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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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at least two people are dead and another is wounded in a shooting that happened on the san jose state university campus tonight. the third person is a suspect in the shooting. >> university police first got word of this about 8:30 this evening. they have blocked access to the garage at 10th and san fernando. >> the shooting happened on the fifth floor of the structure. dozens of people have gathered at the scene. a campus spokesperson says they are not sure at this time if the victims are students. the spokesperson says the shooting does not appear to be random. >> we have crews gathering information at the scene. we will binge you live updates as developments occur. stay with us at this shooting tragedy at san jose state
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university. a berkeley man is calling for an investigation into his wife's mysterious death tonight. >> she died in thailand where she worked for a berkeley travel company. she was fit and healthy which makes her sudden death hard to understand. >> lisa amin gulezian talked with her husband tonight and is live in berkeley for us. lisa in. >> carolyn, the victim used to call berkeley home, and in the fall she left for thailand. that's where she died and still no one knows how. >> i'm trying to come to grips with the fact that we may never know. >> tony is in mourning. his wife died january 11th, just two days before she was supposed to leave thailand and join her husband in brazil. the 30 threer-year-old was a -- the 33-year-old was a guide for back roads, a tour company. she just finished leading a six-day bike tour through thailand when she suddenly fell ill. >> the details started coming out that she was in a coma.
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her kidneys had failed and her heart was inflamed and her lungs failed and she was on a ventilator. >> she died three hours after her husband got to her hospital room. now nearly four months later her death is a mystery. but she is one of seven people to suddenly die in a three-month period. many were staying at the downtown inn, but she was staying across town in a small guest house. >> and her case was quite unique. it was the same symptoms as the others, but in a different hotel. >> some victims' families believed their loved ones died from a chemical use to fight bedbugs. and they insist all seven deaths are a coincidence. tony doesn't believe any of it. >> we all want explanations. including sara's family and my family and all the other victims. but i imagine we might have to come to terms with the fact that we will never know for
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sure what this was. >> and they are another victim from new zealand. they have got the cdc and the world health organization to look into his wife's death. they are working as consultants. lisa amin gulezian, abc news. >> thank you. two uc berkeley graduates held on spying charges in iran are scheduled to finally go on trial at this hour. shane bower and share raw shored and josh -- sara shourd and josh fattal were arrested and shourd was released on bail last year. later she said she would not return to iran for the trial. they said they wandered into iran accidentally and are not spies. their family says there is no evidence to the contrary. >> it is clear if they had anything on shane and josh this would have been done and over a longtime ago. it just continues on. the longer it continues, the
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more obvious it becomes that it has become political. >> today amnesty international urged iran to released bauer and fattal saying iran is not recognizing international protocol. we want to take to you a san jose state university campus where two people were shot dead in a parking structure. the top -- it was at the top of third. one is being treated for wounds. >> let me set the scene? -- let me set the scene. this is san feerando and 10th. this street and many others are blocked off. this happened about 9:00. three people shot on the fifth floor of the parking garage. two are dead and and another taken to the hospital. it happened at 9:00. unknown if these are san jose state students. however, this is a parking facility. it is a 5-story facility used
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frequently by students and teachers and other members of the san jose state university. there are a up in of chases going on here, but we don't know if the victims in this case are in fact san jose state students. still an active crime scene. it has been going on for at least two hours. a up in of streets around this parking garage, san fernando, 10th, 11th, and i think 9th. it was difficult getting around because a number of the streets have been closed off. there is a helicopter i can hear above me that is also on-the-job right now. we wull stay and bring you the latest as we get it. live in san jose, johnal -- john alston. no bail for the yemeni man accused of trying to ram his way into the cockpit on his way to san francisco. now we hear two different views. one from the retired san mateo floofer who helped subdue the suspect, and the other from a cousin in vallejo who says he
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was only trying to help his family. that was john's assignment earlier this evening. >> when it appeared a man from yemen tried to storm the cockpit on a flight from san francisco one of the passengers who grappled with him is larry wright, a retired police officer. >> he bro eek into a trot and started running. when he did he yelled out "allah akbar." from my training experience, i knew there might booy a be pro. >> the passenger placed under arrest was 28-year-old al marici who lived for a short time in this house in vallejo. they say he left looking for work to support his wife and children in yemen. >> he was looking for a job in here, and so he didn't find a job. that's why he went to new york to found a job. >> he attended the vallejo adult school to brush up on his english. a school official says he was
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here in 1999 picking up extra credit. >> i think he is a very nice person. he is a teacher of mathematic. >> he was in federal court where the prosecutor called him a significant thete. they say he had no luggage on the flight from chicago, but he was carrying other items including $47 in cash, two postdated checking totaling $13,000 and several valid and expired forms of id from california and new york. >> i felt he was trying to take on the flight crew and possibly crash the you are plane. >> he is a nut. a terrorist. but he is not a terrorist. i want you to explain about the difference between terrorism and muslim. >> abc7 news. >> he is due back in court on fry -- friday for a bail hearing. and in boston, a passenger
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on a flight from orlando tried to open an emergency exit door in midflight. another pass scwer on the plane subdued that person. police were waiting at the gate for the passenger. this is the fourth flight disruption in the past three days. a watermain break in napa has disrupted service to hundreds of homes and businesses, and it could last throughout the night. the break happened in a 36-inch water line in the area of foster road. crews have temporarily rerouted the water from lake hennessey. homes and businesses in the napa area are experiencing low pressure and seeing muddy water. the city says the water is safe for drinking. it hopes to have repairs wrapped up by 7:00 in the morning. a 4-year-old boy was killed in an accident this afternoon in a vineyard in rural sonoma county. police say he was riding his bicycle along his uncle's pick up truck when he was hit when he passed it and veered into its path. neither drugs nor alcohol were
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a factor. just a terrible accident. cal state university trustees are considering a drastic plan to deal with a potential $1 billion in state budget cuts. the plan includes increasing tuition by 32%, but would take affect only if lawmakers will enforce an august cuts budget. -- an all cuts budget. here is the proposal. the 32% tuition hike will raise the total to $6,460, that's up about 1500. 20,000 qualified applicants would be turned away, but trustees may vote on the proposal at its july meeting. more to come here tonight. dozens of teachers facing layoffs in the east bay. >> and it might not look like it, but this is a protest. teachers show up at malls around the state for what they are calling a grade in. >> and let your dog loose in contra costa county and it could come back spayed or neutered. >> and arnold schwarzenegger makes his first public
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comments about his split from his wife, maria shriver. and then on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline is homeowners in the flood zone scramble to save what they can as the mississippi crests in memphis and surges southward. and she pioneered pure celebrity news. we catch up with entertainment
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to lets ay -- let's take you back to san jose and the scene of the shooting at the university. john alston is there for us. >> still an active crime scene. with us is pat harris. briefly can you describe what happened around 9:00 this evening? >> yes, it was an isolated incident involving three individuals in our 10th street garage. at no point was the campus in general or the public in danger. two of the individuals are deceased and one is in the hospital. >> were these students, do you know? >> we do not know the identity of the three individuals.
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we are checking into this and we are concerned. >> was there anything special going on on campus? special activity above and beyond a normal tuesday night? >> it was an ordinary evening at san jose state. we hold classes from early in the morning until quite late at night. so there were a fair number of students, faculty and employees on campus. were there any surveillance cameras in this parking garage that might shed some light into what happened? >> we are collecting all of the evidence we can right now in the garage, and we will have more to say when we are able to put all of that together. >> do you have an idea when you might know the identity of the victims? >> we are waiting now for the coroner and the coroner determines the identity of the vic testimony. >> do you know if there was a shootout where there was more than one person with a weapon? >> this was not at all a drive by shooting. we have no reason to believe it was gang-related. it was isolated and involving three individuals. >> pat harris with san jose state university. three people were shot and one deceased. live in san jose, john alston, abc news. >> thanks.
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the mount diablo district board voted to layoff 180 teachers and other staff tonight as a way of dealing with its budget crisis. teachers and administrators and parents rallied against the layoffs before this evening's meeting in walnut creek, but to no avail. educators held a series of grade ins at shopping malls all over the state. they wanted to show californians how much work teachers take home every day and on weekends. the workload grows as class sizes increase because of budget cuts. >> i used to have an average class size of 29. and now all of my classes are 34 or 35 kids. middle school is challenging enough. and one extra body makes a big difference. that child does president get what they need. -- doesn't get what they need. >> they wanted these teachers arrested fortress passing, but police brokered a solution between both sides. contra costa county supervisors unit deuced an ordinance -- introduced an ordinance that would require
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stray dogs to be spayed or neutered after being picked up by animal control. it would apply to all unlicensed dogs found wandering. licensed dogs would be spayed after a second offense within three years. and the dogs would receive a tracking microchip. this after a series of pittbull attacks including one that killed a child in concord last year. tonight for the first time former governor schwarzenegger talking about his separation from his wife, maria shriver. >> we both love each other very much. we are fortunate to have four extraordinary children, and we are taking it one day at a time. but the bottom line is and i want to take the time to say thank you to all of the people for their great, great support. >> his comments came in los angeles at an event marking israeli independence day. schwarzenegger and shriver announced their separation last night after 25 years of marriage. on to the weather. and it is almost mid-may, but it does not feel that way.
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>>- q. i and it is getting cooler. let's check in with sandhya patel. >> that's right. temperatures are only heading down. and here is the reason for it. as you look at the satellite picture, look at the marine layer. it is pretty widespread. a closer look here and you can see the low clouds covering alamo and hayward and fremont and even toward the livermore valley and down toward san jose. it has already gotten into places like novato and petaluma. temperatures at this hour in the 40s and the 50s. widespread low clouds tonight and cooler bay and inland tomorrow. showers starting saturday night continuing into sunday which is a pretty big day. beta breakers race taking place on sunday. this afternoon we had cloudy skies along the coast. onshore breeze held the temperatures down along the coastline. pacifica only 53 today. you get out toward places like walnut creek it was sunny and 80 degrees. inland areas saw the warm up today. tomorrow, everyone is going down, particularly bayside and inland.
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look at the readings, walnut creek going from 80 today to 66 degrees tomorrow. you will feel the difference when you are 14 degrees cooler. san jose 75 today and going down to 68 degrees. 7 degrees cooler for your wednesday. this is pretty much going to be the case for most areas because of this cold front. you feel it most where the breeze really will make its presence known. look for extensive low cloudiness by morning. you could even see some drizzle along the coastline as the marine layer continues to deepen. temperatures mid40s to low 50s. tomorrow afternoon, still a nice day and just not as warm as it was today. san jose 68 degrees. 67 in santa clara. sunnyvale, mill pea tis, mid-- milpitas, mid60s. the low cloudiness lingering into the afternoon. 66 in mountain view. cool sweater weather for you in half moon bay. 55 degrees. downtown san francisco, south san francisco in the upper 50s. daily city and sunset
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district, mid50s range with mostly cloudy skies. you look at the north bay and it is a variety. mid50s at bodega bay and 74 at clear lake. 68 in santa rosa and 67 for calistoga. east bay, partly cloudy for the afternoon. 62 in oakland. 63 union city. inland areas, running below normal for this time of year. the breeze will be felt in the inland communities fnlt 67 livermore. the warmest locations, low 70s for antioch and brentwood. around the money monterey bay, 58 and up to 64 in salinas. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a cooler day for your wednesday. what a warmer day on thursday, back down on friday. you can see the minor ups and downs. it is a big drop in temperatures. showers developing on saturday evening into sunday. temperatures running in the mid50s to the low 60s range at the highest level for your sunday. and shower weather could continue right into the early
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part of next week. >> all right, thank you, sandhya. well, a san jose teacher has been chosen for an elite nasa mission. >> it is a huge story she can share with her
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was to join five educators on a flying ab be observatory with astronomers. nasa has selected her to be one of the first teachers on board at the strike that toss fear rick observatory. it takes place later this month in june. the boeing 747 carries a giant telescope and working areas for researchers. >> the telescope itself is on the back and it opens up the windows. it is exposed to the elements. the people inside are pressurize like a regular airplane. it is a 747 they normally fly in, but it will fly higher. >> they detailed just how they would share what they learned aboard sophia with their students. >> now to a different star watching. lady gaga will unveil tracks
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from her album "born this way" in a facebook community called farmville. she will not be playing to a small-time crowd. 46 million people worldwide play the farmville game every month. they will have to complete tasks to hear one new track per day from may 17th to the 19th. the album is due to be released on may 23rd. and larry is beside himself. >> he has been practicing. >> i am on farmville all day long. to the point that i don't even get to the sports. i am in the roll of a cow. i have no idea. this is what i know, the sharks had the chance to put detroit away, and it does not happen. and now the sharks, they are going to have a lot of time to learn farmville if they don't come up with a win m! i'm fsfsfsfsfsaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxax
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precisely what they hope to avoid. the sharks almost stole game six in detroit, but they could
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not hold on. the sharks' defense man with a stanley cup tatoo. the sharks try to tatoo guys here. there is a hit on clear re. they are keeping the sharks and 32 saves thew two -- through two periods. sharks break the ice. he somehow plucks the rebound out of the air and it trickles past howard. 1-0 san jose. less than 10 minutes to go and he shoots and credits the goal to the redirect. game tied at one. two minutes later and beautiful backhand pass through traffic. detroit with 45 shots on goal tonight. san jose just 25. the turnover late. helm with the empty neter. 3-1 wings. sharks showing their frustration in the final seconds and pile up on howard.
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we'll send you to farmville, dude. a 3-1 final. game 7 is back in san jose. >> at 3-3 they won three games in a row. that's why these series are all odd games. we could be in the exact same situation we are right now by winning one, losing one, winning one, losing one. it doesn't matter how we got here. it doesn't. what matters is how it ends. >> it will end one way or the other on thursday. tim lincecum is lights out tonight. cody ross turned the lights out on the d-backs. one run is enough. jacket under the jersey and the mittens and the hat. she's ready for a cold night at at&t park. lincecum and ian kennedy. you will both get nothing and like it. timmy with a no hitter through 5. the no hit bid ends in the 6th. his pitching counter part was 0 for 13 at the plate and comes up with a first hit. kennedy, this is nasty.
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aubrey huff, no chance to hit that pitch. both men go eight score less to the 9th. cody ross, a double dowp the line. - down the line. good night, game over, drive home safely. the giants win it 1-0. and anderson, a rough outing. gentry, a base hit to left. 2-0 texas. and then in the fifth, here it comes and there it goes. adrian beltre is busting out of the slump in a. igantic way. just one game in the nba playoffs this evening. bulls and hawks and carlos boozer and this is with authority. mvp derrick rose in chicago pulling away in the fourth quarter and danger, nicely done. the rose, 33 points and 95-83 and they take a 3-2 series. >> thank you, larry. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> and eme carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. >> good night, everyone.
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