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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  May 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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arnold schwarzenegger leaving his santa monica office tonight. >> on the day the world learned he has been keeping an embarassing secret from the public and his wife. good evening, everyone. california's former governor had a baby with a woman who worked for him and his family. >> it is a bombshell with enormous personal and political implications. lisa amin gulezian spoke with one of schwarzenegger's top aides. >> the former governor says he is sorry. sorry he hurt his wife and children and far fathering a child with a whom would walked into the shorts -- the schwarzenegger home for 20 years. little information is coming from the couple now that the
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world knows about schwarzenegger's affair and he fathered a baby more than a decade ago before becoming governor. shriver released this statement saying this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother, my concern is for the children. i asked for compassion, respect and privacy as my children and i try to rebuild our lives and heal. and arnold schwarzenegger had this to say, quote, there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt i caused. i have apologized to maria, my children and my family. i am truly sorry. >> i know he loves maria. he let her down. >> sean walsh worked at a senior level for schwarzenegger for six years including the 2003 recall campaign when several women accused schwarzenegger of groping and sexual harassment. >> the voters didn't care. they wanted arnold schwarzenegger to come in and stabilize the state. >> they believed him when he said during an interview with peter jennings --
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>> three days, four days before the campaign and all of a sudden all these women want an apology? use common sense, peter. you can figure it out for yourself. >> reporter: and now schwarzenegger's trusted advisor admits he is not totally surprised by the former governor's past. >> in that hollywood lifestyle, i think they tend to 12re67 the -- stretch the boundaries and get into this kind of trouble. from his hollywood life this were not have surprised. were this to have occurred when he was governor, i was shocked. >> reporter: but melinda jackson is not so sure voters would have even given schwarzenegger the chance to become governor had they known the truth. >> if this information had been known, people might have seen it as more of a betrayal, and what that tells people is something about the trustworthiness of this person. i think it is likely it may have changinged the outcome of the election. >> reporter: the one thing
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everyone can agree on is the timing of all of this. it couldn't have been better for schwarzenegger who left office in january, and that's also when the woman who had his baby quit. dan? >> lisa, thanks etch have. lisa amin gulezian. there is reaction from two of schwarzenegger's children. quote, this is definitely not easy. but i appreciate your love and support as i begin to heal and move forward in life. i will always love my family. and her 17-year-old brother patrick quoted, tweet, i love my family until death do us part. for first lady maria shriver was in chicago. shriver said the talk show host has, quote, given me love, support, wisdom and most of all the truth. >> to this unusual may weather we are experiencing, scattered showers are being reported across the bay area tonight. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. > this is the third straight day of wet weather.
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as you look at live doppler 7hd you can see where it is raining right now. we are seeing steady, light rain. it was moderate. the winds are down toward santa rosa. they are getting wet right now toward the fairfield and vacaville area. in the east bay, berkeley and san ramon, we are getting spotty showers around the peninsula and heading toward the fremont area and even further south. just a little spotty shower sack -- shower activity being reported. the santa cruz mountains pick had up quite a bit of rain. almost two inches of rain, .20 of an inch in san francisco. you get up toward santa rosa. .59 in livermore. morning showers and then we get a chance to dry out. full forecast coming up. new charges against a bay area soldier caught up in a shocking scandal coming out of afghanistan. american soldiers accused of killing civilians for the fun of it.
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he is now facing a series of charges by the army. johnal -- john alston is in the newsroom with this. >> we spoke on the phone who is back at his base at washington state. a half dozen members are plotting to kill innocent civilians. a few going so far to take photos of the victims and even keep body parts at war trophies. >> it was from this u.s. military base in afghanistan that the american soldiers are accused of killing innocent civilians for the sport of it. the army has filed charges against david brahm, a 27-year-old from vacaville who was part of a stryker unit. he is accused of solicitation to commit premeditated murder and assault on afghan will thats. failing to report crimes and planting evidence. he is the 6th unit member to be charged including this soldier who has pleaded guilty and pointed the finger at
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another squad member during this interrogation. >> members of the unit from the luis mccord base are accused of killing three civilians last year by individually luring them into a trap and opening fire under the guise they were enemy combatants. they say this case involves a tiny fraction of the u.s. military. >> when we take young men and divorce them from their surroundings, we are literally one step away from being blown up or losing our limbs you will get once in awhile some sort of behavior on a few of them. >> he says discipline can break down when soldiers are not sure of the mission. >> there is no reason for this kind of conduct, and i would suspect that there may be
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other instances for this. the longer we are there the more these problems will surface. >> he attended the buckingham charter service in 2001 and 2002 where he was said to be a good student. he is not charged with actually killing civilians. we attempted to reach his lawyer, but have not heard back. abc7 news. >> thank you, john. los angeles police say they have received more than 500 tips in the attack on giants' fan bryan stow. but investigators say their strongest lead is that a young woman was seen driving a car for the two attackers the night of the assault. officers think she may be able to tell them where the men are, and thanks to a tip from witnesses, police are learning more about that driver. >> it is similar to the one the women is described as being worn. this is new information. we are hoping this may jog somebody's memory. >> the dodgers have doubled the reward to $200,000.
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tomorrow the giants play the dodgers in l.a. this will be their first time back at dodger stadium since the attack. stow was transferred from l.a. to san francisco general to a renouned trauma center specializing in brain injuries. a team of specialists is monitoring his recovery. they are investigating a third rape in nine days of an unconscious and intoxicated student. the latest happened sunday in a dorm room. it is the same area where a woman was raped on may 12th. the first attack was may 7th on at an off campus fraternity house. they are not saying if the women were drugged, but they do say the incidents are not related. another surveillance video has surfaced showing san francisco police officers taking eye thems from a suspect's room -- items from a suspect's room they say was never entered into evidence. it was released and it shows a search and subsequent drug arrest at the hotel in february. the officers can be seen walking into the building
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empty handed and then walking out holding what appears to be a laptop and camera. >> these officers are entering hotel rooms and removing property that doesn't belong to them. they have no right to legally remove from the residence. >> they say it is stealing. the items were never entered into evidence. they released surveillance information about some of the same officers. the police chief says until an internal investigation is over, they will be resigned from plain clothed operations to real duties. >> gabrielle giffords is undergoing more surgery while her husband is up in space. >> and newt gingrich about to be surprised by an autograph seeker. who is taking credit. >>- q. i and wall street is getting a case of social media fever. the bay area ipo that is getting hotter by the day. >> and the tour of california. the city that has gone head
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over heels for cycling. >> those stories and more and then later on "nightline." >> coming up next on "night hin," arnold schwarzenegger's stunning double life and brazen cover up. how one of the world's most visible people kept a hidden love child. and the machine that could and the machine that could bring sanity to the fitting
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take a step forward and chase what matters. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to a protestor dumped confetti in minneapolis. the protestor says he is against a proposal to amendment the constitution to ban gay marriage. he was quickly escorted from the event. last year the same man dumped pennies on the republican candidate from minnesota governor. and newt gingrich said he carried up to $500,000 in debt to tiffany's jewelry company. gabrielle giffords is replacing a piece of her head.
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they opened fire in tucson, arizona. doctors say tomorrow's surgery is relatively simple and recovery time is usually just a day or two. yesterday giffords was at cape canaveral rocket into space aboard the space shuttle endeavor. demand for the initial public offering for mountain view based has hit a fevered pitch. there is so much investor interest that went up to as much as $45 per share. some analysts call that over valued. the on-line networking service will be worth as much as $4 billion. they are expected to make their market debut on thursday. the chief of the beaumont san carlos fire department will cash out more than a quarter million dollars in unused sick days when he retired next month. doug fry served with the department for almost 36 years. he has worked hard and earned his retirement, sick pay and all. he has called in sick just
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three times in all of those years the city is prepared to absorb the cost, but some residents are questioning the amount. >> he will walk away with some pension package anyway. will this make or break the whole deal if he doesn't get paid his sick days? i president ka think that's the case. >> he joined the fire district in 1970 fiewf which merged with san carlos in 1979. he was promoted to chief in 2006. a stolen gun port from the uss maine has been recovered by oakland police and two men are under arrest. it was broken off the concrete platform on friday night. it weighs more than 2,000 pounds and they don't know how they carted it away. the giant metal ring was used to put torpedos on the uss maine. bike fever has taken over where the racers are gearing
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up for the engine tour of california tomorrow. this is the first time as the starting point. they loaded up on tour souvenirs and were at local restaurants, bars for an event called bike night. they spent about $50,000 to host the race. it expects to recoup the cost through sponsorships and hotel and sales tax revenue from the event. wednesday's race will cover 80 miles winding up there about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. will the rain continue? >> let's check in with sandhya patel for the latest on that. >> no, they are actually going to be cycling in dry weather for a change which is great news. here is live doppler 7hd. we still have wet weather out there. north bay has been getting steady rain from windsor to santa rosa. petaluma picking up a few showers. very spotty showers from the east bay down toward the san ramon valley toward hayward and fremont. and a few showers around the
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periphery of the south bay. chain controls on interstate 80 as they are seeing snow right now. you can clearly see it right here. snow heading across 50. but as you know part of 50 is shut down and this is what it looked like. 83 and 100-foot elevation. this really looked more like january or february in lake tahoe with the snow coming down than may. they will be getting some more snow. and here is a beautiful shot. it is to you report powered by youtube. when there is a little sun you get a rainbow. this is rainbows over brisbane. temperatures right now are in the 50s except santa rosa at 49 degrees. showers tonight and wednesday morning showers expected tomorrow afternoon and we will be warming up on wednesday. temperatures are a good 10 to
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20 degrees below normal. we will see the showers tonight and into the early part of tomorrow, month. the sierra nevada is still under a winter storm warning until 5:00 when all is said and done. they are expecting 12 to sex teen inches of new snow and more snow for them. this will linger into the next day or so. here is the computer animation. the showers are becoming a little more widespread in the overnight hours. 5:00 a.m. some damp roadways. it is not a complete washout, but you run into the slow downs when you have any rain in the morning. 10:00 is mostly sunny. they are going through livermore valley around 11:45 or so. you will see more sunshine in the days ahead. look for the mid40s and the low 50s. tomorrow afternoon a little warmer. the temperatures are unaring in the upper 50s to upper 60s. around the monterey bay, upper
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50s to the upper 60s east of gilroy and hollister. could see a shower or two developing. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast morning showers, afternoon sun, slightly warmer. the warming continues on thursday. mid70s up land, upper 50s at our beaches. still going to remain mild on friday and into saturday. the breeze picks up over the weekend. we will see a slight chance, slight, of a few showers redeveloping on sunday, but monday and tuesday numbers in the 50s to 70s range. >> it has been a long stretch of wet weather. >> it really has. in case you needed another one, here is another reason to love coffee. >> the health benefit revealed in a new study today. stay with us.
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?ie sixs cups of coffee may keep the doctor usa way. men who drank six cups a day for two decades were less likely to develop more aggressive forms of prostate cancer. they dropped the risk by 30%.
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coffee is associated with lower risk of diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver. and now the man who says he scar ofed down two -- scarfed down two big macs a day. and he kept most of the mcdonalds burger boxes and the receipts. he even put them on the calendar. a little compulsive you ask? his cholesterol is actually quite low. >> larry? >> i'm not sure if i am more amazed. >> it is a little disturbing. >> and i believe he also drinks six cups of coffee a day.
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>> i can't even say it i am so perplexed. the giants get bumped out of first place in colorado. here is the play that bruce bochy killed them on a routine play. sports is next.
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good evening. for the second game in a row the giants could not hold the lead in colorado. a giant pitcher made a key throwing error, and for the second day in a row, carlos gonzalez made them pay. yes, it is a theme highlight. good to see cancer survivor george karl at the game. a fan favorite. here is another fan favorite. the south bay native deep off jonathon sanchez and he tie itself. men in scoring position and he drives one to the gap. they take a 3-1 lead. how about the d in the 7th. sanchez gets a glove on the come back. miguel tahada and he makes the
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play bear handed. nice, but in the eighth, he bunts and like lincecum yesterday, sanchez with a bad throw here. setting up the rockies to tie it at 3-3. and then win it, carlos gonzalez and a game-winning single. they win it 5-3 to move half a game ahead of the giants and into first place. more rain tonight in oak hand. the a's and the angels. well it was raining for the neon-clad athletics. well he was running hard from first. a play at the plate, and he is safe. geo gonzalez. he allowed one hit. you will get nothing and like it. bottom of three and the bases loaded and he squeezes a single to left. the a's explode and this is like a month's worth of runs for them. 14-0 is the final. the warriors had no luck in the draft hot re, so it came
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as no surprise when the ping-pong balls came up with no help. the new owner represented the warriors. the first time around and hoping to move up from 11th. the cavaliers with the owner's son representing the team. a great story. they get the topic. it helps rebuild post la -- lebron. first here is kevin dor rapt. -- durant. the massive stride coast to coast. he had 40. he was thinking, you must break you. the fade away and how about the bank shot up the back -- well, it is ridiculous. a record 24 of 24 at the free throw line as he finished with 44. a killer crossover. he is waiving his happened. -- his hand. he is a machine. 120-112 the final. dallas takes a 1-0 series lead. about 1 would 2 miles and auburn to modesto.
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you can see a bad crash right there. he is slamming his head on the concrete. he was able to get up and finish the race. he wins the sprint to the finish. five hours and 14 minutes. he has the lead and the yellow jersey that goes with it. he is tied with his teammate ben swift who won yesterday's stage. >> how he was able to get up and finish the race -- >> he slammed so hard. that was a scary crash. but he is okay. >> and a number of other riders involved in that as well. >> with the rain the way it is, the roads are are slick and it is hard to handle. you get in a cluster of psych cyclists and one guy tumbles and everybody goes down. "nightline" is coming up next. >> for larry beil and sandhya patel. thank you for joining us. >> we uh preesh appreciate your time as always and we look forward to seeing everyone. >> good night, everyone.
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