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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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intelligence. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good i'm at the are terrify live at millbrae bart stakes where they are considering a program, if you are a vet. i'm going to work on my poetry. >> and demanding more money for schools. >> and sun coming up, it's 6:02. we'll see it plenty of sunshine but hang on for big changes this weekend. >> and the commute is light right now but road work in antioch and also something going on with the cable cars today. >> and san jose sharks get the job done. they win game seven of the playoff show down with detroit
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in a game that went down in the final seconds. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. a little drama. top bart official wants a new way to report problems on the train. he is urging creation of a text message phone line that report system's fal functions. terry mcsweeney at millbrae bart with more. >> reporter: bart president bob franklin to be passengers to be able to tell passengers of any problems with bart. this is very interesting program. passengers could quickly and quietly, pretty much privately let bart about an out of control package or a suspicious package. they can call police or they can fill out a comment card.
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but that is not likely to happen and certainly not as likely as someone sending a text. one thing that might not be reported is a dirty bart car because bart is thinking about using a surplus of $4.5 million to start a mint car program but they would be in somewhat mint condition. a rollback of bart fares or four free commute days per year. getting back to the text messages, it's an idea that has been tried by muni, they say it's very successful over there in fighting crime, maybe bart going to do it. it is certainly being considered by the top brass. the yemeni man accused of ramming his way into cockpit is due back in court this morning. a bail hearing is set for rageh
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al-murisi who is facing one count of interfering with a flight crew. it happened sunday night from chicago to sfo. he was restrained by two flight attendants and two passengers including a retired san mateo police officer. his court appearance it reveals that he was carrying several valid and former kinds of i.d. and had a total of $13,000. >> the unibomber's belongings will be sold to the highest bidder online. items include typewriters and other equipment used to make his letter bombs. original versions of the unibomber revolution also will be auctioned off. he was arrested in 1996 in his remote mountain cabin. he killed three people with his mail bombs and two of them in sacramento. 23 other people were injured in
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various parts of the country. she now 69 years old and serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. >> seven oakland teachers are out of jail after being arrested during a protest outside a downtown oakland bank. this is video from youtube, dozens picketing in front of wells fargo bank. seven teachers were arrested for unlawful assembly. they say the federal government needs to reverse their priorities. they say schools should be bailed out. banks received five trillion cars bailout money through 2010. san jose like most cities is dealing with a serious budget deficit. city council will hold a budget meeting on public safety. last night the city's most as a
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rule unbelievably residents demanded their programs be spared. here is lisa amin gulezian with the story. >> they faced off with the city leader. they held their hearts in their hands. mary ann guzman is 68. she goes to the alma community center daily. because of the proposed cuts the entire staff could be laid off. that is not all the budget for the senior nutrition program could drop from $1.2 million to $550,000. at risk programs currently be cut and the healthy neighborhood programs may drop from $3.5 million to $400,000. councilmember worries that shrinking pots hurts both groups. >> i'm not satisfied with that. >> including the 400 people here. >> it's impacting programs.
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>> i'm desperately worried. >> the mayor admits he is worried too but he says choices have to be made. san jose has a $115 million budget deficit. mayor reed blames the unions and rising pensions for the short fall. >> the seniors and students will make a similar plea for to counties. county dollars are also in jeopardy. they will vote on a final budget on the 21st. facebook admits the secretly hired a public relations company to seed negative stories about google. they say facebook confided to convince reporters and bloggers that google was invading privacy. they did not allow the program they hired for.
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facebook says no smear campaign was authorized or intended. the issues are serious or we should have present presented them in a serious way. >> stanley cup fever? live look at the tank this morning. tickets go on sale for the sharks home games in the western conference finals begins vancouver canucks. last night, game seven, do or die the sharks survived a determine detroit team that advanced to the finals to the second straight year. patric marleau who was ridiculed all series for his blame had the game winning goal. they pulled within a goal six minutes but san jose beat the red wings 3-2 to fake the series
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4-3. >> we still have a long ways to go. we're going to continue to do our best. >> they will meet vancouver for sunday night in british columbia they lost the next three games and do or die in game seven. >> kristen: so for fans waiting out there this morning, let's check in with lisa for the weather conditions. >> we do have clear skies so temperatures are on a bit on the cool side. half moon bay 39. south bay we have 50s in san jose. 50 in mountain view. waking up to 49 in san francisco. napa, 40 for you. 24 hours we were much warmer. we have dropped anywhere from 2-15 degrees in most locations around the bay area. with that it will be a cooler day if you are by the coast. overall, sunny and mild. tomorrow the clouds increase,
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much cooler temperatures. you've heard about it, we have been advertising the rain saturday night into sunday. so today, sunshine, some clouds moving in by tomorrow and then the rain by about 10:00 saturday night. staying with us with a chance of thunderstorms on sunday. unsettled weather pattern going to stay with us until early next week. >> good morning. we're heading to antioch, shutting down road work from leverage out to sommersville so there is a detour in place and this in effect for about another hour. also, heads up. cable car, the power nation line is out of service. but there are buses in place so you will see muni buses in place. so big heads up for bart to the bay bridge, in o sunday, they are opening very early on sunday at about 5:00 a.m.
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that will be a great way to head to the race. >> eric: time is just about 4:40. >> i think i know the answer, how would you like toearn $128,000 for about 12 days work? >> and huge pension but still on the public payroll. see how she safely taxpayers money. >> and how they are preparing to walk across the stage my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover. i know it's sort of my weakness. i always keep it in the house. well, that and boston crème pie,
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good morning, 4:42. a live look from rooftop hd camera at the bay bridge where traffic is moving along just fine so far. lisa argen is here. is that precip still on the way.
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is it hitchhiking it's a way to the bay area? a highly criticized plan could get the ax. the unemployment insurance appeals board make $128,000 a year but usually meet only once a month. >> republicans were proposing deep cuts to social service programs under a new plan. a 10% cut in state employee cuts but leaves for funding for education alone. gop lawmakers say it's possible to close california's $15 billion budget deficit without raising taxes. >> they are slashing budgets and cutting jobs, we have learned that one public employee is doing very well collecting a hefty pension alongside a big salary. they say the county can't afford
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it but some argue say it's saving taxpayers money. laura anthony has more. >> after 37 years of service, contra costa services director was hired into december. the 65-year-old man is contract employee for the county. >> state law allows public employees that retire to work for their agency up to 960 hours per year pay. so what dr. walker is doing is working full time for half time pay. >> his gross income was $291,000. a sum that included more than $80,000 in pay as an on call physician. now that he is retired he is collecting half of his $190,000 base seriously sarlt plus his pension. he now gets nearly $360,000 per year.
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>> the decision they have to make, to the county, because the pension is there and you have an additional salary to pay. >> we're not comfortable with it. >> local 1 would support that would curtail of hiring it one day and return the next. >> if it's earned and paid for it's right. if we want to change that, we can change. >> it county leaders say in dr. walker's case, they sold contra costa $300,000 a year. that is money they would spend hiring his replacement. laura anthony, "abc 7 news." >> coming up that could lead to sharp drop in hir infections. >> how a senior is about to make some medical history at his graduation. >> and small army of volunteers will be on call to protect the bay area against oil spills.
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>> the u.s. meet with three of osama bin laden's wives. what happened and what did not
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good morning, no delays locally here but a lot of wet weather spreading through the midwest and south. strong thunderstorms perhaps. it begins a day of wet, cool weather and several days in the east coast and not only there but back home, we're looking at unsettled weather to enjoy today. a look at full weather forecast. if you need weather across the country check out flight tracker at >> eric: with law enforcement on alert for any post bin laden attacks the fight against terrorism focuses on two other continents this morning. they are questioning osama bin laden's wives in company and possible revenge plots against one of president obama's
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relatives in kenya. >> when he announced bin laden's death he warned that al-qaeda would seek retribution. now there a threat against a relative of obama. the family is under heavy security. obama won't comment on specific family threats, but when it documents american people.... >> after having killed bin laden there may be a desire on some al-qaeda members to exact revenge. that is something we have to be vigilant about. >> it's why intelligence and law enforcement officials is combing through bin laden's writing seized during the raid. he was wondering if it was feasible to kill president obama or derail his election. >> the u.s. has access to three
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his wies. the wives were reportedly not cooperative. along the mississippi river engineers are close to opening a massive spill way that would protect two major spill ways in louisiana. hundreds of thousands of acres are threatened. some 25,000 people. they are worrying their homes and way of life may be drowned. army corps of engineers could open a flood way north of baton rouge in order to relieve pressure on the levee system and protect baton rouge but put several thousand homes at bayou at risk. >> tough choices they are making during this flooding. >> take a look at our weather forecast for the weekend. >> not only strained across the country but very unusual weather for this time have year. we're talking cold and showers
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for the weekend. live look outside. we do have some patchy fog. we see sunshine when the sun comes up. good morning, redwood city, 489 and cool and 39 half moon bay. 41 santa rosa, 50 in oakland, concord and mountain view and san jose. 24 hours ago it was warmer with a clear sky and a flightly cooler air mass. we are talking a chillier start and gusty westerly winds will bring a bit of a chill to the coast today but enjoy the overall mild weather because today compared to tomorrow and the next several days, we'll it will seem quite balmly mi clouds move on in. we're looking at showers tomorrow night in to sunday. and thunderstorms could be on the way. with the breeze out there, it will stay in the 50s at the coast. 60s in san francisco. sunny and breezy with 70s in inland valleys. here is a look at the setup. cold front off the coast.
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pretty strong area of low pressure, that is poised to move to the south across the bay area by late tomorrow into sunday. with the cold unstable air we're going to stay chilly with the threat have showers through sunday. then, another system is on its heels for monday into tuesday. here the time line. notice the clouds around tomorrow and then by 10:00, the north bay, marin county, sonoma looking wet and sbo into east bay, early morning we do have a break but with bay to breakers but we could see thunderstorms. keep that in mind. just for today. 73 in campbell. and 72 cupertino and 59 half moon bay. 59 in redwood city with a pretty good sea breeze. 59 in the sunset. look for low 60s. north bay numbers upper 50s. 71 in vallejo. 70 in fremont and nice afternoon
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for you in dublin. 75 in livermore. down by the monterey bay, some 60s by the coast but upper 70s near gilroy. seven-day forecast, nice day today. 60s and 70s, increasing clouds, rain moves in late. thunderstorms perhaps into sunday. then by monday, tuesday, wednesday, still a chance of showers with highs well below the average. good morning, frances. >> it's friday light. enjoy the commute if you are heading in towards work but there is a lot of things going on this weekend. here is a live shot in berkeley. i'm expecting heavy traffic from 80 on highway 37. because of infineon raceway, look out for that. if you are heading out to south tahoe highway 50 is closed at echo summit. traffic will be detoured if possible, if you are coming out of east bay, 88 is a good alternate for you or you may
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want to take interstate 80 to north tahoe area. you can always get more traffic information any time by going to click on the bay area traffic link. >> the department of fish and game is recruiting 30 volunteers to train so they'll be able to help save birds during a disastrous oil spill. there is only a few locally trained volunteers to wash off thousands of birds covering in oil after the cosco busan spill in the bay. they will learn hands on skills for working on day to day tasks to major oil spills. applications should be submitted by may 27th. training begins on june 22 in cotati. >> landmark study. if hiv patients get treatment immediately, it versusly
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improves the transmission of the disease. if a drug regimen is started before the illness is advances. it's part of a study by the national institute of health. >> kristen: it's the hope of most college students to walk across the stage in graduation the for u.c. berkeley student that walk will be an impossible dream come true. austin whitney has been in a wheelchair since 2007. tomorrow he plans to walk across the stage thanks to a robotic if device developed by u.c. berkeley engineers. >> we have motors and this is the transmission which executes leg motions. >> when austin wants to walk. he asks the system to take a step or stand up or sit down through some sort of user interface. that sends a command to computer and the computer skuats motion.
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basically there are feedback mechanismsisms within this power transfer system that tell the computer where we are in space and where the leg is relative to the body. >> it's just a beginning. i would not quit. this is just one person walking for a short time. >> i think austin getting a degree, that is just my first step to see what we can do in the future. >> kristen: signs fiction becomes reality. he says after graduation he hopes to attend law school. this could be made extra special by the fact by his students. they made the possibility of the research. >> eric: it's an important first step. next on "abc 7 news" at 5:00 a.m., the huge overtime bill san francisco's muni is on track to wrap up and why officials say they november choice but to pay it.
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>> how young is too young for botox injections. a san francisco mother has crossed the line. the story coming up. >> two days away from one of the most bay area's popular events. changes to this year's bay to breakers that some say will take a lot of the fun out of it. ♪it's the way you bring out the sun♪
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