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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news. from jail to bail, the high price of freedom for the global money man battling sexual assault charges. leaving prison for a posh manhattan apartment to live under armed guard. why it costs $1 million and pore to go free. the challenger. president obama made him ambassador to china. now jon huntsman may be the candidate the white house fears most. on the presidential campaign trail he speaks out for the first time in a "gma" exclusive. this mother caused an international outcry when she claimed she gave botox to her 8-year-old daughter. now she says she was faking it. but was she lying then or is she lying now? "gma" investigates. no hollywood ending.
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arnold says so long to the movies. >> hasta la vista, baby. >> the starring roles from washed up rodeo star to animated superhero put on hold as his real-life drama heats up. good friday morning, everyone and what a week it has been already and we have new details coming out about arnold schwarzenegger, his movie comeback is on hold so we'll have the latest details on that and much more ahead. >> he says he wants to put his family life first. a live picture coming from rikers island right now. a little later dominique strauss-kahn, the former head of the international monetary fund, accused of sexually assaulting that maid in a new york hotel will be free after posting a million dollars cash bail, but he'll have to live under armed guard and electronic monitoring.
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chris cuomo has been tracking the latest. good morning, chris. >> reporter: it was a good day/bad day for the defendant. yes, he got bail and will be able to see his wife and kids again but it could be short-lived. he learned of the grand jury indictment which could not be any harsher. abc news learned strauss-kahn's wife rented an apartment in this posh building on the upper east side which has two bedrooms going for as much as $14,000 a month. sources say unless the building's management changes its mind this could become strauss-kahn's new home as early as this morning when he's expected to be released on bail. on thursday, strauss-kahn had celebrated that small convivictn court blowing a kiss to his wife. >> i have decided i will grant bail under the following conditions. >> reporter: it came after a laundry list of promises from strauss-kahn's attorneys including surrendering his passport and agreeing to remain confined in that new apartment 24/7. strauss-kahn also agreed to wear an electronic monitoring
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bracelet and have video surveillance all times and to be escorted to and from court by bodyguards. promises sealed with $1 million in cash and 5 million in assets as additional insurance. prosecutors argued strauss-kahn tried to flee once and had the means and motive to try again. >> he has the stature and the resources to live a life of ease and comfort in parts of the world that are beyond this court. >> reporter: ultimately the judge didn't buy the prosecutor's bail argument but did score a major victory nonetheless and on a grander scale. a seven-count grand jury indictment including multiple forced sex acts and attempted rape. counts carrying up to 25 years in prison. prosecutors also got help from another unlikely source, former madam kristin davis who infamously outed disgraced new york governor eliot spitzer as client number 9. davis says strauss-kahn was also a client, one with a nasty reputation.
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>> the girl came back after words and said that he was aggressive and rough and that she didn't want to see him again. if he ever called. >> it's an interesting part of the story. more on that tonight how the madam fits in. interesting detail. strauss-kahn resigned from the imf but does get one of these great bank, you know, golden parachutes, $350,000 up front, $318,000 every year for the rest of his life. >> no matter what, even if he's convicted of this. >> that's right. the question is who gets that money because he may be sitting in jail for the rest of his life if the trial goes the wrong way. >> commonplace to get bail. >> yes, good strong point. most people get bail. not unusual. >> all right there, chris. arnold schwarzenegger may have a new starring role now, an expensive divorce battle and putting his hollywood comeback on hold to deal wit. the former governor told his talent agency thursday to postpone all movie projects while he sorts out his personal life. david wright joins us at our
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bureau in los angeles. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. big news and it came in a brief statement from schwarzenegger's lawyers. it said, "all motion picture projects currently under way or being negotiated to stop planning until further notice." the statement said governor schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters. clearly the governor has his hands full. his whole family does. both families. yesterday the former housekeeper's grown daughter found herself in the glare of the spotlight. >> mom is a great woman. she is the most caring person you'll ever know. >> reporter: there's a lot of sympathy out there for maria shriver. reportedly she's hired a top divorce lawyer. >> i don't think she's in a mood to be applicable and split up the estate. >> reporter: schwarzenegger's plans for a comeback had included "cry macho," a movie about a washed up rodeo star and
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a mexican boy hoping to reconnect with his father. another planned project, "the governornator." >> it has been an honor to have served you for the past eight years but now i must say good-bye. >> reporter: a cartoon about a rich politician who becomes a superhero. >> governor, will you be returning to your life as a movie star? >> reporter: even the governornator's wife doesn't know his true secret identity. sound familiar? >> it makes no sense to release a movie. there's a large austrian pink elephant in the room. >> reporter: he is politically astatute. he must have seen what happened to mel gibson who missed the mark with his recent comeback project. >> who are you? >> i'm the beaver. >> the thing died. 17 people saw it. those were mostly his agents and a couple of his kids. >> reporter: which is not to say schwarzenegger's career is completely ka put. >> i'll be back. >> reporter: but not now. this is no minor setback. >> you are terminated.
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even terminating things temporarily is going to cost schwarzenegger. "cry macho" alone, he signed on to for $12.5 million. george? >> that is going to have to wait. thanks very much. we'll turn to the 2012 challengers and my exclusive interview with jon huntsman. the former republican governor of utah, he he's a motorcycle loving mormon, served as ambassador to china for president obama but now he's gearing up for a challenge to the president and i caught up with him during his first campaign trip to new hampshire. huntsman says he hasn't made a final decision. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: but sure looked like a candidate thursday. >> how are you? the owner of the -- >> reporter: he campaigned with his wife and daughter and when we spoke, i asked about what could be his biggest problem in a primary. i know you know that for a lot of republican primary voters, the number one question is, does he have a chance? he worked for obama. what's the answer?
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>> i worked for the president of the united states. the president asked me. the president of all the people and during a time of war, during a time of economic difficulty for our country, if i'm asked by my president to serve i'll stand up and do it. >> reporter: so you'd do it again. >> i'd do it again, of course. i've always been trained at that when your country needs you, particularly in a critical and sensitive bipartisan position, which is u.s. ambassador to china you -- if there is the prospect that you can get in there and bring about change in a way that helps your country through public service, i'm there. >> reporter: the president is a particular person/president barack obama, you wrote to him saying, calling him a remarkable leader. do you stand by that? >> he chose me, a republican, and i wrote that to him by way of a thank you note and thank you notes are a proud tradition for a lot of people and it's a good thing that people don't go
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through george bush sr.'s thank you notes because he wrote a lot of them and i do a lot of them too and it was my way of expressing what i thought about his selection. >> reporter: i'm asking what you think about him now. do you believe he's a remarkable leader and are you in sync with his foreign policy? >> history will show how effective he is. in terms of foreign policy, we have a generational opportunity, george, to reset our position in the world. it means that we probably don't need to be in certain parts of the middle east where there are domestic revolutions playing out where we probably should ought to let them play out. >> reporter: is that libya? >> libya would be among them. >> reporter: you'd stop enforcing the no-fly zone? >> well, i would have chosen from the beginning not to intervene in libya. i would say that it is not core to our national security interest. >> reporter: let's talk about some domestic issues. republican primary voters are going to wonder about your
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decision as governor of utah to take the stimulus funds, president obama's stimulus funds and when you were asked about it, you suggested that one of the problems with the stimulus is that it wasn't big enough. is that what you still believe? >> if you read on in that interview, you will find that i was specifically referring to corporate tax cuts, payroll tax deductions and focusing the stimulus in infrastructure projects that would improve our economic future. >> reporter: but you also did a line yourself with mark zandi. >> my take was let's stimulate business and look at tax cuts and payroll tax deductions. that's exactly what i said. >> reporter: no apologies for taking the stimulus funds and you might have wanted more stimulus but it would have been more tax cuts. >> a regret that it was not properly focused around that which would really stimulate the economy. >> reporter: no apologies for other positions that could be problems in a gop primary.
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civil unions for gay couples, some benefits from illegal immigrants. >> i don't change on my positions. >> reporter: he was squishier on cap and trade. >> today our focus whale care about the environment. today our number one priority is the economy and we should not be doing anything that stands in the way of economic growth. >> reporter: i just have two more questions. one comes from one of our viewers from joellen singly and says the recent comments by mr. huntsman have confused me as to his religious affiliation. is he a practicing mormon or not? >> i believe in god. i'm a good christian. i'm very proud of my mormon heritage. i am mormon. today there are 13 million mormons. it's a very diverse and heterogenius cross section of people. >> reporter: do you think it'll be an issue in this campaign? >> i don't think so. i think people want to know that you if you get in the race are going to be a problem solver, a
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pragmatic problem solver who will look laserlike on jobs and keeping the economy moving forward. >> reporter: i know you're going through your due diligence now. anything that can stop you from run jag. >> my wife. that's a final decision. you either feel it inside or you don't. you don't need people who whisper things in your ear and you either have a conviction about our place in time in history and the importance of broadening and expanding the debate. >> reporter: thank you very much, governor. >> thanks, george. in that interview he called for repeal of president obama's health care and endorsed that controversial budget by paul ryan, the one that you can read the full transcript of on my blog, fun to be on that first visit to new hampshire. >> what has been the white house's initial reaction to the possibility that he would run? >> from all my talks to the white house and other top democrats in washington, he seems to be the candidate they fear the most because if he can get through this republican primary he's got a lot more moderate positions that could
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appeal to independents and a broader cross section of voters but i think there's a lot of question whether these positions will prevent huntsman from getting the nomination which you'll see in dealing with him up there and my interview, as well. >> we'll pose a question, aren't we? >> do it on our "gma" app. today's question, do you think jon huntsman can win the republican presidential nomination? we'll have the results later in the show. >> now to a surprising twist in a 30-year-old 34is tri. fbi agents with the unabomber's dna to see if he was involved in the infamous tylenol poisonings that left seven people dead in 1982. here's pierre thomas with that story. >> reporter: the unabomber, the man responsible for a terrorism campaign spanning 18 years killing three and injuring 23 others with mail bombs. but sources tell abc news the fbi wants to know if kaczynski could be linked to for series of
7:14 am
chilling murder, the unsolved 1982 case where seven people were killed with cyanide-laced tylenol sold in chicago stores. >> cyanide contains tylenol. >> this product may be contaminated with cyanide and should be destroyed. >> more poisoned capsules turned up. >> reporter: the case that changed the way americans shop prompting the nation's first mass recall of a retail product. now in a strange turn of events, the recent court filing, kaczynski hinted he may be a person of interest in the case. kaczynski grew up in the chicago area and four of his attacks happened there between 1978 and 1980. that reason, sources say, the fbi wants a sample of his dna to compare to evidence in the tylenol case. the fbi had quietly asked kaczynski to voluntarily give it a dna sample but he tried to cut a deal. turns out the government is auctions items from his montana cabin. he has objected to the auction and offering to voluntarily give
7:15 am
it in exchange for stopping the sale. the fbi has no plans to negotiate with a cold-blooded killer. instead it will likely seek a court order to force have sin ski to give up the dna. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> as pierre said that's the first time we had a major recall like that. let's turn to josh elliott for other stories. >> good morning. another bombshell accusation against cycling star lance armstrong. a second teammate has accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs. this time it's tyler hamilton who also admits to doping. he tells "60 minutes" he saw armstrong use the blood-boosting drug epo during and before various tour de frances. he tweeted this "20 plus year career, never a failed test, i rest my case." could be a tense meeting at the white house today between president obama and israeli's
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu. thursday president obama called on israel to give up land it gained in the 1967 six-day war to make peace with the palestinians. netanyahu called the idea indefensible. a wild ride for a suspected shoplifter in south carolina. he attacked an officer as you can see here who pulled him over then actually jumped behind the wheel of the cruiser and he was off. he hit up to 120 miles an hour, yeah, before slamming there into a landscaping truck. he did survive the crash. he will also face multiple charges. and finally, talk about one multitasking mom. take a look at this. tiffany goodwin snagging a foul pop and that's her 8-month-old son. it's a richmond flying squirrels game. her husband -- when trying to call her off he's been waiting 38 years to catch a foul ball at a game. something of a ball hog as she's caught too on the air. ki say having caught two myself
7:17 am
at dodgers games there might be no greater thrill. >> car ride home between the two of them. >> that's no glory. she went for it. the weather with sam. hey, sam. >> good morning, george, robin, josh, everybody. whoever gets there first wins. here's the hurricane season forecast out. our government says it's going to be an active season. they're comparing it to the 2005 season. remember that? we went through the entire list and then some. global pattern is similar to 2005. san antonio, dallas, oklahoma city, omaha, our words to you, watch out. we had nine tornadoes on the board yesterday. likely some strong storms today.
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>> the west coast gets a break on this friday for weather and all the other weather when we come back in the next half hour. now to an incredible home invasion outside houston. two burglars robbed a
7:19 am
76-year-old man in a quilt and duyt taped his feet and hands. waiting to see how he broke free, ryan owens has that story. >> reporter: this 76-year-old rancher is back in the saddle, back on his tractor after an ordeal that could have killed a man half his age. police say these two suspects broke into henry schmidt's house, used duct tape to bind his hands and feet then wrapped his body in a blanket. police say the duo proceeded to ransack the house for hours before leaving with their loot. >> he wasn't ready to give up. a bunch of young thugs coming and taking his property and leaving him for dead. >> reporter: so schmidt rolled himself into the kitchen where the next morning the two found him. they ended up dragging the man back into his bedroom. this time when they left, a dehydrated and starving schmidt managed to crawl back into the
7:20 am
kitchen somehow opened the door of the refrigerator and knocked grapes onto the floor. for nearly two days that's all he had to eat. the grapes gave him enough strength to slide open a back door and roll himself down this impossibly long driveway where passer-byes finally spotted him. >> we didn't think this ourself. kind of did a double take. there he was. >> reporter: this morning, these two are behind bars while the spry senior they left for dead is waking up at home very much alive. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, houston. >> what a resourceful man. unbelievable. coming up, this mother claims she gave botox to her 8-year-old daughter. now she says she made it all up. "gma" investigates the latest. we also had the latest twist in the murder trial of casey anthony. is the case in jeopardy before it begins? dan harris' adventures in
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and eucerin everyday protection ace lotion with spf 30, only from eucerin. c.h.p. officers are searching for freeway shooter in solano county. investigators say a driver was shot several times by someone in another vehicle traveling eastbound 780 east of glen cove road last
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night. the victim pulled in a nearby mcdonald's in benicia where employees called for help. the man is listed in critical condition. get update on friday morning traffic. frances? >> all lanes clear approaching s.f.o. slow traffic from 380 to the earlier scene. at this point, it's not worth it to take 280. it's recovering. for those folks heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is only backed up toward west grand right now. eric? >> thank you very much. when we come back, mike will have a look at the weekend forecast.
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welcome back. look at the widespread marine layer clouds. that's why it's cooler than yesterday. 46 in santa rosa. everybody else in low to mid-50s. this afternoon, two the five degrees cooler than yesterday. mid-to-upper 50s along the coast where the clouds are more stubborn than yesterday. mid-to-upper 60s in san mateo and richmond. rest of us in 70s. breezy over the weekend and the temperatures drop five to ten degrees by sunday. now back to "g.m.a..............
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♪ we are family >> they are certainly family. are your kids a handful? imagine if you had 19. that's right, 1-9, and you weren't done yet. dan harris, who does not have children, hangs out with america's biggest and most rambunctious tv reality family. >> the big question after that is will he ever? >> i think. he wanted to take one home with him. >> we'll talk to him in a little bit. we begin with an update on that explosive story we brought you earlier this month, the california woman who claimed to be injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox to make her prettier for beauty pageants. we reported that child protective services took her from her mom. now she claims she made it up. lara spencer has been
7:31 am
investigating these new developments. >> she was complaining about her face, having wrinkles. >> reporter: we know her as kerry campbell would told abc news that she injected her -year-old daughter with botox to boost her chances on the pageant circuit. it first made headlines in the uk. >> i just like don't like wrinkles. >> reporter: but now sheena upton is telling tmz a completely different story. she says the whole thing is made up. >> and they told me to hold like a plastic -- it was like a medicine syringe, no needle just the medicine syringe and act like i was just holding it up and later on is when i heard that they used it as botox, which honestly i don't even know what botox is. >> reporter: she says she posed as kerry campbell, a woman who would give her daughter botox. a role she says she was paid $200 to perform by a u.k. agency
7:32 am
called clair stevens limited. >> i was just doing an acting job. i wasn't doing anything. i would never harm my daughter. i would never do anything like that. i was really pushed into it. i feel like i was kind of manipulated. >> reporter: in this declaration posted on tmz she says a dermatologist examined brittany concluding she says "the results indicated that she has not ever received treatments including botox or other such injections" but the freelance journalist who first brought the story to the press says the original story is real. she witnessed the injections she says and even took these photos which abc licensed from the agency. >> saw her physically inject her daughter. she did it twice. they were very small amounts of what appeared to be botox. her daughter was in pain but she rubbed on a gel which people use for tattooing to take away the pain. the daughter seemed to think
7:33 am
this was a regular thing that they did. >> reporter: einstein also says when she first met the mom, she knew her as kerry campbell not sheena upton. >> i asked her for identification and she showed me some i.d. of kerry campbell, brittany campbell. >> reporter: and this close family friend who accompanied the pair to our interview tells abc news she also witnessed the injections saying "i was there for everything. we were all there. we all saw it." as for the medical exam, abc news has confirmed britney did see a doctor who looked for any physical signs of a botox procedure and the results have not been made public, but in our interview, the mom had told us her last injection was some three month s >> it's extremely unlikely that you would see any effect from the botox at this point in time. ago. either physically, her muscle
7:34 am
movement should be back completely and there is certainly no blood test that would determine if she'd ever received botox before. >> reporter: to be clear, just what this mother did or didn't do to her child is still very much under investigation by child protective services. >> boy, a real house of mirrors here. >> either way you have a mom who gave her 8-year-old daughter botox which child protective services still thinks could be possible or you've got a mom who made up a story, lied about it, had her 8-year-old daughter lie about it and that sets off alarm bells for authorities and they are looking into everything. >> putting the child in that kind of harsh spotlight. what's the next step for the investigation? >> the investigation is ongoing and it could take weeks to have a conclusion. >> and the mom is not talking anymore at least to us. we have asked. >> we have asked and not right now. >> lara spencer, thanks very much. now to the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> hey, george, we'll talk storms and show you some pictures from oklahoma also into kansas. outside of oklahoma city a bad day for rain yesterday. more than an inch in a two-hour period. if you look at it in total it
7:35 am
was about 4 inches of rain, hail, thunder, lightning, all of that and today, those zones are back in the storm sector today as this storm system sits in the middle of the country. kind of a multiple low pattern here and all in that red zone from san antonio all the way up through kansas city today includes portions of oklahoma city area getting those storms. some warmer air moves into the northeast. how bad has this week been? one of the worst, but you get a break of sunshine today. i'm looking outside the window and it's looking pretty good right now. gets even better over the weekend, 72 by sunday. 77 on saturday in new york. boston takes time for that to pull >> all that weather was brought to you by kibbles and bits. it's a supersecret there for forecasting, just look out the window.
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>> too much of a filter. okay. well, coming up, the murder case that can't get to trial because the judge can't find a full jury. we're going to have the latest on the casey anthony trial with nancy grace. we're going to have the latest so you have five brothers. tough being the only girl. aw, there's the man of the house. who's this ? this is rufus. hey, rufus. he's actually pretty talented. you wanna see him do a trick ? ok. hey rufus. who do we love ? we love our bank. we love our bank. we love our bank.
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work so well that people everywhere are helping save trees... ...without even noticing. ♪ learn more about the scott naturals 4 week test drive at we are back at 7:39. day after day casey anthony is sitting just feet away from the people who may determine whether she lives or dies. her trial was supposed to start on monday, but the judge still
7:40 am
can't find enough people for a jury pool. and that has many people wondering if this trial is in jeopardy before it even begins. in a moment we'll talk to nancy grace but first ashleigh banfield with the latest. >> reporter: after ten case and more than 150 potential jurors there still aren't enough to sit in judgment of casey anthony. >> the well runs dry. >> reporter: frustrated by the slow going, the judge ushered in a brand-new pool of 30 jurors on thursday. >> i'd like to introduce you to casey marie anthony. >> reporter: these new jurors have all been exposed to coverage of the case so far. >> premeditated design to effect the death of -- >> reporter: day after day, casey has marched into the clearwater, florida, courtroom to find out who will decide her fate. >> watching magazine shows such as "the nancy grace show." >> reporter: it's a complex case. jurors will be sequestered for
7:41 am
eight weeks and they may have to decide if casey lives or dies. >> could you consider it -- >> well, i guess i could consider it. >> reporter: some jurors said they simply could not shake their opinion that casey anthony is guilty. >> can you lay aside that opinion that you have formed? >> i could not lay that aside. i'm sorry. >> reporter: in order to go to trial on monday they need 12 jurors and up to 8 alternates but at the rate jury selection is going, there is reasonable doubt that will happen. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news. >> and joining us now is nancy grace, host of "nancy grace" on hln. you know she has been covering this story from the very beginning. hey, nance, thanks very much for your time this morning. we certainly -- >> good morning, robin. thank you for having me. >> you know this has been a highly publicized case and has taken a long time, is taking a
7:42 am
long time to select a jury. is that a major reason why because so many eyes have been on the case? >> well, robin, a lot of court watchers or legal analysts may point to that as a reason, but the reality is is i can't stress enough this is a death penalty case and you don't want a misstep. what that would mean is that 10, 12 years from now we'd be trying the case again. that was one of the first cases i tried as a district attorney, a 14-year-old murder case, that had been reversed 13 years later. we don't want that. so it's going to take a long time and that's just a bitter pill. the jury pool, the judge and lawyers have to swallow it. >> i was going to play a clip. they brought up the name of your show over and over again and even mentioned "gma" a time or two in the jury selection. were you surprised to be -- that they're saying that so much and using that in the delay? >> no, i'm not surprised at all.
7:43 am
in fact, if both sides did not hate my show, i would be very concerned, because nobody wants to hear any criticism of their client or their technique or a very, you know, honest and realistic critique of what's going on in the courtroom, so naturally it's going to make people squirm when they hear the truth. i mean does me sometime but the reality is so what if they throw my name around? who cares? what matters is that 2-year-old caylee is dead. robin, she had duct tape wrapped across her mouth and nose and her remains, a tell ton, was thrown in a wooded area. that's what matters. so if my name or my show was thrown around, that's the least of my concerns. >> i can understand that and we do have to remember caylee and what you just said about her. because it has taken so long to select a jury, does that play into the minds of those later?
7:44 am
does that have any impact, you think, on the jury? >> robin, i really believe it does, because they're sitting through a very onerous process and have been analysts and sometimes needless questioning and i've got to point out it is from the defense, the state very often has very few questions for each juror and, frankly, i believe that tilts the jury against the defense and i'd like to point out that not 1 out of 160 people have said i think she's innocent. why? because no one has asked the right question, but this delay in jury selection probably makes the jurors think, oh, if this is what it takes to get a jury, what's it going to be like by the time we finally get a verdict. >> when do you expect to hear opening statements? what do you expect to hear from the defense? >> robin, you need to read "the orlando sentinel." the judge wants a jury now. of course he's been saying that
7:45 am
for ten days so i don't know what it really means. what we really expect to happen is a jury to be sworn in today. the judge is going to give everybody a breather including the jurors. they got to pack their bags, opening statements monday morning 0900. that is the belief. >> that is the hope of many to move this forward. it's already been, what, three years now and we're hearing -- what has been casey's demeanor, nancy, in court, during all this? >> well, i've got to tell you something, robin. she plays a lot differently over the tv camera than in person, because yesterday i looked at her nonstop and it recall the days when i would try case and look at defendants and think, how could you or did you? and i looked at her and she looked very pale and pitiful and her hair has gotten very long back in a girlish ponytail and i was looking at her and it's very mesmerizing, it's like looking at a snake charmer.
7:46 am
but then i remembered caylee and the ducf tape and the weeds growing up between her bones and snapped me out of it pretty quickly. >> that will do that. how has she been getting along with her defense team? we hear that there's been a little unrest there. >> that's a loaded question, robin. that's a loaded question because she and her lead defense attorney jose baez have been extremely close as that's normal in a case like this but they have been having we know of three in-court arguments, one caught on a courtroom microphone where he advised her she was acting like a 2-year-old and they got frozen out. sherr's sitting at either end of the table not speaking, not looking at each other, that's not a good look or a good team maneuver going into a trial. >> not a good thing for them. nancy, be watching you tonight as always. thank you for getting up early and joining us. you have a good weekend. coming up arnold schwarzenegger's children on their father's secret life and picking up the pieces.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
as you know, it is reality week and sam is back from shooting his and dan harris gets real with the duggar clan. >> coming up next on "good morning america" -- >> all: "19 kids and counting." >> and our newest addition, dan. >> he slips right into that. >> oh, he does. justin bieber and the new star-studded world of infomercials. >> you boys a fan of fun.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
protesters plan to converge on pg&e headquarters in san francisco this morning. to declare a smart meter public health emergency. the group smart meter says the state and federal governments aren't doing enough to investigate reports of people suffering headaches, nausea and heart palpitations after smart meters are installed. >> mike has the forecast. >> off to a cloudy start. cooler conditions by two to five degrees. we should see sunshine by noon everywhere except for the coast where we are in the mid-to-upper 50s.
7:57 am
upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. upper 70s inland. five to ten degrees cooler by the weekend. >> exceptionally heavy from southbound 680, 242 to walnut creek because of an accident. bay bridge toll plaza backed up to west grand. >> thank you very much. the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
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don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters with me ♪ we are family >> we are here on this friday morning with this wonderful, rambunctious crowd and talk about family, how about this family of 19 that dan harris gets a chance to hang out with. the duggar family, the reality show that has america talking, "19 kids and counting" and dan was the biggest hit of them all. >> a big smile on his face. >> he really had a great time. >> we'll talk to him in a little bit. also, "spider-man: turn off the dark," what a controversy. the most expensive broadway spectacle ever, got harsh
8:01 am
reviews but now back after a full makeover and the man behind the show, u2's bono will tell us who he thinks is responsible for it. >> i can't believe how many times they've had to remake that show but looks like it might be on its way now. you're not going to scream because you're on camera? they're really going to be screaming because elmo is back and elmo has a very important story. the most important thing your child needs to know. >> always great to have elmo here. >> it is. >> we'll start more on the arnold schwarzenegger story. he put his career on hold. more on his personal life and how his kids are going through this. the spotlight is harsher on them than ever before sharing some of their pain in public and juju chang joins us with more. >> you know they aren't just hollywood royalty. if you think about it they've spent most of their family as
8:02 am
the first family of california. emotional trouble is about shattered illusions and in this case when the father they respected and trusted is now gone. katherine, christina, patrick and christopher grew up on a very public stage, so even after the bombshell revelation of their father's affair with the family maid and the half-brother they never knew, the schwarzenegger children have remained perfectly poised. katherine poetly retweeted a line from "the notebook." everything happens for a reason. the hard part is finding out what that reason is. >> katherine is being very honest and she's also being incredibly mature to say that she wants to heal and that it's going to take time but she's not going to lose her family over this. >> reporter: last year on "gma," katherine who wrote a book revealed the bond she has with her mother, a source of her strength. >> we have an amazing relationship and she was always really good at making sure that she was always open to talk about anything with me.
8:03 am
>> reporter: but the healing process is tricky with such public scrutiny of their private lives. jamie lee curtis, the daughter of hollywood celebrities herself wrote a blog, i have had traumas. if i had had traumas and cameras pointed at me all day long, i don't know what toll it would have taken on me and added "i urge us all to leave them alone. let them tell us what they want to tell us." experts say our fascination can sometimes overshadow the immense devastation all five of these children are feeling. >> the biggest thing that's been shattered is my father, the father that i knew, the father that i relied upon, the guy that you thought you lived with all these years turns out to be a different guy. and you're dealing with a massive amount of disillusionment. >> reporter: give me the fireball of feelings that those children must be going through right now. >> anger, a sense of shame, a sense of betrayal and a sense of great, great grief.
8:04 am
>> reporter: all these kids are going through what therapists would call a redefinition of their very identity. patrick, you'll recall, tweeted a lyric earlier this week that ended "i love my family till death do us part" and many mentioned the maturity in that, we are in pain but will move on as a family. >> so interesting to see how they'll maneuver the public and private aspects in sharing just a little bit. >> and doing the rest in very private quarter. >> thanks very much. to josh elliott with the news. >> hey, george. we begin with dominique strauss-kahn who spent his last night in a new york jail at least for now. days after being accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid, the former head of the international monetary fund is being released on $1 million bail. he'll be under house arrest but hardly roughing it. he'll be staying in a city apartment rented for up to $14,000 a month and he'll collect a lifelong pension topping $250,000 per year. meanwhile, american equipments came under attack in northwest pakistan. a car bomb exploded as two u.s. consulate vehicles were driving
8:05 am
past it injuring two americans. it is the first attack on westerners in the country since osama bin laden's death there. president obama and israel's prime minister will have much to discuss at the white house today. benjamin netanyahu is dismissing the president's recent call for israel to return to its 1967 borders and so to help form a palestinian state. and how good is life if you're a full-time lifeguard at newport beach, california beaches. nearly all of them earn more than $100,000 last year, two of them made over $200,000 and while the city is now looking to reduce their haranks they're defending their pay. because they save lives and train the part-timers they deserve the same salaries as high-ranking firefighters. reunited, oh, does it feel so good. five years ago, cookie the chihuahua wandered off. well, he's returned to his family in san diego after
8:06 am
disappearing. animal control says the little fellow was wandering the city streets, thanks, though to a microchip planted in the dog, cookie is back with his owners who have absolutely no idea where he's been all these years. none the worse for wear and guess who is back with us, that's sam champion with another look at the weather. >> good morning, josh. sometimes you just got to walk around. that's what you do. hey, we've got some amazing signs out here this morning from the girls in arkansas. we've got a lot of saints fans in the house. i can't even read all of them there's so many here. wanted to make sure you saw them. other thing i love, jay and kathy, the headlines can't keep anybody together but you guys have been married how long? >> 30 year. >> 30 years and would you do it all over again. >> sure. >> definitely. >> yes, we would. >> i love that. i love you guys are here. thank you very much for spending your anniversary with us. to the boards. plenty of things going on. look outside in philadelphia, wpvi tells us everything we want
8:07 am
to know. the moisture is backed up in pennsylvania and will move east and scattered showers anywhere from new york all the way up into boston today and it'll take some time for that clearing over the weekend to get all the way up into northern new england. but the west coast is already clearing from seattle to san francisco, fresno, l.a., you're looking great today at about 71 degrees, nice and dry. watch those strong storms from san antonio all the way up kind of a little bit east of oklahoma city, but you will still see rain in
8:08 am
>> amazing springtime crowd right now in times square. george? >> coming up dan harris' big adventure with the duggars. he heads to the hit reality show "19 kids and counting." ♪ i got all my sisters with me [ sniffs ] bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon! smokey bacon, meaty bacon, tasty bacon! bacon? ohh, la, la... oh, i say, is that bacon?! oh, good heavens!
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about k9 advantix ii. in just seven days get ready, america, to go gaga. lady gaga ignites your sumner a morning concert event only on -- >> good morning, america. >> next friday, it's lady gaga on "good morning america" summer concert series presented by burger king. >> yeah, that is coming up in a week but right now time for ow favorite friday segment, "your three words" set to my darling by lucy schwartz. ♪ i will be closer ♪ i'm sleeping in
8:13 am
♪ i'm sleeping in ♪ my darling. it is time to wrap up our first reality week to kick things off on "pawn stars." a gator hunt with billy the exterminator. lara became a made woman on "mob wives." look at that. and our favorite josh just got pummeled on "wipeout." one more time.
8:14 am
>> oh. >> but now it's -- >> weekend anchor dan harris' turn. i have to say i'm not sure this is the -- >> i was going to say, i'm not a father, george, but my wife and i are considering starting a family at some point soon so the timing of this story, this assignment was, let's just say interesting. check it out. >> oh. it's the tlc sensation, the reality show "19 kids and counting" which takes you inside the home and the lives of michelle and jim bob duggar. evangelical christians from arkansas who have 19 children. >> this is a story of my family. we're the duggars. that's me, i'm michelle. there's jim bob. my wonderful husband and our children. joshua, jana, john-david, jill, jessa, jinger, joseph, josiah,
8:15 am
joy, jedediah, jeremiah. >> guest star on the show, as soon as i arrived i made two new friend, jackson, 6, and johannah, 5, my constant companions along with a small army of camera crews. is this crazy to you? >> yeah, kind of. >> reporter: around here you get used to cameras quickly. it is a huge house that is literally teeming with kids. >> so this is what we call the great room. >> reporter: there are four bedrooms and nine bathrooms. average electric bill is $400 a month and the water bill averages $175 a month. >> we have the playroom, perfect for boys with all that energy. >> reporter: like heaven for children. >> reporter: after michelle gave me a tour showing me their massive laundry operation and their industrial-sized kitchen. how is it going? i met the man of the house jim bob then i was thrown directly into the fray. ♪
8:16 am
sort of terrified watching it. of course, they wanted me to get on. jackson, can i ask your advice on something? >> what. >> do you think that swing would hold me? >> yeah. >> go for it, dan. >> tell you what, i was relieved when jim bob saved me from it and decided to put me to work. >> part of being a duggar for the day is mowing the grass and doing the chores. >> all right. >> joseph, can you show him how to run the mower? >> yeah. >> have you ever run a mower like this. >> engage the blade. >> i'm still not sure i understand what i'm doing. >> you'll be fine. yeah. >> now, if it i turn it on, it's not going to start moving immediately because there are a lot of children here. i don't want to hurt them. a few starts and stops, but finally i was ready to cut some grass. but when you're a duggar, there's always another chore awaiting. >> the girls want to you help
8:17 am
them make tater to the casserole. >> i don't know if i can do any of these things well but i'll try. >> yeah. ♪ >> tater to the casserole it is and my cooking partner is 13-year-old joy. how many bags do you need for tater to the casserole? >> 6 bags. >> what's next? >> ground beef. >> all right. i'll give you a hand. everywhere you turn there's a child swarming out from under something. tater to the casserole with a special ingredient. you. >> no, you. >> you'll cook me? >> yeah. >> look how much beef you need to cook for this type of family. it's like 40 cheeseburgers. >> about a teaspoon of pepper. >> how many bags do you think we need, two or one? >> just one. >> one. everything was going swimmingly until we headed back into the kitchen to actually prepare the state er to the cost role and we
8:18 am
found out we used a little too much meat. >> don't tell anybody. >> got a little revolution brewing in the kitchen and then somebody got impatient pouring the sauce onto the casserole. so how do we spread it? >> you dump it all at once. >> dumped it all in one makes it sound like i was reckless. >> right in the middle. >> however, all's well that ends well. if i do say so myself i make a pretty mean tater to the casserole. jackson was so pleased he even gave a shout-out to my wife back home. >> hi. >> i want to bring him home. >> hi, bianca. >> on an rtv, a golf cart on steroids. joy may have been reasonably under control in the kitchen but behind the wheel, out of control entirely. after the ride jim bob asked me to help fix a flat tire which
8:19 am
rather quickly descended into chaos. >> now, i'll hand you the coupl coupler. >> i'm great with a coupler learning how to do a job from a 9-year-old. you're 9, right? >> i may have to keep you around. >> all right. >> being a duggar for a day is like going to summer camp, no shortage of activities. by the end i was completely exhausted. but i did enjoy being the 20thing duggar and honestly if i really decided to stay, would anybody notice? i'm a human jungle gym. >> uncle dan. >> yeah, yeah, that's right. i brought something back for josh and lara, this is a little bit of an abc hazing ritual. no big deal but you only have to finish the whole thing. take your time. >> what's in it? >> what's in it? i don't know all the ingredients because i think some may be patented. >> how great josh and lara are right now.
8:20 am
this food is cold. >> now you pulled the curtain back so here's the weather. >> it's tater tots. how bad could it be? >> you can't mess up the stater tots. >> cold or hot. >> it really is good. >> plus parsley which is kind of like a vegetable. >> i'm going to the beach and i just -- >> actually this is a low-fat version so have at it. >> all 19 kids sprung from the same womb. >> she gave birth 17 times because there are two sets of twins. she's about -- in her early 40s. she has been pregnant for 12 total years of her life. can you imagine that? >> like a third of her life. >> it is an extraordinary amount of time and i asked her if she would be -- if she wants more children, the answer is, yes, sleeld like to have more children. if she can't have it naturally she's talking about adopting. >> do you want to have children now spending that much time? >> i still want to have children. >> those little kids are -- i
8:21 am
mean jackson, jackson and johannah who i spent most of the day with, incredible. >> are they as well behaved as they appear. >> they are extraordinarily well behaved. they all make eye contact. all remember your name, completely friendly. i mean it is extraordinary how friendly they are. >> you were very paternal. you were great. >> thank you very much. >> great piece. >> it was great. >> i enjoyed it. >> a road trip. >> we decided if we could take the cheapest road trip in the history of road trips and went camping on the maryland shore and wanted to see if we could do it without killing one another. so balg, ron and i drove several hours. we shared a tent and i lived to tell the story and then we went fishing and didn't work out so well as you can see. >> did you take turns driving or was bianna the only one -- >> no, we took turns driving largely because we wanted to get bianna away from the radio.
8:22 am
>> and it looks like fun, dan. >> monday is your turn. >> yeah. great food challenge. i just ate my way across america and that's going to be coming up on monday. can you go to "gma" reality bites, all on twitter but now we'll turn to "spider-man." >> on broadway. no show in history has had so many accidents, sparked as much controversy as the musical "spider-man: turn off the dark." but now the show's been retooled and "nightline" anchor cynthia mcfadden got an exclusive first look backstage at the revamped $74 million fuse cal. you sat down with bono, cynthia? >> well, robin, those involved in the show tell me they spent $5 million more to retool it but now much happier with it and audiences seem to be too and i'm getting standing ovations so bono and the edge say it's 80% there right now but by the official opening night on june 14th it will be 100% what they
8:23 am
hope for. ♪ >> reporter: it was supposed to be the biggest musical broadway had ever seen. "spider-man," by bono and the edge, sumptuous sets and fantastic flying sequence. >> just passing through. >> reporter: but after five accidents. >> there's been another accident. >> reporter: six delayed openings and some of the worst reviews in broadway's history, it seemed the death knell had sounded for the show. so i've never read quite so horrific reviews. "the new york times," it may rank among the worst musical ever made. "the washington post," shrill, insipid. what did you think when you read these. >> sort of things we were saying backstage. i mean seriously, might have been a little hard for some other people around here to take that, but we don't disagree with "the new york times." >> reporter: that shocking insight seems to be part of what led to the departure of julie, the legendary director of "the
8:24 am
lion king" who wrote and directed the original version of the show. so what went wrong? i mean everyone wants to understand what went wrong, why isn't she still directing the show. >> julie would not accept this but she got very close to it. so close perhaps that she couldn't see it and we were going at it and coming back and we could see very clearly what we thought were the problems and she didn't think they were as big a problem as we did, and sometimes at a point like that you've got to just say, look, you are too close and this is -- we're eating up more and more time of the people's money and we have actually got to stop now and fix this. >> reporter: last month "spider-man"'s producers closed it for three weeks and brought in phil mckinnely to fix it. a man they're calling its creative consultant. >> reporter: it doesn't bug you a little bit not to be called the director of "spider-man."
8:25 am
>> no, actually some call me spidey doc. i like that. >> reporter: the show certainly needed a doctor. a song has been added. ♪ $65 million circus >> he. >> reporter: and the love story has been developed. ♪ >> the last version of "turn offer the dark" had a lot of magic and mysterious stuff. it was beautiful actually in so many ways, it just didn't cohere. this time you have a really clear story line. you have characters that you're getting to know. the music is legible. and there's lots of really obvious stuff has been fixed. >> reporter: but don't worry, spider-man still flies. this is chris tierney who nearly
8:26 am
died when his harness wasn't properly tied off. >> i wear an underarmer suit. >> reporter: he's back and airborne. in fact, the whole show seems to fly now. well, in fairness to julie taymore, bono and the edge told me they still considered the original director one of the greatest creative talents of all time, robin and ultimately the success of the show if it is successful now will also be a tribute to her. we asked her to comment and she declined. >> how is the relationship now with all of them? >> you know, it's hard. they were all really close friends and i asked the edge and bono, they said they haven't talked to her for a bit but will invite her to opening night. >> you have seen it before and after all the changes. what do you think. >> i have to say i loved it times two. >> all right. >> loved it. >> have a great weekend. we love that you brought it to us. you can see all of cynthia's report on "nightline" after your local late news. me
8:27 am
the highway patrol is investigating a freeway shooting in solano county. officers say a driver was shot several times by someone in another vehicle traveling eastbound on 780 just east of glen cove road last night. the victim pulled in a nearby mcdonald's in benicia where employees called for help. the man seen limping in the surveillance video is listed in stable condition in the hospital. and is expected to survive. authorities are looking for the suspect who was driving a light blue pick-up truck. all right. we have unusual traffic jam. what is going on, on the roadways, frances? >> we had a couple of lanes blocked earlier, much earlier. southbound 680 near 24. a one at monument as well. southbound 680 is jammed
8:28 am
through walnut creek. in fact. it's slow from southbound 242 and highway 4. and elsewhere, though, you can find the light friday traffic as you expect. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the end of the parking lot. >> thanks a lot. finding a little bit of sunshine right now as well. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns.
8:29 am
with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. welcome back. you saw some of the clouds out there. they are stubborn today. cooler conditions as it takes in the afternoon to
8:30 am
get to sunshine. upper 50s along the coast where it's cloudy. mid-to-upper 70s inland where it's warmer. temperatures drop five to ten degrees this weekend. quite breezy sunday also. ♪ paparazzi >> we are here in times square this morning but one week from today lady gaga storms central park, kicks off our summer concert series friday, may 27th. only right here on "gma." >> and you can only get tickets on our website beginning at noon eastern today. logon to and you'll be able to tell everyone you were there to see the one, the only lady gaga. noon eastern today. >> our lines will be overrun. coming up this half hour katy perry is one of the new celebrities who is now taking on the world of infomercials. what is she trying to sell you?
8:31 am
what does "consumer reports" have to say about it. emeril is in the kitchen. he has something he's whipping up for us, a delicious weekend meal just for spring, asparagus, asparagus and more asparagus. >> very healthy weekend. >> also cameron mathison along with minnie took on one of the best rides, "star tours" that opens in disney. how much fun is he having? >> that's right. >> he's ready but now let's go back upstairs to lara and josh with their brand-new friend. >> thank you, george. and a certain special friend of ours is here in the studio. elmo. >> elmo peeked into your shot. >> i love it. >> good morning, everybody. >> so you're here to talk about your new favorite topic and brought along someone who knows a thing or two about it having just been appointed to the
8:32 am
president's advisory council on financial -- >> yes. >> this teaches kids how to spend, save and share and also teaches parents how to talk to kids about money which is tricky and so important so welcome back and welcome to you. >> it's so good to see you again. >> can i say for the record, serena, are you seeing this, daddy is talking to elmo. >> elmo loves you, serena. >> tell us about the three jars. how do you use them. >> one is for saving. one is for spending and one is for sharing >> that's so good, elmo. you remembered. >> saving up for something you maybe want or need. yeah and spending, you can do it -- >> maybe candy? >> well, elmo doesn't like candy. candy is a sometimes food and sharing like if like one of your friends needs help on something. >> yeah. >> you could share.
8:33 am
>> to a charity. >> absolutely. >> let me ask you about why it's so important and how early should we be talking to our kids about these three principles. >> elmo is 3 1/2. >> elmo is 3 and a half. i'm so proud of you. so many parents are confused about money. so talking to somebody like elm ocho and money is overwhelming so "sesame street," which is a partnership of pnc, their grow up great series is a way to teach kids not just about four quarters equals a dollar but how to spend that dollar, smart ways to save that dollar and sort of ideas like waiting. it's so hard to right, elmo ask. >> very hard to wait. >> what do you want to spend your money on. >> elmo so a cool, colorful basketball elm would like to have. >> all right. >> and it's hard because you have to save up your money. if it costs $5, elmo learns he
8:34 am
has to save. >> that's something elmo wants but what elmo is going to get is a new fish bowl for elmo's pet goldfish dorothy. >> you know what i want? a kiss and a wave to serena. >> elmo loves you, serena. >> there are over a million of these kit as valuable. all free which is fantastic. you can even download one online. find out how to get one, go to our website and now let's go to sam champion and the weather. throw it to sam. >> go for it, mr. sam. >> my buddy elmo. hello, times square. hello, atlanta, swb gives us this picture because the heat is on in the southeast. we'll see temperatures near 90 degrees all the way down into florida, hello, miami. in suss just a few hours. let's get not board. 789 in miami. montgomery sitting at 90 degrees so the heat is definitely on there. right in the middle of the country, weekend flyby in case
8:35 am
we're the first to tell you happy weekend. rainy along the northern border but warms up into the southwest and severe storms will take a step to the east to the ohio very good with the drop shadow on the "gma." very nice. >> here's a friday quiz. what do justin bieber, suzanne somers and cher all in have in common? it's more than memorable hair. they've also starred in infomercials but when do these long form ads promise more than they deliver? "20/20" teamed up with "catherine repo"consumer reports" and deborah roberts
8:36 am
will give us a preview of what you can see right here on abc ♪ first time i was like baby baby baby oh ♪ >> reporter: justin bieber, singing his number one hit "baby." here selling proactiv. >> i'm 16. i'm at the age where i'm getting acne and if i don't do something about it, it'll only get worse. >> reporter: katy perry singing "california girls." and selling proactiv too. an entire plethora of actors and singers with a second career as infomercial stars and guess who they have to thank. >> chrissy snow, you're coming with me. ♪ come and knock on our door >> reporter: burns up the screen long before they were born. no one knows the power and profit of infomercials better than suzanne somers. now 65. what led to that going from being an actress to an
8:37 am
infomercial? >> careers are cyclical. i was in a low. i was doing two two-hour shows in vegas. i said around 3:30 in the morning to my husband, you know, you have to find a way for us to make a living where i don't have to show up. >> reporter: so her manager husband began exploring the world of infomercials when he stumbled upon an unusual fitness contraption. >> it was called the detoner for the upper body but had been sitting around for years, no one had ever done anything with it and i'm looking at it and my inner thighs were just starting to show signs of jiggling and i said would this work for the inger thighs? i used to do aerobics till i dropped then i found thigh master. >> reporter: it didn't just work, the thigh master became an incredible hit. >> squeeze your way to shapely hips and thighs. >> reporter: but that was only the beginning. suzanne would go on to launch more than a thousand infomercial products. >> ink producing the buttmaster. bodyrode. >> in fact, she found an
8:38 am
infomercial hasn't worked for everybody. in 1993 cher jumped in. >> i'd like to introduce you to my friend and hollywood's miracle worker miss lori davis. >> could not turn on the tv without us being there. when they started doing takeoffs on "saturday night live" and a couple of other show, you know. >> you're probably wondering what i'm doing hawking beauty products when everyone knows my face has seen more cuts than a thanksgiving turkey. >> reporter: she's still recovering she told us. >> it became a wrong choice. am i sorry for it, no. shoot me. i did an infomercial. i've also got an academy award. >> who would want to see cher doing an infomercial. cher needs to be cher. i want her to be on stage. i'm not an iconic goddess like cher is. i'm not in that category.
8:39 am
>> suzanne somers is in a category all of her own. the woman who once played a dumb blond is now infomercial royalty reportedly valued at around $50 million. not bad for a second career. big money in the world of info merges and huge competition. but some of those products don't exactly deliver as they say they do so we'll put some of them to the test tonight and give you a chance to see some of your favorite product, do they really do what they say? >> the results tonight. >> what about the people who pitch those infomercials? some aren't exactly on the up and up. undercover to see what they're doing. >> that investigation coming. >> i know. playing cher. >> playing cher a long time ago. thanks very much. that is, of course, tonight dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth.
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only one place can handle something this hot. for the first time on abc, the billboard music awards. a special appearance by beyonce that will leave america talking. oh, my goods in. >> are you mary tyson? hello. you're mary tyson, right? let me tell you something, i got to tell you, you know why i'm here. you have won my breakfast in bed. >> we are still talking about that moment around here. and the breakfast in bed winner. what a wonderful surprise for mary tyson. >> she got in the bed. >> she got all up in that bed. >> emeril, you're back with us for the first time. >> that was breakfast. now it's lunch or dinner.
8:43 am
asparagus has sprung. that time of the year. but first we peeled some white shrimp and saved the shells. you can keep them in the freezer. >> why? >> make a shrimp stock so you can save them so what you do is take that with a little bit of carrots, celery and a bay leaf and season it with a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper. now, what you can do is pour that water right over that for me, robin, please. >> i would be happy to. >> now, the next stage is after that simmers for about 20, 30 minutes, you strain it and you have a shrimp stock. let's talk about asparagus risotto. yeah, it's great. now, for the risotto we'll have a little shallot in olive oil and a little garlic, now we'll add risotto, arborio rice. we'll add that. another trick because of asparagus, you can take the bottoms of the asparagus, okay,
8:44 am
and basically with that, you can use that in the stock to flavor it if you're making this asparagus risotto. >> great idea, emeril. >> the whole thing with risotto, take your hot stock and add it to your rice, okay, and then what you got to do, you got to keep stirring it, 21 minutes stirring it on medium heat like this, robin, you'll have the pr affect risotto. >> these were the stocks you were talking about. >> what happens now, this is about 20 minutes later i have it at this stage. it's a little al dente. >> al dente. >> i'll add blanched asparagus. let's see if we can turn this up here and we'll add a little bit of our shrimp. now, you can put them in raw but we'll add our shrimp in there. >> you can put them in raw if you want to. >> because of this, now, i want to show you, the italians will tell you never, never, never add parmesan cheese to seafood. all right, so, look --
8:45 am
>> really. >> do you buy that? >> you know what i say, george, it's like wine, it's like wine. you like white wine, i like red wine. exactly. we'll finish this with a little salt. >> so good. >> wait a minute, robin. >> wait. >> i'm so excited. >> a little pepper. here's the trick, i'm leaving the cream out. we're going to just take one more ladle right here. i have it right here. look at this. the stock, this is the hot stock. watch this. we're going to just -- >> work it in. >> just a little loose. here's how we're going to finish it. parmesan cheese. >> ah. >> oh, baby. oh, baby. >> he's so happy and he's italian. >> speaking about happy, watch this. >> yeah, yeah. >> robin. >> okay. i'd love to. >> and i got -- george. >> i'll take it. >> josh, can you hand me a fork, please? thank you. >> josh. >> mm-mm. >> ah. >> sam went home?
8:46 am
>> yeah, he had to catch a flight. >> okay, and lara. so, look, guy, beside the asparagus and risotto, look at this, this is a roasted asparagus shiitake mushroom and little cherry tomato salad and then i have a poached asparagus with roasted wallmuds and wallnut oil for that there. asparagus one, two, three. and you know you can get the recipes on >> the stater to the dish or this? >> it's so perfectly made too. just right. >> i got to tell you, you know, what can i say? it's asparagus. i can tell you it's not cameron's recipe. that i can tell you for sure. >> it's fantastic. be right back with cameron matheson on the most fun ride of the planet, disney's new star tours. >> here we go.ri
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
it is an exciting day down at disney world for all you "star wars" fan, opening day for the new star tours ride. a complete reimage nation of the classic adventure that has thrilled so many families down in disney. disney world is owned by our parent company and cameron mathison went down for a sneak peek. >> reporter: as a family we math thinksons have been to places far and wide but until this week, never had we been to a galaxy far, far away. >> woo-hoo. >> jedis for kids. as a longtime "star wars" fan i could not pass up on the opportunity to bring my family
8:50 am
to disney world to check out the new star tours attraction. officially opening today. it's the latest in disney's hollywood studio "star wars" themed attractions. 15 years in the making. "the tourist"s offers a 3-d experience unlike any other. if you're a fan, you're going to love it. >> we have packed more "star wars" references in here than ever before and if you're not, you're just going to love it because it's a wild and crazy adventure. >> my partner on my star tour, my 8-year-old son lucas. after donning a pair of 3-d glasses we boarded the simulator and prepared for liftoff. do you think we'll see darth vader. >> maybe. >> i hope not. it's going to be awesome. once that simulator start, man, it's unbelievable twists and turns with appearances from all kinds of beloved "star wars" characters. that was awesome. >> i want to do it again. >> reporter: more than three decades after the release of the original movie "star wars" still has major star power. fans for the star tours hoping
8:51 am
lininged up for days to be part of the experience and get a glimpse of "star wars" legend anthony daniels, a/k/a -- >> human relations. >> reporter: i got a lesson on how to channel high inner c3p ch. . >> hello, i am c3p0. >> i can't. it's embarrassing. lucas and his sister laila had the "star wars" bug and took a lesson in how to become a jedi at disney's jedi training academy. check them out wielding light sabers and taking on darth vader himself. >> oh, come on. >> reporter: and this weekend everyone, even mickey and minnie are getting in on the "star wars" experience. was that awesome? >> all: yeah. >> what a great way to spend a day. it was awesome. pretty amazing stuff. the new star tours attraction
8:52 am
officially opens later this morning but today kicks off the 14th annual "star wars" weekend here at disney and fans from all over the place have been coming. you guys have been camping out all night. pretty crazy stuff and a little over an hour george lucas himself will be here to kick things off. a lot of amazing stuff. >> boy, it is going to be a big day. >> hello, george. >> lucas and laila loved it. how many times did you go on it. >> well, we only went on once but -- we only had time for one but the second lucas said can we go on it again, it was that good. just the second it was over. >> i hope he gets another one today. looks like you're having a lot of fun. >> it's been a good time. my r2 units, and mk. some of the most famous characters around. lots of fun. >> they were a little offended you didn't introduce them but now you're making up for it. okay, cameron, thanks very much. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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monday, "good morning america's" reality week continues and robin is a food road warrior. >> bring your plates out. >> out on the road with a great food truck race. >> let's see what you got. >> only on "good morning america," monday on abc.
8:56 am
dancing. >> this week with some great food and begin next week with some great food. thank you guys for watching abc news. always online at twitter and facebook. remember to watch "world news with diane sawyer" later today. a lot coming up next week, not only robin and the food trucks but lady gaga friday and the big "dancing with the stars" extravaganza. all the finalists will be here. >> we have to get our rest this weekend. >> yeah.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
in the south bay, crews will be back to clean up whatever fuel remains in an abandoned barge. k kayiacer spotted the sheen yesterday and the investigators determined that the barge carried 250 gallons of fuel. check in with mike. >> the cloud cover will eventually go to the coast at noon, 1:00 and drop temperatures two to five degrees today. up 50s along the coast to 70s in east bay. 10 degrees cooler everywhere by monday. >> mike, we are starting to see much better traffic around the bay area. friday light this morning. 680 flowing better through walnut creek. it's the bay bridge


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