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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this sunday morning may 15th the 100th beta breakers will start in two hours. many streets in the city are closed. lisa argen will tell us if more rain is coming. and police investigate a fatal shooting that has left two people dead. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. we are just two hours away from the 100th running of san francisco's celebrated beta breakers race. many downtown streets are now closed as more than 55,000 registered runners prepare to make their way from the start at howard and biel streets to the breakers at the great highway. while it is a century old tradition, abc 7 shows us how
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organizers hope this year's race will be much different. >> the bearers are going up along the starting line here at howard biel closing the streets. on and off again rain is falling. it hasn't slowed down these workers or tow truck drivers clearing the staging area of cars. possible rain showers won't bother many of these runners either. >> one, two. >> lazaro and five of his family are running and rain isn't going to be a problem. >> we always run no matter what! rain or shine, we run. >> rain is the subject that's not being taken seriously by many of these people. some even welcome it. >> weather is great, too, because, you know, the air is clean and, you know, it's good for running. >> yearly, the beta breakers has attracted anywhere from 65,000 to 100,000 people. this year, registration was limited to 50,000 runners. due to this anniversary run, 55,000 people are officially registered. this year for the first time, only registered runners will be
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allowed on the course and no bad behavior tolerated. >> this year, there's no drinking. there are no floats on the course and we're asking people to only come if they have a registered runner. >> we have a zero tolerance policy here. if you're drunk and on the course you'll be pulled off the course by security and asked to leave. >> that's welcome news to the first time runner 13-year-old brendan perez. >> i'm pretty happy about it. i mean, i don't dak i wouldn't like to see any of that stuff. don't want to see any crazy things going on so i'm excited to be the first time minus anything crazy going on. >> the race is good for business. packed hotels are referring people to places like the market cafe. >> its been busy. our reservations were a lot of referrals from hotels. >> organizers say that people should be taking water with them regardless of the rain because they will need some hydration on the course. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> extra ferries and early bart
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service are available this morning for the race. bart is now running trains to san francisco every 20 minutes. bicycles will not be allowed on the trains until after 8:00. riders coming from the east bay should get off at the station. riders from san francisco and the peninsula should exit at the montgomery street station. so we heard a lot of talk about the rain. what will the weather be like for the runners and the rest of us? meteorologist lisa argen is here now with the accuweather forecast. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning, everyone. the cold front has moved through so the main frontal band with the consistent precipitation while you were sleeping pushed on through and we are now left with scattered showers, highway one just west of san francisco, you can see a little area of rain. there still is more rain in the area. right now, it's just 46 degrees in san francisco so it is pretty cold out there. the trough has moved on through but the area of low pressure with the cold air and the possibility for thunderstorms is still on the way so we will look
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for showers in and around the area. the temperatures in the mid to upper 40's to start out for the next couple of hours. and then through the 10:00, 11:00 hour we'll see numbers top out in the lower 50's. it will be cool. possibility of it being wet is good and we'll have possibility for more rain coming up in the next few days. >> another race, the amgen cycling tour of california is scheduled to start at lake tahoe at 10:30 this morning. weather permitting. stage 1 of the eight day pro cycling race begins at south lake tahoe and ends at the north star at tahoe resort. one to three inches of snow expected so race officials are going to huddle this morning to evaluate conditions. they could cut out the north star leg where the course rises above 7,000 feet in elevation or may even cancel the opening stage all together. their decision will be announced by 9:00.
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the snow may not be good news for amgen cyclists but tahoe ski resorts could not be happier. several are still open this month. and alpine meadows announced it will be open during the fourth of july weekend. this video shows the north shore resort late yesterday afternoon. alpine meadows still reports 15 foot base at the lodge and 20 feet at the top of the mountain. on to some other news this morning, two young men have died. another victim is in the hospital after they were shot in san francisco's bernal heights last night. someone opened fire on the victims along appleton avenue at holly park circle before 7:30. paramedics rushed all three to the hospital, a 26-year-old man and a 21-year-old died there. the third victim is expected to survive. >> homicide detail is on scene as well as the medical examiner's office and my understanding is several persons have been detained in connection with this incident.
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>> witnesses say they saw a pontiac speed away from the scene and investigators are urging anyone who witnessed that shooting to contact police. san francisco police also need your help to identify someone investigators are calling a person of interest in a homicide case. this man has been accessing, rather, the bank account of a homicide victim in a variety of locations in san francisco and around the bay area. police describe him as you see him there, african-american in his 50's. he stands between 5'3" and 5'5". investigators say the man appears in this surveillance video after making a purchase at the target store making the victim's account. a family member found that victim, 74-year-old joseph williams inside his apartment on folsom street on may 12th. the medical examiner determined he was murdered. injured giants fan bryan stow will be transferred to san
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francisco general hospital tomorrow. doctors say stow's condition is critical. he's still in a coma. he's being transferred from los angeles to s.f. general because of its trauma center. he'll be treated by the chief of neurosurgery, dr. jeffrey manly. manly specializes in brain and spinal cord injuries. and an african-american owned radio station needs your help to find a vandal to scrawled racist graffiti at their studio. it struck between 2:00 and 7:00 yesterday morning on georgia street in vallejo and they even chartered a vehicle the nonprofit station uses to promote itself in the community. >> it offends me personally that, you know, you work so hard to bring something to this community as my wife and i have for five years and this is -- this is the reception that we get. >> the vandalism comes after someone shot out a window of the station's car earlier this
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month. the station manager called police but he says officers have not yet come out to even take a report. tomorrow morning at 5:00, pg&e will continue pressure testing a natural gas pipeline in antioch. residents might smell natural gas as it gets removed from the pipeline before testing. crews will then pump water into the section being tested and pressurize it to a much higher level that it would ever operate using natural gas. any leaking sections of pipeline will be replaced. the state ordered those tests after september's deadly gas pipeline explosion in san bruno. it's graduation time. walking across the stage symbolizes a new chapter in the lives of college grads but for one u.c. berkeley student, the steps taken at graduation this weekend were his first in more than three years. he accomplished the goal with the help of technology developed in part by fellow cal students. abc 7's lisa amen galagen
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reports. >> at u.c. berkeley, graduates walk into edwards stadium excited. >> class of 2011. >> graduation day signifies many different things like adulthood and a future but for 22-year-old austin whitney, it means something more. it means walking again. >> this courageous and inspiring young man was determined to graduate from college and walk at his commencement. >> austin has been wheelchair bound since a car crash in 2007. you see bserkeley's own human engineering built an exoskeleton for him to use. as thousands of graduates watched, he rose to the occasion. >> with the exoskeleton securely bound to his body, austin walked the seven challenging steps across the stage. >> austin whitney! >> and to his dream. >> i knew when i stood up here
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in front of all these people today that it would be different. and it truly was. it was truly the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. >> as a mother, this was the greatest day of my life. >> the gift was the brain child of a professor. even though he and his team of grad students have built other more sophisticated exoskeletons this one is different. it's cheaper and lighter in weight than the others. >> this technology can be accessible to a large number of people that need it. that's our mission. >> austin has always wanted his accident to have meaning. and this today really culminated in giving meaning to, i think, hundreds of thousands of people around the world. >> austin's exo skeleton is still being developed. that means it cannot be bought yet. once it does go to market. it will cost as much as a motorized wheelchair.
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less than $20,000. >> straight ahead, he is not running in 2012. what it means for the presidential election now that mike huckabee is out. also, engineers open up a louisiana spillway. it's expected to flood thousands of homes but officials say it will also save millions of others.
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>> mike huckabee will not run for president in 2012. he made the announcement last night on his weekly fox newschannel tv show. hubbi huckabee says he department make the decision lightly. despite all the encouragement he felt in his heart a repeat bid was not good for him.
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it creates more questions about who will emerge as the republican frontrunner. mitt romney, newt gingrich, ron paul are the only republicans who have declared their candidacy. a new associated press poll finds 45% of republicans are dissatisfied with their candidates. the head of the international monetary fund is being questioned in connection with the sexual assault of a hotel maid. dominick strauss caan was pulled off an airfrance fright yesterday at john f. kennedy airport shortly after he left the manhattan motel. the maid told police she entered his room and he emerged from the room naked. threw her down and tried to sexually assault her. he's facing charges including attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment. the spillway in louisiana is open for the first time in nearly 40 years. water is now gushing towards thousands of homes and farm land in the cajun countryside and it's threatening to submerge land up to 25 feet deep.
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>> the floodgates are open. the mississippi river purposefully unleashed. this spillway is designed to move water fast. fully open, it can move 600,000 cubic feet per second. that's three times the rate of niagara falls at its peak. but they are taking it slow trying to balance the need to relieve pressure on the levees while giving people enough time to get to higher ground. >> we want to make sure that folks have the understanding that water is coming their way. and they need to evacuate. >> the water will move gradu gradually. at this rate, it will take an estimated 12 hours to reach the town. 30 hours to hit henderson. more than three days before it floods morgan city. before eventually making its way into the gulf. colonel, for the folks down river, can they expect any kind of federal compensation if they lose their property because of this? >> you know, i think the thing to remember is that public
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safety is our number one priority and we are flood fighting this shoulder to shoulder with all the local officials and the state officials. >> in other words, no. that's because these residents chose to live here despite the risks. but the reality is tough to take. >> makes me sick. it actually makes me sick. >> the water could reach 15 feet in some areas. moving trucks line the streets in morgan city. this family is packing up everything they can in a hurry. >> there wasn't enough to go around. we had to pool our resources from cities and even states away. >> so many here sacrificed so that many more will be protected. >> well, here, the pavement a bit wet this morning as thousands of runners get ready for beta breakers. >> yeah. quite a change out there. you hear the rain last night? >> no, i found -- >> yeah. >> well, definitely cool out there, numbers have dropped significantly. only in the mid 40's. the golden gate bridge had a few
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puddles out there and more rain is off shore. i'll show you our radar and what to expect for a pretty cool week ahead coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also coming up, the giants remain hot in the cold. not only fighting through the elements in chicago, they also got a little help from the cubs defense. mike shuman has the highlights coming up in sports. >> all new. the biggest controversy in "oprah show" history. now, five years after "a million little pieces," they meet again. oprah, james frey. again. oprah, james frey. the interview.
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parentheses have a place. but not on your face. juvéderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here. temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling, bumps, or risk of infection. ask your doctor about juvéderm® xc. >> well, like it or not for a while this morning, this oakland
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in and out burger restaurant had a new water fountain. it was the result of an accident. crews were called in to deal with minor flooding. the water has now been shut off and water from the sky coming our way. >> yeah. my goodness. you know, we're not done with it yet either. we've got more showers today and another system that will bring more rain our way for the next couple of days. >> you look happy about it. >> yeah, not happy. mid may, we would expect some nice weather. it's coming but not for several days. a live look from our camera. 6:00 is the official sunrise. a good chance we may see it because we already have some clearing but that doesn't mean that today is going to be nice and calm. in fact, quite the opposite. good chance of thunderstorms with in fact, very gusty winds.
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low snow levels. rain around highway 1 and then further to the south, look at that. some moisture here off the peninsula. this will continue to rotate on through. down by watsonville. salinas, hollister and gilroy some heavier showers. the cold front has moved on through. behind it, we have some very chilly temperatures. everyone in the mid 40's this morning. los gatos, 48. we will look for the wind at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. if we get some thunderstorms, gusty winds and 24 hours ago, we were much warmer. 5 degrees cooler this morning at oakland, fremont, san jose 4 degrees cooler so showers, isolated thunderstorms today with more rain tomorrow. tuesday, sunny and warmer by late wednesday into thursday. so the trough has moved through but we have this cold pool of air off the coast with a little clearing and that daytime
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heating, we are looking at not only chilly air but the potential for some gusty winds. low snow levels and more rain. here's a look at the timeline for noon today. notice, still more showers off the coast off into the east bay and then we get a lull once the sun sets, 7:00. look what happens after that. morning commute, 6:00. light shower activity. here comes the next wave looking a little more impressive by 6:00 tomorrow night, the evening commute. we have widespread rain once again. it pushes to the east of us and then by tuesday, late tuesday, we're looking at the possibility of drying now but look at the snow, still piling up in the mountains and a slight chance of showers, inland valleys all the way into wednesday so the winter weather advisory still with us until 11:00. 2 to 4 inches above 5,000 feet. 3 to 6 additional inches above 7,000 feet. gusty winds and, of course, travel delays are possible. we're looking at numbers today in the upper 50's to around 60
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in campbell. sunshine, actual thunderstorms with some gusty winds a good possibility from san francisco to redwood city, just 57 downtown to the north. we're looking at cool numbers all in 50's here. 56 in san rafael. in the east bay, we'll look for numbers in the mid 50's for hayward. 57 castor valley and our inland valleys, perhaps, 60 debreegreed with that sunshine, it may feel good for a couple of moments or so. menny of clouds o m plenty of clouds out there, too. when we warm up, a moderate warmup. low to mid 70's by the end of the week. >> this is not may, young lady. >> it is strange. >> let's check out sports. this evening, the sharks are in vancouver for game one of the western conference finals. last night, the giants played the first regularly scheduled saturday night game at wrigley field in 13 years but it didn't
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last long. mike shuman has the highlights oochlt good morning, the giants and cubs battled the rain last night in chicago. and ron vogelsong got his first career shutout in this six inning affair. not a good mix for baseball, wind and rain. top of first, giants get right to work. grounds a single to left. two-out knock off doug davis plays freddie sanchez and it's 1-0 g men. bases loaded but gets him to end the threat. 7 k's in six shutout innings for vogelsong. in the third, cubs defense falls apart. a little off the mark. back-to-back errors lead to two giant runs. g men went 3-0. ron vogelsong gets his first career shutout improving to 3-0. to the big o, the a's hosting the white sox and bottom two, grabs a gavin floyd offering to
5:25 am
the hole. knocks him down but can't find it. scores in the meantime from second. 1-0 a's. then in the fifth with two on, david dejesus rips one into right center gap. it's dejesus' 1,000 career hit 4-0. tyson ross continues to deal. shutout and gets him swinging. in the seventh, he can sit down. ross has a career high 8 k's in seven innings. the sharks will continue their quest for their first stanley cup tonight in vancouver when they open the western conference finals against the canucks. this marks the second straight year the sharks have advanced to the final four but last year staying in the conference finals didn't last long. they were swept by the blackhawks but this time around, they expect different results. >> we talked about growth in the beginning of the year and we've used that every year. we have to take this further than where we were last year.
5:26 am
>> this is where we start growing. we got here a different way but we were still here last year and this is where we need to grow. >> the puck dropping in the eastern conference finals last night lightning at the bruins. burgeron connects on a power play. that makes it 4-1 and the lightning steal game 1 on road. 5-2 that final. oakland's andre water is undefeated as the super heavyweight title last night against arthur abraham. he advanced to the final battling the tournament winning nearly every round in a unanimous decision over the armenian born german abraham. utilized his usual style, patience, tactical boxing, picking his opponent apart and scoring at will. took a few shots but held on to retain his wba title belt. see you tonight at 5:00. >> up next, another steep decline for bay area home
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>> welcome back, everyone. chances are the value of your home has fallen once again. according to the real estate web site, bay area home
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values are almost 8 1/2% lower than they were this time last year. and a startling number, 25.7% are underwater, meaning they're worth less than what their owners owe. abc 7's laura anthony reports from walnut creek, a place that's been especially hard hit by foreclosures. >> cloris and regeena davis are living the nightmare that is the bay area realty market. they are among a growing number of homeowners that are upside down in their mortgage. >> we are here in the $500,000 range and the house is somewhere around $230,000 in value right now. >> does it make you feel better that you're not alone? >> to somewhat but it's an awful stressful situation having to go through this as long as we've been going through it. >> according to more than 38% of contra costa homeowners owe on their mortgage than their homes are worth and
5:31 am
home values keep falling. >> since the peak of the market, home values have fallen even further. 35% in the bay area sips the peak of the market compared to 25% nationally. >> home owners are getting very frustrated. >> this mortgage counselor says homeowners are giving up in a county where home values have dropped 51% since their peak in 2005. >> the banks are not doing principle reductions and homeowners are losing hope and if your values are continuing to drop and we haven't hit the bottom yet, wow, that's a hard one. >> and according to zillow, the bottom of the market may still be a year away. >> it seems to me that we still have very, very fickle buyers in this market. >> the oakland realtor says buyers still feel like they're the ones calling the shots. >> i think it's just that people really want deals now and they're afraid that the market is going to continue to go down so if they feel like they're buying something for not too
5:32 am
much money, then they're better off. >> the hardest hit market in the bay area where 58% of homeowners are currently upside down in their mortgages and where home values have plunged 59% since the peak in 2006. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> today is the state deadline for school districts to give final notice to teachers who will be laid off next school year. last month, districts throughout the state sent out preliminary notices identifying some 20,000 teachers who could potentially lose their jobs. and last week, teachers statewide rallied for more funding. but even as districts face today's deadline, they still don't know what california lawmakers will do about the huge state budget deficit. some lawmakers estimate that k through 12 education could lose up to $5 billion in state funding. if the state cuts turn out to be less drastic, school districts could retain teachers that get
5:33 am
layoff notices today. the new medical center in burlingame opens this morning. 11 years and $618 million after the project began. the 450,000 square foot hospital officially opens its doors at 7:00 this morning. patients from the old mills hospital will slowly be transferred over to the new more seismically safe building. the new facility includes upgrades like wireless patient monitoring and privacy rooms with fold-out couches for visiting family members but most importantly, it's designed to remain fully operational even after a magnitude 8.5 earthquake on the nearby san andreas fault. prices for used cars hit a record high in april and are expected to climb even higher. it seems car production cutbacks in this recession are making used vehicles a hot commodity. here's abc 7's alan wong with the story. >> today, i'm noticing the
5:34 am
prices are indeed a little bit more than i expected. >> since january, the kelly blue book since the average trade-in value for a mid sized car rose nearly $2,000. >> expecting to spend around $9,000 to $11,000 and i'm finding between $16,000 and $17,000 for the cars i'm looking for. >> high gas prices are slowing down the market for new cars. owners are hanging on to their old ones so fewer trade-ins are making it to the used car lots. this honda of oakland used car lot usually has about 80 vehicles on it. today, they only have about 55. >> on a weekly basis. >> rob matar is one of hundreds of used car dealers who buy their vehicles from the man hiem auto auction in hayward. about 3,000 cars used to be auctioned off each wednesday but now only 1,000. prices are 30% to 40% higher. >> i useed to pay maybe $17,000, $18,000. 20 grand for it and now you
5:35 am
can't -- if it goes to auction, can't touch it less than $25,000 to 30 grand. >> some used car prices are a few thousand dollars shy of the exact same brand new ones. >> if you can go negotiate a good deal on your car with the zero interest or zero down, zero interest, it makes sense to buy actually a new car, yes, vs. a couple years old used vehicle. >> now u.s. dealers say they're expecting to exhaust their inventories and there could be a severe shortage of more economical japanese cars by july. >> i guess acting sooner rather than later is the key here. >> in the east bay, alan wong, abc 7 news. >> control officials are concerned about the spread of west nile virus. if the weather permits, santa clara authorities are going to take to the skies tomorrow looking for places where mosquitos breed. the waterborne insects spread the west nile virus that can be
5:36 am
fatal in humans. over 100 people have died of the disease in california since it first arrived back in 2003. birds are also known carriers of the virus. so far this year, there have been three dead crows in santa clara county that have tested positive for the virus. they were found in sunnyvale, mountainview and southeast san jose. well, lisa argen here to talk about very unusual may weather. >> yeah. our unusually strong cold front has pushed on through and we're left with some scattered showers and cold temperatures. just 46 right now downtown. clouds out there. still showers off shore. a little sunshine today. isolated thunderstorms and more rain ahead. i'll detail that next. >> oh, joy. also ahead, a one inch device that turns your iphone into a credit card reader. see how it's helping businesses getting off the ground. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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prepare your taste buds.
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>> the creator of twitter has changed the way we communicate with each other. he has a new venture now, a san francisco company hoping to revolutionize the way we bank by simply simplifying the way we charge it using a small device. here's dan ashley with this morning's refinement 7 report. >> when showplace cafe opened in san francisco's district in december, the owner knew she'd need to accept credit cards if her business was going to grow. >> people don't carry cash anymore. >> she found what she needed with this one inch device called square. with her ipad and this tiny credit card reader, her credit card transactions started rolling in. >> makes it very easy for anybody to quickly and inexpensively sign up to take the dominant form of payment which are these plastic cards that everyone carries. >> jim is co-founder of square.
5:40 am
he's an artist who struggled to find affordable ways to accept credit card payments. he was talking on his smart phone when he realized the answer was in his hand. he turned to jack dorsy, the creator of twitter for help. within three weeks, they came up with square. this video is provided by the company. since it debuted last october, square has processed millions of dollars a week in transactions and has attracted more than 100,000 new users a day. partly because it's so easy to use. >> plug in the square reader and it recognizes it. we're going to charge $5. swipe it through the reader on this screen, i sign my name. it offers to send me a receipt via either sms or e-mail. and it's done. >> square works with the iphone, ipad and android. unlike the big credit card processing companies, square doesn't charge service fees. now, the credit card reader is free. in exchange, the company takes
5:41 am
2.75% of each transaction and deposits the rest directly into your bank account. by comparison, paypal charges up to 2.9% per transaction and some banks charge as much as 15%. numbers like those make square enticing to small businesses that often can't afford credit card transactions. katherine hughes turned a family recipe for toffee into a business. with help, they built the gourmet business from the ground up selling their goods from events and on line. >> we were at events and having to manually input numbers when we got home at night. >> with square, credit cards are processed immediately and don't worry, there's no paper trail of credit card numbers. >> before, we were actually writing their credit card numbers down on a piece of paper. >> square makes it very clear that all transactions are protected by credit card agreements and as an added security measure, it built in a photo feature. vendors can snap a photo of the customer with the item as proof
5:42 am
of purchase. >> it's a huge hit, you know, everyone loves to use it. huge conversation piece and makes it easier. >> and she says that half her sales are on the square reader now. if you'd like to find out how you can get a square, you can check out our web site. you want to know about the weather? look no further. here's lisa. >> you know, we have a couple of systems that still have to move through the area. two in the immediate future. one maybe next weekend. so yeah, it's -- it's really coming our way this cold unseasonably wet weather pattern and here we're looking for our future camera, nice shot. the sun is officially up in about 38 minutes or so. so we're looking at partly cloudy skies. not done with the rain yet although the frontal band has moved athrough from a 10th of an inch or an inch of rain in the
5:43 am
mountains. you will notice we have scattered showers to the north. a little rain and snow mix by mount st. helena and then southward west of san francisco in the peninsula, we're looking at a little light rain here getting set to move into half moon bay and further south around hollister and salinas looking at more wet weather so the sierra nevada, yeah, cold. 32 degrees in lake tahoe and it is snowing right now so the bike tour, they're deciding and it looks like a, you know, very slick start to that if they decide to do it. but, you know, we are looking at still a couple more systems so we're not through yet. 46 in redwood city. it's 47 in san francisco. 45 in napa. and 38 in los gatos. with a southwest wind, not too windy. we're looking at some gustier winds if we see some thunderstorms today. 4 or 5 degrees colder this morning than it was yesterday in concord, in fremont and in oakland so that cool air mass bringing in the chilly air. showers, isolated storms today
5:44 am
with more rain tomorrow and into tuesday, then possibly into next weekend but we are looking at sunny and warmer weather by wednesday and thursday. so this trough pushing on through but just to the west of us is the main center of the area of low pressure and this is going to bring still the possibility of more rain headed our way and in fact, the chances are pretty good. if you look at our computer animation, you'll notice plenty of green on the screen right on through noon today into the east bay along the coast and then as the heating of the sun allows the activity to die down, we see a lull by about 7:00 tonight. and then here comes the next system, the early morning commute, the possibility of some light showers but then possibility increases by the evening commute. tomorrow night, we're looking at more rain. same thing, maybe a quarter to 1/2 inch here and then this pushes on through but still, by tuesday morning, chance of showers and then in the afternoon here, definitely see things begin to quiet down.
5:45 am
so still, the winter weather advisory through 11:00 today with 2 to 4 inches at 5,000 feet. so very slick roadways there with numbers only in the upper 50's, maybe a 60 degree at best in campbell. 59 in palo alto. mountainview, san francisco, definitely a cool day out there. 57. chance of an isolated storm and in the north bay, we'll see temperatures just in the mid 50's here near east bay, 57. union city, so really not much of a range today. only 58 in dublin. 60 danville down by the monterey bay, yeah. some showers here. and we'll look for the next system to be right on its heels. numbers still staying well below average. wednesday looks like we're brightening up into the 70's by thursday and friday so interesting day once we get the sun up there and we should see some thunderstorms. >> it's been an interesting year. >> yeah. >> weatherwise. yes, absolutely. >> kept you on your toes. thanks, lisa. what started out as a black
5:46 am
history event in oakland has become a catalyst for a long-term research. it's a search for history for roots. >> the church of jesus christ of latter day saints has the largest collection of genealogy records in the world. >> find our ancestors and we do work in the temple to combine families internally. >> their documents cover more than just their ancestors and the records are open to the public so it's here at the mormon temple center in oakland that a group of visitors have come to trace their roots. >> not a lot of people in my family know where they come from so i say, you know, i should be the one to start. >> 18-year-old elliott spelard is part of the ancestry project involving students from two high schools plus foster youth. alameda county supervisor came up with the idea. >> it kind of goes back to the
5:47 am
old cliche about knowing where you're from help you determine your future so we've actually seen the youth kind of become empowered. >> none of those look like they're a winner. >> staff from the history center along with members of the african-american genealogy society are volunteering their time and in this technological age, more information is readily available. but it's not that easy for everyone. >> if you have relatives who were enslaved, then you have something called the brick wall and it takes you some time to get over that. you need to be really creative. >> the youth ancestry project began during black history month in february. but organizers were determined to move it beyond a one time event. >> those who are searching census records are discovering a family tree with more branches. >> you can walk down the street and know that, you know, today, this is who i am. >> and the participants are going to share their findings during a special community event
5:48 am
on june 4th. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> credit cards give you cash back for gas purchases but one man couldn't seem to get his rebate. i'm michael finney. coming
5:49 am
5:50 am
>> the price of gasoline in the bay area is $0.10 higher than it was a month ago. so naturally, drivers are trying all kinds of ways to save. here's 7 on your side's michael finney with one of them. >> with gas prices painfully high, it seems everybody is looking for ways to save. drive less. check tires. slow down. >> once a week, once every four days, so about four or five tanks of gas per month. >> matthew evans of san francisco commutes to hayward every day. so when gas prices shot past $4 a gallon, he was glad he had this credit card. it gave him a 4% rebate on gas
5:51 am
purchased at union 76 stations at least it was supposed to. >> so i want to use your card but i want to get my 4% rebate every time. >> he noticed on his credit card statement that he was receiving a 1% rebate instead of 4% when he bought gas at the union 76 in hayward. listed under his owner, avis corporation so he contacted the credit card company, citibank that issues the rebates. >> they told me that the gas station wasn't reporting anymore as a conoco or union 76 station. which i thought was odd since they have the union 76 logo. >> citibank told him to inquire at the gas station about rebates. matthew said he couldn't get answers there. >> i shouldn't have to walk inside the gas station each time and say am i going to get a 4% rebate on this gallon of gas. >> matthew says at today's gas prices, the cashback is important. a 1% rebate gave him back about $0.04 per gallon while a 4% rebate is about $0.16 off each
5:52 am
gallon of gasoline. >> i calculated for a year, maybe it's $100. maybe it's $200. well for me, that's two, three, four tanks of gas so that's when i called 7 on your side. >> we contacted avis corporation and did not hear back. however, citibank looked into the matter, too. and it said indeed matthew should have been receiving the full rebate for those gas purchases. the problem was an invalid merchant code used to process his purchase. the bank said "citi has provided a full rebate to the card holder for this purchase and taken steps to ensure future purchases receive the appropriate rebate. in addition, we are reviewing other recent 76 mastercard purchases to ensure other card holders received the appropriate rebate." >> just a couple days later that they contacted me and followed up. so power of the people. >> citibank urges customers to check their statements to make sure they're getting the correct
5:53 am
rebates. contact the bank if mistakes are found. now, i posted a link to information on some credit cards that offer some great gas rebates. you'll find it at i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> up next, a rare glimpse of one of history's most important documents. the foundation on which our the foundation on which our freedoms were built. parentheses have a place. but not on your face. juvéderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here.
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temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling, bumps, or risk of infection. ask your doctor about juvéderm® xc.
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>> check out the winning numbers from last night's $14 million super lotto plus game. the mega number is 12. no one correctly picked all six numbers. they might have gotten something, though. wednesday's drawing is estimated at $16 million. one of the most important documents in human history is on rare public display right here in san francisco at the legion of honor. the magna carte is the basis of
5:56 am
democracy as we know it. here's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez. >> it is written in latin on parchment, a declaration that explores the concept of individual liberty and a lot more. >> every man deserves to be free, the king is not above the law and for goodness sake, get your fishing tackle out of the river. >> yes, not everything is as monumental status. some of it deals with everyday issues much it was written in 1215 to rein in monarchy. >> passed together by a group of barrens who were rebelling against king john of england. >> to be righteous in the country of king jones. >> same king john who is the villian in the robin hood film. he was unpopular. look at it closely, 56 lines, small letters, abbreviations, translated into english, it covers 16 double spaced pages. >> very small writing. parchment was very rare, very
5:57 am
expensive. there was a lot to say so it's all jammed in there. >> it certainly has served as an inspiration, a symbol around the world of freedom. 17 copies were written probably taken from village to village. this is one of four that survives from a 1217 issue. it's usually housed in the university of oxford library where it is not on display. >> haven't seen that and didn't know much more than that. all the way here now. >> this is a rare chance to see it. it will be on display through june 5th. >> cast a very long shadow on the doors of our supreme court shows the signing. >> up next at 6:00, the 100th running of the beta breakers race is an hour away. will the runners get soaked by
5:58 am
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