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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  May 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it is plenty of space and room for fuel. just when they had it under control flames erupted again. the fire men were able to bring that under control and focus on the building where it all started. crews had to contend with the wind. it picked up compounding the firefighters effort. an dreand -- andre and his dad got out. but the dog was not. >> it took 15 or 20 minutes and they were able to find him. >> and so the dog was rescued. >> by the fire department. >> is there damage to your home. >> there was no damage in the bottom unit, but uptears i think there is. >> the fire extended in the attic space of the buildings that were up against it they got to those and got those two
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buildings out. the fire is contained back to the original fire building. and the building on the corner is workings of an artist and there are materials inside that could be flammable. it was saved. no one was injured, but there are 8 people who lived in five units inside who are homeless. the red cross is looking for places for them to stay tonight. >> don, thank you. >> we are learning more about a brothel allegedly run by a private investigator and former drug task administrator. >> it is the twist in the ever-widening scandal. laura anthony is live in pleasant hill with the story. laura? >> hi, dan, the business behind me is the store front that christopher butler ran as a brothel. the information came in the form of a written statement and details dates and names of
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cops who are upon co-spiritors. >> we thought it was prostitution . >> she worked in the chiropractic office from the business that chris butler claims was a place of prostitution. >> the girls looked trashy i thought . dressed provocatively and they would come and just barely open the door to let themselves in. >> abc7 revealed a statement that butler gave investigators. in it, he and former narcotics commander norm an wielsch hired four prostitutes to work in the retail place rented by butler. he spent 2200 at a ikea and the madam was a 36 year old woman. >> it was an operation for six or nine months.
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proceeds went to mr. wielsch. he was charged with enforcement of laws relating to prostitution? a. butler signed the lease to the brothels and bought the furniture and hired the girs and he collected the money from the johns that would go in there and he said oh, i didn't take that money and i gave it to other people? anybody want to believe that? >> i have admitted what i have done and rectifying it. >> wielsch acknowledged his role in the cnet truck scandal but not involved in any other criminal activity. luis lombardi made a brief court appearance. he did not enter a plea in the charges related to the cnet scandal. butler implicates lombardi as having knowledge of the brothel.
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>> we are separating fact from fiction . >> now, about the brothel, norman wielsch's wife said does butler want the public to believe that when his name was not on that. norm takes responsibility for what he had done. but he was not involved in this whatsoever. the gal behind me said one day she saw chris butler moving things out of the office and asked them what kind of business they were running. butler said it was part of a detective agency and a sting operation of sorts designed or targeted for men who were looking for illegal sex. in pleasant hill, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> thank you, laur a. oakland police are trying to stop a violent spike in crime. they are doing a sweet sweeping operation that will lock up dozens of people.
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heather ishimaru is live in east oakland where a take back our streets type walk in oakland is about to begin. >> this is sort of related and sort of not. this is a group of neighbors and youth groups, merchants who want to rid their neighborhood of prostitution in particular. opd is targeting violent crime in their own way. oakland police targeted 50 hot spots for open air drug trafficking. there was 68 narcotic arrest warrants. a way to get at crime suspects. >> either involved in shootings or orders and violent crimes. we targeted them through the narcotic's enforcement and 68 narcotic related warrants were begin for arrest. >> homicides are up 13 percent and shootings up 29 percent
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over last year. they don't know why, but hope operation spring cleaning suspects will tell them. >> members of the oakland homicide and robbery and assault section are depe debriefing individuals who are arrested to clear up unsolved cases and get intelligence on why we are having the spike in violent crime. >> the community was helpful in the investigation leading up to the arrest. a change in the no snitch culture. >> we arrest people like we have now. career criminals, that doesn't come to fruition. they'll tell on their mother and fathers and grandfathers, but they go out in the community and tell no snitching and they tell on each other left and right. >> melinda lives near the hot spot and worrythe young kids hanging out late at night. they are nothing to do. >> maybe there is too much going on at home. maybe there is no home.
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>> the city worked with the school to identify when and where youth are most at risk and starting friday and saturday night program in place to keep the kids off of the streets. >> by having places that we are aren't safe, we are making young people safer and reducing the violent crime in the city. >> the safe street, and safe kids group is sending their message that they want to feel safe and feel that their kids are safe in the neighborhood. they are waiting for anthony batt to arrive. he said we can expect more of these kines of crack downs like operation spring cleaning as the summer months arrive. in oakland, heather ishimaru, abc sevennews. and thank you, heather. the ongoing budget crisis in the south bay could lead to a deularation of public safety. that is the word from the
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mayor following a special council meeting to deal with the crisis. >> mayor reed said a pension reform is not adopted soon, the bay area's largest city could find itself on the brink of. >> this is a emergency and we are declaring an emergency so we can focus on this to take actions that are necessary to avoid a disaster. >> the mayor is taking decisive action and proposal for pension reform has the unions fighting back. >> we have waited six months to have meaningful discussions with the mayor. he's not looking to solve the problem. >> 63 million costs 10 years ago sky rocketed to 250,000 million and retirement costs are expected to escalate to 400 million in five years and
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council members are taking sides. >> i am supporting this initiative because we can pay people in the city to retire, or we can pay them to work. >> this is nothing to do with a fiscal emergency. it has to do with politics and right wing fiscally conservative agenda. >> the city could lose 351 sworn officer positions this year because of the budget crisis. the mayor's pension reform calls for a complex cap and increasing the age in which full retirement ages are. and working longer if they want lifetime benefits and slowing the rate of which they increase and limit the cost of living from three percent to one percent a year and now the debate begins. >> we are in a cross road in san jose. the pension crisis is real and i think all sides understand that and we need to address
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that issue right now. >> many unions are questioning if the mayor's proposal is even legal because the unions are in the midst of contract negotiations. if this comprehensive reform isn't get council support is could be before the voters in november. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. a quarter of all of the parks in the state could close because of budget cuts. 14 are in the bay area. including china camp and marin and candlestick in san francisco and hen row coe east of the san jose. park officials are grappling with len million in budget cuts. another 22 million will be cut the following year. >> this is the last thing we want to do is stop access to a part that we have. we'll look for creative ideas and open to the creative ideas
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to keep the parks open in different way and manner absolutely. >> all 70 parks will be closed by july of next year. one woman is concerned about the future. >> it is a legacy, you know. once you close them it is harder to reopen them. >> governor brown issued a statement saying that we are experiencing turbulent times and it is deep and unthinkable cuts to public services. i will work hard to help reach the agreement to avoid disruptions. the parksed here, you can find them on our website at abc >> and you week have gone cut in san francisco. a rally featuring teachers, students and parents and others is ending in the civic center plasa. it is a week-long series of events calling attention to million in proposed cuts.
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teachers are trying to pressure the gop to support the tax hikes. >> and members of the group said the cause is worth a few custody. >> what we accomplished is the opportunity to speak to the legislature, and send a strong message to republican colleagues that we need support to get the funding done now. the union said without the tax extension california will see more lay offs and more children in the classroom and shorter school year. the gop is proposing to giving two billion of the tax wind fall to public schools. >> much more to report on this friday. a computer glitch hits the san francisco police department and handicaps the dispatching system for two days. >> a nuggy the of good news
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for giant's fan bryan stow. he will return to the bay area. >> a federal investigation into google and the on line advertising that may be promoting illegal drug sales . >> i am spencer christian. cold showers are headed our way. at what point in the weekend do thehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> cops on patrol in san francisco had to go old school because of a computer problem when the emergency dispatch system went down, they had to rely on plan b. vick lee explains what happened?
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>> i need you to evacuate the building. >> the police officers are looking for her. okay. >> 911 calls are coming in to dispatch in the department of emergency services and they were sent to officers and firefighters and not through the field laptops but old fashioned way, radio. >> we have a couple of lines. >> and the officers had to rely on writing on a piece of paper the information that was given to us via radio. >> that is because cad went down yesterday morning. >> it is june 28. and dispatcher receive 911 calls, the information goes into the computer and pops occupy the terminals in the patrol cars and fire trucks. the cad problem was caused by a problem with the server. they entered the information
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in a back up system, those in the field couldn't retrieve the information on the laptops. emergency service said there are no disruptions to 911 calls. >> the information and responding to a call is still relayed by a radio. cad enables them to scan more information than provided by radio. >> you can run the suspect on the computer and checking the calls for services pending and read information about a specific call without having to talk to the radio. >> that is the most important thing. being able to use the laptop clears the radio for more immediate calls. >> emergency situations such as pursuit and struggling with the suspect or something more serious. we want to keep the air clear. >> just an hour ago, emergency services announced that the cad system was back up and police and firefighters could get service calls through the
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laptops. vick lee, abc sevennews. >> giant's fan that was beaten in dodger stadium in march may be returning to the bay area soon. accord toth medical center where he is now. 41 year old bryan stow stow -- is stable enough to come on monday morning. stow's in a coma. but is responding to stimulation. >> that is good to hear. >> keep holding out hope for him. >> the weather forecast. if you like the feel of february. >> right. you will enjoy this weekend for sure. today was nice. >> gorgeous. >> cool and breezy on the coast. sunny and mild inland. but this is the end of sunny and mild for a while. south beach camera, skies are mainly clear. we have a few thin scattered clouds in the sky for a moment. we'll see increasing clouds
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tomorrow. but for tonight things are looking good. at this moment temperature readings for the most part inland and 50s in the bay . 72 in santa rosa and these are highlights. partly cloudy and cooler tomorrow. there is chance of thunderstorms sunday, early sunday morning and perhaps a sunday afternoon as well that will be a better chance with the sun's heating. this afternoon, a nice cool sea breeze from the coast to the inland areas. it was cool and breezy in the coast as it still is. satellite radar image shows advancing cold air mass . so there are cold showers in there and this is how it is shaping up now as we look ahead. 7 o'clock saturday evening . 10:00 saturday night we'll see the first wave of showers moving on shore and continue overnight until early sunday morn moisture gone by early
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sunday morn later in the day, there is still a chance with the sun's heating and there will be instability in the atmosphere that we could see a thunderstorm or two. it is not highly likely. over in the central sierra, in tahoe, a winter storm watch is in affect for sunday and we could see 10-15 inches of new snow . five-eight inches of new snow and travel delays are possible. back to the bay area, low temperatures in the mid-to upper 40s and around 50 in oakland and 50 in antioch. cooler than the last couple of days. south bay, high temperatures 65 and san jose and cupertino. on the peninsula low to mid-60s . 50s in pacifica and half moon bay. san francisco high mid-to upper 60s and no -- 50s .
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no 60s. east bay highs in the low 60s. inland milder up to 65 in concord and antioch . monterey bay look for highs in the low 60s near the bay. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast. clouds will thicken late saturday and move in saturday night and over to sunday morn continue and repeat later on the day on sunday. there is a continuing chance was showers on monday, tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday milder conditions. >> as we get closer to march? >> exactly. >> thank you, spencer. >> and show you where we get a chihuahua this weekend. chihuahua this weekend. >> plenty to g g g g g g g g g g ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ]
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>> a vallejo man was held without bond today. the 28 year old rageh al-murisi must remain in jail. he was take tone jail after charging the cockpit door after yelling in arabic god is great. prosecutor revealed that he told investigators that he heard voices and plan to kill himself. he is not charged with terrorism but faces a charge of felony of interfering with a flight crew. >> killings in 1995, when two men were shot to death in the
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mission district. the suspect 33 year old douglas cabera is under a suicide watch. >> a peninsula lawmaker is trying to prevent a brisbane company from moving to visalia. it would prevent the companies from benefiting from moves in the state. it would elilinate tax breaks that move in california. >> it needs to be fixed and this legislation will not allow and go back to january 1st of this year and will not allow them to do what they are planing to do which is to get $37,000 for the employees they hire. vwr announced plan to go to visalia. they say they have outgrown
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their current locationn. brisbane gets taxes that add up to 18 percent of the tax base. >> investigation in google and on line advertise thag may be promoting illegal drug sales. >> reforming the california initiative process. a major change to help reduce fraud. >> vaj-- cajun country
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. >> good evening, once again. google is getting ready to pay the government upon you million. half million buck to settle the dispute of the running on line drug ads for companies that may be violating the u.s. law. here's what it mean to you and google and local drug store. >> no one is happier to see a
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federal crack down on google than the neighborhood pharmacy. lighter's pharmacy in san jose garden district. google is hoping to settle the investigation in on line ad that is run for companies that is skirting the u.s. law such as dispensing the drugs without a prescription. >> you don't know the manufacturing process or where the medications is coming from. it is a huge hit and they have to look and evaluate how they are buying on line. >> lower prices are a draw to buy drugs on line from inunregulated government sources. >> i know it is cheaper. but what are you getting? you save pennies. i always buy u.s.. >> google will not talk about the case because it is a pending legal matter. it laid out its plans in a filing with the u.s. securitis and exchange commission. they would reduce first
6:31 pm
quarter profits. aaron galdman said the 500 million dollar figure is a clue of how much money google is making from the ads. >> there are only a limited number of categories where google makes that much money. so this is obviously an important revenue line for them and one that is proven to be problematic. >> google has restricted on line drug ads in the search results. but consumers can find many places to buy drugs on line that may or may not be against u.s. law. >> if the 500 million dollar sticks, it would be one of the heaviest payments made to settle a federal dispute. in san jose abc 7 news >> yahoo suffered a set back. a chinese company that it has
6:32 pm
a major company spun off the business. the spin off occurred without its knowledge. officials say yahoo knew it was pending for more than two years it took place on march 31st but not reported until this week. yahoo stock fell three and half percent today alone. >> sacramento, most stocks fell. dow is off . nasdaq dropped 34. >> we got aourselves. >> sacramento, lawmakers passed a bill that fundmentally change the way initiatives qualify for the california bail on the. opponents are not buying it abc's political reporter is here with a look at both sides. >> any register voters can get an initiative on the ballot in
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california. they have to be collected in a short period of time. the task easier by company that is collect signatures for a price. every election year you will see them in the grocery stores and people asking you for your signature on a measure on the ballot they are paid per signature. the bill on the senate would outlaw that practice. the senator who authored the bill wants to limit the intention of misleading or turning in fraud signatures. you pay people by the hour and not by the signature. >> i think politically it has a good chance. there's no reason why it couldn't get through. berkeley based, researchers are tracking the
6:34 pm
money pent on both side. supporters of the bill are union and environmental groups and those opposed is drug companies and corporation. >> it is poor to the people and away from the money. >> away from the unions? >> toward the unions and volunteer groups and any group that is membership and people driven. >> it looks like a typical democratic-republican divide. >> add to that there will be firm opposition coming from the professionalized signature gathering firms themselves. they have ties to not just republicans but democrats. >> both republican and democratic cause use paid signature gathers. masterton and wright is largest in the state. he thinks that the bill is a solution looking for a problem and if it passes it would take away an important democratic tool and leave citizens at the
6:35 pm
mercy of interest -- special interest in sacramento. >> it is expected to come up for a vote later this summer. it is one we'll be tracking. thank you, mark. >> near record flooding that hit memphis last week is threatening louisiana's cajun country. there will be a spill way that will be opened. it is an effort to relieve the pressure on the levees down street that protect baton rouge and new orleans. 25,000 people may have to pack up and leave. >> the decision to open up is between saturday and tuesday. we ask for five-days notice or three days to give sheriff's time to give door to door notice. >> three million acres of farm land are covered in water. in arkansas alone, agriculture
6:36 pm
damage could top half billion dollars. >> a pet in abundance right now. >> and how to relief the
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you can see
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>>ly, two, one. >> a celebration in saratoga
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high school as the school announced the marching band was selected to appear in the macy's thanksgiving parade next year. it is one of 11 bands chosen out of hundreds that applied. today's announcement is for next year's parade. cupertino's homestead band was selected for this year's event. >> next time you have a situation with b.a.r.t. text message them. they want a tex messaging system to alert b.a.r.t. officials about problems that you might encounter on your ride. the text would be forward to a call center. b.a.r.t. riders that we spoke with seemed to like the idea. >> everybody has a phone these days and everybody has quick acess to it and it is a great idea. >> it is nice to know when the option is there. >> under the proposal on the table. the texting system would start
6:40 pm
out as a pilot program. if it proves to be possible b.a.r.t. would expand it. >> animal shelter in santa rosa and giving them away this weekend. you can adopt one of these dogings for 25 dollars . the $25 will get you spaying or newturing or shots and a microchip. >> it is a wonderful breed and they are a good dog for typically families with older children and since the first of july last year. we have adopted over 200 chihuahuas. they expect more chihuahuas to go up for adoption soon. many end up in the shelter because they are a popular breed and some people realize they don't get along with them. >> and a little tiny dog to tiny robots. >> we'll introduce you to a new generation of technology. >> they are mobots.
6:41 pm
mobile robots. like hegos and more complicated. >> i understand everything. except that wig. >> plus a sneak peek at the pirates of the caribbean movie. xóñwñwñwñww
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break yourself the the summer blockbuster season opens next week with the opening of pirates of caribbean, stranger of the tide. don sanchez will review it next week but tonight he reportots world premier in l.a. >> more big scenes with the pirate series with parent company walt disney. we had world premier video from disneyland. >> it is an opportunity to say thank you and give back to the people. >> jack, have you ever seen with your own eyes --
6:45 pm
>> captain jack sparrow meets his match in penelope cruz. she was pregnant in the filming. her father is feared black beard. >> you play characters that are darker. >> they are complicated. >> jeffrey rushes in service to the king. it is a royal monarch. >> he was nominated in the king's speech for an oscar . danced in a chous line in 1981 . directed chicago at 9 and core graved the film like them. >> it felt like a musical in a way because of how it moves and the set piece was production numbers. >> it is shot in 3 d with fake visuals. >> the film is a rollicking good time and losts special
6:46 pm
effects by the industrial light and magic. this time there are stranger tides than you have ever imagined. ships play a part. >> and is there going to be a pirates of the caribbean five? >> i hope so, we are working on a screen play and getting close. >> something personal. cruz's last name is spanish . my grandfather came from spain. she decided we are related. >> cousin. >> say hello to all of the family for me. >> this is don sanchez abc 7 news. >> that looks fun. >> i love that don is a cousin of penelope cruz. >> nice family, don. >> yeah. >> looking at our time lapse view from our beach camera. we had mainly whether you skies and high clouds passing by. things are going to get cloudier. tomorrow increasing cloud and
6:47 pm
pleasant day and it will be dry and inland low to mid-60s and 60s right around the bay and a californier day than today was . monterey bay. similar conditions and increasing clouds later in the day . low 60s near the bay and mid-to upper 60s inland and oakland, a's take on the white sox. partly cloudy and temperatures to 60 . 7-day forecast, showers overnight tomorrow night and sunday. chance of showers, light on monday and tuesday . we'll sunny up and dry out and warm up later next week. >> thanks. >> and extra ferries will run sunday morning for the bay to breakers in san francisco. it starts the summer weekend schedule tomorrow. there is a link to the departure times in abc 7 the stamp out hunger food drive. placed the nonperishables to the mailbox. they will take tuna, pasta and
6:48 pm
cereals and no glass containers. the food will go to your local food bank. >> robots are all of the rage. look at the transformer movies and robot it is that change shape and adapt functions are not just science fiction anymore. in a lab in uc davis, they already exist. >> you know the line about boys and the size of their toys? well, in a uc davis labratory, maul size translate to big ambitions. that is cool if we could put a microphone and get it to dance around. items on the table may look nan descript but could be the ancestors to the machine in your future. they are mobots. little ones that connect by using standard part making
6:49 pm
bigger adaptable ones. when you have a moving mob on the in the hand. this part moves and this part moves and all configurable and they put them together and these mobots can do all kinds of tasks. >> we are doing different ways of sensing the world and moving. robots are a building block like legos and more complicated. >> wylancame to uc davis as a opportunity and now in business with professor chang. they have learned that building a mobot is involved mechanical discipline as mankind has attempted. >> the mobots combines mechanical and electrical and software, basically computer science together. >> the day of our visit they spent one hour convincing that mobot to stand on its own.
6:50 pm
and now the courtesy if you will. it spun around and in practical terms they envision it as a mobile camera form for dangerous and inacessible areas. >> there is someone in under the rubble and it will be a snake-like robot and crawl in the area. >> transformers, not exactly. transformational. we'll see . in the meantime, what is difference between you and a bunch of 10 years olds? >> not much. >> from uc davis wayne freed man abc news. >> price
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>> hope you join me at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 . coming up. hills dale times bomber. what happens if he gets out of the mental hospital. >> and why the bay area's botox mom could be in serious trouble. >> after home cooking. the giants are on the road. >> giants win came to an
6:54 pm
abrupt end. it is beginner in the winny city. giants in the friendly confines. trouble in the third after he walked a couple of men. two-out single up the middle . barney, 3-1 cubs. huff down the line and struck out len . trouble scores and down three-2. they don't get closer to that as the bullpen implodes. johnson to make it eight-two . giant win treek ends at six . 11-four cubs . a's play tonight. sharks open the western conference finals sunday in vancouver and for the blood pressure of the fan to calm down. we want to talk about game 7 two and half hours of stress. ridicule scrutinized patrick mar low got the first point
6:55 pm
and was the game-winning goal. the sharks will set their sights on vancouver. canucks have the best record in the league this year. >> it is a trophy winner and they are first place in the league. they are going to be ready for us and they are a great team and we need to make sure we are ready for them. >> they are fast and strong and their defense, it is obvious what they have done all year. it is going to be tough. >> we mentioned the mar low situation. former teammate questioned mar low's heart and guts. here's what he had to say after the game-winning goal. >> i have no problem telling it when they did something bad . only reason i am tough on mar low i know how good he s. he showed me by getting the big goal and making the big plays
6:56 pm
. that's why the san jose sharks won. >> now he likes him a little. >> david leads in the player's championship. we saw a dramatic rescue on the seventh hold. michael bradly dropped his club. operation rescue . maybe the world's hottest golfer, lou donald . eight under after a scen today and back to the rescue. >> a fan volunteered to help propelling down near the water . on len, nick playing well and nearly chips in and birdie and finishes nine under and conclusion of rescue 911. they use a driver to fish out the driver . no clubs were harmed in the mishap. >> one last sharks item. maybe the best costume ever.
6:57 pm
sharks eating the red wings fan. brian, 22 years old from san jose and sharks fan for 10 years and look at the expression on the girl walking up. oh, my. his inspiration was a halloween costume he saw in college. >> i was in school in indiana and saw the shork eating the surfer. i thought it would be perfect for the sharks and picked up with the la kings and red wings came along. i had to put them together. and that is his. >> he is a cult favorite now. >> yeah. great costume. >> that's this edition of abc sevennewings. >> thanks for joining us. >> appreciate your time. >> appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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