist and could harm the u.c. system. >> california will benefit from florida's decision to cancel the high speed rail project. ray lahood announced that california will get another $300 million towards his high speed law. 15 states were awarded $2 billion. the governor there cancelled the project. california collected $623 million in stimulus dollars last yao year as a result of similar decisions by governors in ohio and wisconsin. tonight the city council will decide whether to cut salaries for firefighters when the city contracts out fire services. plan calls for san carlos and redwood city to create a new combined fire department. redwood city would provide managers with san carlos
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firefighters being fold in order the department. they report that city staff is recommending cutting firefighters pay by 5% to bring the city's pay scale more in line. they are recommending the pension benefits and vacation and new work rules for overtime. >> ford safety concerns. the government investigating top selling vehicle in the u.s. >> she was stranded for nearly two months in the wild. the incredible
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. it's called a mother's day miracle. a woman stranded in the wilderness for weeks has been found alive. their van got stuck in mud more than several weeks ago. she survived on bottled water and trail mix until she was rescued on friday. they left home for trip to las vegas. her husband is still missing. he went to find help after they got stuck. he is only carrying a gps device. rita lost 30 pounds and it was close to death when they found her. >> she had a small amount of trail mix the last week, a tablespoon a day. a couple fish oil pills a day and a candy a day.
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that is what kept her going. >> bad weather hampered the search for her husband over the weekend. >> federal regulators are investigating a problem that could affect three million of the top selling vehicles. n.t.s.b. safety administration investigating is focused on ford f-150 trucks. they say the seals on gas tanks can break causing a possible fire. there are 231 reports and several reports of a fire. no anybody that is concerned should contact the dealer. >> the mighty mississippi is expected to crest tonight hours earlier than previously forecast. the river should reach 48 feet a near record high.
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heavy rain and snow melt continue to swell its banks. low lying farm lands are inundated with water. the city of memphis 1500 people out of their homes. they opened up floodgates to take pressure off the levees. they are confident the system will hold but some residents are afraid for their homes. >> there is no potential position buy any of failures on the mississippi river levees. >> it's my house. once everything is over and done with, i want somewhere to stay. >> they say month month tropical areas will be inundated but some places will reach 35-20 feet deep. >>. it's been cool and breezy for the weekend. now it looks like we may have showers in today's forecast.
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beautiful picture, sunshine and ocean beach. this isn't the only day we'll have a chance of showers, possibly thunderstorms in the weekend forecast. >> and advice parents are getting when it comes to children and why they should wait to get a popular test. >> and nation's first face transplant patient. 3q copd makes it hard to breathe
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time. mike nicco is keeping an eye on our weather. it's changing a little bit. >> live doppler 7 hd. rain is possible today. beautiful picture port of oakland, oakland hills. east bay hills as we look to the east from south beach this morning. one more pretty perspective to show you. looking from mount tam down to san francisco. air is pretty clear here. take a look at the temperatures and if you are leaving us on right now in about ten minutes, and 64 in fairfield. monterey bay, inland mid to upper 50s. so highlights for this forecast period, cool and kind of breezy. not as cool nor as breezy as it was over the weekend. stray shower is possible especially in the north bay. another cooling trend, cooler this weekend with showers, maybe
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isolated thunder with small hail. that is sunday. let's get through the next couple of days first. warmer than yesterday but well below average, five degrees added to concord and san francisco. san jose, 4 and santa rosa 3. down in the south bay, mid to upper 60s and 66 in san jose to 68 in los gatos. 52 degrees in millbrae. upper 50s along the coast with low 60s in downtown south san francisco and upper 50s at the beaches. these will be moving south so the east bay shore, low to mid-50s. stray shower possible late this afternoon. same thing for the valleys, mid to upper 50s to 70 on highway 4. mid to upper 50s for the rest of the bay and inland upper 60s to near 70 degrees.
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snowfall up in the sierra, 42 in tahoe and 50 in yosemite. we'll have a clearing trend tonight. temperatures in the mid 40s in the north bay and mid to upper 40s for tomorrow us tomorrow morning. big area of low pressure but this low right here, that had s the one that will rotate into the north bay this afternoon. it would have show between 2:00 and 7:00 we have a chance of scattered showers, maybe the east bay shore and possibly the peninsula as we head towards tomorrow and into wednesday. probably the warmest afternoon, high pressure comes in briefly and tries to get our temperatures back to average and then they fall a few degrees short. cooling begins on thursday and at least ten degrees cooler buyer the weekend with a chance of thunderstorms on sunday.
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when it think n i houston is back. the superstar singer she is an outpatient in program for drug and alcohol treatment. its voluntary measure and part of houston's long recovery process. she has battled drug addiction for years. she declared herself clean but there were problems with tours last year. nation's first full face transplant made the first public appearance this morning since the procedure. they were sporting dark sunglasses at a hospital today. 25-year-old texas man received a new nose, lip, muscles and nerves. he was left blind with facial fees all but burned away when he
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hit a power line while painting a church. he says he wanted to smile and kiss his daughter who turns four next month. he thanked his doctors today. >> i can never express what i've gone through and i wanted to thank the doctors for the rest of my life. >> he says his daughter says, daddy you are so handsome. it was paid for by the u.s. military. we'll be right back. >> all new. oprah: the only child of sonny and cher. when did it fully occur to you, i'm in the wrong body? >> oprah's world exclusive with chaz bono. oprah: how did you tell your chaz bono. oprah: how did you tell your mom?
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. today at 3:00, how your computer may be making you sick and the video game that let's i hunt down osama bin laden. then at 4:00, one time star of sonny and cher. >> and compound in a popular herb found to be effective in the fight against breast cancer.
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those stories later today. >> it's nice to be outside and it should be a little bitter better tomorrow but a lot of sunshine as we look from mount tam. what you don't see yet is the showers developing over the north bay mountains. that he will be scattered and rat light and probably a couple hundredth of an inch of rain. you probably won't need the umbrella. >> and snow in tahoe. weather is interesting. >> and more for them this weekend, too. >> have a great day. >> bye-bye.ytytytytytytytisisis8
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