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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  May 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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to the source of the pain, blocking that pain from hitting the nerve. sensodyne is clinically proven to relieve the pain of sensitivity. >> in the news this saturday morning, may 21st, a worldwide christian radio network predicts today is judgment day. he says it will happen at 6:00 p.m., time zone by time zone. and this morning, oakland police officers are carrying older pistols because of a defect discovered in their new guns. >> good morning. skies are partly cloudy. temperatures in the low 50's. we'll see a little bit of cooling today and more significant cooling tomorrow. >> good morning. a christian radio evangelist prophecy that the end of the world would come today is already proving false in new zealand where may 21st came and went without a biblical rapture.
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harold camping of family radio has spent millions of dollars warning people to prepare for a massive earthquake that would begin at dawn in new zealand and spread around the globe. his bold predictions stirred debate and even christian protests outside his oakland radio station. >> this billboard on the oakland bay bridge approach warns everyone that the end of days is it will begin with earthquakes all over the world. harold camping says the last day is in the bible. >> it will be the beginning of judgment day and it will begin wherever the calendar says may 21. >> camping's family radio group bought billboards like this all over the world to help deliver his prophecy. at his radio station on higgenburg road in oakland today, four people describing themselves as christians decided to protest his interpretation of the scripture. >> what if he's right? >> we're all going but it's not possible.
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the bible says no man knows the date nor the hour except the father in heaven. >> crews were also at the station covering the story. we spoke to brendan rowe, an employee of the radio station. he's a nonbeliever in camping's end of days and is shocked at the response to his prediction. >> it's a bit wild. i've been here five years now. it's crazy that it's -- i made it this far, i guess, you could say. i never really thought about what it would be like when this day came. >> family radio has 66 stations like this all over the world and raised some $100 million in the past seven years from donations much of the money has gone to this type of advertising. this reverend sees it as a ploy for media time. >> i have a feeling that this is an attention getter. it is a way of him making sure that he makes the news one way or the other. >> atheists plan a party called rapture ram, a regionalist atheist meeting beginning saturday morning. they say they'll celebrate the
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insanity and failure of camping's predictions. >> if we're wrong, god knows where to find us. >> he doesn't even think about the possibility that he's wrong but that worker we spoke to plans on showing up to work at family radio on monday morning. >> this morning, san francisco police are reviewing surveillance video after a stabbing on a muny bus last night. it happened at mission and precita avenue around 8:00 on a 14 mission bus. there was a fight between a group of men and women. the 32-year-old male victim was taken to the hospital with stab wounds to his face and torso. his condition is not known. santa clara police say tips from the public played a major role in catching the man who killed a popular resident nicknamed the church man. detectives say the man was arrested thursday night and they say he beat luis tavara to death with a baseball bat in what appears to be a random attack. it happened on lafayette street while he walked to work early on
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the morning of may 12th. his friends say the 62-year-old victim attended church daily and always carried a bible. oakland police are handing in their newly issued guns after a defect was found in those weapons. oakland uses pistols made by glock and the defect turned up in glock's latest models. during training exercises. police emphasize the problem never posed any dangers to officers or the public. he wants them to ensure the reliable of the new weapons before returning them to the officers and they're using their old side arms for now. an officer is accused of a drug crime himself. the chief announced a felony drug charge has been filed against veteran officer jason fredriksson. fredriksson turned himself in yesterday and pleaded not guilty in court. he's accused of providing one pound of marijuana to a police informant he was romantically linked to. >> officer fredriksson had a personal relationship with the confidential informant involved in this case that he provided marijuana to for the purposes of
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sale. and that confidential informant was an active informant with the san leandro police department. >> this is really about one person, in fact two persons, this is what i call a dangerous hee a son. and a really romantic indiscretion gone bad and gotten complicated with some marijuana. >> officer fredriksson's wife cheryl fredriksson works for the san leandro police department as a dispatcher. both are on paid administrative leave. a court has upheld the ruling that the runoff system for local elections is, in fact, constitutional. yesterday, the court panel rejected the challenge by a former candidate for supervisor who lost to the now disgraced supervisor. oakland, berkeley and san leandro use rent choice voting and it lets cities avoid holding runoff elections when one candidate fails to capture more than 50% of votes. it saves the municipality money. the system asks voters to rank their three top choices for each office.
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in economic news, california's unemployment rate is falling. april marking the fourth consecutive month of declining unemployment in the state and for the first time in a year and a half, the jobless figure has fallen below 12% but out of work force more than 14 million people, california added only 8900 jobs last month. here's more from abc 7 capital correspondent in sacramento. >> for more than a year and a half, it didn't seem like california could get out of the 12% doldrums until finally a breakthrough. the unemployment rate for april dipped to 11.9%. it's a 1/10th of a percent from march when the jobless rate stood at 12%. a year ago, it was much worse. 12.4%. the state gained 8,900 jobs. anemic but not bad considering where it's been during the great recession. >> still, that's job gains much different from the story we were talking about a year ago when we had job losses of about a half million jobs.
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>> as much as state leaders try to put a positive spin on numbers, more than two million people are still out of work in california. 1/3 of them are like retired military veteran james reid who hasn't held a job for a year or more. so breaking the 12% barrier isn't that encouraging to the unemployed truck driver. >> not to me. maybe on a national level it might be encouraging but right here in this area. i'm still struggling. >> the scores still struggling explains why lines are long at job fairs where people might have better luck finding a job now that more companies are hiring. >> we may not know that these wonderful people that have this experience and these skills are out there looking for a job. >> the leisure and hospitality sector posted the most job gains but government suffered the most losses as deficits continue to plague budgets. still at 11.9% unemployment rate means more and more californians are collecting paychecks. andre richardson joins those
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ranks having just received an offer. >> six months was really, really stressful and consuming but i made it. ok? i made it. >> employment officials expect the downward trend to continue in the coming months. the next barrier to break is single digit territory but it's unclear when that will happen. in sacramento, nanette miranda. >> breakdown of the bay area numbers. east bay gained the most jobs 5500 and unemployment fell to 10.4%. the south bay added 2900 jobs. but san francisco, marin and san mateo counties had a net gain of 700 jobs. a lot of people in service industries got laid off. on monday, redwood city leaders will consider asking voters to raise business and hotel taxes to fill a $2.6 million budget gap. if the city council approves it, the measure would go on the
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november 8th ballot where voters could pass it with a simple majority. hotel occupancy taxes said to be popular with voters because tax gets paid for out of town visitors. the business and license taxes in redwood city hasn't increased since 1984. they rejected the last attempt to raise it in november of 2009. coming up next, a special message from the pope to the members of the international space station as they take a close-up look of the damaged tile underneath the space shuttle and a tense face-to-face meeting between president obama and israel's prime minister a day after harsh words aimed squarely at israel. [ woman ] welcome back jogging stroller.
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>> the shuttle endeavour crew gets some rest today after yesterday's lengthy space walk. today they received a history making phone call. >> welcome aboard, your holiness. >> dear astronauts, i'm very happy to have this extraordinary opportunity to converse with you during your mission and especially grateful -- >> pope benedict made the first ever papal call to space when he addressed all 12 astronauts on board the international space station from the vatican. he said he admired the astronauts' courage, discipline and commitment. he sent get well wishes for wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords who is the wife of the shuttle commander mark kelly. he thanked the pope for his kind words. earlier this morning, the robotic camera was used to take pictures of two damaged tiles. a gouge smaller than the size of a 3 x 5 index card has mission control trying to determine how
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deep that goes. president obama is standing by his call for israel to withdraw to its 1967 borders despite a stirring rebuke today from israel prime minister benjamin cnetanyahu. the two leaders met yesterday at the white house to discuss peace negotiations. >> it cannot go back to the 1967 lines because these lines are indefensible, because they don't take into account certain changes that have taken place on the ground. together, hopefully, we are going to be able to work to usher in a new period of peace and prosperity in a region that is going to be going through some very profound transformations. >> the president and netanyahu agree that there cannot be peace as long as hamas continues to deny israel's right to exist. oprah goes off the air after three more episodes. before she signs off, she'll reflect on the legacy she leaves
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behind. on tuesday, abc 7 will aur a special called "oprah looks back, 25 years of the oprah winfrey show." oprah's final show airs the following day at 4:00. that is -- what an amazing show that has been. get your book on there. if you get your product mentioned, if you get on there, boom. things change. >> gold mine. >> gold mine is right. few more shows. >> interesting. we have a pretty interesting forecast. we're definitely in the middle of the spring but, you know, we kind of skipped right on over because we went back to winter. >> not a good idea. >> maybe next weekend, we'll be into summer, how's that for confusing? i'll spell it out for you. clear it up coming up. >> all right. patrick marlow has a big night at the tank as the sharks turn the tables on vancouver. larry beil has the highlights. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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and cahelp lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healy. ♪ to cinnamon. td introducg cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% day value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> you might and this would be a banner year for sierra ski resorts but it turns out that business was actually down this year. take a look. a beautiful, beautiful shot. live picture from heavenly resort at lake tahoe. today's "l.a. times" reports that california mountain resorts saw a 12% decline in skiers and snow boarders compared to last
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season. too much snow. the near record snowfall often closed down the roads or discouraged drivers trying to get up to the ski areas during weekends or holidays. california ski association calls it a frustrating year because it could have been a sensational season if the timing of the storms had only been a little bit different. now, there's some good news if you're headed to south lake tahoe this weekend, highway 50 will reopen today. the roadway over echo summit has been closed for repair work for a week and a half now. cal tran had warned it could be shut down until memorial weekend. the contractor got it wrapped up early. exact opening time will depend on weather and temperature. speaking of weather and temperature, here she is, miss lisa argen. >> miss weather and temperature. temperatures coming down a little today. more significantly tomorrow but then we look like we're going to swing them back up into maybe the 80 degrees range. we'll have to wait some time for that. that will be the holiday weekend so a live look outside. sun was up at 5:55 and setting
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at 8:18. the view looks pretty tranquil. those north winds will be blowing today. that's going to keep the stratus out of the bay but it will provide a breeze at the coast so we'll see some breezy conditions at the coastline. 52 for you swlsz san jose. 49 in napa. the past 24 hours, we've seen cooler temperatures. san francisco, oakland, mount n mountainview and san jose. with that sunshine already, it looks pretty nice out there but we have a fair amount of clouds around, too. but overall, the sun will win out and we'll see mostly sunny skies today. breezy and cooler tomorrow. temperatures coming down 5 to maybe 8 degrees or so. so today, a few clouds around. we'll see them clear and look for a lot of sunshine today. a little cooler, though, in some spots. significantly at our coasts with only in the mid 50's and this forecast holding through
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tomorrow when the temperatures will be hard pressed on reach the low 70's in the inland valleys. today, we'll see some 70's but we have this dissipating system first off. with that some northerly winds taking over for today. that will allow more sunshine. less in the way of fog. you know with that stiff northwesterly wind, we will have a cool breeze around the bay today. and another system knocks the temperatures down further tomorrow with a stronger sea breeze so if you're headed out of the bay area, look for the showers here and there in the northern mountains, higher elevations. 62 in the northern sierra. 72 southern sierra with low 70's in los angeles. 83 in fresno with 77 in sacramento so back home, we're in the low 70's or about that in milpedas. 70 in sunnyvale. 56 pacifica with the westerly winds. 58 in menlo park as well as redwood city. pleasant afternoon there with temperatures a little cool with
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that breeze today downtown. 62. north bay numbers with that north wind, you'll see those low to mid 70's today. enjoy it because the next couple of days, it will be cooler in the east bay. mid 60's for berkeley with 68 in union city. plenty of sunshine with low to mid 70's around dublin and pleasanton. get towards antioch and 72 in hollister. here's the seven day forecast, mid 70's, warmest inland valleys today. the temperatures taking a bit of a hit tomorrow and into monday. kind of up and down middle of the week. by next weekend, if you want warmer weather, so far, it looks like that may be coming our way. that could change oochlt i know it's a week out. people are thinking about memorial day weekend and i saw an 80 there. that's encouraging, perhaps. >> we'll see. >> thanks a lot. dan harris joins us now from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning
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america" and good morning, dan. >> i love hearing that tricky san francisco weather forecast. coming up on gma, i'm sure you've been following this story. the frenchman who used to be one of the most powerful bankers on the planet and is now out on a million dollars bail after he was charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid. we have new details about his release. he's staying at a rather luxurious spot right now and we'll take a look at why he has a huge payout from his old job despite all the trouble he's in. and then apocalypse now, you may have heard about that. some christians believe the rapture will happen today at 6:00 p.m. pacific time, we'll talk to some of these believers. why are there so many of them and what will they do when the world does not end? what's going on in texas? epidemic of sex scandals in some texas high schools. three different female teachers accused of sheepileeping with t students. on a much lighter note, this may
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be the sign of the apocalypse, we embark on the cheapest road trip of all time. we put to the test a bunch of money saving tips including skipping the hotel and going camping. have you ever shared a tent with ron claiborne. tell you what that's like coming up. how much do we save and could we make it through the entire thing without killing one another? you won't want to miss it. >> it could be a career maker or breaker. we'll have to see which way it went. >> i'll vote for the latter. breaker. >> all right. thanks very much. look forward to that show. coming up in the sports, pleasanton bay sway away will try to defeat animal kingdom and 12 other horses in this afternoon's 136th running of the preakness stakes. last night, the sharks tried to sway their fans in believing the men in teal could come back in their western conference final series against the vancouver canucks. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the sharks are back in their series with vancouver. game three in the tank very different from the first two games.
6:24 am
the men in teal built the lead and had to hang on for dear life. reversal of fortunes from day two with vancouver committing the penaltys in this one. up high on ian white. sharks take advantage on the power play. joe thornton, patrick marlow bangs it past roberto lowongo. another chance. marlow on the breakaway. he shoots and scores. second of the game. his seventh this pro season. to make it 3-0. in the third, dan boyle. five on three. what could go wrong? called for a five minute major. don't need that when you're protecting a big lead. canucks with a five minute power play. scored twice. firing off ian white and the ricochet in suddenly, it's 4-3. under a minute left. canucks with another chance. doug murray coming up with a big block in front. and the sharks survive 4-3. they still trail 2-1 games with game four on sunday in the tank. >> the last two have not been
6:25 am
anywhere near par for our group so it was nice to see us return to the way we can play. >> it's nice to help the team win but what it boils down is wins right now and do whatever it takes to win, i think, each line played really well and we'll need that again next game. >> every game for us is game seven. we realize what's at stake and, you know, the guy showed up and the fans were into it and they gave us an extra boost but we know the importance of winning tonight. >> baseball and the giants and a's opened interleague play, the bay bridge series. giants and a's fans, see, they can get along. gets kurt suzuki swinging. five k's in six innings. allowed just a run. trevor cahill gave up a run in the first. lights out after that. posey completely fooled as that ends up in the stands. nobody hurt. cahill goes six. allows one hit. in extras, bottom 10, huff, line
6:26 am
drive single to right. emanuel burris scores from second. good night, game over. drive home safely. giants with their sixth walk-off win of the year. got a patent on this stuff. 2-1 the final. news from the nba, the warriors have hired the logo, jerry west to work with management. he was a star with the lakers on the court and then, of course, as their general manager for many years. great move by warriors owner with instant credibility. west will be an advisor for the team. stage 6 tour california, 15 mile time trial. american david zebriski blistered the course. course record. wins the stage by 15 seconds over levi, the yellow jersey still belongs to chris warnerment warner. he finishes in sixth place and has a 38 second lead. wrap on morning sports. mike schumann will be here with all your highlights. have a great weekend, everybody.
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i'm larry beil. >> next at 6:30, will i am, front man for the black eyed peas gives new high school graduates a surprise gift and seismic signals. the clues scientists found miles above the earth before japan's z
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>> in his weekly address, president obama is calling on congress to reform no child left behind this year. he says reforms in education should not come from washington politicians. he says they should come from school principals and parents. >> our challenge now is to allow all 50 states to benefit from the success of race to the top. we need to promote reform that gets results while encouraging communities to figure out what's best for their kids. that's why it's so important that congress replace no child left behind this year. so schools have that flexibility. reform just can't wait. >> as an example, he mentioned his visit this week to booker t. washington high school in memphis. he says he was inspired by the young people he met who overcame difficulties and worked hard to earn their diplomas. one of the front men of the popular group black eyed peas was in the bay area last night. he wasn't here to perform. but to motivate young people to succeed. and he's even offering to pay for it. abc 7's lisa amin gulezian has more.
6:31 am
>> will i am is an entertainer, entrepreneur and an education advocate. >> i'm so proud of you. >> he's here to support these college-bound students. recent grads of the college track program. >> pride fills this room because these students are all considered at risk. they go to centers in oakland, east palo alto and san francisco. >> where are you going to college? >> i will be attending mit this fall. >> i didn't know what the a.c.t. was and things like that. so i didn't even know i needed it to apply to the university. >> he arrived in the u.s. from el salvador four years ago and immediately found college track. his father says his son is the first in the family to go to college. college track provides students with tutors,mentors, counselors and scholarship opportunities. that's where will i am comes in.
6:32 am
for the first time, he's partnering with college track and offering the i am scholarship fund. >> a lot of encouragement and if i didn't have that, i would be like the people that i grew up with. i probably wouldn't be alive. >> ivy is going to ucla with an i am scholarship. >> for a famous guy like will i am to come, that's amazing. >> college track supports students and after they enter the program from the freshman high school to the time they graduate from college. in redwood city, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> a team of nasa and russian scientists thinks the devastating earthquake in japan has revealed clues about pred t predicting earthquakes. if it works, it could save a lot of lives. not all scientists agree with these findings.
6:33 am
our finding with the center of investigative reporting. >> the march 11 earthquake in japan was a magnitude 9.1. a team of scientists monitoring quakes there say they could tell it was coming because the atmosphere above the epicenter was heating up from eight days before. this russian scientist says stresses on the earth's crust leading up to a quake cause gases like radon to escape into the atmosphere. they ionize and create heat that's detectable by satellite. his team says out of 24 quakes in japan of magnitude 7 or greater, all show the same atmospheric signals beforehand. >> it's impossible to store this underground and it is the one moment to release. >> interpretation in my perspective is not the last word. >> he agrees the atmosphere heats up but not from escaped gases. he thinks that stresses on the earth's crust build towards a
6:34 am
quake, massive air ionization is a measurable result but still, he cautions prediction is too strong a word. >> will never be able to predict. we can forecast like the weather service forecasts certain weather conditions and the reason is that whatever we do, we can only detect the stress build-up in the earth. not the earthquake itself. >> so we've also learned a lot about the physics of failure of the earth's crust and it is not reassuring. >> usgs geophysicist malcolm johnson says quake precurseors happen at tiny places on a fault, it's impossible to know for sure what's coming but he csays it's important to keep looking. >> and we are very honest about what does work and what doesn't work. >> nasa russian team's data on the 24 japan quakes will be released later this year. >> that's fascinating stuff.
6:35 am
talk about predictions, how about a couple? >> i have a few up our sleeves. picture tells the story. lots of sunshine here. you can't see the wind. that will be the factor later on today and for the rest of the weekend. cooler forecast and then a warmer look for the seven day outlook coming up. >> all right. also ahead, the harbor porpoises who returned to the bay and one in particular that stands out. there we go.
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>> researchers have discovered a rare white porpoise in the san francisco bay. the discovery is thrilling environmentalists who are already excited to see any harbor porpoises coming back. they disappeared decades ago but cleaning up the bay seems to be paying off. here's dan ashley with morning's assignment 7 reported. >> porpoise right here. porpoises. >> on any given day, dozens of harbor porpoises are swimming happily under the golden gate bridge. bill keener knows many of them by sight. >> believe it or not, you can take pictures at this distance. >> in the last 2 1/2 years, bill and a team of observers have photographed more than 200 individual porpoises. they don't have names. but they do have code numbers. there's handsome fsb 78 with a rugged scar. the dutiful mother, fsb 34 with her jet black calf. and fsb 179 whose tail may have been bitten by a shark. bill knows just where to find
6:39 am
them. >> this rip tide that's coming in, the porpoises tend to feed along that area. >> fully grown, harbor porpoises are about 5 feet long, roughly half the size of a dolphin. they've lived in the san francisco bay for thousands of years. but during world war ii, the military strung a net across the golden gate and placed mines around the entrance. they were blocking enemy submarines. but porpoises were blocked, too. >> those nets and mines, of course, were ultimately removed but as the bay got more polluted, the porpoises did not come back until 2008 when bill's colleagues first spotted some near sausilito. >> it wasn't just animal. it was mothers with calves. we knew there was family groups and they're coming in to feed. >> phil is an environmental lawyer and former head of the marine mammal center. he and a handful of other experts now have a permit to study porpoise behavior. and figure out why they would
6:40 am
return to an urban waterway full of boat traffic. >> could be that the bay's cleaner and there's more fish. the bay is in a particularly productive period right now and that's very good and to have naturally animals come back into an area is pretty unusual. >> and even more unusual was this. a photograph bill took april 30th. >> and you can see it's so white, it's just shining in the water and it appears to be the very first white harbor porpoise ever recorded from the pacific ocean. >> in the last 100 years, scientists have only documented six other white harbor porpoises anywhere in the world. the team is hoping this one will come back and if it does, it is likely to be visible again from the golden gate bridge. >> it's one of the best places in the world to do porpoise research because unlike going out on a boat where you disturb them by the very presence, they don't know you're there on the bridge. >> they note the animal's scars and coloring to figure out who is who in the porpoise world.
6:41 am
this one was first identified by a big v-shaped scar. >> some months later, here is this same animal that is engaged in mating behavior. so we know that animal is a female now. >> the porpoise photos reveal a rich social life with a lot of interaction. researchers believe one reason the animals are thriving is what's happening underwater. along the northern california coast, there are three marine sanctuaries protected by the federal government. >> all of the animals including the ones on the bottom, the worms in the mud as well as the porpoises, it all cascades into being a healthier environment for all the animals. >> you can see some of that yourself. porpoises and a lot more just by walking out on the golden gate bridge. >> fantastic platform to view wildlife and i think local people don't really realize that. >> harbor porpoises have also appeared in other areas around the central part of san francisco bay and if you see one, either a porpoise or a dolphin, the research group
6:42 am
would like to hear from you. we have a link to their web site at click on "see it on tv" for all lease w lisa joins us with a look at the forecast. big weekend forecast. >> bright and sunny. temperatures coming down a little bit. a little today and more significantly tomorrow. here's a look outside from lake tahoe and boy, yeah, you can see all the snow there. they also received a doozy last weekend with more snow than they've seen in may in quite sometime and we'll be looking at some snow melt, little by little this week. by next weekend, with warmer temperatures hopefully in the forecast, we could see some more significant snow melt there. a lot of sunshine in emeryville this morning and temperatures will respond early on but by the afternoon, that sea breeze keeping numbers in check and slightly cooler than average. 50 in fremont. good morning, livermore.
6:43 am
51 there with 47 in santa rosa. here's what we're looking at this morning. temperatures are a little cooler in fremont and mountainview. overall, numbers on average a little bit warmer in the north bay. partly cloudy this morning. mostly sunny today. the breeze kicks up allowing for the temperatures to stay in the 50's at our coast but then tomorrow, weak system moves on through so numbers coming down maybe 5 to 8 degrees. so we'll look at tomorrow morning, some clouds and here's the cooler day with the stronger sea breeze, just 50's and 60's around the bay and 70's in the inland valleys. today, we're out ahead of a weak system so that's why numbers will be just a little bit warmer so we're looking at high pressure in the eastern pacific allowing for plenty of sunshine today. a little fog on the our coast. you know those winds out of the north today so that will keep the fog out of the bay and we'll see the clear sky. tomorrow with that weak system,
6:44 am
here comes the sea breeze and the temperatures, cooler than today. so as we look across the state, you'll notice that the warm weather, well, palm springs, typical there. 93. only 71 in los angeles, though, with 65, big sur. breezy winds along the shoreline and here's that precip that will continue in the sierra nevada for today. and the winds will kick up as well so low 70's in the southern sierra and back home, we'll see low 70's in the south bay. 72 in campbell. 71 coopertino. numbers on the coast will be only in the mid 50's with 68 menlo park. redwood city, nice afternoon about 3:00 but getting there will be cool and then we've got that sea breeze, the sunset, the richmond district only in the 50's but a sunny afternoon. 61 in south city. numbers are the warmest here with 75 santa rosa. mid 60's for richmond and 66 in hayward today. fremont coming in at 69. and out over the hills, a little breezy. 74 in danville and pleasanton
6:45 am
today. down by monterey bay looking at 66 in watsonville. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. today, one of the warmer days we'll see out of the next four or so because the numbers come down. tomorrow, the winds kick up and then we won't really look at that warming until tuesday, wednesday, and then we may see a big ridge of high pressure coming to the area next weekend, so overall, not a lot of change day to day over the next couple of days. >> thanks a lot, coming up next, hackers stole your personal information. now your identity is at your risk. how to handle a security breach and prevent thieves from really doing harm.
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6:48 am
>> wow, what a beautiful picture we have. you see the presidio there. beautiful shot. beautiful day. more coming up in a little bit. >> have you ever received a notice in the mail saying there was a security breach in the business and your personal information may have been stolen? it happens to millions of people every year and that leaves many worrying whether somebody out there may be plotting to steal their money or their identity. so what can you do? 7 on your side's michael finney has some answers.
6:49 am
>> we hear of it more and more. 100 million sony playstation customers find out hackers got into their account. millions of customers of chase bank, target, tivo and other companies are told somebody stole their names and e-mail. >> todd evans received a warning letter, too. his from his insurance company health net saying several of its hard drives were suddenly missing and they contained sensitive health records of 2 million customers. including todd. >> it's like they got everything that somebody would need to know to be me. >> including his name, address, social security number, health and financial information. >> potentially that's a big disaster. >> the letter said ibm handles the data and it could not locate the disc drive. >> i want to know where my information is. i want to know exactly what happened. how do you lose a server? does somebody wheel it out the door? >> under california law, companies must notify consumers
6:50 am
when their information is stolen. but they're not required to provide details of the breach. 7 on your side contacted ibm which said only "ibm continues to assist health net with its investigation of unaccounted for server drives." health net said "protecting the privacy of our members is of the highest priority. health net has acted promptly, decisively and appropriately to protect affected individuals." indeed, health net is offering customers two years of free identity theft protection, that includes fraud alerts and $1 million of insurance coverage to correct any fraud. todd said that's great but what happens after two years? >> how much is enough? >> unfortunately, there's no magic bullet with this type of -- there's no one answer that fits every situation. >> that special agent, charles white of the u.s. secret service that enforces identity theft laws. he says don't rely on a company to protect your identity.
6:51 am
>> set up a file and we're all our own best advocates. >> white says file a police report that you can point to later if someone opens an account or commits a crime in your name. set up a fraud alert with the three major credit bureaus. you'll be notified if someone tries to open an account in your name. be on guard for at least a year or longer. hackers may sell data to scammers who may use it down the line. no great comfort for todd. >> it's probably 90% that nothing will happen and that it's just a misplaced piece of hardware but what if it's not? >> hearings began in congress last month. some legislators are calling for federal law requiring companies to secure data and swiftly notify customers after a breach. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the clepto kitty is back. how you can see dusty the cat how you can see dusty the cat and get some of his loot.
6:52 am
how you can see dusty the cat and get some of his loot. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's mega millions drawing. 10, 17, 19, 45, 48 the mega number is 30. nobody got all six numbers right so the jackpot will grow to at least $26 million for tuesday's drawing. there's music among the vineyards in the city of sonoma this weekend. the seventh annual sonoma jazz plus series began last night
6:55 am
under the tent off the plaza and abc 7 arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez explains it's about keeping music in schools. >> susan is singing for the sixth grade band at the middle school showing them the importance of music and the arts in education. >> just think, you can be creative and use math and reading with music. because music is math. people don't always think that but, you know, you think about your chords and intervals. >> she grew up in boston but discovered southern blues, gospel, rock 'n' roll at age 6 and this is what she does these days. >> susan with her husband derek trucks, the almond brothers guitarist. they formed the band so they could take their two children on the road with them. >> everybody is very in tune with each other and my husband, i know pretty much what he's doing every second.
6:56 am
if i don't know what i'm doing, i'll look at him. >> the band is the opening act at the sonoma jazz plus festival. this is where they'll play the 3800 seat field of dreams. joining jon fogarty, sheryl crowe and gypsy king. this music is all about kids music. >> our mission since day one has been to support music education so this is a great way to give back to the community when it definitely needs it in music. >> children need that. it helps break up the day. you can't just do math and english all day long. >> when they finish here, the band gets on their bus and heads to southern california and back to san francisco on sunday night. their new album comes out june 7th. susan says her career has been like that field of dreams. >> sit in and play with a lot of my heroes. and i love what i do. >> in sonoma, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> today, a world famous or shall we say infamous cat will serve as grand marshall for redwood city's 10th annual pet
6:57 am
parade. dusty the clepto cat is known for his nightly raids stealing property from neighbors and bringing it all home he came an internet sensation and featured here on abc 7 and animal planet. last saw him in april wearing jail stripes at a fundraiser for the peninsula humane society. that nonprofit group puts on redwood city's annual pet parade and it starts at 11:00 this morning. this year, the unclaimed property will go on the auction block to help raise more money for the peninsula humane society. abc 7's vic lee made that cat's career and keeps reminding the cat i can break your career, too. >> he's busy. lot to do. >> all right. we're looking at some nice weather today if those cats want to enjoy the sunshine which they usually do. a few clouds mainly in the south and east bay. those will clear out. we'll see a lot of sunshine today and we can see a few build-ups in the north bay mountains but we're talking well
6:58 am
north. so overall, a lot of sunshine with mid 70's returning for livermore and concord today. just 62 in san francisco. 69 palo alto and we have some 50's and clouds at the coast and we'll look for cooler weather tomorrow, monday, tuesday we begin to warm up a little bit. but the warm, warm weather looks like we're going to have to wait possibly until next weekend, the holiday weekend. >> sounds good. thanks for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news and the next newscast starts at 8:00 a.m. stay connected 24/7 at abc7 have a great day.
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