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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 14, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, decision time. thousands are being evacuated, as officials in louisiana prepare to purposefully flood entire communities. essentially sacrificing them in order to save larger cities downstream. there is anger this morning ahead of what is an impossible decision. osama's secret stash. a surprising revelation of a, quote, huge stash of pornography that was found in the bedroom of the terrorist leader and muslim fundamentalist. this, as we get new details of how the shooting of bin laden by navy s.e.a.l.s went down. show's over. the verdict is in. and the woman caught on camera crying over her husband's death has now been found guilty of attempting to kill him. she claims she did it for a reality show.
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now, her new reality should be 30 years behind bars. and dangerous dancing. "dancing with the stars" pro, kym johnson, is carried out from rehearsals on a stretcher, after an accident while practicing with her partner. is this the most dangerous season of dancing yet? all right. all of you husband out there, go get your wives. you're going to want them to see this. there's a new study out, that says, get this. you should not only allow your spouse, but encourage them to gawk at other people they find attractive. there is some science behind this. and we will tell you how it may improve your relationship. bianna is skeptical. >> is this a hugh hefner-commissioned story? >> i don't know. ron claiborne commissioned the story for us. >> some caveats, dan.
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>> the man is passionate about this story. we'll learn more about that later. >> we look forward to that. well, also, we'll look at the political news today, as well. former arkansas governor, mike huckabee, considered an early favorite in the republican primary will announce whether he will run for president. some of his closest advisers are telling us they don't know what he has decided. the rest of the field is starting to shape up. but the question this morning, why are so many of the candidates the party really wants not running? >> a huge question for the party this morning. we're going to start with a historic and perilous moment in louisiana. for only the second time ever, engineers, today, will open a spillway that will unleash waters from the overflowing mississippi river, directly into populated communities on purpose. thousands of homes could be destroyed in the process. but they're doing it to save even more homes, they say. yunji de nies is in morganza, louisiana, where they will open up the gates later today. yunji, i understand this is truly an agonizing decision for people there. >> reporter: absolutely, dan. what a terrible day for so many
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downstream. that's the spillway, right there. it's made up of 125 individual gates. they will open just a handful to start. at its peak, it's designed to allow 600,000 cubic feet of water to flow through every second. to give you some context, that's three-times the flow rate of niagara falls at its peak. and it's a terrifying prospect for folks downstream. across this massive stretch of cajun country, the message is clear. get out now. >> now is the time, if you live in an impacted area, move your property, secure your documents. now is the time to make plans to get out of harm's way. >> reporter: 2,500 residents will be in the direct path of the floodwaters once released. 20,000 more are at risk from swollen backwaters. >> knowing what you worked for is going to be gone. that's all you can think about. >> reporter: the breaux family is one of many racing to get
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out. their house is one of many being sacrificed so that many more will stay dry. >> we don't even know if we're going to come back here. we may just move somewhere else. >> reporter: for the government, it's an impossible choice. if officials don't do anything, floodwaters heading downstream could breach the levees of baton rouge and new orleans, flooding those cities and threatening the homes of hundreds of thousands who live there. the only way to make sure it doesn't happen, is to open this emergency spillway, releasing the water over hundreds of acres of cajun country, where 2,500 people live, destroying their farms and homes. for many upriver, it's already too late. i'm looking at that street sign. it's barely peeking above the water. how do you know where to navigate? do you remember the streets? >> you just try to remember where the streets are. >> reporter: in vicksburg, mississippi, suburbs are completely submerged. >> quite frankly, there's nothing you can do about the flood. you know it's coming. and there's nothing you can do to stop it. >> reporter: the river here is expected to crest next week. but even then, the heartache won't be over. the water will fall at a snail's pace.
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and it's expected to linger here until june. i spoke to the army corps of engineers this morning. and they tell me, at this point, they do not believe the people downstream will be compensated, even if their homes and farms are flooded. that's because they say they send out a letter every year to residents in this area. they know it's a known risk. and this is something that the residents have chosen. bianna? >> yunji de nies. thank you for that. there's new revelations about life inside osama bin laden's final hideout. he might have been watching a lot more than just himself on television. commandos say they found a big stash of x-rated videos in his terror compound. nick schifrin has the latest from islamabad, pakistan. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. late last night, pakistan's powerful spy chief lashed out at the u.s. in parliament. saying we have to decide whether to stand up to america now. or have subsequent revelations to deride us.
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but the intelligence chief was also heavily criticized because he said he had no idea that the world's most-wanted man was living in a house just two hours from here. inside that house, navy s.e.a.l.s grabbed a treasure trove of information about al qaeda and its plots. u.s. officials say they also found a shocking stash in bin laden's own bedroom. pornographic videos and magazines. >> it's just surprising that pornography was found because he was known to be a rather austere man. a rather religious man. a man who, in fact, gave up the world. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they were hesitant to reveal that information for fear it wouldn't be believed. which is exactly what we found in pakistan today, even among the most educated. the u.s. is saying that they found pornography in osama bin laden's house. >> on their part, they need to have some kind of evidence. >> if it's a one-sided comment, no. i won't not believe it. i would need to have confirm from various sources. so, honestly, you don't trust us.
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i don't trust president obama. >> reporter: pakistanis say they have a right to doubt. since they joined the war on terror, this country has paid a higher price than any. they lost more than 5,000 troops and 30,000 civilians to terrorism. and yesterday, the taliban set to avenge bin laden's death. they sent two suicide bombers to this base. 80 paramilitary cadets killed. 150 injured. and today, we learned new details about the moment bin laden died from the navy s.e.a.l.s' helmet cameras. u.s. officials say the s.e.a.l.s first encountered him as they climbed the stairs to the third floor. bin laden quickly retreats. the s.e.a.l.s fire. missing. but seconds later, they confront him again. and as they do, one u.s. official says children surround him, crying out. the children are moved. and that's when the s.e.a.l.s shoot bin laden, in the chest and forehead. and last night, pakistan's spy chief offered to resign to
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parliament. but that offer was rejected. it's pretty clear right now that the government is rallying around the army, in order to criticize the u.s. dan? >> such a delicate situation diplomatically, for this country. nick schifrin, thank you for your reporting this morning. and back in this country, the political world on tenterhooks this morning, waiting for a big announcement from mike huckabee. is he in? or is he out? we think he's going to announce that he's running for president. and this comes one day after congressman ron paul announced, right here on "gma," that he is running. but why are so many big names still on the sidelines? john hendren is on the story this morning in washington. john, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. he is a marquee name republican. and he has a grassroots following. but mike huckabee is a master of suspense. it's a suspense he's expected to break, at long last, tonight. will he? >> the fact is, i'm very much considering doing it again. >> reporter: or won't he? >> trying to give an honest answer, which is, i don't know. >> reporter: mike huckabee is all over fox news, five appearances in two days, ending
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tonight with his own show, where he's expected to announce, once and for all, whether he's in it to win it in 2012. >> he's someone who sells very well on television. but whether he can take that show and make it run in 2012 is still to be seen. >> reporter: even huckabee insiders say they don't know what he'll do. the former arkansas governor would be the latest entry in a field that finally has some big -- well, medium-named contenders. texas congressman ron paul declared friday on "good morning america" he's in. >> i'm officially announcing that i am a candidate for president. >> reporter: so is newt gingrich. a conservative's conservative, who last held office when "seinfeld" was a hit tv show and michael jackson was on tour. announcing wednesday on twitter. >> i would like to be the most successful paycheck president. >> reporter: the donald is 2012-curious. talking presidential. >> i think the focus is china and opec. >> reporter: but still not declaring. neither is mitt romney, who is
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apparently running against mitt romney. >> a lot of pundits around the nation are saying that i should just stand up and say this whole thing was a mistake. >> reporter: the universal health care plan he signed into law in massachusetts in 2006, won him an endorsement that could sink him in the gop primary. >> i agree with mitt romney. >> reporter: but the more republicans get to know their candidates, the more unhappy they are. a new associated press poll found 45% of republicans now say they are dissatisfied with the gop candidates, up from 33% two months ago. gop insiders are so dissatisfied that some are urging others to join the fray. former first lady, laura bush, called the wife of mitch daniels, urging her to get her husband to run. we are told. also, others are urging new jersey governor, chris christie, to enter the fray. bianna? >> john, thank you. of course, we'll get into all of that. the big question is, will he or won't he run? john avlon, senior political columnist for "the daily beast"
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joins us this morning to help answer that question. of course, we're talking about mike huckabee. just a few weeks ago, you said it would be hard for him not to run. you're not so sure now. why? >> the buzz coming out from former senior campaign aides is they haven't heard anything from huckabee in the last several weeks, indicating to them that the buck will stop here. that huckabee will say tonight that he will not run. the only person who knows for sure is huckabee and presumably his family. it's extraordinary that he's polling so well, even for doing nothing. and it's because he has such a strong, conservative populist support that's really carried him through this day. >> he does have a name. the medium candidates, as we heard in the piece earlier from john. will we see a push from someone as die nam dynamic, let's say, as someone like christie, for example. >> the elephant in the room in this republican field is that it is broad but fairly weak. and so far, not successfully inspired a lot of activists. you have a party that's
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currently in warlord status. a lot of active factions. but no clear leader of the national party. with the current field, which is crowded, i think you will see more demand for people getting in that can inspire people and has a chance to win a general. >> with so much focus on the economy, you have potential candidates names thrown out there like mitch daniels. jon huntsman, for example. even mitt romney. they both have the economic chops to back them up. will we see their names comes up in focus in the next weeks and months? >> certainly mitt romney. criticized by many conservatives. i think he bravely supported his decision to enact health care in massachusetts. but didn't help him with the base, which is already fairly skeptical. when you're in a situation where mitch daniels is being called on to be the white knight of the republican party, it's a desire for something different. and jon huntsman is a name many americans don't know yet. former utah governor and former obama china ambassador. you can see him get in, as well. at the end of the day, it's about who can win a general election. the problem is, the primary
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process is so distorting it, forcing so many candidates to the extremes, that it makes them more difficult to get elected in the fall. >> we shall see. thank you so much for coming in. john avlon. we appreciate it. checking the other headlines this morning, we go to ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. libyan leader moammar gadhafi remains defiant after surviving an air strike this week. in a brief audio recording, gadhafi taunts nato, saying, he's in a place where he can't be killed. the libyan government also claims a nato air strike killed 11 muslim clerics. in syria, at least six people were killed on friday, as security forces opened fire on thousands of anti-government protesters. but turnout appeared to be lower than in previous weeks. a result of mass arrests and heavy security. and president obama has accepted the resignation of his point man on middle east peace. special envoy george mitchell is stepping down after two years. the former maine senator failed to rekindle peace talks between israelis and palestinians. mitchell's last day is next friday, is same day that israel's prime minister visits the white house. and medicare and social security are running out of
7:14 am
money even faster than expected. a new report finds that medicare's trust fund will be drained in 2024, five years earlier than last year's estimate. social security will be exhausted in 2036, one year ahead of the previous projection. and finally, talking about driving while distracted. an italian bus driver has been suspended, after being caught driving using two cell phones. and steering his vehicle with his elbows. it's illegal to use one phone while driving in italy. obviously, illegal to use two. you may be wondering, too, about the passenger who recorded this video. dan and, bianna, instead of getting off the bus. >> i would have gotten off the bus. >> did they fire that guy? >> i don't know. he's been suspended. we'll keep you posted, dan. this is the news. >> maybe he got an e-mail about the study you're about to bring to us and talking to other people on the street. >> maybe. we want to check on weather. and for that, we go to jackie meretsky. >> good morning, everyone. let's talk about severe weather.
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we could have some storms from the middle part of the country, to the south, especially east of the continental divide. we had 80 reports of wind damage on friday. all that energy is pushing eastward. so, we could be looking at storms from jacksonville, towards cincinnati and pittsburgh. elsewhere in the country, we have a big, complex, upper-level system shaping up above the ohio valley. that's going to bring rain from the great lakes all the way to the northeast. some of the heavier amounts will be in northeastern ohio and northwestern pennsylvania.
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dan, over to you. >> thank you, jackie. we're going to get to a bizarre case of smuggling. it involves exotic baby animals who were drugged and packed inside a suitcase. they were discovered by airport officials on friday. what happened to these animals and the smuggler? matt gutman is on the story. >> reporter: this crying, tired months old bear cub was discovered inside a suitcase by investigators. >> this is a very sophisticated smuggling operation. we've never seen one like this before. the guy had a virtual zoo in his suitcases checked in. >> reporter: two baby leopards, two panthers and two monkeys were also hidden in the passenger's checked luggage, headed for dubai. the animals had been drugged and placed in flat cages in small, plastic canisters punched with air holes designed to look like folded clothes. investigators believe these animals were being transported as pets. but most of the animal trade is in meat and folk medicine. >> basically, the total value
7:17 am
illegally of the global black market is between $10 billion and $20 billion annually. >> reporter: this tiger is safe because she was born in the united states. had she been born in asia, she would have been the most highly valued animal on the black market for endangered species. only 3,400 of these tigers left in the whole world. an adult wild tiger could earn poachers $100,000. those smuggled leopard cubs, $5,000 apiece. and bangkok has become a worldwide hub for illegal wildlife trafficking. exotic animals from africa and south america end up in the hands of traders there, often bound for the united states, europe or the middle east. smugglers are willing to go to great lengths to avoid detection. this tiger was found drugged but alive inside a traveler's suitcase surrounded by a child's stuffed animals. this car packed with parrots was intercepted on the mexican border. smugglers even conceal animals on their bodies. this man was apprehended with
7:18 am
live birds strapped to his legs. >> the profits involved are so high and the risks are so low, it is really a strong incentive. >> our thanks to matt gutman for that. take a look at this video from last night. this is kym johnson being wheeled out on a stretcher. it's the latest mishap in a season that's seen a lot of them. linsey davis has the details. >> reporter: week after week, nfl star, hines ward, and his partner, kym johnson, wow the audience with their fancy footwork. but an unexpected move landed johnson on a gurney. "entertainment tonight" captured this scene, after she took a nasty fall while rehearsing for monday's semifinals. >> hines, how is kym feeling? >> i don't know. we'll find out. >> reporter: hours later, he gave fans an update, via facebook and twitter. kym was admitted to the hospital today, after falling and injuring her neck during our practice, he said. bruised and wearing a neck brace, johnson managed to tweet, i'm a little shaken up, sore, but i will be fine. good news for ward, who is
7:19 am
leaning heavily on her to win. >> two weeks leading up to the final, i'm just going to listen to kym. she knows best. >> reporter: it's no secret the dance floor can be dangerous. this season alone is proof. a ruptured cyst on the back of ralph macchio's knee caused him to make a trip of his own to the hospital. while mark ballas was back on a good foot this week, a few short weeks ago, a professional dancer rolled his ankle during a dress rehearsal. and who could forget this dance floor tumble? somehow maks managed to dance through the pain. the same could be said for his partner, kirstie alley, who told us she's suffered injuries from the first week she put on her dancing shoes. >> it was at the point i really couldn't walk. >> it was fun. the introductions of the couples and we have to walk down the stairs. she's like ow, ow. >> reporter: yep, that look
7:20 am
right there. a real show-must-go-on mentality that johnson shares. she'll be back on her toes in no time. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> we wish her a speedy recovery. going to be quite an interesting show to watch monday night. >> a lot of people seem to be making speedy recoveries on that show, fortunately. coming up, a bizarre and upsetting reality show story. they're calling it the reality show defense. the verdict is now in for this woman who claims she only tried to have her husband murdered because it was for a potential reality show. and forbidden fruit. should you allow your spouse to gawk at other people they find attractive? is looking but not touching actually healthy? i'm not so sure. but a surprising, new study says it might be. we'll get into it coming up. on today's show, keep your photos right at your fingertips. (both) literally! okay. can you zoom in on this?
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coming up on "gma," the verdict is in the bizarre case of a woman who is accused of attempting to kill her husband all for a reality show. >> that's what she says. we'll talk to an expert about
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i know what's going down first. denny's. america's diner is always open. ♪ don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me ♪ ♪ don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me ♪ nice song to intro this segment. a new study that dan and all the men in the studio were excited about this morning. suggesting that relationships can actually become healthier if you're allowed to glance. just glance. >> just glance. >> no touching. other people, when you walk by them. >> what i love is you know there are guys in the audience this morning that are going to use this information later in the day. saying, baby, it was science that made me do it. >> it was science. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga.
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>> and i'm dan harris. good morning to you. it's saturday, may 14th. also coming up this half hour, big birthday celebration and other moments from your lives in a little segment we call "your week in three words." we're going to start with a murder-for-hire trial, with a reality show twist. a woman from florida, convicted of plotting to kill her husband. a plot she says was all part of a plan for the two of them to become tv stars. mike marusarz is here this morning. good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. prosecutors say this woman wanted her husband dead, so she could have his small fortune all to herself. instead, she not only lost her husband, but also her freedom. >> we find the defendant guilty of solicitation to commit first-degree murder. >> reporter: the act is over. the final curtain dropped. this real-life drama ends with tears and conviction. dalia dippolito is found guilty. >> she's like poison candy. attractive on the outside. but deadly on the inside. >> reporter: prosecutors say in 2009, dippolito tried to pay a hitman $3,000 to kill her husband, michael. except, the hitman was an undercover police officer. to build a case, they
7:32 am
orchestrated a sting. >> he brings you the paper saying he's dead, you're going to have to pay him. >> all right. >> give me 20. but cash. >> of course. i'm not going to write you a check. >> reporter: detectives even staged a fake crime scene. brought dippolito to the house. and told her michael had been killed. she seemed to break down. police called the tears fake. in fact, michael was still alive. she was arrested. >> i didn't do anything. and i didn't plot anything. >> reporter: the defense claims it was all an act. arguing that dippolito never intended to hurt michael. they say it was michael, a convicted felon, who instructed his wife to hire the hit on him. all in all, to land the couple a reality show. >> was this an obsession about his appearance? his vanity? and others might be interested in his reality. >> they didn't have a secret conversation about their reality show plan at chili's before she met with the hitman. it didn't happen.
7:33 am
>> reporter: and jurors didn't buy it, either. friday, with a very much alive michael watching in the gallery, the two-week trial ended. and the show was over. dippolito faces up to 30 years in prison. and by the way, michael has since filed for divorce. >> i would imagine he would do that. mike marusarz, thank you for your reporting this morning. for more on this bizarre case, we're joined by the former prosecutor, beth karas, who is a correspondent, on "in session." thanks for coming in this morning. >> my pleasure. >> have you seen a case like this before? >> not quite. we've seen cases for murder that don't get carried out because undercovers are involved like this. but with this motive, she says. >> right. >> to get their own reality tv show, no. >> would it have made a difference in she testified in her own defense? >> i don't think the results would have been different. but the deliberation time may
7:34 am
have been longer. these jurors deliberated under three hours. maybe they would have had more discussion. then again, maybe she wouldn't have made a good witness and her lawyers knew that. and they would have convicted her even more quickly. >> it would be hard for it to guess worse for her. her husband did testify. i imagine that was incredibly damaging. >> and necessary also. the prosecution knew what the defense was. so, he needed to get on the stand to say, there was no deal to try to try to get our own reality tv show. i know nothing about this. he was critical. had she testified, it would have been his word against hers. >> and the prosecution had incredibly strong evidence in the videotapes and audiotapes. >> yes. now, she had a lover. and her lover flipped on her and cooperated with the police. so, they started working and taping. audiotaping and videotaping. and the hitman was an undercover police officer. so, whenever you get this kind of an investigation, it's great evidence for the prosecution because the jurors can watch the crime unfolding. it's a movie for them. >> it makes it pretty much open and shut.
7:35 am
do you think we'll see the reality show defense ever again? >> a lot of interesting characters come out of the woodwork these days with all kinds of reality tv shows. so, maybe. this one took it to another level. solicitation to commit first-degree murder. a 30-year felony. i don't know if we'll ever see that again. but maybe like trespassers, like the white house crashers. >> exactly right. the white house crashers. beth karas, a pleasure to have you on this morning. thank you very much. we appreciate it. let's check the headlines again with ron claiborne. good morning, ron. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, army engineers will open a spillway in louisiana for the first time in 38 years today, unleashing floodwaters from the swollen mississippi river. thousands of homes and farms in cajun country will be under water. they've been evacuated. they're being sacrificed to save even more homes in new orleans and baton rouge. and a worker at japan's crippled power plant has died after collapsing on the job. a plant's operator says harmful levels of radiation were not found in his body. and haiti gets a new president today.
7:36 am
former pop singer, michel sweet micky martelly, is promising to rebuild the capital that was damaged in last year's earthquake. a special graduation day for one family. 45-year-old carmen gomez and her son both received diplomas from usc on friday. she took 1 class a year, finishing in just 22 years. she now plans to get a masters. it's time, now, for weather and jackie meretsky. >> thank you very much, ron. good morning, everyone. we're going to start in the northwest. it's not too uncommon to have a clash of air mass scenario this time of year. all of the warm air retreats northward. we have the cool air coming down from canada. we have flooding concerns in washington, as well as idaho and oregon. and the threat of some severe storms. meanwhile, cold temperatures. it was 90 degrees on tuesday in chicago. today, we're only going to hit into the 50s. and the cooldown will last a few days. we have some of the cold air coming down from southern canada. and don't expect it to last that long.
7:37 am
things will start to creep up again by the end of the week. meanwhile, in the northeast, unsettled weather. we have a complex, upper-level system in the ohio valley. we're looking at some heavier rain in northeastern ohio, as well as northwestern pennsylvania. today's weather report has been brought to you by chrysler. bianna and dan? >> jackie, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," go ahead. check out the hottie walking by. it might just be good for your relationship. hmm? we'll tell you why you should not discourage your partner from looking at attractive people. >> i'm interested in hearing about that. also coming up, water polo champs and much more in your weekly contribution to our show, "your week in three words."
7:38 am
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how many of you guys have been in this situation? you're out with your significant other. suddenly, there's a lag in the conversation as he or she stops to check out an attractive person walking by. does it bother you?
7:41 am
if it does, you might want to let it go. and ron is here to explain why. >> we've all engaged in some sort of peeking or something. >> never. never done that. >> school psychology researchers wanted to find out how this behavior affects your relationship. and their verdict, in academic speak, says it may actually be a good thing. >> i think it would be good for us to go out one night a week where it would be you and me. >> you have to be kidding me. >> what? >> you just checked out that girl's butt. >> reporter: for some, checking out an attractive person walking by is a harmless instinct, as natural as breathing. are you okay if your wife checks out somebody? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: if a good-looking woman walks by and he takes a peek at her, are you okay with that?
7:42 am
>> yeah. because he's coming home with me at the end of the day. >> reporter: but for many people, that kind of behavior is an outrageous insult to the person you're with. if your boyfriend and you are together, and he looks at an attractive woman walking by. >> i'd leave him. >> reporter: you'd leave him? >> sure. >> reporter: a lot of people feel it's better to resist the temptation than to sneak a peek. but now, a study by researchers at the university of kentucky and florida state, say to not ogle the fetching passerby could be hazardous to your relationship. >> what we found is limiting your attention to attractive alternatives causes those alternatives to become enticing, like forbidden fruit. >> reporter: the researchers showed attractive photos of people of the opposite sex, to a group of female and male college students. then, they made them take a test that distracted them from looking. afterwards, the group reported greater dissatisfaction than the control group. and they were open to being unfaithful.
7:43 am
it sounds like what you're saying, it's better for the relationship to let your eyes wander. >> what our findings, what our research really shows, is the drawbacks of trying to limit your partner's attention. >> reporter: even the researchers and common sense says, that craning your neck too long and too often, is most definitely not a good idea. don't do it? >> exactly. not to the point where you're overexerting yourself and you're going into seizures and stuff to see her. >> this is an unscientific poll in central park. but most couples said they didn't mind. one woman said, he can look. but at the end of the day, he's going home with me. the key here is, don't, dan, overdo it. >> i don't know if you noticed this. ron had his own solution. always wearing sunglasses. >> yes. >> all that without moving the head. >> let me ask you guys, what is your policy on this? >> i live in new york city. it's such a good-looking city.
7:44 am
it would be impossible to say to my husband, don't look. but don't look for too long. >> i notice an attractive woman. and i look at my husband to see if he's looking at them. do you think she's attractive? >> tell us how you feel about this story. please. tell us on twitter at "gma" or on our shoutout board. we want to hear your opinion. >> all right. we'll be right back with "your week in three words." keep it here. you're getting calls from his teacher he's impulsive in class. and his inattention makes focusing on homework tough. i know how it is because my son has adhd too. i didn't know all i could do to help manage his adhd. our doctor suggested a treatment plan with non-stimulant intuniv. [ male announcer ] once daily non-stimulant intuniv has been shown to reduce adhd symptoms. don't take if allergic to intuniv
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♪ it's just so bizarre is it true what we're made of? ♪ ♪ why do i hide from the rain? ♪ and we have some sad news from within the abc family. a long-time colleague and especially friend, clem lane, passed away last night. he has been here as long as i've been here, almost 25 years. clem was around as long as me. i worked for him in los angeles bureau. he's an assignment editor here. he was a professional. but more than that. he was always a cheerful guy. loved music. one of the nicest people i've known in my life, or here at abc. >> a great guy. >> he died at 50 years old. >> he died way too young. >> he'll be missed. we'll be right back. ♪ things are gonna get easier ♪ ooh-oo, child, things will get brighter ♪ ♪
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you did you see dan adopted 19 children. >> i became 1 of 19 children. bianna hunted alligators. i can't wait to see josh on "wipeout." that looks really fun. however -- >> speaking of fun. >> speaking of fun. we did something over the last several days that was absolutely crazy and hilarious. we took the cheapest road trip ever. we went down to maryland, the three of us. and we tried to see how far we could get on how little money. >> ahead of memorial day weekend, a lot of families will be camping, perhaps. we tried to do it ourselves. >> i'm supervising there. >> i went running, by the way. i let the men handle all of that. there they are, grilling. >> that was -- >> what are you wearing? >> that was a semisuccessful grilling experience. >> i'm back from my jog. >> bianna went running and let us cook dinner. >> where is my food? >> fishing. >> i think i did pretty well. oh.
7:56 am
>> that was freezing. and we lived. we survived to tell the story. we're all still friends. >> well. >> we almost killed each other a few times. >> just a few times. next weekend. you don't want to miss that. that will be quite a reality show to watch. thank you so much for joining us today. we're always online at don't forget to watch "world news" with david muir later this evening. we hope you have a wonderful day. and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. ng good morning, i'm john alstop. here is lisa argen with the accu-weather forecast. >> good morning. got a little sunshine in emeryville. much cloudier to the start of the day, temperatures in the low 50s. rain on the way. here is the timing of the rain.
7:57 am
by about 7:00 tonight, you'll notice the rain-snow mix. it moves in across the bay area before midnight. we will be looking at widespread rain shower activity by 9:00. then by 1:00 a.m., it goes to the east of us so we will see a bit of a break. then more showers, thunderstorms are possible. tomorrow, it will be cool, upper 40s to low 50s with showers likely. by noon things could get active. in the sierra nevada, bike race, winter weather advisory, one to three inches of snow by early tomorrow morning and more chances of rain monday and tuesday. we finally warm up the middle of next week. next at 8:00, just how safe is botox for an 8-year-old. and bay area
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