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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 15, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. they are off and running in the 100th anniversary of the bay to breakers race. first runners have crossed the finish line. a runner from kenya finished in 39 minutes and 12 seconds. this was her third year in row as winner. and another man from morocco finished first. some 55,000 people registered to run but this year no floats around and police promise a zero tolerance for public drunkenness. still the event known forit's frivolity, they have escorted one float off the course but no major problems. the weather cleared in time for the 7:00 start with cool conditions, just perfect for the climb up the hayes street hill
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and down to the finish line at the great highway. how will the weather be for the rest of the bay to breakers. lisa argen has the accu-weather forecast. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. cold out there. 49 degrees. 50s in san jose and slug of moisture offshore south of colma near the airport. then we'll see more showers developing throughout the day. south of american canyon, 80 and westward of petaluma, also some rain around 24. later on today they will decide to have the bike race up in sierra nevada but you can see all the snow there. winter weather advisory expires at 11:00. back home, our weather is going to be pretty awesome. possibility of thunderstorms, more rain for the beginning of the workweek. detailed forecast in the seven-day a little bit later. as you mention the first leg
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of the amgern tour will be run at lake tahoe but the course has been shortened the start time has been delayed to 1:15 this afternoon. race officials say the snowy weather is the reason for the change. they say the safety of the cyclists is their first concern and the conditions on the course from south lake tahoe to north star are icy, at least they were at the scheduled start time. the races will now take a 50-mile course up the west side of the lake avoiding a 7,000-foot high mountain pass. two young men have died and another victim is in the hospital this morning after they were shot in san francisco's bernal heights neighborhood last night. someone opened fire along the victims on appleton avenue just before 7:30. they required all three to the hospital. a 26-year-old man and a 21-year-old man died there. the third victim is expected to
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survive. >> medical examiner's office and my understanding is several person have been detained in connection with this incident. >> witnesses say they saw a pontiac speed away from the scene and investigators are urging anyone who saw anything to contact police. >> san francisco police need your help to identify a person of interest in a homicide case. this man they say has been accessing the bank of a homicide victim in a variety of locations in san francisco and around the bay area. he is african-american in his 50s. he stands between 5'3" and 5'5". they say that man appears in this surveillance video after making a purchase at a target store using the victim's account. a family member found that victim, 74-year-old joseph williams inside his apartment on folsom street back on may 12.
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medical examiner determined he was murdered. bryan stow will be transferred from a hospital in los angeles to san francisco general hospital tomorrow. doctors say stow's condition is critical. he is still in a coma. he is being transferred to sf general because of the trauma center. he is going to be treated by the chief of neurosurgery who specializes in brain and spinal cord injuries. >> an african-american radio station need your help. they struck sometime between 2:00 and 7:00 yesterday morning on georgia street in vallejo. they even targeted a van the station uses to promote itself in the community. >> you work so hard to bring something to the community as my wife and i have for five years.
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>> the vandalism came after someone shot out a window earlier this month. tomorrow morning at 5:00, pg&e will continue pressure testing a natural gas pipeline in antioch. pg&e says residents might smell natural gas as it gets removed from the natural pipeline. crews will pump water into the section and pressurize it to a much higher level than it would operate using natural gas. any leaking sections will be replaced. you might know that the state ordered these tests after last september's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. >> it's graduation time, walking across the stage symbolizes a new chapter for college grads. but for some, some of the steps were the first in in more than three years.
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it is technology developed by fellow cal students. >> at u.c. berkeley, graduates walked into the stadium excited. graduation day signifies many different things but for 22-year-old austin whitney it means something more. it means walking again. >> this courageous man that was determined to graduate from this college and walk at this commencement. >> he was in a car crash in 2007. robot engineering team beet built and exoskeleton for him to use and thousands of graduates watched. he rose to the occasion. th witness bound to his body he walked the seven challenging steps across the stage.
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>> i knew when i stood up here in front of all these people today it would be different. it truly was. it was truly the greatest gift anyone has given me. >> this is the greatest day of my life. >> the gift was the brainchild of a professor, even though he and his team of grad students have built other exoskeletons this one is different. it's cheaper and lighter in weight than others. >> this technology can be accessible to a large anymore of people that need it. >> i wanted his accident to have meaning. this, today, culminated in giving meaning to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. >> the exoskeleton is still being developed and it cannot be bought yet. once it goes to the market it
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will cost as much about as a motorized wheelchair, less than $20,000. coming up next, the fears of the navy seals that invaded bin laden's compound and families are worried they may be targeted in retaliation. one of the most powerful money men in the world is in a sex scandal after being arrested in new york just minutes after he
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dianne feinstein says she doesn't think the osama bin laden death photos should be made public. she says she reluctantly saw them on friday during an intelligence briefing. meantime, there is growing concern at the pentagon that islamic extremists might try to target navy seals in retaliation for bin laden's death. now a report from washington. >> reporter: nearly a decade in the crosshairs of united states were on osama bin laden. he paced around his compound, robert gates fears the crosshairs have shifted from bin laden to the seals themselves. >> when i met with the team last thursday, they expressed a concern about that and particularly with respect to their families. >> john mann is a former member of team six.
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there are fears the enemy will take the battle to them. making the seals and their families targets. >> the families are alone about 300 days a year. the seals have always been a target. now i believe the families are going to be targeted by islamic extremists. here a favorite task time is seal spotting, they don't know if they are sitting next to the man that fired the shot that ended the man's reign of terror. >> the defense officials fear it's not just locals but at the pentagon the name is not acknowledged. frustration is in part. >> in the situation room we all agreed we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin laden. that all fell apart on, the next day. >> authorities say the pentagon is now considering extraordinary
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measures to keep their most elite warriors safe. >> the operation to take out bin laden gave president obama a bump in his approval ratings but will it hold? voters say they are more concerned about the economy and wall street is concerned whether congress will raise the ceiling on the national debt. the national debt, you see, shows the relentless rise in america's debt and house republicans say they won't approve another credit limit increase without major reductions in spending. nobel winning prize economyist says the debt limit should be raised. >> the debt is a product of past budget decisions. we have no alternative but to raise the debt limit. we're running a deficit this year between 1.4 to 1.5 trillion
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and it that is thoobs borrowed. it has to raise cash. there is no alternative to continue to borrow so the debt limit has to be raised. >> he says he agree west side ben bernanke that not raising the limit could cause economic instability and plunge the country back into recession. >> the head of imf is being questioned in a sexual assault of a hotel maid. dominique strauss was pulled off a flight at j.f.k. shortly after leaving the manhattan hotel. the maid said she entered the loom and he emerged from the bedroom naked. pulled her down and tried to sexually assault her. he is facing charges including attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment. he was expected to be a french presidential candidate. meteorologist lisa argen is here now to talk about our wet weather.
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>> we have three-quarters of an inch of snow on mount hamilton. half an inch to inch of rain around the bay area. there is more to come. very unstable air mass out there. temperatures are chilly, near 50 degrees. beautiful clouds this morning. >> and giants remain hot in the cold. not only fighting through the elements in chicago. they also got help from the cubs' defense. mike shumann has all the highlights coming up in >> all new. the biggest controversy in "oprah show" history. now, five years after "a million little pieces," they meet again. oprah, james frey. 6ñ6p
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. arm corps of engineers have opened up the floodgates in louisiana and intentionally flooding 25,000 people in cajun country. it's designed to spare larger cities from flooding. here is the latest. water came fast, a burst of energy, a liquid explosion from that single floodgate. in less than an hour, the farmland below transformed from a dry field to a lake, just a hint of what is to come. >> we want to make sure the folks have the understanding that water is coming their way. >> in that deluge we spotted animals.
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this otter scrambling to make sense of his new surroundings. all this from opening just one floodgates. >> for the effects down river. in they lose their property. is there compensation? >> public safety is number one priority. >> in other words, no. residents live here knowing that some day the spillway could be released. they crowded the streets where ronald has lived nor the last 20 years. >> we figured we were going to have a nice quiet life in retirement. it seems like everything is turning upside-down on us. >> they will open more flood gates and gradually open them as the river continues to rise. they will keep them open for the next few weeks because the mississippi river isn't expected to crest for another nine day.
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>> we have centennial running of the bay to breakers and a little wet for the runners. >> the rain now is beginning to pick up in some areas around the bay area. we did talk about how unusual it is in may, three days of rain, but adding up the totals. that will perhaps us down in the history books because quarter to three-quarters of an inch today. cloud cover and live doppler 7 hd confirming we do have some thunderstorms. colma, daly city down through 280. moss beach. half moon bay. this is all pushing across the bay. further south you'll notice the rain-snow mix down by king city and to the east, you notice the north, heavier showers from petaluma and napa. few thunderstorms moving out of fairfield, south of fairfield and benicia and rain-snow mix up
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by clearlake, picking up half an inch of snow, also mount hamilton and more showers will be generated with cold air mass. 29 degrees with freezing rain right now. so it's a miserable conditions up there. here is the totals 1.9. definitely adding to the totals and quarter of an inch in orinda. mill valley upwards of half an inch. san jose getting close to three-quarters of an inch in higher elevations. so temperatures will be very cool today. we're lucky if we're going to gain six or seven more degrees in the readings. 48 in santa rosa. 50 in redwood city. showers and isolated storms with more rain. in fact this one almost is significant as the one we're seeing today. another three-quarters of an inch through late tomorrow and tuesday. sunny and warmer mid-week.
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the trough that moved through. here is the cold air, surface low that will continue to slide over the bay area today. here is the rest of the day. notice by 3:00. we've got more showers from southern marin, peninsula, santa cruz mountains and we're going to look for a lull tonight but the morning commute is the light rain. look what happens after that. we are looking at heavier rain from 5:00 to 6:00 and then right on through the morning commute on tuesday, finally tuesday afternoon we begin to clear out. winter weather advisory for the next couple of hours. we have know, up to eight inches so far. we are looking at freezing rain and conditions should improve but it's going to be cold. 57 in san francisco. isolated thunderstorms, some of them could produce hail and gusty winds, 59 in san jose. down by the monterey bay, 61 in watsonville. 58 in monterey. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, today is most active
9:24 am
day in terms of thunderstorms. we're going to see decent rain coming down late tomorrow and in to tuesday. we'll be ready for a break after that. >> in the meantime, time keep the umbrellas. thank you, lisa. check out sports, sharks are in vancouver for game one of the western conference finals. this morning's giants' game in chicago has been postponed due to rain. last night they first regularly scheduled saturday night game in wrigley field in 13 years but it did not last long. mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. giants and cubs battled the rain and ron vo gelt got his first career shutout in the affair. giants get ride positive work, posey grabs a single to left. it's 1-0 g-men. bottom of the first, bases
9:25 am
loaded he catches him swinging and then punches out davis. in the third, cubs' defense falls apart. patted bureau, throw to first a little off the mark. it leads to two giant runs. giants win 3-1 and improves to 3-0. >> a's hosting the white sox. here is one in the hole. he knocks it down but can't find it. a score meantime, from second. 1-0 a's. with two on, rips one into the right center gap. a's go up 4-0. he catches adam dunne swinging.
9:26 am
improving to 3-2. a's get a 6-2 victory. >> sharks will continue their quest for the first stanley cup when they open the western conference finals against the canucks. sharks will advance to the final four. last year's conference finals didn't last long. sharks were swept by the blackhawks but this time around, they expect different results. >> we had talked about growth at the beginning of the year and we used that word all year. for us to have grown, we have to do better than last year. >> this is where we start growing. we got here a different way. we were still here last year. this is where we need to grow. >> in the eastern conference finals, lightning at bruin, san jose scored three. berjeron connects and makes it 4-1 and lightning steal the game on the road, 5-2 the final. >> andre ward defends his super
9:27 am
middleweight title. he advance to the super six tournament, winning nearly every round over armenia born abraham. it's usual style, kicking his opponent apart and scoring at will. he held on to retain his title belt. that is the way the ball bounces. we'll see you again tonight at 5:00. coming up next at 9:30. google has the ultimate remote control in the works. it could let you operate all your home appliances. also how a couple of u.c. berkeley students turned a gourmet science experiment into a real moneymaker
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anniversary bay to breakers race a person from kin yeah crossed the finish line as first and there is male winner a man from morocco the first man to finish with 39 minutes, 21 seconds. women get a head started of 4 minutes and 21 seconds. the course is seven miles. known for managed to keep its flavor this year even without floats permitted. police escorted one float off the course but there are no major problems reported so far. >> today is the state deadline for school districts to give final notice to teachers who will be laid off next school year. in march, districts throughout the state sent out preliminary notices identifying 20,000 teachers who could potentially lose their jobs.
9:31 am
last week teachers rallied for more funding to avoid the pink slips but even as districts face today's deadline they don't know what the lawmakers plan to do about the huge state deficit. some estimate education could lose $5 billion in state funding. if the state cuts turn fought out to be less drastic. they could retain the educators that get layoff notices today. a medical center in burlingame finally opened, 11 years and $618 million after the project begin. 450,000 square foot hospital officially opened its doors at 7:00 this morning. patients from the old hospital will be slowly transferred over. the new facility has all kinds of upgrades, wireless patient monitoring. private rooms and most
9:32 am
importantly it's designed to be fully operational even after a magnitude 8.35 earthquake. >> google has unveiled a new service for controlling your home appliances. it comes with some privacy concerns. david louie has the story. >> google is trying very hard to encourage innovation. it's going after army with a twist. >> no wires, no. >> it will allow you to store up to 20,000 songs in the cloud. in this case on google servers. songs can be streamed to any internet defies. >> it's something i've been looking forever, especially on the cloud and have it all all the dweitsz. >> for now it's free and by invitation only.
9:33 am
google unveiled the new service to 5,000 developers in san francisco at its annual conference and dazzled them with an idea, it's called android at home. >> this new protocol enables very low cost connectivity with anything electrical in your home. lights and thermostats and dish washers. >> the controls can be on tablet or smart phone but the idea of having google access to your home bothered this developer on privacy grounds. >> on the other hand, your appliances, how often you use what. >> they are providing a vision for the future but it will be up to the developers to make it happen. >> the implications is tremendous what it mean for consumers but could turn to one of these 5,000 developers into a
9:34 am
very rich person. coffee grounds to gourmet mushrooms. the owners of a mushroom growing company in oakland thought so, too, until they figured out how to make it work. here is cecilia vega with the story. >> there is probably no better place for two young guys to grow them in a nondescript warehouse. this is it. it wasn't always that way for the owners of back to the roots. >> we started this in a fraternity kitchen again. >> two u.c. berkeley students that wanted to be investment bankers but growing mushrooms of all things coffee grounds they launched an experiment of the first ten batches only one grew and they were too scared to eat
9:35 am
it. >> took it here this in in berkeley, we had no idea what they were. we didn't know any different. >> but these are no white buttons. they are gourmet oyster mushrooms, it sells in whole foods around the country. >> this struck a deal with coffee company and collect 20,000 pounds a week but using waste to grow food there was one problem. what to do with all their own waste. >> they tried to do what any college kid would do, they tried to sell it on craigslist and there is huge market out there with mushroom soil. now, they sell that too and business and products continues to grow. next venture, hops that will soon become something else.
9:36 am
>> to operate a huge successful company but it's to make a positive focus in the community. >> one man's trash is another man's fortune. >> and lisa argen is here with a look at the weather. >> we're looking at more thunderstorms that will move on through before noontime. we've got widespread rain out there. breezy winds, golden gate bridge southwest wind is at 20 miles an hour. this is not the only rain we're going to talk about. not just today, we've got a couple more days. i'll detail the 7 day outlook next. >> also next, california train wreck turned environmental disaster. how things finally returned to normal. for my dry skin, ordinary body washes just aren't moisturizing enough. [ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion.
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welcome back. time right now, 9:39. this is will live look from heavenly mountain resort. the start of amgen tour of california has been delayed until 1:15 because of what you are seeing the snow. they decided the icy conditions were too unsafe for the cyclists. the race has supposed to start at 10:30. today's course has been shortened. they will take the course up to northstar avoiding a 7,000 foot high mountain pass. snow there lil salve, rain here. >> we had snow here mount hamilton and heavier downpours still to come. >> as we head outside. look at that sky. beautiful but also tells the story that the atmosphere is unstable. we've got cold air moving on in. a little heating from the breaks and clouds.
9:40 am
that is going to create more thunderstorm activity. we're already seeing brisbane, colma and into the fairfield area. live doppler 7 hd shows a line of showers and heavy downpours from san bruno back westward. getting ready to move into 280 around the peninsula. here further offshore we have more showers. the rain has been with us throughout the morning hours but the higher elevations, seeing snow around mount st. helena and thunderstorm is moving through fairfield right now. here is perspective of the movement of the rain it continues to push on through. it shows more cold air will be generating these showers as it moves in across the bay area and with the heating of the air destabilizing. winter weather advisory has been cancelled but the ground is warm and snow is melting and we've got freezing rain coming down.
9:41 am
numbers in the upper 20s. and more than a quarter of an inch in mount st. helena. mount diablo about a third. mill valley, .44. oakland about a third of an inch. we've got cold temperatures. 48 in santa rosa. 53 in oakland. everyone today pretty much just in the 50s. more showers. isolated thunderstorms today. more rain. this could be even more significant, not in terms of thunderstorms but rainfall amounts but we're talking three-quarters of an inch of rain. sunny and warmer wednesday and thursday. the trough that moved through. here is the cold and unstable air. that will generate the active weather throughout the day today. here is the time line. i think we'll see more active weather through noon and by 2:00 3:00, we still have showers right down through santa cruz. then we get during the sunset,
9:42 am
light chance of showers during the early morning commute. next system will bring more widespread rain and right through the overnight hours, we'll see rain, showers and by tuesday afternoon, looks better out there. mid-50s to upper 50s today with the thunderstorms, if you see any, we could get hail and gusty winds. down by the monterey bay, about the same story. much of northern california will see an active day today. tomorrow, we won't see the thunderstorms but temperatures will finally warm up and high pressure back that is not going to happen until wednesday into thursday. keep the rain gear handy, mid may. >> it's crazy. it's been nearly 20 years since a northern california chemical spill turned into the largest inland disaster in state history.
9:43 am
it happened when a train derailed near dunsmir, thousands of gallons of herbicide spilled into the river. dan ashley returns to the site of the spill to see what has happened since. >> where the mt. shasta snow meets the upper sacramento river you'll find the premiere fishing areas in the country. but there was a time when it wasn't this way. in 1991 a train derailed near the area. it created an environmental disaster and crippled the local economy. 19,000 gallons of herbicide poured into the upper sacramento river. it was so toxic, it was three days before scientists were even allowed near the water. >> virtually everything we've seen, macro organisms have basically died. >> that was a state and fish
9:44 am
biologist then. >> we were loading up several garbage fish, it was crayfish, it was aquatic insects. >> almost every living organism in 38 miles was dead. >> it's amazing to see how resilient and how fast the river can come back. >> it started to recover within a week. >> he is in charge of monitoring the site. >> probably within three to four years, fish populations were essentially recovered. >> he says the long-term effects have been minimal thanks in part to a three-year fishing ban on the river. fish came back on their own. by 2005 research shows most fish species had completely recovered. that was the last time fish and game took a comprehensive look at the river. now an environmental group has been looking into it. >> it's a mixed bag.
9:45 am
my main take away is that river has fundamentally changed. >> rene is with the river exchange. he has been stug the river and there is some evidence that some species are still struggling to find a place in this new river. >> based on the research that was, it seems likely that amphibian populations haven't recovered. >> henry says more research needs to be done. fish and game department says there is no money for it. >> we have a lot of assessment monitoring. i wouldn't say the upper sacramento river is the highest priority for us. >> it wasn't just wildlife that died. the town of dunsmir suffered, too. businesses struggled to stay open. >> most of them were impacted on the number of visitors that they had for several years. >> chamber of commerce president there says economic recovery
9:46 am
took years. resort owner louie was one of lucky ones. >> a quick fix isn't going to help us. >> immediately after the spill his resort business was in big trouble. >> what worried us that the perception would ser system. perception is what kills the economy. >> he says tourists came back within a year. sports fishermen came back, too. there is a sense that they got lucky. >> it could have been a lot worse, chlorine, hydrochloric acid. everything that is trucked along here could have had a more lasting effect. >> southern pacific emerged with union pacific in the mid 90s and made changes along the loop around the river. >> we installed a high strength barrier on that curve that we hope should there ever be an incident there again would help
9:47 am
avoid any kind of tank car in the river again. >> they installed this monument, an eternal reminder of what happened 20 years ago and a symbol how nature can recover given time. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> credit cards give you cash back for gas purchases but one man couldn't get his rebate straight. straight. i'm michael finney. never in my lifetime did i think
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i could walk 60 miles in 3 days.
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you know the price of gasoline has skyrocketed. it's now about 10 cents a gallon higher than just a month ago. naturally drivers are trying all kinds of ways to save. here is 7 on your side's michael finney with one of them. >> with gas prices painfully high, it seems like everybody is looking for ways to save, drive less, slow down, check tires. >> once every four days, about four or five tanks of gas per month. >> math knew oo of san francisco commutes to hayward every day, so when gas prices shot past $4, he was glad he had had a credit card, a 4% rebate at union 76 stations. at least it was supposed to. >> i want to use the card but i want to get my 4% rebated. >> he noticed on his credit card statement he was receiving a 1% rebate instead of 4% when he
9:51 am
bought gas at union 76 in hayward. he contacted the credit card company, citibank which issued the rebated. >> they told me the gas station wasn't reporting any more as a conoco or union 76 station. which i thought was odd. >> citibank told them to inquire about rebates. he said he couldn't get answers there. >> i shouldn't to have walk inside the gas station each time am i going to get a rebate on this gas? >> at today's gas prices the cash back is important. a 1% rebate gave him about 4 cents per gallon, 4% is 16 cents off of each gallon gasoline. >> a year, it's hundred dollars, $200, for me that is two or three tanks of gas. >> we contacted avis corporation
9:52 am
and did not here back. but citibank looked into the matter, too. it said, indeed, he should have been receiving the full rebated for those gas purchases. the problem was an invalid merchant code used to process the purchase. citibank has provided the full rebate for this purchase and has taken steps to make sure that future purchases get the appropriate rebate. we want to make sure that other cardholders receive the appropriate rebate. >> couple days later, they contacted me and followed up. power to the people. [ laughter ] citibank urges customers to correct their statements. contact the bank if mistakes are found. i posted a link for information on some credit cards that offer some great gas rebates. find it at
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>> a new comedy from the producers of the hangover. bridesmaids. it will be a big hit? don sanchez on
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in theaters a new comedy from the producers of the hangover. it's called "bride maids." >> oh, my god. >> myra is getting married. she asked kristen to be maid of honor. she closed the banking business and living with two weird roommates and a boyfriend that sees her as a number. >> yes, that is john hamm. rest of the girls including the social climber.
9:56 am
>> you look so pretty. so cute. did you come from work? >> the rivalry is on, seems she wants to take over the wedding and over her life. >> we went down. you're in it. >> so she takes a shot to calm her down. >> i'm ready. let's party! >> this is new take on the romance of guy movies. but she is now willing to commit. it's about forgiveness and how strong the bond between women can be but you have to clear that cloud, girl. >> this is like a female version of the hangover and raunchy behavior and gross is situations
9:57 am
but a lot of it is laugh out loud funny. i'll considerate a breakthrough of women's films of this type. i'm don sanchez and we'll see you on the aisle. >> wow, okay. some az people are running the bay to breakers race with some changes this year to avoid problems of the past. the race has become famous for people who run or walk the some wearing costumes or nothing at all. alcohol consumption is down after complaints from people that live along the course. floats are banned but people are still having a good time. lisa, they did not care about a little bit of rain earlier. >> good. because there is a little more out there. in some areas of the east bay, it's coming down pretty good from moraga, to san leandro,
9:58 am
westward, half moon bay and to the north, we're looking at more showers from rohnert park to napa. that will be the order of the day. scattered showers and possibility of a thunderstorm, tomorrow we're going to do it again, take out the thunderstorms and bring half to three-quarters of an inch of rain and overnight hours. then back to spring. >> hope so. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. next newscast is at 5:00.
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