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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 23, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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family. erica giego was arrested and she was here mother's day and left. it turned out the grandmother had taken the baby over the weekend. >> it was a family member. you know, it was my mom. >> a day after four month old baby girl ramey disappeared rudy confirmed his mother erica took the baby from the house. >> she took the baby girl . she was not mentally there. >> ramy was discovered missing at 6:00 sunday morning. eight hours after they checked on the sleeping infant. hundreds of sheriff deputis and volunteers launched a search for rammy.
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they learned she was found with 58 year old erica gallego in south california. >> erica traveled prior to the abduction and she made entry in the house and after taking the baby we do believe that she took a taxicab back to the los angeles area. >> i just hope that she gets help i don't care if you are my wife, friend or mom, she is my child and you are going to get prosecuted the way someone else would now. >> this is a live picture of the gallego home. kristen and baby ramy are safe here in the bay area. they flew back from los angeles and expected here in the family home.
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as for ericka gallego. they are mystified. she is currently held in the los angeles county jail as should have sheriff deputies work to have her extradited up here. >> we are glad that the baby is okay. the man arrested on the attack of stow. his family wore lapd shirts after capturing ramirez. police arrested him in an east hollywood apartment. they are looking for a second attacker and woman who drove the men away from the dodger's parking lot. we look forward to the day when the other suspects are apprehended as well brian has a long road ahead of him, but
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we are thankful that the suspect is in custody and unable to do it to another family. >> a spokesman said stow is in serious condition with brain traum a. they are talking to him and playing music. >> the massive twister that slammed in joplin, missouri claimed 116 lives. you are looking at the aftermath of the deadliest tornado to hit the u.s. in 60 years if cut a six mile path of destruction wiping out entire neighborhoods. >> i am in shock. where i used to live is gone. >> it is a scary feeling. your neighbors are gone. they are gone. >> officials estimate 2000 buildings were damaged in a city of 50,000 people. the joplin twister was one of
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68 tornado reported missing over the weekend. >> abc news will have special coverage . diane sawyer will anchor the news from joplin and terry moran will anchor night line as well >> california has to drastically cut the prison population to relieve severe overcrowding. it doesn't mean that the prison doors will swing open right away. they will explain the ruling and impact. >> the u.s. supreme court said enough is enough. after years of legal wrangling and no changes. justice anthony kennedy said there is no choice but to order the release of more prisoners. it is bon of the largest prison orders in u.s. history. justice anthony kennedy a california native provided the swing vote saying the prison
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is so overcrowded it caused needless suffering and death. the order calls for a release of 46,000 inmates. they have begun the transfer of prisoners county jails. we are feeling hopeful that this will be a step to solve the prison crowding crisis . some the horrible conditions. california streets will be more dangerous if the state begins letting convicted felons go. >> and they will let sex offenders out and kidnappers out . a host of bad people back in california without the resources to protect the good citizens of california. >> and supporters of the relief open said there are ways to reduce prison
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population while protecting californians. california incarcerates people for minor possession. >> ridiculous overspending and overcrowding crisis is the drug sentencing and other run away sentencing. >> the brown administration said they will comply with the order but governor brown used the ruling to push the realignment plan. they say county jail is not enough. >> that invites repetitive and continuing to do the same thing or worse behavior. >> corrections officials have two weeks to turn in the plan. 18 other states are closely watching and fearing a similar order. abc 7 news. >> and a 15 year old girl in oakland is under arrest for bringing a loaded gun to
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school. a male student is under arrest for having a dagger on it. cecilia vega is live with the story tonight. >> dan, this stems from a fight that broke out this afternoon. a fight that school officials say could be gang related. the fight broke out between two male students. one of those boys was found carrying the dagger. he never threatened to use it. they found it and they noticed a 15 year old female student hooneding her backpack to a friend. they searched the backpack and they found the loaded revolver. one mother was frus --frus straighted the parents was not notified. unfortunately he said it is hardly the first time weapons were found in an oakland school campus.
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in a large high school you will have incidents . when you have thousands of high school students in a particular space, you have incidents like this but it is nolt the - not the norm. >> i have not had letters from the school. my daughter didn't tell me anything. >> now, as you can see there was a heavy police presence in outside of oakland high. district officials say the girl never threatened to use the gun. she is believed that she is one of the girlfriends of the boy involved in a fight. live in oakland. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much.
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>> prosecutor presented closing arguments in the murder trial of chauncey bailey. they killeded him to prevent him from writing an arcticle. the prosecution's testimony hinged on the handy man. >> a protest on the bridge this morning led to sevenarrest. check out the pictures. three environmental protesters hanging from a giant banner and chevron, guilty and clean up ama zon. the rain forest action network . after an hour they climbed on the bridge and were promptly arrested it comes two day the annual shareholder meeting. it is the first since it was
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found guilty of a equadorian court. >> we are using climbing equipment and keep ourselves safe. it is risky what is anything on down in equador. chevron was found guilty. >> and chevron appeal would the judgment. the company said it took care of the clean up and said the equadorian government is responsible for the rest of the waste. >> president obama is in london for the european tour. he visited ireland where his great, great, great grandfather lived. they then stopped in a local pub for a pint before dressing thousands of people gathered. he praised irish immigrants who contributed to am much for the united states.
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>> for america's sake. we are grateful that this land took that chance as well after all never has a nation so small inspired so much in another. [applause] he will go to france and poland. he was force to leave ireland early due to safety concerns because of a cloud of ash moving toward europe. it is coming from the volcano that started erupting on saturday. even though it is head to scotland, officials don't expect it to reach continental europe. last year ash led to the grounding of all air traffic in europe for days. >> a different travel issue for the president while in ireland. oops. a spare limousine bottom out
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on of the driveway in dublin. the obamas were not in the beast limo. those in the limo were put in other cars and the motorcade departed without any other problems. >> and little embarrassing for the security, too. >> more ahead coming up. met life on the hot seat and accused of not paying out life insurance claims. >> and drug approved that could prevent liver transpants. >> sunny day tomorrow and then look for your umbrellas. i will talk about ran coming in the bay area again in a few minutes. >> also the wind damage, knocking out ferry commute service for another day. the news continues
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an important medical development tonight and what doctors call a turning point in the fight against hepatitus c. now carolyn johnson explains that the fda approved a new medicine that could be a major step forward. they are battling the affects of hepatitus c for a decade. it is hard and it is tough and rough going through it. it makes you tired. >> after relapse and following previous treatments she enrolled in a clinical drug. her doctor said the stakes are high begin that hep c is the leading cause of liver transplants. >> renee is one stage away from kirosis of the liver. there is a significant chance of liver disease in her
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lifetime. >> her disease stabilized. when it was add in the clinical trials. 79 percent achieved a viral cure. >> right now, we have cured less than half of the people in the united states. with the fda approval of this medication, it will be cured 80 percent. >> renee is anxious to get to her life and do the things she hasn't had the energy to do. >> i want to get back to work. i have 7 grandchildren and play with them and doing things with them. >> the doctors say the new drug works in a way that drugs are used tify adhd. state attorney general harris announced a strike force to go
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after unscrupulous motorage lenders. >> it is huge. a new team of lawyers and eight special agents will go after corporate fraud and mortgage scams. the scams from fees from people in foreclosure will be under scrutiny. they bundled and sold them to the state pension pension fund will be examined. >> weather where there is evidence to prove a crime, you can be sure they will be prosecuted. >>al -- alameda county announced their own fraud program. she warned about companies that and for a fee to eliminate your mortgage. they accused met life of not paying out death benefits.
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accusations surprised against met life following an audit launched back in 2008. jones said met life shorted policy holders one billion dollars. met life failed to local customers who lost . they paid out len billion in benefits last year. toyota, had a series of recalls. but the company failed to listen to the criticings. toyota launched a seven member panel after recalling the vehicles for safety defects. it was slow to identify and then slow to correct safety issues . said it was defensive. toyota has since hired chief safety officers and allows more time for testing of vehicles. >> it is amazing they admit
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what they did wrong. >> high winds over the weekend are to blame for the cancellation of the ferry service for the terminal. the authorities are working on it but it will not be repaired in time for tomorrow morning's commute. >> and just complaining about the wind, is it going to continue? >> at least the sun is shining. sandhya patel will tell us more. >> we'll have wind gusts around 53 miles per hour. right now, we still have gusty winds. sfo reporting wind gusts to 45 miles per hour and sustained out of the west to 36 . looking out in the ocean from the high definition camera, there is clear skies and no fog to form. and another live picture thanks to the wind and keeping things stirred up.
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we are not expecting the fog from the heavenly family. it is a late wind advisory . they will be looking at mix of rain and snow above 8,000 feet elevation. we have rain coming in the bay area. 50s on the beaches and 70s in the far inland locations. sun for tomorrow and rain likely on wednesday. you might want to look for the umbrellas . satellite picture. breeze continuing to come off of the ocean and enjoy a nice sunny day. tomorrow looking at satellite and radar. high pressure will provide us for a mild day for inland communities . then on wednesday, this system will bring us late season rain, and so get ready for rain here in the bay area beginning during the morning
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commute. as you will notice here, santa rosa getting wet pavement here . 5:00 you will notice it spreads and becomes widespread in 10:00 in the morning. rain will taper off in the early afternoon hours and will start to dry out as we head in wednesday afternoon and thursday. >> tonight, temperatures in the fours and clouds around . oakland and antioch in the lower 50s. tomorrow similar conditions as today. high cloud and breezy again . cent in santa clara and san jose in the peninsula . 68 in palo alto and redwood city. coastline, mid-to upper 50s and breezy again. downtown san francisco 62 degrees . sunset district upper 60s . nice day in the east bay . occasional clouds dreisting by. inland areas, you are no
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where, where you should be for this time of year. 72 for danville and concord . cent in santa cruz . inland at morgan hill at 73 degrees. dry tuesday, upper 50s to mid-70s . rain arrives on wednesday. temperatures start to come up a couple of degrees on thursday and friday. we are not looking into a heat wave . memorial day weekend. one computer model suggest rain on sunday. we might want to look at that carefully as we get closer. >> just ahead. important dos and don'ts for woman exercising in pregnancy. >> the government defends the warm up of thousands of wild horses. what might happen in they were
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>> important dos and don'ts when it come to exercise nothing pregnancy. american college of gynecologist investigates the guidelines released in 2002. for arobics. walk 11 hours a week or spend five hours swimming or using a stationary bike . here are other moves. training. women are advised to not lift on your back . prevent lunges because of pel vick injuries. >> if you were not invited to william and kate's royal wedding. you may get a chance to see the newly wed in the san francisco this summer. >> the british tabloid
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reported that the duke and duchess of cambridge may be visiting the bay area. they are set to arrive in los angeles. the love birds may stay 24 hours before heading north to yosemite and san francisco. it would be wonderful to have them here.
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>> breaking news live from sky sevenhd. a tour bus run off the road in fairfield. there are injuries . at&t plans to install hundreds of boxes like these all over san francisco. what they are for and why environmentalist say no way. back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> world news with diane sawyer is next. i am cheryl jennings. >> and i am dan ashley. see you at 6:00. bye-bye.


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