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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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eight-year-old daughter botox injections. we'll have the story coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the millbrae bart station. there is a plan under consideration so that riders let management know about problems immediately via text. torture? it's over now. new thing is coming our way. sharks win the conference championship and lines are growing for tickets at the tank. >> and flying out you'll see another nice day on today but much colder. >> and 680, we'll take a look at that. it's been a very quiet commute. live shot of interstate 80 in
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berkeley. >> friday morning. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. top story, bart riders en an unruly passenger, help may be a text message away. terry mcsweeney is live at the millbrae station with a program being considered. >> it's under consideration right now but one of the people who is considering it is bart president bob franklin and he is going to argue with him. take a look at some pictures of bart passengers. these are folks that could quickly and quietly let bart know about any problems they have. maybe a passenger that is out of control. a door that won't close, a suspicious package. as it is right now. riders can call bart police or maybe tell a train operator or fill out a comment on card. if you want to do it quickly, do it by text. we got interesting reaction just a short time ago. >> have you ever seen a problem if you had a text message you would have texted it in? >> no, no.
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bart is perfect and i have never have any problems. i get up at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. it's convenient and helpful. >> everybody has quick access to it. i think its great idea. >> staying with the bart scene and on different track, one thing they might not complain about is clean anyness of the cars. it would clean the cars like the system started. other ideas is roll back the increased fares they have, perhaps free sunday, perhaps four free days a year for everybody. that is one story. the other one is text messaging again it's not in place now but under serious consideration and the president of bart, bob franklin is one of its supporters. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news".
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>> eric: this morning stanley cup fever is reaching new heights in san jose. tickets go on sale this morning for the sharks home games in the western conference finals against the vancouver canucks. tickets will be sold at ticketmaster locations or at last night game sunday, they survived against a hard charging red wings team to advance. third period, patric marleau hadn't scored a single goal this series but slammed home the winning goal. they take on vancouver, game one sunday night in vancouver. >> kristen: a new twist in the story the whole country is talking about. child protective services is now involved in the case of mother that injects her daughter with botox for beauty.
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she is saying she is not the only mom that does it. she helps 8-year-old britney compete in beauty paneling echbts. she administers it herself and regularly gives them to britney. child protective services received several concerned phone calls after the interview aired on "good morning america" and has decided to investigate. >> we need to sit down to talk with the mom and talk with the child and see what is going on. >> it's a tough world and being confident is something she has to be done. >> does it look better after you get the botox? >> way better. >> how? >> like, like all of a sudden. >> botox injections are often painful and britney told "good morning america" it does hurt and she cries a little.
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britney says she has tried waxing but that was teifl and she is not going to do that again. yemeni man accused of trying to ram his way into the cockpit of a flight to sfo is due back in san francisco federal court this morning. a bail hearing is set for 28-year-old rageh al-murisi who is facing one count of interfering with a flight crew. it happened sunday night on a flight from chicago to sfo. he was retrained by two flight attendants and two passengers. during tuesday's court appearance it was revealed he was carrying several valid and expired ids. >> napa state hospital patient is in custody accused of attacking a fellow patient. this is the second assault by a patient in the last four days. they attacked another patient
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inside the victim's bedroom. they detail how staff members found the victim lying on the floor and his face covered in blood. it's the latest in a series of violent incidents including the killing of a nurse by a patient last october. >> i know the state is in a financial crisis but people's lives are at stake, individuals who reside here say lives are at stake as well as staff. >> police have arrested two other forensic unit patients for attacking staff members. one happened on sunday and the other in march. they house criminally insane and violent patients. >> this afternoon a memorial service will be held for san carlos mayor who passed away from a heart attack earlier this week. meantime, a possible successor, vice mayor and did i cline announced that he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. it's unclear how it will affect
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the council's upcoming vote in whether to appoint him as interim mayor. today's memorial service will be held at aviation museum and it is open to the public. >> kristen: thousands of runners shall getting ready for the sun's bay to breakers race. that race could be a lot different this year. nobody can run the race without registering. 65,000 runners and all alcohol and floats have been banned. they are setting up a number of check points from downtown to ocean beach to make sure that everyone is following the rules. those that didn't pay the $75 registration fee will be asked to to run in the race. >> a little more about the rain for the race.
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>> that is the subject change. let's go to lisa argen and find out what is going on. >> it looks just beautiful. it will be pleasant with mild conditions, lots of sunshine. it's chilly, 46 in redwood city. 41 in half moon bay. low 40s in santa rosa and napa. so we're looking at sunny and mild conditions today, enjoy big changes on the way beginning tomorrow with cloudy skies. numbers as much as ten degrees cooler, showers arrive late saturday. maybe thunderstorms on sunday in between the bay to breakers, looks cool with hopefully the rain out of way by the time the race starts. here is a look today. notice we have the front to the north and west of us. still a nice afternoon with sunshine, temperatures in the 60s today in san francisco. 50s at our coast. it will be breezy and sea breeze is going to pick up. we'll see mid-70s in our inland valleys. this is what is on the way. cool and wet weather, in fact it's going to stay with us with
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a series of wet weather systems headed our way through next week. today the warmest day of the next several, mid-70s in east bay valleys. 62 in downtown and rain arrives until not late tomorrow. >> take you to the east bay, out of milpitas towards fremont there is an accident northbound 680 at sky creek. apparently there is still a lot of debris in the two left lanes. look out for that. traffic is still flowing well. northbound directions. so it's moving along just fine there. no delays southbound this friday the 13th through the sunol grade. you won't be seeing cable cars at union scare this morning. cable cars powell mason line will s out of service but they will be using muni buses. do consider bart if you are headed to bay to breakers. they will be running longer trains. >> thank you very much.
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just ahead, why it appears mail carriers have very good reason to fear some bay area postal routes. >> going after google. new accusations about some tactics by rival facebook. >> and a new problem for prius, as toyota announces how long new as toyota announces how long new buyers ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to black silk from folgers. bold flavor. exceptionally smooth. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically.
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6:13 on the morning news, looking live at hp pavilion
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where people are going to line up pretty soon to get tickets to the conference fines, sharks knocking out the detroit red wings to win the series and take to the canucks to see who wins the stanley cup. >> muni is on track to exceed the overtime budget by $18 million this year. board of supervisors oversight committee says their 55% cost overrun is out of control. muni says they don't have any choice. they need 1500 operators to provide service and on any given day as many 300 drivers are unavailable. it means management has to pay overtime to keep the buses and trains running or cut the number of buses and trains running on the street. expect delays up to one year if you are in the market for a prius. it may be april of next year to
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deliver the new prius alta. they blame production delays by the quake and tsunami. you can't buy happiness if you bu if you are america's cup fan you can get a good view on the bay. two apartments in san francisco are being rechbtd for short stays, according to the san francisco business times, a two bedroom place costs $208,000 for 14 days. if you can only afford a one bedroom it's just $158,000 for two weeks. also italian team considering a top challenger has dropped out saying it fund-raising problem. >> $168,000 for the period of race. you may be a race sponsor and cheaper that i way. >> i think you should buy yourself a condo on time share.
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>> it will be beautiful today. we could slip over the weekend but i don't think you want to. the weather is not cooperating for this weekend in the middle of may. here we're looking at lots of sunshine. temperatures are cool. in fact numbers are in the 40s, low 40s, half moon bay, santa rosa and napa with 50 in concord and oakland. we are looking at temperatures much colder this morning due to all the clear skies. at itself pend and coast and a little cooler around fremont. here is what is going on. stick with the sunshine and mild temperatures, clouds increase tomorrow. cool weather begins tomorrow and really bottoms out on sunday with showers throughout the morning hours. thunderstorms in the afternoon. numbers as much as 20-25 degrees below normal. today, sunny and mild. weekend a cold area of low
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pressure coming from the gulf of alaska will just sit off the coast tomorrow. it's going usher a strong onshore flow of lots of clouds. here is the rain. computer animation, you'll notice by late tomorrow night, rain showers push on through and we're talking about scattered showers and much colder air behind the front. so thunderstorms are possibility but we will see an area of clear conditions or the rain pushing to the east early morning hours. it could be dry for the bay to breakers, it will be chilly. 72 with sunshine in san jose. temperatures right around normal couple degrees below average today. 70 in mountain view and palo alto with san francisco coming in at 62. average high is 65 in the north bay look for 59 at stinson beach. 74, calistoga. near east bay, mid-60s for richmond with 70 in fremont. out over the hills, nice
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afternoon for livermore at 75. 76 in walnut creek. cool at the coast with onshore winds, pretty strong in the afternoon but 75 in hollister. take a look, here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast which features the sunny, mild conditions today. warmest day of the week. then tomorrow we're talking as much 8-10 degrees cooler. 20 degrees cooler than average on sunday. bay to breakers will be chilly, thunderstorms possible in the afternoon. rain chances continue into early next week. good morning. >> even though it's friday the 13th, it's been very nice and light out there this morning. much less, much more uneventful the last few days. here is a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge, also have a good ride. 14 minutes from 880 to 101 and
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no trouble on 880 right now. also in the north bay, enjoy a nice commute across the golden gate bridge. pretty shot into san francisco. also check out the south bay and show you 280 and 17 interchange. servicing looking good. there is still what i mentioned at scott creek, look out for debris in the left lane on 680. one more shot, 101 in san rafael you can always find out what traffic is like by going to our website at listen to this one. dogs and mail men don't always get along but some cities are worse than others. two bay area cities made the top 20 list, houston is clear number one, with 62 attacks last year. followed by san diego, tied with columbus.
6:20 am
los angeles is number three on the list. sacramento, ninth, around here, san jose is 15th with 23 attacks and oakland with 19th with 18 attacks. they released that information ahead of national dog bite prevention week. >> eric: very unfriendly accusations against facebook. mounting evidence that the social network tried an under handed stunt ab#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#tt
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welcome back. 6:24. facebook is admitting it secretly hired a public relations company to feed negative stories about google. they say facebook convinced reporters and bloggers that google was invading privacy in social circles. they would not reveal who they were employed by. a bloger became suspicious uncovered the connection. facebook admitted they hired the firm but no smear campaign was intended. issues are series and we should have presented them in a serious and transparent way. google has not commented. >> kristen: hollywood insiders says cbs is hiring ashton
6:25 am
kutcher to replace charlie sheen. sheen was fired. kutcher will be paid million dollars per episode. no confirmation. what is the square root of 6.25. >> would that be two and a half? amazing? buying a bomber's memory. auction that will have people bidding on a terrorist belongings. >> and hundreds of cases of shark fever. is it child abuse to inject your eight-year-old daughter with botox? that is what investigators will now try to figure out. they have launched an investigation and we have the latest on this controversial story up ahead. >> good morning. we have fog at the coast. we'll see another sunny and mild afternoon and much of the state
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enjoys pleasant weather. 79 in yosemite. sunny and hot in palm springs, 94 but stay tuned, we have much
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, 6:29 and trading way is about to get underway with the opening bell.
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they say consumer prices increased last month as americans paid more and inflation was highest level in two and a half years. we'll check in the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> child protective services wants to talk tauk to a san francisco mom that made an startling admission. she told gma that she gives her eight-year-old daughter botox injections. amy hollyfield is here following the story from the newsroom. san francisco's child protective services is inundated with phone calls after the interview aired and decided to look into it. >> it's pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting a child with botox. >> reporter: the mother say the injections are given regularly and britney says she is looks very better after she receives botox. teri gives them to help her to
6:31 am
be more competitive in the beauty pageant. she got the idea from other moms on the pageant circuit. >> they were telling me that the lines on the face and how a lot of moms are given botox. i'm not the only one that does it. >> it hitters and i get used to it. >> do you cry? >> a little. >> the fda does not recommend botox for people under the age of 18. she says she buys it online but her admission has sparked outrage with many people calling this child abuse. investigators plans to talk to teri and britney to see what is going on and are working with san francisco police. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: it's 6:31. a yemeni man accused of trying to ram his way into a cockpit on
6:32 am
flight to sfo is due back in san francisco federal court this morning. a bail hearing is set for 28-year-old rageh al-murisi who is facing one count of interfering with a flight crew. it happened on sunday night during an american airlines flight from chicago to sfo. he was restrained by two flight attendants and two passengers including a retired san mateo police officer. during the court appearance it was revealed that he was carrying several valid and expired forms of i.d. and two checks totaling $13,000. he also had no luggage. >> eric: technicians are trying to figure out what caused a san francisco computer assisted emergency dispatch system to crash. system went down after 9:30 yesterday morning forcing police and fire dispatchers to manually write down and retrieve information for about two hours. officials say it did not affect 911 service in the city and a back-up computer dispatch system had to be put in place but some
6:33 am
officers are reporting issues. >> kristen: seven oakland teachers are out of jail after being arrested at a protest in a downtown oakland bank. >> this is video from youtube, dozens of protestors pickets go in front of the wells fargo bank seven teachers were arrested for unlawful assembly. they say the federal government need to be reverse priorities. the protestors also called for an end to foreclosures. organizers say they arranged the meeting in the near future with wells fargo official. >> ted kasinski is about to have his belongings to the highest bidder. an auction will be on wednesday and proceeds will go to his victims. items include typewriters and other equipment he used to make
6:34 am
his letter bombings. original handwritten versions of the uni bomb manifesto will also be auctioned off. he was arrested and killed three people with mill bombs. 23 other people were injured in various parts of the country. he is now 69 and serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. >> smokers will not be a able to light up in cupertino city parks. city council passed the amendment to a new ordinance voting for the ban that is tougher than state law. they turned down another idea to prohibit smokeless tobacco projects like chewing tobacco. >> it could get the ax on monday. seven members of the unemployment insurance appeals board make $128,000 a year but
6:35 am
they usually meet just once a month. six of the people on the board write right now are termed out lawmakers. >> this morning, stanley cup fever is reaching new heights in san jose. let's take a live look at the tank, it will start to get pretty busy. tickets go on sale at 10:00 for the home games against vancouver. tickets will be sold at hp pavilion at ticketmaster locations also are on they are handing out wristbands for people in line. tickets are on sale because, of course, in game seven they survived a red wings team to advance to the conference finals for the second straight year. in the third period, patric marleau who hadn't scored a goal in the series came home for the game winning goal. they said they are not ready to celebrate. >> it fell great to be on the
6:36 am
team. we still have a long ways to go. >> the sharks will face the vancouver canucks. game one is set for sunday night in british columbia. >> patric marleau giving a sound of relief. >> eric: check the forecast, lisa argen is in for mike. we've got rain coming this weekend. just in time for bay to breakers >> can you believe it. bright sunshine out there with temperatures cooler than yesterday. 45 in half moon bay. good morning oakland. 50s four. 53 in los gatos and 45 the livermore valley. sunny and mild again today. enjoy 60s and 70s with cooler and cloudier conditions tomorrow. rain comes in late tomorrow and then we're not done with it. chance of thunderstorms sunday afternoon. today high pressure holding on. we'll see a repeat performance of the nice day we had yesterday. cold area of low pressure poised
6:37 am
off the coast tomorrow keeping it dry for saturday. by saturday night, here comes the rain. in fact by sunday morning, very chilly. hopefully get a break there for the bay to break irs early sunday. then still unstable atmosphere for sunday afternoon with the possibility of thunderstorms. sunny and mild this afternoon. winds will pick up at our coast. 50s there and mid-70s in inland valleys and look ahead, enjoy today, it looks like a winter forecast with cooler and cloudier and rainy weather right through next week. >> let's head back to the east bay, injury accident not quite on the freeway but it's on crockett boulevard at the sky way. emergency crews have been sent to the scene. notice on the freeway, it's green on 80, on the carquinez bridge and benicia bridge and highway 4 through martinez. also the cable car powell mason line is out of service but there
6:38 am
will be muni buses in its place and consider bart for bay to breakers. >> check out bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on but no delays. show you the 101-880 interchange. you will find a light commute everywhere. if out of morgan hill, all the way up the peninsula where we have another live shot of 101 in millbrae, moving northbound, no problems into san francisco. >> kristen: trading is under way on wall street. a live report. here is a live look. dow is down just slight but four points. >> what a bay area legislator is now saying after seeing the photos of the killing of osama bin laden. >> and berkeley by on ix, how a
6:39 am
senior is preparing to walk across the stage and receive his diploma. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in millbrae where bart passengers may soon be able to use their cellphones to text management about any problems they have. about any problems they have. i guess you can call it, please go! go!
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good friday morning. coastal cloud along the shoreline but a sunny and mild afternoon all across the state with 87 in fresno. 94 in palm springs, 69 in big sur but everyone experiencing big changes this weekend. stay tuned. i'll have the forecast. >> in pakistan, a pair of suicide bombers para military training center killing at least 80 people. hundred people were injured by the blast. it happened in the northwest region of pakistan. spokesman for the taliban says it was to avenge the raids that killed o lad had lad. a bay area congressman is among those who have seen the death photos of osama bin laden and he says that public should not see them. the they invited the
6:44 am
intelligence committee to view the photos. they snapped the photos within minutes after killing him. they are graphic. they say making them public would make the war on terror more dangerous for troops. >> releasing those photographs would create an incredible recruiting opportunity for al-qaeda. i don't know why you would want to do that. >> senator dianne feinstein says she may look at them today. but nancy pelosi has no plans to view them. abc news has learned that an al-qaeda offshoot based in somali have threatened teobt's relatives including his grandmother. we are also learning more, e-mails his compound, he copied
6:45 am
messages on to a flash drive. a courier would receive e-mails at an internet cafe. >> this morning, ron paul has announced he is running for president next year. paul made the announcement on "good morning america." he first made a presidential run in 1988 as a libertarian. in 2008, he made an unsuccessful bid for the gop nomination but his efforts made an internet sensation and demonstrated his ability to raise money. i can watch the announcement on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> business news, facebook is proving that competition among rivals is getting cutthroat. >> jane king is live with more on this. facebook on top of world right now. can't believe they could do something like this but they were paying a pr film that would
6:46 am
put google in an unfavorable way and asked next to be revealed. they of represented beam piem like a romanian dictator. a lot is stake here. facebook and google are competing multimillion dollar ad market. >> it may cost more to drive to the grocery store. rising food and gas prices, starting to filter down to other things. consumer price index. inflation measure, jumped in april and put the annual price increase for all goods of over 3%. >> pretty quiet start to things, dow is down about 14 points. bloomberg silicon index came down a third after a percent.
6:47 am
patted downs that you have arn at airplane security. if legislators have their way, airplane security will be able to be charged with a crime. if they go too far and even violate the constitution. live at new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> kristen: thanks a lot. >> eric: 6:47 and we have a check on the weather for you right now. >> we have a chance -- what i'm trying to say is rain in addition to cooler temperatures are on the way. lisa? >> the onshore flow is strengthening that is bringing a breezy day, one more sunny, mild
6:48 am
afternoon, return to 60s and 70s right now. it is a cool start. we are looking looking 45 in redwood city as well as half moon bay. 45 in livermore. 50 in oakland and 40 in napa. sunny and mild conditions, once again with cooler and cloudy weather on tap for tomorrow. showers arrive on saturday night on sunday. chance of bay to breakers could be wet. nice afternoon today with temperatures about just average. then by tomorrow, increasing clouds and strong westerly winds will bring chillier air and rain arrives. we have several systems behind this one. here is the first one. by saturday night, you noticing lots of clouds, chilly conditions but by 10:00 or 11:00 sonoma and napa, marin you begin to see the wet weather, peninsula around midnight and everyone gets wet through the overnight hours. then cool and unstable air will provide a chance of
6:49 am
thunderstorms this morning. you have not only the cold air from bay to breakers but a chance for rain, as well. 71 in santa clara. 72 in san jose. 69 in menlo park. breezy this afternoon. 59 in half moon bay, with 69 in redwood city. nice afternoon, a little bit on the cool side. increasing high kloordz clouds in the afternoon. 74 in cloverdale, 73 in napa. 66 in berkeley, 70 in fremont. you head over the hills and here is where we have temperatures very comfortable. 75 in danville. 64 in pleasanton. 76 in walnut creek, down by the monterey bay, cool breeze, 62 there. 70 in watsonville. take a look seven-day outlook, temperatures will be almost around average. then we'll be looking at the big cooldown tomorrow. showers come in late and then by sunday, we'll have a few breaks with a chance of thunderstorms,
6:50 am
unseasonably cold air and another system on monday. tuesday a chance of rain even into wednesday. it's going to take to the middle of week until temperatures get rebound. get the jackets out and even rain gear but today we have very nice conditions. we also are gearing up for the sharks. the san jose sharks are preparing for their next opponent. take a look. this tiny little fan is baby taylor. and this photo was sent in by one of our producers. now, we want to see your shark spirit. upload sharks picture to ureport or e-mail us your pictures. here is a cutie pie. >> it's hard to compete with a picture like that.
6:51 am
unfortunately we have three new accidents i want to tell but. southbound 880 at niles in union city. this one reported a couple lanes are blocked. chp is en route right now and clear it up before things slow down. westbound 580, sounds like a bad accident near airway. a motorcycle rider called the accident in and big rig involved. they are off to the shoulder but traffic is approaching the scene. apparently the motorcycle is actually underneath the big rig. in millbrae, the millbrae on-ramp to southbound 101 is blocked. new accident, chp is en route, as well. those are few potential hot spots. bay bridge toll plaza that is still delay free. fine across the san mateo bridge westbound traffic on the right and checking out the ride
6:52 am
through walnut creek, no trouble normal slowing out of antioch on westbound 4. get traffic at click on the bay area traffic link. most college students can't wait for the day to walk across the stage to get their diploma but for one student will be an impossible dream come true. he severed his spinal cord in a car accident. come tomorrow he plans to walk across the stage thanks to a robotic exo skeleton thanks to engineers. >> we have motors that execute leg positive motions. >> when austin wants to walk, he asks the system to take a step or stand up or sit down through some sort of user interface. that sends a command to the computers and the computer executes a motion.
6:53 am
so basically there are feedback mechanisms within this power transfer system that tell the computer where we are in space as where the leg is relative to the body. >> it's just the beginning. this is just one person walking for a short time, but i think us a i tin getting a degree, that is just my first step to just see what we can do in the future. >> after graduation, he says he hopes to attend law school. one small step for austin and one giant step for research. >> recapping our stories. help is coming from for bart riders when they encounter problems on trains. they may soon be a text message away. >> kristen: terry mcsweeney has the details. >> reporter: you are absolutely right. if this plan gets put into effect and thinking about a pilot program right now you could let your cellphone to let
6:54 am
bart management know about problems and i mean immediately. these are the folks they would be able to use their cellphones to let bart know, via text message about a passenger, behaving in a strange manner. a suspicious package. as it is right now, riders can let bart know about it by calling bart police or telling a train operator. you think about it. a text would be easier and faster and far more likely to occur since it would be so easy to happen. something else that is going on with bart. they are apparently thinking about using some of their $4.35 million in surplus money to clean the train. one less thing to be texting about. they may use it to provide four days per year free ridership or maybe on sundays they would eliminate fares. a lot of proposals. and text message has the support
6:55 am
of support of bob franklin. live at the bart station, "abc 7 news" and other top story of the morning come from amy hollyfield. >> i'm in san francisco and we have a very controversial story going on. officials want to look to see if a mother crossed the line when she gives her eight-year-old daughter botox injections. teri campbell says she helps britney compete in beauty pageants. but after she admitted to this on "good morning america," child protective services was inundated with phone calls, some people wondering if this is child abuse. officials have decided to investigate and working with w san francisco police. britney says the injections hurt a little bit and she sometimes cries but she thinks it makes her look way better. fda does not recommend botox for people under the age of 18.
6:56 am
amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> eric: checking other top stories, tickets go on sale 10:00 a.m. for the san jose sharks home game in the western conference finals against the canucks. last night, the sharks finally eliminated detroit and advance to the conference finals for the second straight year. >> kristen: one final check on weather and traffic. sunshine, will we have it? >> absolutely. 47 in fremont, 45 in redwood city so a cooler start. we'll be in 60s and 70s today and much cooler air arrives tomorrow. few higher clouds later on today with 50s this afternoon. by later on, we'll have the 50s at our coast. breezy winds, mid-70s in inland valleys. today the warmest day, rain comes in late tomorrow and stays with us. on sunday, maybe thunderstorms and shower activity continues but definitely cooler
6:57 am
temperatures into next week. look the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays, and metering lights are on. in millbrae an accident is being cleared. millbrae on-ramp, it's currently blocking and earlier crash on southbound 880 is cleared. westbound 480 approaching airway the crash is on the shoulder. traffic is heavy out of altamont pass and powell-mason line out of business. consider bart if you are going to bay to breakers. >> bring your umbrellas. >> thank you for joining us. >> kristen: we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day and great weekend. bye-bye.
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