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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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coming up the bay area's botox mom. why what she is doing could be dangerous. >> a ray of hope. a giant's fan is now opening his eyes. "abc 7
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good evening. late news in march teen on ez, a freight train hit a pickup truck. >> the truck was flipped on its roof. the driver was trapped for a while but fire crews masked to cut him out and the helicopter took him to the hospital. rescuers said he should be okay. >> police are investigating why the truck was on the tracks to begin with and union pacific crews are inspecting tracks to make sure there is no damage. >> now to the backlash tonight. a bay area mother who admits injecting her daughter with
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botox. >> some people are infuriated and it's a violation. >> the story has traveled like wildfire through the medical community. doctors were incensed that dangerous toxin would be injected by her mother. fda prohibits it from anyone under 18. >> this is what 18-year-old said she is used to, botox injections to remove wrinkles so she can look pretty for beauty pageants. her mother is but she shouldn't be administering the procedure. >> it's up to the person where they've been trained to do this. botox is a medication, approved by the fda, only administered by a physician are under the direct
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supervision of a physician. >> an assistant professor and dermatologist. he says botox for an 8-year-old is anything but safe, using it for wrinkles is very dangerous. >> she could have trouble with breathing. >> on thursday's "good morning america," she had giving are the botox injections. the only legal way to obtain it from the manufacturer. dozens of doctors across advise to stay away for online botox. it's illegal to buy for anyone except for a licensed professional. >> if any physician gave her that they ought to lose their license. >> she runs the programs and she teaches values and that is what she should be learning by going to the pageants. >> we want them to be productive and functional women in society. >> a coach valerie hayes.
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>> she is doing a disservice to her daughter. >> a san francisco agency has launched an investigation into the issue and child welfare services has to decide what carey campbell did could be considered child abuse. >> san jose's budget crisis has gone from bad to worse. for the first time in san jose's history the mayor wants to declare a fiscal emergency. supporters say it's absolutely necessary to prevent a financial meltdown. as lisa amin gulezian reports, critics called it a ploy to squeeze the unions dry. >> i'm not going to sit by and had let the city suffer the fiscal crisis, this disaster that some headed our way. >> the mayor is talking about the city's mounting budget deficit. he and three other city council members are proposing sweeping pension reforms. the mayor says declaring a public safety and fiscal emergency can help.
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>> in a fiscal emergency the city has the power to exercise its power as the government to protect the interests of the people of san jose. >> this year san jose will spend $250 million on retirement packages. in five years the cost could grow to $400 million. >> we can pay people in this city to retire or pay them to work. right now we are facing hundreds of layoffs because overwhelmingly we are paying them to retire. >> here is what the mayor is proposing, putting a cap on contributions from the city. making employees work longer if they want lifetime benefits and limit the cost of living adjustment from 3% to 1% and raising the retirement age to 65 and 60 for those in public safety. >> a 60-year-old guy is going to take a 25-year-old young strapping man that is high on
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drugs? i mean, that is a recipe for disaster. >> the police and other unions and other city council members oppose the plan especially since many unions have already agreed to cut. >> really pushing his political agenda. >> this is politics and it has nothing to do with cooperation. >> if the reform plan doesn't have council support it could go to voters in the form of ballot for voters. >> 14 of the 70 parks facing closure are in the bay area. they include china camp, gray whale cove. the state will try to partner with local governments to keep all the parks open. the proposed cuts mean many bay area residents will lose affordable to hike or just
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explore. >> it's a legacy, once one of them closes it's hard to reopen them. >> nobody is allowed to come into the park. they would be subject to citation if they were here into the park. >> in a statement governor brown says he will work hard in the next few weeks to reach agreements to avoid many proposed cuts. >> teachers ended a statewide protest against cuts to education. there was a huge rally at civic center. they want to extend temporary taxes and vehicle fees at their current levels. gop leaders are proposing giving $2 billion from a tax revenue windfall to public schools. governor brown will release his revised budget proposal on monday. in sacramento more than two dozen teachers were released on bond. they were arrested last night after refusing to leave at the
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capitol. red cross helped 8 people find a place to stay after fire drove them from their homes. the fire broke outnumber out into a large home that had been split into smaller units. it spread and nobody was hurt. investigators have just started the process of figuring out what sparked the fire. >> investigators are deciding whether to file charges against a concord liquor store worker who sold illegal fireworks to a 11-year-old. a woman called concerned allowed that her grandson was allowed to buy them. all fireworks are illegal in contra costa county. community leaders joined with neighbors of all ages to march against crime in oakland this evening. organizers hope this demonstration sends a message to
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prostitutes and drug dealers that they are not welcome in oakland. it started on 17th avenue and headed to international boulevard. they announced today they arrested 68 drug suspects in the last month as part of an operation called spring cleaning. officers targeted 50 hot spots for open air drug dealing. they believe suspects may offer information about violent crimes. oakland has seen a spike in shootings and homicides this year. ed lee leave celebrated the luggage of the art in storefront project. it includes six installations, five murals and two sculptures made possible by the black art foundation. it's part of an effort to revitalize the neighborhood. >> santa clara police are looking for information about the killing of a man known around town as the church man. he got his nickname because he went to church everyday.
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they found him passed out early yesterday morning. he died within minutes. they are investigating the death as a homicide. there is $5,000 reward for information. the vallejo man accused of trying to break into a cockpit of a jet will remain in custody without bail. they order rageh al-murisi to undergo a mental evaluation. he faces charges with interfering with a flight crew. as they tried to prepare to land sunday night. >> the giants fan that was beaten in march is now stable enough to come back to the bay area. according to the medical center where he is now, bryan stow could be transferred to san francisco general hospital as soon as monday morning. he is still in a coma and his condition remains critical but he is responding to stimulation. >> officials say it's one thing they never expected from osama
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bin laden where they found a stash of pornography. >> also ahead -- >> we have to completely replanted our whole front yard. >> and people that live around the bay to breakers route, police are ready to enforce strict new rules but later on "nightline". >> coming up, latest details on osama bin laden on porn collection and wives refusal to cooperate. plus he was raised with cubs@h $
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. pentagon says u.s. intelligence analysts have been interviewing osama bin laden's rewidows. they were taken in after the raid. the women were questioned simultaneously and in the presence of pakistani officials. >> american officials say a large amount of pornography was found on a computer file seized by them in bin laden's compound.
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it was right in the bedroom but officials have not said whether the content was on his personal computers. officials say they have found pornography during investigations of other islamic militants. we are at a stalemate in peace talks but george mitchell resigned as u.s. envoy to the middle east. he is stepping down for personal reasons. he has been on that job for two years. >> texas congressman ron paul has added his name to the list of 2012 presidential candidates. >> i am once again able to say that i am a candidate for the presidency for the republican party primary. [ applause ] >> paul says he felt pushed into declaring after feeling the energy from supporters. they gave him more than a million dollars last week for his exploratory committee ee. >> the bay to breakers tiax place this sunday.
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with this milestone comes changes, no floats and hopefully no damage to property owners. >> definitely. there was a huge amount of damage. we had to completely replant our front yard. >> hundreds of people got went through the front yard. her neighbor was having a party. >> there i got out and there were ten people waiting for the restroom and i had no idea who they were. >> just imagine, as they did he send on the neighborhood. incidents like this and complaints from neighbors are the reason this year's race is different. >> this year, alcohol and floats have been banned. they pose a significant safety hazard and they do negatively impact the neighborhood. >> the organizers want to return to the original spirit of the event. >> we want people to come to the
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event and. >> still there is an online group that wants the party to continue. they hinted there will be booze stops along the way and there will be a party at their home again. this time there will be changes. >> we have a stuff down stairs. >> everybody that attends will get a writes band. runners get caught up in the crowd. she sent a course record and going for the third win. he hopes to be the first american to win the race since 1986. >> i really get close to the people. and they call your name and you get that energy. >> he won an picks silver medal.
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this separates the pros from the rest of us, hayes street hill. here is some advice, make sure your strongest drink is water. don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> water and drink plenty of it. >> there could be some falling from the sky, as well. >> let's check in with sandhya patel for the weekend forecast. >> there may be some rain on the bay to breakers. you may want to layer up. if you are taking part in that race. high definition camera sun set at 8:11. we had a few high thin clouds. it made for a spectacular sun set and san francisco is in the backdrop. mild day across most of the bay area. temperatures did come down with a good breeze blowing. tonight it's still pretty breezy and temperatures in the 40s and the 50s. partly cloudy and cooler
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tomorrow. showers arrive saturday evening and we are looking at a chance of thunder on sunday so it could be nasty for a brief time period. satellite and radar. this is a cold system. this is the kind of system you expect to see in the winter. it's going to bring some cold showers. most of your saturday is all right. but saturday night things start to change. rain begins to develop right near the coast at 7:00, becomes more widespread in the overnight hours and 5:00 a.m. sunday you will see a brief break. see more moisture moving in. scattered showers around 10:00 in the morning and it continues in the early part of the afternoon. but with the sun breaks on sunday, cold unstable air could be the possibility of a thunderstorm or two. just keep this in mind if the thunderstorms do develop you'll see hail along with those thunderstorms. in sierra, nevada but we have a winter storm watch for sunday.
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10-14 inches above 7,000 foot elevation. 5-8 inches above 5,000 feet so you can have some travel delays around 80 and 50. >> tonight in the bay area, area of low cloudiness, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 64 degrees in santa clara. on the peninsula, cooler day than today, 61 in san mateo and 64 for mountain view. cooler on the coastline, mid-50s. downtown san francisco, 58 degrees. daly city 55 and in the north bay, this is where you're going to see a pretty good drop in the temperatures. mid-60s for santa rosa and calistoga. 60 in san rafael. recess in oakland and 59 in berkeley. inland areas running 10 degrees below normal and it's only going to get cooler on sunday.
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monterey bay, 63 degrees in santa cruz. here is the official forecast for the bay to breakers, showers are likely, especially for the start of the race. upper 40s to low 50s with a southwest wind 5-15. accu-weather seven-day forecast, showery on sunday, unusually cold. chances of wet weather early next week. second half, temperatures back up to the mid-70s. >> thank you. >> up next, gunshots. >> a classic chase scene is going to tie up city streetststs
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a reminder, help stamp out hunger tomorrow. place a bag of non-perishable food and the letter carrier will deliver to it the local food bank. they ask don't include glass containers. >> if you are hear gunshots in the financial district tomorrow. don't worry about it. >> they are re-creating the car
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chase scene from bullet. its commercial for a korean movie. >> it will be happened between 6:00 tomorrow morning and 9:00 at night. it will have closures on several streets. all in the financial district. >> often compared to steve mcqueen. >> down by run, late in the game. are you feeling home? coco decided i'm going.
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good evening. one of the darlings world series madison bumgarner cannot buy a win this season. giants in chicago, at wrigley
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field. madison bumgarner in trouble in the third. varney with three hits, three r.b.i.s. they come back here in the fifth aubrey huff, a double. roost caved in on the bullpen on the second. bases loaded for three, johnson he unloads and rattles around in the corner. madison bumgarner 0-6, 11-4, cubs. >> chicago building a 4-0 lead. a's looking for offense. a single bricks home hideki matsui. gap panel, coco is stealing home. he is out.
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great if you make it. if you don't everybody is going, why did you do that? a's lose 4-3. >> now, this was described to me as 15 seconds of it. he makes the catch. mike stanton, this is better in slo-mo. one of best catches of the year, 6-5. >> n.b.a. playoffs, game six, and memphis and grizzlies, o.j., and 1. mayo had 16 and the map they call jack randolph. unguardable, he had 30. >> sharks have left the red wings in the rearview mirror and straight ahead, vancouver. game one is sunday in canada. sharks only know one way to win, the hard way.
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they were a shade better than detroit, 3-2 last night and posted the best word record in the nhl they will be facing. >> it's tough to win the stanley cup. it's hard to win. >> we finish with the best shark costume ever, brian is shark eating a red wings fan. inspired by a halloween costume. >> i scored it in but i they were playing for the l.a. kings and that was awesome. i had to put something together. it was lot of fun. >> there is a great merchandising opportunity there. >> "nightline" is up next.
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>> have a great weekend everyone. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time. good night.
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