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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  May 10, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the man accused of trying to ram a cockpit door with his shoulder makes his first court appearance. >> she from vallejo and holds a yemen passport. terry mcsweeney joins us outside court with more. >> in court today the phrase we heard over and hev again, is allah akbar meaning god is great but in court today it was stated that he used it as he walked toward the cockpit of that flight. prosecutors tried to tie to it
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9/11. fort hood shooting as well as the times square bombing. take a look at sketches of the suspect in court this morning. prosecutors say when he flew out of new york to catch that flight from chicago to san francisco on sunday night, he had no baggage, not checked in, not carried on, nothing. he told investigators he was coming to vallejo to visit relatives. they did not know he was coming. the identification the prosecutors say too much of it. drivers permits, two new york addresses and a driver's license and a california i.d. he had two postdated checks, one for $5,000. one for $8,000. criminal complaint gives details of in-flight violence after coming to the front of the plane. he tried to handle the locked cockpit and ran the cockpit door. he kept yelling and pushing forward. several passengers responded and
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assisted in restraining. he repeatedly treatment to break free and return to the cockpit door. prosecutors saying he was chanting allah akbar, arabic for god is great. he is in the u.s. legally from yemen but the family is still in yemen. he has no close ties here except for cousins live. his attorney and public defender can prove that he does have ties to this area, there is a possibility he could get bail, but prosecutors are saying he is a threat to society and a flight risk. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." the chp is investigating a fatal accident this morning in brisbane. a man pulled over to check out a problem with his pickup truck was killed when a driver crashed into his vehicle. the incident happened near sierra yeah parkway around 7:00
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this morning. they are trying to find out what caused him to veer off the roadway. cam ray driver had been reported missing in san ramon and might be suicidal. >> the rebuilding for san bruno neighborhood destroyed in last september's gas pipeline explosion. city leaders will join jackie speier for the groundbreaking ceremony on the first destroyed home that will be rebuilt. bob and nancy hensel are getting the first permits. construction is scheduled to begin in two weeks. the pipeline explosion destroyed 38 homes and killed eight people. >> san jose fire department is proposing rolling brownouts in four stations to save money by operating with fewer people. that is raising a lot of concerns that service might suffer. three fires broke out in san jose within 30 minutes yesterday morning. firefighters responded quickly and fortunately no one was hurt. but they warn once the brownouts
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go into effect that may not be the case. >> any time you are going to have reduction in personnel you may have a reduction in service. >> a rolling brownout, one truck will be out of service. it's part of an effort to help the city bridge the multimillion dollar budget shortfall. >> investigators from apple and google will try to convince a u.s. senate committee their smart phones are not spying on customers. it comes after accusations that iphones were tracking customers movement. al franken says there needs to be a balance of the companies and privacy rights of customers. >> they are beginning the way we think about privacy to account for the massive shift of personnel information into the hands of the private sector because the fourth amendment
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doesn't apply to corporations and freedom act doesn't apply to silicon valley. >> they say their devices only record information on wi-fi hot spots. president obama is making his first trip as president to the u.s.-mexico border to reaffirm his stance on immigration reform. he went to el paso, texas where he'll deliver a speech and visit the border crossing. he has supported legislation which also offers a path way to shape for certain illegal immigrants but he has received strong opposition from house republicans. immigration is shaping up to be a hot political issue in the upcoming elections where more latinos than ever are expected
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to go to the paul. >> arnold schwarzenegger and his wife are separating after 25 years of marriage. couple says they are going through a great period of transition. the marriage has come under scrutiny before. in 2003 l.a. times reported on the history of schwarzenegger's of groping women. this morning tmz is reporting that shriver has in been miserable in her marriage for many years. she apparently has moved out of their home weeks ago. >> i've seen them in person out at restaurant. they have been together for so many years. a couple you thought had such a stable rock solid relationship. >> i'm shocked. i thought they had a great marriage. >> schwarzenegger has been traveling to deliver speeches and pursuing entertainment projects.
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in march, shriver was asked about moving on in a youtube video. >> it's a transition, professional, emotional, spiritual, financial. i can get through it. three things that enables to get through the transition. >> the couple will parent their four children together. in business news, software company microsoft announced biggest acquisition, it has bought skype for $4.8 billion. >> hi, there. in honor, give you a skype shot. this is where it is all going. this is big business news. for all the skype users you probably won't notice any major changes right off the bat. microsoft could improve skype. microsoft could destroy skype but here is the press conference
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in downtown san francisco. ceo of microsoft promised that the product will grow and be enhanced and create new user opportunity. skype was attracted to microsoft for all the users, 170 million people every month use skype. this will help microsoft to get a stronghold on the internet. >> in time people around the planet talk about communication, they talk about skype. the skype brand has become a verb, synonymous with video and voice communication. clearly skype is built an innovative product with global scale. the number of users is rapidly accelerating which really was exciting to me. he also got excited because of 600,000 new registrations on skype every day. that is a lot of people from microsoft. microsoft has been accustomed to
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losing money on the internet. microsoft is making a strong statement with this big $8.5 billion purchase. as much as the executives said the importance of skype, they then said they are driving down to blt palo alto to meet with employees. i thought that was interesting. kind of to show it's always good to have the real thing. >> in living color. >> coming up, why facebook should have more than 7 million fewer members. >> new study that could have parents checking their children's habits. >> and millions of americans
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. sad news on the peninsula. city announced this morning the death of mayor omar hamad. he died this morning. he collapsed in front of his home. he was taken to the hospital where he died. he has been serving as mayor for five months. he was 46 years old. a new report shows a disturbing trend millions of facebook users are under the age of 13 which violates the website's terms. of the 20 million minors that use facebook in the past year,
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7.5 million were younger than 13 and five million were ten or younger. but what the report says what is more troubling the majority of the parents were not concerned about their children's use of facebook. experts say the social networking site can expose to safety concerns and privacy. >> google announced this morning it's long-awaited music service at an annual developers conference. the big difference between this and apple's, users would upload and store their songs on the internet and can receive them on any devices anywhere you go. the music would never be downloaded on to devices. when it comes to losing weight one diet plan is the clear winner. >> i lost over 50 pounds with
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jenny craig. >> jenny craig is number one. they beat out slim fast and weight watchers earning 85 out of 100 points, number of pounds lost and having the most dieters stick to the plan. >> the fact that jenny craig had such a good compliance is really a point in its favor. >> slim fast came in second but consumer reports found out people tend to drop out after six months. weight watchers came in third but the results were at least impressive. here are the other most popular zones, the zone came in fourth followed by ornish. and atkins a high protein diet. >> so many of us have tried all of them. >> meteorologist has the
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forecast. >> go outside and show you what it looks like. here are the signs of summer. sutro, some of the hanging around the coast. big cooling trend and showers and thunderstorms. >> and honeymooners, where the world's most famous couple snuck off to escape from everything around them. >> and massive dance off in front of buckingham palace honoring prince william and catherine.
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marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. royal honeymoon has begun. prince william and his bride were married last month. the couple left author their getaway. where did they go? off the coast of africa. they confirmed they touched down at the international airport there and they will stay at a private villa all by themselves.
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>> visitors expecting the daily changing of guard at london's buckingham palace were treated to a mass routine in honor of the royal wedding. more than a hundred dancers emerged to perform a mix of tunes, including we will rock you, by queen. most of the dancers were students from the university in london. >> we'll be doing that on the newscast. mike is going to lead it. >> we want to see a move, let's talk about the weather moves. >> i'm a little more refined. take look what is going on. looking back from mount tamalpais and finger fog and sea breeze is back and going to keep the coast cloudy and comb.
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take a look. some areas are not quite seeing the cloud cover. santa cruz, probably the warmest area around the monterey bay today. back home, look at that. clouds hanging around the bay. hanging around the peninsula coast and scattered along the north bay coast. as you move inland, you can see the snow very well on the sierra still in the middle of may. as you step outside, 57 in san francisco, 55 in half moon bay. and 59 in oakland. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s until you get out to concord and fairfield. gilroy and salinas low to mid-50s with more sunshine. coastal fog that will dominate your neighborhood today. it will be warm around the bay and inland with all that sunshine. the clouds will increase and have enough moisture. drizzle is possible at the coast
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and higher elevations like the east bay hills. cooling begins friday and weekend showers and possibility of thunderstorms. today we're warmer by one degree 3 in oakland. 4 in fremont. santa rosa at 6. >> warmest weather, mid to upper 70s. 73 in dublin. fremont, 70. low to mid-70s in the south bay, san jose at 72 degrees. mid to upper 50s on the peninsula. 70 in los altos. 56 at pacifica. 60s in downtown san francisco. mid to upper 50s san rafael and vallejo but farther north you head, mid-70s in the north bay valleys. even with the sunshine at the coast from time to time you are still stuck in the upper 50s. see the sunshine at santa cruz and 70, all the way to 77 in gilroy. around the state we have 80 in sacramento.
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one of the warmest spots palm springs, 81. sunshine over tahoe and temperatures in the mid-50s. diamondbacks are in town, cool and breezy, 58 down to 55 at at&t park. temperatures hold kind of steady the next two to three days and then a cold front passes on friday. that changes the flow. look how saturday, sunday and monday, temperatures 15-20 degrees cooler. with showers likely sunday and spilling into monday. starting tomorrow, getting to south lake tahoe will be a bit more difficult. road work is closing highway 50 from wednesday to the start of memorial day weekend. some of the alternate routes will add an hour to your trip. drivers should plan for an extra hour. we have more information on the alternate routes at
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we have an update on the canadian woman who survived seven weeks in the wilderness in a remote area of nevada. doctors upgrade heard condition to good this morning. they are still looking for her husband albert who left to look for help. the couple's van got stuck on a road trip to las vegas in march. crews found her this past friday. she survived by trail mix. last night she had a dinner of salmon, rice and green beans. this morning she had a breakfast burrito. >> still ahead, inspiring others. the event that is bringing together some of the world's most influential women to san francisco to help the women of the future. >> we'll be back. >> all new. an "oprah show" event. oprah: 100 ultimate viewers. they each lost over -- drop the fat clothes! 100 pounds. appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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today at 4:00, the ultimate challenge for viewers that lost more than a hundred pounds. then at 5:00, most popular football helmets used in high school do not protect against concussions. osama bin laden's sons lash out the death of their father.
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those stories later today at 5:00. >> more than 3,000 women including khirls jennings gathered for the professional businesswomen. >> the event was founded by jackie speier. newsom was among the speakers and cheryl sanders. the conference is designed to help professional skills and provide opportunities. it runs throughout the day. it was great to be there. >> you did the opening session. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> bye-bye. [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days,
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