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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  May 23, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in the news this monday morning -- police are trying to determine exactly how a 4-month-old infant disappeared from a crib in her east bay home. is she safe or not? police launched a search for the baby. >> in los angeles, tip leads to a suspect in the brutal beating of san francisco giants fan bryan stow. the suspect is reportedly a member of a street gang. >> live look outside. see the wind blowing fast on the embarcadero. we'll look at the current conditions and what to expect this afternoon. an update on the rain chance for wednesday. >> we have to check out the windy conditions and see how they are affecting the drive. so far, good at the bay bridge toll plaza. i have roadwork details coming up. >> a consultant who works with school districts statewide says he believes the california budget crisis will not have as bad of an
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impact on schools as many feared. he says districts should be able to avert large layoffs and cuts. >> good morning, everyone. monday morning. still a bit breezy out there. keep that in mind if you are crossing the bridges this morning to get to work. >> all right. thank you for joining us. right now, check in with mike to see about the breezes and when they will taper for us. >> they have tapered since the overnight hours or since you went to bed. good morning. here is what it looked like at 11:00 last night. we had gusts of 41 miles per hour at s.f.o. 35 in oakland. 28 in hayward. now we're down to gusting around 20 miles per hour in some of these areas like oakland. 32 in hayward. 30 at s.f.o. that is a ten miles per hour reduction. calming taking place in the north bay valley. it's calm in novato. calm in mountain view. only 3 miles per hour in the east at san jose. and in concord, 8 miles per hour. as we go into the morning hours, you can see the strongest winds are out over the ocean.
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that's why we've color-coded them. by noon, pretty breezy. but we will slow winds in the afternoon hours. you see this area shrink as we head right after sunset at 8:15. it's going to be breezy most of the day. not as windy as it was last night. we'll see if it's affecting traffic. it was tough to cross the bay bridge this morning. frances? >> there is a bridge advisory for the -- a wind advisory for the bay bridge. and also the san mateo bridge. then we have the roadwork going on. of course, eastbound 4 in antioch at loveridge that should be cleared by 6:00 this morning. so we'll go outside and check out the live shot of the incline section for you of the bay bridge. and again, you will notice the camera bouncing a little bit. you'll want both hands on the wheel. as you make your way across the span. it heard the winds howling all night. eric? >> all right, frances. thank you very much. 4:32 is our time. just moments ago, the contra costa county sheriff department confirmed that a 4-month-old baby who vanished for more than 18 hours has been found in the
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eastern contra costa county town of nightson. 4-month-old raymee vallego banished from a bassinet kept beside the parent's bed in the home. the mother said she saw her last at 10:00 last night. but when the mother said she checked on the baby at 6:00 yesterday morning she was gone. backdoor to the house was wide open. the parents are convinced the girl was kidnapped. sheriff's investigators say they haven't reached any conclusions yet. >> we don't have any evidence to show someone walked in and took someone from the house. obviously, that's a possibility. it's not something we're casting aside as one of the possibilities of what occurred. >> dozens of search teams canvassed the area using search dogs and helicopters over the weekend. this morning, the missing 4-month-old girl has been found. no word yet on her condition. abc7's amy hollyfield is looking into that and will have a live report from the contra costa county sheriff headquarters coming in our next half hour. 4:33.
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we're also expecting the highway patrol to release more information later today about a hit-and-run accident that killed a pedestrian on the freeway. it happened shortly after midnight on interstate 880 in oakland. c.h.p. investigators say about six witnesses reported seeing a man crawling across the freeway. in the fruitvale area, south of park street. the man was hit by one or more vehicles. and no one stopped. the three southbound lanes were shut down until 2:00 a.m. while officers conducted their investigation. the family of a giants fan severely beaten outside dodger stadium will hold a news conference this morning in the wake of the arrest of the suspect police are calling the primary aggressor. abc7's thomas ramon has the latest. >> reporter: bryan stow is in criminal condition at san francisco general hospital. the good news, as you mention, los angeles police believe they have the main suspect in the march 31 beating of bryan stow at the
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giants opener in los angeles. police are still searching for another man and a female driver of the car that the men were in, at the time. now this is a sketch that led to the arrest of 31-year-old exconvict giovani ramirez of los angeles. 6,000 hours of investigation led to the arrest sunday morning in a los angeles apartment complex. it was a tip from ramirez patrol agent that led to the arrest. police, friends and stow's sister welcome the news. >> i got a phone call from the chief of operations pacinger and he said words i've been waiting for, for seven weeks. he said that we had bryan's assault suspect in custody. >> i have can't tell you the emotions. to be excited is the least we can say. we don't know what we're feeling. >> reporter: stow was moved here to san francisco general hospital about a week ago. he remains in critical condition. doctors are now planning to reduce stow's seizure medication to better assess
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his brain damage. as you mentioned, stow's family will be here at san francisco general hospital at 11:00 to talk about the arrest and to talk about stow's condition. we'll have that for you. reporting live in san francisco, i'm thomas roman, abc7 news. 4:36 now. san francisco police are searching for suspects in an attack on two boys waiting at a muni stop. both victims were shot and woulded in the legs at 9:00 last night on hays street near buchanan. someone in a gold-colored four-door car shot at a group of teenagers at the bus stop. one of the wounded teens was taken to the hospital. the second victim left the scene as police arrived. muni service on the 21 hays line was shut down for an hour while police investigated the shooting. a phone call from iran put smile on the mothers of the two american hikers still in custody there. the mothers of shane bauer and josh fattal say they spoke to their sons for four minutes each. the women say their sons sounded like they were in good health. bauer, fattal and former
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prisoner sarah shourd were allowed to meet briefly with their mothers in iran last may. so a year ago. shourd was subsequently released for medical reasons. this is only the third phone call between mothers and sons in two years. the trial for the two men who are u.c. berkeley graduates accused of spying but supposed to begin two weeks ago but was put off with no explanation. an expert consultant in sacramento is now telling school districts they should plan on getting the same money next year as they got this year. the guru consultant firm hired by 90% of school districts say the outlook in state capital changed dramatically since january. that's when the districts were told to plan for deep cuts. since then, state tax revenues increased and teachers increased the pressure on lawmakers. the firm says schools will likely avoid laying off thousands of teachers and slashing the length of the school year, but it warns don't start spending any money until the state budget is finished. pg&e plans to start
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another gas line pressure test today. this time people in south san francisco and san bruno are being warned they may smell natural gas in the testing. the state ordered the pipeline test in response to last september's san bruno tragedy. when a gas line explosion killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the water pressure testing began two weeks ago in mountain view. tests last week of a line in antioch found no sign of leaks or weakness in the pipe. the pipeline test are conducted only after the natural gas is removed from the line. >> crews will be out today cleaning up downed trees and fallen branchs caused by the strong winds. here a tree fell across the westbound lane of brotherhood way near lake merced boulevard in san francisco last night. no cars were present when the tree fell. but another tree smashed in the cab of a pick-up truck along 16th avenue in richmond district. that tree also took out
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power lines and phone lines. thankfully nobody was hurt. >> it looks like the crews may be busy for a little while because the branches may not be toppling yet. >> across the bridge this morning, mike, you felt the breezes. not so much for me, but there you go. >> yeah, i definitely felt them. it could tell, too. i look at the gas mileage a lot when i'm driving and i can tell when there is a strong sea breeze because the gas mileage drops. irritating at times. it's one of the many ways we tell it's windy outside. we talked about last week how windy it would be yesterday and today. thankfully by this afternoon, especially once the sun starts to set, we will see the winds taper. but what we have small area of low pressure right here, undercutting the area of high pressure. the pressure gradient between the two creates the fast winds. as the low moves away from the high to the west. and the sun sets, you tend to settle the atmosphere. that's why we still have a good ten hours of breezy conditions. in fact, the winds running right now around 25 to 35 miles per hour through the bay.
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as far as what is going on for highs today, we're going to be in the mid-to-upper 60s through most of the bay. upper 50s along the coast. upper 60s to low 70s inland. we'll have a few clouds mixed with the sunshine. the breezes again, taper tonight. and then wednesday we'll turn all of our attention to that. a pretty vigorous cold front for this time of the year. it will give north bay for sure rain that could head as far south as san jose. once it pass, temperatures are cooler than average the rest of the forecast. frances? >> i can't believe we see the rain again in the seven-day forecast. now, even though it's windy across the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge, both hands on the wheel there. if you check your mileage like mike, at least gas prices are coming down. so far, no major slowdowns around the bay area. but there is a wind advisory for another spot. through the altamont pass on westbound 580. so be careful as you make your way through the hills there out of tracy to livermore and pleasanton. but other than that, you won't find any delays as you continue through the dublin interchange and head down through the sunol grade.
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eric, kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. 4:40. >> police and highway patrol begin a major crackdown today on bay area roads. still ahead, the unsafe drivers they're on the look out for. >> finally, drivers finally get a small break at the gasoline pump, as frances was talking about. what is behind the lower prices next? >> and a little later, powerful tornadoes cut a path of destruction from minnesota from missouri. coming up the large midwest city that is a disaster zone this morning.
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good morning. 4:43. it's monday. take a look outside. the camera is shaking in this view of san francisco and the bay. that's because it's still pretty windy out there. mike will talk about when the winds might die down for you. frances will look at the back-to-work commute coming up. >> a saucelito attorney is the newest member of the marin county board of supervisors. governor brown appointed kathryn sears to the seat left empty when supervisor
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charles mcglashin died in march. she works as a supervising deputy attorney general. she will make $97,000 and will not need senate confirmation. >> police around the state begin a month-long campaign today to make sure everybody buckles up. a click it or ticket campaign. the first time adult offenders will be fined a minimum of $445. officials say people wearing seat belts in california are at an all-time high of 96%. but they say that is still not enough. the seat belt crackdown runs through june 5. the latest lundberg survey finds gasoline dropped 9 cents a gallon in two weeks and puts the nationwide average price for gallon of regular at $3.97. in california, the lowest price was $4.03 in fresno. san franciscans paid a higher price, of course. $4.17. but the nation's highest gas
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prices right now are in chicago. $4.38 a gallon. weak economic data and the european debt crisis has the traders concerned in a drop in demand and that is helping to push prices lower. 4:45. we're still here, you're still there. coming up, the reaction from the radio preacher whose attention grabbing attention of the apocalypse this weekend left followers disappointed. >> dozen of tornadoes sweep across seven states. i have more coming up. volcano spews ice and lava. the air travel problems it may cause. >> aspirin is getting an update. the new formulululululululululul
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hi, a look at the high temperatures across the country. 58 in seattle, one of the cool spots. 60 in boston. 62 in portland. some of cooler spots.
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70 if denver. then east of denver to chicago and d.c., midup toer 80s near 90 degrees. a lot of humidity in that area. that's where the severe weather is possible today. after 48 reports of tornadoes yesterday. we could have a lot of them again this afternoon. right now, we have delays in laguardia, boston. expect more as the afternoon unfolds. we'll keep an eye on it in case, go to flight tracker. at >> with the sun up, the midwest can tally up the devastation from tornadoes and violent thunderstorms that hit the region. the worst hit city, you are looking at it from the air, joplin, missouri. these are live pictures from the helicopter. this morning, officials confirm just in this city, 89 people were killed. but they warn the number could climb as search and rescuers continue their work. look at that. damage. used to be a school. abc's john hendrin reports. >> reporter: for much of the midwest, spared last month of record spate of twisters
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in the south there was no mercy. >> i just have the walls left of my home. my parents just have walls left of their home. my brother doesn't have a home anymore. >> staggering 70 tornadoes ranged the landscape across seven midwestern states from canadian border to kansas, ripping every branch off acres of trees. tilting signs and turning home to piles of what looks like match sticks. it's not over. >> many areas will get hit repeatedly in the next several days. >> after 875 tornados in april killing 365 people. in joplin, missouri, massive twister swept in with no warning, killing dozens. >> one minute, barely sprinkling. the next minute the whole world is upside down. >> blocks of homes and businesses were flattened. some left in flames. st. john's hospital was left in tatters. this wal-mart collapsed with hundreds trapped inside. >> i cried and i cried and i cried. >> redding, kansas, too, was hit hard. at least one redding man was killed. the miracle cafe lived up to
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its name. battered but still standing. >> we'll get it cleaned up. we'll get it back. if the building is gone, then i'll rebuild. >> as far north as minneapolis, the deadly cyclone killed one and injured at least 30. krista burkehalter's home is gone. >> in the backyard it fell and crumbled. collapsed. >> her husband escaped, breaking a window to climb out as the house came down. john hendrin, abc news. amazing to see. >> yeah. the season just started. it seems like we've been reporting on so many tornadoes, mike. >> april was so active. april was one the most active ever. normally it's june. when you have active april you are not chosed to be have active may and june because the pattern shifts, but it hasn't. joplin has lived through this before. >> we windy conditions, not at that level but windy. >> it caused damage here, too. you showed trees down
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yesterday. we could have more. but it looks like the worth of is it over. it's hard to tell from the tam cam. look at mount tamalpais bouncing around. that's 2600 feet. it won't be that fast in other areas but if you are flying, bumpy take-off and bumpy landing. take a look at the temperatures outside. we're running 49 in napa, fairfield. low to mid-50s elsewhere. in monterey bay, we have 48 in watsonville. to low 50s in santa cruz. and monterey. up toer -- to mid-50s in salinas. cool spot, gilroy, 42 degrees. the winds, yeah, they are down a little bit. we're down to 20 to 30 miles per hour gusts. most neighborhoods. so it's going to be breezy today. those breezes coming off the ocean. mean cooler than average afternoon temperatures. the wet weather, i know it's may. we can still get some rain in may. it will happen probably wednesday. it will be the coolest day in the forecast. the extented right now, looks dry. but there is another storm system that is going to clip
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to us the north like we had over the weekend. it's going to keep us cooler than average. mainly dry. something we'll keep an eye on. if it dips 100 miles to the south, we could talk rain again for the weekend. for today, breezy down in the south bay. about everybody in the mid-to-upper 60s. los gatos around 70 degrees. mid-to-upper 60s on the peninsula today. redwood city around 67. it will be windy at the coast with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. the winds will keep the clouds at a minimum. downtown, south san francisco, saucelito, mid-60s. same thing with san rafael. upper 60s to low 70s through the north bay valleys. we should see sunshine, windy conditions at your beaches and upper 50s. we'll hit the mid-to-upper 60s along the east bay shore with the breezy conditions. it will also have breezes through east bay valley. dublin and pleasanton in the upper 60s. everybody else in low 70s. clouds around monterey and carmel. upper 60s for santa cruz, watsonville. mid-60 for salinas. inland, upper 60 to near 70
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degrees. temperatures tonight should hover in mid-to-upper 40s in north bay valley. cooler this morning because the winds will be less. winds keep the atmosphere overturned. don't let the warm air rise at night. cold air coming in below to replace it. we'll be around the upper 40s to low 50s for bay. which is cooler than this morning. a look at the area of low pressure. high pressure out to the west. the pressure gradient between the two. the difference, that is what is creating the winds right now. that moves off to the east tonight. and the sun sets. everything should calm for tuesday. then we'll get ready for the wet weather on wednesday. yeah. wet weather on wednesday in may. temperatures look at that. struggling in the 60s away from the coast. 50s there. we will see a warming trend briefly for thursday and friday before the next system right now just gives us extra clouds and cooler weather for saturday and sunday. hope you have a great day. here is frances. >> mike, we will head to the castro valley area where we have a connection ramp closed right now. until 6:00 this morning. that is 238 to westbound
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580. so at this point in the morning you may just want to consider heading northbound on 880. using city streets to cut over toward 580. that is going on for another hour or so. we'll check out the bay bridge for you again. both hands on the wheel. if you are heading across the san mateo bridge or the bay bridge. but you won't encounter any delays. we will check out the golden gate bridge. here no, wind advisory. traffic is light from the north bay. no problems either in south bay. get traffic whenever you want going to the website it's under the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> frances. thanks a lot. all the talk last week but now doomsday prophet harold camping says he is shocked and flabbergasted that his prediction about the rapture did not happen saturday. he told abc7 off-camera yesterday he doesn't understand what went wrong. camping says he calculated the rapture would occur saturday at 6:00 p.m. precisely and says you
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have to go back and look at the information again. camping spent thousands of dollars to spread word on billboard and posters. board member of camping radio international says camping owes the public an apology. >> forgot to carry the 1 in his calculations undoubtedly. 4:55. president obama is in ireland, first stop on a pour-country, six-day -- fou four-country, six-day tour. they arrived in dublin as strong winds blew across the airport. they paid a visit to the official residents of irish president. the centerpiece of the president 24-hour stop in the emerald isle will be a visit to the tiny village where his maternal great, great, great grandfather was born. he will visit england, france and poland this week. smoke, steam and ash are rising into the air from a volcano in iceland. huge dark clouds are filling the skies above the nation
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in the north atlantic. you can see here how dense ash is covering the ground and iceland there. iceland closed the main international airport because of all the ash in the air. but geologists believe impact of the eruption will not force the grounding of flights between north america and europe. of course, you remember that's what happened last year when another icelandic volcano erupted. 4:56. now the makers of bayer today introduced a new aspirin formula they say works twice as fast. they call it pro-release technology. micro particles, one-tenth the size of regular aspirin dissolve in the bloodstream in half the time it takes regular aspirin. bayer says it developed the formula to address number one complaint of aspirin users that it takes too long to get pain relief. >> when you are in pain, relief never comes soon enough. >> right. yesterday, that's when you want it. 4:56. sanguine -- san quentin
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prison is in lockdown. up next what they did to stop riot of prisoners. a 4-month-old baby girl disappeared from her bassinet over the weekend. i'm amy hollyfield and we'll have the latest on the investigation up next. >> we are following developments in a bizarre east bay freeway accident that involved a person spotted crawling across the road.
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