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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  May 17, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> we appreciate your time. see you at 6:00. bye-bye. tonight on "world news" from chicago, a stretch of the mighty mississippi is now closed for business. how much will this cost the u.s. economy? secret revealed. former governor arnold schwarzenegger admits paternity of a child with a worker in his home. his wife, his children, speak out today. secret weapon? tonight, eye-opening new findings about coffee. could it actually prevent some cancers? promising news for men and women. and, model project. a star giving help and hope to the children of haiti. a school with its first lesson all about generosity.
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good evening to you tonight from the truly windy city of chicago, where we have learned today that something that rarely happens in history has happened. a big, busy section of the mighty mississippi is simply closed for business. we're talking about crucial crops stalled on their path down the river. it's an area of miles extending around natchez, and could cost the united states hundreds of millions of dollars. so, who will pay that cost? well, yunji de nies spent the day along the river. yunji? >> reporter: good evening, diane. it is difficult to overstate the importance of the mississippi river when it comes to this country's commerce. over 500 million tons of cargo move up and down that river each and every year. everything from grain to steel, timber and coal. all of the commodities that make this country run. it's a decision no one wanted. the mississippi river is closed at natchez to northbound traffic to protect the already strained levees from more pressure brought in by big barges.
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but stopping those vessels will put an economic strain on so many far from the water's only. because this mighty river carries many of the goods that ultimately wind up on our plates. already, wheat is up 28 cents a bushel. corn is up 23 cents. soybeans, up 15. and with the water still rising here, there's no telling how long the closures will last. 4,000 people in mississippi are displaced. so many of their homes already drowned. down river in krotz springs, louisiana, shirley and robbie are fortifying their house as fast as they can. >> i'm a rabbit in the woods being chased by hound dogs, just trying to catch up and get things done. >> reporter: they're under a mandatory evacuation. one that he plans to ignore. >> this is my house. this is my dream house. i don't want to leave it. >> reporter: but he's making her leave because she can't swim. how do you feel about him staying behind?
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>> i don't want him to. i mean, i want to be with him. you know? whatever happens. i want to be with him. >> reporter: this is what's heading their way. 25 miles away, water rushing through the morganza spillway at 102,000 cubic feet per second. at that rate, it would take less than two hours to cover the entire island of manhattan in a foot of water. the sheriff is patrolling the neighborhood by boat. what are you telling the people who tell you, forget it, i'm not leaving. >> you're on your own. >> reporter: for now, all anyone can do is work and wait. >> scared of the unknown, i guess, you know? you just don't know what to expect. you don't know what you're going to have when it's over. >> when god gives you lemons, you make lemonade, okay? >> reporter: and when he gives you ten feet of water? >> you sandbag. >> reporter: and diane, these are those sandbags. we've been seeing a lot of people doing this kind of a creative way to try to keep the
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water out. they're wrapping their houses in plastic and sandbagging at the bottom. anything to try to keep out that mighty mississippi. >> well, now all of these crops are simply held in place on the river. thank you, yunji de nies. and, next, we turn to the big story that is at once political and completely personal. former governor arnold schwarzenegger making a public admission that he fathered a child ten years ago with a woman who worked in the family home. tonight, he is apologizing. maria shriver, his wife, expressing pain but the need for privacy. and their children? david wright has the whole story of what happened today. david? >> reporter: good evening, diane. this is a secret schwarzenegger has kept for more than a decade, from millions of california voters and from his immediate family. he has been supporting this child all the while, and it's got to be devastating news for his wife and the couple's four children. today, schwarzenegger declined to answer all of the obvious questions.
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and yesterday, hours before he went public with the news, the paparazzi caught up with him and his 21-year-old daughter. little wonder they weren't exactly smiling. he said in a statement, "there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt i've caused. i have apologized to maria, my children and my family. i am truly sorry." shriver, meanwhile, issued her own separate statement. "this is a painful and heartbreaking time," she said. "as a mother, my concern is for the children. i ask for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and i try to rebuild our lives and heal." this afternoon, katherine, the eldest of those children, tweeted, "this is definitely not easy." schwarzenegger's bombshell certainly explains last week's abrupt announcement, after 25 years of marriage, that he and maria shriver have split. according to "the los angeles times," which broke the story, shriver moved out of their brentwood mansion after schwarzenegger told her about the affair and the child.
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the mother was a member of their personal staff for 20 years. she quit just in january. the child was born before schwarzenegger ever entered politics. by 2003, during his first campaign for governor, he vaguely acknowledged past indiscretions but insisted to peter jennings that allegations of groping were all part of a smear campaign. >> isn't it odd that three days, four days before the campaign, all of a sudden, all the women want to have an apology? isn't it odd? you have common sense, peter. you can figure it out for yourself. >> reporter: maria shriver then famously stood by her man on "oprah." >> i am my own woman. i have not been, quote, bred, to look the other way. >> i want to thank her for the love and the strength that she has given me. >> reporter: schwarzenegger himself said he owed his victory to her. >> and i know how many votes i got today because of you. >> reporter: maria shriver has long kept a favorite poem on her desk. "the journey" by mary oliver.
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>> one day, you finally knew what you had to do and began. though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice. >> reporter: she's now steadying herself to continue the journey. appalling but not all that surprising. that's how a former schwarzenegger aide described today's developments. he went on, that aide went on to tell jake tapper, i wish i could say i'm surprised. the heartbreaking part is, i'm sure maria was. diane? >> thank you, david wright. and we will turn now to overseas news, and the u.s. in a fire fight today along the pakistan/afghanistan border. a clash that's turned america's relationship with pakistan from bad to worse in the wake of the raid that killed osama bin laden. and our own martha raddatz was the only reporter shoulder to shoulder with the american general in command of the volatile border region. >> reporter: just hours after the exchange of gunfire between americans and pakistanis --
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>> there was an engagement with apaches. >> reporter: we were flying along the same border with the commander in charge of eastern afghanistan, major general john campbell. what happened? >> we know for sure a helicopter was fired upon. we got rounds inside the helicopter. nobody was hurt. the helicopter returned fire. >> reporter: while it is still being investigated, officials believe two u.s. apache helicopters were patrolling the afghan/pakistan border, where we were today, across from an al qaeda safe haven. that's when one of the u.s. helicopters accidentally crossed into pakistani territory. the pakistanis opened fire. the u.s. helicopter fired back, injuring two pakistanis. >> if they're taking effective fire, then by all means, they have to take all measures to safeguard themselves. >> reporter: tensions are already extremely high between the u.s. and pakistan, after the unannounced raid into pakistan that killed osama bin laden. this can't be helpful at a time like this?
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>> no, it's very tense along the border. >> reporter: as we've seen first hand, the u.s. relies on help from pakistan to try to stem the flow of foreign fighters into afghanistan, who attack u.s. forces. essentially what you're saying is, if your pakistani counterparts don't talk to you, it risks american lives. >> it gets much tougher. absolutely does. >> reporter: there have been signs from officials in pakistan that they want to move beyond the anger over the bin laden raid, but today's fire fight is certainly a setback. martha raddatz, abc news, paktika province, afghanistan. and now, queen elizabeth, a bomb scare and the intense security across dublin tonight, where she is making history with a four-day visit. the first british monarch to visit the irish city in a century. and she spent her first day there quietly remembering irishmen who died fighting against britain. here's miguel marquez.
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>> reporter: today, queen elizabeth stepped onto irish soil wearing green. emerald green. the first visit by a british monarch here since ireland won its independence from britain in 1922. there was no bowing. underscoring she is not their queen. but the majority of irish happy she finally made the historic hour-long trip. >> long overdue. >> i agree. >> we need to move on. >> reporter: the queen received here with full honors. "god save the queen" playing -- ♪ irish soldiers standing at attention. a pipe bomb was found and diffused on a dublin-bound bus. and there were three bomb threats today that turned out to be hoaxes. still, security was everywhere. elizabeth ii laid a wreath in the garden of remembrance, the memorial to the irish killed by british soldiers during the war for independence. tomorrow, the queen will visit croke park stadium, where, in 1920, british troops fired into a crowd.
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that incident, part of the inspiration for u2's song "sunday bloody sunday." ♪ sunday bloody sunday >> reporter: today, this visit marking a very different and happier time in a long and painful history. miguel marquez, abc news, dublin. and back in this country, we want to bring you up to date on dominique strauss-kahn, the powerful international financial titan who was poised to be the next president of france, but was arrested. we are told he has been put on suicide watch at riker's island. he is spending another night behind bars in new york without bail as we learn more about the hotel maid he's accused of attacking in a violent sexual assault. her lawyers say the woman, an immigrant from africa, has a 15-year-old daughter, and had no idea who strauss-kahn was, and that she now feels isolated, alone, in the world. and, we have a death to note tonight. harmon killebrew, one of the hardest hitters ever in major league baseball.
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a home run slugger who built up the strength to crush the ball by lifting ten gallon milk cans on an idaho farm. after a hall of fame career with the minnesota twins, he became a sports announcer. harmon killebrew died today of cancer. he was 74. and, still ahead on "world news," is coffee a kind of medical battering ram that stops certain kind of cancer in its tracks? a provocative new study. and we find one american company fighting a ground war to keep jobs on u.s. soil. fighting and winning. and how one supermodel is showing children who survived unimaginable disaster how to smile again. even though i'm a great driver, and he's...
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harvard researchers with backing from the national cancer institute discovered men who down six or more cups daily had a stunning 60% lower risk of developing lethal prostate cancer. even drinking just one two three cups dropped the risk by 30%. >> if men enjoy drinking coffee, going to encourage them. there appear to be many positive health affects of drinking coffee. >> reporter: and regular or decaf, doesn't matter. the benefits prove to be the same. turns out caffeine isn't the magic ingredient. so, what is? surprisingly, like broccoli and blueberries, and all those other well-known cancer fighting foods, coffee contains hundreds of potent antioxidants, among them, a little known, hard to pronounce compound called methylpyridimium. it's virtually nonexistent in any other food or drinks. scientists already knew coffee is known to reduce
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inflammation. then, just a week ago, a swedish study showed women who drink five or more cups a day had a much lower risk of developing one especially aggressive form of breast cancer. reer is etchers are racing to try to understand all of kof fee's benefits. >> coffee now has been associated with a lower risk of diabetes, parkinson's disease, liver disease. >> reporter: so, is a cup of joe now considered a health food? not so fast. after all, it has its down side. it can cause jitters and insomnia. but its benefits may outweigh the risks. jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. and, coming up, right here in chicago, an american company that may have cracked the code for keeping jobs on u.s. soil. or i just forget. but look. this is doing fine. why? it's planted in miracle-gro moisture control potting mix. it holds 33% more water... than ordinary potting soil.
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or are diabetic and experience increases in blood sugar. flushing, a common side effect, is warmth, redness, itching, or tingling of the skin. ask your doctor about niaspan. fight back. fight plaque. niaspan. and now, made in america is coming back this summer. and since we're here in chicago, we thought we'd tell you about one american company that has a kind of road map for keeping jobs right here on u.s. soil. it was back in the 1950s that george stephen came up with an idea. he worked in a metal company, so, he decided to take a buoy, a mett metal buoy, cut it in half and thus invented the weber grill. in the beginning, they had to travel around the u.s., showing people how you would cook this way. >> i can remember, as a young boy, going to the factory with dad and loading the station wagon up with some barbecues and going out in front of the local
5:51 pm
ward store and setting up a demonstration and selling barbecues, literally, one at a time. >> reporter: 60 years later, the business now has more than 1,200 employees. >> there was a time when everybody was leaving the united states in our industry and we worked hard to buck that trend. we deliberately said, we're taking stakes here. >> reporter: 98% of their workforce in the u.s. not laying off a single employee during the recession. in fact, during that time, they grew 30%. the secret? remembering that americans, with their middle class backyards, are an inspiration to the growing middle class everywhere overseas. >> so many people travel to the united states from all around the world. and they really do embrace the american culture. they bring that back home. and part of the american scene is certainly grilling. >> reporter: what's your biggest overseas purchaser? >> it would be the danes. >> reporter: the danes?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: are you kidding? what are they grilling? herring? what's been the most interesting thing you've had to vary in order to compete? >> that's an interesting question. we had to build the culture. we recently started selling our products in india. and so what we've had to do -- >> reporter: but india has a long history of small grills. >> small grills, but not necessarily using a barbecue grill like you'd see in the united states. >> reporter: just one of the companies trying to light a fire under more american jobs. and we'd like your help in finding products in this country made right here you think everybody would like to buy. so, go to, help us out. it's made in america time again. and, coming up, the supermodel, showing children how to hope again. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now, i've got the leading part. advair is clinically proven
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it's so goo. try the fabulous taste of activia today. taste it, love it, or it's free! and now discover activia dessert. in rich indulgent flavors #like strawberry cheesecake. try activia dessert today. ♪ activia , and finally tonight, we learned that the survivors of that devastating quake in haiti are holding fast to a kind of life preserver, thrown by a survivor of another natural disaster. supermodel petra nemcova. you saw her this season on "dancing with the stars," but quietly, she's been choreographing something else. david muir spent the day with her in haiti.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: we fly into port-au-prince, now nearly a year and a half after that earthquake. amazing how different the tarmac looks from a year and a half ago. night and day here. gone are the military planes, the crates of food and medicine. on this day, someone else is about to deliver something. >> how are you? thank you for coming. >> reporter: petra nemcova, the supermodel. driven by her own survival. december 2004, that tsunami in thailand. she and her fiance swept away by the waters. her pelvis crushed to pieces. she clutched to a tree, holding on for life, eight hours before help came. her fiance did not survive. you said you would never forget the voices of the children screaming out for help. >> yes. i was not able to help those children. you heard them screaming for help and after some time, you didn't hear their voices anymore. >> reporter: those voices are what drive her today. how many kids are in the kindergarten? >> there are 102 children. >> reporter: on this day, we
5:57 pm
race to the opening of a brand new school, built by petra's happy hearts fund. her first school in haiti. and soon, the first signs, a child riding a bicycle in her school uniform. and there they were. the patient students waiting for petra in their little yellow shirts. inside the school, they all had a story. 5-year-old stayshama, who told us who she lost. >> she just said her mom died. >> reporter: her mom died. and right beside her, the boy with the giant eyes who told us he lost his papa. they start to point. they take me outside. this here? over here? taking me to the sweltering tent. it's 96 degrees. and this is where school was until now. but petra knows her school is just the beginning here of this massive effort to rebuild the schools of haiti. this is our third visit back now and still, a staggering number. 50% of all the children school-aged in this country,
5:58 pm
still are not getting to school. but this new school is a huge start. the little girl, staring into the eyes of that supermodel, known here simply as petra. the woman who gave them a school. david muir, abc news, port-au-prince. >> this is petra's 51st school in disaster zones around the world. and we're so glad you are watching here in windy chicago. and we're always on at we'll see you back in new york city tomorrow night. e >> >> why are these officers leaving the apartment with more than what they arrived with. a new chapter in the local police scandal. >> and the fire chief sits down with a extraordinary pay day. he is walking away with nirt
5:59 pm
sick pay. >> a suspect tells his side of the story. assault of a dodger's fan in giant territory. there are hundreds of clues. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00. >> good evening, san francisco cops caught on camera again. >> the public defender showed tape of plains clothes officers confiscating property that was not logged in has evidence. >> the district attorney said it is stealing. vick has the story. >> the public defender released half dozen security videos that shows police misconduct. today's video comes from a residential hotel in the mission. >> that is a crime. >> public defender minced no words when he released the security video showing a group of plain


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