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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this saturday morning, may 14th, san jose's budget crisis has gone from bad to worse. mayor chuck reid wants to declare a public safety and fiscal emergency for the first time in the city's history. and the giants fan who was beaten at dodgers stadium is now stable enough to come back to the bay area possibly as soon as monday morning. >> good morning. it's a cloudy start. cooler day today. rain arrives this evening. >> good morning. i'm john alston. a bay area mother who admits injeking her 8-year-old daughter with boy toks is under investigation by child welfare authorities. doctors we talked with say it's more than just an ethics violation, the medical procedure can only be administered by a
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licensed physician. >> it hurts and i get used to it. >> this is what 8-year-old britney campbell says she's used to. botox injections to remove wrinkles so she can look pretty for beauty pageants. >> her mother kerry is an esthetician who doctors say should not be administering any medical procedure. >> like i said, i do the botox myself. it's safe. >> there is nothing in the esthetician where they've been trained to could this. botox is a medication approved by the f.d.a. and only should be administered by a physician or under the direct supervision of a physician. >> dr. isaac neuhaus is an assistant professor and dermatologist with ucsf. he says botox is anything but safe. using it for wrinkles is dangerous. >> she could have been very sick. she could have had trouble breathing and had trouble with permanent issues with her movement. >> on thursday's "good morning america," kerry admitted to giving britney the botox injections. where she obtained the botox is
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still unknown. the only legal way to obtain it is from the manufacturer. on dozens of doctors across the country advised to stay away from on-line botox. it's illegal to buy for anyone except a licensed medical professional. >> if any physician gave her that botox, they ought to lose their medical science. >> a former miss oakland runs the miss california program. she teaches little girls values and says that's what kerry should be learning instead of going to beauty pageants. >> our motivation is to groom these girls to be productive, functional women in society. >> pageant coach valerie hayes. >> i'm sorry to say she's only doing a disservice to her daughter. >> san francisco human services agency has launched an investigation into the issue and child welfare services has to decide if what kerry campbell did could be considered child abuse. >> san jose's budget crisis has gone from bad to worse. much worse. for the first time in san jose's
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history, the mayor wants to declare a public safety and fiscal emergency. supporters say it's absolutely necessary to prevent a financial meltdown. as abc 7's lisa amin gulezian reports, they call it a ploy to squeeze them dry. >> i'm wanot going to let the cy face the disaster headed our way. >> they are proposing sweeping pension reform to get the budget back on track. the mayor says declaring a public safety and fiscal emergency can help. >> in a fiscal emergency, the city has the power to exercise its power as a government to protect the interests of the people of san jose. >> this year, san jose will spend $250 million on retirement packages. in five years, the cost could grow to $400 million. >> we can pay people in this city to retire or we can pay them to work.
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and the reality is right now, we're facing hundreds of layoffs because overwhelmingly, we're paying them to retire. >> here's what the mayor is proposing, putting a cap retirement contributions from the city. making employees work longer if they want lifetime health benefits. slowing the rate at which benefits increase, limiting the cost of living adjustment from its current 3% to 1%. and raising the retirement age to 65 for city workers and 60 for those in public safety. >> a 60-year-old guy is going to take on a 25-year-old young strapping man that's high on drugs. i mean, that's -- that's a recipe for disaster. >> the police and other unions and some city council members oppose the plan especially since many unions have already agreed to cuts. >> really pushing his political agenda and not looking to set itself up. >> this is wisconsin style politics and it has nothing do
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with collaboration. >> if the pension reform plan gets enough koups sicouncil sup could go to voters in the support of a ballot measure. >> california could shut 1/4 of its state parks starting in july because of the state budget deficit. 14 of those 70 parks facing closure are in the bay area. they include china camp, gray well cove, candlestick point and henry w.coe. the state will try to partner with local governments and nonprofits to keep the parks open. the proposed cuts may mean that many bay area residents will lose accessible and affordable places to camp, swim, hike or just explore. >> it's a legacy, you know, that one should close them. it's going to be much harder to reopen them. >> when we close the park, it means that nobody is allowed to come into the park. and so they would be subject to citation if they were -- if they were here in the park. >> governor brown said in a statement he will work hard in the next few weeks to reach
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agreements that avoid -- might avoid many proposed budget cuts. california's budget crisis could potentially lead to the next school year being shortened by as much as five weeks. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports even with higher than expected income tax revenue, the state still faces a budget shortfall of $12 billion. republicans say schools could still be spared drastic cuts if all the extra tax money goes to education. but democrats predict k through 12 education could lose up to $5 billion in funding. some districts have already been allowed to shorten the 180 day school year by five days due to those budget cuts. california teachers have ended a five-day statewide protest against those drastic budget cuts. yesterday in san francisco there was a rally at the civic center. teachers want lawmakers to extend temporary sales in income taxes and vehicle fees to fund education at current levels. g.o.p. leaders are proposing giving $2 billion from a tax revenue windfall to public schools. governor brown will release his
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revised budget proposal on monday. the 100th foot race takes place tomorrow in san francisco. for this major milestone comes some major changes. no booze, no floats and hopefully no damage to property owners this year. abc 7's don sanchez checks in with neighbors in the panhandle frustrated by the rowdy crowds last year. >> i was upset definitely. there was a huge amount of damage, you know, we had to completely replant our whole front yard. >> hundreds of people traveled their guard earn in front of their panhandle home. it got out of hand with drunks last year. her neighbor was having a party. >> i was in the kitchen grabbing some food. i came out and there was 10 people waiting in line to use the rest room. i had no idea who they were. >> they broke the toilet seat. imagine as thousands of people, runners and crowds descend on the neighborhood. incidents like this and complaints from neighbors are the reason this year's race is different. >> this year, alcohol and floats have been banned. they pose a significant safety
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hazard and negatively impact the neighborhood. >> police presence may be major, aimed at people drinking excessively. the organizers want to return to the original spirit of the event. >> we want people to come to this race dressed, undressed in costumes and as professional runners. we don't want them to bring bottles of liquor with them. >> there's an on-line group who wants partying to continue and hinted there will be booze stops along the way. there will be a party this year with a band and with changes. >> we have a couple downstairs that are going to handle the stairs and we're building stuff around our planters. >> everyone who attends will get a wrist band. this is about a serious race. the runners get caught up in the crowd. >> you feel more strength all around so you feel so excited. >> she set a course record last year and is going for her third win. he hopes to be the first american to win the race since 1986.
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>> you get really close to the people and then they scream at you, go u.s.a.! will call your name. you get that energy and you definitely helps. >> he won a silver medal. this is hayes street hill, the place that separates the pros from the rest of us. and here's some advice if you're planning to run on sunday morning. make sure that your strongest drink is water. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> extra ferries will be running sunday morning. the alameda oakland ferry line begins its summer weekend schedule today. there's a link to the departure times at santa clara police are looking for any information about the killing a man known around town as the church man he got his nickname because he went to church every day and always carried a bible. police found him passed out and bleeding from his head early thursday morning. he died within minutes. they are investigating his death as a homicide. there is a $5,000 reward for
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information in this case. the giants fan who was beaten at dodgers stadium in march is now stable enough to come back to the bay area. according to the l.a. county medical center where he is now, 41-year-old bryan stow could be transferred to san francisco general hospital as soon as monday morning. stow is still in a coma and his condition remains critical but he has now opened his eyes and he is responding to stimulation. coming up next, officials say it is the one thing they never expected from osama bin laden. where they found a stash of pornography. and snow in the forecast in lake tahoe.
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interviewing osama bin laden's three widows. they were taken into custody by pakistani services after the american raid on bin laden's compound. cnn is reporting the women were questioned simultaneously and in the presence of pakistani officials and were "hostile" toward their american interrogators. american officials say a large amount of pornography was found on computer files seized by navy seals at bin laden's compound in pakistan. the stash was right in bin laden's bedroom but officials have not said whether the content was on his personal computers. officials say they've also found pornography during investigations of other islamic militants. we are at a stalemate at peace talks but yesterday, george mitchell resigned as u.s. envoy to the middle east. he is stepping down for personal reasons. mitchell has been on the job for two years. the first leg of cycling's amgen tour in california is in question with snow in the forecast. race officials will meet tonight to discuss options which includes altering the course
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from south lake tahoe to north star la toe resort. it climbs to an elevation of 7,000 feet where the course could be icy. safety, of course, is the top concern for racing officials especially following last week's death of a belgium cyclist who crashed on a downhill stretch in italy. a final decision won't be likely made until the race time at 10:30 on sunday morning. ironically, the event was moved from february to may starting last year for, yes, better racing weather. oh, well. >> you would think so. >> it seems later this year. >> that's right. and it is going to be a tough call because the rain moves in here this evening and so it will be sliding to the east and much cooler air on the way for the afternoon hours. we've got cloudy skies and rain in the forecast for the next several days. i'll detail that next. >> also next, the a's try to steal a win in oakland. did coco crisp make it? larry beil has the highlights coming up.
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>> all new. the biggest controversy in "oprah show" history. now, five years after "a million little pieces," they meet again. oprah, james frey. the interview.
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>> good morning. welcome back to abc 7 news. live picture from our roof cam of the ferry building and the bay bridge. you can see the flag on top there whipping around pretty good this morning. there are some wind advisories on bay area bridges this morning. so we're getting into a little windy, rainy period here in the bay area and also some snow in the mountains.
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>> winter. >> it may. >> we could see a quarter to 1/2 of rain with this system and yeah, the snow will start early sunday morning in the sierra nevadas so we're looking at, yeah, february-like weather out there as we head outside from our camera. sun up at 6:01. plenty of clouds out there. even a slight chance of showers today and we will look for temperatures as much as 5 to 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday's readings. it's 50 right now in san francisco. 50 in redwood city. it was 52 in mountainview. 47 in napa. so we are looking at numbers a little bit warmer this morning due to you wiall the cloud cove. partly to mostly cloudy today. could see a few showers this afternoon but the rain frontal boundary arrives late tonight and see a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. here's the setup. we have got an unusually strong cold front. area of low pressure for this time of year sliding to the south and with the speckling of the clouds, that kind of denotes a strong system so it's off
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shore and it will be parallel to the coast later on today. that will bring the cloudy skies, the cooler temperatures and maybe a few rain bands our way but the timing on this really shows that we are looking at maybe a few light showers this afternoon but here's the heavy rain. take a look. 11:00 tonight, and we've got widespread snow showers -- i should say rain showers but to the north, yeah, that's a little bit of rain/snow mix. even the higher elevations of mount hamilton could see a little bit of snow so for the run on sunday, beta breakers, it looks like the front will be on the east but there will be showers around by 1:00 in the afternoon with this cool, unstable air and some thunderstorm possibilities and here we are into monday morning with yet another system behind it. so it's going to be a wet couple of days. this is sunday, should say monday evening. with more rain. so as we look to the forecast for beta breakers, plan on the showers with temperatures on the cool side. only upper 40's to low 50's.
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breezy southwest winds 5 to 15 miles an hour. so here's our winter storm watch for sunday. 10 to 14 inches of snow above 7,000 feet and at lake level for 5,000 feet, 5 to 8 inches so yeah, it's going to be difficult getting up there. definitely on the cool side. and in terms of the weather, we're looking at temperatures in the mid 50's in the afternoon. so most of the activity, the snow will be in the morning with the low sun angle and the colder temperatures. 64 santa clara today. so definitely a cooldown. 63 in redwood city, look for those mid 50's at our coast. 58 downtown. in the north bay, look for numbers in the mid 50's. sonoma and near east bay, 61 at oakland. mostly cloudy sky and a few areas of light rain this afternoon. otherwise, it should hold off until the evening hours. 63 in walnut creek. down by the monterey bay, we're looking at 60 in monterey with a little bit of sunshine. here's the accuweather seven day
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forecast. rain comes in later tonight. thunderstorms tomorrow. highs barely at 60. next chance of showers on tuesday but after that, we'll get back to spring it looks like by wednesday. >> so cover up if you're running tomorrow. >> yeah. >> it's going to be cold and wet. >> ok. thanks, lisa. tomorrow night, the sharks play game one of the western conference finals in vancouver against the canucks. yesterday, the giants opened a 7 game road trip in chicago against the cubs riding a six-game-winning streak. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the giants winning streak came to a rather abrupt end in chicago. madison bumgartner's elusive quest for the first win gone in the windy city. trouble for him in the third. two outs, ropes a single up the middle. three hit, three r.b.i. day for barney. 3-1 cubs. in the fifth, giants tried to rally. aubrey huff fights this one down the line.
5:22 am
giants down 3-2. they would not get any closer. in the seventh, the cubs blow it open. reid johnson with a bases clearing double that rattles around down there. makes it 8-2. johnson three hits, four r.b.i.s and bumgartner falls to 0-6. get your cotton candy right here, get your omar vizquel right here. goes down the line inside the bag. carlos quinton in on the double. chicago would build a 4-0 lead. a's get on the board in the seventh. finding the hole. make it 4-3. the big gamble in the bottom of the eighth, two outs, tying run at third. coco crisp is stealing home. coco crisp is out! trying to steal home. if not, everybody goes why did you do that? a's lose 4-3. the sharks open the western conference finals tomorrow in vancouver. that gives the men in teal a little time to rest and for the
5:23 am
blood pressure of their fans to come down a bit. i want to talk about nerve-racking game seven, 2 1/2 hours of pure stress. brilliant when it mattered most. being ridiculed and scrutinized patrick marlo, got his first point of the series. turned out to be the game-winner. after a moment of celebration and relief, the sharks set their sights on vancouver. the canucks had the best record in the league this season. >> it's going to be about -- i mean, this team we're going to be playing is the trophy winner and the first place club in the league and they're going to be ready for us. and they're a great team. we need to make sure we're ready for them. >> have good skill, you know, they're fast, they're strong. good defense. it's obvious it's what they've done all year so it's going to be tough. >> we mentioned the marlo situation. a former teammate had questioned his heart and guts earlier. here's what j.r. had to say after marlo's series winning goal.
5:24 am
>> listen, i have no problem telling somebody when they did something bad. but i love it when they come back at me and show something good. the only reason i'm tough on patrick marlo is because i know how good he is and i know what he's capable of doing and he showed me tonight by getting the big goal, making the big plays when it is needed and that's why the san jose sharks won. >> more drama from game 7. the wife of defenseman ian white went into labor during the game. texts the sharks p.r. staff to please let her husband know but not only after the game. good news, graceland sofia white was born yesterday morning, 6 pounds, 11 ounces. congratulations to the white family. thunder looking to close out the griz in game six. westbrook down the lane, roll. he had 27. thunder were up by as many as 13 but the second half was a different story. zach randolph driving and scoring. tied at 59. then o.j. mayo to the rack,
5:25 am
strong. mayo had 16. all randolph be all the time late. he had 30 points. 13 boards, unguardable. memphis evens the series. game seven is sunday back in okc. david toms leads by a stroke after two rounds of the players championship. a day on which we saw a dramatic rescue on the seventh hole. not really. michael bradley drops his drive into the water on seven. operation rescue began. back to that in a moment. earlier on 17, maybe the hottest golfer on the planet. luke donald, his tee shot on the famed island green on tpc sticks it. he's eight under after a 67. back to the rescue, the fan volunteered to rappel, not rappelling but climb down. birdies, finishes nine under. to the conclusion of rescue 911 they use a driver to fish out the driver. smart, huh?
5:26 am
and no clubs were harmed in this mishap. one final sharks sighting. maybe the best costume ever. the guy with the shark eating the red wings fan, his name is brian carstedder, 22 years old from san jose. he's been a sharks fan for 10 years. parents have season tickets. look at this young lady's reaction. oh, what was that? his inspiration was a halloween costume. >> well, i was actually in indiana and saw the shark eating one and i thought it would be perfect. so i decided to pick it up and play for the l.a. kings. that was awesome. detroit red wings came along and i had to put something together. >> that is outstanding! mike shuman will be here with all your highlights at 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 11:00. have a great weekend. >> chevy chase land shark. brentwood seeker weapons, a new device designed too stop vandals in their tracks. how it works.
5:27 am
and gunshots and road blocks. the classic chase scene re-enactment that's going to tie up city streets today.
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>> weekly address, president obama outlined steps he's taking to ease the spike in gas prices. justice department is looking for any signs of illegal price manipulation in the financial markets. new federal oil leases are being opened up in the gulf of mexico
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and alaska to increase u.s. production. and he is calling for an end to taxpayer subsidies for big oil companies. >> in the last few months, the biggest oil companies made about $4 billion in profits each week and yet, they get $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies each year. well, next week there's a vote in congress to end these oil company giveaways once and for all and i hope democrats and republicans come together and get this done. >> the president says he will continue to push for investment in clean energy to reduce america's dependence on foreign oil. the driver of a pickup truck that was struck by a freight train in martinez last night is hospitalized this morning with a leg injury. he had to be cut out of his overturned truck by rescue workers. police are investigating why the truck was on the tracks at the crossing just west of the martinez amtrak station. the crossing gates were down and the signals were working when the westbound freight train came along just after 9:00 last
5:31 am
night. witnesses say the train was moving at about 25 miles an hour when the collision occurred. the tracks were closed until after 11:00 for inspection by union pacific crews. the closure delayed at least three amtrak trains last night. investigators are deciding whether to file charges against the concord liquor store workers who sold illegal fireworks to an 11-year-old. investigators confiscated these smoke bombs from a store on monument boulevard after a woman called concerned that her grandson had been allowed to buy them. the workers say they thought it was ok to sell smoke bombs since they're "safe and sane fireworks" but all fireworks are illegal in contra costa county. a new effective crime fighting tool is in place through brentwood. brings hope the threat of being caught on camera will act as a deterrent. it's a story from our media partner, the bay area news group. alan wong shows us how it works. >> the thing in front is the motion sensor. >> when officer russ miller goes home, his voice will still be
5:32 am
working overtime. all over brentwood. >> the park is closed. your picture has just been taken and will be forwarded to the brentwood police department. leave the park immediately. >> the flash cam 880 is a motion activated solar powered portable camera that can read a sign or capture a license plate from 250 feet away. in the dark. >> after it goes to dark, the system automatically activates itself and arms. >> its first mobile assignment is in this neighborhood near creekside park where groups of teenagers have been causing trouble at night. >> we're scared for the kids. there's been some attacks in the walkway next to our house. and there's been some kids that were beat up, belongings thrown over the fence on to our property. it was a concern. >> officer miller can wirelessly download the photos in seconds. >> that really gives me more of a peace of mind definitely for the kids. >> similar cameras are already being used to catch illegal
5:33 am
dumpers in unincorporated richmond as $5,400 each, this department thinks it's a wise investment. >> we're spending a tremendous amount of money in the city replacing copper wire and metal boxes that are being stolen. if we can identify one of those persons it will pay for the cameras and i see it taking off and becoming popular. >> the park is closed. your picture has just been taken and will be forwarded to the brentwood police department. leave the park immediately. >> in brentwood, alan wong, abc 7 news. >> community leaders joined with neighbors of all ages to march against crime in oakland yesterday. organizers hope this demonstration sends a message to prostitutes and drug dealers that they are not welcome in oakland. the march started on 17th avenue and then headed towards international beloved. -- boulevard. oakland police announced they've arrested 68 drug suspects in the last month as part of an operation called spring cleaning. officers targeted 50 hot spots for open air drug dealing.
5:34 am
they believe suspects might offer information about violent crimes. oakland has seen a spike in shootings and homicides this year. the man accused of trying to break into the cockpit a san francisco bound airliner will remain in custody without bail. yesterday, a federal judge ordered him to undergo a mental evaluation. he faces charges of interfering with a flight crew for allegedly trying to open the cockpit door twice as the american airlines jet prepared to land at sfo on sunday night. if you hear gunshots in san francisco's financial district today, there's a good chance there is really nothing to worry about. crews will be filming a commercial re-creation of the classic san francisco car chase scene from "bullet." there will also be simulated gunfire. the commercial is for a korean movie theater chain. filming will happen between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and it will cause closures on montgomery, bush, santum, suter, pine, washington and clay streets all in the financial district.
5:35 am
lisa argen is here with a quick look at the weather forecast. should be dry today a little bit. it should be dry. we may have a few showers later in the afternoon. the big rain arrives later on tonight. that will bring a generous amount of rain, thunderstorms, sierra snow, cold temperatures. we'll have it all. even a dusting snow in the higher elevations around the bay area. you see the clouds out there now. i'll be back in a minute with the full forecast. >> also ahead, this young peruvian boy is full of life thanks to a life saving gift from his bay area cousin.
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5:37 am
>> good morning, welcome back to abc 7 news. live picture of the traffic starting to build on the bay bridge heading into san francisco. a little windy out there today. there were wind advisories on the bay bridge and other bay area bridges this morning as we start this day. well, today, you can help stamp out hunger. just place a bag of nonperishable food by your
5:38 am
mailbox before the regular time your mail gets delivered and your letter carrier will deliver your food to the local food bank and they ask that you don't include any glass containers. lisa argen back again, kind of the nasty weekend towards the end of tonight and tomorrow. >> yeah, it really is. especially if you're considering, you know, it's the middle of may and we should have some pleasant, warm weather. not in the forecast today, this weekend or for the next couple of days into next week. early next week but we'll get back to where we should be. how about the middle of next week? live look outside. and we do have clouds. temperatures are a little warmer in some spots because of the cloud cover. 50 redwood city. good morning, napa. 47 for you. we're looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies today. the showers arrive this evening. chance of thunderstorms after midnight tonight into tomorrow. so here is the setup. we've got an unusually strong jet stream that's driving this cold pool -- this cold pool of air from the gulf of alaska. this area of low pressure down
5:39 am
through the bay area tomorrow. so here it is and we're looking at one more dry day before we begin to see some big changes but today, it will be 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. here's the timing of the rain by 11:00 tonight, everyone is wet. so i'd say by 9:00, we'll begin to see some showers along the coast to sonoma. as this pushes through, it will move to the east rapidly before sunrise tomorrow so we will have showers around, though, in the morning hours. temperatures will be cool. and then with the cool nature of the air behind that system, we're looking at a little bit of rain/snow mix in the higher elevations and quickly on its heels, second system by 9:00 monday morning bringing some showers and even right on through the evening hours monday night. so the forecast for the beta breakers calls for cooler temperatures, upper 40's to low 50's from 7:00 until noon. the numbers are not going to make it out of the 50's and we'll see showers around so definitely a cool afternoon and
5:40 am
some heavy snow starting in the sierra nevada by about 7:00 in the morning on sunday. so we've got the winter storm watch and we'll see the snow coming down by early sunday into the afternoon with 5 to 8 inches above 7,000 feet so if you want to get there, today would be the day to get there and then some very tricky weather throughout the rest of the weekend. definitely the slick roadways so the forecast then by the afternoon, we warm up into the mid 50's so the snow coming down early in the morning and then even the possibility of more snow into late sunday and monday with temperatures only near 40. today, only in the mid 60's. we'll see some sunshine in the south bay. 63 in milpedas. numbers ranging from 65 pacifica. more clouds around today. san francisco, mostly cloudy at 58 degrees and in the north bay, we'll see a few peeks of sun and maybe an isolated shower. near east bay, upper 50's for berkeley. that should do it.
5:41 am
only 61 in oakland today. 63 in fremont and out over the hills, 10 degrees cooler here. so you'll notice the difference today. 64 in livermore. 60 in monterey. here's the seven day forecast. cooler and cloudier day. maybe an isolated shower. the main rain begins, the heavier rain by about 11:00 tonight. scattered thunderstorms, a cold weekend and then still not recovering until the middle of next week. still a second system behind this one. so who knew? >> weekends between the bike race and the foot race, of all the weekends this is what we get. >> sorry about that. >> thanks, lisa. >> a 4-year-old boy and his parents made a 4,000 mile trip from lima, peru to palo alto to undergo a surgery that would save their son's life. the little boy was born with a rare and deadly kidney disorder and needed a transplant. the donor turned out to be a pleasant surprise. abc 7's leeann melendez has the story. >> it's just a stitch that
5:42 am
works its way to the surface. >> it's one of the last checkups at stanford. he and his parents will soon return to their native peru after undergoing a kidney transplant two months ago. he was born with a rare disorder. >> the kidney serves like a coffee filter. and one of the things that the kidney is supposed to hold on to like the coffee grounds in the coffee filter is protein. you need a protein to grow and thrive. but his kidney, the filter had holes in it and so he leaked protein. >> when the parents found out he suffered from this rare kidney disorder, they immediately knew what they were up against. eight years ago, they had lost another son to the same disorder. >> they want us to take something, to see if something related to his older brother, wasn't him and so he was losing protein. >> at the same time, his mother's cousin, a pediatrician
5:43 am
in northern california was researching the disorder and recommended bringing him to lucille packard children's hospital at stanford but there was more. >> she came with us and then she surprised us with the news because she told us that she had talked with her husband, her kids and she had decided to be the donor. >> the cousin was a perfect match. the march operation was a success. giving them a second chance to be parents. >> now he can eat whatever he wants. whatever he wants. >> he can have a normal life. >> so my cousin give him a kidney. >> he still has trouble holding his head up. because he was protein deprived, he was malnourished. that has caused a delay in the development of his gross motor skills. he's got a lot of work ahead of him. >> he will need lifetime medication and lifetime
5:44 am
follow-up and he will get the majority of that in peru but we will always be following him as well. >> family in peru and friends from around the world had a fundraiser to help pay for the operation and the trips. giving up was never an option. >> we want him to know what -- what all the people not only in our country but friends from different places in the world have done for him. so he can do that for other people. >> at stanford, leeann melendez, abc 7 news. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> permits are now being sold on the black market. i'm michael [ female announcer ] choosing a toothbrush can be a game of chance.
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>> good morning and welcome back to abc 7 news. live picture, we see a sweeping shot of the city of san francisco as well as some clouds moving in. expect to see a little bit of rain later on tonight. tomorrow is going to be a little bit windy and rainy as well.
5:47 am
yosemite national park is one of california's most beautiful destinations but this year, it will be nearly impossible to make the climb because of ticket scalpers. they have snapped up the allotted permits and not only that, the scalpers want some big money for them. here's 7 on your side's michael finney with that story. >> this family and their friends remember fondly their midnight hike at yosemite national park two years ago. >> we got up there at 5:30 in the morning just in time to see the sunrise and when i call it the sunrise, pretty spectacular. >> marty was only 15 at the time. here he is at the summit. his dad grinning behind him. after they climbed nearly 5,000 feet up the famous monolith. >> it's an experience that everybody should at least tdo once. >> i would like to do it again. >> indeed, the group will not climb half dome in june as planned because the park service now requires permits to climb the cables to the summit with a
5:48 am
limit of 400 per day. in order to reduce dangerous crowding on the cables on the final stretch. this video by the national park service shows hikers climbing those cables to the summit. the permits are only $1.50 a person for the day hike. they're being snatched up within minutes when they go on sale each month. many park visitors complaining they're being shut out. >> we can only buy four at a time. that's why we all synchronized our watches and tried to get our group of 25 to the top. >> the permits go on sale at precisely 7:00 a.m. on the first day of each month. for dates two months later. they're sold by phone and on line through a park service web site. however, they couldn't get in fast enough. permits for june were sold out in 12 minutes. >> it seems really hard to believe that 400 permits can be gone in the space of five to 10 minutes for one day.
5:49 am
let alone for 30 days. >> to be gone so fast, it just seems like how could that happen? >> the park service directed me to call the attorney general's office and better business bureau. i called 7 on your side. >> what we found is the new limit on permits has now created a black market for the popular yosemite hike. >> here buying permits and turning around and selling them on the internet, on craig's list and things like that for exorbitant prices and it really is just unfair. >> yosemite ranger scott geddeman says scalpers are using computer software to scoop up large numbers of permits before consumers can type their information on line and selling them at hugely inflated prices. 7 on your side found half dome permits for sale on craig's list for as much as $40. craig's list is also filled with pleas from hikers wanting the permits. >> for a place that we feel is so magical and such a big part of the fabric of american
5:50 am
society for people using our national parks and specifically yosemite to make money, it's infuriating. >> infuriating for this group of would-be climbers, too. >> this would have been my first time climbing. >> pretty excited to go. >> they complained they'd have to pay a tour company hundreds of dollars to take them to the top but it turns out the tour companies can't get permits either. >> ticket scalpers are getting hold of these tickets and dates we've had confirmed from our clients for a year now who confirmed and booked in 2010 and we can't get the permits. so we don't get any special treatment. >> john of y explorer tours says he's taking half as many groups up the dome this year and fewer hikers in each group. so will the iconic half dome sit tantalizing out of reach? even for those who can manage the strenuous climb? he says the park service is
5:51 am
hoping to stop the illicit sales. >> scalping occurs for sporting events and concerts. it's a fact of life but we feel that here in yosemite national park, it just shouldn't happen. >> this is the crown jewel of the national parks. >> it's very upsetting that we can't go. >> scalpers are reselling yosemite campsite reservations and at inflated prices so is all of this legal? well, the park service says permits are not transferrable and officials are investigating whether scalpers can be prosecuted. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, a bay area animal shelter hopes you can help find a good home for more than a dozen chihuahuas. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing?
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>> one winning ticket was sold in michigan so the jackpot resets to $12 million for tuesday night's drawing. robots are the rage. just look at the dollars generated by the transformer movies and robots that change shape and adapt their functions are not just science fiction. abc 7 on a lab at u.c. davis where they already exist. >> you know that line about boys and the size of their toys? in a u.c. davis laboratory. >> and go! >> oh, man! >> small size translates to big ambitions. that will be a really cool thing if we can put a microphone on it and get it to dance around. >> the items moving on this table may look nondescript but they could become the answers to machines in your future. >> they are mobots, mobile robots. >> little ones that connect with other little ones by using standard parts making bigger,
5:55 am
more adaptable ones. when you have one of these moving mobots in your hand, it's almost as if it's alive. this part moves. this part moves. and it's all configureable. they've put them together and these mobots can do all kinds of tasks. >> we're talking about different ways of sensing the world, different ways of moving. robots are a building block. kind of like legos but a lot more complicated. >> graham riland came to u.c. davis as a student and now he's in business with his former professor harry chang. >> quick animation. >> three years into this project, the team has learned through experience that building a mobot is as involved a mechanical discipline as mankind has ever attempted. >> mobotics is an intricate theater and it combines mechanical, electrical and a software basically computer science together. >> for instance, the day of our visit, these guys spent the better part of one hour convincing this mobot to stand on its own.
5:56 am
>> oh! >> all right. >> and now the curtsy, if you will. having screwed utood up, it spu. using dangerous or inaccessible areas. >> if you know there's somebody under rubble, you can assemble them together into a small robot. >> give it 10 years, they say. transformers not exactly. a transformational? we shall see and in the meantime, what is the difference between you and a bunch of 10-year-olds? >> not much. >> from u.c. davis, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> more than a dozen chihuahuas in sonoma county needs new homes. you can adopt one of the dogs for $25 instead of the usual $126 fee. it includes spaying, neutering, shots and a microchip.
5:57 am
>> we think it's a wonderful breed. we think they're a good dog for typically families with little bit older children. and since the first of july last year which is the beginning of our fiscal year, we've adopted over 200 chihuahuas. >> the shelter director tells us she expects more chihuahuas to go up for adoption soon. many chihuahuas end up at the shelter because they're a very popular breed. next at 6:00 -- >> there's no reason why any 8-year-old should be being treated with botox. >> from doctors to pageant directors, the backlash to a bay area mother who admits injecting her daughter with botox. also ahead -- >> huge amount of damage, you know, we had to completely replant our whole front yard. >> people who live along the beta breakers route are getting ready for another rowdy race tomorrow. police are ready to enforce
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> in the news this saturday


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