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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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you know what that means? order the cheesecake. >> all that good stuff. thanks for watching, everybody. more leopard sharks are turning up dead in san francisco bay. this time richardson bay. >> the oakland school district finds one in seven students were absent from class last year. closting $3.5 million in state funding. >> a live look at the embarcadero. the clouds are thicker, but there is no rainfall. they will bring cooler conditions. i'll show how much they drop today and through the weekend. >> we made it to friday. hoping it stays friday light. 280, 17. no major problems. i have roadwork. details coming up.
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4:30 a.m. friday morning. >> say it again. >> friday. >> it sounds good. >> it does. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the search for a freeway shooter. investigators say a driver was shot several times by someone in another vehicle traveling eastbound 780. the victim pulled in an mcdonald's. the man was air lifted to a hospital and is in critical condition. the c. h.p. says the suspect was in a dark-colored pick-up truck. we have more in half an hour. meanwhile, c.h.p. is undergoing a big search for a suspect who escaped in handcuffs. highway patrol officers arevoed in the search. a car crashed on 87 near 280
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connector. the female driver was detained and manage to run off after being handcuffed. we'll follow this story as well. alarming number of dead sharks are turning up in bay area waters. the latest wave is marrin county. some are noticing strange behavior lately. lilian kim reports from timberlake. >> she found another dead lepnard shark. among couple dozen that turned up off richardson bay. she is a researcher. >> i like sharks. >> leopard sharks enter the bay to spawn but rarely do they turn up dead on the shore. they found two dead sharks and then found another one acting strangely. >> they kept getting stuck in the mud. went to check it out. a guy tried help it out.
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it kept swimming in. like the radar was off. >> they have been turning up dead farther south. they are conducting necropsies but the prevailing theory is the heavy rain diluted the sam water in the bay. >> they don't need full conditions but below 15 to 18 parts for 1,000 they'd have a difficult time. >> tiburon residents are also concerned about the overall quality of the water. >> anything about the bay or water concerns, which is what we have. we have to protect it. >> they are asking people to report leopard sharks they see in distress. lilian kim, abc7 news. a gilroy man may spend the rest of his life in prison for killing his girlfriend's puppy.
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he has been charged with spousal battery and animal cruelty. he has four prior assault convictions and he could get an on conviction under the three strikes law. ray lahood is promising to increase safety of the oil and gas pipeline systems after meeting privately with the san bruno disaster yesterday. jackie speier invited lahood and the pipeline safety official to see where eight people died and 38 homes once stood. >> my heart is full of sadness after meeting with the families. i have don't recall another time in my 35 years of public service when i have felt as sad as i do today. >> there was ever doubt in anybody's mind this was not an issue it's dispelled today. >> the national transportation safety board expects to release its report on the probable cause
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in ug. protesters gather at pg&e to declare a smafrt -- smart meter public health. they are not doing enough for those suffering nausea after smart meters were installed. they send a microwave pulse every second not studied for health effect. the state school chief is urging district to look to reduce crony absenteeism. after result shows alarming rate of inexcused absences. one out of seven students in the oakland school district missed four weeks of school. state school superintendent led a forum on the study that shows 5,500 students missed a month of class in 2009, 2010 school years and that caused the district to
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lose $3.5 million many state funding. they warned chronic absence is a problem statewide. construction crews finished installing a major piece of eastern span of the bay bridge. last night. del they started lifting the steel to the top of the suspension tower. engineers call it a stable saddle. the world's biggest. it will support the roadway along both side of the tow tower. it's so difficult they rehearsed it. it's something to see. did you notice this morning? >> not this morning but yesterday on my way home i did. it's strange looking object. >> yeah. >> hopefully get the job done. 4:36. mike is here.
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get the job done. >> always. >> always. >> good morning. >> good morning. thank you very much. the job consists of slightly cooler weather and more clouds this morning and along the coast. you can see them here. spilling in more neighborhood. this is the weekend weather maker. you can see it doesn't look impressive. it won't be as far as bringing us any type of rain. it will be cooler. today in antioch, one degree cooler. oakland, san rafael, the same. everything else is warmer. you can keep the heat in from the day before. we are starting off one to eight degrees warmer. that put s most of us in the low to mid-50s. exceptions, 49 at redwood city. 48 at san rafael. santa rosa, 46 degrees. by the afternoon, two to four degrees cooler. maybe five in some areas. 59 in half moon bay. we have to mid-to-upper 60s. san francisco, san mateo, rich -- richmond.
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we have monterey at 61. mid-to-upper 60 for salinas, watsonville and santa cruz. mid-to-upper 70s in morgan hill and hollister. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- two to four degrees cooler tomorrow. pleases are cooler. then look for warming trend tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> off to a good start. there was a stall southbound 680 but it's gone. we have a freeway closure to antioch. eastbound 4 is closed from loveridge to summersville. until 5:30. you notice it's been hatching overnight. it continues until june. detours in place. wherefore else should be -- everywhereles should be a nice ride. north main exit, 24 another the top of the screen. if you are heading to s.f.o. for work or weekend get-away the traffic flows well
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northbound through millbrae to san francisco. southbound is delay free. no problem on 380 or 280 on peninsula. >> thank you. 4:39. still ahead, the big shake-up for company at the center of japan nuclear crisis. >> a little morning work. 200 miles above the earth. latest on space walk outside the international space station. >> president obama makes a controversial change to u.s. foreign policy. angering israel's prime minister hours before they meet face to face.
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good morning, everyone. 4:41. friday morning. no rain. dry embarcadero. dry and mostly abandoned embarcadero this time of morning. we are checking traffic as well as weather forecast. mike and frances will give you details on both in a couple of minute. >> you think we're all up
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this morning. nothing compared to the astronauts. two astronauts on shuttle "endeavor" are conducting the first of four planned spacewalks. they are retreating three experiments from outside the international space station and installing a new package of experiments. they plan to conduct maintenance work in six-and-a-half hours today. this is first for greg who calls this a dream come tru true. [ in a few hours, president obama will meet with benjamin netanyahu at the white house. yesterday, obama announced a change in foreign policy by announcing plan to draw the plan of the state. >> we believe the borders should be based on 19667 lines with mutually aligned
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swaps so the borders are established for both sites. >> netanyahu called the 1967 borders indefensible. several presidential hopefuls blasted the proposal. former massachusetts governor mitt romney said the president threw israel under the bus. former house speaker gingrich called it most dangerous speech made by american president for survival of israel. in japan, president of tokyo electric power said he is stepping dofsh after the utility reported losses related to the nuclear crisis. three reactors went in meltdown. after the march 11 earthquake triggered a tsunami. it set off the world's worst nuclear crisis since chernobyl. heads of major companies are expected to step down to take responsibility for scandals. 4:43 now. coming up, grading the race.
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theousing ous -- the rousing eendorsement. >> why one of cbs biggest storm could call nbc home. >> we have more coming up.
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welcome back. look at highs across the country. 69 in seattle. 75 at portland. almost the same at other side. boston 62. new york, 72. wealth of 80s through the midsouth and midwest. it looks like another day of severe weather is possible in the same area as yesterday. see the storms going from kansas city to 35. to dallas. no delays there. i expect some to develop as we have seen if laguardia. check out our flight tracker at >> thank you.
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the former chief of the international monetary fund is expected to be released from jail later today. judge in new york set bail for dominique strauss-kahn at $1 million in connection with sexual assault charges. he will be restricted to a city apartment under armed guard when and if he is free. john hendrin has the latest. >> for strauss-kahn this is prison. starting today, d.s.k. will begin detention in the manhattan building, respecting for there are 14,000 a month. >> i have decided i will grant a bail under the following conditions. >> the conditions, he will surrender his passport, wear electronic monitoring bracelet and pay for armed guard. it's far cry from riker island jail where he is used to luxury hotel and fist class travel. in a rare moment,
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strauss-kahn blew kisses to his family after prosecutors argued he's a dangerous sexual criminal. >> we expect that mr. strauss-kahn will be vindicated. >> a letter resigning as the international monetary fund he says he's innocent. i deny with the greatest possible firmness allegations against me. indicated or not, a dramatic fool from grace for many who consider france's next president. this hardly leaves him empty-handed. he will leave with a golden parachute worth $318,000 a year for rest of his life. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger asked the talent agency to put the entertainment projects on hold until further notice. they released a statement
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saying that he is focussing on personal matters and not willing to commit to production schedules or timeline right now. earlier in week, he admitted he fathered a child with long-time household employee. a few more pioneers are instant millionaires this morning now that linked in has gone public. look at how the fortunes grew. the stock opened yesterday morning at $45 a year. it peaked at more than $140 before closing at $94.45. it's the first privately held social networking site to go public. it caters to business people and professionals. many see it as a preview when twitter and facebook go public, interneted in the next year. >> we find out how the economy is doing when officials release jobs report for april this morning. things have been improving with the state employment
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rate dropping. in march, it was 12% in california. down one-tenth from the previous month. 2.2 million californians were unemployed. down 80,000 from a year ago. talk about women. the glass creeling is in place in silicon valley. only 20% of the industry level engineers are women. last ninety, group of women met to change that. here is lisa amin gulezian. >> this room is filled with some of the top technological minds in the country only 5% of silicon valley chief technology officers are emwith. they are still not enough tick any call women. >> palo alto based anita borgin for women and technology wants to change that. in the annual women in vision is a start. three women won honor of
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being visionaries. including mary lou jepson. she helped build the cheapest, lowest power and greenest laptop in the world. and admits getting here wasn't easy. >> will is the gender discrimination. barriers are extreme. >> for my career i have been the only woman in room. >> companies that say one reason so few women are in senior level position is because of a lack of work-like balance. many opt to stay. in mid-level management. >> that is something that is up to a company. to crack the code about how to make it work for the senior women. >> many say what is needed are major cultural shifts within companies. ibm took home the award for top company for technical women. santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news.
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4:51 now. san francisco mayor ed lee says to make this year beta breakers race fun and safe uniquely san francisco event successful. mayor lee says there was neighborhood collaboration with emphasis on safety and less trash clean-up after this year's event. in previous years the neighbors complained of the unruly clouds, property damage. floats and alcohol were banned. police arrested 17 people for public drunkenness but overall fewer call for service. >> they got away with dry weather after the rain passed. this weekend you don't have to worry about a thing. >> maybe drizzle along the coa coast. the fog will be thick. other than that, dry. 4:52. talk about weekend forecast. with this morning. some of us already at work think it's the weekend. some of you are getting ready for work. look at the clouds.
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the temperatures are up in most areas. santa rosa, san rafael, 60s. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. along monterey bay, we have slower sunshine. harder to get rid of marine layer. that will slow the warming. about two to five degrees cooler today pt the cooling trend will continue. because of a cold front and stronger sea breeze. breezy. that's when the wind is fastest. sunday and monday. warmer next week. today, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s in east bay. warmest temperatures around the bay. mid-to-upper 60s on the east bay shore. are up to 70 in castro el have and fremont. in south bay, low to mid-70s with san jose and cupertino. 73 degrees. cupertino, mid-to-upper 60s. coast, chouddy with mid-to-upper 50s.
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downtown south san francisco. low to mid-60s. more sunshine the farther north. the more warmth you will deal with. breezy at the beaches, not as sunny as yesterday. mid-to-upper 50s. monterey bay, carmel to monterey, 60. if you go further inland and you can see -- farther. you can see the mid-to-upper 70s. this is at&t park. bay bridge series. a's coming across to at&t park. 7:15 the first pitch. 58 and dropping to 55. tonight clouds will be around again. not as thick as this morning. the upper 40s in north bay. low 50s for the rest of us. high pressure is still holding on to the weather it across the west coast. mild day. trough of low pressure and
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cooler weather. that will roll in for the weekend. let's see how much we're going to drop. two to four degrees tomorrow. again on sunday. sunday and monday. the two coolest days in the two days that will feel coolest when you factor in breezes. the breezes taper and the temperatures rise tuesday, wednesday, thursday. have a great weekend. >> accident-free. construction across the dumbarton bridge eastbound. the right lane is blocked until 6:00. enjoy the live shot of the san mateo bridge. traffic is light everywhere we go. the giants and a's game tonight, you know traffic will be really busy in and out of san francisco for evening commute. good ride for golden gate. mass transit no delays.
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consider bart or muni if heading to the game. or caltrans. get latest details by going to under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> thank you. 4:56 now. the oprah goes off the air after four more episodes. but before she signs off she will reflect on the legacy. next tuesday, 7:30 p.m. , abc 7 will air a resch "oprah looks back." the final show airs the following day at 4:00. katie couric may become the new talk show queen. she said goodbye after five years of anchor of the cbs evening news. sources say she is close to signing a deal with walt disney, abc to host an afternoon talk show. it could fill the void created be oprah depature. the time oprah show airs wednesday. couric spokesman will only say speculation around katie
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is exciting but there is no new deal to announce. so as they say, stay tuned. to us as well. >> yeah. >> 4:57. next on abc7 news at 5:00 a.m. -- a new report finds many parts of the bay area are very susceptible to land slide. >> demolish part of a freeway the bring high-speed rail to san francisco. why a critical artery may have to be cut to get the rail to town. >> also -- >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in benicia. oh, my god. what happened? that was the reaction in an mcdonald's after a man walked in bleeding profusely. details in a live report. [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry.
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