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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  May 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news investigate for try to find out what caused an explosion inside a livermore apartment. and later this morning the cam va store will open up. good morning, we have clouds in san francisco. oakland at 53 degrees. the breeze will pick i am today. a little cooler out there. >> thank you, lisa. good morning. and good morning, everyone. thanks for inning us. i'm carolyn tyler. livermore police and fire investigators have been working around the clock trying to determine with a caused an explosion that severely burned three people inside an apartment. it happened around 5:15
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yesterday in an apartment on silver oaks way in downtown livermore. neighbors say their windows shooked, their floors rumbled from the explosion. firefighters found all three victims outside conscious but burned beyond recognition. as of last night the police still are not confirmed their identities. two men, one woman were airlifted to trauma centers in san jose and sacramento. firefighters were able to put the fire now 20 minutes but the area remains taped off as a crime scene with police and firefighters calling it suspicious. governor jerry brown has declared today harvey milk day. it's the second annual state-wide come memorial rags. today before been milk's 84th birthday. and this morning the castro camera store will open as a suicide crisis center. it will operate as a call center for the trevor project.
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that's a nonprofit that provides crisis intervention to lbg youth. in the '70s the openly gay milk used it as his campaign headquarters and took calls from lbgtu. >> minnesota voters will get a chance to decide on a constitutional amendment that bans gay marriage. yesterday they voted to put it on their ballot. the state already has a law to support same-sex marriage but supporters say it needs to be written into the constitution to. the minnesota governor calls it discriminatory. this morning a masked man is on the loose after stealing more than $10,000 in cash. police say he robbed the precious metal store in mill valley 10:00 yesterday morning. the robber, wearing a blacks mask and white surgical gloves,
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bald a gun on the own are and demanded cash. >> the base open at the time. suspects came in the business with his handgun. i'm assuming demanded the money. there's no audio. there's only video. i mean, that's all we can talk about at this time. >> officers and sheriff's deputies searched the area near the store for almost two hours but they failed to find the man. the store's surveillance cameras might help identify him. well, the world continues rolling along this morning. the doomsday deadline has come and gone without the rapture predicted by a radio evan gellist. but the millions of dollars harry camping's warning worldwide did attract an audience. there was a circus-like campus feel outside the oakland radio station. ♪. >> it was sort of a cornelio velasquez here at family radio
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oakland station. the parking lot in front of the station was filled with christians, dancers, protesters and those who just wanted to make noise. most were here to call harold camping a crime. >> we are here to say don't think so. >> this church was more for giving. >> even though i'm a christian, i make mistakes all the time. >> it will be the beginning of judgment day, and it will begin and wherever the calendar says may 21. >> i thought it would happen. >> tom is a radio listener and dot of harold camping. he came to his home to get him some team. camping was last seen by neighbors this morning and not since. tom said he hasn't lost faith in camping or his teachings.
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>> i didn't lose confidence. i still believe the end time is railroad close. >> 4, 3, 2, 1! >> those here cheered and jeered when the deadline passed. some were mimicking the rapture. minutes of the church said they would welcome those who are now disenchanted with harold camping teaching. >> harold camping followers that are depressed are welcomed at our church and we will show them love. >> they came all the way from maryland as a sort of pilgrimage from okay flashed -- oakland for the rapture. >> i had no regrets. it's going to happen when it happened. >> but it didn't happen. we tried to reach harold cam topping find out why not. we called him and tried knocking on his door but his house was shut uptight and many gathered here wanted to find out when and
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how he would admit to his latest doomsday mistake. well, it wasn't exactly the apocalypse but a small earthquake did strike last night. it struck about 2 miles south of hercules, about 8 miles north of berkeley. there are mow reports of any damages or injury. pg&e plans to start another gas line pressure test tomorrow. south san francisco and san bruno people are being warned that they might smell gas, natural gas, during the testing. the state ordered the pipeline test in response to last september san bruno tragedy. testing began in mountain view two weeks ago. last week they had to retest the line in antioch after getting slightly different readings. pipeline tests are conducted only after the natural gas is removed from the line.
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president obama begins a six day trip to europe tomorrow with visits to ireland, britain, france and poland. a bbc interview broadcast yesterday president obama said he would not hesitate to order another covert raid in pakistan like the one that killed bin laden. he praised the alluders in langly. his priority is protecting the u.s. >> he said he would send troops in again if a senior taliban leader took refuge in pakistan. >> a crowded field for republican presidential nominees is getting a bit more crowded. tomorrow former minnesota governor tim pawlenty is expected to announce that he is running, too. abc's david curley has the story from washington. >> pawlenty has been flying under the radar. he hopes his announcement will reintroduce him to republican
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voters who don't seem happy with their presidential field there. is plenty to attack. mitt romney passed the healthcare system in massachusetts that looks a lot like the president's plan. >> i agree with mitt romney. >> newt gingrich in the first week of his campaign angered republicans. >> and jon huntsman worked for president obama as an ambassador but he told george stephanopoulos he would have voted for the republican budget. >> because the only thing that scares me more than that is the trajectory that our debt is taking. >> here's where we stand. gingrich, pawlenty, palmer, in. romney probably, and waiting for huntsman, daniels, bachman and palin with trump and huckabee out. >> there's going to be a call for anybody else probably until early fall when it's really last call. like the bar calling and saying we only have another 15 minutes before we close this down. >> there are syl a couple wild
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cards out there. jed bushfire and chris christie. both continue to say they won't run. we had see. the republicans aren't happy with the slate they have so far. abc news, washington. >> up next, a marathon spacewalk for a pair are of astronauts on a spacestation that's syl underway. and a volcano in iceland, another one shuts down that country's airport. find out if the it is [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name. it'siber none. looks like one. well, i know. i put an "n" there. ah! fiber one honey clusters cereal! that's really good! it tastes good, so there can't be fiber in it! it's actually got about half a day's worth of fiber. [ asst mgr ] it says so right on the box. [ fiber seeker ] really? try it. [ mr. mehta ] honey, touch of brown sugar, crunchy clusters --
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>> two shuttle astronauts are taking a walk right now outside the international spacestation. they started the spacewalk just after 11:00 last night. they aren't expected to finish the maintenance work they are doing until about 6:30 this
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morning. again, it was about 11:00 last night our time they were doing things like refilling radiators with ammonia and lubricating parts of the spacestation robot named dexter were that robot is capable of handling delicate tasks currently performed by spacewalkers. san jose's mission specialist is coordinating the spacewalker's activities from inside the spacestation. on friday he took his first spacewalk. he called it a dream come true. >> this morning iceland's main international airport is closed because of all the volcanic eruption that spewed a plume of ash, smoke and steam 12 miles into the air. the good news is the ash plume is blowing toward green land, not heading toward europe. officials say there is no sign yet the eruption will cause the widespread travel eruption like the one seen last april,
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triggered by another icelandic eruption. that's what europe's airspace was closed for days because they feared the ash would harm jet engines. scientists was expecting the new activity from the volcano. it started erupting yesterday for the first time since 2004. dominik strauss-kahn, the former head of the international monetary fund, is now under house arrest at a luxury building in new york city while he waits for his trial on sexual assault charges. he is under 24 hour guard at the empire building in lower manhattan near ground zero. his neighbors say they would never have known he was there if it weren't for the media frenzy. >> i thought they were filming a movie. and i had my dog so i left the building and we were really bombarded with the press. i had no idea. we had no idea. residents really did not. >> a judge has ordered strauss-kahn to wear a
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monitoring bracelet on his ankle and an armed guard is watching him at all times. he has been charged with sexually attacking a maid in his hotel suite a week ago. three more episodes before oprah goes off the air. before she signs off she will reflect on the legacy she leaves behind. on tuesday, 7:30:00 p.m., abc7 will air a special called "oprah looks back, 25 years of the oprah winfrey's show." her final show airs the following day at 4:00. boy, are we going to miss her. >> i can't believe it. >> i know. 25 years. seems like just yesterday. >> that's dating us. >> yes. >> we are looking at just a few clouds around san francisco and oakland. elsewhere eats clear out there. is that a sign of a sunny day? >> great. >> yes and no because there's a weak system to the north of us bringing us some wind and maybe
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a few more clouds. no, we aren't done with this weather. the forecast next. >> you are a spoiler, lisa. also ahead tim lincecum shuts down the a's in the second game of the bay bridge series. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports.
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>> good news this morning for people headed to lake tahoe. highway 50 has reopened. main highway between the bayer and south lake tahoe was closed for nearly two weeks while crews raised the height of some rock barriers. there are children no driving restrictions on this stretch of highway 50, but tomorrow it will only be open to one way traffic during construction. this will last for another four to six weeks on weekdays. but, hey, people still want to try to get up there, lisa, for skiing. >> can you believe that? >> some reports are still open. no, i can't. >> it will be memorial day, 4th of july, all those holidays and, yep, still happening. we still have a little rain, sorry, in our forecast to come in the middle of the week. it's a chance. we head outside right now. temperatures in the 50s. we have the clouds around
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san francisco and oakland. here's the roof camera and you will notice a little bit in the way of clouds. we have a pretty strong northerly flow and that's what's keeping the clouds out of the rest of the bay area. and as a result we've are looking at some cooler numbers. 42 in napa. good morning. 49 in free mont with 47. and antioch looking at 45. santa rosa 50. san francisco. we also have wind down to the west, 22 miles an hour at sfo. some gusty winds around half moon bay. calm winds in oakland. winds will keep it on the cool side today. still a few 70s in the forecast but everyone is cooler, as much as 7 degrees cooler this morning in napa, 3 degrees schooler in in red wood city wia couple degrees cooler in mountain view. the highlights mostly cloudy in and around fran and oakland. elsewhere we are looking at a cool start. little warmer condition coming our way the early part of the
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week. and then by wednesday looks like we could see a chance of showers. here's our computer animation that shows partly cloudy conditions and wind flowed to bringing mostly 50s and 60s. still a few 70s today in the far north bay. overall the wind will conclude up and you will feel the breeze. the north wind allowed for pretty nice temperatures yesterday but the weak system, one win through yesterday and one today allowing for more showers in the sierra nevada. for us the dimics is the rain north and east of us and the end result is a stronger sea breeze today. we will see temperatures be once again below the average and by tomorrow, though, a little bit in terms of recovering. 81 fresno, 68 los angeles today with a few showers here. northern sierra, 78 in sacramento. we will see just mid-60s in san diego.
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back home temperatures coming down a couple degrees here in the south bay. 67 santa clara. and an the peninsula, still the cool mid-and upper 50s for pacifica. 56 in the park. san francisco partly cloudy skies and look for a few more clouds in the north bay with numbers about 3 degrees cooler for you santa rosa. 63 richmond. a couple degrees down. partly cloudy, breezy near oakland and hayward. newark at 64 and the inland valleys about 3 to 5 cooler. 70 danville. 67 dublin. breezy winds and those winds will keep the coast in the upper 50s and 60s in monterey. a little bit in the way of cloudiness today and then 70s. cooler, breezier and then the numbers trying to recover monday and tuesday. wednesday clouded up. could see a chance of showers. then we will get back into a little warmer pattern by the end
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of the week. >> well, that's not too bad. we had beautiful days last week, too. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this afternoon the san jose sharks will try to even their western conference final series with the vancouver canucks at the tank. game 4 starts at noon. good luck, sharks. last night tim lincecum shows the a's why he is nicknamed "the franchise." mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. tim lincecum pitched a gem against the a's a three hitter to be exact. and beautiful afternoon for baseball in the city by the bay. the strike off brad anderson. buster posey grounds it to second. 1-0, g men in the first. anderson would settle down after that. in the fifth gets pat burrell looking. 5 ks and 5-run ball.
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lincecum cools coco crisp. retired 2 is 11 batters at one time. cliff pennington caught looking. g men haded insurance the bottom of the frame. cody ross a single to left. buster posey scores. 2-0 johnson in the ninth. 133rd pitch of the game. lincecum punches out ryan sweeney with the 99 mile-an-hour heat. lincecum 6 career shutout, and 4 straight win for the giants. a's have dropped three in a row. >> i think it goes pack to having good rhythm throughout the game and not expending yourself too much throughout the game to allow yourself if you get in a jam you can take it to another level or kind of up your velocity a little bit to get it by some guy or throw a better pitch. >> he's good. all right. to the hardwood. nba playoff game. a k.c. hosting dallas mavs are
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the king of the road in the postseason. and a rock in the house. second quarter all mavericks. shawn marion with the steal. there was a 23-point lead. but the thunderstorm back in the third. kevin durazo had 24. in the 4th westbrook finishes with the left hand. 8-point game. mavs hang in there. and the 2-1 series lead with the 98-97 victory. >> we haven't had a triple crown winner since 2008. an king tried to snag the second leg yesterday but instead got a triple frown. in baltimore we had a clean start of the race. 14 horses trying to hold off animal kingdom and shackelford
5:25 am
battled for the lead right out of the gate. >> shackelford and an king on the outside is congress. jack ford and animal kingdom. shackelford holds on to the preakness! >> shackelford, your winner at 12-1 odds holding off animal kingdom by half a length. ridden by jesus castanon. there will be no triple crown winner 2011. let's kick it around. earthquake hosting new england. crosses perfectly and he's there for the header. his first career goal. 1-0, earthquake. and later bobby bending it far post. a beautiful strike to make 2-1. earthquakes improve to 3-4-3 with a 2-1 victory. sunny places in funny places.
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utah facing the blaze. san jose down 69-62. the extra point blocked. saber cats down one. cat defense couldn't get the big stop. ten seconds left. tommy grady keeps it from 9 yards out. he also threw for 9 touchdowns and the blaze win in a shootout 76-69. day seven of duty are of california, 79 miles from claremont to mount ballscy. the chris horn would go 1-2. horner retains the yellow jersey and maintains his 38th second lead heading into today's final stage. third-round action at the invitational. the approach, 104 yards nearly holds it. birdies. today is the final round >> 46-year-old bernard hopkins
5:27 am
became the oldest fighter to win a world championship defeat canadian pascal in a unanimous decision. sharks and canucks today on the ice. we will have the highlights at 5. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. a south bay councilman who has found a way to save thousands of dollars and how it's concerned into a battle royial at city hall. >> and an international powwow of travel writers and their role in convincing
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[ male announcer ] fiber one 90 calorie bars. hungry no. results yes. >> welcome back. san jose is facing a $115 million budget shortfall. hundreds of people face lay off notices. but the elimination of one pox and one council office is so
5:30 am
controversial it's become a legal tug of war. abc7s corona reports on how saving money has created an uproar. >> pete constance did something in late 2007 that is still reverberating on the 18th floor of city haul. every council member in san jose relies on a staff of 4 to 6 people and every council district is served by an administrative assistant except district 1. >> of course, there is still administrative task to do but that can be shared throughout everyone in the office and everybody has to do a little bit and if i have to do a little bit, i do it. >> the union representing the administrative assistants is crying foul and here's why. the administrative assistant position earns about $71,000 a year but the salary for council a's vary dramatically. the four people in constance's office make $12,000 a year for an intern position to approximately $40,000 for a
5:31 am
council assistant. the union said it's in their contract that administrative duties be performed by someone who the confidential play he's organization. the union said the position is to serve the residents, not the individual council member. >> these are professional people. they do have professional skills. these are also people who have an extensive knowledge of how the city works, what the city does. >> council member constance says he was able to save the city about $50,000 last year and has a more flexible staff, better able to go into the community to serve his constituents. besides, he sakes mobile technology allows him to do a lot of his own scheduling and traditional administrative work. san jose's director of relations is backing the twice elected representative of san jose. >> that's what we should be looking at all the time is what is the best way to get the work done to serve the residents of san jose. >> the union is fighting back.
5:32 am
and in march was successful in forcing the matter to arbitration. it is arguing that the skilled position must be filled and that council member constance didn't follow the proper procedure in doing away with the job. >> he does not have the right to unilaterally decide that this is a position that the city of san jose does not need to fill or its residents do not need. he does not speak for the entire city. >> until the legal process results in a decision, district 1 will have no administrative assistant and given the city budget crisis, counsel syl member conas soon as scoffs at the criticism. >> i'm trying to be as efficient as i can with the tax dollars given to me to run my office and if that means i'm being too efficient, i don't have any apologize for that. my job is to serve the residents in the most cost cost-effectivei can. >> this man is so far the only one to opt out of the administrative help. in san jose, koreana west, abc7
5:33 am
news. >> the security chief at san jose minetta airport is speaking out against his offices saying they are risking passenger safety to save money. san jose police captain jeff smith tells our media partner, the mercury news, it would be a mistake to replace city police at the airport with sheriff's deputies. he calls the proposal to do so a power grab by smith. he said there are not deputies to handle a major incident like a crash or an act of terror at the airport. the police chief chris moore disagrees saying the retiring captain smith not speak for his apartment. city council is expected to decide next fall which agency will patrol the airport. still in san jose the vietnamese community celebrated the unveiling of a sign yesterday welcoming the world to little saigon.
5:34 am
that sign sits in the median of story word near highway 101. private donations paid for the sign. naming the area little saigon ignited a controversy four years ago. council member madison winn opposed the idea and suggested calling it the saigon business district. you might remember that sparked a passionate recall campaign against winn led by exiles of the former south vietnam. she kept her seat but she lost the sign battle. she did not attend the ceremony. $350 million, that's how much impact a global travel gathering is expected to generate in new tourism business for san francisco. that's a lot of money, which means, as abc7 david louie reports, a lot of effort to keep those folks happy. a fresh coat of paint never hurts when you are trying to make a good impression. san francisco is welcoming more than 3,000 travel writers and
5:35 am
tourism officials in the weeks ahead. it's called international powwow, a project of the u.s. travel association to entice more visitors from overseas. competition for international visitors is heating up. a disembarking passenger from vallejo saw a lost of them aboard a princess cruise ship. >> a lot of brits and chinese. >> san francisco, who earns $8 billion a year from tourism isn't alone wooing overseas visitors. >> if you are in shanghai, you may say i want to go to san francisco or sidney or paris or one other place to go to. there are places all over the world competing aggressively. a large delegation of tour organizers will be attending the powwow to determine why she should steer their clients to san francisco. but post 9/11 measures make it difficult for the chinese to get a visa. >> they have to travel in person
5:36 am
to a consulate. they have to get the appointment set up and in many cases travel thousands. family and bring the family. >> tourists spend money on tours, they eat in restaurant create jobs. >> it creates a lot more jobs. >> fog harbor fish house has added seven servers as tourist season ramps up. 5 more may be hired. organizers are opening bay area residents will do the same because every favorable impression made could mean more doorism and more jobs. at peer 39 in san francisco. david louie, abc7 news. lisa, it's up to you to give them some good weather. you know, we want to put our best face forward. >> yes. it has been nice and bright and sunny. it's the winds that haven't been cooperating too much out there and that has brought the temperatures really on average below where we should be. right now the golden gate bridge nice and quiet. not much in the way of clouds there. there are a few around the bay. the winds will be a factor today
5:37 am
and a little rain to talk about coming up next. >> all righty. also ahead the california towns that are on flood alert. a look what could happen if the sierra snowpack starts melting all at once.
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>> welcome back, everyone. time right now is 5:39. thanks for waking up with us this morning. this is a live look from our emeryville cam showing you the marina there. it looks wonderful. nice to be alive this morning. not to gloat, but the world did not end and we are happy you are joining us this morning. >> well, california could face a serious flooding threat this spring if the snow?
5:40 am
the sierra starts to melt all at wants. some towns have been placed on alert. laura anthony has this morning's assignment 7 report. >> this past winter will be remembered for near record snowfall in the high sierra. it could create problems for those downstream. >> the main area of the concern is in the san joaquin river valley. with that much snow sitting in the central and southern sierra, and those reservoir are already full. they will have a major juggling act to pass that flow through the reservoirs and down into the river and into the valley without inundating the system. >> major rivers are running high, especially in the san joaquin valley where the water ways are smaller than those in the north and the sacramento valley. they have released water gradually from some reservoirs.
5:41 am
but if the weather gets too warm too soon, things could change in a hurry. >> if it gets really hot, undoubtedly the flows will come down in a way that will create flood issues. >> joe is the former chief of flood operations for the army corps of engineers. >> we have a snowpack that will provide more water than we can deal with. it's going to fill out the reservoirs. we aren't going to have any reservoirs that will have any empty space in them. >> the levies are carrying water and they will carry it for two months. >> the area of most concern is west of modesto where fragile levies have been saturated for weeks. >> this is the choke point. all the water that comes out of the san joaquin and all its tributaries all comes together here and it's got to come through this channel. >> in 1983 a major levy broke, flooding a vineyard and prompting the evacuation of nearby residents. though there have about some improvements sense then, the
5:42 am
central valley system with his limited capacity and aging levies is just as it was and just as vulnerable. hear this trailer park has been evacuated because of the high water. >> these are resort kind of trailer parks along the river bottom and we had to do evacuations as the water began to encroach on the living pads. we had to move them up for safety reasons. >> that water is supposed to come down in a couple months maybe. >> and we will be right on it everyday. we will work at it every day to keep it out of here. >> for those folks the spring and summer, the ball knowledging river is a constant remiles-an-hour sometimes there's too much after good thing. laura anthony, abc7 news. that's definitely something to worry about. >> a big concern, absolutely. we are looking at very cool temperatures here so we aren't looking at any big heat waive. once it does start to warm up, we will be watching it closely. in the next seven days, not so
5:43 am
much. in fact, we will keep the temperatures below average. today, with the breezy winds, and our camera here you can see a few clouds. high clouds, mid-level clouds and the low clouds have been dispersed due to the north wind. that has kept most areas clear. as a result, low 40s napa, 45 in santa rosa. good morning san francisco. 50 for you. 50 in livermore with 49 in free mont, 47 in here. winds gusting to 22 miles an hour. 24 miles an hour half moon bay but also where we have the calm winds but the winds will become a factor the next couple of days. this morning a big cool down in napa, but everyone is reporting cooler conditions so on average today, afternoon highs will come down to do 2 to 3 degrees today and the warmup, well, we may see a little bit in the way of warmer conditions once a few
5:44 am
weak systems pass us by. but this morning cloudy skies, breezy and cooler today with the first area of low pressure. a second one moving through tomorrow that will bring us continued below average temperatures. today, monday, i think we should see a little bump up on tuesday. so here's a look at the temperature profile today. notice a lot of 50s. that's not changing at the coast. more 60s around the bay and a few 70s in the north bay. yesterday more widespread 70s in the east bay valley. today the north, northwestly winds kicking in 10 to 20 miles an hour, as well as tomorrow so that keep the numbers below average. here's a look at our satellite and radar composite. the first weak system moved through yesterday. still the dominant feature is high pressure. the fair weather maker. but with these areas of low pressure, the weak systems in and around the bay area, they will work to bump down the ridge a little bit and increase that sea breeze. so that's why temperatures will continue to be a little bit cool for this time of year.
5:45 am
it's almost getting like something we are getting used to, that's for sure. and the rain shower activity confined in the higher elevationings of the sierra nevada. the northern sierra and the subject earn sierra could see showers. pretty cool pattern for much of the state unless you are in vegas or palm springs. back home, high temperatures mid-and upper 60s here. breezy. downtown low 60s. 67 in pataluha. 67 free mont. inland valley and 70 danville. breezy today. down by the monterey bay we will see 65 at the boardwalk. so the accuweather 7 day forecast keeps the winds with us today, tomorrow. the warmest day in the next four or five should be tuesday and
5:46 am
then increasing clouds, maybe a few sprinkles wednesday, but we should get into a different weather pattern the end of the week which could lead to a warmer memorial day holiday. >> i'm looking forward to. >> that me too. >> all right. thank you, lisa. coming up next the two dollars bills you can buy for ten dollars. 7 on your side's michael finney represents a currency caper.
5:47 am
5:48 am
>> you will may have seen ads for commemorative two dollars bills. one woman thought it was issued by the government. but they don't issue commemorative paper documents, just joins. it was from a marketing company. and why she was charged for a lot more than what she ordered. >> they loved going to yellow zone national park. >> water falls, canyons,
5:49 am
wildlife. >> that's why this tv ad caught her eye. the new england mint was offering commemorative bills, including for the yellow zone area. just ten dollars enhanced with a illustration of the park. >> it was a good price and thought it would be a present for my husband. >> they said the bills are extremely rare and normally cost $30 each. >> i figure it was a collectors item and i figured i was buying it from the u.s. government. >> she called the number and immediately was put in an automated ordering system. she ordered the yellow zone bills, then the recording prompted her to prompt more items. >> asked if i wanted to order the grand canyon. i said no. and then it said do you want five consecutive yellow zone bills and i said no. it went on and on with all the other items. >> michelle said the prompts wouldn't stop and days later her
5:50 am
package arrived and to her surprise it was stuffed with items she didn't order. >> the five consecutive yellow zone bills, the five consecutive grand canyon bills. >> the company build her $185 in all. michelle called, returned the unordered items and demanded a rotund. >> i didn't hear anything back and that's when i contacted 7 on your side. >> we looked into the matter and found dozens of similar complaints online. customers said they were charged for items they didn't order. the better business order received 287 complaints about the new england mint's company over the past three years. turns out they are a marketing company. they take real two dollars bill and covers them with a layer of plastic. so are they collector items? >> it is considered damaged to the serious collector. >> ron said enhanced two dollars bills are worth two dollars. >> when people come in with this
5:51 am
type of merchandise, it is surprising to them it is not worth more. >> a federal law said it's a crime to mutilate currency. however the new england mint said it's enhancing the bills, not damaging them. u.s. secret service which enforce the currency laws would not comment on whether the company's practices of altering and selling the bills is legal or not. charles, precedent of the new england mint company said the bills are perfectly legal. he did not respond to our request for an on-camera interview. but in a statement he said there is nothing illegal by enhancing u.s. currency. i am a business and entitled to sell a collectible at any price i want. the future value of any collector item is impossible to determine. we believe we have created beautiful piece of art. as for items not ordered he said many customers order things on the phone, forget what they ored
5:52 am
and are shocked to see the bill a few weeks later. and new england mint provided michelle with a refund of $147 for items she didn't want. michelle said the bills she did order are souvenirs. >> i guess i will keep it and we will have lots of stories to tell about it. >> despite 281 complaints, the better business bureau does give new england mint's parent company an a-plus rating. due to the fact the company has made efforts to respond to each complaint. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, johnny depp's return as the captain. and why this installment of the caribbean may be the best pirate yet.
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> check out the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus. no one correctly picked all six
5:55 am
numbers so the $18 million jackpot will grow to at least $20 million for wednesday's drawing. >> this weekend the summer blockbuster movie season is underway with pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides. it is the fourth film in the popular pirate series and perhaps the best one yet, according to arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez "on the isle." >> it's a journey. >> the latest pirates chapter is as much fun as the first time you took the pirates ride at disneyland. >> you haven't seen the fountain of youth. >> i'm sorry, could you repeat the question? >> johnny depp as the captain jack is searching for the fountain of youth but so is she. this is less dark than the last one.
5:56 am
>> is that it? >> i think so. >> part of the journey involves mermaids, these amphibious creatures, seem charming at first and then turns vicious. could be a bit scary for young kids. you know what i like? they have held back on the cgi overkill. but a lot of the film is a tribute to the work of stunt people. >> did everyone see that? because i will not be doing it again. >> they have even gotten into the film in the bay area. this is a rollicking good time, very funny and finally a script you can follow. and johnny depp has finally met his match in a newly found relative of mine. >> cousins, yeah. >> that's right, cousins. you see her real name is panelope cruz sanchez. and she acknowledged we are related. i'm not going to knock that. they said they are working on number 5.
5:57 am
this one i give three quarters of a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. we will see you on the isle. one of the bay areas most famous cat burglars headlined a local event that honors pets and the people who love them. abc7's vic lee hung out at the tenth annual redwood city pet parade yesterday. dusty's owners call him clepto the cat. there he is stealing piles of belongings from neighbors' homes and vic lee let the world know about it. dusty served as the grand marshall of the parade, even though he was wearing his prison stripes. it encouraged people to adopt pets. up next, an explosion severely byrnes three people inside an apartment in livermore. and they spent months preparing for the apocalypse but the prediction of the rapture, it was so wrong. the reaction from believers and the reaction from believers and nonbelievers. the reaction from believers and nonbelievers.
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