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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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they're very powerful people in their own right. that's what's makin i'm terry mcsweeney live at the federal courthouse in san francisco in just a few hours we're expected to get our first clear look at the man that tried to storm a cockpit of a jet. they say he had a motive. >> also morning, governor a schwarzenegger and maria shriver say their marriage is on the rocks. >> downtown look from san francisco, very summer-like day. warmer weather around the bay and inland. cooling trend is on its way for the rest of the week. >> here is a live shot of the bay bridge.
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traffic is quiet right now but i do have some information. something that could slow you down. >> mountain diablo school board is expected to finalize the layoffs of employees. it's may and we are still talking about showers and thunderstorms in the bay area? that is amazing. >> and topping our news this morning, the vallejo man accused of trying to storm a cockpit on a flight sunday night is making his first court appearance this morning. terry mcsweeney has a lot of new developments ahead of the hearing. >> a lot of new developments but one development we still don't have is motive. take a look at the man that may be the only person that does know what the motive was what he did. the suspect formally of vallejo now living in new york. he could not find work out here. he is the one who left the seat
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of an american airlines flight to san francisco last night and pound on the cockpit door and yelling god is great in arabic. they subdued him. his cousin who lives in vallejo thinks it could all might have been a missclug they may have been mistreated him. i can't tell you what he was thinking. but he had no intentions of harming anybody. >> his cousin says he is not all that religious and on the other hand he has a yemini passport which is a hotbed for in yemen for al-qaeda. we'll get a hint of a motive as far as law enforcement is concerned he has no ties to any terrorist groups. as of this moment he is only charged with interfering with flight crew. maybe we'll find out in a few more hours. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news."
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>> former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver are splitting up after 25 years. in a joint statement the two say this has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us. the couple's marriage has come under scrutiny before especially in 2003 when the l.a. times reported on schwarzenegger's history of allegedly groping woman. the first lady spoke about moving into the next phase of her life but there was no indication of a split at that time. >> there is a transition, people ask, what are are you going to do next. or are you going to take a break. it's so stressful not to know what you are doing next. >> she apparently moved out of the mansion several weeks ago. mountain diablo is
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considering laying off 180 teachers because of looming deficits. they report school officials approved $40 million to cover an anticipated short fall in june caused by state funding shortfalls. they are expected to approve $9 million to improve several schools. >> dozens of teachers face charges after staging protests inside the state capitol. the teachers were taking part in a mass rally in sacramento yesterday. they arrested about 65 people after they refused orders to leave the capitol building. they want the governor to push republicans into agreeing extend income sales and vehicle taxes without a special election. that would save schools from more budget cuts. the republican leaders says the
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legislature needs to make cuts rather than extend taxes. >> today marks the turning brought in the rebuilding of san bruno's neighborhood devastated in a gas pipeline explosion. they will join jackie speier in a ground breaking ceremony. today's event for the first time to be rebuilt since fighter killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. bob and nancy secured a building permit to replace their home on fairmont drive. state regulators are expanding their demand for safety documents on pg&e's natural gas pipeline network. the company is beginning safety testing with high pressure water on 150 miles of pipe similar to that in san bruno. the state ordered pg&e to turn over documents and maintenance records on most of the 5700 miles of transmission networks. an earlier order covered only
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1800 miles of lines. new order could overwhelm the company and they are asking for a compromise. >> investigators are trying identify the women in more than 4,000 photos seized were from accused serial killer in marin county. detectives took stacks of photos and notebooks from joseph naso's eldorado home. they showed naked and some were lifeless. he is accused of murdering two women in the bay area. they all have the same first and last initials. investigators say naso may be responsible for other murders across the country. >> in washington, d.c., representatives from both apple and google are set to testify on capitol hill on consumer privacy and smart phones. congress wants to know if federal laws have kept up with the surge of mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. more and more americans own an
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android or apple smart phone. they are logging movement through cellphone antennas and s. they will take testimony from the department of justice and federal trade commission as well as consumer advocates. >> google is expected to launch the long-awaited music service at a conference at the moscone center. it will be called music fade out by google. use eggs would upload and store their songs on the internet and listen their muse identical phones, tablets and computers. any way you go it will never be downloaded on the devices. last year's conference introduced google's tv. and cool weather.
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>> let's go back in time. show you some of the showers as they developed and some of the higher elevations of the north bay and over to the east bay. a little bit of sprinkles before our doubleheader last night. definitely came to fruition. we have winds that are fairly calm. around 8 miles an hour out of the west at sfo and northeast 6 around oakland, mountain view south at 3. it's a relatively calm morning. temperatures are running right now from 61 in antioch. low 50s around san francisco, mountain view and los gatos. rest of us in the 40s. when we head into the 8:00 hour stuck mainly in the 40s and 50s. it could be 39 down in naech but still a lot of sunshine. as the afternoon unfold we'll see clouds gather along the coast. mid to upper 50s around the bay and near 60 by the time we get into the inland neighborhoods.
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mid to upper 60s around the bay and low 70s inland. we're going jump about 5-6 degrees today. temperatures will be cooler on wednesday and thursday and cold front will come through quietly on friday. look what it does, it opens up to a real cold alaskan air mass that will bring showers, saturday, sunday and possibly monday. >> good morning everyone. we had a couple earlier accidents on 880. i'll show you the traffic map, it's moving well so through the area but you'll see chp on northbound 880 at union city. also southbound at "a" street. you see it's its all green out there and live shot of san mateo bridge shows no delays and there are big delays expected especially starting tomorrow especially if you are heading up to south lake tahoe. it's now 4:39.
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>> the flee fuel offer san francisco is making to some car owners. >> and a problem that could lead to a massive recall of one of the most popular pickup trucks. >> and it's going to be harder and harder to find used
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4:42 on this tuesday morning. this is the abc7 morning news. you are looking live at high definition picture. beautiful shot of the bay bridge and san francisco. we are checking the forecast, cool at the coast, warmer inland. maybe a cool front coming in on the weekend. mike will tell you more about that coming up. so listen up. san francisco is giving drivers free fuel but there is a catch, it's for electric cars. electric vehicle chargers will be available at no cost at city owned garages and at sfo.
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the idea is to help electric car drivers top off their charges on the their way home. ford may have to recall nearly 3 million pickup trucks. they are investigating a fuel tank problem that could affect trucks from 1993 through 2001 model years. they say straps holding up the gas tank can rust and break. there have been more than 240 reports of tanks actually falling off. no one has been injured. used car prices are shooting inventory keeps falling off. there is a shortage of used cars. alan wang shows why u.s. dealers expect severe shortages of certain models by mid summer. >> today i'm noticing the prices are a little more than i expected. >> since january the kelly blue book the average tried in value
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rose nearly $2,000. >> it's around $9,000 and $11,000 and i'm finding between $16,000 and $17,000 for the car i'm looking for. >> high gas prices are slowing down the market for new cars. owners are hanging on to their old ones and fewer trade ins is making it to the car lot. this honda usually has about 80 vehicles on it. today they only have about 65. >> rob who is one of hundreds of dealers that buy them here. about 3,000 cars were auctioned off each wednesday and now prices are 20-30% higher. >> i used to i 17, 18. $20,000 for it. and sometimes 25 to 30 grand.
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>> now it's just a few thousand dollars shy of the exact brand-new one. >> if you call with the zero down and interest, it makes sense to buy a new car, yes versus a couple year used vehicle. coming up, new rules that could have some military chaplains performing same-sex marriages. >> nato warplanes step up pressure on moammar khadafy. the two government targets this morning. >> waiting for the water. mississippi river rising to near record levels. that is happening next and coming up. >> the battle over the yellow pages round two. the hearing that could mean san francisco will soon see a
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welcome back. look at the heat building through the central part of our country, 82 in chicago, 90s around st. louis, close to that around dallas, new orleans and atlanta. several pockets of severe weather that are possible today. minneapolis in one of them. charlotte and nashville and since national at this. right now the delays are in to detroit, delays leaving laguardia and new york. we'll have specific flights at it's 4:48 now. the navy is drawing up plans to let chaplains perform same sex civil marriages. navy ceremonies would only be allowed at military facilities in states that already recognize same sex unions. they would not be entitled to health and housing or other
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benefits that straight couples get. >> president obama is expected to call on congress to urge a path way to citizenship for estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. arizona officials asked the supreme court to overturn a ruling to put parts of the immigration bill on hold. jan brewer wants to bypass that and go to the nation's directly highest court. last month a three judge panel upheld a ruling that prevented key parts of law from being enforced. >> in libya at least five nato air strikes targeted tripoli overnight. they showed the damage called by one strike to a government building used by parliament. it was not immediately clear what the other strikes targeted and there has been no word on injuries. they are conducting strikes over libya to prevent the country's military to target civilians and
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rebels to hell rebels. >> the mississippi river has crested. in memphis was isolated through low lying neighborhoods and forced hundreds to evacuate but no new serious flooding is expected. >> in memphis the mighty ti mississippi is living up to its name, spilling two and a half miles out of the bank. >> it's been called the wicked weather river. >> the river crested at about 48 feet just shy of the 1937 record. it follows record winter snow that drained into the mississippi. >> it's biblical, 40 days and 40 nights of rain which we are just having to delay it. now, the weather is beautiful. one is waiting for the floods to actually occur for the river to crest. >> hundreds of people are in
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shelters in north haven, tennessee four generations gathered in one house. now, the water is rising there, too. >> it continues to rise. >> army corps of engineers says one second of water flow would fill a football field 44 feet high. despite the pressure, officials think the levee will hold. >> we're going to wait until the water goes down a whole lot more. then we'll celebrate. >> crests are expected in vicksburg, mississippi, baton rouge on thursday. they are pushing gas prices higher because of worry that flooding could impact refineries there. >> officials warn the cleanup will be putrid and expensive. the governor says some neighborhoods won't see water recede for at least two weeks. the levees, some of the stronger ones were built by the army corps of engineers but some
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were built by farm ears and they are questionable strength. that is the problem, trying to figure out which ones will hold and which ones might not. >> so it has crested. >> you still got more levees especially down around louisiana and that is where all the water is going. also the river widens, too. >> away from the coast we'll see warmth out there but don't get too used to it. if you like the heat, this is not the forecast for you at least beyond today. we are looking at downtown san francisco, all was the way over to the bay bridge. let's talk temperatures as you step outside this morning. we have recess had n antioch. low 50s around san francisco, oakland, los gatos, mountain view. the cool spot half moon bay, 39 degrees this morning. around the monterey bay we have
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mid to upper 40s, that includes inland and sincerely and gilroy 41. coastal fog today. warmer around the bay and inland. it's going to look a lot like a summer day outside. clouds increase tonight. could drop drizzle around the coast. higher elevations like the santa cruz mountains or east bay hills. cooling begins on friday and possible thunderstorms with small hail moving into the forecast then. mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. a lot of sunshine today. temperatures a little bit above average. mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore. 70 in fremont. not far behind, union city and fremont, 69 degrees. sunnyvale and milpitas 70 and low to mid-70s in the south bay. mid to upper 60s on the peninsula. you see the clouds along the coast with the mid to upper 50s. daly city around 57. low 50s around south san francisco. mid to upper 60s, san rafael and
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vallejo. then we'll see lots of cloud cover in the north bay. cloud cover around monterey, 50. more sunshine inland and mid to upper 70s. around the state, warmth reaches sablgt, 80. 53 in tahoe. palm springs, 81. l.a., 71 degrees. dodgers are back in town taking on the giants. breezy and cool at at&t park, 58 dropping down to 55 degrees. tonight we'll have the cloud cover. mid to upper 40s in the north bay valleys. the rest of us in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. so we'll have a quick warming trend today. temperatures will hold steady close to average wednesday and thursday. a quiet cold front will move through friday and open the floodgates of that cool air from alaska that is going to have enough moisture saturday and
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sunday and lingering into monday. have a great day. here is frances. >> still looking good around the bay area. here is a live shot of interstate -- 80 in berkeley. no trouble. if you are thinking about heading up to tahoe you may want to consider 80 in the eastbound direction base starting tomorrow highway 50 will actually be closed to replace a rock wall at the summit. people will be detoured on highway 50. if you are coming out of the east bay you may want to consider highway 88. detour will take at least at an extra 30 minutes. keep that in mind. that is for the next couple weeks. and there is amgen tour starting this sunday so it could be busy through the area. you can get data on traffic any time by going to our website at it's under the bay area traffic
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link. it's 4:55. today the san francisco board of supervisors will take a second look at legislation to cut down on the number of yellow page phone books delivered in the city. under the ordinance, yellow page distributors would have to ask businesses and residents if they would like a copy before leaving one on the doorstep. david chu says disposing of unused yellow pages cost san francisco a million dollars a year. opponents say it would hurt small businesses. san bruno and millbrae residents could pay more for garbage. city councils are expected to vote today to increase garbage fees by 1.5%. that would be less an dollar per month. it lo l pay for additional recycling services. next on the news at 5:00.
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muni fires back. the blistering response san francisco is giving to a state report questioning the transit agency's safety pleors. >> fire stations in san jose can't escape the city's budget problems. i'm amy hollyfield live in san jose and i'll tell but the cuts fire stations are facing up next. >> the arrival today of a major new aircraft that draws so much attention there is going to be a party. [ female announcer ] a revolutionary conditioner from dove.
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