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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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what it means for tomorrow's
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>> alan: good evening. the 100th run ago of the bay to breakers race is hours aways' some streets are now closed in preparation for the 55,000 runners expected to take part. bet cold rain is falling and may stick around for the race. them to mass row map -- them to mass roman is at the starting line. >> we're here on howard and beale. you can see behind me, everything is set up for tomorrow morning. this is the starting line of the staging area. it's all been set up. and while it's raining now, the runners we talked to today said even if it rains throughout the entire race tomorrow, it's not going to dampen their spirits or excitement. the barriers are going up tonight along the starting line
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here closing the streets. on and off begin rain has been falling but hasn't slowed down the toe truck drivers. possible rain showers won't bert the runners. they're running tomorrow. rain isn't a problem. >> doesn't matter. we always run. no matter what. rain or shine, we run. >> reporter: rain is a subject not being taken seriously by many of these people. some welcome it. >> wet is great, too. the air is clean, good for rung. >> reporter: the bay to breakers acts 5500 to 50,000 people. due to this 100th anniversary run, 55,000 people are now officially registered. this year for the first time, only registered runners will be allowed on the course and no bad behavior will be tolerated. >> no drinking no, float floats.
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>> organizes say drinkers could be arrested. >> we have a zero tolerance policy this year. if you're drunk and on the course, you'll be appalled off and asked to leave. >> reporter: welcome news to this first-time runner. >> i'm happy about it. i don't like dish wouldn't like to see any of that stuff. seeing crazy things going on. i'm excited. first time, and not anything crazy going on. >> reporter: it's always good for business. packed hotels are referring people to places like the market cafe. >> it's been a good night. it's been busy. our reservations, i did notice a lot of referrals from hotels. so we have a lot of people from bay toes breakers. >> reporter: most of the runners are probably already asleep. organizers say the people should be taking water with them regardless of the rain because they need hydration on the course. abc-7 news.
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>> alan: he looked a little wet and cold out there. let's check in with leigh glaser, with live doppler 7 hd. >> leigh: they rain is starting to come down. notice the very heavy rainfall moving in towards the san jose area and santa cruz. let's look at north bay, fairfax, 101 south, over the golden gate bridge, the yellow turning into dank -- dash greens. seeing heavy rains. the reds indicating heavy rains, from san jose to los gatos, santa cruz, all moving towards the east, and def definitely as the colder air mass sinks in, there's a chance of isolated thunderstorms as well. tomorrow, racetime, 7:00 a.m., showers likely. see some sun breaks, too. temperatures, it's going to be a cool race. upper 40s to low 50s, and a southwest wind to 15 miles-per-hour. so get ready for a wet race
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tomorrow. how much longer will the wet weather be with us in the forecast is later. >> alan: the amgen cycling tour kicks off tomorrow. stage one is scheduled to begin in south lake tahoe at 10:0 a.m. and end at the north star tahoe resort. the sear race expecting between one and six inches of snow, and that has race organizers concerned. officials are considering cutting the north star stage or canceling the opening stage all together, race organizers will make a to go at 9:00 tomorrow morning. >> snow may not be good news for amgen cyclist but tall hoe ski resorts couldn't be hap yes. several resorts are still open this month, and alpine meadows ahundredsed it -- announced it will be open during the fourth of jewel -- july weekend. it has 15 feet at the top of the mountain at the 7,000-foot elevation.
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>> one person died and two others ended up in the hospital after shots rang out in san san francisco this evening. someone opened fire on the victims along the appleton street near holly park circle just before 7:30. paramedics rushed all three victims to the hospital. one died, another has life-threatening injuries and a third is expected to survive. >> my understanding is several persons have been detained in connection with this incident. >> alan: witnesses say they saw a pontiac speed away from the scene. investigators are urging anyone who witnessed the shooting to contact the sfpd's homicide bureau,. >> san francisco police need your help in identifying a person of interest in a homicide case. this man has been accessing the bank account of a victim in a variety of places in san francisco and around the bay area.
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his is african-american, stands between 5'3" and 5'5". the man appears in this surveillance video after making a purchase as a target store using one of the victims accounts. a family member found the victim, joseph williams, inside his apartment on may 12th. the medical examiner determined his death is in fact a homicide. injured giants fan brian stow will be transferred to san francisco general hospital on monday. doctors say stow's condition is critical and is still in a comb half. stow is being transferred to san francisco general because of its trauma center and will be treated by the chief of neurosurgery, jeffrey manly. he specializes in brain and spinal coward injuries. >> an african-american owned radio station needs your help to fine the vandal who scaled scrawled racist graffiti on his
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building. it struck this morning. they even targeted a vehicle on the nonprofit station uses to promote itself in the community. >> it offends me personally. you work so hard to bring something to a community, as my wife and i have for five years, and this is -- >> alan: this morning's vandalism comes after someone shot out a window of the station's car last week. the station manager called police, but says officers still have not come to take a report yet. walking across the graduation stage symbolizes a new chapter in in the lives of thousands of college grads. but for one uc berkeley student that walk took on a new mening. he used technology developed in part by fellow students at uc berkeley. >> reporter: at uc berkeley today, graduates walked into
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edwards stadium, excited. >> class of 2011 rot. >> reporter: graduation day signifies many things, but for austin whitney, it means something more. it means walking again. >> this courageous and inspiring young man was determined to grad wait from college and walk at his commencement. >> reporter: austin has been wheelchair bound since a car crarchlt the uc berkeley team build an ex-oexcel top for austin to use today, and he rose to the occasion. with the exoskeleton securely bound to his body, austin walked the seven challenging steps across the stage. [cheers and applause] >> austin whitney. >> reporter: and to his dreams. >> i knew when i stood up here in front of all these people
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today, that it would be different. and it truly was. it was truly the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. >> as a mother, this is the greatest day of my life. >> reporter: the gift was the brain child of this professor. even though he and his team of grad students have built other more sophisticated exoskeletons, this one is different. it's cheaper and lighter in weight than the others. >> this technology can be accessible to a lashing number -- large number of people who need it. >> i always wanted his extent to have meaning, and this today really culminated in giving meaning to, i think, hundreds of thousands of people around the world. >> reporter: austin's exoskeleton is still being developed, that means it cannot be bought yet. once it goes to market it will cost about as much as a motoreyesized wheelchair, less than $20,000. lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news.
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>> alan: still ahead tonight. water is gushing out of a louisiana spillway for the first time in nearly 40 years, and it's expected to flood thousands of homes. officials say it will save millions. >> he is not running in 2012. what it means now that huckabee
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: mike huckabee will not run for president in 2012. he made that announcement tonight on his tv show. huckabee says he did not make the decision lightly, and despite all the encouragement, he says he just felt in his heart a repeat pid was not right
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for him. the former arkansas for's decision creates more questions about who will emerge as the republican front runner, mitt romney, newt gingrich and ron paul have declared. 45% of republicans are dissatisfied with the g.o.p. candidates. >> the head of the international monetary fund is being questioned in connection with the sexual assault of a hotel maid. khan was pulled off a flight at afghan ysk jfk shortly after leaving the hotel. he is being questioned but has not been charged with any crimes. the morganza spillway is foreign the first time in nearly 40 years. water is gushing toward thousands of home and farmland
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in the cajun countryside and is threatening to submerge land up to 25 feet deep. here's here from louisiana. >> the flood gates are open, the mississippi river purposefully unleashed. this spillway is designed to move water fast. it can move 600,000 cubic feet per second, three times the rate of niagra fall. but they're taking it slow, opening one gate today, two or three more tomorrow, trying to balance the node to relieve pressure on the leaveys and giving people enough time to get to higher ground. >> water is coming their way and they need to evacuate. >> reporter: the wart will move gradually and will take an estimated 12 hours to reach this up to. 30 hours to hit henderson. more than three days before it floods morgan city before making its way into the gulf. >> for the folks down river, can
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they expect federal compensation if they lose their property? >> the thing to remember is public safety is our number one priority and we're fighting thing shoulder to shoulder with the local officials. >> in other words, no, that's because the residents chose to live here despite the risk. the reality tough to take. >> makes me sick. >> reporter: the water could reach 15 feet in some areas. moving trucks lined the streets. this family is packing up everything they can. >> there wasn't fluff to go around. we had to pool our resources from citied and states away. >> reporter: so many here sacrificed so many more will be protected. >> alan: back home, it is wet and cold out there. what is going on? >> leigh: a late season spring storm, and it is really coming down in some locations. this is how it looks on the east
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bay cam. you can see 80 there with wet roadways. live doppler 7hd picking up heavy rain now, heading towards milpitas, and moisture moving into the area. north bay, check out novato, heavy rain down towards fairfax, and golden gate bridge, wet pavement, ocean beach, san francisco coe, east bay, walnut creek picking up moisture, and it's down from san jose, towards saratoga, campbell, this massive area of red, and this is moving to the north, so fairfield -- not fairfield -- people, this -- fremont, this is headed in your direction. generally in the 50s in the bay area. 47 right now in half moon bay. so overnight tonight, showers, could be heavy at times. isolated thunderstorms, and
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showers and thunderstorms expected for sunday, and after this system moves through, another system moves through monday night, early tuesday. here's a look at the cold front, actually trough of low pressure starting to move in towards the coast, bringing us the rain. behind us the cold air is going to wrap around, bringing instability tomorrow and that's the ingredient for isolated thunderstorms developing. here's we go. the bulk of the evening. it looks like most of the rein will move through. at 7:00 tomorrow morning, just in time for the bay to breakers, a band of showers rotating back in. this cold air mass will filler in as well so a possibility of thunderstorms as well. tomorrow afternoon, we'll see some sun breaks, and the scatter ode showers, and in those showers, possibility of some heavy downpures, maybe a little hail since the cold air mass will be with us. tahoe,, winter weather advisory.
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so the amgen tour stage one tomorrow, they will decide if they're going to do that tomorrow morning at 9:00. here's a look at the lows tonight. the rain coming down in the mid-to-upper 40s across much of the bay area. highs tomorrow as the colder air moves in. most lock locations not out of the 50s san francisco, 57. even palo alto, 59 tomorrow. livermore, 59. scattered sunshine and a chance of afternoon showers and possibility of some imbedded thunderstorms there. morgan hill, 60, and 61 for watsonville, the second wave of moisture will move in monday night and be with us on tuesday. after that, get ready for high pressure to build in, and bring us back some sunshine. >> alan: hopefully it will come soofnl let's talk to shu. the giants take a trip to
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wrigley field. >> mike: no sunshine there they fought through the elements and got help from the cubs defense. got help from the cubs defense. details up next in go! go!
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>> mike: the giants and cubs battling in the rain. wrigley field. wind and rain, not a good mix with baseball. tom first, giants get to work. posey grounds to left. plates freddie san chesms d men up 1-0. bottom first, bases loaded. gets soriano swinging. in the second, punches out davis. seven k's. in the third, cubs defense falls apart. burle to third. two giant runs. gamed called after six due to rein. gets his first career shutout, impatrolling to 3-0. to the big o, the a's and white sox. beckham knocks it down but can't find it. couscous -- kouzmanoff scores.
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dejesus rips one into the gap. the triple scores a pair. his 1,000th career hit. tyson ross dealing. gets dunn in the seventh, beckett can sit down. a's snap a two-game skid. the sharks continue the quest for their first stanley cup against the canucks. the second straight year the sharks advanced to at the -- to the final four. last year the sharks were swept by the blackhawks. this time around they expect different results. >> we talked about growth at the beginning of the year, and we used that year all year, and we have to take this further. >> we were here last year and we got here a different way. we were still here last year, and this where is we need to
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grow. >> mike: big growth hopefully. the puck dropping in the eastern conference finals. tampa bay and boston. lightning scored in the first. then marc-andre and bergeron. connects on the power play. the lightning steal game one on the road. >> oakland's on day ward defending his title, and abraham behind a bad night be in the ring with lord. your decision as we
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>> mike: how about a little boxing, ain't andre ward defends his title. the olympic gold medalist, winning nearly every around in a unanimous decision over the are -- armenian borne german.
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he took a few shots but held on to retain his wba title belt. time for your 50-yard indoor war. saber cats. the in the steel city. first quarter, over the middle. four td passes. the fourth. 19 seconds left. power down two. morris going long to willishing somebody should be covering him. 31-yard strike put pittsburgh on top. the last call for san jose. three yards shy of pay dirt. saber cats fall to 5-3, 54-48 the final. >> back in san jose, the earthquakes hosting columbus. ryan johnson, perfect cross. the 1-nil san jose. later in the half, a beauty on
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goal. no chance for the keeper. earthquake get their signified win of -- second win of the year. to the players championship, a four and a half hour weather delay -- oops, chad ochocinco, riding a bull in georgia. his lockout adventures continue. he didn't even last one second. packs up his promise to ride a 1500-pound bull. got 1.5 seconds on top of deja plus, earns he right to rename the bull after his coach. and you know, alan, it's hard to just get your hand undone from the bull. this is not what you want your players do in the offseason. >> alan: could have cost him a career. >> mike: could have got trampled
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or horned.
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