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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 12, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news. avenging bin laden. terrorists make it personal. now, targeting president obama's own grandmother. we go inside the plot. toxic shocker. what our abc news investigation reveals about what's really lurking in the mississippi floodwaters. and why so many people are in danger of being poisoned. vanished. brand-new revelations in the international mystery of what happened to little madeleine mccann. beauty pageant extreme. a little girl gets botox to keep her face in place. and who is giving the shots? her own mom.
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>> the few times we did it, there was less of a line. >> reporter: mother and daughter speak out in a "gma" exclusive. good morning. >> i wonder what story will light up the message board this morning. >> those pictures just take your breath away. the mother injecting the girl with botox. and there's no problem. >> no medical reason. look at this startling picture coming in overnight. unbelievable. a plane landing at heathrow, hit by lightning. it took a direct hit. everyone is okay. we're going to have a lot more on that. >> that is some kind of picture. plus, we know gas prices have been painfully high. but a new way you may be getting ripped off after you finish fueling up. take a look at this picture. the price ticking up after the man is finished pumping gas. the "gma" investigation. >> you have to see this
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investigation. plus, let's get right to the breaking news right now, the terrifying threat uncovered against the president's grandmother. brian ross has been tracking this over night and joins us now. >> reporter: police in kenya tell abc news this morning, they have substantially increased security at the compound surrounding the home of president obama's grandmother, sara obama, following threats. y she is the president's step grandmother. and lives with other relatives, including the president's half-brother. security at the compound was increased after the election in 2008, but will now include patrols around the clock, because of the threats that came the days immediately after the death of osama bin laden. it is one of more than a dozen specific threats that have come following the raid of bin laden's compound, where navy s.e.a.l.s uncovered a boatload of documents that analysts continue to decode. so far, they reveal, that bin laden told husband followers
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to spread out beyond new york and kill as many americans as possible. u.s. officials say bin laden seemed obsessed with outdoing the 9/11 attacks. calculating that only a death toll in the thousands would affect u.s. policy. >> what it indicates is he was more involved than most people realize. not just giving in strategic guidance. but providing operational details in some of the plots. >> reporter: bin laden seems to have watched enough tv to know that security had been tightened in new york and airplanes. and that smaller cities and rail lines would be easier targets. spread it out, he wrote. >> it makes it more difficult for us to track because we're looking at more symbolic locations. they're softer targets. there's less security in the midwest and other places. >> reporter: bin laden's writings were discovered in his compound by the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s. in a written journal and on computer flash drives. the question now is, whether the
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u.s. can act on the material in a timely way. >> this does suggest there are active plots. but the longer it takes to act on it, the older it gets. if it's extrabl, it's going to be extrabl for a specific period of time. >> reporter: overnight, police arrested two men who were attempting to buy a.k.-47s and hand grenades, for what police describe as a plot to attack the city, robin? >> any connection to bin laden? >> reporter: they were described as north african. but not a direct connection to the retaliation. all along the mississippi delta, residents are braced for rising waters this morning. will the levees hold? and if they don't, the devastation in memphis may be a sign of what's to come. tests on wednesday, reveal the level of toxins in floodwaters there are at dangerously high
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levels. steve osunsami joins us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. you need protective gear because of the sludge and garbage, in what was a beautiful river. there is oil and gas and fertilizer flowing downstream. tennessee health officials have been warning residents to keep out of floodwaters. we decided to test the safety of the water. >> it's nasty. >> i'm not scared of the snakes. i'm scared of the water. >> i can't believe that states like mississippi and arkansas haven't sued us. >> reporter: we took our first test here, in what was a play area behind this memphis school. we then moved to the city's south side and took a second sample from this flooded neighborhood. >> that's awful. >> reporter: the test results were shocking. the levels of deadly e. coli, coal form, and bacteria in both stamps were 2,000-times higher than any acceptable level. >> there will be a certain amount of decontamination that have to be done.
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especially in any structure that humans are living. >> reporter: leaning up just got more complicated. thousands of dollars to remove dry wall and spray structures with disinfectant. the mayor of memphis told us it could take years. >> if we get to a situation where it's not safe for them to be in there to disinfeblgt their homes, we'll tell them that. and we'll take extra steps to keep them out of harm's way. >> reporter: outside the school, parents who came home to bring home their children were mortified. >> that's disturbing to hear. >> someone will clean up and make it safe. >> we don't ever let our kids play in that water. and we certainly won't now. >> reporter: experts tell us that all soft and porous water must be removed, at a cast of $10 to $15 per foot. who pays for it? insurance will cover it. but so many people here do not have flood insurance. >> thank you so much. the white house has landed
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itself in controversy, in just about the most unlikely way possible, with an evening of poetry. the grammy award-winning rapper, common, turned out to be a lightning rod for the administration's critics. and jake tapper has more on this. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. vetting entertainers can be a tricky business. but this controversy caught the white house completely off guard. and at the end of the day, with all of the charges and countercharges, it was anything but poetic. ♪ >> reporter: a star-studded poetry night, with steve martin and amy mann. but it was the inclusion of rap artist, common, that prompted uproar on the right. >> life's strifes that we earning. >> reporter: common is not particularly controversial. he's not a gangster rapper. he's been in a joe us in brother song, gap adds. but the performance artist is not without his moments of edginess, taking on president bush in this performance.
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>> why are you messing with saddam. burn a bush. he don't push no chime. no weapons of destruction. >> reporter: and in this song from 11 years ago, common praised a fugitive, convicted of brutally murdering a state trooper in 1972. ♪ scandalous the police >> reporter: the president of the state troopers association, noting this is police week in washington, d.c., objecteded to common's inclusion at the white house affair. >> this nit wit, a complete fraud. this is an individual that has embraced this mentality of anti-establishment. >> reporter: and conservatives from sarah palin to karl rove weighed in. >> who are you palling around with now? >> why would he invite a thug to the white house? >> reporter: the white house, distancing itself from some of the violent and misogynistic lyrics of common. but they praised his work in general.
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>> one of the things that mr. obama appreciates is the work he's done with kids in chicago, trying to get them to focus on poetry. >> reporter: last night, president obama hugged common, who made no mention of the controversy. although, he did write, on his facebook page, politics is politics. one thing that shouldn't be in question, is my support for the police officers and troops that protect us every day. let's bring in debbie wasserman schultz. thanks for joining us. let me get a quick word on this. common went on to say that the president's critics -- suggested they were playing the race card with their criticism. do you agree with him? or do the critics have a point, given some of the lyrics? >> i think this was an event for the white house to celebrate. it was a cultural celebration. a diverse representation of cultural artists. that's all it was. to make more out of it, it doesn't make any sense. >> meanwhile, the presidential
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race is getting into high gear right now. we saw former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, formally announcing on twitter. and last night, sarah palin weighed in on the killing of osama bin laden. she says that it won't make president obama a stronger candidate in 2012. we've seen president obama talk about this on the stump. is sarah palin right? what impact do you think this is going to have on the race? >> well, i think it was an important accomplishment for america. and certainly not a time to be injecting politics into our national security discussion. incredibly important that we cut off the head of the snake. president obama made a strong decision to go after osama bin laden. continued to make sure that that was our number one national security priority. and wiped the scourge that was osama bin laden off the face of the earth. this is a time for unity, not politics. >> do you think it will help the
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president? >> i think an accomplishment like that, making sure we can rid the world of a horrific scourge like osama bin laden, is something that was an important accomplishment. and we can't rest easy when it comes to our national security or the war on terror. but it was an important accomplishment. >> let's turn to mitt romney right now. some polls show that he will be the strongest candidate against president obama. in some states, he polls ahead of the president right now. is he the candidate that you fear the most? >> what i think is unfortunate about mitt romney is he doesn't know who he is. the last thing that voters want is someone who wants to represent them, is someone who has no conviction. and mitt romney has spent a number of years twisting himself into a pretzel, george, trying to figure out, you know, which voters he's in front of and decide which position he's going to take. he was the author of legislation that was very similar, if not
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close to identical, to the affordable care act, in massachusetts. and now, he says in a speech today that he plans to give, that he's going to support repeal and replace. what he's trying to do is repeal and erase his own record. that's not possible. it's not right. and voters want a person of conviction in the person asking to lead our country. >> that's some tough stuff on mitt romney. it sounds like you do fear him. >> it has nothing to do with fear. it's just -- i think it's kind of sad. i think it's kind of sad that someone who wants to represent this country and wants to lead the united states of america doesn't have enough conviction to stand by something that he authored. doesn't have enough conviction to, from one year to the next, keep the same, consistent position, so you know who he is. i mean, that's what voters deserve, no matter who is asking to represent them. >> we're about out of time. i want to ask you about a word
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about your friend, congresswoman gabby gifford. how is she doing? >> she's doing well. i had dinner with her in houston last friday. she is beginning to walk now. doesn't use the wheelchair. didn't use it when i was there. responding in more complex sentences. she's making progress. she has a long way to go. but we're proud of her. she's doing great. >> do you think she'll come back to congress? >> i do. i think she'll come back to congress. the progress she's making, from what i understand, she's on track for that to happen. not sure when. but she's making tremendous progress. and we're all really proud of her. >> we all hope for that. congresswoman, thanks very much. >> that's terrific. >> love to hear that. >> that's news that trumps anything we've got this morning. robin and george. good morning to all of you. we begin with breaking news. a retired auto worker from ohio has been convicted for his role in the deaths of more than 28,000 jews at a nazi death camp. 91-year-old john demjanjuk was a
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nazi guard, sentenced today to five years in prison, ending a case that began two years ago, when he was carried from his house in ohio in a wheelchair. his lawyer does plan to appeal. and he hadn't been seen for weeks until now. moammar gadhafi suddenly appeared on libyan tv. first time he's been seen since the air strike on his compound last month, which killed his son. it does come as gadhafi deals with more bad news, as rebel forces just captured a major airport in the western part of the country. and thousands of people in southern spain slept on the streets overnight, fearing aftershocks from wednesday's big earthquake. cameras caught this. a church steeple in the town of lorca, crashing to the ground in the quake, which registered at a magnitude of 5.2. at least eight people were killed. and another graphic reminder of man's powerlessness in the skies. lightning striking this plane as it was landing in london. 500 passengers aboard this plane. you can see, lightning striking
7:15 am
the roof right above the pilots' heads. thankfully, planes can handle it. no one was hurt. and in fact, not even a scratch on the plane. >> that's incredible. >> incredible. meanwhile, the reverend, billy graham, is in a north carolina hospital this morning, recovering from pneumonia. doctors are treating the 92-year-old with antibiotics. and say he is already feeling better and could go home soon. finally, he may have been royalty in bel air. not so in new york. the city has just ordered will smith to move what passes for a movie trailer, more like a mansion on wheels, from a manhattan street, after an outcry from neighbors. you see, though? it's no ordinary double-decker mobilehome. didn't know there was an ordinary one of those. it's a $2 million version. 100-inch movie screen. separate trailer for a gym. >> get out. >> marble floors. will smith, in town filming "men in black iii."
7:16 am
here's the thing, renting a 5-bedroom, $25,000 a month apartment nearby. so, he won't be on the street looking for change or handouts. you figure, with all of the bedrooms, he can really sleep off a late night, if you know what i'm saying. >> lara and i went out last night. and we didn't invite josh. he's been hurt by it. we knew you were asleep. >> i was wondering how you were going to fit that in. >> that's sad. sam? >> hi. so, that picture, josh, that you just showed about the airplane. since 1967, we put airplanes through rigorous lightning tests. each airplane you fly in has probably been hit by lightning at least once every year. they are built and structured so they can handle it. there was a big crash around '67 because of lightning. since then, they fixed up all that. most airplanes, the outside of them, are kind of done by
7:17 am
aluminum. aluminum is a great conductor and bounces everything off. here's where we have the heavy water going down south again. vicksburg today. the crest is about 11 days away from all of this water in the new orleans area. and here's the big, powerful thunderstorms. the heaviest storms to the west. the big rain along the mississippi. houston, dallas, kansas city, omaha. get ready for punchy storms out there today. p@
7:18 am
don't want to sound like i'm bragging. but the nicest day of the week in new york city is today at 71 degrees. robin? >> please, brag all you want. >> the rainy ones. donald trump, back in new hampshire this week, working to establish himself as a leading contender in the race for the white house. you know, he kept brushing aside the question everyone wants the answer to. just what is going on with that do? john berman unlocked the secrets
7:19 am
of the donald's do. >> reporter: earth's greatest mysteries. what happened to the dinosaurs? what is the da vinci code. where is jimmy hoffa. so many questions. but last, one answer. >> today, i'm very proud of myself. >> reporter: yet, donald trump has finally revealed the secrets to his hair. >> i have people that actually have been studying it. and they cannot believe what they're finding. >> reporter: it's been the suggest of years of comedic speculation. >> donald trump often appears on fox, which is ironic. because a fox often appears on donald trump's head. >> reporter: but now, you might say, trump has let his hair down in an interview with "rolling stone," telling the magazine, okay. what i do is wash it with head & shoulders. i don't dry it, though. i let it dry by itself. it takes about an hour. i then comb my hair, he says. yes, i do use a comb.
7:20 am
a comb? no way. but it's not really a combover, he claims. it's sort of a little bit forward and back. yes, it is all his hair, as he just showed ryan seacrest. >> it is my hair. you see? >> reporter: but how does it work? we went to hair stylist, edward jacoby. when you look at donald trump's hair, what comes to mind? >> major construction. >> reporter: major construction, like this. he sprays it a lot. you're telling me that parts of donald trump's hair is this long? >> about this long. that's the only way you can take that hair and comb it to go back and squish it. >> reporter: there you have it. if secrets of the trump-a-dor. it might be a good place to look for hoffa. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, new york. >> a secret no longer. coming up, what really happened to little madeleine mccann? her parents speak out this morning about their haunting struggle to find their daughter. and meet the mom giving her
7:21 am
8-year-old child botox injections. that's a "gma" exclusive. what if your dog could talk? >> the maple kind. yeah. some say i'm bold. i say i'm free. i wear what i love, because expression means everything. i wear the pants. and the tops. and the jewels. i grab life by the accessories. some say i've done it all. i say i'm just getting started. ♪ too hot to trot
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drugs from taken from the evidence room. he claims that he is making up a story in a possible to cut a deal. >> and more in the south bay area. >> north 101 very heavy through mountain view, north shoreline, it's been blocking the right lane for about half an hour. you see traffic is slow. take a look at the speed sensors out of sunnyvale. bay bridge toll plaza, no trouble through the maze but it's backed up to the west grand and south bay, in san jose sunshine sluggish near the interchange. >> check in with mikikikikikiki@
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welcome back. check out the beautiful picture from mount tamalpais. some of the clouds and flight arrival delays of nearly an hour into sfo. with the lack of clouds today, it should be warmer than yesterday. mid to upper 40s, and rest of us in the low to mid-50s. mid-50s around the bay. upper 60s to low 70s inland. still looking attttttttttttttttt
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i just, like, don't like face wrinkles. >> all right. some of us are concerned about wrinkles as we get older. but 8 years old? and it's your mom giving you the shots like this? not for medical reasons. but because doesn't want her 8-year-old daughter to have wrinkles. that story, just ahead. as we say good morning, america. yeah. your jaws, have to come up right now. do this. that's coming up. >> we've been talking about this for the last couple of days. i still can't believe it. but that mom is not apologizing at all. she wants to tell her side of the story. we'll have that in a little bit. also, a lot of outrage at the gas pump these days. >> oh, yeah. >> we saw one example, in some places where you finish fueling,
7:31 am
you still could get charged after that. that's one of many ways you may be getting cheated at the pump right now. we have a full consumer investigation ahead. we're going to lighten some things up. this is a piece of video that's cracking everybody up. here at the office and all around the world. it has gone viral. >> yeah? >> i know who would like that, me. so, i ate it. >> oh. >> the incredible talking dog. what this pooch is pleading for from his owner. >> 14 million-plus views. >> and counting. we're going to begin with the story that just floored us. the san francisco mom who is injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox to get rid of wrinkles. and she insists she is not the only one doing it. lara spencer spoke with kerry and her daughter, britney. >> reporter: shaking your head. it does sound unreal. a mother injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox to prevent wrinkles that the little girl thinks she has. and it didn't stop there.
7:32 am
the mother waxed her upper leg area, to keep up in the world of intense world of kiddie you pageants. i sat down with brittany to find out how young is too young? >> i do it. it hurts sometimes. but i'm used to it. >> reporter: the pain 8-year-old britney describes doesn't come from falling off her bike or losing a tooth. but from this, botox injections, administered by her mother. can you show me where you do it? can you point on your face? >> sometimes i do it here. >> reporter: and what do you do it for? >> i don't know. >> reporter: do you do it because you see wrinkles? >> oh, yeah. i see, like, wrinkles. and it just, like -- i just, like, don't like face wrinkles. >> reporter: britaney's mother says she started giving the injections to keep up with the
7:33 am
beauty-take-all world of the pageant circuit. an idea she says was planted by other pageant moms. >> they were telling me about the lines on her face. how, you know, a lot of the mom there are giving their kids botox. it's pretty much like the thing. i'm not the only one that does it. a lot of moms do it. and i think a lot of the kids, making a big impression on the lines on her face, made her, probably influenced her to want to do it a little more. >> reporter: you're saying britney asked you for botox? >> we talked about it. she didn't ask about it. but i know she was complaining about her face and her wrinkles. >> reporter: my son will come home and tell me he wants every x box game that existed. that means you don't get it for them. >> i completely understand where you're coming from. i do the botox myself. it's safe. i have no problem with doing it. >> reporter: but you're 34. >> i've been doing it for a long time. >> reporter: so, when you do it, you administer it because you're an a
7:34 am
an annesthetician. i do. >> where do you get it? >> i would rather not put that out there. i have a trusted source. he is a doctor. these photos, taken during one of britney's treatments, captures how uncomfortable an adult medical procedure can be. what does it feel like to get botox? >> it hurts. and i get used to it. >> reporter: do you cry? >> a little. >> reporter: you do? >> but now, i don't. >> reporter: now, you're brave. >> when i first hear this story, i think my initial reaction is to be a little in disbelief and a little bit horrified. >> reporter: critics like dr. charles sophy say the potential side effects of brittany's botox treatments are more than just physical. >> there's a lot of psychological damage that can be caused. that's where the psychological intervention needs to happen, to be able to make sure that there are no blurred boundaries here
7:35 am
and projections going on, that they're going to have a longer psychological ramifications for this child. >> reporter: i think there's a loss of innocence, in many people's eyes, when a little kid is worried about the way they look and not about, if it's sunny, and to play outside. >> it's not all the time. when she washes her hands, she'll look in the mirror. mommy, i have a wrinkle. it's a tough world in the pageant world, i'm telling you. the kids are harsh. and being confident with them. >> reporter: pageant kids start getting lobotomies, does that mean that britney's going to? >> no, that's nonsense. >> reporter: but britney did try out another pageant trend, waxing. >> it was super, super hard to deal with that. >> reporter: so, why did you want to get waxed? >> because i just don't think it's ladylike to have hair on your legs. >> reporter: even when you're only 8? >> yeah. >> reporter: will you do it again? >> no. >> reporter: you'll wait on that
7:36 am
one? >> yeah. >> reporter: i can relate. so, in the end, a single question. first, to her mother. and then, to an 8-year-old, little girl. do you see a difference in the way she looks after she gets it? >> just on the lines, like when she does her smile. she has lines. and the few times that we did it, there was -- it would lessen the lines. they want it completely disappeared. we don't do so much that it's going to make a big difference anyway. >> reporter: does it look better after you get botox? >> yeah. it looks way better. >> reporter: how? >> like beautiful, pretty. like all of a sudden, nice words. >> reporter: according to our dr. besser, it is legal for a doctor to administer botox to children. it can actually help with neuromuscular disorders. but dr. besser says a doctor giving botox to a child for wrinkles borders on malpractice. and a parent giving it to her child, even worse. >> that's why the mom didn't want to tell you where she got the botox.
7:37 am
you watch that. and you controlled yourself when you were talking to her. it's hard not to get so angry, giving the message that is being sent there. >> it was difficult as a mom, to have that conversation. and she was unapologetic. she wanted to get her side of the story out there. she says the pageant world is tough. this is the latest example of how far parents will go. >> she tried to justify it, by saying well other parents are doing it. that's the justification? >> right. >> as you said, i asked her, do you see a difference? and she said, yeah, in the lines. >> they're dimples. they're dimples. she's 8 years old. >> and it's a slippery slope. you know? i'm sure a lot of our viewers will have a lot to say about that. >> i can't believe there's debate about this. but we want to hear what you have to say on we'll have a lot more on "nightline" tonight. let's go to sam. >> no, no, no, no, no, no. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about.
7:38 am
how about the big heat? we're talking an enormous amount of warm air. memphis at 88. st. louis, 87. atlanta at 90 degrees. chicago comes off the 90-degree mark to about 86. 83 in pittsburgh. new york, no. as close as you get to it is 71 degrees today. that warm air just doesn't move in your direction. strong to severe storms today right in the middle of the country. the storms are back west from dallas, oklahoma city, almost kansas city, as well. the heaviest rain will be along the mississippi river valley, just ahead of that. there's a potential particularly in that southern zone to come up with about one to two inches of rain. it's rain they don't need. what this would do is elevate the height of the water a little bit and delay the crest a little bit. remember the crest in new orleans is expected to be about 11 days away
7:39 am
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so tell your doctor when planning surgery. tell your doctor all medicines you take, including aspirin, especially if you've had a stroke. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than two weeks after starting plavix. we're back at 7:42. the average price of a gallon of
7:43 am
gas now stands at $3.97 a gallon. that's $1.06 more than a gallon last year. what if we told you that premium gas you're paying for is not really premium. elisabeth leamy followed some inspectors that are cracking down on substandard gas that could harm your engine. >> reporter: you're watching a surprise inspection, to see if the gasoline flowing from the pumps is pure and potent. or if drivers are getting short-changed. >> people want to know they're paying for what they're getting. >> reporter: could you be shelling out big bucks for gas and not getting the octane level promised on the pump? >> this is premium. and it gases really well. >> reporter: when suppliers and stations cheat on octane level, your engine can run rough and possibly even fail. >> i have a tez measure. >> reporter: misprogrammed pumps is not gotcha.
7:44 am
and check out this video, shot by an angry motorist, that shows the pump ticking upward, after he's taken the nozzle out of his car. >> that's disturbing. >> reporter: back in maryland, we found a problem at our second station. >> octane for the premium sample fails. >> reporter: it's not 93 like it should be. a sample from the underground tank fails, too. maryland's fuel testing laboratory provides the official verdict. the pricey premium gas that's supposed to be 93 octane is actually only 90.5 octane. >> this sample fails. >> reporter: maryland is 1 of only 40 states that do octane inspections like this. >> when the economy's as bad as it is, see the gas prices rising, food prices rising, everyone is very sensitive, to whether or not they're getting the short end of the stake. >> reporter: when the inspector returns to the station and orders it to stop selling
7:45 am
premium, the station blames its supplier. do you have any idea what happened? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: for "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news, jessop, maryland. >> some things to keep in mind the next time you fill her up. next, what is this pup pleading for? the doggy talk back. you don't want to miss it. >> not kidding. i also noticed there was some beef in there. ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ ♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day.
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7:49 am
♪ we are "around the watercooler" right now. and the worldwide watercooler these days is youtube. check this out. this is the ultimate dog tease. it has 15.5 million views and counting. >> you know that bacon? that's like maple? the maple flavor. >> the maple kind, yeah. >> so, i took that out. >> yeah? >> and i thought, i know who would like that. me. so, i ate it. >> oh.
7:50 am
you're kidding me. >> but i went back to the fridge. just a few minutes ago. and i put something together really special. you're going to love this one. i took some chicken. >> yeah? >> i put some cheese on it. and i covered it with -- >> covered it with what? >> covered it with cat treats. >> yeah? >> then, guess what. >> what? >> i gave it to the cat. >> as many times as you see this, it's still -- you're crying. >> i've seen it 1,000 times. >> it's so good. and it's just his face. he's so earnest. >> you can understand -- when you don't have the bacon, when the bacon's not yours, i cry. >> i completely understand, little fella. >> oh, gosh. >> he's got the ice down. that's great. done by andrew grabon of halifax. boy, that guy has a future, huh? >> he has his own facebook page
7:51 am
now. >> and voiceover offers. >> i'll bet. check it out ourself. this is bristol palin before. wait until you see what she looks like now. we'll find out in a little bit. >> i'm dying to find out. now, keeping the petss out, wrought to you by orkin. summer is coming. that means mosquitos are buzzing. you've tried it all to keep them away. sprays, candles, lotions. but do they really work? and which is best? get the answer now at ♪ hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile.
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7:56 am
a.c. transit riders willee see fare increases. they voted to raise regular fares die a dime to 2.10. all right. increase our temperatures a little bit. >> it will be 3-5 degrees warmer. mid to upper 50s along the bay shore. low to hid 70s inland valleys. upper 50s at the coast. one more warm day and the cool weather begins on saturday.
7:57 am
>> northbound 17 slow up to lark. you'll signed a lot of slowing 101 from santa clara up to mountain view because of an earlier accidents. >> the news continues now with it's cookout season, and we honor this all-american tradition with the red, white, and blue.
7:58 am
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♪ there is only one lady gaga. and we have her live in central park. mark down the date. friday, may 27th. just two weeks and a day from today. lady gaga, launching our most spectacular summer concert series to date. it's going to be free. you do need a ticket. we'll have details for you next week. >> all of the phones will be ringing. that will be something. also this morning, we begin our series "doc at your door." dr. richard besser makes house
8:01 am
calls to find the dangers inside your medicine cabinet. >> hard to get anybody inside anybody's house. who are you? >> who is this big guy? and save big at the supermarket. mellody hobson goes shopping to show how to take down your food bill. >> need that more now than ever. let's turn first to bristol palin. she as a jaw-dropping new look, when she showed up at a washington party last month. she looks so different, that some people didn't recognize her. now, she is speaking out about her transformation. and andrea canning has more on that. >> reporter: pun intended, bristol said she had reconstructive jaw surgery, for medical reasons. but her new look suggests she had everything from fillers injected into her face, to a face-lift. take a look for yourself. notice something different about bristol palin? a new hair cut, check.
8:02 am
a slimmer face. check. but also, what appears to be a new chin. take a look at this before and after of the 20-year-old mom. the daughter of sarah palin clearly has a new, angled jaw and sharpened chin. >> on april 30th, when bristol palin walked into an after-party of a washington correspondents' dinner, jaws just dropped. they were shocked. she looked totally different. it was clear something had been done. >> reporter: bristol tells "us weekly," her new look is from corrective jaw surgery. my dentist warned me i would have to have jaw surgery because my jaw wasn't aligned. >> have corrective jaw surgery can change your look. in that case, you're moving bone. you're going to have less support architecture. it will change the way the jaw looks. >> reporter: but some doctors are speculating she also had a purely cosmetic procedure to sculpt her chin, in addition to
8:03 am
the other surgery. he's been accused of having cheek implants to a face-lift. she claims, i wouldn't get plastic surgery unless i got in an accident or something terrible and i got disfigured. i don't obsess over my face. the announcement came during a big week for the mother of 2-year-old tripp. the third-place "dancing with the stars" contestant is moving from her son from wasilla, alaska, to l.a., to live with fellow dancer, kyle massey, for a reality show. she says the show had nothing to do with the surgery. but admits, it has improved the way she looks. i am absolutely thrilled with the results. i look older, more mature. and i don't have as much of a chubby, little baby face. and the concept of this reality show, bristol will move into kyle massey's home along with his brother, chris, who is also an actor. the three say they are best friends. and, robin, one article described the show as "three's company," meets "three men and a baby."
8:04 am
>> you called it. you said it would be like "three's company." >> she does look good. >> her last quote was on the money. josh, you recently sat down with sarah palin. >> i thought you were going to say, you recently got reconstructive chin surgery. >> there's no surgery that will change this. i hope they have a swinging kitchen door. good morning to all of you. security is substantially increased this morning outside of if home of president obama's grandmother. police in kenya, telling abc news, it's in response to threats against sara obama, made by the somalian branch of al qaeda, after the killing of osama bin laden. security will conduct patrols around the clock. intelligence officials have uncovered chilling, now details in osama bin laden's private, handwritten journals. they say he advises his follows to target smaller cities, to kill as many americans as
8:05 am
possible. and police in new york arrested two men trying to buy a.k.-48s and hand grenades to attack synagogues in the city. the plan was apparently in the work before bin laden was killed. and ceos of the big oil companies are getting ready for a tough day of questioning on capitol hill. democrats want to eliminate the $2 billion in tax breaks oil companies get every year. republicans say doing that will only cause gas prices to climb even higher. meanwhile, president obama has signed a disaster declaration for 14 counties in mississippi because of flooding. the evacuation notices are posted for thousands of homes in and around vicksburg. upstream, in memphis, meanwhile, floodwaters have tested positive for e. coli bacteria. and new research on bedbugs. science need not confirm they are disgusting and irritating. turns out they can also carry so-called superbugs, drug-resistant germs. dr. richard besser is here with
8:06 am
the details. rich? >> if you needed another reason to hate bedbugs, you now have it. researchers in canada wanted to see if bedbugs could carry dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria. and they could. two although the bacteria can cause serious infections, there's been no infections to date, that's been linked to being bitten by a bedbug. i'm sure doctors will be looking and asking more closely about that connection. >> meanwhile, bedbugs just aren't a problem in big cities, such as new york. we've seen it explode around the country, suggesting they're nothing, if not ministowaways. so, what can people do? >> it is taking off. you don't want to mess around with this. they're very difficult to control. but the earlier you get professional help, the more likely you'll get this problem under control. josh? >> all right. dr. richard besser with the latest. meanwhile, our diane sawyer
8:07 am
with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> happy thursday to you, josh. tonight on "world news," an incredible gift for a devoted, young sports fan. you'll meet an 11-year-old and his family whose lives were completely changed forever by a gift from a teen he simply ad e adores. see it tonight. finally, iconic hollywood history up for grabs. the poster art for the movie "cleopatra," hitting the auction block this weekend. showing elizabeth taylor flanked by richard burton and rex harrison. also up for auction, john lennon's handwritten lyrics to "lucy in the sky." and "chitty chitty bang bang, expected to fetch up to 2 million smackers. the car from the film, fully functional. you'll need a little hollywood magic to make it fly or float. and it's just fun to say chitty chitty bang bang. fully functional.
8:08 am
just don't take it to the sea. >> all right. let's get outside. sam is out there with our great audience. and a costume -- a wardrobe change. >> you didn't sing chitty chitty bang bang. i thought were sure that was going to happen right there. no. and everyone's like, move on, sam. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> i know. i'm good, thank you. how are you? and you need to say -- >> good morning, australia. >> good morning, australia. your three words were -- >> good morning, america. >> i love it. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about as you step outside. wls, everything about chicago you need to know right there. if you're not watching, unplug the tv set. chicagoland, a little fog rolling off the water. water temperatures in the 40s. your temperatures starts in the 50s. you get to the 80s again today. it's not the majestic 90s, though. saturday, you're 56. atlanta, dropping down to 78. i need to say to you in times
8:09 am
square, by the time we get to the weekend, it's not this nice. it's kind of an ugly -- i know. but we put it all out this week. you get great weather now. this weekend, you don't get it. the line of strong to severe storms from omaha to houston. that's in the deep what's your name? >> i'm rachel. >> rachel, that may be my favorite sign of the morning.
8:10 am
it's colorful. that's all from times square. who are we going back to? i'm sorry. robin. robin. >> we were singing the whole time. the whole time. ♪ chitty chitty bang bang brand-new revelations about what happened to little madeleine mccann. her parents, on why they're hoping for a breakthrough in this haunting, haunting case. dad: ah, we got robbed. they took the flat screen. mom: the sound system... dad: they didn't take the computer... mom: maybe it's time for a new one. employee: here's your new pc. and we moved the files from your old computer over for free. mom: our wedding video? employee: uh huh. mom: all the baby pictures? employee: yes. mom: our taxes? employee: yep. mom: that was so easy. dad: now this is something they would steal. vo: right now, buy a new pc at staples and we'll move your files over for free it's that easy.
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we've become synonymous with "dud," "reject," "flop," "failure," "bust." "fiasco." anything defective is a lemon. never mind that people love to squeeze us and we're a favorite among aromatherapists. introducing the mccafé frozen strawberry lemonade from mcdonald's. now we're the bee's knees. we're tart, tangy, and even sweet when you mix in the strawberries. oh, yeah. how do you like me now? the simple joy of bein' a lemon. ♪ ba-da-ba-ba-ba now, to that missing girl mystery that made huge headlines, led to a global manhunt, and has haunted parents everywhere. madeleine mccann was just 3 years old when she vanished during a family vacation to portugal in 2007. her anguished parents have been
8:15 am
searching for her ever since. hiring private detectives after police gave up the search. and now, madeleine's mother, kate mccann, has a new book out this morning. it's called "madeleine." and it's about the fight to find their daughter. >> reporter: young madeleine disappeared while on vacation in portugal in 2007. her parents, gerry and kate mccann, went to dinner earlier in the evening. leaving madeleine and her younger siblings alone in their room. >> please, if you have madeleine, let her come home to her mummy, daddy, brother and sister. >> reporter: almost immediately, she and gerry come under intense scrutiny. at one point, becoming suspects in madeleine's disappearance. portuguese police launch an investigation. but after four years, the little girl has not been found. >> please, tell us where to find her. >> reporter: now, kate has written, "madeleine," a
8:16 am
heart-wrenching story of her lost daughter and the family that waiting for her. she writes of despair so dense, there seems only one way around it. i had an overwhelming urge to swim out across the ocean. she says as hard and as fast as i could. to swim and swim and swim until i was so far out and so exhausted, i could just allow the water to pull me under and relieve me of this torment. she writes of guilt so strong, she now questions why she didn't respond to the children crying the night before maddie disappeared. saying, it is now my belief that there was either somebody in or trying to get into the children's bedroom that night. and that is what disturbed them. finally, she writes of hope. the hope she got from the jaycee dugard story. i tried to block it out. i didn't want to hear how long she'd been away. but my dad said, listen. listen. and i realized, it was another cause for hope. it shows how easy it is for children to be taken off the radar, and to be alive years, decades, down the line.
8:17 am
today is madeleine's 8th birthday. for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. and kate and gerry mccann join us now. thank you so much for joining us this morning. this will be the fifth birthday without madeleine. each year, you mark it with a small party. cakes, balloons, cards. is that how you're going to mark it today? >> obviously, it's slightly different today, george, because we're launching my book. there will be a little tea party, at home with balloons and cake, close family and friends. i comfort myself by know by what we're doing today could be very positive in the search for our daughter. >> and you say all of the proceeds from this book will help fund the search for madeleine. this has to be done privately now. the police aren't doing it anymore. >> that's right. the police investigation stopped in july 2008. so, we've had to get our own investigators and had to fund it ourselves.
8:18 am
>> we hope with the book launch today, as well as launching a campaign really for an independent review of madeleine's case by the authorities. something that's never been done. and for us, that's a major stone that needs turned in the search for our daughter. >> in the book, you based it on the diaries, kate, that you've kept for madeleine. it's so raw and honest about your pain and what you did as a couple. there's points where you're actually blamed by the police. at one point, the portuguese police basically offer you a deal. they say, if you take two years in prison, confess to killing madeleine, this whole thing will be over. >> i think it's hard to explain how terrifying that whole experience was. it looked like our whole life was going to collapse around us. and i'm sure that if we had confessed to hiding madeleine's body, for which there's no
8:19 am
evidence, and no evidence even that madeleine's even been harmed, that would be the end of it. kate was extremely strong in that period. and was fighting for madeleine. >> i think the most difficult thing, george, was the realization at that point that the police weren't looking for madeleine. they were focused on trying to, i guess, blame us and for it all to be over. obviously, that's one of the most damaging things that could happen to the search, really. was for the police to stop looking and convince the general public, as well, that we were somehow involved. and then, stop them from looking. so, that was the thing that hurt the most. >> you also write about, you know, you had left madeleine and the kids there. my wife and i have talked about this. this could happen to anyone. but how were you able to stop blaming yourself in any way? >> i mean, all i can say is how much i love madeleine. you know, we both love our children dearly.
8:20 am
and there's no way we would ever have put them at risk. i think i have to remind myself, as well, is the person who committed this crime is the abductor. and at this point, that abductor, that person, is out there free. so, he's got away with this so far. he's also free to go and commit similar crimes if he's left as it is. if nobody is going to try to look for him. >> finally, what's your biggest hope of what can come from this book? >> our main hope is that it will lead somehow to finding our daughter. and we'd like to thank everybody that's helped us already. thank you to everybody who reads the book. and please keep looking. please keep helping us to find our daughter. >> thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> the book is called "madeleine." it's in bookstores today. robin? >> all right, george. we're launching a new series. it's called "doc at your door," where dr. richard besser goes door-to-door, helping folks out.
8:21 am
and this morning, he admits he will take a peek at the medicine cabinet. they let you in? >> they did let me in. that's right, robin. that's just the kind of house guest i am. most people go to the medicine cabinets to find something that's going to help them feel better. but if they aren't storing the medication properly, that harmless-looking storage space can be an accident waiting to happen. i knocked on a few doors to see if anyone wanted some friendly advice. and, well, here's what happened. tell the truth. have you ever peeked in someone else's medicine cabinet? like the woman in this commercial? come on, admit it. i have. wow. it can be a personal place. but as a doctor, i know it can also be a dangerous place. so, i packed my doctor's bag. i always have this stethoscope. and i have a koala, in case there's a screaming child. i went door-to-door, looking for possible hidden dangers inside
8:22 am
your medicine cabinet. to be honest, i didn't think anybody was going to let me into their home. hi. how are you doing? hi, i'm dr. rich besser from "good morning america." >> oh, i don't think so. >> reporter: you sure? >> i'm sure. >> reporter: no go. but i wasn't about to give up. and before long -- we were in the neighborhood. and i wanted to know if i can come in and talk to you. >> why not? >> reporter: they have a house full of kids. and a pair of grandmas who are always around to help. that's also why things here can get complicated fast. so, this concerned me. this one is expired. these antibiotics, you know why you still have them around? >> i thought i could still use them after i was done. >> reporter: uh-oh. no gold stars. overusing and misusing antibiotics like that, can cause drug resistance, meaning they won't work when you need
8:23 am
them to. it's a really good idea not to keep antibiotics after you finish a prescription. >> okay. >> reporter: i love spending time here. but i have more work to do. bye-bye. thank you very much. i would love to talk to you. >> i'm not even dressed. i'm an old lady. but okay. >> reporter: this is great. i was hopeful i could really help lois. some aspirin in here. antacid. eye drops. okay. that lid should always be kept tight on the medicine. other than that, lois gets a gold star. >> surprised. i have had it for a long time. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: see if the cuttinghams are home. >> how are you? >> reporter: can we have a look at your medicine cabinet? the cuttinghams' home is busy. i was sure there would be red flags here. this cold medicine expired a little over a year ago. another cold medicine. you get a lot of colds. >> that's what you do with three kids. >> reporter: that's right.
8:24 am
they share them, don't they? come on over here. something else caught my eye. i see some tylenol. there was a recall on tylenol. so, we huddled around the kitchen table to get the scoop. hi. i have some tylenol and some motrin. and i wanted to see if either one is part of a recall. i did some checking. it is on recall. "doc at your door" to the rescue. these should not be in the medicine cabinet. i wanted to be sure i safely got rid of the drugs. so, we made some coffee. if you flush pills down the toilet, medicine can end up in the water supply. here's what you do to make sure that doesn't happen. we have coffee grounds. now, our pills. dump them in. add a little water. mix it all together. watch as coffee grounds absorb the pills, making them ineffective and something nobody would want to eat. >> eww.
8:25 am
>> reporter: look how fast that dissolves. gone. i hate to waste anything. do you mind if i have a cup of coffee? >> help yourself to a cup. >> reporter: looks like my job here is done. but listen for your doorbell. there may be a "doc at your door" soon. just to be clear, the tylenol and motrin that you buy now from the store are safe. it's the old ones in your medicine cabinet you need to look at to see if they've been recalled. robin, i have a pop quiz for you. and i hope our viewers -- >> bring it on. bring it on. you're not getting in my house. >> i was amazed people let me in. here's the first question. what's the best place to store your medicine? the medicine cabinet? the linen closet? or the refrigerator? >> the medicine cabinet? >> most people think it's the medicine cabinet. they're not. it's hot and humid. the best place is your linen closet. >> really? >> it's dark. it's cool. and your medicines will last longer. >> okay.
8:26 am
>> second question. which will be safer longer? is that liquid or pill? which medicine is more likely to go bad first? >> go bad? >> go bad first. >> i would think the liquid would go bad first. >> you're right. liquid doesn't last as long. pills, tablets, they're going to last a lot longer. which are safer to take after the expiration date? over-the-counter pain medication? or oral contraceptive? >> i'm going to say "a." >> you're correct. over-the-counter medicines, manufacturers won't guarantee those after the expiration date. but if they're in pill form, they're going to be safe for quite a long time. but prescription medications, you want to throw those away after the expiration time. >> you're hitting the road again? >> i am. if you want me to visit, at dr. richard besser. send me a tweet. >> all right. get a complete research guide for disposing of our eet.cription drugs safely.
8:27 am
there are new allegations involving norman wielsch. private investigator chris butler is said to have a written a 34 page statement in which he claims he and wielsh ran a brothel in pleasant hill business park. they say butler may be making up the story to shave time off a possible prison term. >> especially on north 101, still jammed out of san jose all the way into mountain view because of an earlier accident. it's impacted westbound 237 which is slow out of milpitas
8:28 am
and northbound 17 jammed because of an accident so you have a
8:29 am
welcome back. off to bright start, notice the coit tower and blue sky behind it means we're going to have sunshine and warmer weather this afternoon, five to ten degrees warmer. 60s and mid-50s throughout the
8:30 am
bay shore. upper 50s to low 5078's as you head inland. warmer tomorrow before the reality tv. we love it. and next week, "gma" is starring in it. the great food truck race. >> this is great. >> pawn stars. >> i'll give you $1,900. "billy the exterminator." and "mob wives." and "wipeout." >> you know why i'm doing this? >> all next week, it's reality week, only on -- >> "good morning america." >> on abc. [ cheers ] >> it looks so painful. >> i'm still recovering. i'm still recovering. but i'm glad i could go so you all didn't have to. >> and lest you forget, you have
8:31 am
done one, too. you're going to do one. >> yeah. i'm told i'm doing one. yes. >> can you tell us which one? >> i cannot tell you. it will take place next week. >> all right. >> are you going to come back as sore as i came back? >> no. >> there's always a back story behind the reality shows. we're keeping it real. we had to go into a confession booth to, well -- >> to share. >> that's a nice way of putting it, lara. you'll see. >> am i ready? better believe i'm ready. i stay ready. >> all right. let's do this. >> yeah. >> i have a couple things to say. let's talk. >> so, i'm sitting in my office one afternoon. and james goldson, our executive producer walks in and says, i'm
8:32 am
thinking of sending you to porn stars. porn stars. what? porn stars? i know this is a new "gma." what's he talking about, porn stars? you know, how am i going to interview a president after being a porn star? i'm the son of a priest. how is that possible? what am i going to do? porn stars? then, it hit me. james is from britain. and you know, we don't always understand every word he says and the way he says it. he was actually saying "pawn stars." porn stars. "pawn stars." why didn't you say so? that's fantastic. "pawn stars." okay. i'll do that. >> those colleagues of mine, oh, they have jokes. they always think they're going to get me. i like to eat the right thing. stay as fit as i can. what do they give me? a food truck challenge. yeah. they make me go around the
8:33 am
country, tasting all this food. you think it's something easy to do. just tasting food. it was hard. i had to take breaks. i had to drink lots of water. my stomach was getting full. it was hard. it was really hard. but i was thinking of my colleagues. i know what they were doing and the different challenges that they were taking. and i wanted to do my part. i wanted to hold up my end of the bargain. so -- >> just getting miced up. very glad this is not a hidden mic, planted by feds or anything, because i would not do that. not with the mob wives, if you know what i mean. new kid at "gma." first big assignment. and the producers give me "the mob wives." think they're trying to send me a signal? apparently, i'm going to get a mob wife makeover, whether i want it or not.
8:34 am
>> so, i get this call. got any reality shows on the network that you enjoy? there's a few. this is a secured location, right? they said, what about "wipeout"? i list a few more. and what about "wipeout"? and i realize, that the new guy doesn't have a choice whatsoever. what do i find myself doing? 30 feet in the air, on a swing, with wind gusting 40, 50, 60 miles per hour. that look on my face, that was sheer, total, fear. >> porn stars. "pawn stars." >> i kept eating. and it just didn't stop. >> "mob wives." did i mention they know people? okay. >> i'm pretty sure hazing's
8:35 am
illegal. >> be sure to tune in monday morning for all of the fun and countdown to the kickoff. join us on twitter. you win. >> that was all real. i didn't make up a thing. you should have seen the look on james' face when he saw my face, having to go to porn stars. it was a very short exchange. >> you were so serious. >> and you're a prop comic. love the apple. really a piece of motivation. >> all of us, and dan and bianna, and sam. >> tell us where. >> i can't. >> wiping out or mob -- >> i can't. we'll talk after we get back. >> all right. we have a great guest here. ellen pompeo. and we'll be talking with her in
8:36 am
just a minute. >> i love the tune. the music. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you, ellen. you're always so good. >> the dog is getting fresh with me. >> oh, hey. >> kissing me. >> sorry. sam? >> let's do a little weather. all right, you two. hang on. >> you pierced my foot with that stiletto. ow. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. wow. now, you just hit him with the mic? it's a brutal business, ladies and gentlemen. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you a live shot from our friends at kmgh in denver because denver is a sign of what the rest of us will follow over the next few danes into next week. this is the rapidly dropping temperatures. 26 degrees it feels like this morning. and in dodge city, 40 degrees. santa fe, at 33. you'll notice the long line of thunderstorms. that's the boundary of the heat
8:37 am
and the cold air behind it. denver is only 61, when chicago is 86. if you think spring means we're in the warm temperatures forever, no. that's summer. spring is the mix all that weather was wrought to you by mcdonald's. coming up on "gma," settle in. mellody hobson takes us down the aisles. we'll show you how to save big. not little. giant. ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪
8:38 am
♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. like rich caramel macchiato, part of coffee-mate's new café collection. from nestle.
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♪ better shop around in "america's money," the food prices are going up and up. we sent mellody hobson out to a grocery store in tucson, arizona, to help shoppers fill up their carts without emptying their checkbooks. take a look. with the price of grocery stories going up and up, mellody to the rescue. we sent her to fry's food and drug in tucson, arizona, to help cool the worry. inside, customers started lining up with questions. among them, the ultimate
8:41 am
impulsive shopper. >> what do you do to combat compulsive buying? and get the discount. >> you want to know what the answer is simply? >> don't buy it. >> yes. give them to me. you can't even go back. no. you can't have these. you don't even want them. you're just buying them because they're on sale. we have to stop you. i'm saving you from yourself. >> reporter: always remember, don't buy it just because it's on sale. >> by not having to use discipline in the store, you end up wracking up huge, huge, huge costs. >> reporter: for some people, simply getting organized is the biggest challenge. >> my fridge right now is haphazard. i come in and look for the finds and anything like a bargain i go for it. >> the best thing you could possibly do, that would save you money, is to walk in with a list. >> okay. >> reporter: do your homework before you go. >> writing two things down does not constitute a list.
8:42 am
list as in the ten items or more category. >> reporter: and all of you who love big, club store where's you can buy in bulk, beware. >> my question is pretty simple. is warehouse shopping, like club shopping, better than regular grocery shopping? >> club shopping is great for certain items. paper items. but in other areas, if you're going to end up throwing it away because you haven't eaten it, you've wasted the money. >> reporter: being selective is key. >> people get, again, lured into the sale. and ultimately buying more than they need or things they actually didn't want. >> reporter: but for the best deals in the store -- >> i try to shop and save. i want to know if a good strategy is -- i just found this. it's kind of banged up. but i think it's fine. >> yes. >> finding things that are on half-sale? >> yes. here's what you want to think able. generally, it's not a problem. sometimes with canned goods, you want to be careful.
8:43 am
if the canned good is compromised in any way, you can find yourself with botulism. >> reporter: find the bargain bin. >> deep discount there's. half price and more, in order to move the merchandise. >> reporter: that's savings advice to live by. and mellody joins us now with more tips. that looks like a lot of fun, mel mellody. let's get more advice. starting with coupons and the best way to take advantage of them. >> yes. they've been revolutionized by the internet. no more ink on your hands from the newspaper. the coupon site i like the most is they have 5,000 stores to choose from. they have a separate section for grocery. they have an iphone app. another great site is one thing to keep in mind that a lot of people don't know, if you go to one grocer, print out the coupon from a competitor and ask
8:44 am
if they will honor it. >> what's your take on when it's worth it to go with generic? >> they tend to be about $1 cheaper. and people want to know why the generic is cheaper. the branded product tends to spend more on marketing and advertising, package thing. you want to think about what you're buying. it may be a no-brainer to buy generic bleach, for example. you may not want to buy generic ketchup or paper plates. one thing to keep in mind, sometimes the branded goods company makes the generic. an example of that in some stores is spices. >> that's interesting. i didn't know that. finally, you have an important tip on meat. >> yes. so, meat has been this area where the prices have been escalating. ground beef alone is up 18% over the last year. expect it to go up another 8% this year. so, you've got two options. one, go right to the butcher and ask him, what are the cheapest cuts? which, by the way, tend to take
8:45 am
longer to cook. so, keep that in mind. the second option you have, is to buy meat close to its expiration date. the store will not sell you bad meat. we have more tips on our website, when
8:46 am
♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil. to learn more and get your special offer, go to take action. take advil®. what helps keep her moving? caltrate soft chews. ready-to-go, delicious, and packed with 20% more calcium than viactiv. strong bones. strong convictions. caltrate soft chews. because women move the world.
8:47 am
having so much fun talking to ellen right now. i know it's hard to believe. we've been talking about the seventh season of "grey's anatomy." it's wrapping up. just two to go. a lot of drama with our doctors from seattle grace. and our friend, ellen, has been brilliantly playing meredith. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> i'm great. >> it's hard to believe it's been seven seasons. and your character -- is it ever going to settle down for
8:48 am
meredith? >> it can't. it's called a drama. it can't settle down. there would be no show if there's no drama. so, they have to keep it going. >> how far in advance do you know what's going to be going on? >> not very -- if it's something big, they'll tell us. but otherwise, usually just a week. >> that's it. you pull it off every week. and i love the ensemble cast. i remember way back when going out and being on set with you guys. but i have to say, you and derek, the characters, what you're going through right now is resonating with a lot of people. your characters are trying to have a child. >> yes. >> what are you hearing from people? >> i'm overwhelmed by the amount of fans, women, that come up to me, that says the story line is so moving, so touching. i'm going through this. aim going through that. and it's awkward. it's an intense thing that women go through. and they see me. and they want to cram in six
8:49 am
minutes this emotional story of what they're going through and how the storyline in the show relates to their experience. and it really helps me want to tell the story truthfully. want to fight for the storyline truthfully because a lot of times on "grey's" they want to wrap things up in a not-so-realistic package. that's just what you have to do. and it's so important for the women who have come up to me and have been brave enough to share their stories with me. i fight for this storyline to be realistic, to be genuine. and to be something of a ray of hope for women. i'm trying very hard. i don't always win my fights. but the women who have approached me, they're on my mind. >> well said. that's a perfect setup to this clip that we'll be seeing tonight on "grey's anatomy." here it is. >> what if we realize that we rushed into this without really
8:50 am
knowing what we're doing? or that maybe a resident who works 80 hours a week isn't the best candidate for a mom. so, just, please, stop saying everything's going to be okay because you don't know that. >> okay. everything is going to go the way it goes. >> thank you. >> you guys are just magic together on the screen. >> you know, i am so incredibly lucky to have patrick. to have the chemistry that we do. we have an amazing relationship. and it's like any other relationship. you have your ups and downs. >> sure. >> but we work it out. and we found a way to do this for this long and still get along and make it work and believe in what we're doing. and the cast and the fans are everything. we would be nowhere without the fans and without the other cast members. >> you guys have been very generous. i'm so happy with everything that -- your daughter is
8:51 am
gorgeous. >> she is. >> almost 2 now. >> she's almost 2, yeah. and it gets better every day. i'm so blessed. >> i'm happy for you. are you still designing? >> i love to do the house. it's so fun. yeah. >> you have a lot going on. you always have time for us. >> thank you. >> all the best to you, ellen. >> thanks so much. >> "grey's anatomy" airs tonight, at 9:00, 8:00 central, on abc. coming up, sam takes a spin on a -- that's a bike? okay. you can see never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together.
8:52 am
you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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8:54 am
♪ bicycle, bicycle our "just one thing" this morning, grant ryan, the inventor of the yike bike. your urban transportation. make it green. make it simple. make it cheap. how did you do this? let's talk. how fast will it go? >> about 15 miles per hour. >> how long does it hold a charge? >> about six miles. >> urban transportation. easy to plug in. >> easy to plug in. easy to ride. >> the cost of this thing now, you have it down to -- >> $1,900. >> can i try to ride it? >> can you? >> i don't know if i can or not. this is the gas. this is the brake. let's see. i'm a little nervous, robin. >> oh, yeah.
8:55 am
>> easy. nice. >> i'm a little nervous. i'm focused. i'm going towards you. >> go to the light, sam. >> josh, you see if you do better. >> oh. >> please, top gun. let's see how it goes. here's the deal with this. it replaces a lot of the public transportation or the individual transportation that people are trying to charge. >> yes, it does. it's really inexpensive to ride. >> "time" magazine has made this their, like, invention of the year? one of those things? >> yeah. on the cover of "time." >> very good. george, you want to try it? if you want to try, let him walk behind you. first, you have to learn to rebalance yourself just a little on this. >> oh, yeah. >> look down. >> do you want the aviators? >> yeah. >> put those on. >> there we go. nice and relaxed.
8:56 am
put your foot up. >> world's smallest, lightest, compact electric ride. weighs 20 pounds. 15 miles per hour, 6 miles on a battery charge. extended and it goes 18 miles. 5 cents on a charge. about a penny a mile. >> it accelerated. >> that's it. >> have a great day. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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seven moisturizers plus shea butter for softer, smoother skin. this stuff really works. hundreds of commuters are leaving their cars at home and riding their bicycles to work. organizers say they have seen 250% increase in the number of participants in the past few years. a lot of sunshine but still a head wind if you are heading to the west because it's coming off the ocean. it will take care of the cloud. mid to upper 50s along the bay shore. low to mid-70s and upper 50s along the coast the warmer tomorrow before the cooling hits saturday and rain saturday night with chances through wednesday. traffic is still heavy in the south bay on northbound 101 in pockets of san jose all the way up to mountain view because of much earlier accident. bay bridge


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